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tv   The Last Word  MSNBC  May 1, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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and hey look weigh r wait, there it is on the official wisconsin state quarter. with a cow and ear of corn and wheel of cheese. yeah, that cow looks like a commy to me. i heard that trotski loved cheese. what is next sounds a little collective. david axelrod knows it too, i bet. now it is time for "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." lawrence's guest tonight, none other than alec baldwin. have a great night. nine years ago today president bush announced our mission was accomplished in iraq. one year ago today president obama announced he got osama bin laden. and today president obama announced how he will end the war in afghanistan. >> good evening. from bagram air base. >> the president made a surprise visit. >> president obama has arrived in afghanistan. >> to afghanistan. >> tonight i would like to tell you how we will complete our
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mission. >> he is meeting with hamid karzai. >> today i signed an historic agreement. >> on the one-year anniversary. >> the death of osama bin laden. >> the death of osama bin laden. >> it was here where osama bin laden established a safe haven for his terrorist organization. >> let's not make the capture or killing of osama bin laden a politically divisive event. >> in new york city with rudy giuliani. >> the man dubbed america's mayor. >> good to be here with rudy giuliani. >> with rudy giuliani at a firehouse. >> this on the anniversary of the day that osama bin laden finally was taken out. >> is there a little bit of hypocrisy. >> trying to politicize this. >> disappointing. >> all i want to do is say thank you. >> he was decisive, he made the right decision. >> a very courageous call that made. >> look what the result was. >> and killed by a drone strike. >> president obama. >> troops out of iraq. >> president succeeded. >> president planning for
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withdraw from afghanistan. >> our commander-in-chief gave the order. >> these are, are they not, considerable achievements for this president? >> god bless you. god bless the united states of america. now i want to shake some hands. >> the breaking news at this hour is that president obama is on his way back to the united states after his address to the nation from bagram airfield in afghanistan on the one-year anniversary of s.e.a.l. team six's successful mission to get osama bin laden. tonight the commander-in-chief hailed the united states military's accomplishments in afghanistan. >> we broke the taliban's momentum. we built strong afghan security forces. we devastated al qaeda's leadership taking out over 20 of their top 30 leaders. and one year ago, from a base here in afghanistan, our troops
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launched the operation that killed osama bin laden. the bold goal that i set to defeat al qaeda and deny it a chance to rebuild is now within our reach. >> the president then described the path forward for the united states after its combat troops withdraw from afghanistan by the end of 2014. >> emerge from a decade of conflict abroad and economic crisis at home. it's time to renew america. an america where our children live free from fear and have the skills to claim their dreams. a united america. of grit and resilience. sun light glistens off towers from manhattan and we rebuild as as one people, one nation. the war began here in afghanistan and this is where it will end. >> president obama's remarks follow a surprise flight to afghanistan under the cover of darkness to meet with u.s.
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troops and sign the strategic partnership agreement between the united states and afghanistan. that agreement outlines the role the u.s. will play in afghanistan and the decade after 2014 when the draw down of u.s. forces is complete. mitt romney has said that u.s. should bring home troops from afghanistan, quote, as soon as our generals think it's okay. end quote. he has also criticized president obama for publicly announcing the administration's withdraw, a plan saying that would innocent advise the taliban to wait out the withdraw. as of today the war in afghanistan left 1,948 u.s. troops dead and 15,786 wounded. joining me now democratic strategist and msnbc krystal ball and aol editorial director and msnbc political analyst howard fineman.
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thank you both for joining me. krystal, our assessment of the president's speech. >> i think he did a very good job. he does what he does best which is balancing the pragmatic and laying down five very concrete steps as to how we will end this conflict and tie it into american values and make it idealistic adds well. what came to mind for me with some of his rhetoric was ronald reagan and he said here in the predawn darkness of afghanistan we can see a light of the new day on horizon. it is exactly that hopeful rhetoric that made us fall in love with this president in the first place. >> howard fineman, is hopeful rhetoric and an outline of where we go in the withdraw, what america was ready to hear tonight? >> oh, i think americans want to hear how we will get out of there, how we will stop risking american and losing american lives and pressure there, while not allowing al qaeda to reestablish itself. i thought the president was very shrewd in laying out a game plan
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now so he doesn't have to argue about it later in the midst of the presidential campaign. i think this was both a diplomatic speech and political speech. designed to sort of take this off the table, lay out exactly what his plan is, henceforth throughout the campaign and indeed in the years ahead. politically, this was a -- this was a campaign speech. but interestingly mitt romney didn't complain. just a few minutes ago lawrence, mitt romney's campaign put out a very carefully worded statement, congratulate and thanking the president for going to afghanistan to talk to the troops to meet with the troops. even though this has been sort of osama bin laden week politically for the obama white house, mitt romney didn't complain today, which is a sign of how much the -- of the upper hand the president has as commander-in-chief right now politically. >> it also seemed like a smart reaction under the circumstances. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. >> let this president have the night and fight another day.
