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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  June 18, 2012 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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decision not to deport the children of illegal immigrants who qualify to stay, praise from south of the border today. we'll have more on that. plus, back on the bus. mitt romney's campaign cavalcade rolling today into wisconsin, hoping to capitalize on scott walker's victory. >> i think president obama had just put this in his column. he just assumed from the very beginning wisconsin was going to be his but you know what? we're going to win wisconsin and we're going to get the white house. plus a narrow election victory in greece for bailout supporters. now can they form a government? and what does it all mean for the economy here at home? and pardon the interruption. u.s. open winner webb simpson gets one more birdie even after his victory. >> three straight birdies and four in a five hole stretch turned it around for you today. >> yeah. that was kind of the difference. i got off to a slow start but i knew that --
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[ bird calls ] >> always something to spice matters up. >> enjoy the jail cell, pal. >> good day. i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. in our daily fix today, mitt romney continues his bus tour motoring through six states that the president won in 2008. states that romney's campaign hopes to capture this time around. but romney's small town tour hit something of a bump in the road this weekend, as he scrambled trying to respond to the president's decision easing deportation rules for the children of illegal immigrants. chris cillizza is an msnbc contributor and managing editor of post hey, chris. the president's move on the whole immigration issue clearly put mitt romney on the defensive. this is all of his attempts to try to answer it when asked about it by bob schieffer on the road in pennsylvania. >> would you repeal this order if you became president? >> well, let's step back and look at the issue.
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with regards to these kids who were brought in by their parents through no fault of their own, there needs to be a long-term solution. >> but would you repeal this? >> well, it would be overtaken by events, if you will, by virtue of my putting in place a long term solution. >> would you leave this in place while you worked out a long term solution, or would you just repeal it? >> we'll look at that setting as we reach that. >> well, you know, even some republicans will talk about this a bit more later, but some republicans, you have marco rubio with his dream act light which is set to be introduced, a lot of things were put on hold really by the president's move. >> yeah. first of all, kudos to bob schieffer for trying at least to ask that question a bunch of different ways in hopes of getting an answer. look, that clip you just played is i think telling in that it shows what barack obama politically at least did to mitt romney. he put him in a little bit of a
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box. mitt romney knows that the base of his party does not want anything that involves people who came here illegally, whether it's children or not, to not be deported. he has said, he took a very hard line stance in the republican primary, if you remember, on immigration opposing the dream act and those sorts of things. on the other hand, mitt romney also knows that hispanics are a huge growing population in this country. they are going to emerge more than they have thus far as a voting force and they are a 65/35, that best community in terms of democrats winning 65%, republicans winning 35%. jeb bush, marco rubio, haley barbour, who is no moderate, have said we cannot have this politically and they can't, so he knows those things. it's a very hard line for him to walk. >> maybe this was mitt romney's supermarket scanner moment, but i get the feeling, take a look at this, that mitt romney has not been in too many wawas along
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the roadside in pennsylvania. >> by the way, where do you get your hoagies here? do you get them at wawa? i went to a place today called wawa. you ever been to wawa? anybody been there? some people -- i'm sorry. i know it's a very big state. we went to wawa's. i was at wawa's. i wanted to order a sandwich. you press a little touch-tone keypad. you touch that and you know, the sandwich, touch this, touch this, touch this, go pay the cashier. there's your sandwich. it's amazing. >> it's amazing. when these candidates get out of their comfort zones -- >> yeah. that's when you don't freelance. >> you've got to be able to, you know, speak the language. >> yeah. look, first of all, let me say i've been on many trips to pennsylvania because my wife's a field hockey coach and i have eaten wawa one million times, thank you for your good subs, wawa. now, on the other hand, this is mitt romney, we know this, he's
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not good off the cuff. he's not good when he's not talking about the economy and his business background. i would say, though, i do think this is more or was more of a problem for him in the primary. he really had to glad-hand in the primary. you have to kiss babies, you have to shake hands. the general election by and large, this bus tour is a little bit of an anomaly. by and large, you fly in a plane, you raise money, you do three events, you meet very few people and you run tv ads. whether that's the system we should have or not, it's the system we do have. his awkwardness hurts him less now than it would in the primary. >> he doesn't have any problem raising money. that's certainly becoming clear over the weekend. thank you very much, chris. president obama is in mexico, where leaders of the world's 20 largest economies are gathering for the g-20 summit. moments ago in a meeting with the summit's host, mexican president calderon, the outgoing president of mexico, obama said, president obama said weekend elections in greece are a positive sign for europe's future. >> i think the election in
