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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  June 1, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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only the beautyrest recharge sleep system combines the comfort of aircool memory foam layered on top of beautyrest pocketed coils to promote proper sleeping posture all night long. the revolutionary recharge sleep system from beautyrest... it's you, fully charged. right now, receive two free recharge pillows with the purchase of select beautyrest mattresses. good morning. i'm richard lui in for chris jansing this morning. republicans and mitt romney are taking aim at president obama. the new numbers for the labor department show only 69,000 jobs were added last month. that's the fewest in a year and well below the expected 150,000. the unemployment rate ticked up to 8.2%.
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just a short time ago mitt romney issued a statement calling the job report devastating news for american workers and american families. in the past hour we heard from john boehner and republican leaders. take a listen. >> these job numbers are pathetic. and, you know, the american people really deserve better. >> it's clear that the policies that we've seen are not working. >> i'm joined by matt welsh, editor in chief of reason magazine. boy, those numbers, i have to start by asking you, matt, and this is really bad when you look at the the numbers. 150,000, as we were saying, was expected. came up with 69,000. can you spin this, if you're team obama, into something that's positive? >> i don't think so. what the obamaed a mfrgs is trying to say right now. let's pull the per scope back. when you do that, it looks worse. when you compare every recovery
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since world war ii, at this stage, it should be cooking with gas. >> what about the 600,000 people that reenter the job market that's part of this report sf. >> that's good news. we need great news at this point. we expect great news at this point. every single report, or most of the big rejections that the obama administration has made since the stimulus, we've undershot performance. at this point it's starting to become a referendum on economic policy. it's one that the administration is losing. >> let's pivot on the point about the stimulus to you, beth. the president saying the stimulus would keep the unemployment by low 8%. we can clearly see it's going the other way. >> that remains to be seen. this is a big setback for the president. in the last few months he's had a much better report to work with. he's had modest improvement. but still improvement. this is going in the wrong
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direction. so that just reinforces governor romney's argument that things are actually getting worse under president obama, which, you know, is pretty devastating. >> it might be a good point to be made in april, bls, bureau of labor statistics. they were saying 366 out of 372 metro areas, matt, have actually seen a decrease in thaur unemployment rate. that's above the rate it was a year ago. so, is the real opportunity here then for mitt romney, then therefore in the rural areas? or in the small towns? >> i mean, i just think the way you frame that shows we're scrambling for good news. i think there's a big picture here. that's why romney keeps trying -- >> it's a safe number. >> overall it's the economy. every attempt by the obama administration to pivot on bain capital, romney will steer it
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back to the economy. if it's a referendum on the economy, then obama will lose. if it's a refer dumb on how americans like each candidate, then romney will probably lose. >> does this then prove that this is going to be the single most defining issue, the issue for november of 2012? >> you know, voters keep telling us it is the defining issue. these numbers come at a good time for governor romney. he came off the primary and was a little battered and bruised. and the president's likability numbers were much higher. he had leads in the battleground states, but that's changing. the gap between them and likability. the way people view them personally is narrowing. we had several polls that showed battleground states were there neck in neck. so this is exactly the kind of boost that could help governor romney take the lead in these. >> and a good point, beth. when we look at the unemployment
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rate, it's in those battleground states that it looks like the unemployment rate is better in those states than the national average. so based on what beth is saying, when you look at where mitt romney is investing the time, perhaps it's not assisting him in the work. >> it's good, but not good enough. as chuck todd was talking about previously. and so even in states that are doing a quote/unquote well, people are hurting and feeling like policy hasn't worked out for them. >> is this largely out of the united states control? to take it outside of what we're seeing. we're watching this month to month. we are saying as it gets closer to november, each and every month becomes more and more important. is it out of control when we see what's happening in europe? we have issues of the euro zone. >> we have a lot of external
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factors. we have a lot under our control. we're not tackling it. the housing crisis underneath the financial busting bursting, has not been significantly addressed. until we address that, we're going to be living month by month like this. >> 24% in spain alone. it's certainly an overhang. i want to bring in romney economic policied a virz kevin hasset. kevin, thanks for being here. alan krueger was on "the daily rundown". you might have just seen it. here's what he said. >> the president said last february when we had a very good report that the numbers are going to go up and down. that's the nature of the economy. we still face a fragile world economy. >> krueger points out we've had 27 months of jobs growth. do we need to get more help from
