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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  February 17, 2012 10:00am-11:00am PST

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joke. >> foster is a well known joke ster and that was a stupid joke. >> after setting the political world on fire, foster friess apologizes today. but is the damage done? birth control politics, what is wrong with this picture? women senators sound off about this thursday hearing in the house. >> women are here to say enough. we are standing up today and every day to fight for women and their right to make their own basic health care decisions. >> women of america, and the men who care about you, get ready because there's an assault on women, and stand with us. >> senators patty murray and barbara boxer joining us today, decision 2012 could a car crash
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lead to a brokered convention. and a loss, the death in syria of than though any shadid, for his reporting from iraq, survived a kidnappi inpin inpin he brought back stories that had to be told. good day, i'm andrea mitchell. rick santorum's super pac is on the air in might be. but that is not what people are talking about. >> wait until you hear what his money man foster friess said this afternoon. >> foster friess. >> foster friess. >> foster friess. >> nbc's david gregory we have a fire storm here but there's a larger question, how santorum handled it and how foster friess handled it and what he said in the first place, david? >> i was there with you when he said it to you yesterday, sort of catching my breath.
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you know, i actually did not hear that formulation before. i guess i'm not old enough. it was a stupid thing to say, he has acknowledged that. i am not one that believes that santorum faces a huge amount of fall out over this. has tried to create distance and condemned it. there's a broader issue here that is challenging enough for republicans, or a good opportunity depending how it plays out and that is the politics of conception and this is a social issue that energizes the base >> in fact santorum addressed it. he was not apologizing this morning. are let's watch. >> obviously. i do not agree with the basic premise, it was a joke, it was a stupid joke, it was bad taste. >> it does not in my opinion reflect on the campaign or me. i'm not responsible for every
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comment that is a supporter of mine makes. there are a lot of folks that say, it was a bad joke, it was a stupid joke. it's not reflective of me or my record on this issue. >> now, foster friess is not separate from the campaign, he was on our program to talk about rick santorum. he is the biggest backer of the super pac. that said, they explained it, but also, if he, santorum were in a general election campaign, does it raise the question whether or not they are writing off women voters in both parties? independents, the key swing voteser that you need to win a campaign against barack obama? >> that is about his views of conception personally, even though he separates it from what he would do as president and as views, and those personal views being that conception is just dangerous. i think it's a social issue,
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taking on the president's decision to compromise about access and who pays for conception, because this is not simply as you well know a birth control issue, it's used for other areas in women's health. this is, while an issue, if it is framed as a religious test that could engage social conservatives. there's so much anxiety among republicans that it will be over played and over done, and it will severely alienate women voters cop s come election time. >> now, we should point out that foster friess tweeted out a response, what he called an apology, he said to those that remembered the joke. thanks to the encouragement that thought i was trying to say it
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was a prescription for today. but that said, some are saying it emphasizes the down side of rick santorum. if michigan is lost by romney, they look to santorum and they say he is not a general election candidate for all of his other strengths, and do they start talking seriously about the brokered convention and going to jeb bush and seeing if chris christie will go on a diet, or if he has. the point is, chris christie has not been seen to be in battle shape and not ready as you told you. not prepared to run for the top office. >> i go back to the point that it's santorum's views, his own personal views about an issue like conception, his own views, they are bigger than what a donor says and creates a huge distraction about for 24 or 48 hours. those are views that i think
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will be difficult for santorum as a general election candidate. but there are sides that santorum is playing on. romney's problem is that he is in a fight with someone who is viewed by conservatives to be a nominee. and a possible commander in chief. 16 years in congress and six years on the senator armed services committee. so he has experience. but everyone i talk to, it's still about romney. is the question is, is this had the anti-romney. it's not so much pro anybody else. there's a view or desire for an alternative to romney. i agree with you and based on my own reporting as well, you get into a scenario where romney's firewall does not hold in michigan, you will hear the calls of who can get the delegates and do we need another candidate in here to have a stro strong nominee? >> and after the first ballot,
