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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  June 7, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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good afternoon. it's thursday, june the 7th. here's what's happening. ♪ i've been everywhere man >> they are everywhere, man. ♪ pensacola to las vegas, the candidates is that their spouses spread across america, assure sign this race may go down to the wire. >> o say does that star spangled yet wave -- >> i have a to do list. every so often i take a look at it and say we're doing okay. >> you're lucky. if the speech goes on too long, you can disappear without anyone noticing. >> fanned out across the nation in a summertime scramble for votes and dollars. the president today left a
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breakfast fund-raiser in los angeles for las vegas where he'll deliver remarks in just under an hour. the first lady is in battleground virginia with her campaign counterpart, mrs. ann romney down in battleground florida. and mitt romney has just wrapped up remarks in st. louis where the presumed nominee laid out his economic philosophy based on what he called a moral failure to help americans help themselves. >> record numbers of americans are now living in poverty. 46 million people in this country living below the poverty line. this is not just a failure of policy. it is a moral failure of tragic proportion. our government has a moral commitment to help everywhere help himself. him and herself. >> translation, 46 million people in poverty and you're on your own. he almost forgot to include the women. good save, mitt. while 14% of missourians live
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below the poverty line, mitt's visit there is all about show me the money. after all, he is going out with his first ad buy, short to be one of many in this crucial swing state of colorado. one of many they see as critical for the white house. all of which were won by president obama save for arizona, john mccain's home state. and mitt will need every bit of that money with the new virginia poll showing the president up five points. and the new national poll showing the president up by seven. so for those calling this the president's worst week ever, you may want to slow down just a little bit. indeed, the contest is so heated that both the president and mr. romney took time-out to weigh in on the critical question of who should host last night's country music television awards. toby keith or christian bell? >> this is one of the toughest decisions i've had to make since i've been in office.
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i want them both. >> i pr pose toby and christian co-host the show. see? i just put two people back to work. you're welcome, america. >> sorry. that was the blues brothers. willard and barry did get a slightly better reception. not as good at dancing. i guess that's more the purview of the surrogates like one jeb bush who sound just a bit miffed that mitt is the candidate this time around and not him. >> have you made the decision that you do not want to be president? >> i've not made that decision although i think there's a window of opportunity in life for all sorts of reasons, and this was probably my time. >> yeah. i bet a lot of people feel that way, jeb. let's bring in our panel in a special new york appearance, political analyst david corn.
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the author of the best seller showdown. in not sfra, msnbc political analyst joan walsh, and in washington, jonathan capehart, an opinion writer for the "washington post." i want to start with you, david. there's been much ado about the president having a terrible week and mitt romney trying to exploit that. talking about how he wants americans to help themselves. i guess he is referring to that nonexistent biblical reference that god help those who help themselves. it is not in the bible. what was your reaction? >> i want to say this was probably my time, too. i'm not running for president either. can't we all say that? probably my time. jonathan's time, joan's time. >> shucks. >> for mitt romney to get out there and talk about a moral failure in regard to the poor. i can't help but think about the ryan budget that he has endorsed if passed would cut food stamps
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for millions of low income americans. medicaid as well. throw hundreds of thousands of kids off head start. igs so bad that the catholic bishops have called it -- that's my term. >> they basically eviscerated it on the base i of morality. how can he get out there and say, wait. i've discovered poor people. and let's not forget. it was only a couple months ago he said i'm not concerned about the very poor. >> stop being critical of my broadcast. mitt romney says it is a moral failing that they're in financial straits. is it also not a moral failing that he supports a budget that would slash social services block grant that provides assistance to some 23 million americans? that would slash meals on wheels for almost 2 million seniors? that would/transportation and respite care for 1 million americans? are these not moral failings?
