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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  June 18, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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against sandusky before calling its last witness, the mother of accuser identified as number seven. prosecutors may try to use previously unaired portions of an nbc interview with sandusky last november conducted by bob costas for rock center. on friday a prosecutor from the pennsylvania attorney general's office offered a full, unedited transcript of the interview and nbc agreed. the interview includes the exchange between costsas and sandusky who claimed he worked with many young people who never misinterpreted his behavior or actions. >> so it's entirely possible that you could have helped young boy a in some way that was not objectionable while horribly taking advantage of young boy b, c, d, and e. isn't that possible? >> well, you might think that. i don't know. in terms of my relationship with so many, many young people i
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would guess that there are many young people who would come forward, many more young people who would come forward and say that my methods and what i have done for them made a very positive impact on their life. and i didn't go around seeking out every young person for sexual needs that i've helped. there are many that i didn't have. i hardly had any contact with who i have helped and many, many ways. >> now, neither the clip nor the full transcript had been used by the prosecution so far. so what has happened today? let's go to michael isakoff standing by with more. what's the update? >> reporter: the update, tamron, is this case is moving along more rapidly than any of us anticipated. the judge just said we're adjourned for the rest of the day but that the defense will rest by noon on wednesday and
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then there will be some rebuttal from the prosecution. there may be wednesday afternoon. closing arguments on thursday. this case may go to the jury as quickly as thursday afternoon. now, the big unanswered question, will jerry sandusky take the stand? the defense had clearly indicated that, signaled that last week, but it is up in the air right now. no hint one way or the other whether he'll go through with that. obviously as in that clip you just played there is a lot of material that the prosecution will be able to cross examine him with. >> as we pointed out the mother of one of the alleged victims really was the final prosecution witness or one of the very last and then we started to hear from a former coach who worked with sandusky, almost character witnesses, at least from the start, michael. these first witnesses from the defense certainly do not match the emotion and the intensity that we saw from the prosecution's first witness and down to this last alleged
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victim. >> absolutely not. they only go so far. the coach and other witnesses have come forward to talk about jerry sandusky's good reputation in the community, his dedication to kids but they don't go to the evidence in this case. that last witness by the prosecution put on this morning, the first mother of any of alleged victims to testify, very powerful. she broke down, sobbed on the witness stand as she described how she -- how her son would complain about going to jerry sandusky's house, yet she made him go in the earlier years. she thought it was good for him and she at one point was asked, do you feel responsible for what happened to your son? she held her hands, wept, and cried, yes i do, a very poignant moment in that courtroom. >> all right. thank you very much, michael. joining me now is psychiatrist
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dr. gayle saltsman from new york cornell presbyterian center. we know part of what we may hear from the defense is that jerry sandusky has this histrionic personality disorder. explain to our audience what that is and how it would even relate to any behavior here. >> personality disorder is a long-standing history of things about your personality. in this case we're talking about someone who is overly dramatic, needs to be the center of attention at all times, who may have some boundary problems and that they act sort of overly involved with people very quickly like hi, nice to meet you, suddenly i think you're very close to me. that's probably what they're thinking when they're bringing this up. >> how would it relate to anything, any of the allegations? >> they're probably going to say these over involved letters that seem too emotional and loving are because he has poor boundaries and he felt over involved with these boys. however, this really doesn't make any sense to be honest because this diagnosis first of
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all would be a life-long pattern with all relationships not just with boys. it wouldn't account for any kind of sexual behavior that's really inappropriate. and this personality disorder does not affect one's ability to know the difference between right and wrong, legal and illegal. it certainly wouldn't account for really crossing the line in the kinds of ways that we've heard. >> have you ever heard of this behavior or disorder being brought up in a child molestation, child sexual abuse case? >> honestly, no. and it seems really far fetched or pretty out there. first of all, this is a diagnosis that is made almost always in women. usually in their adolescent, young adult years. it's very unusual to say something like this about a man and, to be honest, tamron, this is a diagnosis that may be phased out in the next manual because i think there are some real questions about whether this is an appropriate diagnosis to be making. >> let me bring in katherine king the former prosecutor running for attorney general of pennsylvania. thank you for joining us again
