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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  April 12, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> i'm tamron hall. the "news nation" is following this shooting death in the death of trayvon martin. and the very first court appearance, the public's opportunity to see george zimmerman. not in a photograph, not in a mug shot with you in video walking into court for the short time the charges were read. then set a may 29th arraignment date. >> mr. zimmerman? you're appearing here for your first appearance. our first appearance at this time for charge of murder in the second-degree. and you are represented by mr. o'marra. >> yes, sir. a lot of people thought this would be a bond hearing, that a motion for bond would come from the defense. that is not the case. we heard the attorney representing george zimmerman say that would come at a later time. he was headed in to talk with the judge. he didn't want to be found in contempt there. but george zimmerman for now, his next court hearing, may 29th. >> this first appearance was
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routine on some aspects. on others, not so. first of all, that angela corey was there for first appearance is unusual. i think this is highly unusual covering cases in florida. that is the effort and apparently successful effort to immediately seal documents that are associated with this case. florida has its government in the sunshine and its laws allow for the release of almost all documents. you may remember the casey anthony case and the public release of documents went from the ground above my head. there were that many pieces of paper given out over a period of time. so the effort not only by the defense, which i could understand them saying they don't want these papers out. and the state agreeing that they want all of that sealed for the time being is unusual. now, you did hear the judge say that that is something that will
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be revisited by the judge and i can imagine, it will not take very long for some media organizations to challenge that right off the bat. but the most important thing that we have seen, i guess today, is that we saw that george zimmerman walked into that courtroom. he appeared to me the way he was holding his hands, he might have had some handcuffs on. he stood there with a representative. mark o'mara. he has his attorney. now it is all established in record of where this will go forward. we just heard him say he is in the process of trying to sort a lot of this out. he may be representing george zimmerman but he doesn't have access to a lot of information. like any good defense attorney, he is there saying what he can say, suggesting that, you know, they will put on a vigorous defense here. but not getting into the specifics and locking himself up. and perhaps the one thing that i think that was most striking is that he was very sensitive to
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what sybrina fulton said on the "today" show when she used the word accident concerning the shooting. that statement from him goes to show i guess a little of the personality of who this attorney is representing george zimmerman. >> okay. thank you very much. the first court appearance, it is only of course the beginning of what could be a long legal process. the next step is an arraignment where zimmerman is expected to plead not guilty. he will then be entitled to a hearing where a judge will decide whether there is enough evidence to support his claim of self-defense. if there is, he will be granted munlt. if not, both sides will start preparing for a trial. joining me now, nationally syndicated talk show host, msnbc contributor michael customsmerc. we heard he will try to have bond set for mr. zimmerman at a later date. he said in a few weeks. as you pointed out to kerry, in his own words, not wanting this
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case to be piecemealed. he doesn't want the information being leaked out or made accessible to the media to add to the fuel of the fire that is certainly simmering with this case. >> and of course, that's understandable from his standpoint. and prosecutors typically aren't trying to fuel the interest of the public or even the media. where he will have a problem will be with the judge if as and when media organizations challenge it. as kerry was mentioning, florida has a very strong public records act. i would be very surprised if this judge decides to keep things under seal. some of this has come up in very high profile cases before, including the michael jackson case. including at times the kobe bryant case which you may recall. and at the end of the day, keeping stuff under seal as was discussed by the defense lawyer won't be nearly so easy later on as it is right now. >> and we know that when a person is charged with a felony
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in the state of florida, their conceals weapons permit is automatically suspended. some had wondered about his license, if he is able to get out on bond. that's one fact. what do you make of this court appearance? this is the video for the first time yesterday. we saw him with his head covered. now this man who has been the focus of so much attention is standing there with his attorney. >> as you've pointed out, it is the first step of what will be a several step process. i happen to think the most critical juncture will be that evidentiary hearing where stand your ground is argued. and as you pointed out, the whole case could disappear at that juncture. and kendall can correct me if i'm wrong but i think it is a more likely than not burden, as opposed to a reasonable doubt. it is less of a burden that needs to be shown for that immunity to kick in. and i think that's really going to be the key sequence. >> let me get your insight in on that. you've heard the questions being directed to mark o'mara in
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relation to comments that trayvon martin's mother sybrina fulton's mom made this morning on the "today" show. granted, she and her former husband have done miles and miles of television interviews. we would have to follow up and ask her exactly what she meant by that. you heard mark o'mara saying he wants to question her. what she thinks happened, accident or not. is that relevant? she wasn't there. >> it's not relevant at all and it obviously has traction in the court of public opinion. inside a court of law you won't hear her put on the stand to talk about her inadvertent statement that it was an accident. we have to recognize, people are exhausted. none of us can imagine what that family has been through or the family of george zimmerman. so of course people will misspeak. we should all be somewhat forgiving of that and certainly no judge is going to punish her by putting an inadmissible comment of an anguished mother.