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the fed? you talked about quantitative easing to try to get the economy moving again, jobs specifically. >> i've been friends with alan krueger. i've known him a long time. he was very somber. i think that was appropriate. this is a really terrible report. the fact is the economy is just inching forward. we're very close to a scary summer. there's a big election in grease that could panic markets. we should be talking about policies that we can think of to turn the poltsy around. >> should the fed goo into this? >> quantitative easing is a very complicated thing. i've been opposed in the past. what we nid to do is look at what we can control on fiscal policy. the fact is we have lots ands of big problems. we have massive long-run deficits. we have the highest corporate tax on earth. we have things that are really chasing activity overseas. right now what we need to do
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after all the monetary stimulus we've had is go after the big fiscal problems, the things we've been ignoring for a few years. >> as the economic policied a virz for romney, you're aware of him saying he'll bring the unemployment rate down to 6%. an economist estimates how we might get there. he says we need to add 13 million jobs over three years. or 362,000 jobs a month. we need jdp at 4% a jeer. we're hovering at 2%. when you see this sort of suggestion by economists, is this the way mitt romney sees it, and how might we do that? >> you know, the fact is what we need to do is make a list of our problems and start knocking them down one by one. so, you know, we're the highest corporate tax place on earth. so when manufacturers in the u.s. are building a new plant, you know, the first choice is to build in ireland. we need to fix that. as you also noted in the earlier show, in the last hour,
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corporations have a lot of money sitting on the sidelines. if we can give them reasons for optimism in the future, we can see growth. >> how do we do that? 1 trillion on the shelf. some say more than that. how do we get in that push-pull situation? how do we get them to spend the money? >> it's a difficult problem. you're certainly not going to accomplish that by pillaring american business. the fact is that right now there's so money money on the sidelines in part because we have a high corporate rate, so people aren't sure if they want to invest here. if you look at the present value of the shortfall for all the promises we made, it's probably like $100 trillion. it's probably like money that we don't have revenue to cover. if businesses pay the same fraction of that $100 trillion that they normally pay in taxes, then the book value of american businesses would be negative. so tax increases aren't going to do it. why would they invest in a
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climate like that? >> i see the point you're making. does that get us to the 362,000 jobs needed month to month? >> historically if you go back and look at what happens when the pop begins, when people decide to be optimistic and start growing, then absolutely you can get numbers like that every month. it's quite common in the midst of a strong recovery. we've nod hat a strong recovery yet. certainly not. if we see one, that number would be typical. >> i want to shift gears a little bit. solyndra. mitt romney attacking the funding. it's not been proven, as you know. but let's listen to this. >> this building, this half a billion dollar, taxpayer investment represents a serious conflict of interest on the part of the president and his team. it's also a symbol of how the president thinks about free enterprise. free enterprise to the president means taking money from the taxpayers and giving it freely to his friends.
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>> so he's lam basting the president here. not necessarily a clear issue for romney, given he's called for increases in fed spending in the fast for r&d and diversifying energy supply. you also know here that he encouraged loans to a virgining tech industry that also in some cases went bankrupt. so romney's policy here, is he for government assistance and diversifying energy supply? >> you know, governor romney is in favor of, first of all, in subsidizing research and development because research and development helps produce groutd in the future. he's in favor of an energy policy that is aggressive and pursues all economic alternatives. the difference between solyndra and the policy you'll see from romney is the very narrow picking of a winner. he says we need to make an attractive playing field and see who wins. >> so are the losers acceptable
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in such a policy? in this case solyndra? >> excuse me? >> are losers acceptable in the policy that sounds like you're supporting as well? >> if we sort of say, hey, we're going to have a big subsidy for kevin hassett, that's something we would oppose. if we say we're going to support research and development because we know the social return to that activity is very high, and of course, some will succeed, and some of them will fail. >> kevin, great conversation. thanks for stopping by today. appreciate it. matt welsh and beth reinhart are still with us. former massachusetts governor a romney supporter, he was hired by solyndra as well. romney is out there speaking out about this. is this a clear win for romney? >> right, you know, there are some lobbyists that were involved in the solyndra deal
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that have ties to romney. it's a vulnerability for the president. it's a glaring stance on where his economic policy went wrong. i think we'll continue to hear about it. >> when we were looking at this matt, as we were watching the story, there was worry about this happening, that they might try to stop it if they had heard about mitt romney going to solyndra and making the speech. by bringing this up, does he redirect the emphasis that the obama team has been making on his background in private equity? >> maybe. ultimate lly solyndra people understand what's happening. this has been a big promise that obama made during the campaign and afterwards. we're going to somehow magically create 3 to 5 million green jobs. it was voodoo economics from the beginning. it continues to be now. unfortunately romney can't make a clear case of we should not subsidize business, period.
