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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  May 29, 2012 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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the hot heat in the series? it's way too early for this. good morning. i'm willie geist. this is "way too early." the show that spent memorial day much like the rest of the country. watching the "lockup" marathon on msnbc. i'm glad you are up and watching on msnbc or listening on sirius xm radio. you can e-mail me or tweet me. or text me word awake followed by your response to 622639. we'll read the best responses later in the show. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for this tuesday, may 29th. a lot to catch up on after the long weekend, including mitt romney and the president on memorial day debating from afar the role of the united states military in the world. we'll show you that in just a minute.
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plus, a bizarre cameo by a young american billionaire in a chinese csi-style documentary. no hints about who it is except that he just got very rich and very married. did you catch it there? the big reveal later in the show. first, kofi annan is meeting with syrian president bashar al assad in damascus today to try to bring an end to the increasing and ugly bloodshed there. annan is a specially envoy of the u.n. to syria. it follows a weekend of gruesome massacres that have left more than 100 dead, including children. we begin with richard engel. >> reporter: homs, syria, under attack by troops. syrian forces pounded hama, reportedly killing more than 40 people. the new violence came just hours after the u.n. security council condemned syria for friday's
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massacre in houla. horrific, even by the standards of a year of fighting. more than 100 people killed, most of them women and children. new video shows the attack as it started. syrian forces appear to shell houla. people run in panic as more artillery rains down. then witnesses say pro-government thugs went on a house to house killing spree binding the hands of victims, stabbing them and shooting them point blank. u.n. peace broker kofi annan arrived in damascus. >> i am personally shocked and horrified by the tragic incident in houla. >> reporter: but annan is losing credibility. syrian activists say his cease-fire is a sham. just a cover for the assad regime's relentless crackdown. the deadlock goes all the way to moscow where british and russian foreign ministers met to discuss syria. the uk was clear.
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>> it is part of the pattern of behavior of the assad regime, i believe, to commit atrocities and then to try to blame those atrocities on other people. >> reporter: russia far less so. foreign minister lavrov blamed both sides for the massacre and opposed regime change. he called for an end to the violence. after friday's bloodbath and months of killing, those words rang hollow. >> richard engel reporting there. as richard said there was a cease-fire brokered about six weeks ago. obviously, that's not being respected. so the question is, what now does the world community do? a couple of different opinions this morning. "the washington post" jennifer ruben writes the level of inanity among administration officials increases daly. secretary of state clinton last week pronounced the assad regime brutality against its own people
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must and will end. assad's reign of terror will end only if he is forced to leave or killed. and clinton has nothing but finger wagging to offer. over to the guardian who talks about yaush, syria's top ally and how it must be involved. for russia's civil war and sectarian chaos in syria is as potent a threat to its strategic interests as a nato intervention. it's late to the table but russia's support for annan could yet save the plan. russia and china have been faulted for blocking the u.n. on taking action. we're joined by aman in cairo. what are the expectations for these talks today between kofi annan and president assad? >> well, good morning, willie. if you ask syrian opposition activists inside and outside of syria, they'll tell you there really is no hope to the u.n. peace plan. it has now been in place for six
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weeks. it's not stopped the violence. although it's important to keep in mind it's meant to be an observer mission. meant to observe the violence or lack of it happening on the ground. but in the presence of u.n. observers, the violence has steadily over the past six weeks continued to rise. for the time being as the u.n. general on the ground told us when we were in syria, he said this is the only game in town that the united nations peace plan is the only option for the sides to get together. and that's why it is still getting the support from some of the major players in the international community. but for the syrian opposition, they have all but given hope that the violence is going to stop as a result of the peace plan. >> ayman, tell us specifically what the latest is on the horrifying pictures a lot of the world saw over the weekend from houla. the syrian government, of course, saying it was the act of, quote, terrorists. we've heard them say that before. what can you tell us about the investigation there, who is
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responsible? >> well, a lot of evidence has emerged. most amateur footage. it also has been substantiated by u.n. observers on the ground. perhaps one of the most stark revelations that has come out from u.n. officials is that out of the 108 people that were killed, less than 20 of them were killed as a result of artillery shells. when they went to see for themselves the situation on the ground, they found spent artillery shells there that they associated with the syrian military. today they are saying less than 20 people were killed. imaccompliceit in that is that the remaining number of people that were killed, including children, were killed in close range. that people went house to house and people went up to one another and shot them or perhaps killed them or stabbed them. all that is still to be clearly identified. but their assessment is that there was some type of not only the military strike but some type of assault that actually went into the city and killed people almost house to house which is a very disturbing revelation if it is proven accurate later on.