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>> when mark o'mara wants to talk to her, he would not have any reason to question her. help me understand that comment. >> florida is a very unusual state in the criminal law sense that we have depositions in state criminal proceedings. so he could try to take her deposition. find out what she knows. he could ask her about that perhaps in a deposition. there may an fight whether that deposition would be taken but normally he would have the opportunity to take her deposition prior to trial. the real question will be, he asks her about it and she said i said it. i didn't mean it and it goes nowhere from there. she doesn't have direct admissible knowledge. >> and again, the heart of this obviously is the evidence and it is what, not what was said. but benjamin crump who is representing the family. let me play what mr. crump had to say.
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>> it is real clear from the objective evidence that we know in those 911 tapes, george zimmerman got out and pursued trayvon martin. even against the instruction of the 911 dispatcher. we have always believed that for whatever reasonering confronted trayvon martin when he had been told not to. >> i've just received a statement from the martin family spokesperson e-mailed to msnbc. and it says, i read it here. earlier today i made a comment to the media that was later mischaracterized. when i referenced the word accident today with regard to trayvon's death, in no way did i mean the shooting was an accident. we believe that george zimmerman stalked my son and murdered him in cold blood. the accident i was referring to was the fact that george zimmerman and my son ever crossed paths. so now you have this poor family having to explain after doing all of these interviews here
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because people are so quick to zero in on whatever side they believe. >> there is more unknown than known in this case. >> but we know she wasn't there. people know she was not at that scene. >> but there's such a thirst for information. perhaps we want to rush the process. it was inartfully said and that's probably where it will end. >> again, one more time for reiteration here. nothing she said in that interview despite what mark o'mara referenced in that news conference can be used in any relevant way in this case, correct? >> correct. he is truly attempting to use it in the court of public opinion. it won't be admissible in a court of law. >> back to this stand your ground case which we've talked so much about. i want to play angela corey, the special prosecutor, on fighting the stab your ground cases in florida. let me play her last comments. >> we fight hard. some of them we've won and we've
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had to appeal them. or the defense has appealed and we've won it on appeal. some we fought hard and the judge ruled against us. that has happened to prosecutors all over the state. justifiable use of deadly force as we all knew it before stand your grounl was issued was still a tough affirmative defense to overcome. we still fight these cases hard. >> and we know that the nra has a big conference tomorrow. part of this, if the root is the trayvon martin killing, some of the branches certainly, the stand your ground law. this has become part of the dialogue with this case and the nra and other lobbyists regarding this law. is that fair to blend the two? >> well, i think it is probably, the net effect of this will be that states will re-evaluate having that on their books all across the country. that might not be such a bad thing. it is unfortune that it has taken an incident like that to have this kind of dialogue. i don't think stand your ground will suit zimmerman if he was the one who provoked all of
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this. which is why i continue to think whose voice you're hearing calling for help is outcome determinative. i don't think see how george zimmerman can successfully articulate the stand your ground defense. >> i guess in a more artful way, let me ask. you have people who legally own guns who say progressives, liberals, whomever they choose to point the finger at, are always looking for a way to remove their gun rights and this conversation of the nra being intertwined in this case is wrong. what do you say to those folks who feel like this is another accuse for the liberals to come after them? >> i'm a firearm owner. i'm sensitive to all of these issues. it has bothered me in the way in the last three years, there have been all these false alarms about how people are coming or the your ammunition. they're coming for your guns and your gun rights. none of the above has hampden. >> michael and kendall, thank you again. to reiterate the process, what should the audience who are compelled to watch this case be
