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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  April 25, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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his family joins me to talk about how he went from popular to pulverized on the web in just a month. the dangerous new trend sweeping los angeles teens, kids using hand sanitizer to get drunk. parents, you need to hear this story. hi, everybody, great to have you with me. i am thomas roberts. we have a jam packed agenda starting with breaking news on msnbc and nbc news confirming that newt gingrich will suspend his campaign for president and do so next week. he is deciding to do after a four-hour meeting last night and says there is a high likelihood he will endorse the presumptive gop nominee as well, presumptive because mitt romney scored a decisive five state sweep shuttingall. the victories helped him sprint way ahead in the slow and steady race for delegates. take a peek. romney used the victory lap from pivot from the primary season to the general election and his opponent, president obama.
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>> this america is fundamentally fair. we will stop the unfairness of urban children being denied access to the good schools of their choice. those who promise to spread the wealth around only ever succeed in spreading poverty around. it is still about the economy and we are not stupid. >> joining me today for our political power panel, we have alyssa mendez and jp freyer and jonathan capehart. jonathan, i want to start with you. newt gingrich saying he will suspend or drop out saying this is all because of logistical reasons but here is what he had to say just a little while ago this morning. take a listen. >> i do think it is pretty clear that governor romney is only going to be the nominee and we'll do everything we can to make sure that he is in fact effective and that we as a team
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are effective both in winning this fall and then frankly in governing. >> and then on the other hand we are rick santorum who gave a not so full endorsement last night of mitt romney. take a listen to that. >> do you believe that mitt romney is the right guy? >> i believe he is better -- obviously i believed i was the better choice. i am not in the race anymore. >> he won the race. is he therefore the right guy. >> absolutely. >> the petals have fallen off the rose around this. newt gingrich making this announcement that will most likely drop out on tuesday of next week. rick santorum said that he has has a meeting scheduled with mitt romney on may 4th. is newt gingrich about to steal the santorum thunder? >> if he is, great. fine. you should have gotten out a long time ago. he is getting out now because he put all of his eggs in the delaware basket. et been in the state many times
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during this fall low period in terms of primaries and made it clear if we win delaware, that's our spring board to north carolina and other states coming up and that will be our third bite at the apple of trying to take the nomination. didn't happen. he had to get out. rick santorum on the other hand, you know, the idea that he will not for the life of him just endorse mitt romney shows him to be rather ingracious. i think steve schmidt, i can't remember the word he used, but very similar to that. >> talking about being the poker player and over playing his hand. >> exactly what kind of leverage he will have at the may 4th meeting, i don't know. the longer he draws this out i think as steve said says the less leverage he will have against mitt romney. >> the good cards being dealt to mitt romney more and more right now. j.p., let me get your thoughts. what do you think about newt gingrich not dropping out completely, saying he will hold out. we have jackie gingrich cushman on yesterday saying this campaign has always been about reassessing, reassessing, so why the way lay to next week? >> i think it is probably a
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little smart for newt gingrich to stick around and make sure president obama has targets to go after and that mitt romney's feet are held to the fire. so long as gingrich is promoting a fairly conservative message romney will have to be responsive to he can't tack to the center the way he wants to. >> we talked about mitt romney hitting the restart button and doing so last night and forcing mitt romney to wander way over to the right. where are the windows of opportunity as he seeks to appeal this wider base now but not alienate all of those that he collected over on the right? >> i think he is on exactly the message he ought to be on, focusing exclusively on the economy and there are still a number of positions he will have to clarify and moderate. already you see him saying he did not call arizona's sb 070 a national model. you see him being more considerate of the dream act or the conservative alternative to the dream act so on myriad
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issues he will have to come back to the center and that's why you hear him talking about the economy. it is his strongest point. at the same time i think it is interesting they're saying, republicans saying, that barack obama doesn't want to talk about his record. you don't hear mitt romney talking about his time as governor of massachusetts. that's because that doesn't appeal to his conservative base. even on the economy he continues to walk a fine line. >> romney refusing to hand over the fairness argument to the president and took it straight ahead last night when he referred to it not only trying to render the president's argument for re-election ineffective but seeking to erode the president's support among the core constituencies in this country. could that work? >> i think it could. a lot of conservatives and moderates have not been satisfied with this gimmicks put out by the democratic party in this. you have the buffett rule and the overall discussion of millionaires and tax fairness and all of that and none of which seem to address the real problem in the economy which is that we need to address