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>> the accounts from survivors there are just terrible. now we'll see what the u.n. can do and what mr. annan can get done. want to ask you about the city you're standing in. what's happening in egypt. demonstrators taking to tahrir square, a place that's become very familiar to the world. unhappy with the outcome of the presidential elections. what's going on there this morning? >> you couldn't have picked two more polarizing candidates to face off against one another. on one hand, former prime minister ahmed shafiq, the last prime minister to serve under hosni mubarak and the head of the muslim brotherhood here in egypt. he is the other candidate. many egyptians are disgruntled by the results that these two individuals are the final two. and so they went back to tahrir square yesterday. they also assaulted the campaign of prime minister shafiq. >> ayman reporting from cairo. thanks so much. i'm sure we'll be back checking
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with you through the week. domestic politics. one year ago this week, mitt romney launched his presidential campaign. he can officially and will officially become his party's nominee by winning the majority of delegates in tonight's republican primary indelegates the lone star state. and romney needs just 60 of them to clinch the nomination. the general election fight is already well under way. marking memorial day, mr. romney addressed military families alongside senator john mccain at an event in san diego while president obama paid tribute to the country's fallen troops at arlington national cemetery. >> i wish i could tell you the world is a safe place today. it's not. we have two courses we could follow. one is to follow in the pathway of europe to shrink our military, smaller and smaller to pay for our social needs. the other is to commit to preserve america as the strongest military in the world, second to none with no comparable power anywhere in the
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world. we choose that course -- we choose that course in america not so that we just win wars but so we can prevent wars because a strong america is the best deter tonight war there ever has been invented. >> after a decade under the dark cloud of war, we can see the light of a new day on the horizon. especially for those who have lost a loved one, this chapter will remain open long after the guns have fallen silent. the patriots who rest beneath these hills were fighting for many things. for their families. for their flag. but above all, they were fighting for you. as long as i'm president, we will make sure you and your loved ones receive the benefits earned and the respect you
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deserve. america will be there for you. >> later in the day the president spoke at the vietnam war memorial on the national mall in washington. it's been 50 years since the united states ramped up its involvement in the vietnam war. a conflict made even more painful by the treatment of america's troops once they returned home. >> and the honorable service of the many should have been praised. you came home and sometimes were denigrated when you should have been celebrated. it was a national shame. a disgrace. it should never have happened. and that's why here today, we resolve that it will not happen again. >> for the first time, by the way, since world war ii, neither of the major presidential candidates has served in the military. as far as the veteran vote goes, a new gallup poll shows mitt romney leading obama by 24
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points among former service members. veterans account for about 13% of the total u.s. population. today mitt romney campaigns in two swing states, colorado and nevada, while president obama honors the medal of freedom recipients at the white house. let's turn to business. "the new york times" reports another 70,000 americans will lose their jobless benefits next month. that is much earlier thn they'd expected. they are among the 500,000 people cut off from unemployment after congress issued new guidelines in february for the number of weeks people could be eligible for extended aid. more than 5 million americans have been out of work for longer than six months. let's take an early look at the markets as we get all up in your business. geoff cutmore is live in london. good morning. >> good morning, willie. this will come as quite a shock to some of those hundreds of thousands who will get their last benefits check sooner than they anticipated. it's thought now across 23
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states the unemployed have lost something like five months worth of benefits because of this phased reduction in the federal program. conservatives saying this has got to happen because we need to get people back to work and giving them benefits encourages joblessness. the democrats arguing they should continue to receive high levels of benefits here while we wait for the economy to recover. the good news, the unemployment rate continues to trend down. currently sitting about 8.1% for the nation. back to you, willie. >> i have to ask you quickly. facebook, looking at making a new smartphone. good idea? >> well, you know, the experts are mixed on this because they argue if zuckerberg wants to follow the mobile path, it's going to be harder for people using it to see the adverts. so could that deter advertisers from putting accounts with facebook? an interesting conundrum on that mobile thrust in this business.
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>> the mobile thrust. geoff cutmore live from london. thank you. still ahead on "way too early" -- game one of the eastern kncht finals have lebron and dwyane wade looking like men on a mission. some highlights and walk-off mag nick major league baseball. and remembering the sacrifice on memorial day through the generations. we'll have the numbers for you. that and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back. after 40 years of anti-communist injective and reconciliation, ronald reagan finally set foot on soviet soil. the president passed stat use of lennon and other russian heroes. then in the intersanctum. i want healthy skin for life.