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looking for as the next most important move. >> let's focus on the bond hearing which will be in the next couple weeks. that will be a big deal. it will require the state to some significant extent at least give us a summary of what they think their best evidence is. as well as address some of the issues. that will be a big deal and it will be very interesting. >> thank you very much. you're hosting "hardball" tonight. we'll be watching for you live. and still ahead, i'll talk with the grio's joy-ann reid. she is getting reaction from people who say their lives have been greatly impacted by this story while trayvon martin's parents have called for calm in the wake of zimmerman's arrest. are people hearing their words? still ahead. ann romney is responding to
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to politics and the firestorm raging today in the war for women voters. thing got personal and emotional when democratic strategist hillary rosen said this on cnn last night. >> what you have is mitt romney running around the country saying, my wife tells me what women really care about are economic issues. when i listen to my wife, that's what i'm hearing. guess what, his wife has actually never worked a day in her life. she's never really dealt with the kinds of economic issues that a majority of the women in this country are facing. >> it was not long before ann romney tweeted, quote, i made a choice to stay home and raise five boys. believe me, it was hard work. and she had this to say a few hours ago. >> my career choice was to be a mother. and i think all of us need to know that we need to respect choices that women make. i will tell you that mitt said to me more times than you would
11:18 am
imagine, ann, your job is more important than mine. i've had struggles in my life. and i would love to have people understand that mitt and i have compassion for people that are struggling. that's why we're running. >> and also adding into this, the first lady, michelle obama tweeted, every mother works hard and every woman deserves to be respected. let me bring in my panel. the national political reporter for real clear politics. and molly ball, political report he for the atlantic. thank you both for joining me. we talk about this war on women. war over women. but ladies, we know this has hit a sensitive nerve. this issue of mommy wars. who has the harder job? the mom? the stay at home mom? the woman who doesn't have children and works? this has hit an emotional nerve today. >> it is. as you point out, we've gone from the war on religion to now the war on women and now we've got the war on moms and the war on reality which is something
11:19 am
that a congresswoman kathy mcmorris rogers said on a romney conference call earlier today. but the problem here is that the rhetoric has spiraled out of control. a lot of people are commenting on that today. because the united states is involved in several real wars. and u.s. lives have been lost. so today, it has really gotten out of control. >> hillary rosen had an opportunity to go back on and here's what she said today when asked about her comments made last night. let me play it, please. >> look, mitt romney has brought his wife into this conversation. this is not about ann romney. this is about the waitress at a diner in someplace in nevada who has two kids whose daycare funding is being cut off because of the romney/ryan budget. and she doesn't know what to do. >> so molly, hillary says it is not about ann romney. she said that romney brought his own wife into the equation. but any politician would, even if the spouse is a man, as we've seen with hillary clinton. so are you buying her retake on
11:20 am
this, if you will? >> i think you can see by the fact that democrats have pretty much universally condemned what she said. you have democrats running screaming from this comment because they can tell that the romney campaign has successfully made this about ann romney. they have made about it a supposed attack, not just on moms but on this one particular woman and made it a personal thing that everybody can agree is off limits. that's why you have democrats not wanting to touch with it a ten-foot pole even if they would largely agree that the underlying point was valid. if you're going to talk about economics, about economic policy, there are a lot of people who have not had the advantages that the romneys have. and the democrats certainly would love to paint the romneys as out of touch for not having to go through those struggles but this is not a fight they want to have. >> erin, it is interested that the white house secretary, jay carney, it was the first question he received today. this all comes at a time where they, meaning the democrats, had some steam. the polling was showing mitt
11:21 am
