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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  June 13, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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a president who is in touch with what's happening in america and i am, and i'll bring back america's strength. >> that is the fifth day romney attacked the president for saying the private sector is doing fine. president obama continues to hit romney as i agreedy corporate titan who, along with republicans got the economy into trouble in the first place. >> it's like somebody goes to a restaurant, orders a big steak dinner, martini, all that stuff, and then just as you're sitting down, they leave. and accuse you of running up the tab. >> i'm joined by senior writer and msnbc contributor steve cornecky and ruth marcus. the romney strategy trying to turn the tables on president obama acusing the president being out of touch. does it work?
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>> romney has faced the whole edition of wealth and can he relate to blue collar voters given his elite top 1% background. the other issue is the romney campaign talked about obama's private sector comment but romney himself made a comment that will haunt him and play into the idea mitt romney is out of touch, talking about firefighters and teachers and saying obama didn't understand the lesson of wisconsin. >> and also saying that the federal government doesn't pay for them, when, in fact, a lot of federal money goes to help support programs that hire teachers and firefighters and police officers. >> exactly and that is something that obama can return to over and over in this campaign because he proposed the jobs plan he put out before congress that republicans in congress sat on their hands and killed central to that was sending money to the states so you could stop the layoffs and hire more people back. there were estimates if the plan was implemented growth would be 3% instead of 2%, the unemployment rate would be down more. it would be very good for the
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economy so obama can spend the rest of the campaign saying i opposed it, republicans killed it and mitt romney doesn't understand it. they both said something they might regret. >> the president says he is unphased by the romney attacks. "the challenge is because folks are still hurting right now. the other side feels that it's enough for them to just sit back and say things aren't as good as they should be and it's obama's fault and you can pretty much put their campaign on a tweet and have some characters to spare." he is, if he can unfazed, ruth, he may be but how worried are democrats at this point? >> they are worried and have good reason to be because things are not as good as everybody had hoped that they would be. people are hurting. i was just reading a very interesting memo from "democracy corps" about focus groups with voters in key states. they are hurting.
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they don't want to hear about how hard it was to fix the economy. they want to hear about visions going forward. i have a hard time believing in the who's more out of touch sweepstakes, that that's going to end up being a winning point for governor romney, for example. these voters were very affected by facts about his offshore bank accounts, his huge home and things like that, but certainly at the same time the president did not help himself last week with his "economy's doing just fine" comments. >> president obama's comments on twitter, steve, do they go to the heart of the obama message, which is this guy is just criticizing and he's saying we've done a bad job? he doesn't have a real alternative. everything he says is very simplistic. >> yeah, and i think there is something to that and i think it does get to this point. i know generally in politics the rule is you can only blame your predecessor for the first year
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you're in office and after that you're on your own. i think this is the election that will break that rule, there is a real awareness. this is a very unusual circumstance, it wasn't just an economy that got bad under obama. he inherited an economic acast tee at the peak of that catastrophe. i think there is a broad awareness of that. there's political science research that suggests obama's poll numbers, his standing in the horse race and overall approval rating is higher, significantly higher than it should be, given the current economic conditions. the theory there is that speaks, a, to his likability, there is something real to that but also speaks to the fact there is a benefit of the doubt until now that's taken place where people understand, he inherited something truly, truly historically unusual for a president, the scope of it is massive, and there is a bit of a benefit of the doubt after only three years. >> we also have a new poll that's out and is worth looking at, it's from reuters/ipsos, what everyone was saying we expected at this point in the
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race the numbers would start to get tighter. obviously, ruth, this is a statistical dead heat. maybe the significant part of it is that president obama's lead has, indeed, shrunk at this point, but is there anything in that number that's really surprising? >> i don't think so. i think everybody and primarily among them the obama campaign expected after the very bruising and very long primary season that the republicans had, that the race was going to get tighter, and that this -- it is a long, long time until november, and there are many gaffes and other things to come. and i have to say one of the things that i would like to see is a little bit less of campaigning by gaffe, your gaffe versus my gaffe and a little bit more serious discussion from both of the candidates about what their exact vision is for the country, for the economy, for the federal budget going forward, and we've sort of
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lurched from gaffe to gaffe and haven't had much substance in between. >> i want to take people to washington quickly. i'm led to understand as jamie dimon's hearing, the ceo of jpmorgan, being questioned about the $2 billion in losses and the concerns this could lead banking into another meltdowns there were protesters just escorted out. we'll talk a lot more about that coming up. but in the meantime, obviously when you look at polls that are this close with one percentage point nationally and we're seeing many of the battleground states tightly contested, every vote counts so i want to bring in now a congressman who is key in one of those battleground states, the great state of florida, congressman, good morning, how are you? >> i'm great, chris, how are you today? >> terrific, and i want to ask you, i'm sorry, ted deutsche, about this voter purnlg ige iss.