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today. as i pointed out with michael isakoff emotional testimony from alleged victims out the gate when we were going, when the prosecution started to present its case against sandusky today as pointed out by michael we're hearing from defense witnesses who are talking about sandusky's good reputation, not the charges that he's facing. >> that's right. that's typical in a defense case. they want to come right out in front of the jury and establish the scenario that this is a very good person and if he is such a good person in the community then he couldn't possibly have committed the crimes that the prosecution is alleging. >> but, again, when you look at the magnitude, the extraordinary magnitude, you've got jurors last week, kathleen, weeping while hearing the testimony from one of the alleged victims here. do you believe that this -- you're a prosecution expert, but you know how to wear both hats here. is it wise to come out this way with people saying, yeah. he's a really good guy. he really cared about kids, and
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not deal with even if they're planning to present this case with this disorder here, not come out with that immediately? >> the way that i see this is the prosecution put on such a strong case and the witnesses were so powerful beginning right to the very end the defense virtually has no defense unless they put jerry sandusky on to say i did not do this, i would never do this, they have no defense. so they have to put somebody up on the witness stand so they'll parade people up there saying that he's a good person leaving in the jury's mind that, well, he is such a good person. maybe he couldn't have done it. but i don't see that that is going to overpower the prosecution's case. the prosecution put in a blockbuster case. >> and the prosecution has asked for this unaired portion of the interview sandusky did with bob costas, this portion where he talked about some kids never misinterpreted his actions. the answer itself would be seen by many as concerning at least
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the way he articulated his relationship with some kid then with other kids. with all of that said here this all could come down to either jerry sandusky taking the stand or his wife dottie. let me first talk to you about the likelihood of the wife taking the stand. does she bring any credibility to this story, to his defense here? >> no, she doesn't. all she brings is sympathy really. all she does is try and humanize her husband, make him sound like he's a good family man, a good father, a good husband. but she wasn't present during any of the alleged crimes so she offers nothing to the defense. >> but let me bring you back in. at least one of the victims says he screamed for help. he believed someone else was in the home possibly the wife. this was happening in overnight sleepovers. there's been no indication she would leave the home and stay with a friend or stay at a hotel. at some point some of these allegations come to more than one person being in the home.
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psychology wise, with spouses of people accused of being child molesters, people accused of sexual assault here, could there be a blind eye for just the sheer trauma of the individual you're sharing your life with? >> absolutely. a hundred percent. in fact, it's often the case that people who are sexual predators are married to someone who basically has employed incredible denial because it's been fairly obvious and they have really used it now because they can't see their spouse in that way. they do turn a blind eye. maybe not even conscious but they don't see what is going on. this idea of him being such a good character, there are plenty of people who appear like good characters in the community and, really, are something very, very different. >> they're allowed to have access to these children -- >> historically we've seen plenty of these people. >> people of trust. >> i have to ask you the odds of jerry sandusky, i can't go back
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enough to this interview we all watched with bob costas seeing how he handled himself then, many months ago. his attorneys likely have worked with him on what he could say on the stand. with that said and with this alleged histrionic personality disorder would you take the gamble and put him on the stand? >> i would not. i mean, as a prosecutor i would love to see jerry sandusky go on the stand. the prosecution can cross examine him on so many things that he has said and didn't say. for example, in that interview, the unaired portion, he says that he did not go after every child. that doesn't mean he didn't go after any child. and the prosecution can make a damning cross examination, so as a prosecutor i'd love to see him go on the stand. if i was a defense attorney i would never take that chance. he does not do well. he does not -- he's not a good liar. i think that he really exposes himself when he gives these interviews by what he says and by what he doesn't say, by his demeanor, by the way that he
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does not answer the question right away. he hesitates. he repeats the question, looking for the right answer. there are a number of reasons why as a defense attorney i would never put him on the stand. i hope he does testify. >> we will see what his defense puts together to perhaps explain his disorder that they may bring up in this case and his behavior. thank you very much. greatly appreciate it. thank you both. coming up mitt romney's bus tour is in iowa on the heels of what's seen as a bad handling of a question on whether he would overturn president obama's new immigration policy. nbc's first read says if one side accuses the other of playing politics they typically have lost the argument. >> who's playing politics if they -- if obama is that's one thing, but mitt romney playing the same game not answering that question? >> plus in the last few hours the calls that landed george zimmerman and his wife behind bars have been released. we'll have live reports and more on what those phone calls
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developing now mitt romney is about to abandon you might say his campaign bus for a boat on the fourth day of his five-day bus tour through battleground states. romney is in dubuque, iowa where he is about to take a mississippi river tour. but the message of romney's swing state tour has hit a bump in the road you might say. instead of focusing on the economy he has had to respond to president obama's executive order to allow thousands of young, illegal immigrants to stay in this country. as our first read team puts it the announcement clearly put mitt romney on the defensive. in fact, after previously saying he vetoed the dream act in using immigration as a political weapon in the gop primaries
