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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  May 21, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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campaign season to date? if he didn't mean to do it, then he isn't paying attention. if he isn't paying attention, he just did rmitt romney the bigget favor of the campaign. if he isn't paying attention, it's time for someone at the election campaign to do just that. before certifying the next surrogate, check on where they stand because bain remains no matter what corey booker says, the main of romney's starts rig. good evening. welcome to "the ed show" from new york. co corey booker says president obama's attacks on private equity make him sick. let's get to work. >> this kind of stuff is nauseating to me on both sides. it's nauseating to the american public. enough is enough. stop attacking private equity. >> president obama is firing
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back at liberal criticism of his bane attacks. >> this issue is not a distraction. this is part of the debate we're going to be having in this election campaign. >> a victim of romney's vulture capitalism will tell mayor booker what's really nauseating. the fighting irish are fighting the contraception mandate. the naacp says gay marriage is a civil right. tonight, our panel will react. rush limbaugh's tanking in the ratings thanks to the sandra fluke fire storm. >> what did i say? i said if we're paying for this it makes these women sluts. >> michael with what it means for america. scott walker might be headed back to capital hill to explain his divide and conquer bombshell. >> you never had a conversation? >> no. good to have you with us.
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thanks for watching. the obama campaign were ready to take on mitt romney's record as ceo of bain capital this week, but obama supporter, at least we think he's a supporter, corey booker changed the game when he said this about the campaign's bain strategy on meet the press. >> this kind of stuff is nauseating to me on both sides. it's nauseating to the american public. enough is enough. stop attacking private equity. this stuff has got to stop. it undermine, to me, what this country should be focused on. it's a distraction from the real issues. it's either going to be a small campaign about this crap or a big campaign about the issues that american public cares about. >> president obama responded to the mayor's reaction in afternoon. >> this issue is not a distraction. this is part of the debate that we're going to be having in this election campaign about how do we create an economy where everybody from top to bottom,
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folks on wall street and folks on main street have a shot at success. >> booker has tried to walk back his comments. he post add video on youtube explaining what he really meant. >> mitt romney has made his business record a centerpiece of his campaign. he's talked about himself as a job creator. therefore, it's reasonable and i encourage it for the obama campaign to examine that record and discuss it. >> booker's reaction or retraction didn't make it into the rnc fund raising website called i stand with corey. john mccain didn't mention it on youtube when he said thank you corey booker for the straight talk. even mitt romney's chief's spokesman is still praising mayor booker's remarks today. >> i agree with mayor booker who said these attacks against bain capital and free enterprise are
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nauseating. >> mayor booker is star in a new web ad put out by the romney campaign. >> even obama's own supporters have had enough. >> it's nauseating to the american public. enough is enough. >> the ad also features blue dog democrat harold ford, jr. and president obama's former auto adviso advisor. both of them have spoken out on takes against bain capital. republicans are working overtime to make the attacks seem unreasonable because they know it's true. booker is a huge plus for us. ampad should have been a clean hit for them. now, it's totally mudded. romney knew he had to do something about bain capital. last week he was comparing the reverend wright attacks to the
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attacks. >> it's to suggest that i'm not a good person or a good guy. having a campaign focused on character assassination is one of the things i find offensive. >> this is where corey booker take the bait. the obama advisor david axelrod explainings why romney is running away from his past. >> he never talks about his year as massachusetts governor because they weren't stellar years. >> he wants to run on his private equity record. not on his record in elected office. it makes sense. the state was 47th in the nation in job creation. local taxes went up in order to keep state taxes down. state aid was cut to city and towns forcing higher property taxes and fees. funding for higher education was slashed. president obama wants the country to get to know mitt romney's record in the public
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and private sectors. >> his main calling card for why he thinks he should be president is his business experience. he's not touting his experience in massachusetts. he's saying i'm a business guy. i know how to fix it. that's not what my job is as president. my job is to take into account everybody, not just some. my job is to make sure that the country is growing not just now but ten years from now and 20 years from now. >> let's not forget just how many times we have seen mitt romney on the campaign trail saying that this president doesn't know anything about this economy. in fact, he doesn't understand hold up it wohow it works. president obama is going after mitt romney's record. it's the right thing to do. he's not attacked private equity firms. wall street has done pretty well under president obama. take a look at the dow jones industrial average over the past three years.