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this is key in the battle. yesterday the department of justice followed a lawsuit against the state's plan to remove voters from the voter rolls. the state has sent letters to 2,600 people asking them to verify their eligibility. how important is this fight in the overall context of this campaign? >> it's incredibly important, chris. as you point out i come from florida. everyone is aware of what happens in florida as we head into an election season and the bar is set very high in this state for the governor to uphold the integrity of our elections. the governor, his secretary of state, his division of elections has a responsibility to the citizens of our state to make sure that people's rights to vote aren't trampled upon and he's failing that test. the last thing people want when it comes to upholding the integrity is ranking competence and political partisanship. that's the way we're seeing in the way the purge is coming out. fortunately the department of justice, it's sad to say it
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required the department of justice to come in to florida to uphold the rights of floridians. fortunately they're doing it. it's the right thing to do. the governor's violating the law in this purge and the department of justice is going to make him stop. >> i'm sure you know florida officials have said they have evidence that suggests actual voter fraud, they've said about 100 citizens have been removed from the voter rolls. what do you say to that? >> i think that those, anyone who has been identified who shouldn't be on the rolls should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. it's a felony to commit voter fraud. what's been lost by this governor, what he's not paying attention to, and what he's totally disregarding is the fact that there are tens of thousands of eligible voters, eligible u.s. citizens who are at risk because of his purge of being cast off of the voter rolls. i'm concerned about not, i'm not concerned about a mass conspiracy for non-u.s. citizens to vote. there's no evidence of that.
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we ought to, on a regular basis, make sure the voter rolls are clear. what i am concerned about is this effort that seems to be taking place on a mass scale, not just 2,600 but remember, chris, there are 182,000 names on this list, many of them world war ii veterans like the one that i met a couple weeks back, small business owners, u.s. citizens who are being told that they will lose their right to vote because they're on this list. the reason the federal law says you can't do this so close to an election is because there's no time for u.s. citizens to challenge what they're being told. that's why this is so important. that's why it has to stop. >> and obviously this is very close race in florida, a couple of recent polls, one has mitt romney in the lead, the other has president obama in the lead. i wonder if you're among the democrats who are worried right now about what you see out of the obama campaign and its path to victory? >> listen, i live in a state where the message is going to be very clear, it's the discussion i had just yesterday at a town
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hall meeting. people ask the difference between the president and governor romney, and in a room full of seniors, which is where i was yesterday, i made it clear to them that we have, even as we have an administration that's standing up for the middle class we also have an administration that's standing up for seniors against efforts by governor romney and paul ryan and others and republicans in congress who want to privatize medicare, turn it into a voucher system, all in order to preserve tax cuts for the wealthiest americans and corporate giveaways, i think the choice is going to be very clear and i think that the people of florida especially understand what's at stake in this election. >> let me ask you quickly, because ruth marcus brought this up, a lot of attention is given to the "democracy corps" memo, basically it said that the campaign message by the obama team, sort of stresses the fragile nature of the recovery isn't working, it seems out of the touch with the economic pain voters are feeling out there. do you think that memo is right?