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it's bar the door if there's a dispute cistill when they get t the convention. what are you talking about on snau sunday? >> we will talk about the economy and the budget and the fight for the fall in the white house. >> there's that, the -- the economic, the budget the economic issues. thank you david, see you sunday and for more on the fallout from santorum's campaign coming up joining us now rachel maddow. looking ahead, what do you see, rachel, as the larger question here, the debate over gender? i have been getting e-mails and tweets from people saying my former news director here back in the '70s in philadelphia sent me an e-mail this morning, are we reliving things that we thought were resolved decades ago? >> yeah, i was listening to you and david talking about the
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potential impact of this on women voters and i think it's sort of, i guess, the transactional electoral concern, but it seems like it's not just women's voters. this is about the distance between the real lived every day lives of americans and what the republican presidential candidates are talking about. and it's, yeah, it's about women voters and it's about what seems important to these guys and it fits in in a way that we do not acknowledge with a broader dynamic in republican politics. what was the last thing that perry do? a stadium prayer with the american prayer association, look up what they have said as a association on birth control and abortion and we had the states after the big election year rolled back abortion rights more than they have been rolled back
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since roe versus wade. we have a personhood idea that a woman is two people after fertilization. >> i was going to play santorum on with charlie rose this morning but he sounded like he was taking the offensive. >> i'm not responsible for every comment that a supporter of mine makes. it's a bad joke, and it's a stupid joke and it does not reflect my position. >> he said it was the media ma brought it up and it was media's fault. but you know it was not something that we brought up. the brooder question, it crosses generati generations, people are not where this conversation in the republican party is right now whether they are republicans or democrats. young people are not there, and
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older people. it does show why, prepares, rick santorum lost in pennsylvania by 18 points. >> yes, exactly. i think when you look at the broader context of what is going on with social conservatives, they are disconnect with the rest of the party. maybe they are only talking to people that share their views or something. but the mistaken streaming of rick santorum itself is really a remarkable thing . he lost by 18 things. he was talking about his beliefs against conception and his very, very extreme anti-gay and abortion views as a pennsylvania senator and pennsylvania turfed him out and that was a big part of it. i agree with santorum, he should not be held accountable for everything that his supporters say, that is true of any politician but he is a really out there guy when it comes to conception and birth control and abortion gay rights and all of the social issues. him being mainstreamed in
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republican politics is a remarkable thing for a party that took a hard, hard right turn on social issues even when the rest of the country is paying attention to it. >> it tells you about the race, he grabbed some states and he speaks to economic issues and the speech coming out of iowa should have been a victory speech, he did not know that he won iowa at the time. he has strengths here and you would think that michigan would be a good place for him to compete and in fact we have been reporting that he has a lot more strength than people thought and could beat romney and certainlily would if romney did not have a financial advantage. let's talk about the hearing. the young woman was george town was not allowed to be a member of the panel using rules that they had not proposed her as a witness early enough. on what planet would we have an
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all male hearing on conception? >> i thought pelosi when she said duh later on in the afternoon, was the most direct comment you could make on it. i think that when republicans and conservative republicans talk to themselves and only themselves about these issues where they think that fox news is the universe of american public opinion he they think it's normal to have five conservative male witnesses as your star witnesses on a hearing about conception, they think that is purely an issue about religion and not about conception, that may be true in the fox news universe but it does not reflect the opinions of women voters and independent voters and the rest of centrist
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americans on this. >> thank you for joining me. >> congratulations on surviving that interview yesterday. >> it was a moment. more to gender wars, just back from the speeches on the senator familiar, the auto bailout and the politics of michigan and you have a question you want me to answer? i think you just might, join me every monday for a live web chat. online, i love talking to you. this is "andrea mitchell reports." weight loss programs can be expensive. so to save some money, i just got the popular girls from the local middle school to follow me around. ew. seriously? so gross. ew. seriously? that is so gross.