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remember these days. way back in early 2009 when everybody said he doesn't know what he's doing. look where we are now wall street. if you invested right here, you're in fat city right now. last year we should point out that corporate profits were at a record of nearly $2 trillion. that's right, $1.97 trillion in 2011, back to the pre-recession levels. how did that happen? let's talk about those tax rates. the tax rates are the lowest that they have been, the levels, since 1950. i thought republicans liked that. this is what corey booker is talking about when he says enough is enough. booker says he's nauseated by attacks on private equity. hold the phone right there. i have to ask mr. booker and we asked him to come on the program. he's not doing any media interviews but things changed during the day so he's going to
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be with rachel maddow tonight, which is great. i would like to know if mr. booker has thought about what the country would look like if these righties get control of our government. have you read the ryan plan? do you know what it says? go read that, then you're going to want to throw up. i'm nauseated by people being laid off and losing health care who all they care about is increasing profits for their shareholders. democrat don't be surrogates like there. if mitt romney wants to be president of the united states, his record is the private industry is not only fair game, it's the only game. this is what we have to talk about. this is what he goes out on the campaign trail and says president obama doesn't know anything about the economy. bottom line here is we should all be throwing up if mitt
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romney gets into the white house because the ryan plan is a recipe for disaster. i think corey booker, you owe the president of the united states an apology. if you can't do it, maybe you were just on a big news show and felt like you had to say something. maybe that's what it was. i don't know. what you did was damage. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. does mitt romney care more about people or profits? text a for people. text b for profits. you can always go to our blog at ed.msnbc and leave a comment. joining me is now the senator of new jersey. good to have you with us tonight. >> good to be here. >> this is one of the strangest thing i've seen a democratic mayor going out and ramrodding the president's campaign in such a crucial election. how off the mark was he in your
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opinion? >> unfortunately, he's way off the mark. i've agreed with him on many thi thing, but this one he's wrong about. it's too bad. the campaign was doing the right thing in depending itself, defending the president's record which is pretty good and highlighting the bain capital record, which is buy a company, lay off the employees, take the spoils, sell the company and be done with it. that's not what we would call job creation. it's job elimination. shouldn't be allowed to stand there. >> senator, i believe from your record you do know what job creation is. you worked in the private sector. you were the founder, i believe, of a payroll company, adp. is mitt romney's private sector experience fair game here? you've had to run for office numerous times and people have known your record. >> i have. that private sector company now has 50,000 employees in 23 countries across america.
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5,000 are employed in my home state. that's what we ought to be looking at. why should romney be able to escape responsibility when he talks about judge me on my business record and it stinks. that's what we're looking at. that's not for america. that's not what america needs right now. america needs real job creation and real uplifting for people's opportunities in the future to get their kids an education and be able to get on with life. >> so, senator, do you think it's vital that the obama campaign continues to highlight the kind of private sector experience that rom mitt romney talking about? if he takes people's pension and bankrupts the company and a few people walk with a ton of money, that is important, is it not? >> it's important to know. it's a terrible thing to do. the president is absolutely
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right in asking mitt romney, what was his record like. we don't want that kind of a record to occupy the creator to occupy the white house. we'll lose more jobs that president obama has worked so hard to create. >> here is more today from the president responding. >> mr. romney is responsible for the proposal's he's putting forward for how he says he's going to fix the economy and if the main basis for him suggesting he is do a better job is his track record as the head of a private equity firm, then both the upsides and the downsides are worth examining. >> do you think the president is taking the right approach here? >> i think the president is taking absolutely the principal
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avenue left for him. that is describe the falsehoods that are being perpetrated around something that would not be good for america or american families and stick with this. don't be swayed by anybody, friend or foe. >> how can corey booker be trusted as a surrogate from this point on? >> well, mayor booker will have to discuss that himself. i saw him attempt to do it. it's not quite clear what was intended but what came out is quite clear. >> great to have you with us. i appreciate your time. remember to answer tonight's question at the bottom of the screen. coming up, the real story of what mitt romney's priorities would do to the american economy. this is why romney and republicans desperately needed a distraction. the obama administration was slapped with a lawsuit today and the war on women is not over. our political panel will join me on that and so much more. stay with us. we're right back.
