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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  April 4, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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great presidency. it is enough to make you think you might become a little out of touch with that. >> corporations are people, my friend. i like being able to fire people. >> ronald reagan who as i recall is not accused of being a tax and spend social list. >> failed social list policies. >> he could not get through a republican primary today if x. >> taxes have to be as low as possible. i seem to remember him saying he was going to be a unitier, not a dwieter. >> congressman ryan, he is a great leader, wonderful speaker, but he won't take ann's place. >> i guess we better unzip and let the real romney out. >> the real romney is out and the president thinks that's just marvelous. >> he even called it marvelous. >> it seems right here, trees are the right height. >> i love cars. >> ♪ oh beautiful for spacious skies ♪ ♪ ♪ you can climb a found, you can swim a sea ♪ >> it does sound like the general election bell has been
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wrung with rick santorum tightening his grip after a hat trick of victories and finding himself in his first direct engagement with the president. the substantial gain in delegates came with a growing perception he is starting to win over those reluctant tea partiers and evangelicals, confirming what the president and his team have been planning all along, marvelous mitt as the number one challenger. in a speech to i anews editor luncheon today romney offered a preview of general election battle lines. >> our choice will not be one of party or personality. this election will be about principle, freedom, and opportunity will be on the ballot. >> yes, well, lord knows he hopes this election won't be about personality. he is only down 19 points on the likability factor against the president. it was at the same venue on tuesday that the president disem boweled ryan's budget and called out romney by name with a clever
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uppercut in his choice of super la active. >> you said he is very want supportive of this new budget and he even called it marvelous which is a word you don't often hear when it comes to describing a budget. it is a word you don't often hear generally. >> ip deed. we all know mitt has a way with words and i am sure he talks about his wife's marvelous cadillacs, his marvelous friends and the owners of marvelous nfl teams and massive marvelous houses in san diego and it was curious that mitt chose one three-word phrase to describe the president in his victory speech last night. >> president obama thinks he is doing a good job. it is enough to make you think that years of flying around in air force one surrounded by an adoring staff of true believers telling you're you're great and doing a great job, it is enough to make you think you might be a little out of touch with that and that's what happened. >> out of touch, the president? mitt, i am pretty sure that's not a fight you want to have.
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do you want to bet? >> rick, i will tell you what, $10,000? >> corporations are people, my friend. of course they are. >> a drive a mustang and a chevy pickup truck. ann drives a couple of cadillacs. >> i am not concerned about the very poor. >> i like being able to fire people that provide services to me. >> see what i mean? unfortunately mr. romney's renowned off the cuff speaking skills were at the floor again this morning when he made a somewhat confusing response to the question would he ever apologize as president of the united states? >> when there are mistakes that occur of one kind or another, you acknowledge the mistakes. this is different, however, than the president's call it apology tour which is going to the middle east and saying that he wasn't talking about a mistake that was made, he was instead talking about america. >> yes, the old apology to
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align, the line that named pants on fire and named as a finalist for lie of the year. let's bring in the panel from washington, political analyst michael eric dyson, a professor at georgetown, university, and from minneapolis, anna marie cox and here in new york, political analyst and former dnc communications director karen finny, also a columnist for the hill. it is dangerous when he goes off script. when he says that the president apologizes for america, that is known to be a blatant lie. >> the speech was filled with blat not alies, and somehow he may have forgotten this is a group of newspaper editors. that means they're paying attention actually. >> and will fact check what you say. >> exactly. it is so interesting that they each use this as a different opportunity. the president laid out his case, right? he laid down very serious markers. one of the things i thought he did, he reminded them that newt gingrich originally called the ryan budget right wing social engineering for which he got
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jumped on by his own people. he laid interesting markers. mitt seemed to think he could go in there and do the usual brain dead stump speech and nobody would notice that most of what he was saying has either already been discredited or surely will be discredited. >> i think you will being unfair to brain dead people. anna marie, mitt romney calling president obama out of touch. is this the poodle suggesting the cat has too much hair as you write the more romney tries to seem like one of us, the more alien he gets? >> it is true. i mean, that is where his gaffes attract the most attention. when he is talking about stuff he is comfortable with, like how corporations are people, too, i guess, and about how many cars his wife drives, you know, he seems more comfortable except that when he is trying to make that connection with people is when he really screws up. when he tries to lead a sing along, when he tries to sort of connect on the nascar level and unfortunately or fortunately for us who write about politics, he