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>> what i think is right is that there are people who, and we see it every day, people who know that as much as we've done to move the country forward, there is more to be done, and then they're going to look and try to figure out if the best way to do that is to continue down a path that has led to the creation of over 4 million new jobs, a path which has finally stood up for working families and for the middle class, where or they want to go back to a failed policy that took us to the brink of economic disaster. i think the choice will be clear and there will be lots of discussion along the way, reports and polls own other things that are done. at the end of the day people have that choice to make and i think the choice also be clear. >> congressman ted deutch, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> it's easy to sit at the sidelines and say here's what
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team obama ought to be doing. one emery university messaging expert says it was not blaming president george bush early. people aren't paying close attention to the minutia of the campaign, testing the waters. is it premature for democrats to get nerve us? >> i think it's very premature. we can say it was expected the race wou tighten and be close and it was expected you'd reach a campaign where you have stories about how democrats are getting nervous. that primary season where it looked like mitt romney was the least electable nominee, that was basically a mirage and there's a recognition of what really was inevitable all along, this is going to be a 50/50 election. we can talk about the different strategies, they can pursue the different options but there's no getting around the fact this guy
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is running for re-election with an unemployment rate probably over 8% and with this pervasive pain and suffering out there, no incumbent president has had to run like this in a long time. there's no magic formula that makes this a five, six-point win for obama. it will have to be grinding out. he's doing better now than he should be given the economy. i don't think they should that be nervous, taking a broad view. >> ruth, do you think incumbents have a harder time messaging than a challenger? the president has to talk about what's going on in the world but on a ropeline romney was asked about his remarks taking the firefighters and teachers out of context and he said i'm not going to talk about that. is it tougher for an incumbent? >> it certainly is tougher for an incumbent in an economic atmosphere like the one we're in that steve was just talking
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about. the president has a bully pull bit, he has air force one to fly around him, got all the trappings of office and also got all the overhang of a very difficult economy, and an economy that may be improving but that voters really aren't feeling yet in their pocket books and their incomes and the value of their houses and that's the serious thing he's dealing with and i think steve is completely right, he is in that sense doing better than one might have expected, given the fundamentals of voter anxiety. >> ruth marcus, great to see you, steve kronacki thanks for coming in. democrat ron barber won the arizona congressional seat of gabby giffords, he defeated jesse kelly in a special election to serve out the remainder of giffords' term. he will have to run again in the fall. this southern district is mainly
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right now on capitol hill lawmakers are about to take aim at the ceo of america's biggest bank, jpmorgan chase. moments ago there were fireworks before things got started. >> stop foreclosures now! stop foreclosures now! >> capitol police had to escort out protesters who were chanting "stop foreclosures now." jamie dimon under fire for risky trades that cost the company at least $2 billion, raising worries the banks are back to their old wild risk-taking tricks that led to the financial meltdown. i'm joined by henry blodgett and
7:19 am
jean chatzky, who hosts "cash call." jamie dimon hearing is about to get under way. should we listen for just a second? all right, let's listen. >> -- provide a broad array of financial products and services to individuals, small and large businesses, governments and not-for-profit institutions, deposit accounts, loans, credit cards, capital markets advice and fund-raising, mutual funds and other investments. let me start by explaining what the chief investment office does, like many banks, we have more deposits than loans. at quarter end we held approximately $1.1 trillion of deposits and $700 billion in loans. >> that gives you a sense of just how big and how important jpmorgan chase is. so explain to us in terms that people like me can understand
7:20 am
why this is such a big deal. >> it's a big, shocking loss and the big admission in jamie dimon's testimony was his traders didn't understand the risks they're taking. >> that's the crazy part. >> kids playing with dynamite, get rewarded on the upset and this happens and they didn't know what was possible. >> the question is what did he know, when did he and did he come forward in time. jamie dimon is known for being a straight shooter and the question -- >> widely admired fair to say? >> absolutely. >> well there was a financial overhaul, these new laws that were supposed to actually take care of these kinds of things. are they not working? what's going on with this? we thought we learned our lesson and we're moving on. >> that's right. what you're going to see today is congress try to beat up jamie dimon, score points. congress has only itself to blame. we just had a massive financial
