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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  May 3, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> mike, what did you learn? >> brian williams is spectacular. >> great job. >> tonight at 8:00 what did you learn? -- what time is it, willy? the china syndrome, the diplomatic dance is about to get more political. this morning the latest twist. and how china has fast become the favorite boogieman for both political parties here in the united states. mitt romney running mate tryout rolls on today with virginia's governor. we will talk with another governor on a short list, louisiana's bobby jindal. it's neck and neck in ohio and
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florida while the president maintains solid double digit leads. can romney avoid the gore/kerry map track. it's thursday, may 3rd, 2012. overseas an explosive story turning into a diplomatic nightmare. the chinese dissident had eagerly embraced the plan to stay in chinese with his family will tell any reporter he is anxious to get out. he began giving a series of interviews from his hospital bed to anyone who would listen saying his wife and two children have been threatened with violence if he leaves the country. told ian williams i want to leave as soon as possible. i feel very unsafe.
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my rights and safety cannot be assured here. he said my hope is it would be possible for my family to leave for the united states on hillary clinton's plan. secretary clinton and geithner are in days of the summit meetings that take place every six months. clinton addressed the human rights issue in a speech this morning but only in the broadest of terms. >> we believe that all governments do have to answer to citizens' aspirations for dignity and the rule of law and that no nation can or should deny those rights. >> u.s. officials say they have no knowledge that his family was being threatened before his release from the embassy. mark toner yesterday. >> at no time did any u.s. official speak about physical or
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legal threats to his wife or children nor did any chinese officials make any threats to us or through us. >> here is u.s. ambassador bringing chin to the hospital wednesday. he told nbc that the story was just simply moving quickly. >> apparently he has had a change of heart. we are going to have to sit down with him and talk about it and review all the options. they are going to have to make a decision. >> the story is becoming politicized. and the get tougher on china crowd is beginning to weigh in. writing i am deeply disturbed by the most recent report would suggest that he was pressured to leave the united states against his will. in such a situation the united states has an obligation to stand with the oppressed and not with the oppressor. we will have much more about the
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complexitiwise u.s.'s relationship with china. turning back to domestic politics, more republicans are falling in line with mitt romney. michele bachmann endorses romney today. on friday morning romney and rick santorum will have that private meeting in pittsburgh. those sources tell us the two will not be seen together publicly. santorum sources say there will not be an immediate endorsement following the meeting and santorum will not ask for nor accept an offer to pay off debt. newt gingrich is telling conservatives romney is likable enough. >> i'm asked sometimes is mitt romney conservative enough. and my answer is simple. compared to barack obama? this is not a choice between mitt romney and ronald reagan.
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>> the obama campaign is playing off the fact that praise of romney has not been on the tip of gingrich's tongue for the last year. >> are you calling mitt romney a liar? >> yes. >> romney released a statement yesterday saying newt gingrich has brought creativity and intellectual vitality to american political life. gingrich's long good bye was 26 minutes but did have fun at his own expense. >> my wife has pointed out to me approximately 219 times give or take three that moon colony was probably not my most clever comment in this campaign. >> he went on to tell us the reasons the moon colony is a terrific idea. romney tried to pin the jimmy
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carter label on the president yesterday. romney's focus is back on the economy. romney said the president is bad for small business. >> it was the most anti small business administration i have seen probably since carter. who would have guessed we would like back on carter years as the good old days. >> it has been interesting this carter comparison. it is usually an obsession with republican candidates. last night the president was asked about whether carter and the iran hostage crisis weighed on him during the bin laden decision. take a listen. >> how thick did the expecter of jimmy carter desert 1 hang in the air here? >> i thought of it but i will tell you that there are moments in your presidency where you
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really do put politics aside. certainly we thought about the fact that if there was a failure here it would have disastrous consequences for me politically. we knew the examples of the carter presidency and we understood what happened there. but i tell you the only thing that i was thinking about throughout this entire enterprise was i really want to get those guys back home safe. >> just a reminder. it has been 32 years since jimmy carter was on a ballot. we have new poll numbers today and four battle ground stat states. mitt romney now leads there 44-43. romney has closed the gap in ohio by just two points in that poll. pennsylvania a different story. president leads romney by eight