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is only going to do more of that. he is only going to put in more situations where he is asked to connect with regular people, and i have to say people who are swing voters, people who will not respond to the applause lines he has in speeches like the one he gave last night. >> we have karen saying he is a liar, you say he is an alien, and professor dyson, even as romney calls the president out of touch, one of his surrogates, nikki haley, calls the president a bully on health care. listen to this, sir. >> what is amazing is what a bully president obama has sudden by become. here is a man that came in with hope and change, and now he is bullying his way, bullying his way on paul ryan saying he is not coming up with an adequate budget and now bullying the supreme court saying they went reverse this, they won't go against us on this. that's not how things work. >> professor dyson, since when was it bullying to provide health care for people up to the age of 26 and preventing providers from cutting you off coverage if you have a
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preexisting condition? how is that bullying? >> absolutely right, martin. the president can't win. if he doesn't stand up for what he believes, fretful and if he stands up now he is a bully. if you defend the people that most vulnerable, 40 million without health care, a disproportionate number of people that happen to be struggling people of color and poor white people, you are are not a bully. what he is bullying are the corporations that mitt romney believes are persons. what he is bullying is the citizens united supreme court decision that allowed unregulated capital to come in, but he is not -- when he stands up for people who are poor and need health care and who use the emergency ward as the first resort of their health and therefore the disease has spread widely, this is a man that found his principle, stood up for it, and continues to speak you mean for them and all i can say is bravo. >> by the way, he is also in this plan standing up for women, making sure that being a woman or as i like to say having a uterus is not a preexisting
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condition. >> that's always a problem with some of these people. the president spoke this morning at a national prayer breakfast connecting easter to an american rebirth and it was mitt romney that had a rather curious jab at the president's faith this week. take a listen to this. >> i think there is in this country a war on religion. i think there is a desire to establish a religion in america known as secularism, and i know that based upon reports the obama administration gave this a lot of thought. are. >> are we supposed to be pleased that romney is not calling him a muslim and now calling him an a this. >> which is even worse than being a muslim, right? this is the new code phrase they'll try to roll out which is not to say they will do away with the muslim birth. >> that will come back, sure, that's useful. >> here is the thing. i think we should have a detant on the question of religion.
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it was perfectly fine he didn't want to answer the young man's question and get into the mormon question. >> and interracial marriage. >> that's right. he did answer one question and kind of moved on. >> yes. >> if you're not going to answer questions and we know that president obama has answered questions about his religion add asuseum, let's take it off the table. >> isn't the reason that romney mentioned this a direct result he is trying to divert attention away from the issues of his own personal faith which we know is problematic with some people in this electorate? >> you know, that's agood question and i am sure there are strategy sessions in the romney campaign about exactly how to handle this issue. i also think it is true when you look at the numbers the only thing that's worse than being a muslim is a person of no faith whatsoever and that's what he is accusing the president of, not
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soften of being an a theyist but no faith at all. i think it would be best if we move away from the discussion entirely. we are a largely a secular country in the way that we control our governments, and i think that why not have an election that doesn't say a lot about what our religion is because we can accept all religions and the secularist hymns aren't very good at all. >> do you agree with what karen and anna marie is saying or unlikely given the fact they're always looking for an opportunity to attack this man's core beliefs and if they can't attack him and falsify claims he may be a mus lick, they will say he has no faith. >> absolutely right. i think my colleagues are so smart and articulate and intelligent and describe a world that should be. in the real world he will have to fight fire with fire in this sense. if it is okay for people to charge him with being unreligious, antireligious or say he is hyperreligious because
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he is muslim or somehow he is not sufficiently christian, then it is fair game to talk about mitt romney and in 1978 with the morm on faith only discovers that black people were available to go to heaven and be members of the mor man faith. if you're not going to take it all off, have you to be prepared to engage in sophisticated deployment of terms and phrases and religious ideologies that make your point and that hold mitt romney accountable. if it is good for the goose, it is good for the gander. >> absolutely. stay with us. we want more from you on these issues. coming e g uing up next, why th court may not best friend mitt romney ever had. >> you said that he is very supportive of this new budget. he even called it marvelous which is a word you don't often hear when it comes to describing a budget. >> you look marvelous.
