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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  March 16, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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soldier suspected of kill pg 16 afghan civilians is on his way back to the united states where he is expected to be takingen to fort levenworth. that's in kansas. adverti his attorney said the day before the shooting is suspect a saw hi friend's leg blown off. the suspect was injured twice in iraq and told he would not be deploying to afghanistan. the attorney described the conversation he had with his client. >> in shock. there seemed to by, my take on it he wasn't sure of the facts which leaves some question in my mind about his state of mind. >> do you think it's possible you might be using some sort of ptsd in this case? >> i think that's a likelihood. >> hamid karzai is blasting the
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u.s. claiming they are not cooperating in the investigation. jim miklaszewski joins us. i do want to talk about the soldier and what we know his being brought to kansas. let's start off with the larger picture. the relationship between the u.s. and the afghanistan. what does he mean the u.s. is not cooperating with the investigation? >> not surprisingly u.s. officials are pushing back on karzai on that. there's even some disparity and difference between what karzai said about, hey, i want all american troops out of villages now because afghan military are in a position now to take over security for al those outlying after villages. people here in the pentagon saying that's what he is saying publicly but the reality is difference. i suspect in his criticism about that investigation, quite frankly the u.s. military's
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hands are tied because the suspect, once as we understood it, when he was first approached by his soldiers, he said i did it and said i want a lawyer and hasn't talked since. he has talked to his lawyer. even the lawyer acknowledges and instructed his client don't say too much on the telephone because we're likely being monitor monitored. that's a pretty good guess. some of those conversations that a suspect has once he's in jail end up in evidence as court. >> we know the soldier was in kuwait and that started a bit of controversy. officials say they didn't know tlefs. now we're seeing this soldier shipped to kansas now. >> absolutely. kuwait is saying, what. you brought him here. bringing down some of that controversy on us. the u.s., quite frankly, just recently, operations there, the burning of the koran, this incident and a number of other
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incidents have been poorly mishandled by the u.s. military there in theater. i know there are some questions being raised about the current leadership there in afghanistan and everybody's wondering what is just going on there. to try to remove any mistakes like that in his transfer here, instead of taking him on flights that would have taken him to other countries, they are flying nonstop, refueling along the way and the time estimate is sometimes this evening there in kansas. >> thank you very much. military officials are about to hold a news conference at the joint base where the soldier in this incident was based. they are answering questions and giving their observation about the base which has a troubled history as of late.
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gentlemen thank you so much for your time. general, the attorney for this, yet to be identified soldier, said his client had no idea he would be shipped to afghanistan. he was going to the recruiting officer and deployed to afghanistan. are you put on the spot and told by your leaders that you're going into war? how does that work? >> by in large, they've been trying to package troops up in brigade combat teams and send them with their friends. there's lot of concern four combat tours for this soldier. two prior injuries. obviously he didn't want to deploy. i say obviously from reports. he may have had pstd issues. secretary panetta calling this a
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potential death penalty case may have fatally weakened the court-martial proceedings that were appropriate. >> why would it weaken it? >> ultimate influence in chain of command. if they go to a general court-martial and get some sergeant majors having heard the secretary of defense say it's a potential death penalty case, it was a huge misjudgment. i think what we're going to see down the line that's going to be a public relations problem. this guy probably is not competent to stand trial. this wasn't a wartime a atrocity, this was a serial murder from a psychiatrist at face value. >> the attorney represented the soeltdier was on the today show and he was asked about injuries he sustained including losing a portion of his foot and also perhaps some kind of concussion. the attorney says that it's
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likely he will bring up post-traumatic stress disorder in the defense. let me play it. >> i know there was some screening because of a concussion head injury. the tests for that are not very specific. it doesn't show on an mri or something like that. >> how would they test in a situation like this, including the fact witnessed a friend being critically injured as well. >> all of these factors create stress. war is very stressful. in prolonged war with multiple deployments is stressful. i believe the psychology of war creates this stress that is person is experiencing. however, hundreds of thousands of victims have concussion a year in the united states. you know it's been popularized in the nfl. thousands of people suffer from
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ptsd. the symptom of executing people military style is not part of the symptom frame work of concussions or ptsd. >> let me ask you, here you've got this soldier and reports in the new york times that alcohol may have been involved, even doe domestic issues. there were no troubles in this soldier's marriage. you keep hearing or we keep hearing the word snapped. what does that mean when you hear it, especially a military official say someone snapped? >> i think it's motivated politically. i think it's convenient to think of this rogue soldier as being crazy. he was temporarily insane, that only he is to be responsible. that would make it politically convenient. i think it would make it militarily convenient then the person would be isolated in his responsibility in terms of