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>> well, they're absolutely moral failings. but david is right. mitt is shaking the old etch a sketch once again. he didn't used to care about the very poor. now it is a moral failure not to care about the very poor. the other thing, yes, the ryan budget is immoral and it would do all those horrible things and mitt's own tax plan takes money away from the poor. raises tax rates on the poor and working class to give himself and his cronies a tax break. we're not dealing in the realm of morality. we're dealing with mitt thinking people don't really care about the poor themselves. a few do and i'm going to look like a compassionate conservative and then i'll do what i was going to do any way. make life a lot harder for the poor and for most of us. >> absolutely. mitt romney according to morality. jonathan, romney went further today portraying the obama
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administration as a communist regime. >> business models based on building a better mousetrap will give way to those seeking the right mix of subsidies and waivers and loan guarantees and chief government officers will join the ranks of chief financial officers and chief operating officers in the corporate ranks of america. >> chief government officers. is that the specter of starling? >> well, martin, welcome to the world of mitt believe. where everything that the president is trying to do is part of some vast plot whether you want to call it soviet plot, socialist plot, whatever you want to call it. to have government grow like that into your lives. your professional life and your personal life. he is grasping at straws here, i think mitt romney is. the president came into office with an economy that was in freefall with about 700, 800,000
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jobs being lost a month. george bush even says a lot of the things he did, he would do again. sometimes you have to put -- you have to put philosophy aside in order to do what is right for the country. and right now, i don't know what mitt romney would do if he were faced with the same situation. a paul ryan budget is not the way to go about pulling a country that is still reeling from the effects of the 2008 financial crisis to pull it out, to go back into real sustained growth. >> romney offers that superficial sympathy for the poor but he is out getting some serious cash. he is outraised the president and the dnc 76.8 million to the president's $60 million. isn't the truth here that this time round, president obama is the financial underdog? he is not going to be able to match the money that mitt romney and all the super pacs will
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throw at this mediocre candidate. >> the key word there is super pac. what we're talking about today, we're measuring the am of money the campaigns and the parties work with the campaigns on the romney side and the obama side collected in may. 76 million for romney, 60 million for the president. when you throw on those millionaires out there, i can tell you, i can just imagine karl rove's first phone calls yesterday morning. to these folks saying guess what. look at wisconsin. it works. you give me $2 million. i'll give you the killer ad that will destroy the president pick your swing state and you go go down there and say that ad was mine. this money will be on top of the face-off that we've seen in the numbers today. >> joan, is that your view? that mitt romney and these super pac there's treat this election as one that they are going to buy? they're going to purchase it. that's what they're going to do.
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>> yes. they're going to purchase and then purchase the senate or at least try to purchase the house. that's what it looks like. that's what wisconsin is making them think. a lot of us were very disappointed in the outcome there. certainly democrats put on a great ground game as they say but the republicans can afford a ground game, too, with all that money. they can afford to hire one individual per voter to walk those voters to the polls. to drive them. to do whatever they want. i guess the other side that worries me, too, is that i have worried that this spate of bill clinton and cory booker and ed rendell and people i respect and admire for the most part, coming out and reassuring wall street, we don't want to villainize bain capital or anyone else. that is the sound of a very nervous party worrying they've gone too far in the direction of populism and trying to talk to rich people and saying we're not so bad. we like you too. that would be a step backward
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for the party. the party needs to decide if it is on the side of the victims of this economy, which are most people. or if it is on the side of the top 1%. this is a very dangerous time in terms of messaging and what people take away from wisconsin. >> jones walsh, david corn, david capehart. next, new questions arise about mr. romney and the vietnam war. >> vietnam veteran. wow! >> i have a question. >> where did you serve? >> i served in the army in 1966, 1967. >> '66, '67. let's see. i would have been a -- >> some college kid. >> i was jut getting out of college. i graduated from high school in '65. '65. then i went to college for a year and then off to serve my church a couple years. we're the same age. appreciate your service. the medicare debate continues in washington...
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it would seem that mitt romney's tough talk on how he would act if he were commander in chief does not square with his actual record on military service. the associated press has checked his selective service record and found four separate deferments and an almost equal number of contradictory statements on the subject. romney protested against anti-war activists in 1965. but by the time his deferments ended in 1970, he joined his father in opposing the war. in 1994 he told the boston herald, it was not my desire to go off and serve in vietnam. nor did i take any actions to remove myself from the pool of young men the draft. we now know, courtesy of the a.p., that is simply untrue.