7:21 am
crisis and ultimately they did nothing, nothing. there are simple solutions to the problem, raise capital requirements so they can gamble less, they have to have more cash and reinstate glass-steagall, which worked beautifully and given the chance to do that, congress did nothing. >> and so now the average american is sitting back, don't know what a derivative is and that's okay but they're saying, so that's a lot of money, but how does it matter to me, jean chatzky? >> what we've heard jamie dimon say and say already that the bank did not lose money in this quarter. the taxpayers, customers of the bank were not impacted by this, in fact they'll make a profit and a substantial one, for this quarter. the question is, if the losses had been worse, if it was more than $2 billion, if it had dipped into the bank's profitability, would it have
7:22 am
been shut down in time? >> is there something right away you think washington can do, whether they do in an election year out of a hearing like this but what's the first step that most independent people are looking at to avoid this kind of thing? >> raise the capital climate. you have to have more of your own cash, the bank's cash, on the line for every dollar that you bet. right now the leverage they can make huge bets that can take down the firm. that helps a lot and second we have to end too big to fail. taxpayers won't care if they know the bank makes ais risky bet and blows itself up, taxpayers won't be exposed. you don't want congress regulating every bet, but you want the bank to be able to fail without taking down the system. >> consumers don't need to quite panic yet? >> absolutely not. >> absolutely not, and particularly with a bank that is doing quite well, like this bank, absolutely, is the other thing that's under consideration here is how much risk is the bank allowed to take with its
7:23 am
own money, which is at the heart of what the volcker rule is all about. >> thank you for breaking this down. we are watching jamie dimon's testimony, expecting some hot questioning, yes, and we will have that as it happens. henry blodgett and jean chatzky, thank you. it was a story that piqued everyone's attention. north dakota trying to become the first state to abolish property taxes but the vote failed when north dakotans voted significantly against it. the word was spread, passage would mean chaos on the local level. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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to provide a better benefits package... oahhh! [ male announcer ] it made a big splash with the employees. [ duck yelling ] [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] ♪ ha ha! >> if you look for example at new york where mayor bloomberg spent an extraordinary amount of personal money to buy the mayor's office for the third
7:32 am
time, it's very hard to compete with a billionaire, if they get to spend all the money they want and the middle class candidates raising money in $2,500 units. i think the current system is rigged in favor of the wealthy. >> joining me is remember toer white house aide in the george h.w. bush administration the reverend joe watkins and former dnc communications director and columnist for "the hill" karen finney. good morning, out of breath with all of your titles. it is interesting to me, frankly newt gingrich is talking about the corrupting power of money. having said that, you know, is all this money necessary? >> it wasn't enough, chris, that's what it was, wasn't enough. >> he got outspent in some places. the question is, is all of this money in and of itself corrupting or let's look at the bright side, it gets more opportunity for the candidates to bring their message to more places. >> you've got to get your message out and the more money you have, the better chance you
7:33 am
have of getting your message out to the people you need to get excited to come out and vote and also for rapid response because when the negatives get posted out there against you when the candidate on the other side of the aisle says that you've done something bad you've got to be able to respond to it quickly. not having the money to be turn around the negatives really hurts. >> you got to raise that money, karen. >> you do, although let me just say one thing about the rupti g corrupting influence of money. newt gingrich got $20 million from shelly adelson. in that instance that money overwhelmed and shouted down the voices of republican primary voters who didn't want newt gingrich. they made it very clear, he kept whining and complaining it wasn't about getting out his message. i think people were hearing his message loud and clear, they just weren't choosing him. joe's right to some degree we need money to do some of the things we do in campaigning but i think the corrupting influence is part of what we saw exactly from newt gingrich, and obviously the changes that we're
7:34 am
seeing with citizens united mean that the race, it's like an arms race, right? the race for cash -- >> it's also we're seeing how much time they're having to spend out there raising that money, we don't know, frankly, in mitt romney's case, because he puts it down on his public schedule necessarily. from "the new york times" today, "both candidates are spending more time at this point chasing dollars than votes and are scheduling their travel accordingly, meaning they often find themselves in states they are almost sure to win or sure to lose, rather than in those where they most need to persuade the undecided." in that sense, joe, is there danger in that? >> they've got to raise the money for the fall campaign. once the conventions end it will be a horse race. >> they'll stop money raising? >> no, they have to raise as much money as they can to be prepared because they both have to be worried about the other one raising more money. president owe ba with ma is able to raise a lot of money. he had three fund-raisers in one in philadelphia, raised a lot of money from large givers, smaller