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romney repeatedly declined to say if he would overturn the policy if elected president. >> would you repeal this order if you became president? >> well, let's step back and look at the issue. >> would you repeal this? >> well, it would be overtaken by events if you will by virtue of my putting in place a long-term solution. >> would you leave this in place while you worked out a long-term solution or would you just repeal it? >> we'll look at that setting as we reach that. >> for more on the political fallout from the new immigration policy we're joined by "usa today" columnist and nbc latino contributor raul reyes and associate editor and columnist for "the hill", let me start off with you, all of the clips put together, bob broke it up and asked him periodically through but he kept going back. in its totality how do you explain mitt romney's nonanswer to the question? >> well, as you pointed out the
11:17 am
announcement on friday from president obama was a surprise and really caught the romney campaign off guard. they don't have an answer, mitt romney doesn't have an answer right now. if he was supportive of spor marco rubio's dream act junior version which differs from the president and democrats' version it would be in legislation now. we'd know about it. it is because there is such a division in the republican ranks over this issue senator rubio hasn't been able to come up with a compromise that would bridge this. he did it to help mitt romney. mitt romney as you noted ran hard to the right on this in the primaries calling the arizona a model for the nation he's in a big corner and the way to get out of it he thinks is to say we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. >> so the announcement, i'm with you on the announcement catching them off guard friday. no one knew it was coming down. the topic, however, should never catch anyone off guard. we know there are 11 million people in this country right now many of them children so getting
11:18 am
back to the topic, you've got the announcement friday, you've got friday night to think about it, saturday all day and then you're on this program. you want to be president of the united states. we understand the economy is the number one issue here. but we also know as you pointed out he stood on stage with senator rubio and said he would consider -- he didn't even give it a full let me hear it. he said he would consider it. so back to the way he stam erd through this question here is it the reality that we all know it's playing politics, the same accusation he leveled at the president? he is afraid to say where he stands because he cannot lose a single vote? >> that is right. that's why he kept saying we need to let these people know what their status is and we need a long-term solution so we can know where they stand but he doesn't want to make it clear. he did say they came through no fault of their own but would not give them the support of backing the president's policy at the same time these children who came here from no fault of their
11:19 am
own don't know what their status would be with his long-term solution. we'll get there when we get there and i'll see when i'm president is not an answer you can give about big policy issues. you know he needs to come up with something quickly but clearly he thought when he booked "face the nation" he'd be talking about his bus tour and not the immigration policy from friday. >> that's what he thought. we know you can never plan for these events. raul, it is not just mitt romney here but the republican party. >> right. >> haley barbour takes a different stance than john mccain, who is different from several years ago. but "the hill" reports and we don't know if this is the actual number but they are saying with hispanic voters there is a surge now with support and enthusiasm as a result of this new deportation policy. >> yes. >> we'll see the real numbers come november but already it seems this decision has given the president according to some of the numbers out there a spike with latino voters. >> yes. it's actually quite amazing because over the weekend polling
11:20 am
groups, latino decisions which is considered like the gold standard for polling among hispanics, they did a poll on this issue and they found among hispanics in the key battleground states enthusiasm for obama up 49% and when they presented mitt romney's position on immigration it presented disappointment or negative enthusiasm, 59% down. so you know you have the trajectory going away. >> what is mitt romney's policy on immigration? >> self-deportation in general or don't know yet about the students. you know, looking at this issue you have to think for the obama campaign this is like a one-two punch because he was able to derail the conversation away from the economy, which was great for him. he excited latino voters and now the republicans are on the defensive. they're not quite sure how to deal with it. they don't even have the answer ready yet. >> if they present rubio's dream act alternative which is not even actually drafted there is
11:21 am
legislative language of what the rubio plan would be, if for example there is a longer term solution not this two-year rotation of the deportation policy from the president is there still an opening? >> i don't think so. the reason, because marco rubio's proposal which after three months, there's nothing even on paper yet. it's just talked about. it's effective immediately. it is reality. he's making it happen. that is a significant difference. >> a.b., let me play another clip from the interview. we've talked a lot about the immigration but bob also asked governor romney what kind of deductions, what would he eliminate to pay for the tax cuts? he and the republicans have talked so much about. let me play this exchange as well. a.b.? >> which of the deductions are you going to be willing to eliminate? which of the tax credits are you going to be -- when are you going to be able to tell us that? >> we'll go through that process with congress. >> a.b., how -- a.b.?
