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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  February 3, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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regrettably we see the politics of envy and division. >> we could do a lot better. >> i know this president didn't cause this downturn, this recession. he didn't make it better. he made it worse. >> you see what i mean about the negative zone. you have to invert reality and mess with the laws of physics to suggest this president has made the economy worse on a day that confirms positive trends. here is be picture in one chart of the total employed. see that upward swing under president obama. hard to argue with that, but it's easy to see how governor romney may have lost touch with reali reality. when you hang out with donald trump there's not enough oxygen in the room for your brain to work properly. perhaps that's why you say you're not concerned about the very poor and have to go back. >> it was a misstatement. i misspoke.
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i've said something that is slr similar to that but quite especialliable for a long time. when you do thousands of interviews, you may get it wrong. >> or as rick perry might say, oops. newt gingrich does care about poor people and he has another of his grand ideas to help them. it involve a popular piece of apparatus. >> both governor romney and barack obama seem to believe that a quote, safety net is all the poor need. i don't believe that. what they need is a trampoline so they can spring up and quit being poor. >> newt gingrich, the oprah of trampolines. everybody gets trampoline. the kids will be so excited. >> oh, my god. >> what is it isn't the. >> trampoline. >> he said what now? >> oh, homer. gingrich does have a certain
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homer-esque enthusiasm. he's unintentionally funny like this afternoon when he reiterated his food stamp line and added mitt romney to the next. >> we know from governor romney he joins obama. obama is big food stamp. he's little food stamp. they both think food stamps are okay. >> he big food stamp. he little food stamp. i'm not going to go there. newt won't be walking back his comments for a very long time. we have a fantastic panel here with us. karen, if i were to con flat the words of mitt romney, john boehner and eric cantor for you these figures say president obama has got in the way of
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recovery and his policies are a total failure. only problem, unemployment is at its lowest in three years. >> somehow i think they missed the news that the president's policies have created 3.7 million jobs. as i like to do, i went back and in february of 2008 for the same period during george bush's presidency we had lost jobs and lost 63,000 jobs. somehow they don't remember that all those policies that they supported back then, we were losing jobs and now we're gaining jobs but that's a bad thing. it's really a sad statement when you have republicans actually rooting against the success of the american economy. >> that's what they appear to be doing. you've been critical of rom in the past saying he changes his position more times than a 4-year-old with adhd. you have to salute his consistency now.
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he said he's not concerned about the very poor and he's a friend with billionaire that's a form of fiscal consistency whether you like it or not, julian. >> the central thesis for the republicans that obama has not been a good steward of this economy, that thesis is gone. it's quite humorist. they are flailing around trying to find some way of criticizing this very good news and secondly, they are vying to be the spokesman for the religious conservatives. you have one guy in romney who says he doesn't care about the poor, not very jesus like and the other guy, gingrich who shall we say, has a challenged relationship with the ten commandments. it continues to be a little bit of a circus. the fact of the matter just to add quickly to karen statist ticks, when obama came into office the economy was contracting at 8% a year.
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it's now growing a 2% the that's a positive 10% swing. when obama came into aurveoffic were losing jobs. >> i don't want to hear these facts. i've told you before. i'm not interested. stop. >> these are positive. >> i don't want to hear the facts. i want to move on. as we look forward to nevada, i note from your must-read column that ron paul's candidacy is doing well with prostitutes at the bunny ranch. do you think the gop will allow semi naked prostitutes to caucus this saturday? >> they let them caucus in private. i think newt gingrich probably knows a bit about that private caucusing. i think ron paul takes whatever support he can get. more power to him. the libertarian sort of perspective on politics does have to allow for this kind of
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thing. they can't just sort of be all for the economic freedoms that the return offers. his policies do extend to that kind of extreme. we just have to know that about him. it's kind of good to remember that. >> it's wonderful. he's doing a great job. karen, donald trump can't see the political spotlight. i watched barack obama at the national prayer breakfast and he looked totally uncomfortable with his words. talking about? >> well, obviously, donald trump is a showman. he's probably not somebody that has a close relationship with the bibles and the teachings of the bible given his past history. this is an effort to discredit the president of the united states of america. we saw this last cycle where all of this stuff he was a muslim.
