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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  June 14, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> the president and mr. romney give dueling speeches in the buckeye state. >> talk is cheap. action speaks very loud. >> this is the vision i intend to pursue in my second term as president, because i believe. >> in a crucial swing state, and a crystal clear contrast. >> somebody happened to give me a buckeye for good luck. >> like an ohio state football game. this is amazing. this is great. >> counting on ohio. i need your help. let's win this thing in november. >> not familiar what i said but i stand by what i said. whatever it was. ♪ cleveland rocks we begin with a bull's eye on the buckeye state with the president and mitt romney just wrapping up their respective speeches in the crucial battle ground state of ohio. essentially going head to head in time and place, if not in person, separated by just 250
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miles. and the president in a carefully argued address deconstructed mitt romney as a man who promotes the exact same policies that caused the current crisis. >> if you want to give the policies of the last decade another try, then you should vote for mr. romney. you should vote for his allies in congress. you should take them at their word and they will take america down this path. and mr. romney's qualified to deliver on that plan. >> and despite their similar circumstances today, the president explained that there is a stark choice that will face voters come november. for those who imagined mitt romney as a milquetoast moderate the president, instead, cast his opponent in the terms mr. romney has used to describe himself, a severe conservative, pulled to the far right, with the rest of his party. >> their agenda will be simple
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and straight forward. they have spelled it out. they promised to roll back regulations on banks and polluters, on insurance companies and oil companies. they promise to not only keep all of the bush tax cuts in place, but add another $5 trillion in tax cuts on top of that. we can't afor to jeopardize our future by repeating mistakes of the past. not now. not when there's so much at stake. >> and if you ask ohio voters, the president has an edge, who caused the bad economy? not the president. 57% say george w. bush. who gets your problems? not mitt romney. the president with a 13-point lead. while the president faces serious challenges in framing the fragile recovery, ohio's improving jobless rate does work to his advantage. the state's 7.4% unemployment is lower than the national rate and down dramatically from a high of
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10.6% in late 2009. in cleveland where the president spoke, it's even lower 6.7%. down in cincinnati where governor romney gave his address, it's just over 7%. but the president did not merely illustrate what he's done to shore up the economic disaster he inherited. he did what mr. romney simply can't do. he laid out a real vision for how his policies would help the middle class. >> that's my vision for america. education, energy, innovation, infrastructure, and a tax code focused on american job creation and balanced deficit reduction. this is the vision i intend to pursue in my second term as president because i believe. >> well romney was down in cincinnati calling for less regulation, more exploitation of fossil fuels his giant campaign
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bus busy wasting gas, honking and taunting president's supporters. we're surprises 24e didnthey dot on fake police uniforms and pull over the president's motorcade. david korn. also in washington, "chicago tribune" columnist clarence page. with me here in new york, msnbc contribute somewhere democratic strategist krystal ball. this wasn't soaring rhetoric or an anointed preacher. this was like a lecture that took us through the past and brought us up to the present. is it your view that the president managed to reclaim the upper hand today? >> i don't know if anyone's speech is going to make that difference. what do you think the most important word in the speech was? >> good question. i have no idea. tell me. >> well you used in the intro.