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entitlements and we need real leadership that obama reefd to provide. >> as the president heads into the general election he is showcasing the ease or cool confidence that he has amassed as president. take a look at this from jimmy fallon last night. >> now is not the time to make school more expensive for our young people. ♪ >> oh, yeah. you should listen to the president. or as i like to call him, the presi of the united steasi. >> frankly, i don't buy it. >> mmm, mmm, mmm. the ba rackness monster ain't buying it. >> college kids all around and the president earlier in the day spoke to college students yesterday referencing himself and the first lady saying they only paid off their student loans over eight years ago and
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when they got together to get maerds they sat down to figure out what are our wins and losses of getting together and we have a lot of debt when we get married. >> right. >> what does it say that the president can go out and do something like that and does mitt romney see this as a challenge? maybe accepting to go on "saturday night live" and say i have to raise the ante here? >> the difference between mitt romney and barack obama. barack obama despite the low job approval numbers, he has a very high like ability rating. people just like him. they feel comfortable with him. he is clearly comfortable enough in his own skin to go on jimmy fallon and other programs and just be funny and be himself. mitt romney on "saturday night live," if he does it and please do it, i think will be a highly rated program. people want to see. >> dwraes camera one, close up. >> yes. i think people want to see does he have it in him to be personable and funny, to laugh at himself? we're not sure he can do that. despite the cool confidence we're seeing in the president, keep in mind he was talking to
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young voters. he was in north carolina. he needs north carolina if he wants to win re-election and needs voters to come out in the convey they did four years ago in he wants to win re-election. >> and i think a lot of people want to see him resonate in the capacity and be likeable like that because he has this robot personality thing going on but his family says he is a real cut up. switch to something else. the topics in the repeat controversy involving you and james o'keefe who used your name to attempt to commit voter fraud. it is a video making its way around the web right now and i want to show it to everybody. he used your name as well as other names of well known people to prove a point about voting. >> with he wsd the name the poll worker asked us for id. because they asked us for identification they prevented us from being offered alicia menendez's ballot. >> do you have id.
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>> it is in the car. i will get it. >> this was a way to prove holes within the system about what's going on in this country, to prove the reason why we need voter id laws. you look from the other angle. what's your response to the video itself and what's your response to being used like that? >> well, no one wants to be used like that. no one wants someone going into their polling place and pretending to be them and fortunately most americans tonight do that. in fact, voter fraud is so rare that james o'keefe had to go out and try to create it himself in order to make this point. what he fails to tell you is there are already systems in place to make sure this type of thing can't happen. say i had been the second person to go to the poll, i would have been given a provisional ballot. i would have then cancelled out that first vote, so we already have systems in place. we should be talking about how to bring more people into the system and talking about same day voter registration, online voter registration, not talking about how we keep one out of every ten americans from casting
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their vote. >> she said i am going to go out to the car and come back and never came back. it was interesting to watch and i am sure people should he can which out your write up on this on nbc latino. it is interesting the takedown that you have on this. thanks to you will aof you. i really appreciate you being here with me this morning. >> thanks. >> arizona's immigration law is being looked at by it i highest court in the land and listening to oral arg ums that allows poo police to question immigration status if officers suspect someone of being in the country illegally. it is dubbed the papers please law and at the heart of it is the question of whether states can adopt their own immigration measures or whether the federal government has almost exclusive authority over that issue. other states have followed arizona's lead and you better believe hispanic voters are watching closely. later in the hour pete williams joins me to talk about the arguments as they wrap up and i will speak with democratic congressman gu ti errez from the
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supreme court and gosar from arizona. stunning noo news. they say madelyn mccann could be ai have loo. she have released an age progression image and identified nearly 200 items worth investigating. madelain was nearly four years old when she vanished from her parents holiday apartment in portugal as they do i understand nearby. the image is stunning for people to look at. let's talk about what is behind the timing of this and what investigators feel are some of the new leads. >> the timing is due to the anniversary next week, five years, since she disappeared. it is also her birthday and the following week when she would have turned nine. they want to use this opportunity to issue a new appeal and issue a photograph as she would have been age nine. they're saying they have 195 investigative opportunities and in other words new leads.