romney trying 19, 18 points behind the president when it comes to women voters. then should sliver of a door opens and the romneys, the republicans were able to rush through it and perhaps rightfully take advantage of this moment. let me play what jay carney had to say. >> i have not spoken with the president about this so i don't have anything to report to you on that. secondly, i think we can all agree, democrats and republicans, that raising children is an extremely difficult job. but we should also focus on where we disagree. it is not coincidental that the very first piece of legislation that this president signed when he entered office was the lily ledbetter free pay act. why did it take president obama entering office, being sworn into office to have the fair pay act become law? because republicans overwhelmingly opposed it. and presumably still do. >> carney said he hasn't spoken with the president but we know the first lady got the word and
11:22 am
that's why she sent that tweet. every mother works hard. every woman deserves to be respected. how important are her words? michelle obama's in all of this? >> very. you can see the democrats are trying to get past this hillary rosen comment as fast as they can and as molly said, they're trying to disavow those remarks. another thing i would say, in this back and forth, both parties are trying to say the other party is out of touch and the other party is worse for women. the problem is that neither party is saying how they are better for women and they're not making more of a positive message and maybe we'll see a better point from both of them in the coming days. >> on that point, the administration points out that lily ledbetter act which would make it fair for women, equal pay, when asked about it on this conference call, the romney team, let me play what happened when the question was posed by sam stein.
11:23 am
>> does governor romney support the lily ledbetter act? >> sam, we'll get back to you on that. >> i think the romney campaign knew that they stumbled right away with that answer which is why after that call, they sent out just a torrent of documents about how again, the obama administration has been bad for women. so that's how they pivoted out of that was not saying how romney would be better for women but how the president has been worse for women. >> that seems to be the theme. i want to play what romney had to say regarding this accusation that more women, 92% of them, have lost their jobs under the obama administration. let me play mr. romney's comments and we'll fact check it, molly. >> i was disappointed in listening to the president, as he is saying, oh, republicans are waging the war on women. the real war on women is being waged by the president's failed
11:24 am
economic policies. 92.3% of all the jobs lost during the obama years have been lost by women. 92.3%. >> you've got, molly, first read. our team. our political team. all of these people pointing out, that is not the whole story. in fact we've even seen stories on nightly news where women have been hired for less pay in jobs and men are the first often time to be cut from the job world. >> yeah. a comment that was sort of technically accurate but highly misleading and i think we saw it widely debunked for that reason. and it is kind of astonishing now that we're talking about the republicans seizing the advantage with the whole hillary rosen kerfuffle. ooze 24 hours ago we were talking about how mitt romney was losing this argument with that statistic that was being so criticized. so this is a case where they were able to seize the
11:25 am
advantage. and democrats would love to, i think we saw in jay carney's comment. democrats wish they could go back to 24 hours ago when they were winning the policy argument and able to make plp point about the lily ledbetter act instead of a referendum on whether ann is a good mom. >> thank you. a pleasure to see you both. and republican congressman allen west is fighting back against people who are really coming after him after he referred to house democrats as communists. his campaign now releasing what it says is the entire video that tells the, quote, real story. it is just one of the things we thought you should know. plus, how the lawsuit against apple could benefit your wallet. amazon could soon start slashing the price of ebooks. if you are one of the millions of men
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launch imminent. the first deadline has passed with no liftoff. but north korea said it could go up any time. and allen west's campaign release ad video they say tells the real story behind his now infamous communism comments. and repealing the death penalty. connecticut bans the punishment. but what will happen to the men found guilty in one of the state's most horrific crimes? we begin this half-hour with break news in the trayvon martin case. george zimmerman, the man who says he shot trayvon marine in self-defense, made his first court appearance within the last hour. the judge set a may 29th court date. and his attorney explains. >> we had made a decision before today, a couple hours ago, that i would not even seek to have the judge attend to that issue. it didn't make sense with where the case is now. with my clinlt's status and quite honestly, with the attempt
