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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  April 17, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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world's most flown space craft. these are pictures you will probably never see again as it circled over the mall. the final resting place will be the smithsonian, making a round about over the mall. nasa's shuttle carrier aircraft modified to bring the shuttles from one place to another leaving florida around 7:00 a.m. making the two to three hour flight up north. nasa's fleet leader space shuttle discovery being escorted along the way. what a sight it must be if you are there. >> we have a very different view. the president i'm sure wants another four years but the first years didn't go so well. >> mitt romney tells president obama to start packing but some
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new polls out show that may be a bit premature. the president has nine point lead which is wider among women where obama has a 16-point advantage. two other polls show a much closer race. i'm joined by contributor and political editor perry bacon and april ryan chief for american urban radio. let's start with the gender gap. romney is trailing by 16%. the president has done well typically. 2008 he won by 16 points. when you look at this right now will this lead get closer to that sixth percentage point sooner or later? >> well, you know it all depends upon what happens. i think behind me you might hear people talking behind me. the space shuttle discovery is flying by the white house and i'm missing it.
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everybody is enthralled by seeing that. let me take a look real quick. i see it. i saw it. thank you. it's an amazing sight. we are figuring the president saw it from the south lawn or oval office. it's an amazing thing. there are 50 or 60 folks standing outside trying to get a glimpse of this spectacle. we have never seen anything like this in washington. >> or flying that low. >> we saw a glimpse a few minutes ago flying low. they must have heard us saying we want to see it again. >> they are watching you. they want to make sure you get a good view of that. it's flying over the treasury. thank you for allowing me to take a look at this spectacular sight. >> it is momentous. you will see the shuttle soon at that smithsonian in the mall which will be great for many.
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the 747 with that piggyback. we have been able to do our hoorafor that. back on the ground with you and me. we'll talk about that gap when it comes to women. is he going to be able to close that 16 points on the poll? >> we have about seven or eight months left. anything can happen between now and that point that the election day in november. but nic robertson, the comments were interesting and the president didn't say it. people saw it for what it was, the fact that she made a big gap working women versus women that work at home. they are two groups that work but they understand that the president supports women. the first sign he sign under to law was the led bedder act. you see him as a husband on a wife -- he looks as mrs. obama
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as his secret weapon. people are seeing it for what it is. we'll have to see what happens in the next seven or eight months. >> you make a good point. >> president obama has a double digit lead over romney on some key points, likability, being a strong and decisive leader and honesty and trust worthiness. looking at 20 to 30 points. result of maybe this battering primary scenes. you think this is going to flatten out over time? >> i think the gender gap and also those numbers will flatten out. romney is in a weaker point eesken though some other polls showed a closer race. i think when you get to august and september his numbers will have gotten closer to the president's and it will be a closer race. the is a country divided between republicans and democrats. it's hard to imagine he is going
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to wing women by 16 points. >> despite all the stuff happening around looking at the economy. april, this is where president obama might be a little bit concerned coming from the polls. voters are split on which candidate can do a better job when it comes to jump starting the economy. 44-42 plus or minus 4 1/2%. will that be what might turn the president's lead back? >> if this president can oversee a smaller unemployment number he will definitely translate his success into the polls. you have to remember both of these persons who are running for president, president obama and also mitt romney who is the nominee for the republican party, people are still not so certain about either one because their pocketbook is still very
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much affected. it is all about the me component. the thing that mitt romney has to do is point out president obama's negatives. at the same time you have to remember that the condition of this country is that beyond a presidential action we were in war before president obama came into office and we spent a lot of money. and then we had other issues that we had to deal with. therefore the economy is something they are both looking to find ways to grapple with. a sittal president has more of an advantage than someone who is saying what i will do or what i can do. that's also a big factor. >> stand by. i want to bring in congress woman debbie wasserman schultz. good to see you. another part of the poll says president obama is more in touch with problems women face today. let's look at the killer app.