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♪ welcome back to "way too early." the sun is up in new york city. it's 5:47 in the morning. a good day. let's get a check on your weather from todd santos. in for bill today. todd you gave us a good weekend, my friend. >> glad i could help you out there willie. of course, we're holding it down here. a few areas had a messy weekend, especially toward the beaches. it was because of now tropical depression beryl. what you are seeing is video out of st. simon's island, georgia. a messy situation. this system is the strongest on record to have made contact with the coastline. they are continuing to look back even further, even back towards the original british colonies in the southeast. so record-setting system considering it landed before june 1st, the official beginning of hurricane season. right now tropical depression beryl. a 30-mile-per-hour storm moving towards the north at about 2 miles per hour. it's drifting. heavy rainfall will be one of the biggest problems here today
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and even low count of south carolina. the track of this system as it moves off toward the northeast, we'll be dealing with this through wednesday. boy wednesday evening, that system getting back to tropical storm strength. you live in wilmington towards kill devil hills, keep a close eye on the forecast. may have impacts the next couple of days. aside from the flooding there, towards the northeast, big cities looking good. boston, gloucester and bedford. could be an issue there travelwise. up to burlington and north of there, dealing with stronger thunderstorms. we get some of the activity going from philly, d.c., up to boston. >> let's turn to sports now. less than 48 hours after winning game seven against the sixers, the celtics travelled to miami for game one of the eastern conference finals to take on the heat. game tied at halftime. in the third, dwyane wade hits lebron. lebron had 32 points. heat up five there.
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still in the third. rojon rondo, a little ball fake on battier. lebron comes up with the big block. in the fourth. wade drives. hits the bank shot. 2 of his 22. game tied at halftime. the heat run away in the second. 93-79, heat win. lebron records his fifth playoff game with at least 30 points and 10 rebounds for the heat. they play game two tomorrow night out west. the spurs look to make it 20 consecutive victories dating back to the regular season with a win over the thunder tonight. san antonio up one game to nothing in that series. the yankees on the road against the angels. both teams trying to extend winning streaks. jered weaver clearly in some pain after the pitch. he was lifted with a lower back injury. giving way to the bull pen. seventh inning, yanks down a couple of runs. into the corner. that scores two. game tied at eight. bottom of the ninth. still tied at eight.
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angels' mark trumbo hammers the pitch. sneaks inside the foul pole. a walk-off home run. the yankees' bull pen continues to struggle without rivera. angels win. they've won seven consecutive games. red sox taking on the tigers at fenway. top of the second, dell mond young crushes it over the green monster for detroit. that ties the game at one. villes appears to strike out to end the inning. the umpire blows the call and says the ball hit the ground. jim leyland comes out to argue. gets his money's worth. he's rung. new life. an rbi single to center. sox go on to score three runs in that png pedroia. he jammed his thumb on the play. left the game. he's listed as day-to-day. red sox hold on to win, 7-4. cubs taking on the padres.
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we show you this because the cubbies trying to snap a streak that's spanned two weeks and 12 games. the president of baseball operations theo epstein said of his team's struggles, i saw tough stretches, but i don't think this is indicative of the type of team we are. i think we clearly are better than this. to the game. cubs down a run in the sixth. alfonso soriano. all the way out into waveland avenue. that puts the cubs up a run. they end that 12-game losing streak. the padres. life-long padres fan phil mickelson has joined a group hoping to buy the team. mickelson has previously shied ay ownership but said this was a unique opportunity with families that had done this before and know how to do it right and want to get involved in the community. only the cubs have fewer wins than the padres. at least five ownership groups
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are interested in purchasing it, including tony gwynn. coming up on "morning joe," a weekend of sickening images put pressure on the u.n. to step in. how much longer can the world watch? we'll knock that around. in a country of 1.3 billion people, what are the odds that facebook's ceo would happen to wander into the backdrop of a shot of a chinese documentary while on vacation there. it sounds strange, and it is. we'll show you when we come back. [ morgan ] lopez lomong started running when he was six and he didn't stop for three days and nights as he escaped life as a child soldier. twenty years later, he was still running, he just had a different thing driving him.
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as we told you at the top of the show, president obama and mitt romney both spent memorial day thinking about those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of this country. going to memorial day parades and the like. and thinking about those who came before us. if you want to sound smart today, tell your friends since the end of the united states' involvement in the vietnam war in 1973, about 7500 american soldiers have died in combat. more than 6400 u.s. service men and women have died in the wars in iraq and afghanistan alone. an additional 48,000 u.s. soldiers have been wonded in the course of those two.
2:56 am
before '73 and vietnam, more than 58,000 americans died in that conflict. enough of the real news. let's watch a certain american billionaire make a surprise cameo in a chinese tv documentary about the country's police force. watch closely. >> okay. here it is again. look at the spot shadow. look at zuckerberg with that look on his face. that was him with his then girlfriend priscilla chen. they were married about a week and a half ago. they were on vacation in shanghai last year. facebook is blocked in china. unclear if the documentary's producers knowingly put him in the film. he's got that look.
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the couple married earlier this month just one day after facebook's ipo. i feel better that the country knows about that. still ahead, while you are awake, your texts and tweets. ♪ ♪ ♪ and we dream up ♪ all the best stuff ♪ and we can make it up ♪ cause we were made for each other ♪ ♪ for always ♪ oh oh ♪ for always ♪ oh oh with these new depend real fit briefs,untry and today we are surprising pro football all stars. there's wes, clay and demarcus.what's up guys. now i know you don't need one, but would you try these on for charity and prove just how great the fit is? seriously? no way for charity? let's do it!
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