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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  February 27, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PST

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continue to follow the breaking news this morning. i want to show you the aftermath of a high school shooting at chardon high school. this is a small town just outside of cleveland in ohio. law enforcement officials gave us the very latest on the ground. take a listen. >> five victims. >> five shooting victims. >> that is correct. >> as things came in and began to unfold quite quickly, the number of students, the area that needs to be secured for everyone's safety. you know, information is kind of sketchy in the very beginning. >> as you can imagine, chaos in this school and students running trying to take cover not knowing what was going on. now, the school really being shocked by what's happened there. the students and parents especially, and now they're praying for the students who are at local hospitals. but, for parents who showed up on the scene, they were hopeful their children will be returned safe and sound. >> absolutely scared out of my mind. it's very difficult thing to
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know that you can't be there to help them in a time like that. i just want him back. i just -- i'm not going to -- i'm not going to be able to calm down unless i actually get to hold him. >> nbc john yang joins me now. john, we've been learning a lot over the hour since roughly 7:30 this morning that at least five students have been injured. >> that's right, thomas. here's what we know from authorities and students who were inside the school at the time. they say at about 7:30 this morning, in the cafeteria, students sitting eat brag breakfast when a boy, a young man jumped up and started shooting with a handgun. there were five students we now know who were wounded. one girl and four boys. they were found according to authority ins three separate places in the school building. so the shooting was not confined to the cafeteria. as you say, the gunman, the
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shooter, was chased from the school by a teacher. and then gave himself up, turned himself into authorities some distance away from the school. at least three of the wounded students were helicoptered to a hospital in cleveland. at least two of them are reported to be in critical condition. we don't know anything more about their conditions, about the nature of their wounds. we don't know anything more about the motive of this young man who did the shooting. the students were then evacuated, taken to an elementary school across the street. they were searched, their backpacks searched to see if there were anymore weapons around. and then everyone was checked to make sure that everyone was accounted for before they were being released to their parents. but, again, the authorities are now questioning the young man who is in custody. trying to figure out just why he did what he did, what his motive
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was. and if he did appear to bring this gun into the school today, whether it was for a specific purpose, whether this was planned, whether this was spontaneous or whether he had a target in mind. all of those questions we're trying to find out. >> we err going to ask you to standby for us. as i said at the top of the hour, chaos erupting at this school. one described running for his life as those shots rang out. take a listen. >> reporter: what was it like for you in there? >> well, i just asked mr. o'maley if i could grab my book bag. i heard shots fired in the cafeteria. i thought it was fire crackers, as first, i wasn't sure. but then i saw a bunch of people running out. so i started running. once i got up into the hallway, i went up to the 300s and i heard someone yelling behind me get down. and i heard a bunch of shots fired behind me. >> describe the scene. was it total chaos?
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>> oh, yeah. there was a lot of running, a lot of screaming. i heard a bunch of shots fired. >> did you happen to see the guy with the gun? the shooter? >> no, i never looked behind me. i just ran. i booked it down the hallway. >> there you have a student describing what's happening or what happened there after shotting ringing out inside the school. school administrators were very quick to lock down the school ensuring the safety of the students. we're also hearing from politicianin on the campaign trail. this from mitt rom, i'm very saddened to hear about the senseless shooting that struck chardon, ohio. i want to bring you now an nbc news analyst and a former f.b.i. profiler. clint, as you're watching this and trying to glean as much detail about the facts that are going to lead up to reveal here, what do you think?
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what are your early estimations about what took place this morning? >> well, thomas, unfortunately, we've had a lot of experience looking at these situations since, of course, 1999 in columbine. we've learned a lot through f.b.i., secret service and other agencies doing studies on young men and women, either in high school or college, who have become school shooters. so we've got this wealth of information. the problem, tom, it seems to be taking this matrix, taking the danger signs, the red flags, if you would have it, that we know are there and put those danger signs on top of an entire student population to try to identify the potential student at risk of acting out like this. and then between the home, the school, law enforcement, perhaps the mental health community trying to all come together so that we don't have a situation
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like this or a course like cho did at virginia tech when we had that terrible loss of lives there. thomas, there is always danger signs. there is what we call psychological leakage where the person who's going to commit an act like this leaks out certain things, certain maybe threats or frustrations, anger, rage. i've been bullied. whatever it is, those signs are there. but thomas, time and again we seem to miss them. we dismisthem. we don't pay any attention. we just write them off as an adolescent challenge as opposed to a potential sign of danger. >> again, if you're just joining us, our breaking news this morning is about this school shooting in chardon, ohio. five victims, one girl, four boys. the shooter is believed to be in custody. chardon is a small city, small town. just about 5100 people.