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will ann romney be more potent to help it out? >> i think ann romney's involvement is still not going to distract women from the fact that her husband's policies are really terrible for the things that matter most to women. when it comes to making sure that women can have affordable access to quality health care, that we can have access to affordable birth control and working class and families because we make decisions about health care and groceries and family budgett and romney's focus on millionaires and billionaires and barack obama's focus on fighting for the middle class is really going to be the reason that women rally as they are now around president obama and help send him back to the white house. >> republicans rallying around what happened last week.
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after saying ann romney hadn't worked a day in her life. mrs. romney was overheard saying that was an early birthday gift. >> it was a birthday gift to me because i love the fact that we're talking about this. i love the fact that women are talking about deficit spending and the economy. i love that. >> do you think president and mrs. obama are biassed against mothers who work at home? >> i don't. i think there is a comment made, an unfortunate comment. i believe a lot of women are responding to that because it was an unfortunate comment. >> what do you think here? do you think this will help to motivate moms to vote for romney? >> as a mom myself of three young kids i know that whether
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you're a working mom out of the home or a working mom in the home raising your family that we need a president like president obama who is focused on making sure that it's not just the wealthiest americans that have access to tax breaks, access to affordable birth control and affordable health care like mammograms, that we have an economy that is built to last and a president who focuses on education. mitt romney who has a pension for secrecy had reporters on the sidewalk outside a fundraising event the other day where he revealed he intends to shrink the size of the department of education demonstrating that his and the republican party's total lack of commitment to quality public education. when it comes to a choice
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between mitt romney whose priorities are dramatically out of touch with any working woman whether working mom and barack obama who has been fighting for working families and fighting to make sure that the quality of life of moms is such that we can take care of our children and make sure the next generation has an opportunity to succeed. >> and also those who will be contributing. the romney campaign you probably read this are planning on a $1 billion fundraising season. that's a high hurdle at the moment. of course, you have the obama machine that's also going to be raising $1 billion. but back to romney. can he raise 1 billion? >> who knows? it wouldn't surprise me that they would raise that kind of money because they are going to be swimming in special interest
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cash and donors from the folks like big oil companies and major corporations and special interest groups who will benefit from their policies that mitt romney has committed to return us to. barack obama we have a people powered campaign. our average contribution is $50. we have well over a million and almost approaching 2 million online grass roots donors. 90% are less than $200. it is important that we make sure that this is a campaign about the grass roots. >> they are planning to raise 300 millions, when it comes to small donations. as you know senate republicans blocked the buffet rule. republicans say this was a political stunt. mitt romney saying the amount raised in taxes would pay for just 11 hours of government. >> if you look at the poling that shows seven out of ten
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americans believe that a millionaire, someone who makes more than a million dollars a year shouldn't pay a lower tax rate than their secretary it shows last night's vote is another example of how out of touch the republicans are. they want to return us to the failed policies on the past where we focused on trickle down economics and make sure the wealthy did very well and hopefully the middle class got the crumbs. we have gone through 25 months of job growth. because barack obama focused on creating jobs, getting the middle class and working families an opportunity to be successful and for everybody to have a fair shot. >> congress woman debbie wasserman schultz thank you for your time today. >> so april, we're talking about campaign fundraising hoping to get the $1 billion to go against
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barack obama. what do you think? is this possible? >> you never know with the super pacs they can pull in money. we have to see what people are willing to fork out. you have to remember that people are not necessarily sold on mitt romney. i say that as we remember how as you said it was bloody before we found out that mitt romney was going to be the presumed nominee. so we have to see how that plays out. we also have to see about the intensity for this president, barack obama, and see how they both work with fundraising. the obama administration doesn't want to tell us too much. >> there is a lot of money swimming around. >> we'll see what happens. >> perry to you and congress woman debbie wasserman schultz was alluding to the poll saying seven in ten supported the buffet rule and democrats say they will continue to push
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elements of this. could they pay a price long term on this? >> this is not a great issue. we have seen about 2/3 of independents favor the buft rule. the case the obama administration is going to make is even though the economy is not as well as it should be romney's policies would help the rich more and not help the middle class. i think this vote is more to explain. >> with romney and the money that april is mentioning here. will he go where john mccain did not? will he be very negative? >> john mccain and sarah palin were very negative at times in '08. in '08 you found obama had so much more money than mccain. this time it will be much more equalized. i think each will have 7$700 er800. it will be a much more balance
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in terms of finances campaign. >> you have to remember, also, that john mccain at the same time had better poll numbers than mitt romney. 47% compared to right now 35% for mitt romney. >> you also look at the poll numbers being under 50 for the president right now. that is a key watermark. april ryan sitting underneath the space shuttle discovery and perry bacon who looks not far away from that thank you for joining us today. >> there is a lot happening today with the trayvon martin case. there is the live picture again. has to be amazing in washington dc. george zimmerman's lawyer wants a new j. trayvon martin isunarmed florida teen shot in february. his death sparked discussions about race and racial sufbjt ai today ending racial profiling in today ending racial profiling in [ male announcer ] if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze...