11:34 am
to truly calm this case down rather than demand a presentation of evidence which might only increase the fervor around the case. >> and let's bring in joy-ann reid, msnbc contributor. the attorney mark o'mara said he doesn't want to piecemeal this case. he doesn't want the information being sent out to the public and the media here. he wants to get some control. >> reporter: i think tamron, you're seeing mark o'mara try to rain this in. so much of the case has been adjudicated in the public square online and i think what he is trying to do is bring the temperature down and bring it back into control. as we know, a lot of these witnesses have already spoken. the ear witnesses to the crime. they've already been on television. you've had a lot of the information already out there so i'm not you are what out there is left. >> i want to play what a couple pastors who are from that area
11:35 am
had to say regard, like the reverend al sharpton said yesterday. he said no high fiving. we want to see justice for this family as they seek it. let me play this. >> i believe that there will be probably a few that will respond negatively no matter what is presented. for the most part, i believe they'll be very much in support. >> there is no way you can please everybody at the same time. but all of us should be about right and righteousness. >> joy-anne, what are you hearing from the people in sanford who are concerned forever their town is associated with this case. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely, tamron. that is a very important point you're making. on the side of african-americans i spoke with yesterday, the phrase was cautious optimism. they're willing to let the legal system play out. they're very grad identified that angela corey has done this. when you walk the white sanford
11:36 am
residents, the feeling i got was sorrow that their town has been tagged with this case and it will be emblematic with this case. it is a very small town, a quiet town where people know each other. there is a concern among sanford residents proper that their town will now be associated only with the trayvon martin case and not with the other attributes. i can tell you across the board, i think people were relieved by what's happened in the last 24 hours. that this case will move into the criminal justice system and they hope into the offline debate in the justice system. after 150 years on the books, connecticut's death penalty will be revealed. connecticut lawmakers have approved a bill to abolish the death penalty and replace it with a maximum life sentence without the possibility of parole. connecticut governor is expected
11:37 am
to sign it into law as soon as it hits his desk. it will not affect the sentences of the 11 inmates already on that state's death row. two of those death row inmates are the men responsible for the 2007 home invasion that ened with dr. william pettitte's wife and two daughter's wife and two daughters being murdered. he has been an advocate for keeping the death penalty in that state. john edwards was in north carolina for the start of jury she can in his corruption trial. edwards is accused of using nearly $1 million in campaign funds to help hide his pregnant miss stress during his 2008 run for the white house. and sad news. the seattle bus driver who passed out while driving monday morning, forcing two 13-year-old students to take the wheel, has died. the driver's family said he died at the hospital wednesday. they did not reveal the cause of his death. and the obama
11:38 am
administration's consumer protection bureau is backing off a plan to limit a cap on big up front fees. the cap determines what fees credit card issuers can charge customers in the first year they hole the charge. it would increase costs for card holders and give banks more money from fees. no word yet on when north korea could launch an observation satellite. what it call an observation satellite that the u.s. and others believe is an effort to test long range missile technology. the first window passed with no blast-off. the next window is in about four hours from now. richard engel has more from north korea. >> reporter: weather seem to have been a factor. the window has now opened. north korea could launch this rocket and satellite any time between now and the 16th of this month. those are dates given by the north korean government. today in pyongyang, it was very windy. very overcast. that said, it has gotten a
11:39 am
little better tonight so we'll see what happens when daylight come in this city tomorrow. the speculation is that the rocket will be launched during daylight hours. perhaps on friday or saturday but the north korean officials have not been confirming any specific dates. just the window. now until the 16 of this month. what we have been able to see is that a massive party has begun in this city. there have been concerts being held. dancers have been arriving. the rocket launch is only part of the general festivities here that are all being held to commemorate 100 years since the birth of north korea's founder. that is official version of events. that there is a big party and part of the festivities include the rocket launch. the united states is much more suspicious and says the rocket launch has nothing to do with celebrating in north korea but is really about testing weapons capabilities and that the rocket launch is an experiment so to