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these are based on looking back over the investigation and what they're saying is historic investigation and the investigation that was carried out over the last five years. they're bringing together three unique strands, they said, altogether, so it is the portuguese police's investigation, the british police investigation and also the investigation carried out by madelain mccann's parent, private investigator investigators, so bringing those together and using a cohesive approach to see where the gaps are and answer the unanswered questions, thomas. >> thanks so much. i appreciate it. john edwards contempt for reel hunter comes out and all comes out in court. details in the heeth wards trial and rielle hunter's lavish spending with edwards' hush money. just when you thought that the kids couldn't find anything else to get high with, along comes this story. l.a. teens using hand sanitizer to get drunk and health officials are sounding the parental alarm. then the iowa teen who took his own life after being bullied
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welcome back, everybody. explosive testimony in the john edwards corruption trial today. edwards defense team gets to cross-examine star prosecutor witness andrew young. the former aid laying out a sensational tale of deception in which hundreds of thousands of dollars were used to cover up his extra marital after with a woman he called, his words, not mine, a crazy slut. jay gray is outside with more for us. talk about andrew young and the testimony alleging incredible details about this affair that edwards had with reel hunter and got $1.2 million, spent it on a
8:17 am
bmw, shopping sprees, trips by private jet and luxury hotel suites. how is the defense trying to discredit andrew young and what he is telling and revealing? >> thomas, pretty amazing and plays out like a soap opera, the money, intrigue, affairs. look, today andrew young back on the stand and the only witness taking the stand so far. you talked about the defense likely will get their shot at mr. young today and telling of that, i believe, his wife who has been implicated in some of this showed up for the first time just a few moments ago. she will be in the courtroom with the defense does get their chance to cross-examine. what will they look at? they'll say that andrew young was someone out to try and get to the top and that he was using john edwards and also will say that he siphoned that money off going to rielle hunter and that he used it to build more than $1 million home in chap i will hill, north carolina and say
8:18 am
that he knew exactly what was going on and orchestrated all of this and john edwards was above the fray. you might remember that yesterday when the harsh words were spoken and the intricate details of the money moving from an interior designer through the young's personal accounting ultimately to john edwards pregnant mistress at the time, that he repeatedly said on the stand that edwards told him it was completely legal and the defense expected to use that as well. >> i think a lot of people may remember andrew young wrote a book called the politician so how is the defense being able to use what he wrote years ago into the story telling of what we're seeing today and remind everybody the prosecution has given young immunity. >> yeah, absolutely. he has admitted in the past that some of the things in the book were not true, that he made them up, and i think the defense will really hone in and say what can we believe from this man and they will also again point to his taking some of the money that was donated by bunny
8:19 am
mellon, $900,000, using that for his home and other things they show say show he is not a credible witness in this case. >> jay gray reporting outside live of the greensboro, north carolina, court there. thank you. appreciate it. homeland security secretary janet napolitano on the hot seat in the secret service scandal and questioned by the senate judiciary committee about an issue brieing global disgrace to the agency and something she says will not be tolerated. >> the allegations are inexcusable and we take them very seriously. a full and thorough investigation is under way to determine exactly what transpired and actions we need to take to ensure this kind of conduct doesn't happen again. >> members of committee expressed relief that the agency's protocol is being addressed given the need to protect america's leadership. >> i can't think of anything
8:20 am
that would aside from the personal tragedy, anything that would look worse to the rest of the world if something happened either to president obama or governor romney, especially during a presidential election. i think everybody here would agree with that. >> we're lucky to have found out about this. if that had been an argument between one of the agents and i guess a prostitute for lack of a better woshd about money, we probably would have never known about this. >> tim murphy is the former deputy director of the fbi and joins me in studio. it is great to have you here. obviously americans have plentiful pride in the secret service and for the work that everyone does and the devotion they have to the service and the president spoke out about the scandal itself last night when asked by jimmy fallon and i want to show everybody. take a listen. >> 99.9% of them every day they're putting their life on the line and do a great job. so a couple of knuckleheads
8:21 am
shouldn't detract from what they do but what these guys were thinking, i don't know. that's why they're not there anymore. >> do you think that the president's anger, the disappointment that most of our elected leaders are expressing about this is warranted and something will change? >> i think it is definitely warranted. i have interacted with secret service agents for 23 years in law enforcement and it is not a representative sample of what i have dealt with over the years. everybody knows this is shocking behavior. it is unprofessional. it brings shames to the agents, current and past, and all the rest of the employees. there is 3,500 secret service agents, 1,500 uniform personnel. it is an issue for them. they have a lot of rebuilding to do. i think the outrage is appropriately placed. >> sparking a lot of reaction to opposing political views also weighing on this controversy itself. how speaker john boehner addressed the scandal as did former president jimmy carter