11:22 am
>> well, it is very difficult to straddle for mitt romney. he does not want to get into a corner on which popular deductions he would eliminate in the tax code. this is a fight that's gone on and on in the congress for years as he knows. the ones that would bring us the most new revenue are the most popular and most difficult to eliminate. so he doesn't want to be specific about this. he said in an interview in the weekly standard two months ago that the very same thing he said to bob. he said, we really, i can't get specific right now because then you just, people jump on you and we need to do this when it comes time to write a bill. so he is unwilling at this point to be specific. he has a 59-point economic plan i will point out and he has gone on to embrace medicare reform that paul ryan has authored that's very controversial. when it comes to actually balancing the books and coming up with which, what are the paths to deficit reduction, what
11:23 am
are the pay fors? he does not want to be specific and he's hoping that as long as he keeps turning it back to a referendum on the economy, that no one will notice and, you know, because he wins the argument on the referendum on the economy and that's where he's the strongest and that's when he's on offense. when he's on defense about spending cuts and tax extenders and stuff he doesn't want to be specific. >> these questions are not going the way they will continue, raul, and a.b. brings up referendum but our first read team says when he is talking about his plan or, quote, avoiding it he provides the obama folks with choice fodder here. >> when you look at things from the big picture it's amazing. there is no doubt mitt romney is a very smart man but either he just does not do his home work or there is this huge list of things he does not want to talk about. >> we know he does his home work. >> he is walking a fine line on so many issues between the very conservative base and the reality so at some point he has to take a proactive stance on all of these different issues. >> thank you.
11:24 am
a.b., always a pleasure having you join us. we'll see you probably tomorrow. >> thanks a lot. coming up a high stakes meeting over syria between president obama and russian president vladimir putin at the g20. we'll get a live report from mexico. chuck todd will join us as the president makes his final scheduled international trip before the elections in november. plus, $100 million. that's how much sheldon adelson is reportedly ready to give the gop and governor romney in an effort to win the white house. but beyond winning the white house what does he want? so you brushed with colgate total and you didn't. let's compare. germ party! eww! now the colgate total mouth. nice! [ female announcer ] colgate total fights 90% more plaque germs. i'm in. [ female announcer ] colgate total. less germs. healthier mouth. [ female announcer ] colgate total. an intense burning sensation i woke up with this horrible rash on my right side. like somebody had set it on fire.
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presidential election. official results have not been released yet and the former general running against morsi says his data shows he is the winner. the military council says it will honor its promise to hand over power by the end of this month. wall street breathing a sigh or temporary sigh of relief after the elections in greece but the vote may be a band-aid on a larger problem as today we wake up to wall street worried again. but this time michele obama makes a daytime television appearance and sheds light on an old photograph of her and the president. just one thing we thought you should know. >> it was one of the times when we traveled together and we were, you know, didn't have any money. >> and be sure to check out our news nation tumbler page and find updated pictures on our page including i got a new bicycle this weekend. that should be there. why isn't that picture up? let you see my new whip. ♪ 99 bushels of wheat on the farm...99 bushels of wheat! ♪
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some developing news in right now. president obama still holding that high stakes meeting with russian president vladimir putin. that meeting is now entering its second hour. it's taking place on the sidelines at the g20 summit that's taking place in new mexico today. the aim is to bridge differences and ease tensions that have developed between the u.s. and russia regarding syria. joining me live now from the summit site in los cabos, mexico, political director chuck todd. i heard you had very interesting insight earlier in a live report regarding putin's ego and how he might be appealed to make some movement here as so many continue to lose their lives in syria. >> reporter: well, i think the fact first of all just simply that is close to two hours, we were told if everything they wanted to deal with went as well and as productive as possible
11:33 am
then two hours was the likely amount of time that this would take and of course right after this the president then moves into another meeting with german chancellor angela merkel and it shows you how much important stuff is taking place on the sidelines. the g20 really hadn't started yet. when it comes to syria the goal here is to get the russians and putin to agree and to make him realize that he gambles losing any foothold in the middle east if he somehow puts all of his -- all of his chips behind assad and assad ends up losing in a protracted civil war, gets more of the western powers in, to militarily help if you will the opposition and then all of a sudden russia has no influence on a new syria so what they're trying to do is say hey. this is your opportunity to keep influence, get assad out, maybe the assad regime in some form stays in power. you get to keep your influence in syria, and you help the world solve a humanitarian crisis.