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committing this act. however, if you look at it from a psychological perspective, are those other events connected. the urination on taliban corporations and if you look at it in the psychological frame working behavior is determined and it brings to question whether the psychological impact of a long war in afghanistan has been under estimated. >> let me bring the general in. having a news conference at the base. they're not going to ask specific questions on this soldier. the d.c. sniper. four soldiers convicted in 2010 for a so called thrill murder of three unarmed afghans. the 29-year-old iraq vet that murdered a park ranger also called the base home. last year 12 soldiers at the
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base took their own lives. i do not want to take a picture that this base is a bad place. that would be wrong. i do want to get your insight into these big events that are associated with the base. you have good men and women there that don't want to be walking down the street and someone associate them with these things and say they are from that base. >> i've heard a big uptake on interviews directed to me about this. i spent five and a half year at fort louis. it's the most beautiful place in the country. seattle, soldiers love it. it's something like 60,000 troops. they probably sent a quarter of a million people to war. a lot of them have really put it on the line. remind our viewers 52,000 killed and wounded. the force is under stressed but force life-support is a terrific
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environment for troops. the air force is there in great numbers. the navy is there. it's a huge concentration of u.s. military power and one of the best places in the country. >> thank you very much. professor, it's a great pleasure. we're going to keep following this breaking news. if we get the identity of the soldier, we'll bring it to you. next, rick santorum's campaign launches an offensive after controversy over comments that puerto riwe have the origi and the tape today. developing news, a verdict in the case of the former rutgers student using a web cam to spy on his roommate. people have been waiting on this verdict.
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george clooney could be released from jail after he was arrested outside the sudan embassy in washington. we're expecting to talk with him live during our show. you can join our conversation on twitter. that is my twitter page on the screen. [ male announcer ] the game of life with the prius c! ♪ oh, my maltipoo's depressed. but my affordable prius c means i can pay for his acupuncture. whew. i love my pooch. oh no! my homemade sushi... turned p-ushi! use estimated 53 mpg to find a gluten-free alternative. look, this means i'm a chef. [ male announcer ] be a winner with the all-new prius c from toyota. ♪
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now to decision 2012. mitt romney is on his way to puerto rico on the heels of rick santorum's visit. the question is whether romney will try to take advantage of santorum's comments that pothey must speak english. listen to his statement. >> have to speak english. that would be a requirement. it's a requirement that we put on other states.
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it's a condition for entering the union if you participate as a state in the united states. you participate in the language people speak in the states. >> we understand that the people of different cultures speak different languages, but we have a common language. that's what i was saying yesterday. to suggest that someone would write that i said that is really unfortunate. >> let's bring in our political panel. thank you for joining us. michael, since you are from pennsylvania, i think you know rick santorum better than anyone else, was he misquoted here or is he trying to wiggle out of it? >> i think he's trying to wiggle out of it. i think it's going to hurt him in puerto rico. the language that you speak,
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that's insufficient for state hood. i think it helps him with conservatives. my third point is it's the exact reason why in that research poll you have a number of folks saying if it's santorum, i'm going with obama. republican folks who are saying that. it's a great example of how he fires up the base, but shoots himself in the foot with independents. >> his comments have cost him support from previous backers including a former senator. he said he was misquoted. how would that help him with conservatives that might want him to stick to the original headline, which is they need to speak english which is a misinterpretation of his words. >> you're right. that whole notion of it's america, speak english, love it or leave it is the the red meat for the conservative troops. that's what they want to hear. if they hear the statement
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without the rollback, it helps. romney will stay away from it. that's been his pattern. >> jimmy, do you think romney will stay away from this. we does he need to come out and show he's willing to go into those holes and pull rick santorum out. >> mitt romney's best friend when it comes to these gaffes is rick santorum. it keeps happening over and over again. rick santorum, this is code, remember what rick santorum said about black people on welfare and walked it back and said i was saying blah people. you cannot go on tv or anywhere, actually, you just can't do that kind of thing and walk it back because you said it. just own it. call it what it is and keep going. >> you can say just about anything these days it seems. to michael's point, you can say it if the you're trying to entice conservative voters out.