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greece yesterday indicates a positive prospect for not only them forming a government, but also them working constructively with their international partners in order that they can continue on the path of reform and do so in a way that also offers the prospects for the greek people to succeed and prosper. >> nbc news tireless chief white house correspondent chuck todd, host of the daily rundown, is live in los cobos, mexico, where he is traveling of course with the president. chuck, this was the meeting with calderon, of course, and now they are right now, he is meeting with vladimir putin. that is the main act. >> reporter: that is today's main act. it certainly, had greece gone the other way, i think you would have seen this g-20 would have taken on a different context and different almost like crisis management, if you will. there's still a mode of that and
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all the signs are pointing they want the g-20 to be sending a message of stability, that the european leaders that are here send that same message. but you're right, today's main act is this first meeting between obama and putin, both as presidents. they did meet one other time since mr. obama was president. it was back in 2009, during the president's first trip to russia. they had a quick meeting when putin was prime minister. didn't go so hot. this is not a comfortable relationship. the president and former russian president medvedev actually had a pretty good personal relationship, but it was, look, they made the decision, the obama white house did, to try to raise the profile of medvedev and see if they could make progress with him. they believe they did on s.t.a.r.t. they believe they did even on some of these sanctions with iran. but with syria, they got to see if they can move putin. one of their goals is to see if they can almost play to his ego, if you will, and just tell him look, you're the man, you're the guy that can solve this crisis
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in syria. you can provide a safe haven for assad. you can make this happen. that's what we'll see if that works and we'll see what kind of awkward diplomacy the two of them show when the cameras get in there. >> moscow is the site of the latest meeting on iran, among the european, the western leaders, and that meeting is taking place actually this week. so russia is showing its leadership on iran. they're actually working better, more closely on iran. i think the pitch is going to be you're going to be so isolated from all of the middle east because the arab league is now opposing syria. so take a stand and you'll be in much better shape rather than the russian fears which is this is going to turn into another libya and they do not want to see another u.n. or nato action against assad that will mirror what happened to gadhafi. >> right. the pitch is simply what you just put, which is do you want to keep influence in syria, you
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can do that. you don't have to topple the regime. you basically just have to topple assad. you've got to help ease him out, do the similar way that the united states and others helped orchestrate the exit, if you will, of the president of yemen, and they would like to try to see is there a similar solution in syria because frankly, the military option in syria is not a very good one for the united states. there isn't a nato option, a la libya. now, you brought up the issue of iran. i have to tell you, there was i thought a pretty striking op-ed in "the new republic" from dennis ross, former point man on iran from both president obama, president bush, president clinton, you name it. he was saying one of the issues is he doesn't think the iranians believe that a military option is really on the table and until that happens, maybe the iranians don't budge. it was a quite striking admission from a former obama administration official. >> indeed it is. by the way, looking at the setting in los cobos, why is it
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the g-20, while they discuss bankruptcies around the world, they meet in really nice places. >> reporter: i know. what was it, cannes last year. kind of silly. we should point out on calderon, the first thing he said before anything having to do with the g-20 was praising the president on the immigration decision. don't think that won't get a lot of play on spanish language television stations in the united states like our partners at telemundo. >> exactly. good point, chuck. enjoy yourself. i know you're working around the clock down there but at least it's pretty. thank you. the supreme court is expected to rule any day, no ruling today, on the president's health care law. so everyone in washington is of course trying to read the tea leaves, trying to guess which way it might go. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg spoke on friday about what some are calling the term of the century. >> i think many of you know it is now flood season at the