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it's choice. he wants voters to see the selection as a choice election. his vision, his set of policies, his actions versus mitt romney's vision and his policies as defined mostly by the ryan budget plan that mitt romney has endorses. and mitt romney, of course wants this election to be not a choice but wants voters to be angry at obama, angry about the election. he wants them to vet, this wants this to be a venting election and obama wants to say there's a rational choice that our future will depend upon what you do. and that's what he laid out here. i think, as we get further into the campaign, he's going to have to move from the professorial explanation of the choice and make it connect on an emotional level as well. but there may be one or two days left before november in which that can be done. >> do you agree with david's analysis, this was about the president laying ow the stark contrast with romney? and i listens to every word of
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romney's speech as well and it was more and more nonsense, really. it wasn't focussed in policy. he doesn't want to off an alternative. all he wants to do is bury the president. >> that's right. in addition to the contrast that the president laid out in his speech between their two lands and visions for the country, there was a dramatic contrast between two speeches. president obama in his kept saying that's not my spin, those are just the facts and these are the independent economists who say so. i'm trying to be very fair here, here what happens they literally want to do. whereas romney's speech was much more focused on buzzwords, went back to the president's alleged gaffe and tried to make hay out of that. it was focuses on seize on that emotion. romney's trying to make this an election of venting and we cannot expect just to rationally lay out the argument and win in november but there's a time and a place for everything and i
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think it was important that the president take some time to go through the history, not because we're focuses on blaming bush because he wants to say, look we've been here before. we have tried this model before and this is exactly what romney wants to do except in the words of bill clinton, on steroids. if you thought that was good if that works for you, vote for mitt romney. >> right. clarence, numbers favor the president in ohio, unemployment down 3% from its recession high, thanks in part to the auto recovery. can he convince the rest of the country that his prescriptions will heal our economic troubles, if he's given more time? >> well, he has to do that in terms of doing what david suggested, draw contrast between himself and his vision of the future versus mitt romney and his vision, and tie mitt romney to the -- what bad news from the bush years that many in the public don't want to go back to,
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and tie him to the republican congress as well. you heard president obama doing a lot of that while governor romney was trying to make this a referendum on president obama himself and his performance in office, which gives a psychological advantage to him in terms of president obama came in with a tremendous exuberance that nobody could maintain that level of enthusiasm and so, he paints it as if president obama's been a failure whereas he has been quite successful in keeping the recovery going. it's just been too slow. so the question is, do people like his version or do they like romney's version? ohio is a great place for president obama to be campaigning right now because, as you mentioned, the polls are high, the economy's doing very well there in spite of largely because of the auto industry recovery, which spilled over
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favorably into ohio and that's a recovery that president -- that governor romney, you know, he talked about letting auto companies go bankrupt. i think maybe to some degree president obama's testing out some lines here that he's going to tighten up, one hopes, for future stump speeches. >> indeed. it was a lengthy speech. romney spoke in punt front of putting jobs first banner, if you agree with his philosophy, top-down economics and trickle down. the only problem is it hasn't worked before. i ask you, david, why is the president having such a hard time discounting that theory, given that it hasn't worked? >> well, you can ask, why reagan was successful back in the day. this has been you know one of great polls and push me, pull you fights in american politics over the past few decades where the cutting government and giving tax breaks to the rich,
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trickle down theory, has any impact. we saw the evidence in the bush years. we saw the evidence in the clinton years where he raised taxes a bit not a lot, a bit on the upper income folks, and the economy did just fine, despite the predictions everything would fall apart. americans don't like government. they don't like taxes. and so when you prey on those deep-rooted emotions sometimes you have success as a candidate particularly when times are bad and you're saying, see, see, we can do better by taxing you less. that's like a candy store, right? >> i've got to hold you back. you are wonderful. i want to hear from you but we have to pause for the moment. next, we'll go to mr. romney's counterspeech on quite a day in the swing state of ohio. stay with us. >> we used to have a saying in our family, we used to say we're awfully embarrasses by our buck teeth. but we were mighty proud of our