11:40 am
help north korea further develop its long range missile capability. tamr tamron? and this follow a report of kofi annan, the united nations arab league peace envoy, speaking by video conference earlier today. president obama and french president nicolas sarkozy agreed syria had not fully complied with the terms of the cease fire. hillary clinton said a political transition in syria is a must. >> assad will have to go and the syrian people must be given the chance to chart their own future. >> the u.n. says syrian forces have killed more than 9,000 people during the past 13 months. and trayvon martin's parents are operation everyone who helped, they're praising everyone who put pressure on the
11:41 am
legal system to arrest him. and we'll talk to the man who made this case a worldwide conversation. but first, a lot going on today. here are some things we thought you should know. florida congressman allen west's campaign is releasing its version of a video where the republicans say there are more than 80 members of the democratic party who are communists. west's campaign manager said this 27-second clip release bid the democratic party does not show the congressman's full remarks. the newly released version ends with him saying that he thinks democrats are communists but he goes on to refer to the progressive caucus. >> what percentage of the american legislature do you think are card carrying -- >> i believe there are about 78 to 81 members of the democrat
11:42 am
party that are members of the communist party. >> not surprisingly, the caulk us which includes 76 members calls is the statement outrageous. and the guys from the texts from hillary website are calling it quits after meeting with the secretary in person. in their goodbye posting, they ask is it really possible to top a submission from the secretary herself? the two men met with secretary clinton at the state department on tuesday. and vice president joe biden is in new hampshire today. while about what he has defined as the romney rule of tax breaks for the wealthy, a baby started crying in the audience. he did not ignore the crying baby. take a listen. >> that's another trillion dollars in tax cuts over the next ten years going to the top 1% of american taxpayers. i don't blame her for crying.
11:43 am
shs going to inherit it. she is going to pay for it. that's one smart baby. and first lady michelle obama sat down with stephen colbe colbert last night. >> do you ever lord over the president the fact that you're more popular than he is? do you ever say, hey, watch it. i might not campaign for you. >> i might try that when i get home. >> have you endorsed him yet? >> i am prepared. i am endorsing my husband barack obama. i think he will be a phenomenal president. he has done a phenomenal job. he is my man. ♪ ♪
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the war for on mothers is on. what strategy does romney have to win the support of women? plus, george zimmerman appears in court to face a murder charge for shooting trayvon martin. just as the nra kicks off its annual. are more stand your ground laws on the general? trayvon martin's parents thanking supporters around the world. the online petition that you see right here hemmed bring that story to the world. more than 2 million people worldwide have sinld their names on the petition, calling for george zimmerman's arrest. he was of course arrested last night. he had his first court appearance earlier today in the last hour. this is the video of when he was first arrested last night. i'm talk w the man who started the online petition. it is great to have you on again.
11:48 am
thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> we heard the reverend al sharpton yesterday saying there are a lot of big names associated, famous people. the people online interesting faces and names that we had never heard like yours who he credits with pushing the legal system to what the martin family feels was the thing they wanted all along which was the arrest. >> i certainly appreciate the support we've gotten from the people who have pushed this case along. i'm in an awkward position. i'm getting credit for the work that other people did. i happen to be one particular part of the media movement behind this. but hundreds of other people, dozens in particular who worked with me and we all, i think, definitely had a part in bringing this to the national dialogue. it is a very interesting case. i feel like the people led the leaders as opposed to the leaders leading the people.