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court. many of the most controversial cases remain pending so it is likely that the sharp disagreement rate will go up next week and the week after. at the supreme court, those who know, don't talk and those who talk, don't know. >> tom daschle is the former senate majority leader, key player on health care, senior policy advisor at the piper law firm. great to see you again. we are now reduced to checking the possible travel schedules of supreme court justices. no one knows when anyone can leave town because we hear that it is today, no major rulings. thursday could be, next monday, could be next wednesday or thursday, but we all think they're going to get out of town by the 29th of june, and of course, all the tea leaves so far have been that the oral arguments went very badly. do you think there is still a
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chance the president might win a 6-3 victory and actually have health care sustained or do you think that this could be a divided court with some kept and perhaps the individual mandate thrown out? >> well, andrea, after hearing justice ginsburg's admonition, i will talk and don't know. but even though you don't know doesn't mean you don't talk. i think the bottom line is that everybody understands this is at best 50/50. no one, even the optimists can't predict the court is going to rule unanimously in favor of this decision. i think the conventional wisdom right now is that they won't. but we really won't know for at least now another week, so it's unclear. what we have to do is prepare for whatever option may be likely to unfold and there are four or five of those options available to us. so we've got to plan for each one of them, implement them as we get to know more. >> what can the president do
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politically, because if this is knocked out, you know already republicans are saying this was the greatest achievement that he had heralded and doesn't it make him look as though he has wasted time, put the country through a ringer and some democrats would even argue that the tea party would not have been born in that august debate if health care had not been the focus of his attention. >> well, this is going to be a political issue over the next six months, regardless. i don't think you're going to see any action by congress. there won't be a consensus. but you're going to see a tremendous amount of rhetoric, depending on who wins and who loses. you're certainly going to see a good deal of attention given the issue. i think the real question is what do we do now. i think what the american people want is some consensus, some ability to be confident that we can go forward, and therein lies at least some possibility for common ground. republicans and democrats like a lot of what the aca has already
10:14 am
implemented, the elimination of annual limits, the elimination of the legal lifetime limits, the doughnut hole closing, that is the end of the requirement that seniors pay for drug coverage. all of those things are very popular and many more, so i think the president is going to say look, let's keep those things that we know have already worked and let's build on building a greater consensus after that. >> senator, i wanted to point out something else, because peter hart highly respected democratic pollster, did one of his focus groups in denver, and this is the scene of the president's acceptance speech, the success of that convention, and he talked to 12 undecided voters, ten of whom had supported president obama before. his headline out of this is obama is in trouble. he says voters sense that this is all a show, there is no road map, no program, no conviction of where the president wants to lead the country.
10:15 am
participants say obama reminds them of their hometown baseball team, the colorado rockies. lots of promise but not a pennant. tim tebow says all the right things but when it comes down to it, he can't perform and the unkindest cut of all, billy mays, the infomercial pitchman, too showy, putting on a snazzy sales routine. that from the analysis from denver from a recent focus group. is the president in trouble? the campaign in trouble? >> you know, i just really, i have a great deal of respect for peter and for many others who have made similar projections. i have to say it seems like every first term president, i remember what they said about bill clinton in 1996 and what they said about george w. bush in 2004. you had a lot of predictions that -- >> they didn't have 8.2% or 8% unemployment. >> well, they didn't, but you know, the president can point to a lot of achievement, a lot of accomplishment, and you are going to see him do that. you also saw another indication just yesterday of mitt romney's
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incompetence as a candidate and his, you know, there isn't a lot of enthusiasm for mr. romney so far, and i think you've got to look at who the opposition is and just how this debate's going to play out over the long term. we haven't seen the end of the economic news yet. we could still see some real economic progress before the election. it is almost six months away. so i think when you look at all the prospects, i still think this president's going to be the winner in november. it's going to be a struggle and it will be close, but i think at the end he's going to pull it out. >> tom daschle, thanks very much. good to see you. >> my pleasure. coming up next, greece dodges another bullet but the crisis is far from over. plus, has mitt romney boxed himself into a corner on immigration? [ groans ] [ marge ] psst.