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swing states like ohio pose something of a problem for mitt romney and i don't just mean the comparatively small number who turned out to hear him speak today. no, the xhik resurgence in the buckeye state over the last few years done quite fit the false characterization of the president that romney's been selling. unemployment there is down almost three full percentage points in last two years due in part to the return of manufacturing jobs, which are up 42,000 since their november 2009 low. but romney isn't one to let facts get in the way of a good nairive. >> the president said that if we
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let them borrow $787 billion for a stimulus he'd keep unemployment below 8%. >> new york sorry, mitt, never happened. not once has the president ever said that to anybody anywhere on any occasion. but that wasn't mitt's only lie on this day. >> 44 different trade agreements negotiate by client na and european nations with other nations around the world. guess how many trade agreements our president's negotiated? none. >> funny, what's this? it's the president in october signing a trade agreement with south korea, clo coma. his negotiations were with congress over the treaty. much that's will be once the negotiations of a trans-pacific partnership called bigger than nafta are finishes. tall tales seem to be getting to mitt's head because he's starting to talk as if he thinks
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he's paul bunion. >> if i'm president on day one we're going to get the approvel from that pipeline from canada and if i have to build it myself to get it here, i'll get that oil into america. >> back with us, david, clarence, crystal. david to paraphrase groucho marx, how does romney get ohio to trust him? >> you know, don't evaluate me, don't -- listen, even in ohio where things are doing better than nationally and -- not complete turnaround but going in the right direction there are people who are out of work and they want things to be better. you know things can always be better economically. so mitt romney will prey upon that and say they would have been better, a lot better, had i been president four years ago and done -- and let detroit go bankrupt for whatever he might have done. he'll say that over and over and that's a point you can't prove or disprove, and it's again, you
12:17 pm
know, getting people worked up about things not being better than they. >> crystal i normally have attributed the highest ethical standards to mormons but this man in this speech is beginning to sound like a pathological liar. he just seems incapable of telling the truth. >> well, it goes far beyond this speech. recall he said repeatedly that the president went around the world apologizing for america and he made the recession worse. all of these things that have repeatedly been stated and shot down as false, but he seemingly just doesn't care. and in fact this is part of a broader problem on the right. they have had a concerted effort to make voters and americans mistrust the media, mistrust independent institutions and they have, on the other side, created their own set of institutions to validate you know their version of reality. you know the heritage foundation, fox news -- >> u.s. chamber of commerce. >> -- are all set up so they can provide the facts that they can base these lies on.
12:18 pm
i mean that's why, again go back to the president in his speech, these are the facts. republicans have done everything they can to make people mistrustful of what the facts and. >> and the voter doesn't know who to trust. it would be nice if we could ask questions about his policy-free agenda but here ace clip of what happens when you try to ask mitt romney a question. watch this. >> the governor's going to remain here while we say good-bye to our friends from the press. good-bye. >> how long can romney keep up the howard hughes act with press? >> he can keep it up quite a while, remarkably. this is beyond simple lie organize fabrication. this is an alternative reality, the reality that you get if you watch without mentioning any names a certain news channel that is not msnbc. there's -- all of these pseu pseudofacts you heard from
12:19 pm
governor romney, there are people on certain media spreading these pseudofacts and they back up a certain narrative that's quite the opposite of reality but it's one that bolsters the idea of we've got to get that guy out of the white house and get our guy in. >> right. >> that's what's happening here. i'll be interested to see how far this goes on. i think after labor day when everybody gets engaged in the campaign we may see grappling with reality. i can hardly wait. >> in a shock announcement mitt romney's going to sit down with bob schieffer sunday for an interview. should schieffer ask romney about his reluctance to interact with the press or first ask romney about his problems with the truth? i guess it's only a half-hour show. >> it has extended to an hour in some markets. >> really? >> i'll be happy to send bob a long list of questions for mitt romney because i mean literally he says things in great sites
