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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  June 4, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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the jimy williams. last night there was a suggestion box that was entitled "your feedback." we want to know what we could be doing better, and what is working and what is not and what you are hearing about the president and this campaign. jo jonathan, since you are new to the rodeo, i will ask you first, no matter what the obama campaign takes into consideration the feedback they get -- >> hopefully very little. >> yes, that is true. and this is going to point to a campaign that is rhetoricless and having a hard time to figure out the messaging. >> i don't believe that is true. >> tell me why not? >> they have to define mitt romney out of the gate and taken steps with that and other democrats stepping on the message and bill clinton being
9:01 am
the most recent example, but setting up the message of mitt romney, and blunt message, he is a rich guy and doesn't care about the people who are not rich and typical republican and take it to the he will take us back to the george bush's economy frame as the policies goes on. >> and you think it is always the strategy to pivot from bain to the gubernatorially record and onwards? >> well, any time you have a known commodity in office, most of the action is in place of defining thing the challenger, w people will change their minds. so you have the change their minds about mitt romney or give them something to think about mitt romney, because the undecide undecided voters are more than likely not to know what to think about him. >> there is a lot of head nodding with michael eric dyson. >> when is it bad for the poeope in the room to take the temperature so to speak, and to
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be on the offensive and shore up the numbers and say, the jobs report is not as good as we thought, but we can talk about how it was an improvement with 69,000 jobs added and also figure out how the president is reading among the constituencies that compete for the votes, and if the action is redefining mitt romney, then you have to get the game plan together, a nd to tak a basketball metaphor, you have to take what the defense gives you and when you do that, you take the point and distribute the ball. sorry for the metaphor. >> it is rocky in a few weeks ago and moreen dodd said that the president who was dazzling seems incapable of stimulating the economy or the voters. there is a new web video out that plays upon the motion that the candidate of change is a candidate of fear, and jimmy williams what do you make of it? >> in the south we have a seeing
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that you attract more flies with honey than vinegar. >> we have it in the north. >> you see, i thought it was another one of my colloquialisms. jonathan made an interesting point which is that the campaign is out there sticking to the guns. i have been saying for the last two weeks that i want the obama campaign to be for something. the american people already know mitt romney, and they know he is building a el evator and has three houses and his wife owns two cadillacs, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera and typical country club republican, and fine, whatever, that is not a bad thing. we know him, but what is barack obama for? i want to know what he is for and tell me three things and give me three major policy agendas that you are going to put out there and pass and dare the congress to pass and run on it. i have been saying this for two e weeks, i want to know what the obama campaign is for and echos 2008 rather than what they are
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against. >> the issue this morning there is an ad about team obama with mitt romney's policies taking the country back, and to your point, norm schrieber says it is worth flogging the jobs act aggressively and this is grasped after two years of mostly giving the gop a pass, but the focus on the stimulus has given way in the recent months to at a tack of romney's public equity career along with the efforts to change it. >> well, whatever he says i'm at default i disagree. people know barack obama, and they are used to him. and running an '04 strategy which is what george bush did, and that is to define the opponent. most people who don't eat, breathe, and sleep politics as we do, and most people don't know about mitt romney as the obama campaign has wanted to and
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they are preparing to run against mitt. >> let's look at the new ad and talks about the imagery of jobs, too, and it calls for outsourcing in india, too. >> instead of hiring people from his own state, romney call centered jobs to millionaires and cut taxes on himself and others like him, and put his state deeper in debt. so when mitt romney talks about what he would do as president -- >> i know what it takes to create jobs. >> -- remember, we have heard it before. >> i know how jobs are created. >> can the president continue to do that for the next five months? >> no. they won't do it for five months, but a month or two, and that is what george bush did for john kerry, and defined the guy with a soft and fluid image among the american people, and helped to discredit him as a president. that is what they need to do is to discredit him as someone who can fix the economy. >> and then, look, you have to
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take it in stages as jonathan is suggesting. first of all, hit him on the weaknesses. he says he can run bain capital and ran it into the ground, and he can't run the economy. if he wants a parallel movement, it is going to be disastrous, and i will add the rare disagreement with mr. williams here, because the public knows who mr. obama is, and do they know the good stuff necessary to fix the problems they see looming, and part of that is communication as well. >> well, that ad is not aimed at the national number, but ohio and pennsylvania and that is where the unemployment rate is high, and you are a swing voter and middle-class person and worker, they will care about that. >> and it is worth mention nag the unemployment rate in swing states is lower than the national average which is good for the president especially with the numbers. and let's bring up the full screens of the dow and the job creation, because what is interest ing interesting to many here as we are talking about the job rate, and the up employment rate and it is going in a pattern.