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greece has elected a pro bailout government that will work to keep the struggling nation in the european union so far, but experts caution the road ahead could be rocky as greece braces for tough reforms and the european union faces yet another failing economy in spain. they have dodged one bullet but still have to create a government. we know what creating coalition governments can be like and what we hear from merkel at the g-20, she's in a meeting, just had a meeting with the president, he's now in with putin, is that she is saying they have to meet the tests and the eu is saying, eu officials are being quoted as saying they have to sign a memorandum of understanding that they are going to meet these reforms before they get any more disbursements. >> absolutely. you have it exactly right. they dodged a bullet. we don't now have greece led by a government that wants to rip up every rescue agreement and we're not facing an immediate
10:21 am
exit of greece from the euro but that's as far as we can say. we don't have a government yet in greece and if we do get one it's likely to be a coalition between two parties that for the last 30 years have fought against each other. so the odds of this being a stable coalition are pretty low. one thing within greece is to worry that even within the next few months, any coalition could fracture, then the extremist left party could come back strengthened. domestically within greece, not at all certain that the politics works out. then as you say, they have to actually reach agreement with their rescuers, particularly the germans, but officially the european union, european central bank and imf, on the terms of their deal. i think that's going to be a very tough negotiation. even if that happens, we still have very, very big problems in italy and spain and the rest of the eurozone. this may be a bullet dodged but we still have a lot of problems ahead. >> we've talked about spain, but italy is really the big, the largest economy that's in trouble right now, and if italy were really to be in trouble, if it got -- >> too big to bail.
10:22 am
too big to bail. spain is pretty big, too. we are talking with spain and italy, very serious economies. they both have fundamental problems right now. in spain it's basically a banking bust. they are unable to really bail out their banks because that then turns into a sovereign debt problem. and they need the europeans to really help them with that. italy is a country that has a huge sovereign debt. if you have investors worried about the future of the eurozone, they will be reluctant to invest in that. in both countries, the debt yield, the price the government is having to pay, is going up and up to the extent these country's solvency is in doubt. >> what about this country here? not only is this an election, which is the biggest drama politically here, but what about our financial system? they have been recapitalized, exposure to the italian banks or just the fact we are going to be losing markets? >> there are two fundamental ways in which this whole mess
10:23 am
affects the u.s. the most direct way is lower exports because the european economies are shrinking, a stronger dollar. all of those things affect u.s. economies, affect u.s. jobs. the real danger is the financial channel. financial uncertainty. if the euro fell apart or if you had a real catastrophe in europe which is really not an insignificant probability now, that could be something worse than lehman brothers. it would be a very, very calamitous financial crisis. the uncertainty, the fear of that is weighing on financial markets now, pushing investors into u.s. treasuries. it's having -- it's costing a huge shadow over the whole global economy. that's the main channel i think we really need to worry about. it's why the g-20 leaders are in los cobos. i think they're very, very worried if the europeans can't sort this out, the impact could be calamitous. >> tough stuff. thank you so much explaining it all. good to see you. up next, the politico briefing. mitt romney walking the line on immigration.