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all of this otherness. i thought the speech was one of the most eloquent speeches and as a christian and a democrat, he reaffirmed why i'm a democrat is because we do care about the poor. unlike mitt romney, it's not that he said he didn't care, he doesn't understand the social safety net has large gaping holes in it and it's not working. president obama spoke from his heart and from his faith about why it is we do and support the spoils that we do. donald trump doesn't have to deal with any of that. clearly why he didn't recognize the words of god. >> julian, newt gingrich is going for broke giving mitt romney his nickname, little food stamp. he managed to roll attacks on the media, mitt romney and president obama into one sentence. take a listen. >> governor romney trying to
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recover from his boo boo as the elite media did what obama will do this fall and kept replaying. i don't really care about the poor, which is not a very clever if i think for somebody very wealthy to say. talk about every possible example of what we don't want in a general election candidate. >> little food stamp and his boo boo. do you think he should write a children's book? >> as i've said before, listening to newt gingrich lecture people about personal responsibility is kind of like taking lessons on religious tolerance from the taliban. here is a guy who has such a checkered history not just on his personal affairs but he's out there talking about what he did in the 1990s as we talked about before. the three budget battles, all of which he lost, he now takes credit for. this is the revengs of citizens united. the only reason he stays in this
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race is sheldon adelson can continue to write these checks for him and continue to take swipes at romney and the republicans, while we have this great news on the democratic side, republicans are not talking about anything remotely created to job creation. their central rationale for the campaign against obama is gone or severely weakened. all you have to do is look at the job approval numbers for obama since the race has started. numbers have gone from 3755 -- >> i've told you before, i don't want these facts. final question to you, ana marie. what's next in nevada? >> i guess there has to be gambling of some kind. i have a question about the little food stamp. does that mean he buys small
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foods. does he buy little food? >> when i hear a guy talking about little and big, i'm not sure they're talking about the size of the food, my friend. >> i'll stay out of that. >> thank you. stay with us. we have much more ahead. with endorsements like these. >> the thing with romney, i wasn't in love with the job he did in massachusetts. he wasn't popular. he was a one-term governor. didn't have high approval ratings. i don't like that. i'd like a guy running for president to be the most popular guy you can have. ♪ i love you and nobody else tylenol:nyquil. what are you doing?
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pentagon sources tell nbc that the u.s. is growing increasingly concerned that israel will attack iran in the near future, possibly as early as april. it couples with the story in the "washington post" in which leon panetta says there's a strong likelihood that it will be launched before the summer. this as israeli officials say an iranian missile destroyed has range of 6,000 miles meaning tehran is working on weapons that could reach u.s. shores. the obama administration has imposed harsh sanctions on iran and says all options remain on the table when it comes to prevent tehran from developing weapons. good afternoon, sir. >> hi. >> iran supreme leader made threats against america at
12:15 pm
friday press today. is this threat real, and how soon could it materialize? >> i think it's real, absolutely. this is who whole problem with this policy, which i think is a bluff on israel's part. i think they see a weakened iran. the economy is bad. the israelis would like to get the most out. on the other hand what we're risking is a paranoid iran. iran that thinks its survival is in the balance here. they are likely to respond. i think this friday prayer call that we're under attack, there's going to be a war. i think very well, we could see the iranians we responds to this. they could respond anywhere from iraq to the united states itself. >> bob, you seem to be saying that while this may be
12:16 pm
theatrical, it could be serious? >> it will probably be sponsored by israel. they would like to push the iranians to get some sort of closure on this iranian nuclear facilities, but you risk war. the middle east is about to light up on fire. >> it is your view that israel will consult the u.s. before considering an attack on iran? >> the record is let's do it. we should be asking why haven't they done it already without all these threats. it's a quick overflight. they have incredible air force. they could degrade the facilities without american help. they could scare the iranians in that sense and why not just do it. why go at it in the press like this. >> you're really suggesting that not with standing the close
12:17 pm
relationship between america and israel they would independently and without any recourse to a discussion of any kind with the president, would go and launch an attack on iran? >> this prime minister in israel, absolutely. they did it with syria. they'll just do it. when their survival, when they truly believe their survival is in question, they will do what they have to do. >> now we know that president obama has made it clear that he, like most leaders in the world, is opposed to iran developing a nuclear we. what steps do you think the president is prepared to take to prevent that from happening? you know yourself, with all the experience you've had, that the iranians have been on the threat hold of devel threshold of developing a nuclear weapon for years.