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>> absolutely. >> if you look at the polling the president has 17 point advantage over romney in terms of who americans trust to handle our foreign policy. i think it is tough to go against an incumbent. he has been there, traveled america and faced abroad. but having been a governor and not senator his foreign policy experience is managing the olympics and having swiss bank accounts. it is a tough battle for him to win. one thing we have been talking about is this election will be fought on the terrain of the economy. that will be the big issue this year. but i don't think we should underestimate how important the foreign policy narrative is as well. the president won't be able to win this election based on foreign policy success. but he sure as heck could lose it if he did not have a successful foreign policy because you know that's an area the republicans would love to go after him for.
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and he has just been so unassailable that he is completely undermined their argument. >> now, the president knows that mitt romney said that timetables should be whatever the generals say the timetables should be which is an echo of john mccain over the years on these things. let's listen to how the president anticipated that in his speech tonight and see how he chose this withdraw timetable. >> as we move forward, some people will ask, why we need a firm time line. the answer is clear. our goal is not to build a country in america's image or to eradicate every vestige of the taliban. these objectives would require many more years. many more dollars. most importantly, many more american lives. others will ask, why don't we leave immediately. that answer is also clear. we must give afghanistan the opportunity to stabilize. otherwise our gains could be lost. and al qaeda could establish itself once more. and as commander-in-chief, i
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refuse to let that happen. >> howard, as far as establishing a country as he put it in america's image, i think the american people know that's impossible in afghanistan. >> i thought this was in terms of diplomacy again, i thought this was very well and carefully calibrated. he set up the too hot and too cold porridge. i think most of the american people who study this will agree. he got positive words from john mccain as well as mitt romney and i think most democrats who want the united states out of there military are going to look to the military timetable satisfaction and i think the president played it just right. he is just jamming it down the republicans' throat. tomorrow night there will be an hour-long documentary on nbc and talk about how he ran "the situation room." it is from bill clinton last weekend, through the ads,
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through the speeches. the president is putting this part of the portfolio away and will return to the economy after this. >> let's listen to how he brought this story in afghanistan back to domestic politics talking about the troops and bringing the troops home. >> in an age when so many institutions have come up short, these americans stood tall. we must give our veterans and military families the support they deserve and opportunities they have earned. and we must redouble our efforts to build a nation worthy of their sacrifice. >> turn the page of that afghanistan story into a domestic politics. >> and the two are connected. i mean, we have been limited of what we do at home because of money and focus we spent abroad. it is not a stretch at all it make that connection. i think it is an argument that resonates with the american people too. people say we have a lot of nation building we need to do at home and the president is really affirming that.
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two thirds of americans are ready for us to be done with this conflict in afghanistan. so again, mitt romney and the republicans, it would be very hard for them to find a way it attack the president on this front. and that's his -- that's unique for democrats to have the upper hand in foreign policy in this way. really in the last, you know, 25 years at least, republicans have been the strong ones. they have been the ones that the populous trusted on foreign policy and national security. it is quite remarkable that this president's policy has been so good and so nuanced and so successful that he has unassailably taken the upper hand on this. >> howard fineman and krystal ball, thank you for joining me to knit. >> thank you lawrence. coming up, it's not just one year since killing osama bin laden, one year ago mission accomplished. and republicans are now pretending they never used the politics of war against democrats.
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in to knit's rewrite, historian newt gingrich tries to rewrite the gingrich for president campaign. we have the real history of that campaign on video. and the king of "30 rock" is here tonight. emmy golden globe winner, alec baldwin is here to talk about who he thinks will be the win are of the 2012 presidential campaign and anything else mr. baldwin wants to talk about. because i am not about to try to tell alec baldwin what to say. it is alec baldwin's world, we are just lucky to live in it. i don't know when he will be on show. he could arrive early or late. he could be the next guest or the last guest. co-sit there where krystal is sitting or here. it is alec baldwin we are talking about. i have no idea. this is not the night, this is not the night to change channels. do not surf tonight. alec baldwin is officially in the building.