12:16 pm
also untrue, this quote romney gave the "boston globe" in 2007. i longed in many respects to be in vietnam and in some ways it was frustrating not to feel like i was there as part of the troops that were fighting in vietnam. strange, coming from the man who never equivocates on the subject of the military, or foreign affairs. >> let me at it. i will slice billions of dollars in waste and bureaucracy from the defense budget. and i'll use that money we save for modern ships and planes and for more troops. >> we are a place of freedom. here and around the world and we should stand up and defend freedom wherever it is under attack. >> now, it's not that presidents need to have a military record to serve. many fine presidents have not. it is just that the truly great ones understand what it means to ask men and women to risk their
12:17 pm
lives for this nation. >> as commander in chief i can tell that you sending men and women into harm's way is the most heart decision to make. >> too much talk of loose war. >> back with us, david corn, joan walsh and jonathan capehart. >> first, the problem is the deferments themselves. he said in '94 he did nothing to take himself out of the draft. we find out he did just that. is it not a moral failure to keep telling lies? >> reporter: yes, it is a moral failing in general to keep telling lies. i think it will be important for governor romney to set the record straight. to try to square those two statements, one saying he didn't do anything to not serve in vietnam. then the evidence from a.p. of four deferments that got him out of vietnam. he is going to have to talk about that. he is running against an incumbent who didn't to have serve in vietnam because he wasn't of age. he waumt of draft age so it was
12:18 pm
not an issue for him. but in the clip that you showed leaving the last segment before this one, mitt romney sitting there with that vietnam veteran and they're having that conversation. and end this you hear mitt romney say, oh, we're the same age. i wonder what that vietnam vet was thinking of romney. more importantly, i was thinking what was romney thinking, realizing that person sitting across from him served in a war that he got out of. >> to that point, that was a somewhat bizarre use of the word serve by romney. because the vet says, i served in vietnam. i served in the army. and romney says, well, i served my church. is he saying that service to the church is the same as being in the military? >> well, he was in france eating bagetts and trying to convince the french to become mormons which is hardly the same thing as sitting in a rice paddy. trying to blow up someone or expecting to be blown up
12:19 pm
yourself. so that, making that equal was very bizarre. but this whole notion that he fiddling with his past. there is not a lot of, i should say there's a lot of flexibility when he tells his own narrative. he says i longed to serve in vietnam. i was frustrated i couldn't go. what do you mean? you do not have to take the student defer many. >> four deferments. >> if he longed to be there, he was frustrated that he couldn't be there, there was a simple way to deal with that. go. >> the other problem is the one that harps back to the larger theme about romney which is depending on the day and the election he's trying to win, he changes his story. >> right. he is in a mittness protection program. i'm serious. it changes day to day. he doesn't seem to have a moral core where it bothers him and i think he should pick dick cheney as his vice president. then you would have nine deferments between these hawkish
12:20 pm
guys. he has picked all these neo conservatives. there's sabre rattling and you have the situation where he lied twice. he said when he said he longed to go. in '94 when he was honest and he said he had no desire, he lied when he said he didn't do anything to get out of it. he lied twice. when are people going to take that seriously? >> why do you think then in the light of outright deceit and lying, that that mitt romney still has a double digit lead over obama with veterans? >> i don't know. the president has several demographic groups that he has a hard time with. and i think that the military, you know what? you've left me speechless. i think it is really important. kick that to somebody else. >> i'll help you, joan. >> thanks. >> the president has been forceful, perhaps too forceful
12:21 pm
for some on the left in terms of prosecuting the war. >> absolutely. many progressives have been very angry with the way he uses drones, the way he intervenes on foreign territory to kill terrorists. pakistan this week. >> then you have mitt romney saying he is an appeaser. he is weak, he is if he canless and i wanted to serve in vietnam and he didn't. this is a certain level of absurdi absurdity. my guess would be on the demographics, the democrats are weak, the republicans are strong and obama doesn't do very well with white voters in general. >> final comment from you? >> it hasn't affected his standing. romney's standing with veterans. this story is coming out. we should look, a couple weeks down the road to see how far this story goes. to see whether this has an impact on his standing with veterans. the president's record on
12:22 pm
veterans issues, the first lady is out there with veteran families. the president's record on this issue is pretty clear. so folks need to know the difference between the two. >> joan, whether you stumble or whether you talk, we love you on this broadcast. thank you all. next, mitt romney and how he's really annoyed the neighbors. stay with us. ♪ it's a beautiful day in this neighborhood ♪ a beautiful day for a neighbor ♪ ♪ would you be mine ♪ could you be mine it's a neighborly day ♪ based on special forces training, it's a miles long obstacle course that inspires