8:22 am
expressing similar views to my colleague chris jansing. take a listen. >> i think the scandal is a real black mark on the secret service and frankly on our country. there are a number of investigations under way which are appropriate. when all the facts are available, then we can make some decisions about whether improvements need to be made, and whether everyone was held accountable. >> i have had more than 200 secret service agents work with me before and during and after i was president. i would say that there is no other single group of public servants that i have ever known and that would equal their standards of morality and proper activity and proper service and dedication to their very dangerous and difficult job. >> certainly strong words from both sides on this, tim, and 234 the recent "washington post" article it does suggest, though, this type of thing has happened before and from your years of service and what you know of the u.s. embassy had not gotten
8:23 am
involved in columbia, would this be something brushed under the rug, asked forgiveness, not permission attitude granted on what happened in columbia. >> it will be hard to tell. something on this scale is unprecedented. if it would have been individual, we may never have found out. i will tell you in the federal government, in the law enforcement agencies, something on this scale likely down the road would have been reported somewhere of their activity. they were in touch with foreign nationals which violates all sorts of security personnel or all sorts of policies in the government that have to be reported, so i think down the road we would have found something out because of the largeness of this unauthorized activity. >> former fbi deputy director tim murphy. thanks for the insight. the u.s. confirms the first case in six years of mad cow disease. what health officials are saying about it. plus former nfl star dion sanders tackled alleged by by his estranged wife and what she is saying that landed her in jail.
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from popular to polarizing and bullied to death. he took his own life after coming out as gay. i will talk to his mother and sister. the supreme court hears arguments in the controversial arizona immigration law and a report from the court and law i can maers on both sides of that issue. about flakes? since before jeans were this skinny. not since us three got a haircut. not since my first twenty-ninth birthday. [ female announcer ] head & shoulders. scalp and hair beyond compare. when you pour chunky beef with country vegetables soup over it... you can do dinner. four minutes, around four bucks. campbell's chunky. it's amazing what soup can do.
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to roll over my old 401(k) into a fidelity ira. man: okay, no problem. it's easy to get started; i can help you with the paperwork. um...this green line just appeared on my floor. yeah, that's fidelity helping you reach your financial goals. could you hold on a second? it's your money. roll over your old 401(k) into a fidelity ira and take control of your personal economy. this is going to be helpful. call or come in today. fidelity investments. turn here. >> here is a look at other stories topping the news, two major south korean retailers are bulge u.s. beef if their stores after a case was mad cow disease was discovered in a dairy cow in california. this new case is the first in the u.s. since 2006. health authorities say the animal was never a threat to the nation's food supply and the animal got the disease from a random genetic mutation. take a deep breath,
8:31 am
everybody. the american lung association released its list of u.s. cities with the most and least polluted air. all favor of the worst year-round police are in california, bakersfield, hanford, los angeles, fresno. the cleanest, san atake, new mexico, cheyenne, wyoming, prescott and tucson in arizona and albuquerque, new mexico. so the stock market getting a nice kick in the ticker after another stellar earnings report for the folks at apple all thanks to the sales of iphones and ipads. how many you wonder? get this, 31.5 million iphones and 11.8 million ipads. wow. the quarterly profit 11.62 billion. that's a 94% increase from last year. the wife of former dallas cowboys star dion sanders is speaking out about the divorce drama that left the couple facing legal trouble. the hall of famer was cited for misdemeanor assault and the wife arrested after a con frn station
8:32 am
at the couple's mansion. sanders took to twitter to say she attacked him and his wife told reporters outside the jail she is being treated unfairly. >> i understand that i have very little chance at beating a hall of fame two-sport man that everyone seems to love and adore. >> the sanders filed for divorce in december, a judge has sealed the divorce filing and placed both sides under a gag order. metta world peace, the l.a. laker formerly known assist ron artest was slapped with a seven game suspension after elbowing james harden in the head during sunday's game. the playoffs begin saturday. if both teams make it to the second round world peace and harden could face off in a rematch. a troubling new trend that's emerging among teens in california. they are drinking hand sanitizer all in an effort to get intoxicated, doing this has landed 16s in the los angeles
8:33 am
area emergency rooms in recent months. each drank hand sanitizer distilled into a 120 proof shot, a new technique shocking parents. >> what do you say what? >> that's terrible. >> joining me is dr. jeffrey upperman, the director of drama of the children's hospital for los angeles. it is great to have you here. what's in the hand sanitizer that is tipping kids off allowing them to create this potent type of cocktail? >> well, there is about 60% ethanol and that's the equivalent of about two shots of hard liquor. that's 120 proof. it is quite potent. >> when we talk about the fact that this is coming to the attention of the media and parents around the country because of the six kids that were taken to emergency rooms in los angeles, let's talk about the side effects, the health impacts of those that are attempting to do this.