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in today's politico briefing, will mitt romney now have to get more specific about immigration reform now that president obama has adopted a short term version of the dream act? some conservatives are saying immigration is going to be a big problem for republicans long term and in this election if romney doesn't adjust. >> this is a big problem for romney and he needs to take the lead on this. in my view, embrace marco rubio's dream act, say let's pass this in congress over the next two months, this is what i'm for. >> joining me now is politico's alex burns. thanks so much. immigration, what a play from the president last week. you can argue it flat around but the bottom line is it really did put mitt romney in the short term on the defensive. >> it sure did. i think that's how we're going to see this play by the president sort of make itself felt in this election over the longer term. obviously in the short term, it's a way of energizing the latino vote and there's a poll
10:28 am
out this morning that suggests it's having exactly that impact. we're going to see over the next couple days, mitt romney walk a very, very careful line in terms of trying to express disapproval of what the president did without further alienating latino voters who did not like his rhetoric during the republican primary. >> and here's what happened this weekend with candy crowley on cnn, asking rick santorum exactly that, whether romney should be taking a stand. >> back to mr. romney, do you wish he had been more forceful on that note? it seemed to me that clearly, he -- >> he's trying to walk a line. he's trying to walk the line. >> what line is mitt romney walking? >> he's trying to walk a line that's not to sound like he's hostile to latinos. >> swing voters. >> and very important states. >> and i guess rick santorum is basically not acting as a surrogate for mitt romney, just acting as a republican analyst, perhaps? >> i think so.
10:29 am
and i think this is one of the problems mitt romney has as he tries to articulate his own position on this issue. obviously, the pivot to the general election, the easiest thing to do would be to not necessarily endorse what the president said but express direct approval for perhaps the policy that marco rubio has been pushing or perhaps maybe a larger immigration solution. but the problem is there are folks in his party, rick santorum is certainly one of them, who do sort of box romney in on his right flank. >> when we're talking about hispanic voters, three states come to mind, colorado, florida, nevada of course, lot of hispanic voters. that could be important. the hispanic community is so large in lots of other states as well, that getting enthusiasm among these voters which has been lacking for the democrats if that's the way they're going to end up voting is a big play. >> it certainly is for the president. this comes right after mitt romney began airing his first spanish language television ads
10:30 am
focused on the economy. this is an attempt to outflank romney just as he's trying to make the case the set of economic issues he's running on is a set of issues directly relevant to that constituency. >> alex burns, thank you very much. coming up next, the obamians. who are they. the muslim brotherhood wins the election but the military not ready to give up. [ male announcer ] considering all your mouth goes through, do you really think brushing is enough to keep it clean? while brushing misses germs in 75% of your mouth, listerine cleans virtually your entire mouth. so take your oral health to a whole new level. listerine... power to your mouth. wow! than i thought. it's even bigger than i thought. welcome to progressive. do you guys insure airstreams? yep. everything from travel trailers to mega motor homes. and when your rv is covered, so is your pet. perfect. who wants a picture with flo? i do! i do! do you mind? got to make sure this is -- oh.
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there's another way to help erase litter box odor. purina tidy cats. only tidy cats has new odor erasers... making it easy to keep things at home... just the way you want them. new tidy cats with odor erasers. topping the headlines right now on "andrea mitchell reports," the prosecution rested today in the sex abuse case against jerry sandusky. former penn state assistant coach dick anderson was called as the first defense witness. it's not known yet of course whether sandusky will actually take the stand as he fights 51 counts of child sex abuse spanning 15 years. sandusky's lawyers are now planning what they call a new defense, arguing that sandusky suffers from a personality disorder that causes him to behave inappropriately.