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more now on mitt romney's washington speech today given just across the street from where he announced the end of the 2008 campaign incident ally and while he was on the president's home turf he went after the president's so-called hide and seek candidacy. >> he wants us to reelect him so we can find out what he will actually do. with all the challenges the nation faces, this is not the time for president obama's hide and seek campaign. >> this from the guy who said just days ago that he went detail plans about what agencies he will cut or combine, telling the weekly standard, quote, i am not going to give you a list right now. our panel is back with us. professor michael eric dyson,
12:16 pm
anna marie cox and karen finny. professor dyson, mitt romney calling this a hide and seek candidate, touching off on that comment that the president had had whether medvedev, the russian president. is this a hide and seek campaign? >> i don't know. i think mitt romney is reading ralph ellis son's invisible man and mistaking barack obama for him. he has been quite visible. he has been out there. some would say too visible. he is operating from the white house, making his bracket apparent in the final four, and he is meeting with russian leaders and the man is everywhere. to quote jay-z, i am everywhere, but, mitt, you're never there. the reality is mitt romney is lacking presidential authority and the decor of the office and throwing stones at the thrown where barack obama is acting presidential and enacting legislation that he appealed to the country for and to congress and he is also trying to mark certain the futures of all
12:17 pm
americans are respected and protected. >> karen, i find this incredible given what we know about the etch astech moment, just past, where we know that in romney's find he will flip the switch and shake it down and come up with another idea. >> of course. he spent the whole campaign thus far trying to make them say don't pay attention to what i did before, that doesn't matter, right? not to mention, by the way, his answer over the weekend which they kind of dropped quickly because they realized what a stupid idea is the president should release all notes from all meetings with all foreign leaders so let's just give away our policies with iran, all of our secrets, where our troops are and what a stupid idea. he put out a blueprint, saying this is what i am going to do, this is how i am going to do it, these are the programs we want to cut and very open when we would the bohls simpson plan and his version of it an all along the president tried to layout
12:18 pm
plans and say which is what i want to do and this is a very classic republican attack to try to scare people what's he going to do in the second term? oh, scary. >> anna marie, it is remarkable to me that we have paul ryan, congressman ryan, coming out with a budget where he says there will be two new tax plans, two tax thresholds, 10%, 25% and never tells anyone who would qualify in which group and the same individuals, him and romney go around saying it is the president that is playing hide and seek. help me, anna marie. i am trying to understand this. >> i have always thought politics is childish and i have never seen quite so many references to childhood toys and past times come up the way that we have in the recent time. that is sort of what's going on. it is not nothing too sophisticated here. it is name calling. mitt romney and his surrogates are drawing upon a reservoir of distrust and dislike and
12:19 pm
sometimes even hate that their core supporters already have for the president. it is really true that they can say almost anything they want if it plugs into an assumption that those people already have. he has been painted as being secretive which is something by the way that some civil libertarians would agree with and we won't go there right now, and so, yes, they make him seem like he has some sort of dark forces at work in the white house because, of course, he is a muslim. >> professor dyson, rush limbaugh refers to romney as a proet owe typical rich republican, and is it not safe to say that he is still the same man and the only difference between now and 2004 is the poet potency of super pacs. >> no doubt about that. super pacs object cured his individual lelt because they allowed the unregulated capital to flow into the coffers of whatever political group they want to support their person for president. i think mitt romney here is engaged in the extension of the rich republicanism that his own
12:20 pm
colleague accused him of and i think it runs unabated to this point and the reality is there are two choices, the choice between mitt romney, a guy that literally is out of touch because he is out of the league of most people because he doesn't believe in taking care of people he wants to fire people, and he wants to be able to walk over them without any recome peninsula or conscience and a man on the other hand this says let's be concerned about the mass of people. i can't help but think about this on the 44th anniversary of martin luther king junior, 40 years from the assassination to barack obama's inauguration and i think that represents a trajectory of progress and mitt romney represents a trajectory of regression. >> and as far as i am concerned the only person you should refer to as mash lus is marvelous marvin hag ler, the great middleweight. thank you, professor michael eric dyson, anna marie cox and karen finny and thank you for coming to new york to meet with us in the studio. more from the white house and the presidential prayer breakfast.