7:35 am
givers and mitt romney knows that in order to compete with president obama he has to raise lots and lots of money to get his message out. >> i have a problem with mitt romney attacking the president for attending fund-raisers when he's duplicitous and dishonest not telling us how he's spending his time. >> we said last night the president needs to get out and talk to the people. that was what mitt romney said last night. >> so i guess, again, i take issue with that coming from mitt romney, because he also was criticizing the fact he was doing six fund-raisers in a day. guess what? mitt romney has a number of private meetings in a given day, we have no idea who he's meeting with. >> could be advisers. >> he also won't disclose his largest bundlers which the president does. also his campaign figured out ways to skirt even the citizens united, according to "the boston globe" he attended an event for the super pack but skirted the rules by calling him a featured guest. we need to know more how he's spending his time. >> even newt gingrich said yesterday that he thinks that
7:36 am
people should be able to give as much money as they want but their names should go up on the internet that night. joe? >> that's a thought, certainly, transparency is always a good thing in this business, you want to be as transparent as possible. it's a good thing to be transparent. >> mitt romney doesn't want to be transparent. >> mitt romney wants to be very transparent. >> no, he doesn't. >> it's going to take a lot of work to compete with barack obama who was able to raise money at an amazing clip. >> joe watkins -- >> why can't he are release his taxes and let us know who he's spending his time with. >> all in good time. >> my friends, thank you so much. >> thanks. also making news this morning accused penn state pedophile jerry sandusky back in court this morning where jurors just heard from another alleged victim, one day after damning testimony from the prosecution's star witness. michael isikoff is outside of the courtroom.
7:37 am
>> reporter: a new alleged victim takes the stand, a 25-year-old man who described events from 1998, when he was an 11-year-old boy, participating in the second mile charity program, that's the charity that sandusky had founded, described sandusky taking him to the basement of his home, wrestling around with him. then he said he pulled my shorts down and started to perform oral sex. i freaked out, got nervous and scared. the witness describes another attempt by sandusky to try to get him to form oral sex. he refuses and sandusky gets angry, he testifies. "he told me if i wanted, if i told anybody i would never see my family again." he said sandusky later apologized for that, and told me he loved me. >> nbc's michael isikoff, more of very difficult testimony inside that courtroom. thank you, michael. the wife of accused trayvon martin shooter george zimmerman is out on bond this morning after her arrest tuesday on a
7:38 am
perjury charge. shelly zimmerman is accused of lying about the couple's finances during his april bail hearing. after prosecutors found some unreported money, george zimmerman's bond was revoked earlier this month. casey anthony breaking her silence, giving her first interview since her july 2011 acquit ale in the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. anthony told piers morgan she was embarrassed by her behavior but "i did not kill my daughter. there's nothing in the world i've ever been so proud of. there's no one i loved more than my daughter. she's my greatest accomplishment." secretary of state clinton clinton says russia's shipment of attack helicopters to syria will escalate the violence there and united nations officials call that conflict a civil war. syrian state tv says government forces have retaken control of hara after eight days of shelling and clashes. the little boy who charmed all of us in the 2011 darth
7:39 am
vader volkswagen super bowl ad is going to undergo open heart surgery tomorrow. doctors have to replace 7-year-old max page's mull mondayary valve and fix a hole in his heart. max says he has to go through it so he might as well have a good attitude. his parents talked with ann curry on "today." >> we're entering that part where we hand our son over to very skilled and talented people with a mission to save his life, and that's just -- we have him right now and we're just trying to soak it all up. we've taken full advantage since we've known that he's needed this to have a good time, to have fun but certainly we're entering some of the hardest emotional times right now. >> max was born with a congenital heart defect. this will be his eighth surgery in seven years. may the force be with him. one safety advocate is warning drivers could be playing car rental roulette. mandy drury is here with what's moving your money and let me get this straight, there are different rules about recalls
7:40 am
for you and me than there are for rental car companies? >> this is amazing. federal law does not prohibit a rental car company from putting you behind the wheel of a car or a truck for that matter subject to a safety recall but not been fixed. you're right it is playing rental car roulette with people's lives. barbara boxer and charles schumer want to change the law. last year they introduced an act which would prohibit rental car companies from renting cars under a safety recall, at least until they're repaired. the bill is named after two sisters, chris, who died in a fiery crash back in 2004. so consumer advocates here are hoping the act will get some traction, in the meantime, though, boxer hopes to get the industry to agree voluntarily to change its policy before obviously the very busy summer rental car season. >> the biggest expansion ever of the internet's domain names is coming and i guess just a little while ago a list of some of