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>> i read national intelligence estimates saying they are one, two, three, four years away from a nuclear weapon. there's no evidence they're doing it now. they are gaining the knowledge. they are putting pieces together, but it's not like they would test a bomb tomorrow. i would be surprised if they ever test one because they know what the reaction would be. they are bearding us. the question is whether the israelis will respond to it. what the president is doing is right. he's going to the europeans and saying if we don't stop is the israelis now, they will strike. let's get these sanctions in place. put a total em embargo on their oil. >> thank you for joining us this afternoon. >> thank you. next, president obama and an economy on the rebound and mitt romney, the candidate, on the
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retreat. >> it was a misstatement. i misspoke. i've said something that is similar to that but quite acceptable for a long time. you know when you do i don't know how many thousands of interviews, now and then you may get it wrong. i misspoke. ♪ my wife and i have three wonderful children
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♪ ♪ spread a little joy and see ♪ you need a little happiness to be ♪ ♪ living the life with me [ female announcer ] fresh milk and real cream. that's what makes philadelphia. ♪ so spread a little something to remember ♪ [ female announcer ] and that's what makes the moment we enjoy it, a little richer. now to washington where the white house received a bit of good news today with regards to jobs and republicans quickly and congress took the chance to say it's not good enough. let's go to michael viqueira. mike, the president obviously pleased with today's news. he specifically asked the house not to, in his words, muck up the recovery. he's placing some responsibility, is he not, on the house leadership and speaker boehner in particular. >> reporter: if you were the head or your chief opposition had an approval rating of 13%,
12:23 pm
which is the approval rating of congress and granted before my friends on the republican said, i think most people identify congress with john boehner and his allegiance in the house of representatives, if it's so unpopular i don't think it's any surprise that the president will be singling them out. what he is talking about cast your mind back a couple of weeks ago. three weeks hence now will be the end of the two month period they agreed to extend the payroll tax cut. the tax that funds social security. the cut has been in effect in a year. it's going to expire after the latest game of chicken before the holidays. they punted it for two months. that expires in two weeks. he have talking jobs again today on day when great jobs number came out. >> despite the positive numbers,
12:24 pm
we shouldn't expect the president to slow down. he'sgoing to keep going on this. >> reporter: i think the white house has hit its stride from a communication standpoint and the economic data over the last several weeks is helping him out, not only helping the country out but helping the president out politically. a lot has been made that the only president to be re-elected with an unemployment rate over 8% -- over 7% was ronald reagan in '84. the trend is president's frentsdfriend. >> the president, very quickly, will be hosting a party on sunday flignight for the super . which way are you going, giants or patriots? >> reporter: i'm a redskins fan. >> say no more. >> reporter: there's no passion for me. stay with us. the week's to lines are coming
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♪ ♪ it's nice to see you... [ male announcer ] this is your moment. this is zales, the diamond store. take an extra 10 percent off storewide now through sunday. mitt punts america the beautiful. the donald dogoes for the touchdown and herman cain has the halftime entertainment. >> speaker gingrich is not feeling excited these days bp. >> what a pathetic situation. ♪ above the fruited plain be. >> a plan should know his limitations. ♪ so in love with you ♪
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>> donald trump is a great showman. >> it's my honor to endorse mitt romney. >> these guys don't have any fidelity, do they? ♪ america ♪ >> i'm watching in amazement. >> thank you, donald. >> i bring a lot of people with me. >> i can't think of anybody better to wake up to than you. >> aww, shuky ducky >> there was this huge wave ov ads. >> mitt romney changings his positions more times than a hin d hindu god. >> they all lie. >> was it you that negotiated that? >> no. well, sort of. i don't want to get into it. >> which one would you like?