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points in the keystone state an even wider gap than the same poll five weeks ago. those numbers offer a good explanation for why romney's superpac is staying off in pennsylvania. pennsylvania votervise seen the ad that they are running. let's get to pennsylvania and wisconsin. twl is a wisconsin poll out that has the president up eight points there. we are about 20 minutes away from the opening bell. time for the market run down. jobs report tomorrow and seems like every day we think we know what is coming with the jobs report we get a piece of evidence like we just got a few minutes ago about jobless claims. >> the futures are pretty much flat. yesterday a disappointing number made people have jitters. the claims fell more than
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expected which was on the encouraging side. it will be interesting to see what we get tomorrow. we got april retail sales numbers out. sales slowing a bit in the month of april. also following target today no longer selling the amazon kindle. target is being a show room. they look at the items on the brick and mortar stores and then go buy them online. watching the airlines at it again. this time spirit airlines raising fees for baggage in overhead bins. they will have to fork over. the fee is going up from 40 to 50 bucks. anything you can fit under your seat will check. that's still free. >> i love that you use it. it tells me something extra about it, maybe some of your
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gambling habits. up next louisiana governor bobby jindal, louisiana has been pushing what some are pushing the toughest educational reforms in the nation. are they the best choice for children? how do you hold them accountable. we'll ask him if he is interested about being mitt romney president. he will have a nonanswer answer for that. a first look at osama bin laden's last words. that treasure-troves of documents seized during the raid on the al qaeda leader's compound. a look ahead at the president's schedule. he has a cinco demayo reception at 5:00 today. you are watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. high schools in six states enrolled in the national math and science initiative... ...which helped students and teachers
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a little education nation check in. how to reform failing systems is the big question and the big debate. the louisiana state legislature passed two bills that some call the toughest in the country. many of the state's public school teachers have protested some of the changes. joining me now is louisiana's republican governor bobby jindal. good morning, governor. >> great to be with you this morning. >> i want to start this on two parts on your education and some of the bills. some say these are tough reforms and others say they are needed reforms. with the charter school aspect.
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what have you built in accountability-wise? one thing i have noticed when it comes to charter schools there are great examples but when they don't work it takes a while to shut them down or to reform them? >> let's start off with louisiana's experience. pree katrina we had one of the worst public school systems. today 80% are in charter schools, the highest percentage of any city in america. the portion of kids on grade level doubled and the percentage of failing schools decreased. you see great models coming in there and getting kids at grade level and getting them to graduate. you are exactly right. not every charter school is identical. you need to have strong accountability standards. we have the same standardized tests. we give them letter grades. in louisiana we have very tough standards. for every charter school
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application we approve we turn down four or five. >> the new orleans story is one i have seen told. in one hand it is very uplifting. at the same time it is sending a message that does it take a natural disaster to almost wipe out a city to start over? is that your experience now being governor watching and overseeing what is going on in new orleans? does that mean it is what it takes to reform our school system to start over? >> absolutely not. that is why we are taking the same lessons and applying them to the rest of the state. you see tennessee and michigan have started their own versions of the recovery school district. what we have done is taken the lessons from new orleans and plied that across the state. we are letting the dollars follow the students to charter schools, public schools, online courses, private schools. what we have learned is that by
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empowering parents you can make sure children whatever the zip code, race or gender can have a great chance for a great education. no child should be trapped in a trailing school. >> what do you do about the failing -- if you have a rush to a grade school and you have the two or three different options. what do you do about the failing neighborhood school? >> the second part of this is you have to be willing to shut down failing schools but give those schools the tools they need to improve. the second big bill that we passed is to make sure we have a great teacher in every classroom. for too long many schools didn't have access to the best teachers. the most important thing to do to improve is put a great teacher in that classroom. we are changing our compensation policies. we have passed a comprehensive grading. we changed our hiring and firing policies and tenure policies. now we are rewarding teachers