7:41 am
those new names came out. give us a sample. >> we've got proposals coming in from lots of areas, proposals for international addresses ending, you've got big companies, apple, sony, american express, companies seeking names with their brands even as they keep their existing .com name. they will represent ethnic groups, hobbies, you name it and if approved the new suffixes would rival .com, rivalling .net and .org. this expansion is going to lift current restrictions on non-english characters and permit suffixes in chinese, japanese and korean as well. >> oh, my. all right, cnbc's mandy drury, thank you so much. >> thank you. this morning we're getting a glimpse of what british filmmaker danny boyle has in
7:42 am
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thought they were dead. [ laughter ] [ grunting ] huh? [ male announcer ] should've used roundup. america's number one weed killer. it kills weeds to the root, so they don't come back. guaranteed. weeds won't play dead, they'll stay dead. roundup. no root. no weed. no problem. tlbs a new poll out in new jersey and shows a big gender map. men like chris christie more than women. in the race for president the latest poll shows the majority of women favoring president obama. romney wins with men. it got us to thinking do women look for different qualities in a candidate than men do? msnbc's richard lui joins me
7:46 am
now. >> good morning, chris. when it comes to candidate wish list there's more gender overlap than difference, researchers have found. the differences cannot be ignored. recent kaizer family foundation study found issues women want to hear more about from their candidates than men include health care, social issues and education. you can see a 2:1 in the top and bottom issues. what men want to hear more about than women, the economy, by ten percentage points, also the top issue for women. but on debt, deficit, security and the war, men lead slightly as you can see right there. when it comes to the candidate looking out for women's best interests, 59% of registered women choose president obama. 25% mitt romney. women preferring a democrat is not new. it goes back to the ronald reagan years. susan carroll from the center for women and politics at r
7:47 am
rutgers university told "slate" 1980 the difference became more prevalent, because of reagan's stances on the military and efforts to reduce welfare support, women chose democrats. they didn't break from reagan. they stood firm, she says. 1980, though, was the year women broke away from men in voter turnout. women trailed in every election before, and now there are some 10 million more women voting than men, as you look at the end of this line chart. here's where they could make a difference. nbc news's toss-up states. the female vote greater than men, virginia with 369,000 more, down to wisconsin number five with 81,000 more. another dimension in the female vote, single or not, according to an april "new york times" poll when it comes to married women, romney leads 49-42 but single women choose obama by almost 2:1. >> isn't that interesting. thank you so much, richard. for more we bring in meghan
7:48 am
casterley, wrote an article "where women matter most in election 2012" for "forbes." >> thank you for having me. >> i think a lot of people arestonnished. >> women don't just lead in the percentage of registered voters who show up at the polls but 10 million people is a number that can't be ignored and the candidates certainly aren't. the single women number is interesting as well, single women make up 25% of the vote in the country, 23% of them, 23% helped obama win in the last election cycle. >> here's what's interesting, looking at a tight race, women tend to be a big chunk of late deciders. why is that? >> so as the election year, candidates are more and more concerned with the fewer and fewer undecided votes and women make up that part of the electorate. it's interesting the experts tell me it's not because we're more considerate voters or really looking at the facts as we get closer to the election but the fact we're so busy we start to consider it towards the end which is why we hear so many
7:49 am
candidates talking about soccer moms, hockey moms, going to the local diner to talk with the down home moms. >> we've been talking about messaging, too, in this campaign as both candidates are trying to formulate what's working for them. do they speak differently to men and women, do men and women hear things differently? >> absolutely. it's interesting, because we both value the economy but women want to hear the economy talked about in different ways. women rely more heavily on social security benefits and health benefits and so in talking about the economy to women particularly mothers, the language is going to be softer, a little bit closer to home. >> let me ask you a little bit about some specific cases here, because we were talking about chris christie for example, and we were joking about the fact that he's the kind of guy that you want to have a beer with. he looks like he's a lot of fun, likes to have a good time maybe. women on the other hand might see him as maybe the guy who keeps their husband out too late. some have even suggested maybe he's a little bit of a bully.