12:30 pm
>> mitt romney for kosher food for our seniors and nursing homes. >> i'm in this race because i care about americans. i'm not concerned about the very poor. i misspoke. i wish i wouldn't have said it that way. >> let's get right to it with our panel this friday afternoon. goldie taylor. what a week it's been. i suppose the best place to start is with mitt. he gives beating to newt in florida, collects an endorsement from the donald. i guess this week is going to be defined for mitt by his appalling singing voice and his views on the poor. >> well, i think so. the way mitt romney sounds, i don't want to be anywhere near his fruited plain. i think this week has been a
12:31 pm
really good one for him in terms of winning florida. some of the missteps he's made, he's not going to be able to continue to make them as we head through february and into super tuesday. newt is going to stay in this race. he's going to fight hard. he's going to catch mitt at every misspeak that he ever puts out there. he's got to tighten up his ship and head toward securing the nomination come super tuesday. >> it's interesting that mitt makes these kind of mistakes where newt is deliberative. he can calling mitt romney the little food stamps president and the president the big food stamps president. he's going to get trounsed in nevada probably by over 20 points. what's the point of this? six months more of this. >> what's the point of anything that newt gingrich does? i imagine that in the constellation that is newt gingrich's world, he's at the very center. i fully -- >> you're not implying that he's ego centric? >> never. >> i fully believe that he has
12:32 pm
been at the forefront of the process. i think the rest of the campaign, however, long it lasts for him whether it's a week or if he goes all the way to tampa, it will be to feed his own overweaning ego. >> goldie, don't you think anything to feeding his own overweaned ego, that he's going to damage the republican brand? >> hold on. i just agreed with s.e. cupp. i do think he's going to damage his own brand as well as the republican brand. i think it's unfortunate that he has some big money donors that will keep him in this race even though the voters are telling him it's not his time and won't be. i think he has a heck of race to run. he's got to stop the misspeaking. speaking about now caring about the very poor even though out of context, that sounds like a very, very damming statement for
12:33 pm
him. >> goldie, i want to give you a right back at you. it's remarkable that rom has not been able to come up with a good defense of his own wealth, mern prosperity. these are not hard issues to sell. we have been a country that's confidentable with prosperity. in 1928 herbert hoover promised a chicken in every pot and two cars in a garage. i don't know why he's allowing one group of people to bully him on this issue. he's got to get it together. >> what do you think of the context i was taken out of context. it happens every single time. when i was standing up and talking b about enjoying firing people, he was not being subjected to an adversarial interview. he was speaking. he must have prepared his script. he said i like firing people who provide services to me.
12:34 pm
every single time they get called to account they blame us as journalist and say we have taken their words out of context. >> i have to tell you that the full context of the remarks don't make them any better. if you look at them in the context of his entire campaign. he knew the questions about his wealth were going to come. he knew about how little or how much he pays in taxes was going to come. he knew questions about the offshore bank accounts. he knew questions about poverty especially in this economic environment was going to come. he seems unprepared for the position he's in, which is headed towards securing the republican nomination. >> he's had an easier time defending romney care than he has defending his own success. it's remarkable. the time for him to figure this out is dwindling. >> s.e., you're supportive of the republican narrative in a lot of ways, but what do you
12:35 pm
think of explanation every time i was taken out of context? >> the problem with this particularly gaffe is it fails on two count, style and substance. we talked about this yesterday. there's got to be a more artful way that he's standing up for the middle class. that he isn't just some elitist. there's also substance wise got to be a better way to defend con se servetive values. >> other than blaming the media for things he happens to say all the time . >> this is not a conservative impulse. if he's going to fall into this trap and say i'm for these people and not these people, that's what the left does. he's got to figure out this message and fast. >> goldie, i'm assume that the obama administration is waiting every week for mitt romney to say something absurd and adding it to a list that they will deploy once he's the nominee.
12:36 pm
>> they've got to be giddy in this white house listening to mitt romney undo himself fp white house is waiting for baited breath for the next time he misspeaks. >> thanks so much for coming on. coming up, more on the economic recovery. >> how do you answer the president's argument that the economy is getting better in a general election campaign, if you yourself are saying it's getting better? >> of course, it's getting better. the economy gets better after a recession. there's always a recovery. [ male announcer ] what's the beat that moves your heart?