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while president obama was on his way to afghanistan, rudy giuliani and mitt romney visited a firehouse to once again politicize 9/11 and mark the anniversary of the killing of osama bin laden and of course to criticize president obama forever mentioning the killing of osama bin laden. karen finny and alex wagner will join us. the long good-bye with newt gingrich trying to rewrite the history of his campaign which of course lands newt gingrich to
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major combat operations in iraq have ended in the battle of iraq. the united states and our allies have prevailed. [ applause ] >> barack obama chose to figurely parade osama bin laden's dead body around the public square and brought
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singular glory to himself. how pathetic. the guy they today drag off the golf course. obama is out there basically, he is trying, folks, to call himself or have us think of him as a hero. for doing something that if bush or cheney had done, obama probably would have called in the war criminals. >> joining me now are karen finny former dnc director and david frum former bush speech writer and writer for the daily beast. david is the author ever "patriots." karen, i would show you the clip of limbaugh criticizing the accomplished speech but i'm afraid he never got around to it. >> how about that? that's missing, isn't it? we didn't expect that rush
10:19 pm
limbaugh would actually give president obama credit for doing anything right, did you? i wouldn't have expected anything less than what we heard from limbaugh. i'm glad he delivered the usual garbage we heard from him. >> david, it seems like mitt romney is playing this about right tonight, letting president obama have his night and not trying to get in there limbaugh style and try to rip it all apart. >> you will see a widening spread between the real party and this tv party. and -- >> well, rush represent the tea party, a very significant portion of the tea party. not an insignificant part. >> it is not insignificant and some of us are prepared it mock them. but understand also, and maybe tomorrow is a better day, but i'm here tonight. to think, president obama for this tremendous success he had with will killing of bin laden, he gave a powerful speech in afghanistan. but the country has to recon the price paid. the president made a commitment
10:20 pm
to afghanistan as part of the political standing in 2008. the price of that positioning was to render the country much more dependent on pakistan than ever before. when you catch pakistan sheltering osama bin laden, what a year later has been said about it, what has did not done before that. >> well, the issue is not so much what has been done about it, but what did the president do when he came to the crossroads. we have this relationship with pakistan but as he said in the campaign, if i find him there or have a clean shot at him, i am going to take that shot. >> and congratulations. congratulations to him for that. on the other hand, all of the people who made it possible for him to be there, for bin laden to be there, what has happened to them. i'm sure there are thick files in the u.s. government about every one of them. and i'm sure the president has strong feelings about every one of them. but he can't do anything about it because as so long as there are 90,000 americans he sent to
10:21 pm
afghanistan on a mission that doesn't look any more successful now than in 2008, he can't act on it. >> i think that's the balance he was trying to walk today. in the whole presentation, it is not by mistake he made the choice to go there. not by mistake he made the choice, a security concern frankly, to go in air force 1 and have that symbolism. it is not a mistake that in the speech, he had two very clear audiences. the afghani people as well as american people. and the clear -- the clearly he was trying to say, we are moving to get out. not as fast as most would like, but we are moving to get out. >> at the end of the six years in 2014, what is different from what was true in 2014? in 2008, i think the answer will turn out to be precious little. >> what he is saying tonight is, we are laying a ground work over these years to create a situation that when we get 2014, the strike force well keep around to go in there against taliban and try to reestablish
10:22 pm
themselves will be able to do that. >> by they could have done that in 2008. will the afghanistan government be any more stable, any more honest, any more competent in 2014 than 2008? what was done with the six years compared to the price of pakistan. >> that's the question we have to ask ourselves. as many have said, in '89 when everybody pulled out, they didn't have the opportunity to build the civil society and other parts in addition to security forces. question, i don't know if any of us believe it is going to happen new. but okay he's got to have his shot. clearly that's when a was trying to do to say -- i thought it was a very interesting point. as you stand up, well stand with you. as opposed to bush staying, he will stand down. it clearly today send a message to the afghan people that we will be here with you. if that doesn't work, at least we can say we tried. i wouldn't want to spend the next ten years trying to figure that out and he looks for moderate frankly than romney. >> one of the insights of the bush wears is that iraq is a genuinely important place.