11:49 am
it was the push from people online and in the streets as well who kind of forced this to the point that it is today. >> and i have to, for folks who don't know your story, know about you. what moved you to take action, to start this petition online after you read about this case. >> well, i could probably write a thesis about it if i wanted to. there are tons of things. i read the article originally, a very brief article that had the basic facts of the case. and a lot of things made me identify with trayvon. his position. the fact that he was a child and stalked and eventually murdered. it inflamed me very seriously. and i've been working in social media and been working with the tools that i had seen ever since the egyptian revolution where i kind of fell in with what was going on over there and tried to learn lessons from the tools they used. >> how did you feel yesterday when you heard the news that in
11:50 am
fact charges would come down and it would be second-degree murder. >> i felt great. in particular that it was second-degree murder. i was afraid that they were going to just charge manslaughter. and i was very happy to hear that second-degree murder is being charged. i feel in large part that our work as far as advocating in this case is kind of over. i didn't wear my hoodie this time. i think we have to step into a new phase. what that is, i'll not exactly sure but it has been turned over to the authorities where it should have been in the first place and it will proceed from. there i have confidence in the system. >> and the large he conversation, social media. so many people debate twitter, 140 characters, facebook. for chatting it up with old friends. >> sheds light on the importance of social media, being able to have voices. who don't have television shows, who don't have radio shows but who can make a difference.
11:51 am
>> that's absolutely, it is very empowering. one of the lessons from the egyptian revolution. they called it a wikipedia revolution where there's no leader, no face and no one is particularly responsible. every one contributes. in that way we can never be beheaded as kind of happened in the '60s with a lot of movement where the leaders were literally taken out. so fred hampton, the previous charmt said in chicago, all the power to all the people. he was a friend of my family. it is something that stuck with me for a long time. social media seems to create. that all the power to be in the hands of all the people. >> kevin cunningham, thank you for your time. we greatly appreciate it. >> this case is today's gut check. should george zimmerman be given bond? his attorneys have not set it into motion. and you can join us on facebook. should he get bond? piro.obert
11:52 am
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a lot of you have been sending us tweets throughout the show. this comes from lezlie 61. she said i love how at "news nation" is trying to say there's a war on stay at home mom. how stoom i had. like women are so stupid. wtf. my first twitter war. we did not say there was a war on women. a number of people who are concerned that words and comments made as of late certainly portray that. the first lady of the united states took to her twitter page and i think says it best. all women deserve respectful those in the work force and those at home. so we just had a twitter fight. we asked out a more serious note. george zil wmmerman was in cour today. that was the video we've talked
11:56 am
so much about. you've seen mug shots. his head was covered yesterday. today you see him full on. the question is, should he be allowed to leave that jail on bond? what do you tell us on this? a lot of emotions on this. we get to the facts of the case and the process moves forward. what does your gut tell you? should george zimmerman be granted bond? go to thank you so much for joining my entire team. "news nation." we'll see you back here tomorrow. my buddy martin bashir is up next. we just eat whatever tastes good? like these sweet honey clusters... actually there's a half a day's worth of fiber in every ... why stop at cereal? bring on the pork chops and the hot fudge. fantastic. are you done sweetie? yea [ male announcer ] fiber one. yeah, but the feeling wasn't always mutual. i want you to grow big! if you grow for me, you'll get cookies for free. nothing worked. ♪ but we started using miracle-gro garden soil. you just mix it with your backyard soil... and it feeds your plants for up to 3 months. my plants grew bigger...
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since ameriprise financial was founded back in 1894, they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times. good times. never taking a bailout. there when you need them. helping millions of americans over the centuries. the strength of a global financial leader. the heart of a one-to-one relationship. together for your future. ♪ good afternoon. it's thursday, april the 12th. here's what's happening. it is war. >> what you have is mitt romney running around the country saying, well, you know, my wife tells me that what women really care about are economic issues. guess what, his wife has actually never work a day in her life. >> maybe i haven't struggled as much financially as some people have. i've had struggles in my life. >> team


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