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if you look at 2010 and 2011 and 2012, the parallels are highs and lows and the question is that what is happening in europe and the fact that there is not a stimulus in 2012 in the way that there were in previous summers is going to keep the numbers down, and how the president creates a strategy that will accommodate for that. that is, is it not, jimmy, the question, and the playbook you do and the stratejery, it is a change. >> well, friday, it was a game training to a lot degree, but it does not mean that the next month is better. what happens in the summer months, kids get hired, et cetera, et cetera. but i look at the second chart that we had up the tracking of the job creation, and when barack obama took office the economy was losing 700,000 jobs a month. last month we gained 69,000. 69,000 jobs a lot?
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no, it is larger than most small towns in america population-wise, but when you go to losing 700,000 to 69,000, that is positive and talk about that. i get defining mitt romney and things thrown at you and whirling dervishes and run the negative ad and then talk about what you are going to do. >> this is where the gulf between you and joy are not so wide. >> we won't book you together again quite obviously. >> we are going to have to not only tell the policy, but the revelation of -- you know when i was at the aspen institute, bill clinton said you have to get the guy to present the narrative in the wavy done and bill clinton until recently off message was certainly on top of that. certainly on that, right. >> and this is a trap for any incumbent when you say that in the next term this is what i will do, and the challenger says
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why haven't you done it, because you have had four years and that is tricky, and obama is trying to get out of the trap, and started with a new line friday which has not been picked up but it is important that the republicans were in a fever that they used to be for campaign finance and environmental reform and they have gone crazy, but if i win, they will stop going crazy and we will get things done. i don't think that is true. >> i agree. >> i think they will continue, but that is the argument that he can make if he needs to go to the public, but it is a tricky position that if this needs to be done, why hasn't it been done yet? >> well, the do-nothing-congress argument. >> and obstructionism and leadership in the next block, but first we want to go to the site of the queen's diamond jubilee, a nd now buckingham palace says that prince philip has been taken to the hospital with a bladder infection, and we will have the details next.