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30 miles outside of cleveland. the high school there is next to the middle school as as well as across the street from maple elementary school. teachers there on the scene acted quickly to make sure that the other students inside were safe once these shots were fired, once they realized what was going only. it seems like so many schools around the country have now instituted these policies of what to do when something like this happens. and, in this case, may have worked to save lives. >> it's interesting, thomas. we comgo back to when i was in kid kid in high school, you'd practice nuclear bomb alerts. here, i think, we're learning that unfortunately, these incidents do get acted out. and there's hardly a school or college in america blowing america where amp doesn't go through what ifs. where the faculty and staff
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train for incidents like this. law enforcement knows how to respond. and students themselves have to play the "what if" game. do i run? do i play dead? what do i do? it's a terrible thing because a school should be the safest place next to our home, i guess, where children can be. but we know in a few small incidents, every year, we see situations like this, thomas. realize, in this school, there was only about 127 studentings who graduated. as you suggest, it's not a big school. everyone knew everyone. and that further suggests there was something on going that caused him to want to act out in this manner. and if he in fact texed it, the question is what did he say? who knew that he put this message out and how did others
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respond to it? did they write it off? or was someone trying to deal if in fact it was an actual threat in the message. >> we're still waiting on confirmation whether social media was used to give some type of forewarning. this tweet or what people were talking about may have been posted last night giving advanced warning of what took place this morning. i'm going to ask you to standby and bring in my colleague chris jansing. chris, you have history with this area. you know this area well. and this is something that you were describing in your last hour, small community, but also has a large ammish population, just something that's a small-town america. >> it is. it's typical midwestern town, small town around 5,000 people. my brother lives there. so when i go home now, i stay in chardon. it's a lovely town. you saw the snow. it's one of the snowiest towns.
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but i think more than anything, the description would be that this is a place where everybody knows everybody. clearly, we've already seen that one of the students who was interviewed, immediately, those who saw the shooter were able to identify him as a fellow student. and ewe can see how quickly the parents were able to get there. there is san a x amish community nearby. this is a kind of a quiet town. people go into the grocery store and the parents see each other. it's not that far from the school. where the amish community does come in, they park their buggies there. they're not used to seeing medivac helicopters come in.
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again, five stunts were injured there at chardon high school. one girl and four boys. the shooter is in custody. i know during your hour, though, we heard from the sheriff. he was giving more details. and they gave some inclination that there was a teacher on-scene, who was able to chase the shooter out? >> it's going to be interesting to see one of the questions we have, is what kind of training these teach everies may have gotten. we do know just from the web site of this high school that they did have training obviously for emergency for drills. nobody wants to think or even expect that there might be a shootings. obviously, there was a teacher who somehow was able to get that student out of the school. the student fled on foot. but the main thing then was that all of those students were able to be locked gown in their classrooms.