12:20 pm
like and the fact checker at "the washington post" point out again and again, as crystal said obama didn't go around the world apologizing he never made that 8% unemployment prom that's you referenced earlier. none of that seems to take hold, it doesn't pervade the slightest bit into the mitt romney reality. and yet you know, i was talking to david axelrod not too long ago and he says the battle of this election is on independent voters and he calls some of them not high information voters meaning they don't absorb a lot, they don't participate a lot, in watching cable tv reading newspapers. you've got to figure out how to reach them. if people don't follow the stuff well they may not know mitt romney's not telling truth and the stuff may seem right, sound good to them, and that's where the danger is. >> and the thing that i fear, we talk about the money that's going to be involved and the mass am of advertising. it's not the money that scares
12:21 pm
me so much. it's their willing tons put that that money behind any lie they want to put on the tv of every american. >> krystal ball, david corn, clarence page, brilliant. continue its swift boat attack on the president, oh captain, my captain. >> first, the leaks putting our national security at risk, are they also going to be used as a political weaponen? no one knows more about the politics of leaks than karl rove. he joins us. nice to see you. for three hours a week, i'm a coach. but when i was diagnosed with prostate cancer... i needed a coach. our doctor was great, but with so many tough decisions i felt lost. unitedhealthcare offered us a specially trained rn who helped us weigh and understand all our options. for me cancer was as scary as a fastball is
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12:25 pm
house a topic close to robe's pallet. what better payback for the valerie plame schedule which requires five appearances before a grand jury and apparently left him destitute. >> sometimes special prosecutors are a bigger problem than the investigation. >> look i painfully am aware of that. i went broke paying legal bills and i know the cost of this. >> hold on. karl rove went broke? really? well, if you believe that, then i suppose you'll also believe valerie plame wasn't a covert agent when her name was leaked back in 2003, a lie repeatedly on fox news. in the name all of fair and balanced it should be noted that rove did describe himself as quote of a mixed mind on whether a special prosecutor should investigate in this case. so what happened to the cut-throat operative who orchestrated one of most dishonest and divisive campaigns
12:26 pm
in modern political history? well, make no mistake, while offering that vaguely moderate pretense on air his super pac american crossroads is spending millions to defeat the president and democrats right across the country. unfortunately while fox news will repeatedly promote rove's book "courage and consequence "s it doesn't have the courage to disclose rove's real reason, they continue to imply that rove is another political commentator when in fact he's driving a super tanker of cash directly against the president. but don't be worried because on one point of principle fox and rove and an absolute agreement, they want a special prosecutor. why? because they know that they almost destroyed the last democratic president by the same tactic. stay with us, the day's top lines are coming up. the medicare debate continues in washington...
12:27 pm
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while talk may be cheap, running for president sure isn't. here are today's top lines. show me the money. >> words are cheap. >> you don't talk to much. >> rhetoric will be soaring but i suggest look at the record more than the words. >> so she says to him, shut up, you're always talking. >> i think you're going to see him change course when he spokes tomorrow. >> he's content to be a jerk. >> everything works for him. nothing he can't handle. >> plame, plame, plame, and blame, blame, blame. >> tiny village in western pennsylvania, blah, blah, blah. >> right. i'm not a real reporter . >> you can't handle the truth. >> the kind of snotty condescension from liberal elite journalists jobs. >> you got excited about it. i don't know if the crush is real. >> i'm not the only one.
12:31 pm
>> a crush of obama. ♪ i can't wait. >> i haven't given up on him. >> looking forward to you in the movies. >> show me the money. >> president obama's back in new york city going to a fund-raiser at sarah jessica parker's house and it's going to be a beautiful formal sit-down dinner for 200 in her shoe closet. ♪ i recall central park in fall♪ >> you don't have to put on that accent. you don't need to put that on. that's not right. >> i'm an that winter go i take it back. that was a pretty good impression of winter. rom romney's got addleson going, gene, pop off a check for romney for $10 million. the guy willing to spend an unlimited amount of money to crush mitt romney. you need to monetize the presidency. no reason the next joint session can't be monetized.