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for taking kids below grade level and getting them to or above grade level. those are some of the worst classrooms for our teachers. we have changed that in louisiana. we are giving parents a trigger so that before the schools have been failing for many years the parents can vote to take over a school and improve it. we know the children only grow up once. it is wrong to tell the parents just to wait. we are empowering parpts to vote to change their local schools. >> what is the pay? what should the pay scale be with teacher pay? we hear that everybody wants to reward good teachers. and i know the fight with governors and mayors have sometimes with teacher unions have to do with tenure and this and that. it seems we can all talk about higher salaries for teachers. there is still a limit on how much a teacher can make annually. it seems part of the deal to
6:19 am
entice somebody to stay in teaching as a career is the fact that it is going to come with good benefits. are those benefits going to go away? >> no. a couple of things. one, we have cut since i have been here cut the budget 26% but increased k-12 spending by 9%. we gave teachers a pretty significant pay raise bringing them up to the southern average. nicholas crist off wrote a controversial article saying if you have a great teacher able to teach your child getting them to above grade level it is good to pay them $100,000. >> do you believe that? >> absolutely. we need to be willing to say we are willing to pay great teachers more. here is what is frustrating to teachers. for too long we pay based on lon
6:20 am
jevity. you have a teacher that shows up early and stays late and one doing the minimum to get by we have changed that. in louisiana we pay teachers now we are going to paying them based on hard to teach subjects, how well their students are learning. we have done a value added assessment. we are going to recognize or award the teachers. think about what that does for their earning power and lowering incarceration rates. if we want to continue to improve the quality of life for our people this is the most important. >> we do a lot here. i want to turn to politics. are you willing to go through the vetting process if you are asked by the romney campaign when it comes to the vice presidential choice. >> i have the job i want. we just talked about educational reform. we are in the middle of the pension reforms to make sure we don't mortgage our children's future. i'm going to support mitt romney
6:21 am
and whoever he picks. i suspect he will pick who he thinks will do the best job. i'm supporting mitt romney. >> would you say no to the vetting process if they call? >> look, i've got the job that i want. everybody is going to speculate about who he will pick. i have the job that i want. i am happy to support him and his ticket. i don't think it is going to be me. he has plenty of great, great candidates he can select from. i will be happy to support the ticket from here in louisiana. >> there has been this controversy about rick ranel feeling he had to resign because he didn't feel comfortable being openly gay and the controversy causing. do you have problem having open gay staffers? >> no. we want the most qualified people to work with us on our
6:22 am
team and move our state forward. >> governor bobby jindal republican from louisiana. >> great to be with you. thank you. next up massachusetts mudslinging. elizabeth warren slings scott brown's campaign for questioning her qualifications in response to this issue about whether she was declaring herself a native american. the china syndrome. we are taking a deep dive into wie bashing beijing is all the rage. how many current members of the senate have been serving since before 1990? tweet me the answer. for three hours a week, i'm a coach.
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documents released have english translations in them bin laden details frustrations in the terror network. a constant focus on attacking americans and attack on planesying president obama. elizabeth warren says she listed herself as native american to meet other people with tribal roots. she told reporters there is only one person focused on her qualifications. >> they recruited me based on my abilities, based on my hard work and based on what i have done as a teacher. i thought they have been pretty clear about that. the only one as i understand if he is raising question about whether or not i was qualified for my job is scott brown. >> we will have more later this half hour.
6:27 am
police are investigating the apparent suicide of junior seau who was found dead of a gun shot wound. the ex wife of the normer nfl man of the year say she and her children received text messages saying that he loved them. china crisis. how beijing became the boogieman in american politics. former congress woman jane harmon will be here to break it down with me. cashing in. we have brand new numbers on where the campaigns are spending their money and maybe more importantly where they are not. if demographics is destiny in this presidential election then you will be shocked by some of these spending numbers. sorry. sore knee. blast of cold feels nice. why don't you use bengay zero degrees? it's the one you store in the freezer.