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>> while it's true that you can pick your friends, the same cannot be said of your neighbors. so what is it like to live next door to a presidential candidate? today's new york time offers a detailed account of a community in the southern california beachside town of la jolla where mitt romney paid $12 million four years ago for a magnificent 3,000 square foot villa. many of us became aware of this particular property because of romney's plans for a car elevator, an essential requirement for a man of means. that's not even the half of it. romney who talks about small government but firmly believes in big houses wants to extend the property from 3,000 to 11,000 square feet. and this is upset some of the neighbors. take, for example, the gay couple four doors down who object, not only to romney's policy on same sex marriage but his redevelopment plans that would partly obscure their view of the ocean. and whenever the romneys are in residence, the one-way street is choked with a series of security
12:27 pm
vehicles and an ad hoc check point. now, that may be understandable if pesky burk the candidate has also started to assert his standing in the community. reportedly taking a young smoker to task for using cannabis. we don't know if he was doing so for medicinal reasons burk this is california, mr. romney. some in the community have told "the new york times" that they don't like the romneys and hope they move on and buy somewhere else. which of course is perfectly possible for them. but if not, they'll have to live by the words of robert frost. and hope that good fences can in fact be good neighbors. we'll be right back. eve the mor, the better you trade. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning, plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations, where our dedicated support teams help you know more so your money can do more. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start.
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12:31 pm
>> that has to be the greatest disparity between the funness of a name to say and the meanness of the person. at least since that. >> in the midwest, you know you have a terrorist but you have to get a little squeamish when you see a crone going overhead. >> he was taken out by a drone. who says obama isn't creating a new jobs? >> wisconsin is england. scott walker is margaret thatcher. which makes barack obama billy elliott. oh, no! >> there is a window of opportunity. this is probably my time. >> you're telling me there's a chance. >> i'm not sure i would have been successful as a candidate, either. >> i didn't have any idea when i was given an answer that i was weighing in on a controversy. >> this is one of the toughest decisions i've had to make since i've been in office. i want them both. >> i propose toby and christian co-host the show.
12:32 pm
see? i just put two people back to work. you're welcome, america. >> the hot mail account has been hacked. get with it, you old geezer. >> the top ten subject lines of mitt romney's e-mails. number six. 20% off beach house car >> joining us from washington, ken vogel. here in new york i'm joined by analyst and columnist jonathan alter and krystal ball. you read the new york time article as i did. i was struck by this man with enormous power financially who was able to extend his home from 3,000 to 11,000. he's a bit of a narc on the beach. he is a bit of a wet blanket. >> the article was really funny. the whole dynamic of imagining
12:33 pm
mitt romney living in your neighborhood. the thing is, plenty of people probably read that and said i have that same neighbor. we know who this person is. republicans are supposed to have this libertarian been. like live and let live. personal responsibility. >> not when it come in your backyard. >> isn't this the classic romney start? i can do what i want with my property but my neighbors can't? >> i think particularly the anecdote about the guy smoking on the beach. in many ways, it conform to what we already thought about mitt romney. as he stickler for the rules. to the extent that he is trying to expand his house and expand his lifestyle, if you will, he is doing it within the rules. he's hired a lubyist to petition the city. that kind of conforms to what we thought about mitt romney ahead
12:34 pm
of time. i don't see this story as particularly bad for him. it is interesting. a slice of life. certainly republicans are recoiling at what they think is this unfair coverage but i don't think it is unfair when a candidate sort of runs on who they are. run on their family, on their life. story to examine that life story and to see what their neighbors think about them. >> jonathan, this week we've had something we might call surrogates gone wild. bill clinton has misconstrued as making comments that might have suggested he thought the tax cuts should be extended forever when in fact he didn't say that. we have jeb bush saying this was my time and then saying, these are different time for the party. what is he about? >> well, i think that jeb bush is uncomfortable as a lot of people in the republican party are with where the republican primary process has gone. you've got wing nuts who, they almost nominated rick santorum.