12:32 pm
>> let's get right to the panel. dr. james peterson, lehigh university, he joins us from philadelphia. delighted that msnbc contributor professor michael eric dyson is here with us in the studio. if i can start with you, we heard jon stewart 'take on money. let's check e.j. for those who believe money has too much power in politics 2012 will be a miserable year. what we're seeing nothing less than a new political system that will make the politics of the guilds age look like a clean government paradise. tis as bad as that? >> it can be. we've heard people throw around the term of politicrats. what you have, you have as a result of the conksent tration ofwell in the top 1 mrs. of the country you have big billionaire
12:33 pm
donors who can pick political figures, they can choose winners, support those folk and then actually shape their ideology to make their messaging consistent with what those billionaire people want. so it's a very, very scary moment. throw mitt romney as a presidential candidate into that mix, i agree with e.j., it's going to be a tough political year in 2012. >> isn't that the problem? you have here a vac cuous candidate who doesn't have any principles, who is surrounded by cash from individuals who have an agenda? >> absolutely. it's a perfect storm except it rains horribly on the rest of us here. as professor peterson has indicated, it's as the empty suit whose ideological perspective is shaped by the cash that flows in to him. this is what the group meant when cash ruins everything around me, got to get the
12:34 pm
dollar, dollar bill. the unfortunate consequence is that we are the suffers because the highest bidder gets to choose what goes on and the supreme court aided and abetted this with the citizens united decision that has had a deleterious impact on america. >> president obama is in new york, as you know, for a fund-raising dinner with sarah jessica parker and and anna winter, and republicans are throwing a fit over this. take a listen to this. >> is it a little condescending to suggest that you have high-profile rich female celebrities. >> celebrities? they think you're stupid agreeing with them proves it. >> quite frankly any dollar that comes in from anyone for the president or mitt romney benefits these guys because this race -- >> why not get satan? >> we won't go into satan. anna winter is the sbbasis for e movie the devil wears prada. under neath the hyperbolic
12:35 pm
ventilation there is jealousy? they hang out with trump and ted nugent. maybe that's why they're upset. >> there is some celebrity envy here. but let's keep it real and keep this in mine. this is just politics of distraction. it's a great way to distract from the fact that you have conservative one percent who put more money into romney's campaign and super pacs than winter or sarah jessica park, or celebrities. there is celebrity envy but it's the politics of distraction. >> isn't that right? they are trying to create a crisis and complaining about the president palling around with someone like the editor of vogue magazine but that's the i version, they've got billionaires running the campaign. >> and the reality is, is that you know you've got pedigree snobbery going on here. we don't have quite as big a celebrity. it's all baler dash.
12:36 pm
reality is that the american public is suffering because the conservatives have gotten in bed with big cash and it has been unlimited and unrestrained and unleashed by the supreme court so two branches of government are at the behest of big money the presidency and the supreme court. this is a collusion the likes of which we have not seen in american history and e.j. is right, i'm not saying it's apocalyptic but devastating consequence on the american political scene. you've got to be a billionaire to run for office. >> franklin roosevelt once said government by organized money is as dangerous of government by organized mob. is that what we're looking at here? are we looking at -- mitt romney is a plutocrat, is he going to motion in a throughoplutocracy? >> we're here as a result of other factors. the concentration of wealth in the 1% over the last 10 to 20
12:37 pm
years those graphs and charts that show that middle wage -- middle class wages are stagnant and the top 1%, 2% focus is going up like that, that is how we arrive at a situation where you can have individual billionaires who can shape tax policy, shape foreign policy to their own whim based on the political process unfolding right now. yes, fdr was absolutely right. what we need to do and know as citizens we've got to push back against the concentration ofwell at 1%, overturn sit zenzcitizen and give in a grassroots fashion to the political figures we want to support to counter some of this stuff and offset the concentrationwell politics that we're seeing now. >> final question to you, professor. we have this money flowing in to romney and at the same time we have people trying to suppress the vote for ordinary americans. what could be worse than those
12:38 pm
two factors colliding in a democracy. >> no more sharper contrast between the big money interest, the big pocketed ideologies that are driving the conservative right wing assault upon the values and the votes of ordinary americans. and not just african-americans and latinos but for older people and for veterans who are returning home from service in the foreign wars, this is an assault upon democracy itself and i think those who claim to be patriots ought to look at regulation and the restraint of big capital because once it floods the marketplace it just seems into every crevice of the american mind-set and we get purchased and bought. this is the marketization and the monty zaization of american politics it self. and that's in why i think it's a dang somewhere as professor sit,
12:39 pm
s citizens united has to be rebutted and we have to give money to interests to outweigh the billionaires trying to run american politics. >> two brilliant professors, thank you. professor dyson will be angering tonight subbing for ed schultz. thank you both. mitt romney and john boehner dream treatment for the 1%. >> women are everywhere, letting them play golf and tennis. out of control. >> you know what? you know what? >> she's out. >> you read the headlines. go ahead. take him away. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult.