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one of the chief financial backers for rick santorum, the republican candidate that is surging toward the nomination suggested that contraception was once as simple as a woman putting aspirin between her
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knees. really? shocking. appalling. and an insult. >> that was democrat senator patty murray this morning on the senator floor speak about what happened. she and several women spoke on the outrage of the hearing where no women were present at all to testify. thank you for being here and speaking out. >> absence -- >> foster friess said that it was a joke. why do you think there's a larger issue here? >> if it was a joke, it was an insulting joke to women. if he was being real, that is frightening. as we watch what is happening here on capitol hill from a panel of men talking about health care choices for women and the comment on your show yesterday about using aspirin between your knees for
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contraception, i feel like i'm waking up on a set of the "madmen" going back centuries here, it's astonishing but this is what is going on, we are seeing the republicans coming out and talking about the deficit and the other things they care about, but the policies they are putting forward here are frightening for women and their health care choices. we will not sit back and be slen silent. we will take them on. >> let's play this from the floor. >> 99% of all of america's women have used contraception at some time in their lifetime. when will they get this simple nondebatable fact? >> now, beyond the simple issue of contraception which is i guess not a simple issue, a lot
10:19 am
of people feel that it was resolved decades ago because so many women rely on it, not just for contraception but many other medical issues, what about the question of a young georgetown university woman who wanted to testify on that panel yesterday? this is what she had to say online about her motivation? >> i wanted to talk about the effects on women of the lack of contraception coverage. unfortunately the chairman felt that the topic of contraception was not relevant to a debate about a contraception policy. he specifically stated that i would not be allowed to speak because i was not qualified to. >> when arranging the hearings, you have been a chairman of committees over the years, what is the role of the chairman and of the minority in trying get witnesses who are able to
10:20 am
testi testify? >> well, as chairman you are to make sure you have voices at the table that reflect the views of the people in the country so you can take their testimony and make good decisions. when you have an all male panel and you deny a young woman with personal experience on the issue, that is not fair, it's not what america thinks a democracy is about, ait's insulting to women. >> is this just a campaign issue now, what are you hearing to floor, what are the conversations about more moderate republicans about their concerns about the party and their leadership? >> i think it's a concern to every woman and man in this country. that we have a movement that started well over a year ago when the first three bills that the houses of representatives and republicans put out were attacking women's health and they have kept at it. when we had the budget debate a year ago, stopped in the middle of the night over funding issues
10:21 am
and fund planned parenthood, when the susan g. komen was made and was thankfully reversed a few weeks ago, you could hear the shock waves. when you saw the panel of men, jaws dropped. you hear someone on your show talking about using contraception as an aspirin between your legs, the jolt of this will hit the floor and keep running until election day. >> thank you for joinings us today. thanks senator. and he is back. what is rick perry up to now? the politico briefing next.
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and we have this breaking news right now in washington, to our bureau and pete williams, we understand that the fbi arrested someone for a suspected terror attack on washington? >> reporter: that is right, the fbi arrested a man they had
10:25 am
under observation for several months i'm told. this is someone who plotted and talked about wanting to set off a bomb near the u.s. capitol and the arrest happened today after the result of a long undercover operation after the man thought he was dealing with people from al qaeda but was dealing with undercover fbi agents. he was arrested after receiving a vest that he thought contained explosives but in fact they were inert materials that were not explosives so the man was intent to carrying out a suicide bomb attack here in washington. >> do we know big the target or where he was planning the attack, according to the fbi. >> reporter: they have not said, but i don't know if the man had specifically picked out a spot. obviously, security has changed
10:26 am
greatly at the u.s. capitol since the last attack there in which russell weston entered and shot two capitol policemen, thousand there's a center that -- now there's a centers that a security before you get into the complex. the security situation has exchanged greatly on capitol hill. ba back to the specifics, he is said to be in his early 30s, we do not have his name yet. but the point is, these days, if the fbi picks up anyone showing interest in some kind of terror attack, they mount a sting operations and we have seen several of these involving a washington, d.c. metro system, someone who wanted to fly remote control planes into land mark buildings here in washington. so this is another in this series that we have seen. you never now how serious or
10:27 am
capable they would have been were it not for the sting, but that is how we see it now. any time somebody expresses this kind of interest, and take steps to try to carry out a mission like this, it has to be taken seriously. you have to wonder, if left to their own devices could they have done it? you never no. left to their own devices, given enough time, would they have been able to pull it off? you just don't know and the fbi doesn't want to get anywhere close. >> thank you so much, and we will be looking for more throughout the day on msnbc and of course, on "nightly news" is rick perry trying to keep his campaign alive. he is wanting to use his money
10:28 am
to start a super pac. >> aggies never lose. we just run out of time. so you can say that, that my presidential campaign just ran out of time. but i have not run out on the ideas. >> and joining us now is politico's david, is he thinking about a run fors of maybe a year from now trying position himself as a vice president candidate? >> i think he is keeping all options on the table. he is asking for some of the money that he used to be transferred for a possible re-election campaign which he would not face until 2014, so you know possibly he runs for
10:29 am
re'election in 2014 and looks at 2016. he is keeping his options open. >> thank you very much, david. the rick perry story to be continued and the return of the culture wars, where are we headed in this fight over women's rights. senator barbara boxer joining us next. the employee of the month is... spark card from capital one. spark cash gives me the most rewards of any small business credit card. it's hard for my crew to keep up with 2% cash back on every purchase, every day. 2% cash back. that's setting the bar pretty high. thanks to spark, owning my own business has never been more rewarding. [ male announcer ] introducing spark the small business credit cards from capital one. get more by choosing unlimited double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase, every day. what's in your wallet? this guy's amazing.