7:50 am
he speaks his mind. we've seen him on the sets of msnbc, he tells it like it is. do you have any theorys about that? >> he has gotten himself into some serious trouble particular cases with women, he told a 73-year-old legislator in new jersey, or he told his voters, that someone should take a bat to her because she raised a question he didn't like. he spoke to a woman at a town hall meeting who raised a question about jobs going down, that something was going down, sweetheart, but it wasn't going to be jobs. he's just putting his foot in his mouth and certainly not going to do romney any favors if he does become the vice presidential pick. >> fascinating article. i assume people can find it on >> yes. >> meghan, thank you for coming in. >> thanks for having me. henry hill has died at the age of 69, the former mobster turned fbi informants who life became the basis for the 1990 movie "good fellas." today's tweet of the day from mark campbell "henry hill has died or as i call it, he's
7:51 am
joined the ultimate witness protection program." [ female announcer ] when it comes to the future of medicare and social security, you've earned the right to know. ♪ what does it mean for you and your family? [ female announcer ] you've earned the facts. ♪ washington may not like straight talk, but i do. [ female announcer ] and you've earned a say. get the facts and make your voice heard on medicare and social security at
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7:54 am
good morning, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. president obama wants americans to get a fair shot, but is the economic message working? mitt romney continues to hit the president over the economy. are voters hearing any fresh ideas on how he'd fix it? more civilians killed in syria as russia is called out for supplying arms and attack helicopters to president assad. what's the international community doing to help create peace? and day three of testimony in the jerry sandusky child sexual abuse trial as more alleged victims testify today. is it likely that the 68-year-old former coach is going to take the stand. that and much more. chris? >> thank you so much, tom als. dramatic dashcam video the bacon sundae and giant kabob. dramatic video at the end of a car chase in texas. check this out. you see the car flip over, ejecting an 18-month-old girl. she gets up and starts going
7:55 am
after the car. the toddler's teenage parents were inside. they're robbery suspects. the little girl is reportedly okay. "american pie" actress alice h hannigan is a mom for the second time. she tweeted the photo of baby keeva's daughter. they have a 2-year-old named satanya. burger king is introducing a new dessert, the bacon sundae, ice cream, fudge, caramel, crumbled bacon. 510 galleries, 18 grams of fat, 61 grams of sugar and check out the one-ton kabob. it set a world record so big it had to be brought in by a crane. [ buzzer ] i'm going to go with the bacon sundae on that one.
7:56 am
i'm chris jansing. thomas roberts is up next. i'll see you back here tomorrow. that work around the clock... supporting your dog's immune system on the inside... while helping to keep his skin and coat healthy on the outside. with this kind of thinking going into our food... imagine all the goodness that can come out of it. just one way we're making the world a better place... one pet at a time. purina one smartblend.
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7:59 am
morning, everybody. i'm thomas roberts and topping the agenda today the gloves are off but were they ever really on? mitt romney and republicans continue to hit the president over this current economy and some democrats think president obama needs to paint a brighter vision for maeshz and their econom americans and their futures. the president is not letting republicans forget the fiscal situation they left the country in when he stepped into office. >> i loved listening to these guys give us lectures about debt and deficits. i inherited a trillion-dollar deficit. it's like somebody goes to a restaurant, orders a big steak dinner, martini, all that stuff, and then just as you're sitting down they leave.


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