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could've had a v8. there it is ! there it is ! where ? where ? it's getting away ! where is it ? it's gone. we'll find it. any day can be an adventure. that's why we got a subaru. love wherever the road takes you. wow, there it is. house speaker john boehner loves talking about jobs and always with a sense of urgency. >> the president says we can't
12:43 pm
afford to wait. well guess what? i agree with the president. >> the american people can't wait. so we're going to take action. the house is acting. the house is leading. now we need a president that will show up. i've pressed all year long for the president and senate democrats to move. >> for a minute demanding action, the only action mr. boehner is taking during his ninth reset this year is to leave his home state of ohio to fly to georgia where he met with mitt romney to go over their first joint campaign rally planned for this sunday. this, despite july 1st, rapidly approaching. that's when student loan rates will double unless congress takes some genuine action. congressman peter welsh is a democrat from vermont and chief deputy whip. he joins us live from burlington. news na the cost of student loans will jump 15% -- have jumped 15% between 2008 and
12:44 pm
2010, both parties agree they should not be allowed go up, yet with two weeks to go before the deadline speaker boehner's focused on stumping with mitt romney. what does that tell you about the speaker's willingness to address what will affect millions of students and those who have now graduated? >> well, it's subboard national to political considerations. speaker boehner's running a know no show operation. congress has had nine recesses, on two weeks, off a week, little agenda on the floor. it's not as though there's not work that needs to be done. we should be making sure student loans stay at 3.4%, passing legislation that allows millions of homeowners faithfully paying their mortgage but can't refinance because they don't appraise to allow them to refinance. that will put money in their pocket every month and millions
12:45 pm
and not billions in the economy. we should pass a transportation billi bill. that's two million jobs and house unable to pass the bill because of division within mr. boehner's rank. there's practical things we can do, things we need to do but we've got to be at two do it. >> it would help. mitt romney never needed a loan to attend harvard. so when he had a chance to tell todayness students how they could afford college, his bold idea. listen. >> the best thing i can do for you is to tell you to shop around and compare tuition. take a shot, go for it take a risk, get the education, borrow money from your parents. >> this from a man who says the president is out of touch. does he know how expensive college has become or is this like everything else, public school teachers, things he has no experience of and therefore speaks from a vat of inexperience and stupidity?
12:46 pm
>> you know it's really quite bizarre because it's not as though it's a buyer's market. if you're a kid who wants to go to college you basically have to pay the tuition charged. you do everything you can. parents refinance their homes and give up a lot of the retirement security. you borrow as much as you can, kids an average graduating with $30,000 in debt. i have an intern with me as we speak and she works for free during the time as an intern but works 40 hours a week getting applause at 5:00 a.m. in work at a bakery to pay for college. it's not like a merger and acquisition deal for bain capital. you just have to find hard way to make this work if you're a student or parent. >> for his children, he's given them $100 million trust fund so they don't have to worry either. the speaker's taken to his website in an effort to prove his pear's serious about job
12:47 pm
creation. take a listen to this. >> these are the many of the 30 jobs bills that have passes the house but are currently stalled in the senate. these aren't big controversial bills that no one has read. they're practical, common sense proposals to help small businesses to create jobs and build a stronger economy for all americans. >> aside from the fact that that's a brilliant performance and maybe worthy of an academy award would any of the bills that mr. boehner dramatically presents in front of us create a single job? >> not just because he says they will, the reality is, and everybody knows it, our infrastructure is literally falling apart. and we cannot pass a transportation bill. that used to be the thing that republicans and democrats could agree on. it's 2 million jobs, the senate has passed a good bill. the senate -- the house democrats have made it very clear, we're supportive of the senate bill and willing to pass it tomorrow. a number of republicans would be
12:48 pm
willing to do it but mr. boehner can't get votes within his caucus, that's 2 million jobs, with jobs performed to help us rebuild infrastructure so it's close to the 21st century. >> peter welsh from vermont. thank you for joining us. next, the president close to delivering remarks from ground zero. we'll get the latest from the white house. as a home, there are things i'm supposed to do. like, keep one of these over your head. well, i wasn't "supposed" to need flood insurance, but i have it. fred over here chose not to have it. ♪ me, i've got a plan.