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barack obama has exploded the debt in this country, and he has passed a stimulus program that grew government and not the economy. he socialized health care, and he armed mexican drug cartels. admit it, america, 2008 was our national oops moment. >> no word yet if rick perry has tried to trademark oops, but while the gop tries to define president obama's re-election as a radical detour of the country, how different would a leader is mitt romney? we are looking into the possibility that they represent the same subsection of america. the biggest division is not within the classes, but the
9:14 am
parties that represent them. barack obama comes from the moneyed elite and as well as mitt romney. comparing them strikes the ire of both on the left and the right, and mark leibovich in terms of talking about personality and executive style, there are similarities and both are analytical introverts operating in a extroverts and neither has a stomach for idle chatter and have both been called aloof at times. >> well, if it weren't for politics these guys would get al lon famously, and in other words, if they met on a golf course or at a collective leadership seminar at harvard, they would have tea and exchange ideas and the like. no doubt about that, but what is
9:15 am
interesting is the ideas for the country. because the kennedys can say that you can have a whole bunch of money over here and still be concerned for the poor over here. there is not a lot great s similarity of governor romney and president obama, but the question is how alike are they and dissimilar in treating the disease at the heart of american culture which the rampant inequality that makes poorer people poorer and richer people richer. >> well, there is obviously a huge gulf, and jimmy, the congressional expert, you are, in terms of governing though, one of the biggest criticisms lobbed at the president is this idea that he does not like the s sausage making and now more than ever, it is about sausage making to get anything done in congress and relationships and interaction and cajoling and arm twisting, and et cetera, and you could feasibly have someone else in the white house who does not like that process, but how much arm twisting does mitt romney have to do? >> well, if he becomes president
9:16 am
a lot. barack obama spent two or three years in the senate at most four, and i can't remember actually, and not many, but you don't become an expert at deal making per se unless you do. unless you sit on the floor day in, day out as a junior senator doing the job, and that is to sit back to listen to the wise old men and women to go into the committee and discuss something, and he hates it. bill clinton loved it. might i remind you that bill clinton is the one who said i feel your pain. there is not a single american out there who feels that mitt romney has felt their pain. >> well, some say that the president has a visceral understanding of the economic pain they are in. >> yes, that is correct. >> and in terms of the policy and the politics, jonathan, i want to bring you in on this, because eric finstrom with a strong statement saying that mitt romney would endorse the ryan plan and we talked about the laminated cards we made
9:17 am
featuring highlights of your story about the ryan budget plan and ryan is explicit about massive cuts to the very rich and cuts to the programs that aid the poor and the deficit. you could rarely call it a plan to help the poor and the sick, and when you talk about a line of attack for the president, this is a potent one. >> well, he is a tech no krat or at least he was inmanma. when they looked at the health care problem, they hired the same advicer from m.i.t. and came to the same conclusion, and the problem is that romney is running against the same technocratic approach that he employed so well in my opinion in massachusetts. so he is kind of running against who he used to be, and embracing this ryan approach which tries to present itself as wonky and
9:18 am
technocratic, but it is an ide logic approach to government. >> and the most important thing that is happening at the polls this november is actually are the congressional races, and depending on the makeup of the house and the senate, it is either a difficult time for president obama or a very interesting time for president romney. joy, i want to try to hit this before we have to leave this segment, but we are talking about the raised expectations and lowered expectations, and there was a thoughtful op-ed in the "washington post" this weekend by fredrick harris talking about the african-american disappointment in the president, and he makes the point that the black americans are explicit in the decline which is broader decline in terms of prioritizing policy that takes into consideration african-american problems. fearing that racial issues will undermine the president in the eyes of the white voters, african-americans appear to have struck an implicit pact with
9:19 am
obama. even as we watch him go out of his way to lift up other marginalized groups, and we've accepted his silence on issues of this particular interest to us. and in the campaign, he talked about it a lot. >> i felt that argument was more about the congressional black caucus and old-school black politicians who went about politics in a explicitly racial way, and they have to understand deep down, barack obama cannot do that. when you talk to the white house, they say that the policies we are pursuing do help african-americans, and health care disproportionately helps them, because they are disproportionately uninsured an edge ska education is the same thing, so the older term politicians don't want to hear the word black coming out of his mouth don't understand his job as president is not to do that. >> and the op-ed takes the logic, rise the oceans and everybody's votes -- i am