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his record hasn't been like that. he has picked winners in the past, too. i wish he would make that case. there's a strong case to be made. we don't have the money. it's not the government's business to do this. and then go guard from there. >> it's clear we need more ideas and more action. we're looking at numbers at 69,000, no matter which side you're standing on. appreciate it so much. thanks, matt. thank you, beth. a report in today's new york times is revealing new details about the use of cyber weapons. the report says president obama secretly ordered sophisticated attacks against iron's nuclear facilities after taking auction. the program infected the center. but it escaped the plant, causing president obama to question whether the classified program should be shut down. u.s. officials decided to continue delaying iran's nuclear program by up to two years.
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revealing details from behind closed doors as jurors in the john edwards corruption trial speak out for the first time. the former presidential candidate was accused of using donor money to hide his pregnant mistress during the 2008 campaign. the jury acquitted on one charge and deadlocked on the other five. what three jurors on the "today show" admitted may surprise you. >> i think that he had some knowledge. i think he definitely had knowledge of where the money was going. >> he was smart enough to hide it, and we could not find the evidence. >> we had emotions. each day was a new day. we would start with calmness.
7:19 am
>> raise your hands if you think john edwards was guilty on at least some of the counts against him. raise your hands if you think john edwards is a bad guy. interesting. joining me now, professor of law, michael rich. michael, thanks for your time today. the verdict flies in the face of these three jurors' statements as you said there. why do you think that is? >> well, there are 12 jurors that have to be convinced. the fact that three might have felt he was guilty isn't enough to convict him. >> when the government hears this. when they see the sound that came from the "today show," the few holdouts as we add those into the calculus here, is this fodder, then, for pushing for another retrial? >> absolutely. you know, the decision that they have to make is going to be a strategic one, whether or not it's worst the money to go
7:20 am
forward, given the chance of conviction. it tells us given the strongest case they were able to convince some of the jurors. maybe they'll give it another go. >> watch this with me. it's edwards speaking after the verdict. he talked about plans for the future. >> i want to dedicate my life to being the best dad i can be, and to helping those kids who i think deserve help and who i hope i can help. my precious quinn. who i love more than any of you could ever imagine. and i am so close to and so, so grateful for. so grateful for quinn. >> so michael, when you see this, and you just mentioned a retrial looks probable based on what has happened so far, what do you think? edwards said he did nothing
7:21 am
illegal but did a lot of the things that were wrong. he is speaking to prosecutors? is he speaking to potential future voters? funders, perhaps? what do you think? >> i think it's unlikely speaking to potential voters. he has a long road black if he wants to get back the viability. i think he's speaking to potential jurors. even just trying to rebuild his image more generally in the public. he's a guy who it's been important for him to be part of the north carolina political scene, the north carolina kind of the scene of leaders in the state. so i think it's important to rebuild the credibility. >> isn't he speaking to the government, too? isn't he speaking to the prosecutors? >> sure. he's speaking to prosecutor fs. although, i don't know that he's saying anything differently than what he's been saying all along to them. and i think the prosecutors understand what his position is, even without this statement yesterday. >> you mentioned potential jurors. what is your perception of how
7:22 am
the jurors did as that you look at what the outcome was? were they right in line? >> it's hard to judge whether they made the right decision or not. you have to respect that the jurors took nine days of clearly contentious deliberation to try to reach a verdict. even though they weren't able to reach one, that doesn't say they didn't do a good job. >> they were sent back by the judge, weren't they? >> absolutely. they were sent back and told to try again. >> he did do a plea, a lot of folks were questioning that, those in your community, legal community. he went for a jury. it paid off for him in the end. when you look back, stroke of genius or just plain luck? >> you know, i mean, i don't know that it's a stroke of genius. given what he was looking at, he didn't want to spend time in jail. this was his only avenue. he that had to go to trial. it made sense for him strategically.
7:23 am
also it was a bit of luck that he walked out of the courthouse free. >> michael rich, thank you for your time. >> first, it was posted restaurant ratings. now he wants to limit your choice to keep you from gaining weight. michael bloomberg answers his critics next. pull on those gardening gloves. and let's see how colorful an afternoon can be. with the home depot certified advice to help us expand our palette...