11:34 am
therefore you prove your worth. you want to be treated as one of the super powers of the world? well then act like one. we'll see if sort of playing to putin's ego helps. >> that is interesting in a speech just a short time ago, chuck, senator john mccain was in washington and he said, quote, russia is unlikely to ever support a policy of regime change in syria. the administration's approach is being over taken by events. those are comments from john mccain at the speech in washington, chuck. >> he wasn't -- i heard those and read his speech before he delivered it as well. it's clear he is signaling he is actually calling for a no fly zone in syria without calling it that. what he would like to see is to figure out what the safe havens are. use u.s. aircraft if necessary, air power if necessary, to patrol those sections where they think the opposition has created these safe havens in syria and then create an equal military
11:35 am
playing field and he's arguing only then will assad come to the -- or even putin come to the table to negotiate so he seems to be already dismissing any efforts that might be made here. >> all right, chuck. thank you very much. a live report. we'll see how long this high stakes meeting as it's been called goes on there. and today's first read team speaking of chuck's team says one of the biggest stories this election season could be of course what we've talked about a lot that massive money from outside groups pouring into the races. in fact, this weekend the huffington post reporter sheldon adelson the casino mogul who has been helping with newt gingrich's campaign had this to say on a check writing spree that will soon bring his total political contributions in this election cycle to at least $71 million. according to sources familiar with his spending. that money is spread across the spectrum of gop super pacs which are required to disclose donors and nonprofits which are not. joining me live mark murray, nbc senior political editor.
11:36 am
i've heard 71 million. there is one report of a hundred million dollars. nevertheless, millions coming from sheldon adelson. we know he wants mitt romney to win the white house. we know he'd like to see, you know, congress controlled by republicans. what else do we know is fueling his ability to open up that wallet and give so much money? >> the biggest motivator is him, just the fact of being able to defeat president obama. but on top of that, he is a very big hawk when it comes to israel, believes that the obama administration's policies have not worked, and he actually backed newt gingrich as you know very well, well before mitt romney. in fact, he put $15 million into that newt gingrich super pac that -- winning our future which allowed newt gingrich to keep on his presidential contest well after he finished in the fourth place finish in iowa. most recently we found out he gave a $10 million to the mitt
11:37 am
romney pro super pac restore our future and then comes reporting that he is going to give money to all these other gop leaning super pacs and outside groups as well. >> let me play what mike allen from the politico website said today. there's been a comparison, mark, between george soros the liberal donor of the democrats and they're comparing sheldon adelson to him. >> conservatives had a lot of fun going after george soros the big democratic liberal donor and made him sort of the bogey man, someone they could rile up their supporters with. now the obama campaign is doing it with the casino owner and surprising because it is one of those names you don't normally hear. they want to make sheldon adelson as famous among liberals as george soros was among conservatives. >> do you see that to be the strategy, mark? >> well, you know, what i've seen actually from the obama campaign as well as democratic
11:38 am
groups, they've actually made the koch brothers who had this group americans for prosperity and others higher profile than sheldon adelson. >> right. >> right now. but, you know, it is something where people want in this era, where the names can be transparent, people want folks to know who's giving money, who's writing big campaign checks, things like that. and so it is something that will come on. i will say on the george soros he so far from a lot of the numbers i've seen has pretty much stayed out of the presidential cycle so far and eight out of the nine biggest super pac donors right now, tamron, are republican conservative ones not on the democratic side. you really see the tilt on the outside money right now swaying on the republican side. >> all right. mark murray, thank you for your time. i greatly appreciate it. >> thanks. >> also another developing story the outcome of the elections in greece created only a brief sigh of relief today on wall street. right now the markets are slightly higher the dow up one point mainly because of new concerns about the debt problems
11:39 am