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they were able to be accounted for. >> again, what we're learning about the shooting is the kids at the school did recognize who this person was, alogeedly chased ourt of the school by a etch tooer. we're getting the reports that it is some type of handgun that was used. the sheriff didn't elaborate about the age or the year of which the student is in high school there. but they are supposed to be coming backseat. the sheriff is supposed to be coming back in this half hour to give more details. we're going to take a quick break right here, chris jansing, thanks so much. we'll be back with our msnbc. more after this. >> all of our high school students are now safe. safe. the person who -- the alleged person who did the damage is in custody and the students are being evacuated from the high school to maple elementary
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welcome back, everybody. we continue to monitor that major breaking news that's unfolding out of ohio this morning. if you're just joining us, five students have been injured at a school shooting at a chardon high school in ohio. officials say the gunman was run off the school campus by a teacher. the local nbc affiliate is reporting that the gunman, believed to be a student, is in custody. take a listen. >> when the sheriff and i arrived on the scene, that was the information that dispatch gave us, that the teacher had chased him outside the building. >> do you know the name of the teacher? >> i do not. >> well, of course, parents who learned about this through social media, through watching television about the breaking news, they rushed to the scene this morning after 7:30 when the first shots rang out. they were taken to the
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elementary school, maple elementary school, which is across the street from the high school campus to meet their kits. now, once the lockdown was lifted, the school students were reunited with their waiting parents. lori joins me now on the phone. lori, what more have we learned about the student, the one student who was believed to be the shooter that acted alone this morning. do we are have any new information on him? >> not really. we do have confirmation that he was a student, the gunman himself was a student. and that he did turn himself in and the teacher did chase him from the building. but we have no idea why he opened fire at this time. >> we've been hearing reports this morning that there may have been some forewarning on twitter or through social media web sites. are you hearing any of that? >> yes, we have heard that chardon high school was trending on twitter yesterday. but, you know, this's been no
8:18 am
confirmation as to what was said. i haven't looked any further into what was tweeted, exactly. >> and for the school itself, we're hearing that teachers acted pretty quickly. the training that they've had there to make sure that they were able to protect the other students that were in class at the time. >> yes, we're hearing that they do have lockdown drills to go through this very situation. and parents were saying it was very organized inside the school when they went to pick up their students. that the geauga county emergency management system has handled this to the best of their abilities. and that it was all handled as best as they could. >> laurie, my colleague who's joining me earlier, talking about her own personal experiences, having family that lived in the town of chardon describing it as a quiet suburb, 30 miles outside of cleveland. what is this going to do to the community and how they think about when they send their kids to school? back to school.
8:19 am
and some of the conditions that they would like to ensure their safety. >> you know, i can tell you, ooze a parent myself, my student is in preschool right now and he's about to go to kindergarten in the fall. my five-year-old, first child about to head off to kinder garden. this story has really gotten to me. i've been a reporter for the last 14 years, and i was in my second year of radio when columbine happened and remembering not being as emotional attached as i am now. so i can only imagine what heightened awareness this is going to be for parents everywhere now. >> it really is a hardened reality of our times. wtam reporter laurie. we want to go to jonathan sylack. i believe, jonathan, you were in the cafeteria a tea the time the shooting started. explain what you remember from this morning. >> well, i wasn't necessarily in
8:20 am
the cafeteria. i was near the entrance to the cafeteria. i was doing this little morning walk thing i do to get my energy out before i go work. and i just heard this -- it sounded like somebody was slamming plywood against the table. so it didn't really register as gunshots until people started screaming and running. and a kid ran passed me, bolted out the door. and, for a second, i thought i should do that, too. safest option. but i remember there were -- i just had come from the library and there were people in there and the gunshots went loud. so i warned them. after warning the people in the library, we just gathered in a little room and blocked the door with a chair. >> explain how large the campus is, the school campus. so word would have spread quickly? or people would have been within
8:21 am
earshot so they would feel like they knew something was going on? >> it didn't really travel fast because i talked to my friends afterward. some of them were about, i don't know, 40 yard away in a different classroom. and they didn't hear anything. they just saw -- they just saw people running passed their classroom and then the teacher slammed the door. so it did -- the word traveled fast afterward. after we all gathered in the elementary school. but a lot of people didn't know what was going on. >> jonathan, explain the timing of how this happened. were students in their first period class? was home room about to take place? how was the day unfolding? >> it was just after -- we have about -- most kids arrived at the school at 7:05. and we have about 25 minutes before classes begin at 7:30.