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coming up, the obama campaign keeps the heat on mitt romney with a new ad details bain's capital's vulture capitalism. i'll talk to an employee who knows what it's like to do business with mitt romney. scott brown is using a trivial issue to attack elizabeth warren in massachusetts. her credibility is steady, but he's going after it. by ignoring the issue, she's only making it worse. she's got to fight back on this real issue. that's coming up. rush limbaugh's ratings have been taking a dive across the country after his sexist comments about sandra fluke. is he still too big to fail? share your thoughts on twitter. we're coming right back. the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food.
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welcome back. president obama made it clear today that he was not attacking free enterprise. mitt romney was the one who made bain capital relevant to the campaign. >> understand that their priority is to maximize profits. that's not always going to be good for communities or businesses or workers. he's saying i'm a business guy, and i know how to fix it. >> if it wasn't for the distraction of corey booker this would be headlining political news today. the obama's campaign focus of what happened to a company
5:19 pm
called ampad under mitt romney's leadership. >> reporter: then the company was sold to ampad. >> we were a business that had value. >> when bain capital bought up and ampad come in, that was a whole different story. >> we were making money, and for them to just come out from nowhere and shut the place down, it was devastating. >> reporter: when ampad bought the plant it fired all 350 workers. >> took our benefits. we didn't have anymore retirement and bain, mitt romney they did not care about us as workers. >> here is the story. in 1994 ampad under bain capital's leadership purchased a factory in indiana and laid off all of the workers, 250 workers. bain capital loaded ampad with crippling debt and in 2000 ampad went into bankruptcy. bain capital made $100 million
5:20 pm
but creditors got two-tenths of one cent for every dollar they were owed. these creditors included pension funds. i'm joined tonight by randy johnson who worked at an ampad there in indiana that was bought by bain capital. good to have you with us tonight. i guess the word this evening is nauseated. how nauseated were you when you got the news you were losing your job and so were your friends and family and everybody else that worked at that plant? >> it was nauseating but it was devastating. what happened to the families people can't start to imagine unless they have been through it. i know a lot of folks have. bottom line is when you find out that you're plant that was making money, was successful and going forward and making quality products suddenly had your world turned upside down. romney called it his real world. we don't understand that.
5:21 pm
this is the real world that you have to destroy companies to call it profits for the rich. this type of thing. he doesn't get it, around he doesn't understand the average person. i know we'll hear that many times. >> one of the headlines is how romney wouldn't meet with workers. was there any attempt to include actual workers in the decision making process? >> what happened is that was early on that headline run. we were consistently trying to get him to talk with us. a group of six people was able to get him cornered at the columbus day parade and insisted he did meet with them. he did meet with them that night and said he would look into it and get back to them. we're still waiting on that to happen. the only time he got back to us is when he sent a letter the day the plant closed. >> i think most americans understand when a new company comes in there's going to be some changes everything from
5:22 pm
equipment to desks to a few personnel, but to fire everybody. what was happening? >> they called it an asset sale. we're only buying the assets. what happened was and i've repeated this many times is not only did they tell you you're fired is they brought in guards and walked you out of the building. they said here is an application, if we want you, we'll hire you back. it's reduced wages. you no longer have a retirement plan. this is hard stuff for the people that worked there. >> here is more from president obama responding to this. >> when you're president, as opposed to the head of a private equity firm, your job is not simply to maximize profits. your job is to figure out how everybody in the country has a fair shot. your job is to think about the workers that get laid off and how are we paying for their re-training. >> what do you think of romney pointing to his business
5:23 pm
experience as proof he can create jobs as president and compare that to what president obama said this afternoon? >> i think we need to really look at this very closely. mitt romney's style and his philosophy and business, we wall know is creating wealth. what he doesn't seem to understand is by creating good jobs, and i agree that sometimes we don't always be able to employ the whole work force, but try to work with the workers to create a good product which in turn more middle class people get jobs and you see the cycle starts over and over again. that's what create jobs. he takes that away, it loses jobs. >> do you think president's obama should keep hitting on this story and keep hitting on the whole business experience after what corey booker said? what do you think? >> i think he's going to have to. that's his only record. he doesn't have anything else to fall back on except being governor and we know what that
5:24 pm
is. he did do the olympics and he had a lot of help to get that accomplished. the record is the record. the facts speak for themselves. this is not just ampad, but you had many companies the same thing happened to. they draw the same kind of profits. they didn't create jobs to create more jobs. that's what the president is doing right knew. he's doing with with gms and companies like that. >> these not personal attacks. this is the record. good to have you with us tonight. question about elizabeth warrens ancestry are still dogging her campaign. i have some advice for her, next. scott walker is in hot water with the feds. stay with us.