10:23 pm
iraq is a place with potential. a lot of problems, but potential. afghanistan is the bit that is left over after all of the other countries of asia are assembled. there it is in the middle, the part that is just, the fault line of that -- of all of those mountains, rivers and nationalities. all put together and president obama made a huge commitment in 2008. made it for campaign purposes then and where is he now? >> afghanistan was the important place where 9/11, 9/11 plot was hatched and that assault was delivered to us from afghanistan, not from iraq. so afghanistan's importance in some geo-political sense is not terribly significant historically or in any way. but as the breeding ground of al qaeda with, that's what the president was reminding us tonight about why we went there in the first place. >> but now -- where we stay and why there are 09,000 as opposed
10:24 pm
to -- i think a lot of things that president obama said about the bush administration and closes ring hollow today. >> look, president obama has at this point waged a three-year war in afghanistan. what we don't know is if president obama had been commander-in-chief in afghanistan from the beginning. >> that's right. >> would there ever have been a let-up? i don't think there would have been. would there have been an invasion of iraq? i don't think there would have been. if they stayed in that focus, where would we be today in afghanistan. where would we be three years in the war in president obama or commander-in-chief like him would have started in 2001? >> that i can't know. we never know what's behind the door we didn't open. but what we can say as we look back on these three years and giving him credit for the things he got right, that maybe one of the things that we learned from the bush years is don't give so many accolades to the president in the immediate moment.
10:25 pm
a lot of things look successful at the moment that maybe don't look so good later. >> this is similar to the concern of what we here on the economy all the time. like there is fantasy land. here is what would have happened if we would have done it this way versus that way. here is what he inherited. here is what is accomplished against al qaeda in that timeframe. i think he deserves credit for this. >> david frum and karen finney. thank you both for joining me tonight. tonight, as you may have noticed, alec baldwin is here. i tell you, i have no idea when he will seize the microphone next. he might want to talk about president obama's new eight-point lead in the keystone state. he just might want to talk to alex wagner about whatever they want to talk about. i have a rewrite plan about newt gingrich. but as i said, alec baldwin is here. just put down the remote tonight. this is the night it stay here. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] with six indulgently layered desserts,
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which political wife wants you to think of her husband as, and these are her words. a wild and crazy guy. and is steve martin on the short list for the republican vice presidential nomination? the answer to both of those question says coming up. and in the rewrite, newt gingrich tries to rewrite just how terrific his presidential campaign was, but he left a little too much video behind. that's coming up.
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imagine you with less pain. cymbalta can help. go to to learn about a free trial offer. how math and science kind of makes the world work. in high school, i had a physics teacher by the name of mr. davies. he made physics more than theoretical, he made it real for me. we built a guitar, we did things with electronics and mother boards. that's where the interest in engineering came from. so now, as an engineer, i have a career that speaks to that passion. thank you, mr. davies. mitt romney, you're a racist! >> i'm sorry, i can't quite hear you. >> mitt romney, you're a racist. >> mitt romney, you're a racist. >> that's mitt romney getting a big city welcome at his press conference today with rudy giuliani at a new york city
10:33 pm
firehouse. romney and giuliani delivered piazza whys to the firefighters of engine 24 ladder 5 who lost 11. their own on 9/11. mitt romney is doing everything he can to erase his campaign statement from 2007 about osama bin laden. >> here is romney 2.0 on osama bin laden. >> of course i would have ordered taking out osama bin laden. had i been president of the united states, i would have made the same decision the president made which is to remove him. >> joining me now is alex wagner host of msnbc's now with alex wagner and three time golden globe winner oscar nominated star of nbc's "30 rock" and registered voter alec baldwin.
10:34 pm
alec, in 2007, the man runs for president. he hears president -- then senator barack obama say, if necessary, i will violate pakistan's sovereignty in order to get osama bin laden. romney says oh, can't do that, can't do that. today he stands there at a new york city fire station, says i would have done exactly the same thing. >> things for these guys aren't going that well. you know, the economy may stumble. it probably won't stumble that badly between now and the election. for those people who look at the handy benchmarks like the dow. the dow is still staying pretty well above 13,000. which that crowd of romney's really goes for. it is the anniversary of this president getting osama bin laden. and i think that the republicans, i think romney, these guys are really getting scared. they thought to themselves, that after a tough primary, and they spent a lot of money on a bloody primary.