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>> if he thinks it will help him get the nomination, i got it. what's he going to do when he get to the general versus obama. is he going to swing to the middle? i don't think so. >> it is one of those moments what was he thinking. rick santorum is his worst enemy in so many respects. when he speaks off the cuff or says what perhaps he truly feels, this is when we find him in these situations. >> that's exactly right. you saw him get into some trouble a couple of weeks back when he called president obama a snob, the j.f.k. speak made mim want to throw up. it's not that important in puerto rico to be playing to this conservative base. they have a referendum come can go up in november over state hood. he should have talked about that. i see a guy that doesn't quite know the issues very well in
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puerto rico. it looks like a guy who didn't read his book on that issue. >> i was just in san juan like the rest of the united states, people are suffering there. you see businesses boarded. tourism is a big attraction there but folks want to work there. >> that's right. you have seen santorum see the economy is getting better. jobs being created under obama. he is trying to pivot to other issues. these culture war issues. these social conservative issues. he probably would have been better off sticking to the economy in terms of talking about state hood. >> michael, i want to get your reaction. the obama campaign releasing that 17-minute documentary last flight. people were tweeting it up. what was your reaction? >> the production values are pretty amazing.
11:20 am
it's so sophisticated. it reminded me of morning in america, which is that iconic ronald reagan film. i see a lot of similarities. >> thank you. i want to play a quick clip of that 17-minute documentary. let's ply a clip. >> didn't just give the car companies the money, he didn't give the uaw the money. he said you have to work together and everybody has to have some skin in the game. you have to modernize the automobile industry. >> don't bet against the american worker. don't bet against the american people. we are coming back. >> nia, do you agree with michael? is this the morning in america kind of cinema and even using bill clinton there. >> pulling out bill clinton, that's going to play to a lot of independents, a lot of reagan democrats would love to see bill clinton stomp frg this president. you can see he's doing that already. he's exactly right. the production values really high here.
11:21 am
he's got tom hanks doing the narration here. this is him laying out the case for re-election. it's really going to have mitt romney on the defense. >> you're being up staged by george clooney who was just released from jail with his father. he was protesting in front of the sudan embassy. >> he called you a knuckle head. >> i heard that. >> what we've been trying to achieve today, we're trying to bring attention to an ongoing emergency. one that's got about a six-week timetable before the rainy season starts and a lot of people are going to die from it. our job right now is to try to bring attention to it. one of those ways was apparently getting arrested. i guess we're not allowed to hang out at the embassy. >> i didn't know that. >> i didn't know that either. >> it said welcome. >> you say something. >> this whole drama has scarred
11:22 am
my son and me for a number of years since our first visit there in 2006. it continues to be an ongoing tragedy. we want to do anything we can to make sure that tragedy ends in our lifetime. i must say, in my case, that's not very long. i'm hoping we're going to finish this up and get something going so that we can all have the people go home and live out their lives in peace. >> if the words never again mean anything, it means that people of conscience have to stand up. this manmade famine, these attacks are aimed at et lihnic cleansing. religious leader gather together is testimony to the fact that we wont standby silent until this issue is addressed and resolved. it begins with getting access
11:23 am
for food into that area before people start dying worse than they are. >> how severe is this right now? >> it's a good question. he was asking about how severe the crisis is now. the real danger is there are people dying every day there in pretty decent number. there were 34 people killed in a month and a half time in one village alone. that's from random bombing of civilians. it's from these 300 millimeter rockets. they're not very good at hitting their targets the, but they are big, so they hit a lot. first and foremost there's the immediate danger of that. what is the real looming danger is this. they are trying to choke these people out and get them to leave. it's their land. it's the oldest society in the
11:24 am
world. they have livered there a long, long time. they are hiding in caves while the bombs go on. they have been unable to farm their land. their farms when they did were burned. what we're facing now is hundreds of thousands of people who are looking at the possibility of starvation because the rainy season is coming. when the rainy season comes in six weeks then even when if the government of sudan says we'll allow aid it, it will be too late. we can't get up those roads. anybody that has been there understands it's impossible to travel the roads. it needs to start now. best estimates are tens of thousands of people are going to die from starvation that is man-made. this isn't a famine. this is a manmade by the government to get the people to leave.
11:25 am
>> do you think you accomplished something by getting arrested? >> you never know if you're accomplishing anything. we're trying to bring attention to a moment in time that's important. we hope this bring attention to it. we hope it helps with both the parties on the hill have been great supporters of these issues. this was very much a republican issue. it's also very much a democratic issue. we hope it gives some more political will and focuses some more and all of you here helped do that. we appreciate that. we hope that people understand there really is a ticking clock on this and we need to get moving. >> you've been at this some time. can you point to any progress made? >> there's been amazing progress at times. the referendum creating an entire new southern state without any bloodshed is monumental.