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i may at some point be moved to explain biology to my colleagues. >> that was nancy pelosi speaking about the house hearing on contraception where only men were allowed to testify. her colleagues are just as mystified by the first all male panel joining me now is senator barbara boxer. thank you for joining us. there seems to be an atmosphere on the hill where people are talking past each other and there's male female divide, tell
10:33 am
me if i'm wrong about that. >> yes, you are wrong about that. it's a republican/democratic divide. some of the big supporters are a host of colleagues standing by our side. it's a matter of ideology, it's shockingly surprising to me that in this year, they would be so open about their views toward women being respected and being able to choose their own health care options. it's a reminder from 1992 when the people looked at the clarence thomas hearing and they saw an all male committee here in the senate, we had the year of the woman. and i've been predicting for months now, even before this, that 2012 will be the year of the woman.
10:34 am
and that picture is going to become an iconic photo, my grandson, i said to him who is 16, what is wrong with this, they are talking about women's health care, what is wrong with this? and he said they are all dudes, grandma a. that is from a 16-year-old. it brings it home. >> i was at the hearing and i cover covered covered the thomas hearings and it was a earth shaterring moment, it was the year of the woman. and i remember that joe biden was on the panel and the late ted kennedy. you had a lot of people that were trapped in the way of thinking. and it was really an extraordinary moment watching that going on. >> it was. it was. and there's anita hill being
10:35 am
asked personal questions and not one woman on the panel. and then, darrol issa has a chance to have a panel that reflects difference views, it could be male/female and he chooses to have all men all with the same opinion. and it just shows you where the republicans are coming from now. as i have often said, this is not the republican of my grand pa's party. i remember my dad just being so in love with eisenhower. he voted for ike, he said oh, no, i'm voting for ike and i'm a democrat. where are the mainstream republicans? there's just a handful left frankly. >> some are suggesting that it's a strategic move, particularly on santorum's part, talking about the social issues to fire up the republican base. is this good politics? >> let me just say this, i am a
10:36 am
democrat and i know what fires up our base, clearly, one of them is equality for everyone. and if their's is turning on women's voters, if there's a short-term -- turning on women, i'm sorry. if there's a short-term advantage in that, i would question, i'll give it to them, once they get to the general election, that is so extreme. andrea, the fight for eequality, we know how long it's taken, we look at the civil rights movement and the women's movement, it's painful, it's tough. but who would believe that in had this year, birth control would be back on the agenda? you know, it's -- it defys common sense, i think it's an area where we can come together. it's a win/win, when we plan our -- so many women use birth control for medical reasons and
10:37 am
one of the women that wanted to testify was a woman that had a friend that had a cyst that was growing because she could not afford the birth control pills that were going to shrink the tum or. so i do not know that they are going to get an advantage to it. i would not want to hurt half of the population to get an advantage if i were them. >> thank you for joining us today. this just in, nbc news learned that mike dewine will withdraw his support for mitt romney, a couple minutes from now and instead back rick santorum. today mike dewine served with of course santorum in the senate and that endorsement is expected at 2:00 today. bo both lost their re-election bids in 2006. michigan is being called the
10:38 am
romney's must win state. rick santorum is trying to seize on it. >> you see a consistency in my record, you'll see it with me and what you'll not see with romney. this is one of the issues that he has been on both sides of it. for it in some and against i want in others, and explaining why he picked big banks over the auto. >> welcome to both of you, let's talk about michigan. what is the better political position? what is the better economic position for michigan? pro bailout or anti-bail out? first to you from the republican perspective? >> sure, happy to be with you. first off, let's understand, the automobile companies are producing great product, they are doing that simply because of the engineers and the folks on the line. that is why unit sales are up, it has nothing to do with the auto bail outs or the rest of