9:20 am
paraphrasing so badly right now. >> but it is more poetic, and i love yours better. >> what happened to the global warming? >> well, that is happening right now. and he says what for those of us who do not have boats that, you know, gay marriage is a piece of policy specifically targeting the lgbt community and why not anything for african-americans? >> well, those who defend the president would say he has, and the question is, again, back to the debate between joy-ann reid and jimy williams is what he has talked about and if you have talked to him like i have, he says the pell grants is disproportionately helping african-american people, and health care is disproportionately helping out, and if i go out to say it is black and for black people, and that is a winner and helps out t the problem, and people are drawn in. now-year-old could have an
9:21 am
intellectual and targeted and universal conversation, but there is a different way to frame it so that the argument can be subsumed under what barack obama is doing. it is a complicated thing, but the problem is that if you have a guy up there who is black already, he is at a disadvantage and he cannot say if trayvon martin was my son, he would look like mine, and so he can't speak on, that and to what degree is the president effective if he deploys a racial rhetoric that leads to divisive efforts where the senators and the congressmen cannot come together. one choice line he said to me, you know, michael, i'm dealing with a congress that does not read cornel west and michael eric dyson. i said, did you chumpp me? i'm an actual politician. >> and in fairness, the radical
9:22 am
language around this president, and the incendiary language and the painting him as the other is something that no other president has dealt with in terms of the -- >> bill clinton has more freedom to be black in public than barack obama. >> that is absolutely right. their deepest fear is that they would seen by america as pushing a particular list agenda, and barack obama as a black man looking to aid his people against white america. that is what terrified them when the reverend wright problem came up in '08 and that has been dynamite for them all along and they have stayed as far away from the image as they could. >> we will be take a look at the ballot initiatives play in the elections. former governor of california gray davis will join us ahead on "now." ♪[music plays]
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welcome back. here is a live look at queen elizabe elizabeth's diamond jubilee, we have an update on the breaking news with jim maceda who is live in london. what is happening there? >> well, alex, an hour and a half ago the news broke that prince philip has been taken ill. he was brought from his windsor castle abode to a hospital here in london, the edwards seventh hospital complaining about a bladder infection. now sh now, this according to a statement released by buckingham palace shortly after that, this is a precautionary measure only, but at the age of 90, and he is 9 is next we-- he is going to b9 is next week, and can be
9:27 am
difficult and any infection is dangerous. he says according to the message he is understandably disappointed to miss this evening's convert, and he was looking forward to that and yesterday he looked quite well actually during the flotilla, the major pageant in the most important day yesterday of this four-day jubilee. he's also going to miss tomorrow's engagements, but again, according to the statement, he has a bladder condition that is being watched, and it is a precautionary measure now putting him in the hospital, and he should be there for several days. back to u, you you, alex. >> and jim, there is quite a bit of pomp and circumstance, and elton john and tom jones and kylie minogue, and what jubilee would not be complete without and certainly all of england and national holiday and quite a few festivities there, but the queen will be in
9:28 am
attendance though prince philip will be presumably in the hospital. >> that is correct. that is going to be extremely difficult for ler and the whole family. the whole world is watching this four-day jubilee marking of course her 60-year reign. for those 60 years, prince philip was by her side one or two steps behind her often, but always by her side. at one point i can recall ten years ago she said that prince philip was her rock, her anchor, and she never could have done what she did without him. so, she is going to be alone. he will be missed by the family, and conspicuously absent not only tonight, but tomorrow, which is the great carriage procession, and the thanksgiving service at st. paul's as well. key moments in the four-day affair. >> jim, thank you for the update and incredible partnership of along the lines of queen victoria and king albert being the longest serving monarchs in
9:29 am