11:26 am
that's an accomplishment to the chinese who acknowledge the southern state that made it difficult for the north to do much. it's a great complement to the administration and hard sort of personal work that they did on putting together these leaders in making sure that that happened. there have been some great strides. on the other hand, there's an awful lot that keeps going on. it's still a problem and still going on. when i went there a year ago was 120,000 people. there's no one there now. they have been either killed or moved into camps. these are all ongoing problems all by the exact same people. these same men charged with war crimes. they want the people off the land. it's that simple. if they stop doing that, we appreciate it. >> how they treat you in there? >> it was really rough. you can imagine. have you ever been in a cell with these guys?
11:27 am
>> you pay a fine? >> paid a fine. we were all in a cell together. it was nice. it is on my permanent record. you know that picture will be all over everything. >> what does stacy think about this? >> me getting arrested, probably thrilled. >> is this your first arrest? >> it is my first arrest. thanks for asking. let's hope it's my last. thank you for coming out. i really appreciate it. >> actor george clooney ending his news conference there with a little humor but bringing attention to what is a humanitarian crisis happening in sudan. george clooney along with his father and martin luther king
11:28 am
iii arrested a few hours ago right outside the embassy in washington, d.c. george saying he needs to bring attention to the crisis in northern africa. right now the president of sudan is blocking food aid and assistance, much needed assistance to thousands, tens of thousands in crisis in that region. we are watching george clooney. he said he paid the fine. was in a cell with the other activists. we know he attended the state dinner and asked president obama to engage china in stopping the humanitarian crisis. that's george clooney with a brief news conference detailing why it's so important to be outsi outside. we're going to go do a break. we'll be right back. i'm freaking out man.
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former rutgers student accused of spying on his roommate intimate encounter with another man. he faces several years in prison and could be deported to indian. he was found guilty. he took his own life by jumping off a bridge in new york just days after that video was taken. so many people have been watching to see if it would be a guilty verdict. >> it took jurors about two and a half days to come back with this verdict. they did find him guilty on four of those intimidation charges. the charges were coupled with the lesser charges meaning that before jurors could consider those hate crime charges, they first would have to find ravi guilty of the lesser charge, then they could move on to the
11:33 am
question of the hate crime charge. the core question at the bias was did ravi intend to intimidate his roommate because he was gay. the jurors found the answer to that question was question. he set up a web cam in his dorm room. he went down the hall and watched streaming video with another student and that showed his roommate having a romantic encounter with a man. it was a second instance where he set up the web cam and spied again. he took his own life jumping off the george washington bridge. that sparked a national dialogue about cyber bullying. ravi is facing up to ten years in prison. he's an indian citizen. he is living in the u.s. legally. he would have gotten assistance
11:34 am
in fighting deportation and he did not that proclaimi ining innocence. now all that is off the table. >> what was the reaction from the clementi family? >> they want the issue of cyber bullying and compassion to stay at the forefront of the national dialogue. you can't forget the face of this and that's their son. his father spoke out and says he wants young people to be compassionate to one another and knock out the silliness with cyber bullying. the family of ravi is devastated. we can only assume there will be an appeal. that's fairly standard in a lot of legal cases. they are not happy. >> thank you very much. in a new fight in the so-called war on women, arizona is now the latest state to draft a controversial bill about birth control. it would allow all employees to opt out of providing
11:35 am
contraception coverage if it violates religious or moral believes. if a woman wants reimbursement, her employer would be allowed to force her the use she is using contraception for other medical reasons and not for contraception. joining me now is erin from thank so much for joining us. let's play what she had to say. we have a full screen. it says, we don't live in a soviet union and government should not be telling employers, catholic organization, mom and pop businesses to do something that's against their moral belief. a lot of this conversation is that women will fight against this and the republicans will pay for this. i was at a luncheon with a bright, successful, new york woman who is a republican and she flat out looked me in my face and said i don't think we should pay for some woman's birth control. the question is do you think we
11:36 am
should pay for anything. insurance is an employee benefit that comes out of the wages of employees. if we think the things that are part of basic medical care like other forms of preventative medicine besides contraception should be cover. >> the aclu is hitting hard on this. they say you are now asking for personal and sensitive information to ask of an employee and we would have to, women, would have to provide that in arizona. >> it's crazy. are they going to start knocking on the door of the women who have polycystic ovarian syndrome. the level of invasiveness here and the thing that this opens the doors to is horrifying. >> let me play pennsylvania governor tom corbitt discussing
11:37 am
these intrusive ultrasounds or ultrasounds in general prior to a woman terminating pregnancy. he's getting a lot of heat. let me play it. >> i don't know how you make anybody watch. okay. you have to close your eyes. as long as it's on exterior, not interi interior. >> would not be intrusive, inside the body. you just have to close your eyes. >> frankly any sort of ult ultrasound law that is forced that's not indicated by the doctor is invasive. >> it's the tone of. we know the medical facts. we get the difference, but to say you just have to close your eyes. >> the outside, inside and the eyes closed are part of the same thing which is to say it's profoundly, way to think about women making their choices. there was a woman in texas where the laws are in place with heartbreaking account about how she had a medical reason for