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rodney king has died. he died at the age of 47. he was found at the bottom of a pool at his home in rialto, california on sunday. king became a symbol of police brutality after that horrific beating in 1991 by los angeles police was caught on camera. the case eventually sparked days of deadly race riots after the acquittal of the officers involved. and the once banned muslim broth brotherhood is claiming victory in egypt's first presidential election but the military in egypt is making a preemptive strike, trying to hold on to power. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is following all of the latest developments from cairo. richard, this has been such a drama. tell us what is happening now, what about the military's moves, their legal moves, and reaction so far? >> reporter: there is a small celebration right now in tahrir square. they are calling for a million person demonstration tomorrow to
10:35 am
both celebrate mohammed morsi's victory in this election and by all accounts, he has won the election, although the official results are only going to be announced later this week. the point of that rally tomorrow is also to pressure the military because late last night as the results were starting to come in and starting to show that mohammed morsi, the muslim brotherhood's candidate, was in the lead, the military which has this odd role of custodian in this transition period we're in right now, issued a statement saying that no matter who wins the president, although it was pretty clear that morsi was going to win, this new president will not have the authority to declare war and won't have the authority to change any of the commanders in the military because morsi himself has said that he would purge the power structure in egypt of members of the old regime. so a power struggle is under way, but if they can secure the presidency, i think the muslim brotherhood starting from tomorrow is going to start
10:36 am
mobilizing the street to claw back these powers that the military is trying to take away. >> what about morsi and the relationship with israel and the treaty with israel, historic treaty? what did he say toward the end of the campaign and what do you expect going forward? >> reporter: throughout the campaign, he has been trying to not focus on antagonism with israel but the muslim brotherhood is absolutely no fan of israel. it is openly hostile to israel. at some of the muslim brotherhood rallies, there are were songs praising hamas, praising the resistance, talking about freeing gaza. it's very likely the muslim brotherhood and if setting tone for egypt, all of egypt, will have a much more anti-israeli stance and a more anti-american stance, for that matter. >> fascinating. thank you very much, richard. great to see you. from syria and egypt to iran and afghanistan, president obama is getting conflicting advice in
10:37 am
some cases from some of his closest advisors. some arguing for more, some for less u.s. intervention. in the new book "the obaminans" james mann describes the fact between establishment democrats like secretary of state hillary clinton and the president's inner circle, who came of age after the cold war. he joins me now. congratulations, the book just out and we're happy to see you. let's talk about that division, because it's fairly clear the president first of all from your reporting and from what i've been able to observe, he is the decider and he's surrounded by some people who are more politically rooted than foreign policy rooted, and they seem to have the sort of inner access to him, more so even in some cases than hillary clinton and some of the cabinet secretaries. >> it's some of the people who worked with him now on foreign policy, they work with him during the campaign, so people like dennis mcdonough, or speech
10:38 am
writer ben rhodes or samantha power, who is now on maternity leave, but has been a key player in the administration. >> and susan rice falls into that category. >> definitely. >> she is someone who has been suggested would be a possible successor to become secretary of state because hillary clinton has made it very clear she's leaving after one term if the president were re-elected. >> i think it's quite possible that she will be the next secretary of state. you also have senator john kerry, who wanted to be secretary of state at the beginning of this administration. i'm sure he would still like to but i would kind of bet on susan rice. >> and the national security advisor might have aspirations in that regard. he's very close to the president, taking a much more active role, taking trips to china, meeting with foreign leaders and also what they have in play here are so many issues from syria to the new relationship with vladimir putin, and we see this meeting
10:39 am
is going on as we speak with putin. we don't know how putin is going to respond to pressure from the u.s. to basically throw assad under the bus. >> the underlying issue in all this is american power and really, how much american power do we have and how much should we exert. i mean, there's an old school that thinks look, america's the indispensable nation, nothing has changed, just keep going the way we are. and the younger people around obama who tend to say well, it would be nice but we just don't have it as much as we did before. other countries are willing to challenge us because we don't have the clout in economic terms that we had, we can't really tell them to do things. >> some critics would say that this group themselves gave up possible leverage by not following up immediately on the cairo speech, for instance, by not taking what advantages that
10:40 am
the president had when he took office as being the non-george w. bush, at least as far as europe and the middle east was concerned, and actually being more aggressive and more adept at foreign policy. >> in both cases, i think that they were -- they were not -- they were politically inept on guantanamo, they didn't follow through, they gave a speech in prague about nuclear weapons and they retreated from all the things they promised in that speech. so it's been a problem in political terms but also a problem of really pushing ahead with what they wanted to do. they were in that first year or two a little insecure. >> what surprised you most about the way the president conducts foreign policy from your reporting? >> first that it really is him. there's no one strategist under him. i think tom donellen does some of that but it's mostly obama. so that really has surprised me.