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this campaign right now seems to be focusing on one issue, claims about your heritage. your response to that. >> i think it's clear that scott brown and the republican party would rather talk about anything than real issues that are going on in this country. >> that was democratic candidate for senate in massachusetts, elizabeth warren speaking with us just last week. she's right. her opponent, scott brown, the senator from massachusetts and the republican party don't want to talk about the issues. they never do. they have created a distraction and it seems it won't go away.
5:29 pm
at issue is warren's ancestry. a native of oklahoma has said she has native american roots according to family lore. she's not enrolled in a tribe nor is there documentation proving her heritage as the kansas star put it it seems warren may be guilty of a crime millions of american kplit claiming that some an zester back in the misty past was a cherokee. warren has really not managed to stop the distraction or put an end to the questions. now scott brown is accusing warren of claiming minority status in order to advance her career as a law professor at harvard and the university of pennsylvania. he's going full birther and demanding she release her personal records from those schools to prove he did not fudge her resume nor benefit from affirmative action.
5:30 pm
the whole thing is insulting and demeaning. i think she needs to come out and put this thing to rest once and first of all. she ought to be holding a press conference and don't take any questions about anything else. come out and say i'm going to talk about who i am. where i'm from. who my parents are. it's all going to blow over and scott brown will be forced to defend his record. he'll have to explain, let's see, why he voted against health care reform at the expense of the middle class in the country. he'll have to explain why he's against insurance coverage for contraception at the expense of women. he'll have to explain why he doesn't want to raise taxes on corporations or on millionaires and billionaires. warren, on the other hand, has called out the wall street fat cats and she's been consistent there. that's what most people are concerned about. what kind of a senate are we going to have when it comes to dealing with wall street.
5:31 pm
she created the consumer financial production bureau giving the middle class a fighting chance against the big banks. the middle class needs elizabeth warren and scott brown knows it, and that's why he is playing this card. as one op-ed said that's why warren is calling for her to release her harvard records. he's out classed and as a politician he's not a chance, and this is it. let's turn to massachusetts state senator, kathryn clark. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. it's great to be here. >> why doesn't elizabeth warren just come out, hold a press conference, focus right in on this issue and be done with it? >> i think it's just what you were saying, ed. the issues have nothing to do with elizabeth warren's
5:32 pm
heritage. >> come out, call a press conference and explain her whole family heritage and if she made a mistake just admit it and life goes on. >> she achieved her success the old fashioned way. she earned it. both harvard, penn have all agreed that some minority status made by the campaign had nothing
5:33 pm
to do with her success as a professor at those institutions. made misstatements about his service in vietnam. he came out and had a press conference with the veterans. he cleared the air. he won the race. >> it's a very different situation than what happened with bloom. elizabeth warren has been very clear. this is what she was taught from the time she was a small girl that she has native american relatives and it's been demonstrated by some of the research that's been done that,
5:34 pm
in fact, there are records that support that claim. it's our waste of our time as taxpayers and voters in massachusetts to be focused on generations past in elizabeth warren's family. the issues that matter in massachusetts are primarily economic. those are the issues this discussion needs to come around to. i think it's very lard when you have the brown campaign trying to make a big deal politically out of a recipe book. to hold a press conference and give any sort of credibility to that takes away from issues that matter. >> wait a minute. did she ever put down on an application that she was native american? it's fair question. if she did, so what. it was years ago or whatever. what they are trying to do is paint her out who is someone that is not credible, not
5:35 pm
telling the truth, hiding something, maybe took an advantage when she didn't deserve it. i think that needs to be addressed. when you pick up the largest newspapers in the country and they are writing about this, it would seem it's disfocusing the campaign what. >> i think that issue has been addressed. both harvard and penn have said minority status had nothing to do with this. to keep coming back to this issue is a distraction that just isn't appealing to the voters and to the families here. we're concerned about jobs. we're concerned about the breaks for big oil that scott brown voted for. the most profitable companies on the planet -- >> he's definitely been a country clubber for wall streeters. there's two clear different directions between scott brown and where elizabeth warren would take the citizens of massachusetts. great to have you with us
5:36 pm
tonight. massachusetts state senator. lots more coming up. stay with us. we're right back. felonies, guilty pleas and over a thousands e-mails showing tax dollars used for walkers campaign. >> scott barrett his walker on his john doe investigation. house democrats want walker to explain the divide and conquer video. we'll have latest from the badger state. what does that make her? it makes her a slut. >> limbaugh's disturbing excellents about sandra fluke is coming back to haunt him. [ groans ] [ marge ] psst. constipated? phillips' caplets use magnesium, an ingredient that works more naturally with your colon than stimulant laxatives, for effective relief of constipation without cramps. thanks. good morning, students. today we're gonna continue...