11:38 am
termination and the doctors have tho choice but to describe all of the parts. this is really emotional torture and they are calling it woman's right to now. >> a voice of a woman from senator barbara boxer. a lot of women have commented on this. the voice of a woman touching her soul. let me play it real quick, if we can. ♪ a woman's voice can be sure and strong ♪ ♪ it can touch your soul >> in our generation, i don't recall anything like this where women, certainly whatever side they are on quite passionate about this. will we see the full force or the impact that a woman's voice can have in november, you think? >> i hope so. it's truly horrifying the agenda that many have for women. not only do they want to turn back the clock, they want to make it worse than in the 1950s.
11:39 am
it's deeply horrifying. >> thank you very much. you can check out the blog. thank you. we'll see you soon. the family of a 17-year-old boy kill bid a neighborhood watch captain last week is asking the fbi to take over the case. his family held a news conference this morning saying they no longer trust the sanford, florida police department. the man who shot the boy, has not been arrested because he says he shot martin, who was unarmed in self-defense. two women from the neighborhood said that was not what they witnessed. >> i heard the crying. if it was zimmerman that was crying, zimmerman would have continued trying after the shot went off if he was hurt. with the boy crying, once the gun went off, he was unable to continue crying. >> joining me now toure. part of the story, the tragedy
11:40 am
of this boy unarmed losing his life but also the tragedy it's not gotten a lot of national attention. >> a rot of people are angry. very easy to talk about joe can he have kony and doesn't have an impact on america. a 17-year-old black boy seemed suspicion because he's walking too slowly and wearing a hoodie. that's all it takes for him to seem issususpicious and get sho. it seems like he can be shot and this is legal and it's okay. nothing is happening. george zimmerman is walking around. he's not in prison. he's not on probation. why is nothing happening. >> the statement from zimmerman's father said he would be the last to discriminate for any reason whatsoof. the media portrayal of george as a racist. at no time did george follow or con front mr. martin.
11:41 am
because this has not gotten a lot of attention, step by step, what are the facts? >> we know a 17-year-old boy was walking home. we know george zimmerman is a neighborhood watch captain in the area. he's called 40 something times to support suspicious people. he called the police to say he thought that travon martin who was unarmed, suspicious, he called 911 and satd i have a suspicious person. should i follow him. the dispatcher said no. we will take care of that. next thing we know, that we can say factually, martin, who was unarmed is dead. >> how much of this has to do that this is happening in the southern state, florida with as we know so many infamous situations of discrimination and where minorities have not gotten
11:42 am
justice. >> i don't just want to locate it to florida. >> this is in florida. >> we have seen sean bell get murdered in new york. in oakland. this happens coast to coast. it's not just a southern issue. george zim emezimmerman's fathe say he's not racist. maybe he isn't. maybe he likes black people. >> why people jump to the conclusion that he is a racist here. could it be he overreacted? does it have to be race issue? >> why is he overreacting to shoot and murder a young black person, who is presumably not threatening. multiple witnesses are saying there was no fight and he was not threatening george zimmerman. why is this person getting shot? it seems to go clearly to the idea that he was threatened because he saw a young black man wearing a hoodie. >> his father says his son who
11:43 am
is hispanic is from a multiracial family. >> he speaks spanish which proves nothing that he can speak spanish. >> there's nothing to prove he's racist either. his actions were based on race of martin. to be fair here. we're presenting the facts. is there anything to prove he shot martin because he was african-american? >> we cannot know that for certain. >> that's why we need an investigation here. >> i absolutely want an investigati investigation. when people get murdered in america. somebody goes to prison. someone goes to trial. >> someone is arrested. >> yes. that is not happening. that due process does not seem to be happening. there's two issues going on that this young person was murdered and the national media before this moment is really not taking up the case and really not talking about it with the intensity that you would expect when an unarmed young american
11:44 am
is murdered. >> under these circumstances. thank you so much. we'll keep you on it and keep our audience up to date on this one. tonight on politics nation, reverend al sharpton will interview his parents. don't miss politics nation with reverend al. a massive cleanup after tornadoed touched down. one of three massive twisters capture. it's believed to have stayed on the ground for three hours. more than 100 homes damaged or destroyed. advisories no one was killed or injured. >> checking for everything. checking utilities. checking whatever. >> scary because you're in the basement. we just saw our hot tub cover fly open. >> this is the first tornado or on record to hit this area so early. people around the world have been lining up all day at stores selling the new ipad. some have camped out from the
11:45 am
night before to get their hands on one. it comes with a faster processor and sharper screen. not everyone was celebrating. in washington, d.c. a few protesters gathered outside asking the company to stop alleged worker abuses at their factories this china. outrage over what was chanted at a basketball player during a march madness game. we have the scoop coming up on this story that you're talking about online. "news nation" is back in three. this is an rc robotic claw.