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stay with us. >> who is ready to charge out of the locker room in pennsylvania for a strong second half? >> we need this win, you know. we have a lot of losses. >> we got a lot of losses. >> come on. >> come on. >> that's what we're here for, guys, to win. he figured out a way to streamline deliveries and bought a more fuel efficient van, all while trying to minimize price increases to his customers. for more watch your business sunday morning at 7:30 on msnbc. cold feels nice on sore muscles, huh? you know you could just use bengay zero degrees. medicated pain relief you store in the freezer.
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12:25 pm
press secretary was asked about it. what can you tell us some. >> he was asked about it. it was an a.m.e. past tore that was here and an individual spotted in the ground, the pastor that you mentioned and in the east room of the white house, the pastor you mentioned wearing a hoodie and jay carney was asked about it at the briefing and he said the department of justice was investigating and he didn't have comment beyond that and the president speaking earlier today. if you can say a prayer break fast was a light hearted affair, the president was and there was a lot of laughter and he said it is a bad idea to give a sermon in front of a group of proeflgs and he talked about how he is frequently approached as is michelle obama about people around the country when he goes to events and hears people say they had pray for him, praying for you, don't worry, keep the faith and he says it means a lot to us. the president today noting the easter holiday coming up and the big easter egg rolls on the south lawn on monday.
12:26 pm
>> mike, nice to see you with a care cut for holly week. >> thank you, sir. >> the top lines are coming up. >> you're on the today show. you're there to talk about party planning with tori speling, to prevent that you remember who wilson phillips is or hang out for light hearted couch banter with matt and ann and alstead of acting like you are sitting with shay and lennon. ♪ is this what we're doing now?
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12:30 pm
real mitt romney out. >> flying around in air force one surrounded by an adoring staff. it is enough to make you think you might be out of touch. >> rick, i tell you what. 10,000 bucks? >> i think governor romney is a little out of touch. >> out of touch liberals like barack obama. >> even called it marvelous, a word you don't often hear when it comes to describing a budget. it is a word you don't often hear generally. >> who is ready to charge out of the locker room in pennsylvania for a strong second half? >> mitt romney is trying to get female voters and rick santorum said what, women can vote? >> we're hitting the field. the clock starts tonight. >> i am not much forgiving inspirational addresses. every newspaper in the country has picked up and finished last. >> when the red sox won the world series, i want to say that's me. >> in 1976 ronald reagan didn't get out of the race. >> ronald reagan, he could not get through a republican primary today. >> go, rick, go. >> whether rick santorum stays in or not is now basically
12:31 pm
irrelevant. >> can't is not an option. >> as a conservative i believe that can't is a way of life. you can't come into my country and you cannot get married if you're gay. >> vice presidential candidate. >> what i advise mitt romney, don't necessarily play it safe. >> you're on the today show. you're there to talk about party planning with tori speling or hang out with matt and ann and alstead of acting like you're sitting with shay and lenin. >> who is a rogue choice. >> allen west. >> let's get right to the expert political panel, joe williams, white house reporter for politico and crystal paul and i have to start with you. get into the deep bench. according to las vegas odds makers florida senator marco rubio is in the lead 11-4 on odds and he followed by new jersey governor chris christie
12:32 pm
and bob mcdonald and paul ryan, and of course paul ryan has been attached at the hip with mitt romney this week but when he uses romney's introduction speech last night to prove that he doesn't know it was actually george w. bush and not president obama who famously claimed to be a uniter, not a divider, does that somewhat under mine his potential as a vp pick? >> yes. i think the fact that he is 0-2 and trying to promote a budget and this latest one i think is going to be a disastrous as last year's was, and this whole bit about sarah palin now jumping into the mix, i mean, listening to sarah palin dispense v.p. advice is like going to michael jackson's doctor for medical advice. i agree that rubio is probably the front-runner. i think the choice of rubio is a better way to cross racial lines for rick santorum in i than, say, singing who let the dogs out. i think hayley is a better way of reaching out to women than by