in spain and elsewhere in europe. cnbc's bertha coombs joins us live now. as i mentioned, everyone is talking about going into the weekend, what would happen in greece, and the way that the world really wanted it but now the bouncing ball of stress and worry has gone to spain and italy. >> yeah. for investors a lot of it is very much what have you done for me lately. certainly the markets relieved that greece's pro bailout new democracy party came out on top in the election there. the leftist party had vowed to undo the austerity measures that had been demanded by the european commission, european central bank, and the international monetary fund as part of that big $170 billion euro bailout package. but that new greek government still has to form a coalition to get a majority in parliament and they're going to face a lot of big issues ahead. so it's not going to be an easy fix. germany, which is a big part of the european commission, the
11:40 am
biggest economy, angela merkel the chancellor, says there aren't going to be any changes in the understanding, the new government is going to have to fulfill its commitments quickly. the worries with spain? well, spain is a much bigger economy and the countries that cost today are soaring to an all time high above 7%. that drove greece and italy and portugal before them to bailout. spain's debt ratio is about half that of greece but with the much bigger economy the big problem there is they had a housing boom just like we did that went bust. they now have 25% unemployment after a lot of austerity measures putting big strain on their banks. the latest data show that spanish banks saw more than 8.7% of mortgage loans delinquent more than 90 days in april, tamron, so a lot of people can't work, they can't pay their loans. it's putting a lot of stress on the banks and that is putting a big strain on the spanish economy. big test tomorrow because the spanish government is going to need to raise some debt tomorrow. we'll see how the markets respond. >> okay.
11:41 am
what is the anticipation on how the markets will respond? by the way i recently read and maybe saw the wrong number here that the unemployment rate in spain was somewhere around 25%? >> exactly. it's about 25%. greece's is just a tad lower than that so that's part of the problem. you have a lot of people who can't pay their mortgages, those banks are saddled with huge amounts of -- the government already had to step in and shore up the biggest savings & loan already so that is partly government owned. tomorrow we'll see -- one of the things about spain is they have a lower debt ratio than they do in greece where it's like 150%. in spain it's about 79%. so they have a bit more room. they don't have to raise as much debt as frequently as countries like greece and italy but tomorrow will be a big test to see just how high an interest rate they will have to pay and investors will demand in order to buy their debt. >> every day it seems now there is a big test daily. thank you very much. greatly appreciate it. thank you. for the first time we are
11:42 am
hearing the phone calls. george zimmerman made to his wife that landed them both behind bars. >> hey, how are you? >> i'm great. how are you? >> we're going to play more of the calls and get a live report from florida and why those calls again landed both of those people behind bars. but first, there is a lot going on today. here are some things we just thought you should know. first lady michele obama appeared today on "live with kelly" where she explained the story behind a vintage photograph of her and the president she posted on twitter recently. she said the picture was taken during a trip to kenya in 1992 to visit her future husband's family. >> he was just getting to know his family back then, too. it was a very powerful trip and, you know, it was one of the times when we traveled together and we were, you know, we didn't have any money so we were sleeping on floors and, you know, we were traveling hard. >> the first lady also discussed
11:43 am
giving her daughters a sense of normalcy and talked about her new book on gardening. and the author of "the vagina monologues" will join michigan lawmakers tonight for a reading of her award winning play on the steps of the michigan state capitol as part of the response to state democratic representative lisa brown being banned from speaking on the floor of the state house after a remark she made last wednesday. it came during a heated debate on a bill putting new restrictions on abortion providers. >> finally, mr. speaker, i'm flattered that you're all so interested in my vagina but no means no. >> representative brown will take part in tonight's reading of "the vagina monologues." the bill she opposed passed last weekend. we learned the horse owned by the romneys will make a trip to london for the olympics. >> she along with two other people purchased a horse and have trained it up and it's done so well that the trainer and
11:44 am
that horse are going on to represent the united states in the olympics. the sport of dressage. not many people are familiar with it but something for which she has a passion. i joked i may have to send her to betty ford for addiction to horses -- >> ann romney tweeted it's great to be part of the olympics again and those are the things we just thought you should know. ♪ the one and only, cheerios this message. back from the worst economic depression. almost 4.3 million new jobs we're still not creating them president's jobs plan firefighters, police officers, work. right now. wealthiest americans congress refuses to act. tell congress we can't wait.