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treating others as you would have them treat you. the golden rule, the words of christ from his sermon on the mount. men like congressman phil gingrey walk out breakfast as you're speaking and senator hatch of utah says this. >> someone needs to remind the president there was only one person who walked on water, and he did not occupy the oval office. >> it's shame that neither paid attention to the president's speech because parts of it were aimed directly at them. >> sometimes we talk about respect, but we don't act with respect towards each other during the course of these debates. >> congress elijah cummings
12:41 pm
joins us. >> why would he find it so offensive that the president based his concern for the poor on scriptture. why would this make him walk out? >> i cannot understand it, martin. i'm the son of two ministers and i've been taught all my life that we're supposed to take care of the poor. matthew 25 is an area in the bible that most christians are very familiar with. i think that's basically what the president was saying. i thought it was extremely disrespectful for my colleague to do that. i think we just got to change the climate here in washington and treat each other with greater respect. it's something that's very significant about the president of the united states addressing members of congress or anybody. there's a respect for that
12:42 pm
office. president barack obama is the president of the united states, and i think he owes him an apology. >> we know that politics is a rough business, but this was the national prayer breakfast. this was not an occasion where the president was promoting the american jobs act or promoting the salvation of the motor industry. he was quoting scriptture and referring to the poor, and yet, notwithstanding the con tent of what he said, it was enough for a congressman to be disrespectful to the office of the president. >> that was extremely disappointing and, again, i think it sends the wrong message to our constituents and to young people too. the office of the president is so significant and i would hope that mr. gingrey would have listened carely and also senator hatch. i was very surprised about
12:43 pm
senator hatch, should listen carefully to his speech and would have been open to how the president views his faith, his christianity as something that guides him in his decisions on a day-to-day basis. he was talking about something that's very important to him and that is trying to lift up our neighbors, lit up the people that we represent who may not be doing as well as others. >> indeed. notwithstanding the good news today we had about jobs numbers, as you know these are extremely encouraging figures, we're hearing from people like mitt romney who talk about not caring or being concerned about the very poor. i haven't had the opportunity to ask you, but what was your reaction when you heard a candidate for the presidency saying something like that? >> well, i found it very unfortunate. martin --
12:44 pm
>> we're watching him at rally live as you speak in nevada at a major rally. sorry, continue. >> i grew up poor. my mother and father were former sharecroppers. they had very little money. because of an america that opened many doors for me, i became a lawyer and became a member of the congress of the united states of america. there are a lot of people who are coming through some very difficult times, and i think america, we've gained our reputation as a great society based on the way we treated each other, lifting each other up, defending each other. i think that mr. romney has to remember that he's trying to occupy the white house and he needs to be clear that he's going to represent all people. he needs to take some lessons from the president.
12:45 pm
made he needs to go back the prayer breakfast speech. >> you were at the testament of attorney general eric holder where republicans accused him of conducting a cover audiotape -uo the fast and furious program but you have not heard what substantiate an impeachable offense. >> i said that during the hearing. the republicans have been investigating the attorney general for some ten months. they brought in 22 witnesses, martin, they called them in. not one of those 22 witnesses said they ever said to the attorney general or talked to him about these improper tactics with regard to fast and furious. it was very, very clear this was
12:46 pm
a bottom up operation. as a matter of fact, when the attorney general found out about it, he immediately said, look, i'm not going to have this. he immediately asked for an investigation by the ig. and they made a lot of allegations now they have to backtrack because they were not able to prove not one, that i could see. we are basing this on the very evidence that they presented. >> indeed. once again the reputation of congress is soiled. thank you, sir, for joining us this afternoon. >> thank you, martin. coming up, weak tea? not this political. nevada's tea party favorite joins us next. ♪
12:47 pm