8:22 am
i'd say it was not five minutes after first period had began when the shooting happened. >> so students, do they have opportunities to be in the cafeteria or in larger common areas that say they have the first period free? >> well, what happens is, yes, if they have the first period free, they can go in the cafeteria. but the main -- why the stoounts were condensed in the cafeteria because there's a study hall in there, a very large study hall. and that was most of the kids in there. and i'm fairly certain both the shooters were in that study hall. >> jonathan, you're a high school senior at chardon. do you know anything about the five victims? or anything about who they believe to be the shooter is? >> i know one of the shooters. i don't care to go into detail. and i know two of the victims. but i really -- what exactly are you asking? >> well, i'm asking in reference
8:23 am
to the students themes, what do you know about them? do you know the connection or something like that to the alleged shooter? or could this be something more random? >> i don't think it was random. perhaps -- one of the guys who shot -- i just don't think it was random. i don't feel like going into detail. but it was -- they were definitely targeted, i think. >> jonathan, how does this change -- this is your senior year. how does this change your feelings about going back to school? does it make you worry for your safety? obviously you have several months left before graduation. how does this make you reflect upon this high school experience? your senior year. >> i think i can consciously accept that this happened. but subconsciously, i'm still trying to deal with it. it's still strange to me that i am out of school at close to noon.
8:24 am
and i'm not sure -- i might be a little more nervous when i go back. but there's nothing i can do about this. this is -- it's -- i'm not sure how to describe it. it's hard to find words right now. i'm still in shock. there's nothing really i can do about this. there were a couple of very angry kids, from what i gathered. and i'm just going to go about with my life. and this has definitely made me value my friends and my family a lot more. i gave all of my friends a big hug when we all met up. >> jonathan, as you're talking about this in referencing shooters, you're using the plural, police have only said that they have confirmation of one shooter. do you know something differently than they do? >> hmm, well, i'm not sure if i'll be able -- well, i did not know that they had only confirmed one shooter. but from the reports i was hearing, there were two.
8:25 am
>> and this is -- you heard from school officials? students who witnessed this? >> yes. >> and you were saying -- >> i don't know if i'm going to get in trouble for saying things differently from the police. i don't know. >> again, you described it as hearing plywood slamming. do you remember how many shots you heard? >> i heard about three before it registered as gunshots. and then it kept going. i didn't really stop to count the shots. i do remember it was multiple shots before it registered as something that was happening. >> jonathan sylak, i want to ask you to stick around. we're going to take a quick break and talk more on the other side. this is msnbc's breaking news coverage of the high school shooting in chardon, ohio. we're back with much more after this. i wouldn't do that. pay the check? no, i wouldn't use that single miles credit card. hey, aren't you... shhh. i'm researching a role.
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news coverage this morning from ohio. chardon high school is now evacuated after a school shooting happening there this morning roughly around 7:35. students were shot. one female student, four boys. all now taken to the hospital. three were life flighted out because of their injuries. we do have reports from the one female student that her mother is saying that her daughter is listed now in stable condition. she was shot in the buttocks. we don't know exactly if she was -- had turned on her heel to run away from the shooter this morning or if -- and now we're just getting this new video in. a kid in handcuffs being taken to the side of the street and escorted away by police. we believe him to be the shooter in question that police have referenced that they did have in custody this morning. this also coming after reports that a teacher inside that school on campus there was able to scare the student off having them run outside. but these are the first images
8:30 am
coming out now of a potential suspect in handcuffs being taken away by authorities. jonathan, i want to bring you back into the conversation that we have. you were making a reference that there may have been more than one shooter before police have only come out to confirm that they have one person in custody right now. explain to us, though, about these reports that we've been hearing about whether or not there was some reference or a forewarning given on twitter or through social media. have you heard anything like that from your fellow classmates? >> i have heard -- i've heard, i believe it was on the news that a text was sent out of some sort. i never saw it. that's pretty much all i heard on that. >> jonathan, when we talk about what happened at the school, this is obviously a small-knit commonty. community. but explain to all of us about the school environment at chardon and how shocking this
8:31 am
is. >> chardon is, i'd say, fairly laid back. the teachers are very casual. they'll be your friend. and everything seems so safe in chardon. that's why we moved here. it's a nice, safe community. there's, from what we observed, very little crime. and, for something like this to happen, it's just dw-- it's ver shocking. you never know what goes on in other people's minds, but it really broke us out of our sense. >> jonathan sylak, jonathan, thank you very much for your time and for your insight this morning. just to recap, five students injured there this morning after 730 a.m. when a student opened fire inside the school building at chardon high school. we're going to work to bring more details of this shooting this morning. i want to take you to washington, d.c., though, right now, president obama is addressing the nation's
8:32 am
governors, the group holding their winter meeting. let's listen in. >> manufacturers are hiring for the first time since the 1990s. the autoindustry is back. our recovery is gaining speed and the economy is getting stronger. we've got to do everything we can to make sure that with we sustain this progress. we have to strengthen american manufacturing. it means that we've got to develop new sources of american energy so that we're less dependent on foreign oil. and it means that we've got to mike sure that every american is equipped with the skills, the education that they need to compete for the jobs of tomorrow as well as the jobs of today. and that's what i want to talk to these governors a little bit about. no issue will have a bigger impact on the future performance of our economy than education.