8:34 am
>> well, children's hospital in earring la, we're a level 1 trauma center and we're concerned about the at risk behavior that would lead to car crashes, distracted driving and all the things that would end up in the trauma center not to mention toddlers that could develop alcohol poisoning. all of those things are concerning. >> hand sanitizer has become all the rage over the last ten years, especially for parents and those that are caretakers and to have this on their desks or for people to carry in their backpack or women in their purses. kids use these all the time. they're a modern day convenience. what are the tips from you to parents out there to advise and protect their kids from this? >> well, children's hospital we believe in safety. we believe in sanitary health habits, but in in case we'll have to be a little more thoughtful. we're going to have to put it away when we have toddlers in our home and make sure they get it and watch them use it and for teenagers we'll have to watch their behavior and make sure
8:35 am
they're not taking extra around the house we have to up with a the behavior. >> this is a lot of shocker for parents but fwlad to talk about it and raise the level of conversation especially if they're trying it and getting sick. sir, thank you. absolutely. we have new details this hour on that supreme court battle that we mentioned over arizona's controversial immigration law. pete williams joins me outside the supreme court fresh from inside where the oral arguments just wrapped up. pete, what stood out in the arguments from today? >> i would say based simply on the oral argument the supreme court may uphold parts of the arizona law that were struck down by the courts, perhaps even the most controversial part which said that arizona police that detained people for other reasons must check on immigration status and detain them until the status can be verified. the federal government seems to concede here that the only time the state police in arizona will use this authority is when they
8:36 am
pick people up for some other reason, some infraction, a traffic offense, something else so they're not just going to be snatching people off the streets to check on immigration status. secondly, even some of the court's liberals seem to be thick that arizona may simply be doing what federal law suggests they will do which is ask the feds, we have this person, we're holding them anyway. is there in reason you want us to hold them for immigration purposes and if the federal government says no, then in many cases those people would be released. a problem for arizona is that there are two other places where people can be prosecuted and the federal government wouldn't prosecute them and that's if people are just here and don't have the right papers, that's not a criminal violation under federal law. it is under arizona. secondly, if someone who is here illegally applies for work, that's not a crime under federal law. it would be under state law. those two provisions may be in trouble. not the first one, thomas. >> pete williams, thank you, sir. appreciate it. want to bring in republican congressman from arizona, paul g
8:37 am
on. sar to the conversation. good to have you here. i want to let everybody know on your campaign website you say, quote, the federal government has completely failed its constitutional, legal and moral duty to secure our borders. explain to all of us being from arizona why you believe this law is needed in arizona to remedy the immigration issue for that state. >> well, it is not just immigration for the state of arizona but the united states. we have a set of laws and the u.s. go of the is not enforcing them. we have seen the drug violence increase and we have seen numerous illegal immigrants come into the country, so the government has not done its job, tom. >> are you saying that arizona's model of what it is trying to put through, what people refer to as the papers please law should be something the federal government looks at as a model to institute for the country? >> i think arizona has come to the table to question this relationship because in order to get somewhere, we all have to do
8:38 am
this together and instead of suing arizona we should be at the table. this administration should be at the table trying to solve. this americans agree, two out of three agree with american's immigration law. >> there are people that refer to this as state sanction the racial profiling. how do you respond to criticism about the law and some people would consider to be over the top? >> absolutely. what ends up happening, those people are unknowledgeable about the bill because it specifically does not allow for racial profiling and those people are acting to divide us instead of trying to unify us on a common problem. >> what is does it ask for people to look for in terms of authority when they look for people they consider to be here undocumented. >> i think what you do is that it allows for our law enforcement which federal government and federal courts have upheld as they allow them to adjudicate on a local level and that if they're stopped at a crime scene or at a traffic stop they ask their immigration process. you have to remember this doesn't have a face of illegal
8:39 am