10:41 am
they are very different from the bush team. >> fascinating detail. thank you very much. good to see you. up next, growing up gay in america. the results of a groundbreaking study on being young and lgbt. stay with us. and everyone likes 50% more cash -- well, except her. no! but, i'm about to change that. ♪ every little baby wants 50% more cash... ♪ phhht! fine, you try. [ strings breaking, wood splintering ] ha ha. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. ♪ what's in your wallet? ♪ what's in your...your... ...more talk on social security... ...but washington isn't talking to the american people. [ female announcer ] when it comes to the future of medicare and social security, you've earned the right to know. ♪ what does it mean for you and your family? [ female announcer ] you've earned the facts. ♪ washington may not like straight talk, but i do.
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with weight watchers, telling you to believe in that voice. [ female announcer ] join now for $1. hurry, offer ends june 23rd. weight watchers. believe. because it works. coming up on "news nation" we have breaking news. the defense has started to present its case in the jerry sandusky trial. this as the jury asks to hear a portion of sandusky's interview with bob costas that never aired on television. we will play that clip for you. plus, how the defense plans to explain what they call sandusky's personality disorder. we'll also have details on president obama's meeting with russian president vladimir putin over syria. mitt romney's bus tour hits iowa. will he try to clean up his nonanswer on whether he would repeal the president's new immigration policy? the numbers are in and lgbt
10:45 am
teens in the country described a life of discrimination and hardship. it is heartbreaking. according to this survey by the human rights campaign, more than half of lgbt youth have been verbally harassed, one-third of them say their families are not accepting of them, and 92% say they hear negative messages about themselves with 60% saying they hear it from elected officials. chad griffin is the new president of the human rights campaign and an old friend of ours from the clinton years. great to see you back in washington. >> thank you. great to be here. >> tell me about the survey. you've been on the road, talking to young people, men and women who are caught in these negative responses, and so much has changed in the country and we've got the president now endorsing gay marriage, but there still is so much negative feedback. >> yeah. there's no question. this was a survey of over 10,000 lgbt young people across this country in every single state, and what it shows is that over
10:46 am
50% of our youth are bullied and harassed at school. many of them at home. a majority aren't comfortable being open as to who they are in front of their parents. and there are real life consequences to that kind of discrimination. when we were growing up, our teachers, our principals, those are the people who were supposed to protect us and look out for us, and in too many cases, they're not. you mentioned the numbers as it relates to our elected officials. over 60% of our lgbt young people hear negative messages from their elected officials. their mayors, senators, members of congress, the people who should be their mentors that they look up to. >> is there any way looking at the survey, is this more in small towns, is it in rural america, or is it widespread? >> it's really widespread across the country. you can certainly look at the data and it's worse in more rural areas. i was recently last week in utah and in arkansas. the numbers there compared to the national average are certainly worse. but it really is across the board.
10:47 am
it also shows that compared to their lgbt teenagers compared to their straight peers, their worries are completely different. straight young person in junior high or high school is worried about their test scores, graduating from high school, getting into college. the top concerns and stresses of an lgbt young person, being bullied at school, not being accepted at home, not being accepted in their places of worship. quite a contrast. >> so we have no idea how this affects them not only emotionally but their ability to compete, to get through their test scores and apply to colleges. it affects them at every step of the way. >> there is no question. and it's both at school and at home and the achurch and on the streets. so it's not just laws we have to change, it's we have to really increase the dialogue with parents and with our religious leaders and with community leaders because the impacts really in some cases can be tragic, the stresses this puts on our young people. >> chad, you mentioned going to arkansas and we first met in
10:48 am
arkansas when you were with the clinton team in '92. you grew up in hope, arkansas. so you know this firsthand what it's like to be in a small town and be closeted. >> indeed. i went to high school in arkansas, had the privilege of just visiting arkadelphia last week on my first day on the job where i was greeted by community leaders and school leaders and it was really heartening to see so much support there. i know what it's like to feel isolated and to fear acknowledging who you are to your friends and your family. i'm very lucky now that i have a supportive friend group, an amazing family, but too many young people don't across this country. it's those youth that motivate me and motivate all of us at human rights campaign. our goal should be to improve the lives of those young people. they are our future. >> well, you do it every day and we are so happy to see you. you're the new head of the human rights campaign and lots of luck. >> it's a real pleasure to be here. thank you, andrea. >> see you soon, i hope.