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now to new details about the night 11 secret service personnel allegedly partied it up in columbia and brought prostitutes back to their hotel. the scandal has rocked the defense department. >> whether our forces are in columbia or any other country or here in this country we expect them to abide by the highest standard of this behavior. that is a requirement. >> we let the boss down. >> this is a national embarrassment. he's our president overseas. this was an embarrassment. >> nbc's national correspondent
7:20 am
has been speaking with law enforcement. congressman king is saying they are conducting their own investigation. >> there was no threat to the president. no one was compromised. having said that they certainly could have been. that's really what this was about. this was irresponsible and it was the wrong thing to do. >> in your reporting you found out some information. was there any sensitive information in the hotel where the prostitutes could have seen or gotten their hands on. >> we are told that every member of the secret service team did get a hard copy of the president's itinerary, his day-by-day, minute-by-minute schedule. this is a sensitive nonpublic document and information about who is guarding the president at what points and time. it's clearly the kind of thing that the secret service would
7:21 am
never publicly release much less in a foreign country. and the fact now -- this is supposed to be kept secure. if the agents took that schedule back to the hotel room they were supposed to be in a safe but the fact that they would have brought prostitutes or women into the room where this schedule could have been is on its face certainly a potential security breach. and the secret service is all about planning for every possible contingency in order to protect the president. >> you start to think about worst case scenarios. that's what they do is game out every possible security breach that could jeopardize the president. in this case although we have no evidence that there was no substantive security breach there was the potential for one.
7:22 am
>> congressman king saying he doesn't want to indict the entire secret service there is also the issue brought and they bring up the phrase wheels up wings off when air force one takes off and it is a long running joke between some of those in the agency. is that true? >> what i am told from speaking to folks who are familiar with this say they win of the more interesting aspects of this although the initial reports were it was just the uniformed division. it was members of the elite counter assault team, secret service agents who are people you see in motorcades a few cars back from the president there to repel any potential attack. these guys, a lot of these guys are former military special commandos and they have more of
7:23 am
a military than secret service. secret service folks say that military is very much more in partying mode than the traditional secret service so there may be a bit of that going on that the people involved don't have the traditional secret service ethoes. >> here is some advice if you are invited to the white house, go unless you want your enemies to use it against you. check out the fans jabbing goalie tim thomas with signs and pictures of president obama. thomas would not go to the white house with the rest of the bruins in january. maybe thomas has the last laugh here. the bruins beat the capitals 4-3. doesn't have to take longer. i'm done. i'm gonna read one of these. i'm gonna read one of these! [ female announcer ] unlike sprays and dust rags,
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manipulation of the oil markets he is speaking live from the rose garden. right now senator john mccain is drawing tension to pork barrel spending. it is the release of the "pig book." as a former doctor here is his prognosis for america. i would tell her she had a 100% chance of experiencing a major cardiac event, a potentially fatal heart attack or stroke if she failed to take immediate steps to get healthy. and former presidential candidate herman cain has advice to newt gingrich. >> i would say let's get on with this. he made a great run. i even endorsed newt gingrich at
7:28 am
one point because i thought he had a shot. not now he doesn't have a shot. >> how is this for a post birthday celebration. ann romney is heading to donald trump's place for a birthday shindig. not bad. auto racing's tony stewart is headed to the white house to meet president obama and be honored on the white house south lawn. we are still giving you your morning post read. it's all about the huffington post and how it became what it is today. we'll continue to innovate. the lexus rx. why settle for a copy when you can own the original? see your lexus dealer. with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card, we earn more cash back for the things we buy most. 1% cash back everywhere, every time.