immigration. every one out of every three coming across the border illegally is other than a mexican many it race. >> thank you, sir. appreciate your time. >> want to talk on the other side now. democratic congresswoman from illinois joins us. you're outside the supreme court. you have been quoted as saying this arizona law is, quote, state sanctioned racial profiling and i brought the term up just now to congresswoman gosar. why do you think the state law would do more harm than it does good? >> number one, let's make it clear the only way you can enforce the arizona law is by saying, well, maybe i don't like their boots. is that a foreigner? the accent of their voice when they answer a question, the color of their skin. maybe their last name. that's the only way you can enforce this law. i mean, there is no way the police department and any one of these localities can enforce immigration law and suspect people of being here undocumented unless they stop,
8:40 am
so we understand clearly this is show me your papers, the kind of law, and we can't have 50 different immigration laws all differently implemented across the country. look, i believe the answer to all of this is comprehensive immigration reform. let's not look lightly on the fact that 1 million people have been deported, unprecedented in the last three years and put more resources on the border than ever before and more jaltz and more enforcement agents and don't solve the problem. what they want is to exploit a political issue. lastly, look, i have come before the congress of the united states with my friend congresswoman flank, now running for senator, but he says what we were doing in the past is wrong, senator mccain that introduced the legislation bipartisan matter with senator kennedy at that point and i and congressman flank and the house all of our republican partners have said, no, let's just have 1070 in arizona, let's not have a solution to the problem.
8:41 am
they say the federal government isn't doing their job. i say the congress is not doing its job. >> sir, do you think then that as you said it needs to be a 50-state solution so is it your goal to try to get something broader changed within the federal immigration laws so that arizona, other states just like arizona don't have to go out on their own to try to em bra is and secure their own borders? >> absolutely. what i want to say is that there is less an that honesty in the argument when you have a party in control of the house of representatives, when you have the two senators from the state of arizona, who will not sit at the table with their former partners, wasn't like we didn't ever have a partner, no, they were partners in the solution but now have decided to dem going the issue and exploit it and put at risk the civil rights of the population of people of arizona and there are those in america who say we will not tolerate racial profiling and the unnecessary violations of
8:42 am
people's civil rights for a false law under a false premise which doesn't get us to our solution which is to secure our borders and to make sure that we have an immigration system that truly serves the right purposes. >> thank you so much for joining me this morning. i appreciate it. we move onto a different subject in entertainment news for you and once again beyonce proves why she is the most popular star on the planet, just named "people magazine's" world's most beautiful woman for 2012 and says she has never felt more beautiful because she has given birth. she is a new mom. remember, beyonce and husband rapper jay-z welcomed their daughter into the world in january. the young girl is blue ivy carter. [ barking ] i'm your dog,
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8:46 am
side bar. president obama explained to the late night host what potus stands for in a slow jam style. >> the president knows his stuff, you all. that's why they call him the potus which means person on top of -- what is it? >> jimmy, potus stands for president of the united states. >> he is the potus with the mostest. >> potus with the mostest and yogurt covered too. getting slimed, sort of, while meeting college kids in boulder, colorado yesterday. >> what's that, you got me. >> you got me. whose yogurt. >> it was mine. >> you have a good story to tell. >> the young woman says it wasn't exactly yogurt, more par take and claims it wasn't her fault and a photographer kicked it and it was his fault. diplomacy suits hillary clinton well.
8:47 am
according to a new poll the favorable rating stands at 65% and just 27% viewer unfavorably. tina fey, the first woman to portray sarah palin other than sarah palin herself gives a thumb's up to julianne moore that plays pai len in the movie game change and she said she saw the movie and thought she was so good, good enough to get an emmy and red, red wine to the governor's head, he may be crushed like a group for comments criticizing california's wine. >> finally someone said, governor, what about california wine and i said they make jug wine. we make fine wine and everybody toasted. >> all right. a little state battle over the wines. at least one wine maker does agree saying washington gets more sunlight than other parts of california, better wine. a question. should undocumented immigrants here all their lives, their entire lives, be allowed to stay and flourish and even allowed to practice law?