10:35 pm
i was one of the people that said quickly that all obama needs to do for the first month of the general election is just slow clips of gingrich's remarks about romney. just keep showing clips of gingrich talking about romney in order to really get people off that. >> and then santorum's. >> yeah. all of them. gingrich on romney alone was like -- but my point is, it is just these guys are getting scared. they know it is not looking good for them and i think they are sensing now that they are really going to focus on the congressional races and obama -- it is starting to look like he has it in the bag. >> alex wagner, there is something kind of wonderful about the mitt romney flip-flops. when you see him doing the new version of what ever it was. i'm now against individual mandate or yes of course i would have done what i used to say what i wouldn't have done. he does it with a -- i don't know, a kind of -- >> a shamelessness. >> a soullessness that i haven't
10:36 pm
seen in someone standing up in front of a microphone like that. and we've seen a lot of, almost completely soulless politicians before. >> yesterday mitt romney on the campaign trail said, verbatim, president obama takes -- is taking from the poor. president obama doesn't care about the poor. i care about the poor. you talk about a flip-flop. this is the man embracing the paul ryan budget which basically balances our deficit on the backs of the poor. vis-a-vis the romney/giuliani event today, i think that republicans sort of figured that the president would do something today given the fact it is the one-year anniversary of the bin laden killing. the president in a sort of masterful political stroke, say what you will about it, goes to afghanistan and makes a context of this whole day about our war over there, the soldiers, the blood and treasure that have been sacrificed and positions himself as commander-in-chief. mitt romney is trotting around lower manhattan. >> handing out pizzas. >> pizzas, with rudy giuliani.
10:37 pm
there in lies the difference between the two. >> and honoring people who are in the, you know, in this famous fire department and this famous city who lost all these members. there is nothing wrong with w that. i don't want anyone to say that we are diminishing and honoring the fire fighters in new york. but for me the most important thing is that obama shows up, stealthily goes into afghanistan here on this anniversary and talks about peace. he is talking about peace. and i'll tell you one thing, if you play all these republican debates, and they had more debates than there are games in the nba season, these guys had debate after debate, you never heard them once, never heard the word peace mentioned. what i'm proudest of, whether the guy was republican or democrat, he happens to be a democrat now, we are back to talking about the language of peace which i think is important for the united states and for the world. >> alex, we don't have a record of president obama failed predictions and promises about
10:38 pm
what will happen in that region. he doesn't have one of these mission accomplished moments behind him where you see, oh, no, no, that was completely wrong. >> no, i think the president has been a pragmatist and some people pill rate for him because he hasn't given the dreamscapes of where it will go. at the same time, look, we are over there. it is going to be messy. i that i foreign policy it an area in coming months where the president is going to have to do a very, very delicate dance. that said, i think he has proven very adept that and given the fact that he is willing to highlight on this day, which is a day he could have basked in the spotlight of just, assassinating or killing bin laden. he has chosen to go and sort of step into the hornet's nest that is afghanistan, is a testament to the real politic of barack obama. >> now the romneys began their day on a morning show. which is where you go when you want to humanize someone. it was ann romney's mission this morning to humanize mitt once
10:39 pm
again. let's listen to how she did that with charlie rose this morning. >> for me, i love the opportunity of letting people see a side of mitt that often people have mischaracterized. >> what side is that? >> as stiff. he's not. he's funny. i still look at him as the boy that i met in high school. when he was playing all the jokes and really just being crazy. pretty crazy. so there's a wild and crazy man inside of there. >> wild and crazy. the new romney bumper sticker. >> i think that, the two of them, are behaving the way everybody in that situation behaves. she is trying to play that role, not a -- i don't think a fun role far woman to go out on the boards across this country and try to drum up support for her husband. and i mean, that doesn't bother me at all.