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well, the dispute is a diplomatic minefield for the obama administration, a micro cosm for the international battle for human rights. today we are taking a deep dive into the complicated relationship with china. it's a dilemma that goes back to richard nixon how to push beijing without pushing too hard. >> we are pleased with the areas of cooperation. we also believe that that relationship will be that much stronger and china will be that much more prosperous and strong as you see improvements on human rights issues in that country. >> just last year secretary of state clinton called human rights records deplorable. the country's one child policy
6:32 am
has led to forced abortions. the government censors the internet and press and restricts internet. those who speak out are typically punished through extra judicial measures like house arrest or are sometimes made to simply disappear. mitt romney says all of this demands a more forceful response from president obama. >> speak one-on-one with key leadership in china and make sure they understand we are committed to human rights and we oppose the one child policy. >> romney has been more blunt in the past when discussing the relationship. here is what he said at a debate in october. >> people who have looked at this in the past have been played like a fiddle. if you are not willing to stand up by china you will get run over by china. >> that rhetoric spant
6:33 am
surprising. beating up on beijing is a tactic employed by both parties particularly in primaries. ads slammed president obama for shifting energy jobs overseas. the president's campaign fired back with this ad. >> president obama's clean energy initiatives have helped create jobs for kaechz across america and not overseas. mitt romney shipped american jobs to places like mexico and china. >> the senate race to replace hutchison has focused on ties to a tire manufacturing. more than 17 ran ads but it is this from a 2011 ad from nevada congressman that may take the cake when it comes to using china as a political weapon. >> once upon a time america
6:34 am
became its own worse enemy when their borrowed money ran out they kept spending out of control. their president obama kept raising the debt limit. their debt grew our fortune grew and that is how our great empire rose again. >> jane harmon, president and ceo of the woodrow wilson. >> full disclosure in my primary in 1998 which i lost. a democrat called me agent of communist china. >> and this is -- let's start. he had to be part of the deal,
6:35 am
right? >> i don't have any inside facts but there is a lot of material in every newspaper this morning. let's point out first that he is not a u.s. citizen. if he were a u.s. citizen we would have a lot more control over this than we do. so he voluntarily gets to the u.s. embassy. it sounds like there was a mew nuv maneuver to put him in our vehicles. and then six days of negotiation. our lead negotiator according to reports is harold co, the chief lawyer in the state department who almost didn't get confirmed by the u.s. senate because his human rights record is so strong. >> people thought he was too antichina. >> let's understand we didn't have our b team on this. and then they come up with a deal that seems like all sides blessed. and then dropped off at a hospital by our senior u.s. team
6:36 am
including our ambassador. i'm not sure what he expected. it is not protected. we don't have a police force in china. and then it seems like the deal goes south. >> here is the most stunning thing. we talk about closed of a society china can be. he had no problem talking to any reporter he wanted to talk to yesterday. >> there is something interesting. china is having a bumpy transition to its fifth generation of leadership. the scandal is playing out all over. >> we haven't covered it enough on television but it is right out. the british business. >> the murder of the british businessman. the disgrace in an active pr campaign it feels like there are two chinas, the old china, repressive, censorship. if censorship continues in china they will never innovate which means their economy will never
6:37 am
be competitive in some future decade. at any rate there is a tension between the old china and new china. and maybe this fifth generation when it takes power early next year will open up china. i think some folks in china want this in the newspapers. they want to show that there was an old china and/or they want to embarrass us. >> who is it that you think they are trying to embarrass? >> it may be mixed agendas. our congress on both parties tease off on china regularly. it is a tragedy to me not because i accept the human rights record. i deplore the human rights record. i think the criticism of the administration is unfair but his life long passion about protecting human rights i find admirable is making this a little harder. >> it is funny about china because i can go back i remember
6:38 am
candidate bim clinton. he was a china basher in 2002 and the economy. candidate bush. candidate obama was tougher on china. we are seeing it a little bit. something happens when it is almost as if i had one friend of mine bhoo had a theory that it is the president conversation that takes place. careful on china. >> one of the things this dispute and i'm not demeenging the importance of it is overshadowing is the strategic dialogue that hillary clinton and the treasury department officials are attending in beijing. >> it is something new we are doing every six months. >> it was started in the bush administration just for the treasury department. now hillary clinton has expanded it. these are face to face negotiations over key issues. this is supposed to include north korea and iran, important subjects. but i doubt anyone is listening because of the drama playing out.