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[ male announcer ] the security of a 2012 iihs top safety pick. the volkswagen passat. that's the power of german engineering. prop 29 is flawed and raises $39 million in new taxes every year and creates a huge bureaucracy instead of funding the schools that need the money. prop 29 has too many flaws. >> prop 29 will fund cancer research. >> save lives. >> and keep 200,000 children from smoking. >> prop 29 says no. >> to big tobacco's lies. >> those were television ads from the war over prop 29, a california ballot proposal to raise cigarette taxes by $1. in advance of the vote tomorrow, state residents are bombarded with a nearly $50 million c campaign funded by the tobacco industry, and each year, private
9:33 am
companies spend over $500 million a year to raise questions if voters are in control over a process that is meant to give them more process. joining now to talk about ballot initiatives is former california governor gray davis. >> hello, alex. >> my first question before we get into the substance of prop 39, is the controversial efforts are put in there to gin up the bases. and given your time in the state, what do you make of the efforts like prop 29? h. >> well, both sides try to do that and try to get the voters to come out in the general election, and sometimes the primary, and sometimes it is successful and sometimes it isn't. i happen to believe, alex, this fall the presidential election is very close, and all of the motivation that people need to get to the polls, but i am sure that we will see the initiatives both in many of the states that
9:34 am
allow the initiative process. >> and the criticism that has been lobbied against the proposition 29 is that it's basically a bad piece of legislation and creates more bureaucracy and effectively california which is facing severe budget shortfalls an none of the money would go to solving the budget crisis, but funding cancer research, and proponents say that cancer research is a worthy thing to be funded. an excerpt from the london ti.a prop 29 makes sense, but it is not going to make sense for the state to get into the medical research business tune in to the when california can't afford to retain its k-12 teachers, keep all of the its parks open and other initiatives. do you believe it is necessary? >> well, tobacco requires as
9:35 am
many people to die that requires medical spending to cure and avoid deadly diseases, so i see the inkrecrease in the cost of pack of cigarettes as reducing the amount of people who will smoke, and reducing the amount of people who die from smoking and reducing the public cost of treating people when they get these terrible diseases which are entirely avoidable. >> i want to open this up to the panel here when we talk about the controversial initiatives, and there is no quantitative initiatives when voter turnout is a increased percentage and there is something controversial on the ballot and when you look at 2004, some say that the ohio gay marriage initiative helped george bush win the state, and when we look at other proposals a going over the states, gay marriage issue is in ballots of maine and minnesota and likely referenda in washington and maryland and if you look at
9:36 am
marijuana legalization that is talked about in colorado which is of course a swing state. workers rights which we know from wisconsin is a very incendiary topic, and maybe on ballots in missouri and michigan, and both important states and californians voting on that as well, and then health care which is everybody's whipping post is going to be ballot initiatives to nullify the president's health care plan could be on ballots in florida and montana and wyoming and of course, depending what the supreme court decides that may be moot point, but jonathan, these are efforts and talkers and controversial issues and they could help to swing the election. >> yes, and the larger problem ta you are talking about and even though there is a little bit of the disagreement, but to the extent that you are governing this way, you are getting the people to make decision about government completely out of context. so right, it can be attractive decision to have this tax for that purpose, but the voters can't make a budget which is what california has had such
9:37 am
trouble doing. you can't look at the global context and say, we'd like to spend money on this, but what else would we like to spend money on? maybe we would rather use the money for the purpose or the basic reasons they want to spend it on, so california has been tied in knots, but it is not how you make a budget. >> and special interest money is so prevalent and in many ways a m motor behind this. what is interesting is that at t the end of the day, there is the usc did a study of 2,314 initiatives have been on ball lots and only 14% have been approved. voters don't like to make the laws at the voting booth, jimmy. >> ballot initiatives are an abrogation to elect the members of the house and the senate. we lekt them to make laws, and
9:38 am
when they fail to do that, this comes up. it is fear-baiting and always something used to scare something, and if you don't believe me, ask kid mehlman about the george bush rate in 2004, and bush only won ohio by less than 50,000 votes all because of gay marriage. so it is used to fear to put fear in people to make them turn out. it is an expensive way for legislators not to do their job, and it is really in my opinion backwards way of making legislation. you have people that we put in office the do their job and when ta don't do it, you put it on a ballot. look at california. california, governor davis who is on with us now, he was recalled by a ballot initiative, and sorry, they just voted for him and took him out because somebody spent a bunch of money. that is absurd. >> you face your own race in california, but i wanted to get your thoughts on wisconsin and scott walker's time in the governor's seat, and making a lot of changes in the state that have met with a fair share of