8:48 am
my next guest is at the center of what could be a landmark case. back with that and more after this. you are what you eat. you can slow the aging process adding certain foods to your diet. blueberries contain antioxidants and combat inflammation and help boost memory. yogurt, particularly the greek variety is high in calcium to prevent osteoprosis. nutritionists say even the antioxidants in red wine can help prevent cells from aging. [ male announcer ] this is lois. the day starts with arthritis pain... a load of new listings... and two pills. after a morning of walk-ups, it's back to more pain, back to more pills. the evening showings bring more pain and more pills. sealing the deal... when, hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. it can relieve pain all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is lois... who chose two aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels.
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welcome back, everybody. take a look at this. a recent teen suicide in iowa inspired the sioux city journal newspaper to make a bold and full front page editorial statement against bullying headlined we must start bullying. it starts here, now. this all after 148-year-old kenneth took his life on april 15th. his family says the once popular teen was driven to his death by bullies only a few weeks after coming out at gay. joining me by squip is kenneth's mom, janie chambers and his sister, kayla. i want to extend my condolences
8:52 am
to both of you and your family for the loss of kenneth. i know you are here to talk about what he went through to honor his memory. janie, what kind of son, what kind of boy was kenneth? >> very, very giving, always happy. always give a lending hand. he had a lot of friends, and he was pretty unique. very unique. >> i want to read part of the editorial of the sue city journal. it says in kenneth's case, the warnings were everywhere. we saw it happen in other communities. now it has hit home. undoubtedly it wasn't the first life lost to bullying ear but we can strive to make it the last. kayla, how did things change for your brother, for kenneth and the way he was treat after coming out at gay. >> he was really popular at first like he had a lot of friends. once he came out he was gay, a lot of people didn't like that, so they starred making fun of him for it.
8:53 am
at the had some friends, his friends in history, if everyone loved him equally. >> an has there been any follow-up for the groups of people who had been harassing your son through e-mails, through facebook, either by school or local police authorities? >> actually, the local police authorities are investigating. they're checking his facebook, his phone, and any other sites that he was on. >> kayla, correct me if i'm wrong, you're 16, correct? >> yep. >> explain to all of us because marriage equality is legal in iowa. there will have never been more public figures who are openly lgbt as role models and never nor allies condemning mehmet t hooem phobic behavior in our country. lou can we do better to teach compassion and respect? what are you seeing in your peer level that you could help us teach kids respect and compassion for each other?
8:54 am
>> it starts at home actually. it starts at home. i feel like when we will go to school, they like try to close it off a little bit. like i feel like they need to start at a younger age and teach children that it's wrong, you know, and i feel if they have consequences, they need to stick to the consequences. >> jeannie, there's also in the paper it will says there'ses in new group called for our youth wilaims to prevent bullying from happening again, just like kayla says. do you think this does need to be at home, parents, your peers, people that are adults and that have young kids that need to be having these direct and important conversations at home around the kitchen table talking about respect, compassion, and tolerance for fellow human beings? >> yes, i do, and i think that also, that if a child keeps bullying another child over and over again, the parents should be responsible. >> in the case of kenneth, how
8:55 am
do you want to continue keeping his memory alive to make sure that there are other kids who are out there probably thousands, maybe even in the millions in this country, who may have similar situations like what kenneth went through? what's your message to them? >> my mess and to them, it does get better. i mean, ending your own life, obviously, to me isn't the right choice. there's people out there that will help you. i know some kids, some of the ladies talked to me, young girls said they were scared when this he seen him getting bullied and wish they had said something. there's always somebody that will help you. there's a lot of people that have a lot of compassion. there's actually good people out in the world. you know? and i just want people -- i don't blame the bullies. i don't want, if there is something happening, i don't want their names to get out in public. i just would like for him to get
8:56 am
in counseling or something. it's got stop. you can't just start bull uing a person. >> how have kids been treating you since kenneth's death, kayla? >> well, it's been all right. like really comforting and stuff but there's a lot of rumors going around about things, and a lot of people are hating on our school and stuff sending hate much text messages to the students and staff. it's kind of horrible. >> again, yeenie and kayla, you have all of our condo lenses and support. we're sorry for your loss but appreciate you coming to join us today and trying to make a difference. thank you so much. >> thank you. that's going to wrap things up for me today. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. until then follow me on twitter @thomas r roberts. outside of the supreme court right now, arizona governor jan brewer is speaking to reporters after the oral arguments wrapped up over arizona's controversial
8:57 am
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