6:39 am
we have a complicated relationship with china. it is competitive and cooperative. usually presidents find their balance. i think this administration until now has found its balance. i have to believe in good faith and competently they negotiated a deal with a willing partner. how it went south i'm not sure. >> right now it looked a little naive. >> just to throw something else in. the endmissile test. it is important that we focus on the cooperative piece here and that we hopefully get this government to help us resolve this issue in a way that sets the right precedent and this fellow is protected. he is after all a very
6:40 am
impressive fighter for human rights. thanks for coming on. our political panel joins me next. we are talking about the campaign cash offensive. the nasty massachusetts senate race and first, of course, i have to give you the white house soup of the day it's roasted vegable. you're watching "the daily rundown." let's start with car insurance x. this one does save people a lot of money and it's very fordle. it was very delicious. could you please taste car insurance y? this o is much more expensive. ugh. it's really bad. let's see what you picked. oh, geico! over their mpetitor. you are a gicianht?
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great grains. search great grains and see for yourself. for multi grain flakes that are an excellent source of fiber try great grains banana nut crunch and cranberry almond crunch. has your schedule been determined by astrology? >> i'm still looking for the fellow. >> when presidents took questions. 1988 even though president reagan tried to play down the story the white house acknowledged that first lady
6:44 am
nancy reagan had consulted an astraulgist to schedule activities. trying to show women voters of all ages how a change in the white house would be a step back. in a web slide show users can age a fictional character from three to 67 illustrating how according toor the obama campaign the president's policies would benefit her and where they claim mitt romney policies would do them harm. let's bring in our panel. what i find interesting about this is it is trying to put a face into the rhetoric. i had someone say to me the other day 30 plus points among hispan
6:45 am
hispanics, double digits among white women, this game is over. >> he knows the game isn't over but he knows they have to run up the score because they are taking among white men. there is no accident it happens to be a white face. they have to run up that score. >> and you are watching this in this thing that is the challenge to try to make people understand the budget in real terms. >> i thought it was amazing that this is policy driven. you have a discussion of head start, pelgrants, equal pay. it's all policy for a woman like me. it was great for the campaign to invest resources and thinking of new ways to communicate policy differences. >> this gets to the challenge of the romney campaign and there is a split in the republican campaign. >> i thought it was interesting the way the captions in these
6:46 am
cartoons, it referred to the romney ryan budget at every turn. >> they want that ticket. >> they are definitely pushing that ticket. if he doesn't push paul ryan they want to tie him as quickly as possible. >> it is cradle to grave. we are talking about early head start issues as well as medicare and the entitlement issues that ryan and romney really hurt the republican party. >> i want to do a quick turn to the economy. you can take what you wanted out of them if you are romney or obama. is the u.s. economy currently in a recession. 70% in florida said yes, 67% in ohio said yes. is the economy beginning to recover the majority said yes. >> it's a trend that matters. what i worry if i am president obama is what the trend will be in september and october. will gas prices spike? will there be a foreign policy
6:47 am
that effects the economy. right now i would take more solace -- i would rather be a democrat with those polls and see the numbers are coming back. >> he just brought up gas prices. there is a trend that has happened. it has been going down. >> it is also a reminder that gas price politics is always so to me with peril. >> it changes every week and changes whether you go to get your gas in the suburb or the city. and it comes and goes. i think that the public -- it has been hammered home for years that no human being, no washington government can switch this. i think the public maybe is catching on to it. >> this jobs report tomorrow, it is going to two in a row if it is flat could create this perception. how nervous are you about it as an obama person?