8:33 am
in the long run, it's going to determine whether or not businesses stay here. it will determine whether businesses are created here. whether businesses are hiring here. and it will determine whether there's going to be an abundance of good, middle class jobs in america. today, the unemployment rate for americans with at least a college degree is about half the national average. their incomes are about twice as high as those who only have a high school diploma. so this is what we should be foe cu cussed on as a nation. it's what we should be talking about and debating. the countries who out educate us today will out compete us tomorrow. that's a simple fact. and if we want america to continue to be number one and stay number one, we've got some work to do. now, in the last three years, the good news is we've made some important progress working
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together. we've broken through the traditional stalemate between left and right by launch iin ii national competition to improve our schools. we've got to get passed the old dogmas, whether it's if dogmas on the liberal side or the conservative side and figure out what works. we've invested, but we've invested in reform. almost all of you have agreed to raise standards for teaching and learning. that's the first time that's happened in a generation. we've also worked with all of you, democrats and republicans, to try to fix no child left behind. we said if you're willing to set higher, more honest standards, then we will give you more flexibility to meet those standards. earlier this month, i announced the first eleven states and i hope that we are going to be adding more states, soon.
8:35 am
i believe education is an issue that is best-addressed at the state level. and governors are in the pest position to have the igg be estes impact. i realize that everybody is dealing with limited resources. trussst me, i know something about trying to deal with tight budgets. we've all faced some choicess. but that is no excuse to lose sight of what matters most. too many states are making cuts to education that i believe are simply too big. budgets are about choices. so, today, i'm calling on all of you. invest more in education. invest more in our children and in our future. that does not mean you have to invest in things that rnt working. it doesn't mean it makes sense
8:36 am
to break from china and move aggressively on reform. the fact of the matter is we don't have to choose between resources and reform. we need resources and reform. now, there are two areas in education that demand immediate focus. we have to get more teachers in into our classrooms. school districts have lost over 250,000 educators. think about that. a quarter million educators responsible for millions of our students, all layed off when america has never needed them more. other countries are doubling down on education. and we should, too. and each of us is here only because at some point in our lives, a teechler changed our life tray detect rio.
8:37 am
>> the impabalate is often bigger. one study found that a load teacher whoop blas room. and a grilled teacher offers potentially an escape for a child who is dereisming the oddest circumstances. the point is teachers matter. and all of us have to recognize that. now, we want to help you every place that we can. at the federal level, we've provided billion os of dollars in the funnel. >> at a corner stone that i put in. was to vie even more funding to preveniality further layoffs. and i'd like to thank those of you in this room who voshelled support for that that efferent.
8:38 am
the secondary yeah where we have to bring greater focus is higher education. the jobs, the future are increasingly going to those with more than a high school degree. and i have to make a point here. when i speak about higher education, we're not just talking about a four-year degree. we're talking about somebody going to a community college and getting trained for that manufacturing job that now is requiring somebody walking through the door handling a million dollar piece of equipment. and they can't go in there unless they've got some basic training. we all want americans getting those jobs of the future. so we're going to have to make sure that they're getting the education that they need. it starts, by the way, with just what kinds of expectations and ground rules we're setting for kids in high school. right now, 21 states require students to stay in high school
8:39 am
until they graduate or turn 18. 21 states. that means 29 don't. i believe that's the right thing for us to do. to send a message to our young people. you graduate from high school, at a minimum. and i urge others to follow suit in those 21 states. know, for students that are ready for college,we've got to make sure that college is able. today, graduates who take out loans leave college an of rage of $25,000. that's a staggering amount for young people. there's so many americans out there with so much to offer who are saddled with debt before they start out in life. and the very idea puts college out of reach. so this is a major problem that must be fixed.