12:35 pm
come on! so i think he understood in terms of his own age and what would be a natural time to run for president, this was probably the right time. but the wrong party, not that he's a democrat, but he is just not as far to the right, even though he is an extraordinarily conservative former governor himself. he is still not as far to the right as the party is. the next time. let's say romney wins and is reelected and so by 2020, it will be the turn of bobby jindal and paul ryan and younger members of the republican party. >> to that point, jeb bush expressed some discomfort about where the party had gone on immigration in particular, of course, being a floridian and having a large hispanic population there that he is close with and understands. back when the decision was being made, i think people felt like
12:36 pm
it was a long shot. now with the economic news not being particularly good, there is a sense, maybe we actually do have a shot at it this time. >> the country was never going to go back to bush this time of it was his time generationally. >> i'm not sure about that. i think maybe he put too much weight on that in his own decision. he is very different from his brother. he doesn't have that same persona. >> and also, half of mitt romney's staff is from bush any way. to some serious things, here's speaker boehner talking about the leak controversy. >> i am concerned about the leaks. i think the administration should heed the advice of form he defense secretary bob gates when after the bin laden raid and a lot of details were coming out, he promptly went over to the white house and used some colorful language to try to stop any more leaks from during.
12:37 pm
>> speaker boehner referring to information that began to come out following the death of bin laden. isn't this a classic case of republicans, and we've had john mccain saying it today. we've had speaker boehner, of taking what is the president's success and throwing it back at him using the idea of leaks. can you remember an administration which didn't leak? >> no. certainly. there's even greater irony that member of congress are calling attention to the problem of leaking when congress leaks like a siave. the public's right to know and classified information in the case of osama bin laden, the guy was dead. i don't think that there were a whole lot of risks there. the issue there was the politicalization of national security as an issue and president obama's successes and i think that that is about concern. if you want to look at that, i
12:38 pm
think an issue that favors president obama. so clearly there is incentive for republicans to look for some way in which they can undercut him on the issue. do you agree that? >> yeah. ask hypothetically, if these stories had been damaging to the president, do you think that the republicans would be nearly so upset about the leak? it makes them look strong and tough as he is. >> and your career is built on leak. for goodness sake. if you look at the bush administration when thing would go well in their war on terror, they would leak like that. >> and the name scooter libby. >> that was a wrong thing to do. in many other cases it was just to make them look better, they did what mccain and others are complaining about. i think former secretary gates is right that complain the white house did leak a little too much on this. but it is important to understand that he has a vested interest in that. because one of the leak that came out was that he was against
12:39 pm
the raid on the house. they're arguing this was such an easy choice. romney said the president didn't do anything important there. >> even carter would have made that call. >> and bob gates was the person that most -- was against it. this was a very tough call. >> krystal ball, jonathan alter, i'm afraid we've run out of time. >> there's a window of opportunity and life for all sorts of reasons, and this was probably my time. >> you don't understand, i could have had class. i could have been a contender. i could have been somebody. instead of a bum. if you are one of the millions of men who have used androgel 1%, there's big news.