9:39 am
criticism, and your thoughts on that race, sir? is. >> well, i won't get involved in that race, alex. the democrats will vote against him and the republicans for him. i do want to say this in the west, there are a lot of states with the initiative process. we have never trusted politicians, and that is a common feeling around america today. when you are in politics in the west, you understand that referendum and recall is part of the process. did i like getting recalled? no. in difficult times when you ask people to make difficult decisions, voters should not be surprised, but particularly when candidates are candid and clear about what they will do when they get elected. i moved on with my life and involved with the ex-governors trying to promote policy here in california, but in california we don't take the view that if we don't like what the legislature do does, we have a remedy and if
9:40 am
anything, we have too many remedies here in california. >> you think it is part and parcel of the democratic process? >> well, in california, that is is part of the deal, alex. if you run here, and governor reagan was subject to recall and governor brown and obviously most of them failed, but that is always a risk that you assume. and if you don't like that, then fine some other line of work. >> if you don't like it, find some other line of work says governor gray davis. thank you for your time. >> my pleasure. as warning signs of climate change heat hs up, signs are cooling down, and we will find out why when we are joined by michael mann and david derothschild. they have names like idle time books and smash records and on small business saturday they remind a nation
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shrubs have blossomed into small trees which comes as expert sas they 2012 is the warmest year in record for the u.s., but with all signs pointing to a changing earth why has the debate of global warming cooled? joining me is michael mann, author of "the hockey stick and the climate wars," and david de rothschildt, environmental and arth arthur. i want to start with you first, david, because you are furthest away and harder for you to jump in. as environmentalists and as the temperature of the earth increases the public appetite for climate-related issues seems to go down. a gallup poll from two months ago says, asks americans, how much do you personally worry about global warming a great deal or fair amount, and 55%, or
9:45 am
little or not at all, 45%. now, the economy is certainly one motivating factor behind this, but what else do you think accounts for the broader sort of sense of disinterest around the environmental concern these days? >> well, it is a good point. one of main thing is the narrative and the words that we are using to explain thing, and we went from global warming to climate change and now from climate change to energy security and kind of put it in a consumption issue rather than pollution or issue where we have to, you know, sort of act upon our everyday habits. we have changed the thenarrativ little bit. i always feel that if we were to turn around and call it flying fists of death or something, and people would sit up and go, oh, my god, this is sounding horrible. and change is good, and warming. who doesn't want a little warming? we have made the narrative sound a little bit too comfortable, and we are also getting green fatigue where i think that we have had the top-down approach and told people, you know, the
9:46 am
massive issue, and do a little something small and it will be all right. and the energy of that is lost. so we have to stop personalizing it and really start articulating the severity of the situation at hand. really allow people to find the horizontal buy-in and not the top-down which makes people run away, and when you start to talk about the parts of carbon per mill meter in the air, you have to make it real in the narrative. so i pass the buck back to you and say it is the media's representation and how we talk about it. >> i will be certainly talking about flying fists of death to gin up interest. and michaelle in the book, you talk about in the community dealing with tissue. you say that scientific truth at the end of the day is not enough to carry the court of public opinion. the resources necessary to
9:47 am
amplify it play a dominant role, and those seeking to communicate the message are outfunded by powerful self-interests by a single goal to thwart efforts to regulate carbon emissions. and you point out that coal equals jobs, and how did we get to that? >> well, we got to this curve called the hockey stick demonstrating that the recent warming is unprecedented in more than 1,000 years. we found ourselves at the center of these attacks funded in large part by the fossil fuel industry, and the front groups and individuals allied with the front groups who were seeking to discredit us, because our graph was an icon and it told a simple story, you don't have to understand physics and math to
9:48 am