10:40 pm
what i think is most important here is that what you see now with romney is, you know, this is a very lame analogy to use a boxing analogy. but when you are heavyweight champion and someone wants to take the title away from you, they have to take the title away from you. they don't win on point. the guy wins with the belt. romney is not finding a way that is scoring points with the preponderance of the american people to win on point. >> alex, the day that obama campaign launches an anti-romney ad about his swiss bank account, wild and crazy on a morning show probably isn't the adequate response. >> you kind of wish they would give up. it is like, it is a -- >> how so. >> like teddy is a wild and crazy bear. like you can literally see her pulling the cord. he is wild and crazy and yet all mitt romney can do is go ha, ha, ha over and over again. the winning strategy for mitt
10:41 pm
romney, if in fact there is a winning strategy, is for him to say, i'm a nerd. i am not cool. i am an particularly a mr. fix-it. i will fix the economy over and over and over again. every time he tries to compete with the president on likability, not being wooden and proving that he doesn't have a wooden heart, he loses. ann romney trying to prove her husband is a wild and crazy guy, is fruitless. >> although romney doesn't have the same cv as the first bush, not vice president first two terms, not head of the cia in the 1970s, romney is a real blue blood money guy. he is a rich guy. he is a country club buy. in that way he is george bush. the old bush scenario where he couldn't tell people what price of a half gallon of milk was. romney is at out of touch with the average american as we could possibly find on the meet are today.
10:42 pm
in terms of being in touch with the average american. we would be bet are off with gingrich than romney in terms of personal wealth and attitude of a lifestyle. but so for me, romney is bush the first again. i think that the people are beginning to see that. he is a the guy -- he is not anywhere near the average american in terms of lifestyle and how they -- >> and stiffer than bush the first. bush the first was actually in world war ii, flying those planes in the pacific, doing kind of things that romney's never come close to experiencing. >> i think that the thing -- the problem for romney today again is that, you know, right now americans are -- i think americans are really, really scared. i think americans have gotten smarter. americans know we had a really close call the last couple years economically and the roof almost came down on us. and they have said, we want strong capital markets in this country. but we want some regulation of those markets. when i talk to someone like
10:43 pm
george will on my radio show for npr and will says, defend the shores and deliver the mail. we want no more regulations, no more governing agencies. he is a real libertarian that way. and i want to say, you know, right now americans know, we need strong capital markets. we don't want to hamstring wall street. but we have to have some regulations. this guy, when romney comes in, he is going to take a match and burn down the sec. he will burn it down to the ground. we will have less regulations than we had in the last ten years. we cannot afford to go back that way. we can't. >> we will take a break right here. alex wagner, thanks for joining the party tonight. mr. baldwin will stay with us. coming up, we soon won't have newt gingrich to kick around any more. so we will kick him around just a little bit tonight. during the commercial break alec and i will flip a coin to see which one of us actually does tonight's rewrite. that's next.
10:44 pm
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newt gingrich has less than 24 hours left as presidential candidate so he is busy rewriting the presidential campaign so which of course landed him in tonight's rewrite. that's next. ter y. well, shoot, tt's like chking on your burgers after they're burnt! male announcer ] treat your frequent heartbn by blocking the acid with prilosec c. and don'get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill a day. 24 s. zero heartburn. every communications provider is different but centurylink is committed to being a different kind of communications company. ♪ we link people and fortune 500 companies nationwide and around the world. and we will continue to free you to do more and focus on what matters.
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10:48 pm
announcing today that he will announce tomorrow the end of his campaign. and of course, thanks his supporters. >> because of your help and your support, we were able to put up a terrific campaign. >> newt is now the first and no doubt the last, historian to refer to the gingrich presidential campaign as quote, a terrific campaign. >> i'm newt gingrich. and i'm announcing my candidacy for president of the united states. >> and i am a grandfather. i have two wonderful grandchildren. i have two wonderful daughters. >> i have two wonderful daughters and two grandsons in law. calista and i have a great marriage. even though it started as an extra marital affair. in fact probably because it started as an extra marital affair. >> i don't think right wing social engineering is any more desirable than left wing social engineering. >> i made a mistake and i called paul ryan today who is a close
10:49 pm
personal friend and i said that. >> do you owe millions to a jewelry company at one point. it is to me that someone would add up a half million dollar bill at a jewelry store. >> talk to tiffany's. we are very frugal. >> put aside the gotcha questions. >> i'm much like reagan and margaret thatcher. >> as a historian, i may understand this bet are than lawyers. >> she said you asked her sir to enter into an open marriage. would you like it take time to respond to that? >> no. i believed for a long time that electro magnetic pulse may be the greatest fear we face. >> by the end of the second term we will have the first permanent base on moon. >> using yourself using one word and one word only, describe yourself. >> cheerful. [ laughter ]
10:50 pm
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let's go to the man space center in houston and our reporter on the scene, mr. jamie garnet. jamie? >> thank you, chet and david. >> i'm sorry, sweetheart. could you move out of way of our camera. we need to talk to our new reporter there, jamie garnet. how where he is? >> i'm jamie garnet, gentlemen. i spoke earlier with nasa flight director glenn -- >> melissa, doll, you're not making any sense. you're probably hysterical from mince tracing. go on down and make sure you get plenty of iron. maybe eat a egg salad. >> i'm told that james --
10:54 pm
>> look, honey, you have a dynamite shape. but you're going to have to shut up and let man tell us what is happening. is your father a or a policeman nearby? >> where did you find that microphone, sugar mouth? was it just lying there on the ground? where is jamie garnet? >> this just in, nbc male news reporter jamie garnet is missing. >> i'm right here you mother -- >> that was the legendary alec baldwin playing the chet humphrey, on "30 rock." season finale, may 17. and i have no idea who that other guy was in the scene. >> alec, there was a little comment there on the sexual politics of today. >> how things have changed. >> yes, how things have changed. here we have what democrats are calling this war on women and talking about issues like contraception which we thought disappeared from political discussion back when those guys were anchoring nbc news.