8:40 am
my mother was able to raise two kids by herself while still going to college and getting an advanced degree because she was able to get grants and work study. that's while she was in school. michelle and i are only here today because of scholarships and student loans that gave us a good shot at a great education. and it wasn't easy to pay off these loans, but it sure wasn't as hard as it is for a lot of kids today. so my administration has tried to do our part by making sure that the student loans program puts students before banks by increasing aid for millions of students and their families and by allowing students to cap their monthly loan payments at 10% of their income. which means that their repayment schedule is manageable. congress still needs to do its part by first of all, keeping
8:41 am
student interest rates low. right now, they are scheduled to double at the end of july if congress does not act. and that would be a real tragedy for an awful lot of families around the country. they also need to extend the tuition tax credit for the middle class. protect pell grants. but it's not enough to just focus on stunt aid. we can't just keep on, at the federal level, subsidizing skyrocketing tuition. no matter how much we subsidize, sooner or later, we are going to run out of money. so everybody else is going to have to do their part, as well. this is not just a matter of the federal government coming up with more and more money. that means colleges and universities are going to have to mhelp to make their tuition more affordable. if they are not taking some
8:42 am
concrete steps to prevent tuition from going up, then federal funding from taxpayers is going to go down. we've got to incentivize better practices in terms of keeping costs under control. and all of you have a role to play by making higher education a higher priority in your budgets. overtwo thish over two-thirds of students attend colleges in at public universities. and that's something that every state takes pride in. that's the crown jewel, in fact, of our economic system as we ricks by far, we've got the best network of colleges, universities and community colleges in the world. bud more than 40 states have cut funding for higher education over the past year. and this is just the peek of what has been a long-term strand in reduced state support for higher education. and state budget cuts have been among the largest factor in tuition hikes of public colleges
8:43 am
over the past decade. so my administration can do more. congress can do more. colleges have to do more. but unless all of you do more, this problem cannot be solved. it can be done, though. jack o'maley, where's jack? martin? sorry. where's martin? the -- martin in maryland is doing some outstanding work on this front. he worked with the legislature to keep tuition down by controlling costs and cutting spending on college campuses and you're seeing a real impact from the flag ship university of maryland all the way down. and a lot of you are starting to experiment with this, as well. we can't allow higher education to be a luxury in this country. it's an economic imperative that every family in america has to be able to afford. and, frankly, i don't think any
8:44 am
of this should be a partisan issue. all of us should be about giving every american who wants a chance to succeed that chance. [ applause ] >> so let me -- let me wrap up by saying, you know, a few weeks ago, i held, right here in this room and in the adjoining room, one of my favorite events. that is the white house science fair. we invited students from a lot of your tates. and they showcase progress that show the full range of scientific discovery. we had a group of kids from texas, young latino women. who came from the poorest section of texas. and, yet, were winning rocket competitions. they were so good because they could only afford one rocket. they couldn't test them. they had to get it just right. and their parents ran bake sales
8:45 am
just so they could travel to these events. you had a young woman who was from long island had been studying muscles and wanted to be an ocean nothiographer and w intel science award while she was homeless. she was living out of a car and out of her family's -- on their family's couch. and, yet, still was able to stay focused and achieve what was just remarkable. the kid who got the most attention was a young man named joey pudy of arizona ch that's because joey let me fire off an extreme marshmallow cannon. we did it right here. we shot it from here, we pumped it up, it almost hit that light.