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way to go, coach. i'm al ways like splenda® essentials™ no calorie sweeteners. this bowl of strawberries is loaded with vitamin c. and now, b vitamins to boot. coffee doesn't have fiber. unless you want it to. splenda® essentials™ are the first and only line of sweeteners with a small boost of fiber, or antioxidants, or b vitamins in every packet. mmm. same great taste with an added "way to go, me" feeling. splenda® essentials™. get more out of what you put in. what happens in vegas is not staying in vegas as least for folks who joined a conference in 2010 on the taxpayer's bill. the second day of hearings before a house committee is
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underway in capitol hill. lawmakers are grilling former officials aboutt the conference. earlier they asked gsa expecter brian miller about appetizers. >> we think the appetizers were expenses. >> how do you get around the rule to have appetizers? >> there is a rule that says if you have an award ceremony and food is necessary for the performance of the award ceremony you may have food. >> fresh off the daily run down luke joins us now. we can start a segment starting about appetizers you know it is not going to be good for the folks getting asked these questions on capitol hill. >> not at all, richard. while that is sort of a light hearted moment about lawmakers trying to press the expecter general about what the gsa was doing at this event in las vegas spending money there are possible criminal charges filed
7:33 am
against mr. neily, the gentleman in charge of the gsa conference, that's what we learned yesterday is that miller is recommended to look into whether or not there was criminal things that occurred, possible instances of bribery, possible kickbacks. while there are light hearted moments and members of congress are going to push the folks to make them look bad and embarrass them the american taxpayer's money could have been wasted in a serious way. >> and then also what is happening in the press. "the new york post" has a photo of jeffrey neily. he pleaded the fifth six times yesterday. >> it really is an amazing piece of congressional history using his constitutional right not to incrimnate himself on the simplest of questions eecven wh
7:34 am
his job title was. >> what is your title at gsa. >> mr. chairman on the advice of council i respectfully decline to answer. >> did you attend the 2010 western regional conference in las vegas. >> on advice of my council i decline to answer based on my fifth amendment constitutional privilege. >> six times. what is behind that? he can't answer his own title? >> it is remarkable and obviously he hawse following the advice of his council which is saying nothing you gain a lot. however, it definitely to the general public appears extremely suspicious. it reeks of scandal that someone cannot even answer the question of what they did in their previous job because they are worried about the legality of it. and that is really what chairman
7:35 am
was really harping on. a lot of house republicans are saying that. they are going to try to take it a step further today. there is a hearing for the house transportation and infrastructure subcommittee. you are going to see questions where they are going to try to tie gsa and problems to the white house saying the white house knew about it. that is still sketchy as to what the connection was there. but make no mistake about it this is the second of four hearings. it will be a story all the way until friday. >> thank you so much. want to get this in for you. speaker boehner just came out moments ago and did endorse mitt romney for president. as the nominee and we are just getting that in right here on msnbc. speaker john boehner endorsing mitt romney as the republican nominee. so we'll follow that story throughout this morning. do we have sound from that?