10:49 am
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which political stories will make headlines in the next 24 hours? hey, chris. we're talking about mitt romney and apparently he was very playful on the bus when "rock center" with brian williams was shooting a profile of his body man, garret -- this is what happened. >> playing a little prank on the press while they're off their bus. >> love it. >> you guys have it way too soft in here. i erased your hard drive. >> garret jackson is the guy who
10:53 am
makes it all happen and we're following him around on the bus. mitt romney is showing a more informal side of himself. >> yeah. look, we've always heard from his sons, the five of them, that he does have a sense of humor. we know that he does tend to like pranks and practical jokes and those things. he does not let it out all that much. he tends to look a little kind of stiff and buttoned up. but his sons including his oldest sontag has told me the guy is actually funny. there you go. mitt romney actually funny breaking news, msnbc. >> and the other big news from the romney camp is on the lighter side the romney horse going to the olympics going for the gold? >> that's right. ann romney's horse. >> mitt romney talking about the fact that ann romney's horse is actually qualified for the olympics. >> she along with two other people purchased a horse and have trained it up and it's done so well that the trainer and
10:54 am
that horse are going on to represent the united states in the olympics. just the sport of dressage. not many people are familiar with it but something for which she has a passion. i joke i'll have to send her to betty ford for addiction to horses. >> of course on the serious side that horse and all of her horsemanship came out of her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. >> that's right. >> it proved to be very good therapy for everything she -- we also noticed that she had a foam finger and all of her colleagues there when they won in the competition. take that, colbert. >> you know, the -- >> the working guy's sport. >> mitt romney rightly points out it's not a sport a lot of people are familiar with. dressage is not, you know, the sport of the average person on the street in america but i would say i think any time ann romney is put forward is a good thing for mitt romney. the hardest thing for him to sell is that he is kind of your
10:55 am
average guy. i think the more she's out there the better for him. she rounds him out. she talks about what a good husband he is, what a good father he is. she talks much more easily about their personal life certainly than he does, so, you know, i actually think it's a good thing. i'm not saying they put the horse out there on purpose but i think it winds up being a good thing for voters trying to get to know mitt romney. >> of course we'll see more of that when we cover the london olympics. thank you very much. that does it for today, monday's edition of "andrea mitchell reports." tomorrow on the show former state department spokesman p.j. krouy, congressman elijah cummings plus "new york times" columnist gail collins about her new book on the role texas plays in american politics. follow the show online and at twitter. hi, tamron. >> great to see you. in our next hour we have breaking news. the defense has started to present its case in jerry sandusky's trial as the jury asks for a portion of the interview he did with bob
10:56 am
costas. this portion never aired on television. we've got that clip to play for you. plus how the defense plans to explain what they call sandusky's personality disorder. we'll also have new details on president obama's meeting with russian president vladimir putin regarding the situation, the crazies in -- the crisis in syria. we'll find out if mitt romney will try to clean up the not answer on whether he would repeal the president's new immigration policy. how does this thing work? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! woo-hoo!!! so that's ten security gators, right? put them on my spark card! why settle for less? testing hot tar... great businesses deserve the most rewards! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? here's your invoice.
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i'm tamron hall. the news nation is following big breaking news in the child sexual abuse trial of jerry sandusky. his attorneys are right now in court presenting his defense. they are expected to bring up a psychiatric condition to explain parts of his behavior with young boys. this morning the prosecution


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