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if house speaker john boehner isn't the world's greatest boss, i don't know who is. first he started the week with a day off on monday. now he's letting his colleagues off the whole of next week as well. the ninth recess the house has had so far this year. of course, there are some people like democratic leader nancy pelosi who think that's too many. in a letter to speaker boehner, she warns that congress has lots of unfinished business. that's what we're about now with representative johnson who joins us from washington. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. thank you for having me. >> you've scored another big vacation from speaker boehner. well done. don't you think nancy pelosi is being a bit of a kill joy when she says congress should get back to work? why not go to the golf course like speaker bainer? >> i think the majority of the people here were the democrats and republicans feel that we need to stay here and get some work done.
12:44 pm
we have to do to do to be off every other week. we've got to do something. the b the big problems we have on the table. we have not created jobs. they have member of opportunities. they're not doing it. there's the transportation bill, that's being stuck. there it's the student loan package that has not been dealt with. come july 1st, the rates are subject to double. it is unbelievable that we're getting vacations when we should be here working. yet speaker boehner and mitch mcconnell are claiming the president is to blame for a resolution on the student loans issue even though the president has repeatedly offered a solution to them. >> the president has. and it is up to the congress to pass these laws. if the president had his way over here, we'd have a lot of things done that are not done now. it is not the president. it is the congress.
12:45 pm
and we must take the leadership. we must be the ones to pass the laws. it does not rest with the president. >> one of the contrasts and you know this personally because you rep the constituency in texas, nothing happens in washington and yet when it come to rick perry, he is very, very good at rejecting federal funding because he doesn't support planned parenthood. so that i think around 130,000 women in texas won't have essential medical preventive services. is that right? >> that is exactly right. he continues to puzzle me. he is the first one to say he's rejected funds and the first state to apply for every possible federal dollar that we can get. he joined a group of other governors to file a suit against the affordable, and let me assure you he was the first state to apply for the funds for
12:46 pm
the planning funds to implement it. so i have a hard time understanding some of these people. and especially my governor. because i knew him when he was much better at speaking what is true and what his real heart says. i don't know him anymore. it is the same way i feel about this speaker here. he was a very reasonable person until he became speaker. it is unbelievable what's happened here. the new people have come in. they cannot get together on their side. the republicans versus republicans. and they blame everybody but themselves. >> mitt romney was speaking about two hours ago and he said that the fact there is so much poverty is a moral failing by the president. is it not a moral failing by a governor to remove the provision of health care for hundreds, over 100,000 women poor income women, poorly because he says that planned parenthood provides
12:47 pm
terminations to women who need them. >> you know, planned parenthood, not an insurance plan, can force any woman to have an abortion. it is a choice. a personal choice. it is not a choice that i should have. it is not a choice that any governor should have. it is a personal choice. it is not our business. we are the people who set policy. we don't set personal lives. we should not be in the midst of people as personal lives. it is ironic and i'm very, very sorry that the catholic church has come out so strongly, rejecting this. it has nothing to do with the church. it has to do with an individual person and her health insurance. it has nothing to do with the church. if it had to do with the church, i would be right along lock step with the church. but it does not.