10:39 am
it. the taxpayers and the folks to line deserve the credit for putting forth a great product and that is what they are interested? . >> mark, what say you from the democratic perspective? >> i don't think there's any question that mitt romney hurt himself and did himself in with doubling down on his opposition to the auto bailout this week as santorum pointed out, the hip aucti -- he opposed the rescue of the auto industry but was for the bank bailout. the auto mark share is growing and they are adding jobs, it's a political mistake for mitt romney to oppose the auto rescue. >> did he not oppose it -- >> go ahead sir. >> he did not oppose the auto rescue, he suggested they need a bankruptcy. the difference is how do you
10:40 am
fund the bankruptcy, and he saying that, that it's not the use of government money. he used the capitol markets. that is what is producing -- >> the facts are. the facts are the private economists and republicans said there was no private credit available to rescue those companies. they would have gone out of business had we followed mitt romney's plan. the government had to step in to rescue them, they did the right thing and now they are making money and expanding market share and adding jobs, it was the right thing to do. and romney's position is toxic here in michigan. >> let me ask you about that, you have to get through the primary. but which, i guess you have not endorsed anyone as a party chair, correct me if i'm wrong, that you've not taken sides, but what about the predicate that either of them are establishing for the general election to
10:41 am
come. what is the best argument going forward against barack obama? >> the best argument is clearly barack obama under his policies have accomplished greater debt for the country, a growing joblessness and a direction for the country that all americans, all voters are taking exception with. and the fact that the automobile companies are producing greater cars, it gets back to the design of the vehicles, it gets back to the quality of the vehicles that the line workers are creating. it's a globally competitive product, the fact is why are they doing well? they are doing well because the credit goes to where it deserves, the folks on the line that are putting out a car that the built well and the american public want to buy. >> i was going to ask you, are you happy to see the social issue being debated or would you rather they stick to the economy? >> i do not think it matters.
10:42 am
i think it's defining the candidates through the debate process and through the primaries, it's been a good thing, michigan is fronts and center. all four candidates are playing hard in michigan. you win delegates by congressional district, that is why it will be close. it was never expected that one would come in and win all the distrikzs and there's a lot of days left between now and the 28th. these polls have gone up and down and it will close in and i suspect that we will have a very heated and close primary. >> we will have to leave it there, and we thank you, and thank you in particular to mr. brewer, mark brewer, thank you for coming on together for a livly conversation, we appreciate it. thanks to you both. and up next, the budget battle with former senator allen simpson and remembering the new
10:43 am
york times anthony shadid, who risked his life to tell the untold stories. >> he was someone that i turned to and read carefully and if i did not have time when i got to the press reporting i would put it aside and read it, because he had his pulse on what was happening. ent their whole care. [ charlie ] we're the heartbeat of this place, the people on the line. we take pride in what we do. when that refrigerator ships out the door, it's us that work out here. [ michael ] we're on the forefront of revitalizing manufacturing. we're proving that it can be done here, and it can be done well. [ ilona ] i come to ge after the plant i was working at closed after 33 years. ge's giving me the chance to start back over. [ cindy ] there's construction workers everywhere. so what does that mean? it means work. it means work for more people. [ brian ] there's a bright future here, and there's a chance to get on the ground floor of something big, something that will bring us back. not only this company, but this country.