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ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense. and to politics now. nancy reagan gave mitt romney her endorsement for president yesterday. in a statement she writes ronnie would have liked governor romney's business background and his strong principles. i have to say, i do too. a lot of laughs as president obama welcomes the bushes back for the official portraits of george w. bush and former first lady. >> i'm also pleased, mr. president, that when you're wandering these halls as you wrestle with tough decisions you
7:27 am
will now be able to gaze at this portrait and ask, what would yours do? >> it was really gracious of you to invite us back to the white house to hang a few family pictures, and i'm sure you know nothing makes a house a home like having portraits of the former occupants staring down at you from the walls. >> had some good laughs there. and the proposed ban on big chivalry drinks in the big apple giving new york city mayor michael bloomberg the nickname nanny mayor. >> we're not banning you from getting the stuff. if you want 32 ounces, the restaurant has to serve it in two glasses. that's not exactly taking away your freedoms. it's not something the founding fathers fought for. >> that's just one opinion. here's speaker boehner this morning. >> i like mayor bloomberg, but are you kidding me? come on. don't we have bigger issues to
7:28 am
deal with than the size of some soft drink that somebody buys? and he walks away. what do you think? do you agree with bloomberg's plan to ban soft drinks larger than 16 ounces? you can vote in the facebook poll. and while you're there, check out chris jansing's best ice creams in the u.s. don't worry, they're not part of the band yet.
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it's time to live wider awake. only the beautyrest recharge sleep system combines the comfort of aircool memory foam layered on top of beautyrest pocketed coils to promote proper sleeping posture all night long. the revolutionary recharge sleep system... from beautyrest. it's you, fully charged. democrats are calling in the big guns. in just about half an hour bill clinton will fire up voters in bi. he'll go to the polls next tuesday in a recall election for governor, that started out a battle for union rights and has turned into something else. let's listen to this from last night's debate. >> he's running a commercial right now that shows a dead baby. he shows a picture of a dead baby. >> violent crime has not gone down. the journal's investigative team pointed that out. >> i want to bring you
7:32 am
democratic strategist crystalball and national director for the santorum campaign. crystal, i want to start with you. that's just within example of the attacks we've seen so far. does it show how important the election is? >> yeah, absolutely. the stakes are high on both sides. that's just one of the attacks. it's been very divisive and aggressive. willy hornton they bring in. that ad is quite over the top. it remains to be seen if that plays well. by the polls have been in walker's favor but showing tightening. one thing that's very difficult in a special election like this is to predict who is exactly going to show up. if it tends to be the more reliable voters who are older and whiter then scott walker will do better. if they can energize young voters, if they can get minors
7:33 am
to show up, then they have a good shot. that's why they brought in bill clinton, to rally people today. >> bill hogan, as was mentioned by crystal in wisconsin. president obama clearing steer of wisconsin right now, trying not to alienate voters he needs in november in the key state. the same poll shows scott walker up by seven. it also shows that president obama is up eight on mitt romney. what do you think? do you think staying out of wisconsin is a smart strategy for the president right now? >> i think so. look, i spent most of my childhood in arkansas. i'm very familiar with bill clinton. he's a wonderful speaker. he's going to go in there and give a great speech. it's less about bill clinton's being there and more about barack obama not being there, as you alluded to. he could easily stop in to make a point to defend the mayor and try to slap down scott walker. they know this is a referendum for the most part on the
7:34 am
president. they don't want to have their hands dirty in this race. they don't want to be seen as trying to rally the troops and come out with a loss. bill clinton is one of the most well thought of political figures in the country. people love him. it won't really hurt him because he's not running for any race in the future. and the exact opposite is true for the president. they know that. so they're going to clear steer of the state. >> i agree with hogan in a sense. debbie wasserman schultz was on the ground. they're nervous there could be a loss. they don't want him directly associated. i don't think this is a referendum on the president at all. i think this is has been a very wisconsin focused election about collective bargaining rights. about what's going on on the ground in washington. i don't think it's been a national referendum on the president's policies at all. >> i agree with that, krystal.