12:48 pm
our constitution guarantees us this right in our country and i don't think any governor or priest or anyone else should have the final say on what happens between an individual adult person and her insurance company. >> representative eddie bernice johnson, thank you so much for joining us. and i hope you have a very nice week's vacation care of speaker boehner next week. >> thank you. i'll be homeworking. coming up, the president addresses the student loan issue in las vegas and we'll take you there live. first, the cnbc market wrap. good afternoon. >> no vacations here. we're on the markets. which were actually very strong earlier in the day. triple digit gaming for the dow. most of those gains have evaporated. the industrial are up 47 points. standard & poor's, nasdaq has just turned negative by 12 1/3. they were at least working at that hour. from cnbc, that's first in
12:49 pm
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>> he's taking the stage at the university of nevada in las vegas. let's take a listen. >> four more years! four more years! four more years! >> thank you. thank you so much! if you've got a chair, go ahead and sit down. make yourself comfortable. if you don't, you're out of luck. just stay there. it is great to be back in nevada. i want everybody to give george a big round of applause for that introduction. [ applause ]
12:53 pm
>> i want to thank all the students for coming out here. [ applause ] >> on a nice summer afternoon. some of you might be at capriott ir capriot capriotti's or someplace, instead you're here with us. thank you. i'll tell michelle you said so. >> we love her, too. >> and i love you back. thank you. >> so i'm here today at unlv, home of the running rebels, to talk about what a lot of you folks are thinking about every day. keep in mind, we're in vegas, so in vegas you can bet on just
12:54 pm
about anything. but what the students here have bet on is themselves. they bet on themselves. by earning your degree, you've decided to make the best possible investment in your future and in the future of america. and i'm proud of all of you for making that investment. because it's never been more important. in today's economy, the single best predictor of success by far is a good education. [ applause ] >> and the statistics prove it. the unemployment rates for americans with a college degree or more is about half the national average. their incomes are twice as high as those with only a high school diploma. a higher education is the clearest path to the middle class. and rebuilding the middle class
12:55 pm
is what we've been all about. i don't have to tell folks in nevada that we're recovering from a crisis that cost millions of middle class jobs. when that housing bubble burst, it hit people really hard. but we're also fighting back from a long-term trend that has cost working families all across the country that sense of security. so our job is not just to get people back to work. our job is to build an economy where hard work pays off. [ applause ] >> i want more people to be able to make the investment you are making. i want to make it easier for more students like you to earn a degree without shouldering a mountain of debt.
12:56 pm
[ applause ] >> because even though education, a college education, is still a great investment, the burden of debt is serious, and it's hard on folks just as they're starting off in life. i don't want to be a country where a shrinking number of people are doing really, really well and then a growing number are barely able to get by. i want everybody in america to get a fair shot. i want everybody to do their fair share. i want everyone to play by the same rules. that's the america i know, that's the america i believe in, that's the america we're trying to build. for you, for my children, for future generations. now -- you're welcome. now, look, the fact is, again, i don't have to tell folks in nevada, we're still going through this process of recovery
12:57 pm
from that crisis. we've taken some tough steps together, and the good news is our economy is growing again. but we need it to grow faster. businesses have created almost 4.3 million new jobs over the last 27 months. [ applause ] >> but to recover all the jobs that were lost in that recession, we've got to have them come back faster. the truth is, the recovery sees stronger job growth than what happened during the last recession a decade ago, but the problem is the hole we have to fill is a lot deeper. the global aftershocks are much greater. we're already seeing it just like last year around this time, our economy has been facing some serious head winds. you've got the lingering effects of the spring spike in gas prices. you remember that? it's still tough on a lot of folks' wallets. you've got the situation in
12:58 pm
europe. but from the moment we first took action when i came into office to make sure that we did not go into a freefall depression, we knew that recovering all the jobs that were lost during the recession was going to take some time. and we knew there would be ups and downs along the way. what we also knew, though, was if we acted wisely and we acted together, if we didn't quit, we would come back stronger. we would do more than just get back to where we were, we would build an economy that would last for the long term. in las vegas, i still believe that. i believe welcome back stronger. we have better days ahead, and it's because of people like you. because of folks like you. [ applause ] >> for those of you working and
12:59 pm
taking summer classes, some of you older students who are retaining -- you don't look that old to me, but -- by folks deciding to go back to school, retrain yourself for a new job, the job of the future, you're working hard, playing by the rules, you deserve to have leaders that are going to do the same. leaders who will take action, leaders who will do whatever it requires to fight for the middle class and grow the economy faster. we may not fully control everything that happens in other parts of the world, but there are plenty of things we can do right here in the united states to strengthen the economy further. there are plenty of steps we can take right now to help create jobs and grow this economy faster. let me just give you some examples. last september, i sent to congress a jobs bill full of the kinds of ideas that


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