6:48 am
>> i don't think it is any particular number. i think it will be most important how we are doing in september and october and november. we had great numbers a few months ago. they seem to be leveling off. the trend line has been important and we are better off it than we were. >> you bring up the last three months. there are two theories of the case. second quarter people lock in on the economy. do we consume information later? >> i think it is going to matter how people are feeling late august. >> stick around. we are going to talk massachusetts senate and hispanic media. we asked how many current members of the senate have been service since before 1990? the technical answer is 20. i think we can give you credit for 21 for lautenberg. if lugar and hatch both lose
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a few people told me, you know, it wouldn't probably be a good idea, scott, to go to the white house and be seen with the president signing those bills. i'm like, you know, why? >> it was a shared accomplishment we all did, we all had a part in to make a difference and move our country forward. >> let's bring back our panel. david, the only way scott brown wins is if he convinces a large chunk of obama voters that he's right. >> that he's right. that he's on -- >> somehow enough on team obama. >> to get through this onslaught. >> what do you make of this native american stuff? took a while to respond to it. >> in these things you need to
6:53 am
respond relatively quickly. this is like one of these issues that comes up late in the spring. i don't think anyone will be voting on it down the road. >> i don't either. i was watching. what did you learn about her campaign, watching her deal wit. >> i was surprised. it took a little bit longer to respond to than i thought. it cut into her authenticity, maybe a chink in the honor. >> two tiny chinks. one she didn't match the six-term tax relief, she went four, then this. >> but he's also got the fact that his daughter was -- i think people get hypocrisy pretty easily. it seems that's pretty easy to explain. >> he seems to be doing a better job of rule number one, which is same day, same news cycle responding. >> my question on this race is what happens when scott brown and mitt romney are attached, when the democrats force them to be attached at the hip. it's going to be tough for him
6:54 am
to duck from. >> he has to get massive democratic turnover to win the race, a huge number of massachusetts democrats to vote for him. going back to presidential, i'll flash up this sign. we follow the media, a partnership with this company we follow media buys. the president is outspent, except one statistic, media buys, third straight week where the only campaign, outside group or anything advertising in hispanic media in colorado, nevada and florida is the obama campaign.stunning. this borders on political malpractice. they are bordering on extinction if they don't spend money. >> no hispanic component we can find. >> it's not just political malpractice. there's a wedge in the republican party. there's groups of republican voters who have a very
6:55 am
anti-immigrant message, who have a message that sounds anti-hispanic. so i think it's not just their making the wrong decision, it is the wrong decision ultimately, but it's because they face cross pressure. elements of the party -- >> maybe the romney team doesn't know what to go up with yet. what is the introduction to hispanic voters. >> maybe. they could say anything. they could do a bio spot or something. seem to me if you were giving any thought at all to picking marco rubio you might have thought to put something defensive up. >> any reason you might want george bush near your campaign, this would be it. >> gonzalez, the bush brand may be toxic with a lot of people but not with hispanics. shameless plugs. >> cq weekly everything you want to know about federal budget it's wonky but accurate. >> center for american progress
6:56 am
put out a report and appealing what it would mean for women, 45 million would lose prevention pen fits. fits nicely with our discussion on the benefits of women. >> are women a big deal in the election. >> national journal looking at all formats at the demographic revolution led by spahispanics. go to the website and see a special edition for the next two weeks. >> that's it for this edition of daily rundown. tomorrow on the show, jobs report, breaking news for april unemployment report plus first comments from the administration in exclusively on daily rundown. coming up next, chris jansing. she'll speak with labor secretary.
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