7:36 am
not yet. we'll get more information from that and have it here. we want to get that to you as soon as we learn that. we have been watching the space shuttle discovery circle the man sites at washington, d.c. it has flown over the capitol and washington monument and white house. the discovery is taking its final flight in route to the smithsonian national air and space museum. two strong earthquakes rock two separate parts of the world today. in central chile. no reports of major damage. and in the south pacific a 7.0 quake shook thiland affpapua new guinea. >> just a few hours or in just a few hours the university of san diego will shake a five story structure fitted with 500 censors and 70 cameras hoping to
7:37 am
understand how earthquakes effect buildings. the top two floors are designed as a mock hospital. the gunman who allegedly killed 77 people in the july rampage in norway said he would have done it again. anders breivik called the spree an attack. a judge hearing the case dismissed hearing a comment on facebook saying. >> ozaguoza -- ozzie guillen re today. the team is bracing for possible protests as they host the chicago cubs in miami. from the world of baseball meet the red sox fan honored for being as old as their legendary stadium. senator john mccain says he has been in touch with the mitt
7:38 am
romney campaign. when asked if he was giving advice based on his own experience. they know you go through a vetting process. you get down to a few people and then the nominee makes a selection. it's pretty routine. let's bring in democratic strategist steve and also washington post national political reporter, karen tumulti. routine, really? >> i don't think i would take advice from john mccain on picking a vice president. i think his selection is a classic example of how not to do this. this is your first big decision. ritser watched by everybody all over the world and you ought to pick somebody who you know and are comfortable with and have done a thorough and complete job of vetting everything there is to know about that person. john mccain violated virtually
7:39 am
everyone of those rules. >> it is humorous that we would hear that word, routine. it seemed to be the opposite for john mccain. to you now karen, because of that experience does mitt romney have fewer choices? can he not select somebody that might be a suzanna martinez or nikki haley? >> i think first of all everything we know about the romney campaign and about mitt romney is that he seems to be by nature a very cautious person. and so he had just yesterday appointed a very close aid, beth myers to oversee this. i think what he is going to be looking for is great discretion. i wood think, again, based on what we have seen of him that he is going to pick somebody who is probably pretty well known, maybe has been through a senate
7:40 am
conformati conformation. i think this is not a campaign that likes surprises. >> back to you here, steve. does it limit his choices because of what happened in 2008 with the g.o.p. vice presidential nominee. >> i think it will be his instijt. i this is going to be a close election. i think john mccain was in the i got to throw a long ball to get myself in contention which turned out to be wrong. >> who is beth myers? >> he's picked somebody who he trusts and is on the staff. that is a sign that he is going to hold this very close and do it very routinely but in the right way. >> so karen, what's going on right now as beth myers begins the search process? how big of a list do you think they will come up with?
7:41 am
very process oriented. is this a very long time or very efficient? >> there are a couple of theories. sometimes they want to choose a running mate. very often they like to hold the options often. maybe at the end he needs help with a specific state or needs a vice presidential nominee who fills in some missing gap of his own resume. in the case of bill clinton picking al gore he doubled down on his suouthener new generatio. >> we love watching that. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> good to be here. get ready for the $60 light
7:42 am
bulb. cnbc jackie is here with what is moving your money. is this a bright idea? >> it's actually a state of the art bulb going on sale at home depot on sunday in honor of earth day. the price tag is $60 for a bulb that lasts 20 years. sounds like a good investment to me. you could get it cheaper as the manufacturer is working on rebate deals to bring the cost down to 20 or $30. >> it better light the entire house for that price. let's move on to land lines. >> let's face it. we live in a wireless world so states are considering and some passing laws to end the requirement that phone companies provide land line service. alabama, kentucky, ohio considering it. think about it in practice. it is already occurring at least
7:43 am
as of last june. nearly 32% of house holds were wireless already. where will the pigeon sit? >> the president keeps talking about tax fairness and the buffett rule. today is tax day. you had two extra days to file because april 15th was a sunday and yesterday was emancipation day in washington, d.c. check out the celebrities who owe back taxes. glen campbell. shannon dougherty. over $332 thousand. gold medal skier is listed at almost 1 million smackers. world champion boxer tops our list today at almost $3 million.