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despite their best efforts to present the passage of the jobs. unemployment is going down. while few can bring themselves to give this administration any credit, it does raise the question of how much more could have been achieved if congress had chosen to support the president. joining us now is sharron angle, a 2010 senate candidate in nevada where republicans will vote tomorrow. good afternoon, ma'am. >> good afternoon, martin. >> it's a great pleasure to have you. now nevada, as you know, has been hit hard by unemployment and the foreclosure crisis. mitt romney has said that if voters think the economy is moving in the right direction, they should vote for the president. well, that's beginning to happen now, isn't it? so would you vote for the president? >> well, certainly we're seeing a little bit of an optimistic upturn, which all of us are looking forward to with great
12:51 pm
expectations, i think. especially here in nevada. in december, we were at 12.6% unemployment. we have the highest foreclosure rate in the nation. we're looking forward to some optimistic numbers. however, the cbo came out and said by year's end, we'll be back up to 8.9% nationwide. i don't know what that means for nevada. so, you know, when you say we have good news, i'm glad to hear it, but i'm still cautiously optimistic. i believe that the economy is looking better in spite of the policies of the president, not because of them. >> it's wonderful. at least you admit that. many of your friends and colleagues on capitol hill have done everything to oppose the president. when you were in the seat in the state assembly between 1998 and 2006, you voted no so frequently
12:52 pm
on matters of wide consensus that votes were called 41 to angle. do you praise john boehner in opposing everything the president has presented. >> if they are poor policies, i do praise them. >> is it a poor policy to propose a jobs act where major reconstruction work can be done in the nation? where school teachers can be employed? where members of emergency staff can be reemployed? is that a bad proposal for the country? >> when proposals include entitlements and the job increases are in the government sector rather than the private sector, of course, that's poor economic policy. good economic policy says that those who create jobs are those who are in the private sector. we need to encourage them. they don't feel encouraged yet. that's why i'm hopeful that
12:53 pm
something will come of perhaps this election that will encourage job creators to not hold back anymore, but to really get back into the thing that they do the best, which is create jobs. >> can you give me a single example of something that john boehner and eric cantor has proposed that has created a job? >> as i have always said, and when i was campaigning to defeat harry reid, the job of government is to create a good climate for those who do create jobs, and that's the private sector. so those good policies would be things like reducing taxation and government regulation. right now, we're under the heel of government -- >> but if i may just interrupt you for a moment. under this president, over three million private-sector jobs has been created. i'm asking you specifically.
12:54 pm
what has john boehner or eric cantor proposed that has created a job apart from telling us all that we should have our taxes cut and that regulations should be reduced? what constructive proposal has there been? >> may i interrupt you now, martin? >> please. >> thank you. i think that the premise of your question is faulty because you're saying that jobs were created. and really i think we're at a net loss still. in fact, we're feeling very much of a net loss of jobs here in nevada. as i said, we don't have an unemployment decrease. what we're suffering from here in nevada is a loss of jobs, a loss of homes, and the price of gas is going up. we're suffering here in the middle class in nevada, and we're looking to congress and the president to create a climate where our job creators can come back now and give us those jobs that we lost in 2009.
12:55 pm
we're still a little bit sore, i think, over the idea that president obama said that people shouldn't be going to nevada when that is exactly where our economy comes from is people visiting and come here. we did not appreciate it when he said if you go to nevada, you're going on a gun ket. >> you probably know, of course, the caucuses are taking place tomorrow. but you probably know that mitt romney's view is that the foreclosure crisis should be allowed simply to fall apart and that people should end up losing their homes. there should be no intervention whatsoever. as a final question. is that the best answer that a presidential candidate could offer for what is a horrendous foreclosure crisis in your state? >> what we have seen as interventions are freddie mac and fannie mae. i don't think those government agencies should have been allowed in the first place to offer up things like sub prime loans to folks that couldn't pay
12:56 pm
them back. we are falling behind. and i really believe that we need to get government out of the way and let the private sector then take ahold of this. we didn't luds our homes here. >> sharron angle, thank you very much for joining us. i'm sorry we have run out of time. but we appreciate your time. >> you're welcome, martin. thank you. >> we'll be right back. ♪ spread a little love today ♪ ♪ spread a little love my way ♪ ♪ spread a little something to remember ♪ ♪ ♪ spread a little joy and see ♪ you need a little happiness to be ♪ ♪ living the life with me [ female announcer ] fresh milk and real cream. that's what makes philadelphia. ♪ so spread a little something to remember ♪ [ female announcer ] and that's what makes the moment we enjoy it, a little richer.
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