7:35 am
i might have misspoke. the republicans will try to turn this into a referendum and point out -- >> well, that's certainly true. another thing is it's not just the governor's race. there's also four state senate seats being recalled. it would be a consolation prize if they're not able to take out scott walker. but there's still a good chance here. again, it depends on turnout. the absentee voting has been very strong and brisk. the bigger the turnout, the greater chance they have for winning. >> let's talk about november. wisconsin has gone for democrats in every presidential race, as you know, since 1988. president obama won it in 2008. but in 2010 midterms, we look at those numbers, went heavily republican at that time. could wisconsin this time around
7:36 am
turn red? >> it could. it absolutely could. i think if scott walker is able to weather the storm and all indication polling shows he will, it poses a pob for the president. the fact that the voters are split and want to support walker and also obama, it could prove troubleness for obama as well. it's a tough state to forecast. this is a trumpeting rallying cry for both sides regardless of the outcome. >> if there is a loss here, though, by tom barrett, i think there is a chance that there could be a backlash against that and energize democrats for november. unions have had a great opportunity in the election to really build their organization and build some energy within the labor movement that also could translate into effective organizing for november. so in that way it's been a really positive thing for democrats. >> big story for june.
7:37 am
>> it has been. unions themselves are liberal. there's a lot of republicans in there. a lot of the labor types, they are straumpblly liberal. we all know that. >> we have to leave it there. thank you both so much for your perspectives. >> a federal judge shut down portion of an election law. at issue. part of a new florida law that requires third party groups to turn in voter registration forms within 48 hours. judge called it harsh and impractical. they suspended all voter activity because of the new law. a new app called the cost of freedom is offering users detailed information about voter i.d. in all 50 states in washington, d.c. joining me now is the developer for the cost of freedom they are
7:38 am
following a suit against the new vot voter i.d. law there. what does the new law mean for pat voters? >> what it means is hundreds and thousands of already registered voters will find it harder to vote on november 6th. >> if they vote in december, lit be too late. >> in the past what comes to mind in maryland, putting out misinformation has been used in the past to suppress turnout. >> i'm joking because i was born late. we've seen a recent wave of new laws. got them out for you. florida, for instance, i just mentioned, what's your sense on the ground as you look at what's happening across the country.
7:39 am
is this train stoppable? will eric holder's affirmation to uphold the voting rights act, will that comfort activists like yourself? >> well, there's some comfort in the attorney general, the department of justice has sent a letter to florida, asking it to justify the purging that's going on there now. i have to tell you, richard, this election is reminding me more and more of the 2000 election. one of the reasons why i've become so passionate about voter i.d. is because i believe if the election is close, photo ids will be the hanging chads of this cycle. so activists really have to get engaged. >> on the other side supporters of the laws are saying they're simply aimed at reducing voter fraud. what evidence have you seen that might be happening? voter fraud? >> you're right. they say it's the purpose to reduce voter fraud.
7:40 am
but there's absolutely no evidence of voter fraud. the only fraud that voter id would prevent is in person voter impersonation. that simply doesn't happen. so what supporters say basically is the lack of evidence of voter fraud is evidence of voter fraud because it's so hard to detect. it may be hard to detect because it's not happening. >> thank you so much for your time today. >> thank you. >> today marks the official start of the atlantic hurricane season despite already having two named storms last month. janet napolitano and greg fugati will brief the public later o tennessee the upcoming season. four to eight of the storms predict rd thought to become hurricanes. a high school student from indiana stuck in mexico is back home. elizabeth was one day too late
7:41 am
returning to mexico to apply for a visa, so she was initially denied. the state department issued the visa, though, just in time for her high school graduation tomorrow. last week we told you about brian banks. a promising career ahead of him until he was falsely charged for rape. a 14-year-old san diego girl won $30,000 in cash thursday by capturing the national spelling bee title. >> g-u-e-t-a-p-e-n-s. >> yeah, easy for you to say. the french derived word means a snare or trap. can you use it? and justin bieber walks into
7:42 am
a glass wall during his paris concert. say it ain't so. we'll explain when we go down to the wire in 15 minutes. stocks are slumping after the disappointing jobs report. mandy drury is here with what's moving your money. but you do have some better news for us. >> let me run you through a few reactions. you're absolutely right. very disappointing jobs number. stocks sharply lower. treasury yields with new debts as the economy is clearly losing steam here, richard. here are some companies that are hiring. for example, let me run you through them. you have first group or first transit. the number of jobs they're trying to fill is 10,000. s the for things like bus drivers and technicians. you also have a big bank wells fargo hiring over 4,500 people
7:43 am
in online phone service. personal banking, you name it. they're looking to hire them. in things like nursing ii.t., hospital exec. some of the other companies looking to hire right now are aig and at&t. if you want to to know more or maybe you're looking for a job, there is a link on the jansing & co facebook page. >> also part of which companies pay be hiring, the big three. and so far so good. >> yeah, we have a lot of numbers coming out today. so far chrysler u.s. sales jumped by 30% last month. it was still smaller than expected.