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hi everyone, coming up, the latest on big breaking news out of washington, d.c., tfa might - sores romney's backers are flipping to team santorum. and more on day two of outrage from women on capitol hill after an all male panel testified on
10:47 am
religion and contraception, what is being said today and speaking of today, our news nation gut check, a father shoots his teen daughter's computer and taped it. did he go too far? >> it was nearly three years since we had a federal budget, group after group said that the u.s. needs to g s ts t s ts t s deficit reduction. we have the cochair of the deficit commission. srnts, welcome, good to see you, congratulations to book, the biology is called -- >> i did not write it. and i do not get a nickel. >> it's a biography, but it's called "shooting from the lip"
10:48 am
because you know something about that, do you have advice for foster friess on how to deal with women? >> foster friess is my neighbor up the river and i really cannot add anything to that at all. i mean, that is a bizarre statement, it is certainlily not politically correct. if that, and i do not like applicant cal -- do not like political correctness, i should not have said that, he is a man of good humor and he thought it was funny. and knowing him, he thought it was funny. kind of getting full of himself, i have done that. i know there's a fine line between smart humor and smart -- >> thank you for your perspective, we have with all crossed the line at one time or another. but one thing we are not joking about is the budget and deficit.
10:49 am
how do you feel about all of the opinion of we to not need to do anything about the budget deficit right now because the economy is struggling the to get on its feet and that we really to not need to tackle these hard issues. i would suggest that perhaps there's a way to accomplish both goals, what is your take on it? >> i think the suggestion that we may read our report because that is what we said in our report. it's 67 pages, it was not written for pundits or anybody else, it was written for the american people. it uses phrases like going broke and shared sacrifice and in there particularly we put we realize a fragile i'll economy and we to not put teeth in the shark until the year 2013. it's amazing to me how people criticize what this dear guy has done. we are used to it. i've been on the a-list in washington and the z-list, but for god's sake do not mumble to
10:50 am
me about something in that report. the reason the report is toxic is because it's so specific. it talks about doing nothing for now. easing it in to 2013 and then having a cut and invest tacking about infrastructure, and then have a cut and invest. talk about infrastructure and education. it's all there. when everything else fails washington, read the thing. >> we'll have to leave it there. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. on a very sad note, we're mourning the loss of our courageous colleague and a gifted foreign correspondent for the new york times. he died after an asthma attack at the age of 43. a government that that been brutally repressing its own people. shadid won the pulitzer twice.
10:51 am
he spent two decades covering the middle east. he often risked his own life to bring back the stories that would not have been told. in 2002 as a correspondent for the "boston globe," he was shot in the shoulder. last march, he and three other journalists were kidnapped while covering the uprising. they were held for six days and brutally beaten before being released. he was unrelenting. only last week he went back to libya anded for the times on the disarray one year after the revolution began. he was interviewed by terry gross reflecting on the past year. >> it's been one of the most unbelievable years i imagined experienced. i think back to this idea the the iranian revolution forever
10:52 am
changed the middle east. we're dealing with six up risings. they're all happening in a lot of respects, at the same time. >> that was anthony shadid. he leaves behind his wife and two children. ursuit. a privilege for the ultra-wealthy. it's a necessity. i find investments with e-trade's top 5 lists. quickly. easily. i use pre-defined screeners and insightful trading ideas to dig deeper. work smarter. not harder. i depend on myself the one person i do trust to take charge of my financial future. [ bell dinging ] to take charge are you still sleeping?. just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule.
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more on that breaking news out of washington where the fbi has arrested a man for trying to break and carry out abomb attack at the u.s. capitol. the arrest is the result of a length thi investigation. the suspect was dealing with undercover operatives and at no time was the public or members of congress in danger. that does it for us. tamron hall has look at what's next on "news nation." i know you'll be following all of these developments. absolutely. we'll get our audience updated. pete williams will join me live with more details.
10:56 am
we're following developing news. president obama just arriving in washington state where the president will make the case for doubling u.s. exports in just five years. why he says congress may be a factor in this. rick santorum's campaign says he's going to make a major announcement in ohio in a couple of hours. we're hearing that one of mitt romney's major supporters in that key state is flip-flopping, switching teams. they are calling him a traitor. we'll have the update. so we can accumulate as many points as possible. i pass on these points to my employees to go on trips with their families. when my employees are happy, my customers are happy. vo: earn points for the things you're already buying. call 1-800-now-open to find out how the gold card can serve your business. we want to protect the house. right. but...
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the "news nation" is following breaking news out of washington, d.c. the fbi has arrested a man that was plotting to carry out a bomb attack near the u.s. capitol building. pete williams joins me live. what are the details here? >> reporter: this is a sting. the fbi had the man under surveillance for the last few months. there was never any danger
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