12:33 pm
saying rush limbaugh used the wrong word or he would have used a different word other than slut to describe sandra fluke, and the real story is a lot of these folks aren't really that interested in being the v.p. candidate. people remember bob dole, lieberman, and being a v.p. candidate for a guy that everyone thinks is going to lose is not a good career move. >> onto julian's point, south carolina governor nikki haley endorsed mitt romney and she says she would not accept a spot on the ticket tuesday on the view. she may have inadvertently explained why with this remark. take a listen. >> women don't care about contraception. they care about jobs and the economy and raising their families and all of those things. >> did she get the war on women moment owe? >> i think she might want to ask governor romney whether women care about contraception. i think et cetera finding out in the polling that women do in fact care a great deal if you're going to take away their access to birth control.
12:34 pm
i mean, mitt romney in one month his support among women of child bearing age has dropped 14 points in 12 swing states across the country, according to gallup "u.s.a. today." there is no question that this war on em with stuff has had a major impact and to in a way to governor hayley's point, i think part of what women is saying are, really, we are relate gating the battles of the 50s and 60s? >> paul ryan down, nikki haley down. joe, sarah palin says congressman allen west would be her pick for romney's running mate after saying it is not important for a vice president to have experience on the national stage nor that he should be safe. allen west, i mean, he may not be safe, but is allen west sane? >> that's the question. i mean, the remark that sarah palin made, i mean, she should know of anybody whether or not experience matters on a v.p.
12:35 pm
ticket because she had very little of it and was a radical pick and ploou blew up in the republicans faces. i think what's going to happen, no one literally knows what's going to happen. probably the best bet given the fact we have been watching romney for such a long time from governor of massachusetts and several months on the trail is the fact he is likely to pick somebody who is relatively conventional, someone who will complement what he doesn't have and where we start on that list and including the charisma, some kind of legislative experience beyond just being governor, and that narrows down the list considerably. i think a lot of people still think chris christie is probably a dark horse but someone like rob portman who has national level experience, someone like paul ryan, might be an outside pick but brings a lot to the table that romney doesn't have. >> crystal, you were picking up on the irony of someone like sarah palin making a recommendation and also ann len
12:36 pm
west that said if you see a car sticker with obama 2012 on it, that individual is a threat to the united states gene pool. >> right. well, i love how sarah palin is saying you should go with the outside choice and she is really saying you should pick someone like me which we saw how great that turned out for john mccain. i mean, really, we have to take a step back and say this is a woman whose presence on the ticket was so disastrous her own advisor could not vote for the ticket because she was on it and now dispensing vice presidential advice, it is a bit rich. >> allen west marks out of ten for allen west. >> marks out of ten. sorry. lost the british expression. >> i apologize. rate him in terms of his potential. >> my dad is british. i should have known better. i think the -- i would put him in the negative category. to tie it to what crystal said
12:37 pm
on women, allen west is the guy who referred to debbie wasoerman schultz as vile and despicable and a guy that could widen the gender gap, it is why we love sarah palin and the fact she was on the today show dispensing advice about the v.p. choice. >> indeed. stay with us, please. much more just ahead. >> under this president's watch more americans have lost their jobs during any other period since the depression. millions lost their homes. a record number of americans are living in poverty. the most vulnerable are the ones hurt the most. 30% of single moms are now living in poverty. >> it is not a lie if you believe it. [ kate ] many women may not be properly absorbing