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11:49 am
today. at a game last night, angel rodriguez was the target of a chant for members of southern mississippi school band. he's puerto rican and here is what the crowd chanted. >> rodriguez has let the ball go. he's a freshman. >> they were chanting, where's your green card? i'm joined now by dave. you are on fire with this one. we were going to talk to you about the end of lin-sanity. how do we know it was the band chanting this? >> all evidence, all witnesses reported it was the band which in some respects makes it worse. if you are a member of a student or school band, you're there officially to represent your school, southern mississippi. this is how they chose to represent southern miss. by being both racist and stupid. racist because they were
11:50 am
singling him out because of his name. stupid because he's from puerto rico and therefore would not need a green card. i don't know what they are teaching but they got to step up their game a bit. >> the school issued an apology. it says we deeply regret the remarks made by few students at today's game. the words do not represent the sentiment of our pep band, athletic did i want or university. we apologize to mr. rodriguez. here is the real kick, in this, they misspelled his name in an apology. i know things happen but given the humiliation he had to suffer, you're already in the intensity of the game and someone is chanting where is your green card. >> it's worth saying something about this incredible cool, calm and collective nature of angel rodriguez. he sunk four three throws at the end of that game with that sfeers there. sometimes the new south looks an
11:51 am
awful lot like the old south. i say that because we can look at this as a couple of isolated members of the band, but the fact that this happened the same day that mississippi governor, phil bryant has legislation passed which gives police the power to stop people and ask for immigration papers and phil bryant celebrated that by saying it's time to rock the boat when it comes to immigration. people are rocking the boat. >> why do you think you cover sports better than anybody else, in my opinion, why weren't the band members suspended? >> that's a very good question. for them not to be suspended, for the school not to do something public is pardon the expression, a whitewash. >> should the ncaa say something about this. march madness is supposed po be an exciting time. all of these things are supposed to be something that's enjoyed. should the ncaa come out and say
11:52 am
something about this here. >> the ncaa are worried whether recruits are sending text message or using butter than scream cheese. these are real ncaa laws. it has the moral stand ofg a gnat. you're talking about an organization with 14 vice presidents. each of who make 400 grand a year and we're asking them to step forward and do the right thing. i will believe it when i see it. >> thank you so much. greatly appreciate you coming on and writing about this. we'll be right back be back with today's "news nation gut check." and deposits at the same time. for paying your friend back for lunch from your tablet. for 26 paydays triggered with a single tap. for checking your line, then checking your portfolio. for making atms and branches appear out of thin air. simple to use websites, tools, and apps. for making your financial life a little bit easier.
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time now for "news nation gut check." we told you about travon martin. he's the 17-year-old boy killed by a neighborhood watch captain last month. the shooter has not been arrested because he says he shot in self-defense. the family says they no longer trust the sanford, florida police department and want the
11:56 am
fbi to accept in. his parents will be a guest on politics nation. so many of you already sent me dozens and dozens of tweets in the last few minutes. what does your gut tell you? should the neighborhood watchman who says he shot in self-defense be arrested? go to to tell us what you think. that does it for this edition of "news nation." have great weekend. martin is up next. do you have anything for a excedrin...
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