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this hour, the president and first lady are on route to the world trade center to get a first time look at the newly completed freedom tower almost 11 years after the attacks and six years after breaking ground, workers are getting cloers to the topping out ceremony when the final beam is put in place. 1,776 feet aboveground zero.
12:52 pm
mike viqueira is on the ground ott the white house. mike, the president will visit the world trade center -- and new york city mayor bloomberg and they're actually going to sign one of the steel beams, is that right? >> that's right. it is a breathtaking sight. the beaches have been erected on the 104th floor. the president will meet with those officials on the 22nd floor. he'll get an update. it is one of the most solemn sights of this country. it's going to anchor the new sight in manhattan. he is going to be joib joined by the first lady. he'll go to the 22nd floor, then come down and appear with chris christie, andrew cuomo, as well as mayor bloomberg. it should be a happy occasion, a
12:53 pm
festive occasion, one that's been coming a long time. six years, martin. a lot of bureaucracy, a lot of disagreement on where to build it, how to build it. what it would look like. now nearing completion sometime next year. >> indeed and then later, he'll be off to this fund-raiser with sarah jessica parker. it's going to r snarl up the traffic, but briefly, how much do you think the president will raise at this? >> always a guilty pleasure being in that motorcade, you start to worry about the reaction of some new yorkers in the middle of rush hour. $40,000 ahead. 50 attendees. it's at sarah jessica parker's home. then another one on top of that. 250 people paying $10 a head. mariah carey's going to entertain. >> mike viqueira, brilliant as
12:54 pm
ever and a note on a milestone for the u.s. army, which today, marked its 237th year. we salute you. sorry. sore knee. blast of cold feels nice. why don't you use bengay zero degrees? it's the one you store in the freezer. same medicated pain reliever used by physical therapists. that's chilly. [ male announcer ] new bengay zero degrees. freeze and move on. throughout our entire lives. ♪ one a day women's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. ♪ it has more of seven antioxidants to support cell health. that's one a day women's 50+ healthy advantage.
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12:57 pm
it's time to clear the air and today has provided us with an opportunity to hear two different visions for this country with the president and mitt romney both giving important speeches in the same state. the president addressed the nation's deficit, education, infrastructure, energy and manufacturing. mitt romney offers a much shorter term approach and with few details. he basically pins his colors to tax cuts and says this is what will drive our economic recovery. he's also made the suggestion that the president's policies
12:58 pm
will be shaped by his financial supporters, particularly the unions. >> he will have to do the work that the unions. they'll put hundreds of millions of dollars into their coffers. he'll have to do what they demand, which is to try to impose unions where employees don't want them. >> this would be funny if it wasn't so hypocritical because the reason romney says so little about policy is because his billionaire donors haven't yet told him what they want him to do. are we supposed to believe that romney is not going to be influenced by sheldon add l son, who may yet spend $100 million on his campaign and is known to have strong views on the middle east? are we really supposed to believe that karl rove, who spent almost eight years in the white house, a senior adviser to george bush and a man running one of the wealthiest superpacs
12:59 pm
out there is not going to demand certain position ts from mitt romney? are we supposed to believe that harold simons, a banking billionaire, who is literally throwing millions at mitt romney, is not going to demand a return for his investment? of course they will. and so, in seeking to describe mitt romney and his gang of money moneyed manipulate laters. i'll borrow the words of phillip larkin, who said this about a political rally he once observed. it was a parade of staggering dullness stupefying hypocrisy. thank you for watching. what's up? >> my goodness me. just enjoying the -- it's like music when you speak. even if i don't hear the words sometimes, just the cycle of indictment and passion. >> dylan, you've been talking for years about mey


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