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missing what this job is about. >> welcome back to "the ed show." president obama explaining to mitt romney the difference between making money for his investors and being president of the united states and what you have to do to be responsible. today the obama administration was slapped with a lawsuit by 40 catholic institutions including notre dame over an issue that should be a standard component of women's health care. 12 lawsuits filed by courts across the country representing 40 institutions challenging the obama administration's policy to ensure contraception in employee health care policies. i'm joined by the great leftie panel. first, we have got to talk about the booker bain story. corey booker goes on meet the press and causes quite a stir. how does he fix this?
5:41 pm
he's going to be on with rachel after this show. what does he say? he avoided interviews all day long but made the decision to go on with rachel tonight. how does he fix it? >> i think the only way to fix it is to say he was out of line. i think it's clear he was. the president has come out and made a good case that if romney is basing his presidential appeal on his experience at bain capital then it needs to be scrutinized. i think everyone was surprised that he would think that's not something to bring up. we're talking about making money on the backs of working class people and offshore tax havens. these are things the people should know about. >> james peterson, he said he's nauseated about the obama campaign pointing out the record about what mitt romney did in the private sector? what about that? >> i think if you're from newark
5:42 pm
and the people are not surprised by mayor booker's comments. if you look at his political career over the long ark of that career, you consider the fact he moved to newark to really become mayor and his entire political career has been supported by private equity. he's got a partnership with the wall street folk that go back deep into his career. i'm not surprised by his position here. >> i think he thought he could pacify that by throwing in the reverend wright comment in his answer. here is more from the president this afternoon. >> this is not a distraction. this is what this campaign's going to be about. is what is a strategy for us to move this country forward in way where everybody can succeed. that means i've got to think about those workers in that video just as much as i'm
5:43 pm
thinking about folks who have been much for successful. >> that sounds like a full throttle defense of his campaign and his focus. i don't think he's going to be changing. >> he's completely on message. mr. booker was not the what's interesting is the great dirty little secret is out. private equity is not about jobs. it'sabout wealth creation and extraction of wealth. there's nothing wrong with that extraction of wealth. there's nothing wrong with that. this seems to be lost on folks. once again, mitt romney is incredible on an issue. he's running around saying he created hundreds of thousands of jobs. now it's just thousands of jobs. he's incredible and has a lack of credibility. if i were the obama campaign, i would hark on this all day long. you have someone running against the president of the united states who you cannot believe
5:44 pm
anything that he says. >> carolyn, the fight over basic health care for women apparently is not over. how do you read today's lawsuit in the move by notre dame? >> not surprise d they are getting into this. this is a classic case of religious traditionalism clashing what is best for women and the country. 99% of catholic women use contraception or have at some point means the church is way out of line even with their own constituency. not surprised but it's disappointing they are playing hardball politics. >> the suits have been filed even though they gave institutions a one year reprieve from the policy. they come out pretty doggone aggressive. >> there are options on the table for them to use private
5:45 pm
firms to administer and supply the contraceptions. here is the thing. i want institutions, especially churches, to make sure their own house is in order before they try to pass judgment on other institutions. we have to also keep bringing this up. contraception doesn't just have to do with conception. contraception is a life and death health issue that's not related to sex or sexual rep reproducti reproduction. the issue is not clear without all the facts being on the table. >> there you have the employer making the decision on the health care. >> you have churches that are run by men telling women what to do with their bodies. i'm sorry. i don't date women. i'm a gay american, that sounds like a really stupid way to get
5:46 pm
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through mercedes-benz financial services. up next, video of scott walker revealing his divide and conquer plan could put him in hot water with the united states congress. the number one radio talker takes a huge hit in the ratings. i'm ask michael harrison what it means for limbaugh and the radio industry. you can listen to my radio show on sirius xm channel 127 monday through friday. follow me on twitter at ed show and like "the ed show" on facebook. we're coming back. so you brushed with colgate total and you didn't. let's compare. [ scanning ] -[ meghan ] germ party! -eww! [ meghan ] now the colgate total mouth. [ male respondent ] nice! [ female announcer ] colgate total fights