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interested in a recent weight loss pad? you shouldn't be? in a recent survey patients who exercise and ate less lost more weight than fad diets. >> i'm thomas roberts. the agenda next hour a confident mitt romney sends a message to president obama start packing. poll numbers show mitt romney has a long way to go. the sex scandal rocking the secret service with new details. the secrets of a whield night in columbia of the secret service
7:48 am
revealed. and how did the sister of the future queen of england get out. it was overlooked but the president did announce a new trade agreement with columbia. >> we are moving ahead with our landmark trade agreement. i can announce that the free trade agreement will enter into force next month. >> that agreement set off an aflcio trunk who ripped the president on that. what's your problem with this deal? >> well, over the years parade union the defenders of democracy have been targeted for assassination in columbia. they haven't made progress. they haven't done the things necessary to demonstrate that they are serious about it. and the president agreeing to bring them the free trade
7:49 am
agreement removes all leverage they have. today the ranking member of the house ways and means committee agrees with us and says that they haven't made enough progress to give them the trade agreement that the president apparently is going to give them. >> stand by. we are now watching live pictures of a 747 on top of that the space shuttle discovery. the most travelled vehicle. it's now landing in dulles airport. it will then go to the smithsonian for its permanent display. it took off about 7:00 a.m. eastern time. after doing several fly bys over the capitol and the mall it is now finally landing. what a beautiful shot this is. you will never have seen such shots like this in the washington, d.c. area. they got special permission to make the rounds around the white house as well as down the mall, the capitol also seeing
7:50 am
beautiful pictures of the space shuttle discovery. richard trunk, as we look at these pictures, what a sight and what an event it must have been today in washington, d.c. >> we were all on top of our building. employees all around the city were out. the plane came by three or four times. it was exceptional. now it is going to its final resting place. >> it made a nice trip up this eastern sea board heading over georgia and after a two or three hour trip spending about 30 minutes around the washington, d.c. area and then finally making its way out to dulles airport where it will land and then the space shuttle discovery, again, that's nasa's fleet leader of the shuttle fleet. it is the world's most flown space craft now about to finally land and reach its final resting
7:51 am
place. doing several victory laps over the capitol and now doing a bit of a victory lap over dulles before it does settle down. the 747 which if we remember back with 007 and seeing that shuttle after decades now finally we are seeing at least the flight leader the space shuttle discovery being put away and being put up for display which many will enjoy. >> absolutely. >> all right. we're going to take a break for a moment. again, this is the space shuttle discovery about to land on top the 747. we are going to return with richard trunka in just a minute. stay with us. chatters and groan] ♪ ♪
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welcome back to "jansing and co." we were just before the break looking at live pictures out of washington, d.c. as the space
7:55 am
shuttle discovery was just about to land. i also want to bring back our friend, richard trunka. thanks for rolling with us. i know you were able to see the shuttle earlier. we want to get back to questions. you are starting a superpac. you have raised 2.2 million dlsz. what is your plan for this? >> we call it worker's voice an attempt to build an independent voice for workers and for the middle class. our primary focus unlike those of carl rosen and willard romney's which are negative tv ads ours is organizing online and field organizing to empower one-on-one conversations with family and friends and neighbors and co-workers. unlike the other pacs that will go dormant right after the election this one is going to stay in effect so that we can talk to workers, all workers,
7:56 am
union and nonunion. >> which you could not do before. with this money are you going to get involved in the presidential race or any political race? >> we'll be involved in a bunch of political races with those people who are going to support us in this thing. >> thank you so much for your time today. afl-cio president. now to live pictures. we are still watching the space shuttle discovery do a couple of victory laps at the moment before it lands in dulles. everybody enjoying the shots here. up next we have thomas roberts. stick with au us. "highest in customer satisfaction in the united states." call or go to to discover for yourself why we're engineered to amaze.
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