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we're back with joe williams, julian epstein and crystal ball to help us read the mind of rick santorum. santorum is back in his home state, a state that he represented in the house and senate for 16 years. there is an err of desperation in the plea of supporters as he looks forward to next month. listen to this. >> may looks very, very good. there is a move in texas to make texas a winner take all state. you throw those 154 delegates on the pile and all of a sudden the race is a very different race. >> joe, without the delegates he needs and with cash likely to be dwindling, how realistic is it for him to hang on even as far as pennsylvania now? >> it is difficult. hearing him speak last night, his speech to supporters reminded me of the speech from
12:42 pm
belushi in animal house. was it over when the germans bombed pearl harbor? in his case he is over, that he needs more to catch up what he needs to catch up and he may turn things around and he has a close edge in a place that is his home state which incident ally he lost by double-digits the last time he ran. >> julian, if you were advising santorum would you tell him to bow on you gracefully now and start the strategy for 2016 or join the catholic church's crusade against contraceptive rights? >> that's the question. i think what you will hear in the next week and what i am hearing is that senior members of congress in the house and senate are calling on him publicly or privately to step aside, and there is no question that this primary process is hurting the republicans if santorum stays in, he is staying in for a reason either because he wants to become the next sarah palin and go on a money-making tour after the campaign or running for 2016. we have looked for metaphors and
12:43 pm
the many m metaphor that comes to mind today is there is a three stooges quality, if they're not poking the other in the eye, they're pokes themselves in the eye and i think the republican leaders are acknowledges it is a terribly destructive process and the only reason santorum is staying in is for self irk reasons at this point. >> one of the things i can't understand is santorum's advisers and himself talk about halftime. here is the halftime score. mitt romney, 573 delegates. rick santorum, 212. >> right. not to mention the organizational advantages, the fund raising advantages. i mean, if it is halftime, they needs more than a hail mary to bring this back from the dead. even his logic talking about, well, if texas is a winner take all state which it is not now, proportionalal locations f i win in texas, then this will be i will still be behind and maybe i will have more of a chance.
12:44 pm
it is a major, major stretch. i think if he loses in pennsylvania, his home state, it is got to be curtains how do you justify continuing in the race if he can't win had otherwise home turf. >> thank you all. next, we need your help. have you seen mutant leroy? stay with us. first, sue herrera has the market round. good afternoon, sue. >> it is down day on wall street. a lot of pressure on the market continuing after yesterday's sell off. right now we have the dow jones industrial average of 115 points. that's well off the worst levels. we were down 180. the s&p is down about 13.5 points and the nasdaq is down 43. that's it from cnbc. we're first in business worldwide. martin is back in a moment. [ male announcer ] if you believe the mayan calendar,
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with you just received a missing persons alert for one time presidential candidate mr. newton leroy gingrich of northern virginia. the man is described as slow moving, last seen heading towards the republican party's convention in tampa, florida. easily recognizable for using coded racist language, delivered with grandiose pompousity and real concerns for his state of mind after being dead last in wisconsin and plummeting new debts in voter appear think according to recent polls and after hearing less than grandiose remarks like this. >> i can't tell you today how realistic it is that we'll get to an open convention, and i can't tell you today with any certainty that i will not nominee. >> mr. gingrich is 68 years old, about 5'10", a liking for
12:49 pm
tiffany's, the jewelry store and responds for calls to stay in the race. joining us is rick tyler, a former newt gingrich spokesman that advices the super pac winning our future. good afternoon mr. tyler. i would like to locate gingrich in a minute. >> he is a little taller than you think. >> my apologies, 5'11". not in wisconsin but the d.c. primary your manna chooefd a sensational if narrow victory over huntsman coming third and beating by a mere 165 votes. i guess that is something of an encouragement even in huntsman dropped out months ago. >> i was encouraged because most of the people in d.c. would lose their jobs if newt was president and he wanted smaller limited government and why shouldn't the establishment, who are working for the government, who all occupy k street, why should she vote for newt gingrich.