8:46 am
i thought it was a lot of fun. and while the cannon was impressive, joey left a bigger impression because he had already bronalideed out his own business cards. he was 14 years old. and he was handing them out to everybody, app colluding me. he's on a short list for a cabinet post. [ laughter ] >> under his name on each card was a simple motto, "don't be bored. do something." don't be bored, make something. all across this country, there are kids like joey who are dreaming big and are doing things and making things. and we within the them to reach those heights. they're willing to work hard. they are willing to dig deep to achieve. and we've got a responsibility to give them a fair shot. if we do, then i'm abcellulitely convinced that our future is
8:47 am
going to be as bright as i always wanted. if you've got ideas about how we can make our education system work betteser, i want to hear them today thank you very much, everybody. [ applause ] >> president obama this morning addressing the national governor's association who has met in washington d.c. for their winter meeting. nbc's christin walker is standing by for us at the white house. chr christin, it was interesting with the president talking about higher education and that being a part of the american dream, certainly making it affordable but sending a pretty strong shot but not mentioning rick santorm shouldn't be an issue. president obama seem today be answering a charge that santorm has made in recent days.
8:48 am
republican presidential candidate santor, m called president obama a snob for encould remembering all students to go onto get a four-rear college degree. you just heard president obama lilt me be clear. i ohm also encouraging that they go out, ah go to a community college and get trained for that manufacturing job. certainly seemed to be republi santorm on that note. you heard all governors to invest in education and to make education a priority at the state level. he also encouraged them to press congress to pass reforms that would basically make kludge more affordable for students. in republican governor's thomas comes on the heel of some new
8:49 am
polling data that shows that beelith obama, his standings have actually increased. he's up about 10 points in a hype theothetical match-up. but what you have at this republican governor's conference, this national governor's conference, some republican governors expressing that the tone within the republican race might be helping president obama's reelection chances. that's sort of backdrop. >> nbc at the white house. christin, thanks so much. i just want to bring you up to speed on the breaking news out of a school shooting. at chardon high school after five students were shot this morning, and after an opening bell, there is the first video
8:50 am
image of the stooped that they believe is the loan shooter taken into custody shortly after being shagsed out of that school. again, five students injured. again, 5 students injured and one female student and four boys taken to local area hospitals. we have an update of a daughter of the parents of a female student that was shot and in stable condition. we will have more right here after this. americans are always ready to work hard for a better future. since ameriprise financial was founded back in 1894, they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times. good times. never taking a bailout. there when you need them. helping millions of americans over the centuries. the strength of a global financial leader. the heart of a one-to-one relationship.
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>> four at the table including me and one standing next to the table. >> did the gunman walk in? >> he had been sitting at the table behind us after everyone
8:54 am
left and went to class, and we were talking like a normal day and then, we leader the first shot and that is when it all started. >> chardon high school students are speaking out after the chaos that erupted this morning when a student opened fire inside the building of the high school. five students injured and four female students. the boy was taken into custody and we have the video of him, he was taken into custody by his car. we are waiting for a briefing by sheriff's officials that be talks to us at the top of the hour. we will go down to john yang. earlier in the hour, i had an opportunity to speak to a high school who used the term shooters, but we are aware that there's one shooter, correct? >> that is right, they are saying one student involved.
8:55 am
earlier reports talked about two and as a result they were searching all the students to see if there was another gun around. but authorities are saying as far as they know the student they have is the only one involved. here is what we know from students and authorities, it was 7:30 in the cafeteria, students were eating breakfast and waiting for first period study hall that takes place in that cafeteria when a student jumped up and started shooting, there were stories of students panicked and running through the hall ways and other students in other classrooms were locked in by teachers who removed them away from the door so they could not be seen through the door. as you say, there were five injured. authorities say they were found in three different parts of the school. so that is what we know right now, waiting for an update in a
8:56 am
bit. thomas, back to you. >> they will be speaking to us at the top of the hour. thank you john yang. that wraps it up for me this hour. thanks for your time, i'll see you back here tomorrow at 11:00 eastern. "now" is coming your way next with the live news conference from ohio. or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business, it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $6.4 billion in new credit to small businesses across the country last year. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible. in your breakfast cereal, what is? now, in every box of general mills big g cereal, there's more whole grain than any other ingredient. that's why it's listed first. get more whole grain than any other ingredient...
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