understand what the curve is taking you, there are unprecedented changes taking place in the climate, and if we continue on the course, we will see far greater impacts in the future. >> the effort to discredit scientific study is breathtaking, because you talk about the e-mailing hacked into and a sort of, i won't say public witch hunt, but a version of that to really sort of undermine the information that you are putting out there. >> absolutely. i have had a senator denounce my work on the senate floor, james inhofe who has declared that climate change is an elaborate hoax, and a hoax that we have the ice sheets and the global temperatures playing along with the hoax. >> and it is a massive hoax if that is the case. go and i have been subject to attacks by people like joe inhofe, and joe barton the former chair of the house energy and commerce committee attempted to subpoena all of my personal
9:49 am
e-mails, and the attorney general of virginia basically took a page from his playbook trying to do the same thing. >> but, jonathan, when we talk about the political tactics and sort of the road forward for this, it is important and relevant to note that the koch brothers whose interests are in the oil and the gas industry are expected to spend $400 million on this november 2012 races. >> which is more than mccain spent on everything. >> on the entire -- yes. exactly. how do you change the thenarrat or at least move the ball back towards reality as it were? >> clearly part of it is interest here, and like you say, fossil polluters who want the protect the business model, but there is more to it. if you go back and way back to 100 years the whole progressive tradition was to idea of bringing disinterested expertise and science into the policy-making and following the dictates to the extent that you could use these experts to help you craft better solutions to
9:50 am
the public policy problems, but the conservative political tradition never bought into that. now, you had a long period in american life where the republican party made its peace with the new deal and government and had its own experts, and was part of this consensus style policymaking and we came to associate technocracy to create policy, but it is not. conservatives have gone way to the right and attacking this notion of government altogether. >> david, we are going to have to leave it there, but i want to say, if you did the plas tea teaky -- plasticy before, and are you taking the flying death, and have environment al issues drawn from that. >> well, i will keep trying and we have to do our bit to move it from the political arena and take it to the people, and say
9:51 am
this is much more than election year issue, but our future and we have to do something about it. >> thank you, michael mann, and "the hockey stick of climate wars" and that is a great read. i encourage you the pick it up. and thank you david de rothschild as well. we believe the more you know, the better you trade. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning, plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations, where our dedicated support teams help you know more so your money can do more. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our teams have the information you want when you need it. it's another reason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade.
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it's another reason more investors are saying... by what's getting done. measure commitment the twenty billion dollars bp committed has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studying the environment. and the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious. last year, many areas even reported record tourism seasons. the progress continues... but that doesn't mean our job is done. we're still committed to seeing this through.
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welcome back. time now for "what now" and wondering what some of the fo former gop candidates are up to these days? herman cain, and the herman cain is reportedly getting his own nationally syndicated radio show, and rick santorum tweeted that i have a big announcement coming on friday and stay tuned. what could it be? >> rick santorum is going to come out of the closet as a gay man. >> in your dreams, my friend.
9:55 am
>> and herman cain is going to run for president in 2016. >> well, now, it is worth noting that herman cain, joy, has only suspended the campaign s you don't know. >> he is never going to stop running for president, and you know what, the grio endorses that 999. >> the grio endorses herman cain continuing to run for president. >> to entertain us forever and ever amen. >> is the german word for no, nine, nine, nine? i think he should stick to singing and radio show. singing "how great thou art." >> no harmonizing on that one. >> we will have the sing-off on the next show. >> and you can do a rap. >> and thank you to michael eric dyson, and jonathan and joy ann and jimmy. we will be back tomorrow with ed schultz.
9:56 am
up next is "andrea mitchell reports." hello, andrea. we will talk about the showdown in wisconsin and talk to the chair of the national democratic and republican committees. and we will look at the cyber wars that are being conducted against iran. i will talk to robert sanger about that book. and also more details on prince phillip's sudden illness and has it dampened the celebration of the queen's diamond jubilee? all of that next on "andrea mitchell reports." cream makes philadelphia and the moment a little richer.
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right now on "andrea mitchell reports" total recall. will wisconsin's epic battle affect the presidential race as well? >> this is an election that will send shock waves throughout america. >> all of those people who poured all of this money into wisconsin, if you don't show up and vote will say, see, we got them now, and we are finally going t


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