12:50 pm
>> i am not going to talk about the many years mr. gingrich spent on the same k street for the moment. how would you describe the condition today of the gingrich campaign? sit suffering an acute hemorrhage? is it in intensive care, is it on life support? where exactly is it? >> i think it faces real challenges. as you remember, you've watched this campaign and covered it since the beginning. newt wanted to make this campaign about issues and talk about policy. all we've been talking about is personality and trivia. we talk about these phony war on women and all the rest of it and we haven't talked about our $15 trillion debt and paying off the federal -- balancing the budget. we haven't talked about reform or the entitlement programs. >> mr. tyler, that's your own candidate's fault, isn't it? you're referring to mr. santorum who appears to have an obsession
12:51 pm
with contraception. you're talking about your own candidate. this isn't anybody else's fault. >> look, i'm not going to dump on the media too hard here, but the way this campaign has been covered. if mitt romney -- that would be the extent of the inquiry on that. >> i was looking around, mr. tyler, for words to describe the gingrich campaign and i came across that infamous memo he wrote in the '90s where he encouraged republicans to use some particularly toxic words about democrats. and it seems somewhat ironically that these words perfectly appropriate to describe the campaign. here we have some. decay, failure, collapse, crisis, pathetic.
12:52 pm
>> i think those are all apt descriptions when you look at 40 years of democratic rule. we've had budget deficits, no balanced budget -- >> we're talking about the current campaign. when we have time, we will discuss recent history, the last four decades. but i'm using those words to describe mr. gingrich's campaign, pathetic, sad, collapse, failure, crisis. >> well, look, those are your words. as i say, i truly believe that newt gingrich has the most experience. he knows what to do. he would know how to balance the budget. he would know how to come to washington and change the culture. there are people here who don't want that change. the professional class of the republican party has organized and worked against him. their candidate is mitt romney. mitt romney has half the delegates but probably the
12:53 pm
weakest front runner perhaps in american history. you need overwhelming majorities to win presidencies. you will need it to beat barack obama and you'll need it to win the senate majority. it appears now we're on our way not to win that. we don't have built-in turnout ma sheens. we have to energize our grassroots and they are not energized. you covered about mitt romney's gender gap. i suspect women do not like the tone of mitt romney's scorched earth policies and he's dropped from 50% down to 36%. if you go in that direction, how in the world are you going to beat barack obama? >> mr. tyler, final question, are you saying that you do not believe that mitt romney will beat the president in november? >> i've never believed and i still don't believe it. the establishment believes it like they thought ford would beat carter and like john mccain
12:54 pm
would beat barack obama. now they have the guy that lost to john mccain. they'll still make their money and run their ads. they've got someone who doesn't believe what we don't believe. but 75% of this party is still conservative and a good alternative to the democratic party if the conservatives just get organized enough to field a candidate to beat barack obama, someone like ronald reagan. >> we would like mr. gingrich to remain in the race because we enjoy having you on our bro broadca broadcast. we'll be right back to clear the air. sorry. sore knee.
12:55 pm
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12:58 pm
entertained by the elite but to stand alongside garbage workers who were on strike. it is perhaps fitting that the anniversary of his death should occur this year during holy week, as many of us reflect upon the meaning of faith in a modern world. there has been and will be plenty of talk about faith as we head toward the presidential election. but the trouble is, much of this talk will be self-serving. in his famous letter from birmingham jail, dr. king expressed concerns with the church of the '60s. he wrote the cop temporary church is so often a weak, ineffect choouf voice with an uncertain sound. if the church today does not recapture the spirit of the early church, it will be dismissed. that letter was written almost 50 years ago. but in the latest edition of "newsweek" magazine, he the journalist andrew sullivan writes -- christianity is in a crisis. many christians now embrace
12:59 pm
materialist self-help rather than self-denial. 50 years and not much has changed. it's probably impossible to expect egocentric politicians to be anything but self-serving. but when tay invoke the name of god, we shouldn't accept their testimony at face value. what are they doing to promote faith, hope and charity in america? or do they greet god like an enforcement from a fellow politician, great to have on side but nothing more than a name? this is what makes dr. martin luther king's legacy so profound. christ himself said, greater love has no man that he lay down his life for his friends. and that's literally what dr. king did on this day, in 1968. thank you so much for watching. dylan ratigan is here to take us forward. dylan, i'm guessing that you prly


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