7:44 am
the suggesting the industry wide demand may be slowing down. nissan, those sales rose over 20%. again, also short of expectations. it's rapidly regaining share that it lost to ford and lots of other automakers to following the earthquake in japan. remember that last year. falling prices at the puffer have reduced pressure on consumers to get rid of the big gas guzzlers and buy more fuel efficient cars. lower gas prices may mean fewer sales. >> mandy thank you so much. talk about chewing on something. it's national doughnut day. the first back in 193 was meant to honor volunteers who handed out treats to soldiers fighting in world war i. today it's all about getting a free doughnut. you can grab one, no strings
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so how far would you go to get elected? one candidate changed his name to website url. here's the name, vote for he changed it to get his message out there. >> i am my number one priority is ending america's addiction to oil. this year the average american household will spend more than $4,0 $4,000ing on gasoline alone. goinging me now, vote for
7:49 am can i call you eddie, or do you prefer your full name now? what should i call you? >> richard, we can go ahead and be on a first name basis here. >> all right, eddie. why the change? why did you do this? >> really the only difference is right now is able to present his platform of energy independence and tax cuts to the american publics, to my voters, to my constituents. eddie gonzalez, independent candidate for congress wouldn't have the same opportunity. >> you seem to be talking about it in a third person illusion there. why don't you just say me? you are vote for >> it's a rose by any other name. i refer to myself as eddie. my friends refer to me as eddie.
7:50 am
when you look at your ballot in november, i want you to do the research. and maybe you agree with me. >> ed lee, let's look at that. you're running against a five-term congressman here. do you think people view this as a publicity stunt since you are up against a formidable candidate here? >> it's not a publicity stunt, but i would agree it's an unconventional way to get my name out there. you're right. i'm battling a five-term incumbent that has an advantage of hundreds of thousands of dollars. i certainly need adieu neek way to push my platform and to get the voter recognition that i need to win. >> and you didn't go for the twitter handle. >> oik. appreciate it. today's tweet of the day is a sentiment many of us in the newsroom felt this morning. he says today is june 1st?
7:51 am
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good morning, everybody. i'm thomas roberts new reaction to the monthly jobs report. it's like a gut punch to the obama campaign. i'll have the former labor secretary what it will take to get that unemployment number back down? john edwards says he's a injury not a criminal. three will explain what happened behind closed doors. and surprise solyndra visits. our power panel weighs in on who won the week. mitt romney or the president? richard? >> wow, packed show. thanks a lot, thomas. bieber knocked out, and lawnmower dui. let's go down to the wire on this friday. young women think justin bieber is a knockout. but knocked out in paris. he ran into a glass wall
7:55 am
backstage during a concert. the biebs said he was disoriented but finished his set. this week britain begins celebrating the queen's 60 years on a throne, and as part of a documentary to be cast on bbc 1, you can see the queen with prince charles and princess ann playing as children on the beach. great video there. this hot dog may be fit for a royal. a sacramento restaurant holds the record for selling the world's most expensive hot dog, at $145.49. okay. hang on a second. what's in it? it was shipped in from chicago and is topped with louis cheese, bacon marinated sauce. a wisconsin man is under arrest for dui for allegedly driving his lawnmower drunk. officers stopped 69-year-old
7:56 am
charles gray driving on the street. this is his fourth drunk driving charge. that was on ha mower. i'm richard lui in for chris across a few years in the northeast, dealing with showers and thunderstorms. saturday may be in between as far as the chance for showers are concerned, up towards portions of the northern rockeys with a few small disturbances. the coastal low may have thunderstorms in boston. [ laughter ] [ grunting ] huh? [ male announcer ] should've used roundup. america's number one weed killer. it kills weeds to the root, so they don't come back. guaranteed. weeds won't play dead, they'll stay dead.
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in every bag of kingsford charcoal. kingsford. slow down and grill. good morning, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. breaking news topping the agenda this hour. what msnbc's first read calls a gut punch for team obama. a dismal may jobs report, sparking fresh concerns the u.s. economy is hitting a brick wall. the report that could have major political ripple effects, the new national unemployment number up 8.2% now, and just 69,000 jobs officially added. this is well below expectations. now the reaction from the markets was immediate. the dow jones down triple digits. the overall job number was compounded by downward revisions from march to april and a big dip in construction jobs as well. republicans used today's report to pounce on president obama and his economic policies. >> these job numbers are pathetic.


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