10:55 pm
>> it does seem odd to me. i think an argument could be made that some of the most significant problems around the world, not only from an american perspective but from a global perspective, are caused by lack of contraception. i think that when you start having these conversations. once again, those kinds of issues when they roll out those kinds ever issues shows how much trouble they are really in, the republicans. the republicans to me are now what the democrats used to be in what i call the bc period, before clinton, that was that when they were in the primary phase, and they had their eventual victor, they all took their balls and ran home. not only did they work that hard to support the candidate. they didn't give money from their campaigns to settle the debt. they kept the money for future campaigns and state houses. have you that circular firing squad you used to have with many the democrats. republicans used to just fall in
10:56 pm
line. they would get in line after they had their nominee but that's not the case any more. >> i have said on the show repeat lid that number one reason to vote for president and i mean this from either perspective, democrat or republican, is always the united states supreme court. you tweeted, this is probably >> people for the american way organization founded by norman here who i worked with for years and michael keegan is president of the association, one of the constant things they have been drilling home is the relevance of the court to people who, i mean, most people, the court is you know, an idea. they don't realize the impact it has on their daily lives. and the media, particularly in a more kind of a sophisticated media like npr, cokie roberts, doing great work in bringing those decisions and work of the supreme court into sharper focus
10:57 pm
and consequence into sharper focus but this court will decide obviously the healthcare issue. and they will make that ruling. and of course, i have no doubt they will time it, you know, they will probably want that decision out there right away to nullify the osama bin laden anniversary. these guys are completely political. this is the most objectively supreme court. i'm only 54 years old. there are many supreme courts before my time. but in my lifetime i can't believe we would be in a court with worse decisions. bush v gore. and changing the country for political reasons. i had a friend tell me once that he was at a party, and a member of the supreme court back in 2000 was at this event and they were watching the national -- the returns coming in. and this supreme court member
10:58 pm
was saying that the gore was going to be chosen the winner. and the member of the supreme court said, oh, god that can't be. they overheard this person say the phrase, oh, god that can't be, at a party. to say that these people are politically neutral is just folly. >> political future. you told bloomberg news recently, you would love to run for mayor of new york. right around this age that you are now. our friend al franken started to think about, maybe i should run for the united states senate. look where he is. >> i think for franken, the difference was that coleman had replaced someone who was very, very popular. you know, paul wellstone, i was in minnesota raising money for paul. i was in the living room of my dear friend, ruth, a big political operative in minnesota. we were in her home in minneapolis. i was standing next to wellstone two weeks before he was killed. and coleman took over.
10:59 pm
and franken had someone to run against. and franken could come in. even though he was a native son that left and made his career in new york and in los angeles, went back and reinvigorated the democratic spine of that state. although that state is a little bit schizophrenic that way. here in new york you have safe democratic seats across the board statewide. have you a democratic governor who walks on water as far as a lot of people are concerned. he is getting a lot of good things done. he is cajoling and corralling that horrible estate house up in albany. the bennians headed for justice at nyu law school. the think tank writes white papers and do analysis and release them every year. a knew years ago they analyzed the state houses of the 50 state. albany was ranked 49th in effectiveness, right above louisiana. so while i do admire cuomo has done -- h


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