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mark the calendar. wi wisconsin democrats have 15 days to rally the troops and end scott walkers hold on the state. absentee voting in the recall started today. tom barrett is trailing in the
5:50 pm
polls but many insiders are saying the race is closer than indicates. he is doing his best to fight back after being out spent 25 to 1. >> scott walker is playing tricks with job numbers because he didn't like the real ones just like the trick he's playing be john doe scandals. if walker received our spent any of these e-mails, he's in deep trouble. he's hired criminal attorneys and he refuses to tell us what he said to the prosecutors. doesn't wisconsin deserve the truth before the election. >> beyond the john doe investigation, walker is in hot walk with the united states congress. back in april of 2011 he told the house overnight committee his attack on collective bargaining was all about the budget. earlier this month a new video surfaced from january of 2011 showing walker telling
5:51 pm
billionaire donor he wanted to divide and conquer. ranking member sent a letter to darrell issa requesting a clarification from walker over his sworn testimony. walker's trying to change the subject by touring the badger state. today, walker toured an equipment company in lacrosse, wisconsin. he was joined by a failed presidential candidate who left his state billions of dollars in debt. yes, there he is. romney's co-chair. the romney campaign knows how big the walker-barrett election is. my question tonight, does the obama campaign now how big it is? i'll have much more on this topic tomorrow night. tonight, in our survey, i asked does mitt romney care more about people or profits? 4% said people. 96% said profits.
5:52 pm
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5:56 pm
college co-ed susan fluke who goes before a congressional committee and says she must be paid to have sex? what does that make her? it makes her a slut, right? it makes her a prostitute. she wants to be paid to have sex. >> welcome back. the time of the controversy of the sandra fluke, i said he was too big to fail. he was the number one talker in america. you can't deny it. listeners are tuning rush limbaugh out in blue states and red states. in new york ratings fell 27% last month. in the key 25 to 54 demographic. in houston texas, he's down 31% in jacksonville, down 35%. let's go out on the west coast. in seattle down 40%. that's four different parts of the country, isn't it.
5:57 pm
as for advertiser boycott, the head that carries limbaugh on 38 stations says that rush's remarks about sandra fluke cost the company millions let's turn to michael harrison tonight publisher of talker's magazine and an expert in the industry. good to have you with us tonight. i'll let you do the talking on this. what do these numbers mean not only for limbaugh but the stations that carry him? >> as a radio talker you know what the numbers mean, so you know what i'm about to say is true. judging his career and the political implications and what it means to the industry based on four markets and $4 million lost is like judging the presidential election in the new hampshire primary. it's way too soon. the whole state of radio ratings is in influx with with the ppm. even people in the industry
5:58 pm
don't understand it. i think that much of this discussion is inspired by politics as opposed to broadcasting or advertising agency concerns. as long as rush limbaugh is a major political figure considered by many to be a force and that talk radio is caught in the cross fire between the left, right, democrats and republicans, no matter what happens, no matter what the percentage is, it's going to be shown that there's this great shift in the political landscape. i find it hard to believe that the american public would be so outraged by one statement or one, even if it's the most horrendous statement when you see the kind of things that pass for entertainment in our culture today. i see the whole thing as nothing but a political football. >> as all of this damaged the industry or damaged his brand at all? >> well, i don't know if it's damaged his brand because the
5:59 pm
month before the ratings that you've cited as going down, went up. perhaps this is nothing more than an adjustment. damage to industry, yes. for the first time in modern history, people have gone after talk show hosts or radio performers with whom they disagree by going after their sponsors and harassing the very life blood of how this industry operates, which may not infringe fon letter of the first amendment but it does infringe upon the spirit and it's the kind of practice that's hitting below the belt that could work against the left and right depending on who is in power and who wants to use it. the very things that are being used against lush limbaugh could be used against you. i would be here depending you. >> as he changed his tone at all? >> he hasn't called anybody a slut lately, so iue


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