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11:48 am
the case against george zimmerman. just a short time ago the state of florida released several jail house calls between zimmerman and his wife. the calls were made shortly before zimmerman was released on $150,000 bond. prosecutors say the calls showed zimmerman and his wife tried to hide money from authorities before bond was set. nbc news' kerry sanders is standing by with details for us. kerry, as i understand it these calls have been released, several of them. you've been able to listen to a few. what can you tell me? >> well, there are six calls that were released. there are actually 151 calls that exist but the defense attorney filed a motion saying that he thought some of those calls should not be released. in fact the majority should not be released because they were personal in nature. these are the transcripts from some of them. you can see a little highlighting on some of them. they reveal quite a bit and at the same time they reveal very little in part because, well, sometimes all you're picking up here is the love of a wife, that is shelly zimmerman, talking to
11:49 am
her jailed husband george zimmerman. you can get the sense of their relationship by hearing their voices talking back and forth and this situation that he finds himself in because of course he is charged with second-degree murder. at the time of this conversation now he is in jail. she is calling from, well, two different locations, either at home or at a credit union. at the time of these conversations he has yet to actually go to bond court and ask for bond. as you noted he eventually got a $150,000 bond but the judge brought him back when he found out he didn't reveal. he had more than $135,000 in a pay pal account. let's listen to a portion of the conversation which sort of reveals a little bit of their relationship. >> i wish you were here of course. >> i will be. >> i know you will be. i know it. like i visualize you walking through that door. >> i will be. >> i know you will be.
11:50 am
>> now in one of the other calls we hear shelly zimmerman tell george he is getting a tremendous amount of support. this is at the same time when there were tens of thousands of people on the streets protesting, saying that george zimmerman should have been arrested protesting in support of victim trayvon martin. he is the young teenager who was shot and killed in the night that evening back in february. there's also in here conversation where prosecutors say they're talking in coded language, where shelly zimmerman is talking about $9 and george zimmerman is responding about $10. well, prosecutors say that was a very rudimentary code language for $9,000, $10,000 in terms of moving the money out of the pay pal account and shifting it around. at the end here i think one thing i found most interesting is that shelly zimmerman telling her husband that she should realize that her attorney mark o'mayra is working vigorously on
11:51 am
his behalf and that if he senses that mark o'mara at times has a different persona, that's because he is putting on that persona but she feels a hundred percent that what he is doing is in george zimmerman's best interests. she was saying that in light of saying she did not feel with his previous attorneys they were getting the kind of support that they needed. tamron? >> okay. kerry sanders, thank you very much. next up, our news station got checked, probably this story will get a lot of opinions. adidas is sparking outrage with the newest shoe. it hasn't been released yet but it hasn't stopped people from being upset. the shoes come with an orange shackle attached. there are some critics out there including one well known professor who says these shackles are reminiscent of slavery. what do you think of the shoe? it's our gut check. plus restoring rinse. it's the only rinse that makes your teeth two shades whiter and two times stronger. ♪
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gut check.
11:55 am
adidas is defending its new speaker after being accused of promoting slavery. take a look for yourself. this is the sneaker. it's js roundhouse, coming out in august sometime. the sneakers feature bright orange shackles and that's supposed to go around your ankle. adidas posted a picture of the new shoe june 14th and since then it has prompted more than 2,000 comments on facebook many people saying the sneakers are racist, offensive. in fact, dr. watkins, a professor at syracuse university, wrote on the website, your black world, quote, shackles, the stuff that our ancestors wore for 400 years while experiencing the most horrific atrocities imaginable? i am offended by these shoes. there is nothing funny about the prison industrial complex which is the most genocidal thing to happen to the black family since slavery, itself. in a statement to msnbc adidas said, quote, the design of the js roundhouse mid is nothing more than the designer jeremy scott's outrageous and unique take on fashion and has nothing to do with slavery.
11:56 am
what does your gut tell you? are these sneakers offensive? go to nation to cast your vote. that does it for this edition of "news nation." i'm tamron hall. i look forward to coming to work tomorrow because i can't wait to see what you say about those sneakers. i like comg just one. martin bashir is up next. ...the united states would be on that list. in 25th place. let's raise academic standards across the nation. let's get back to the head of the class. let's solve this. just $14.99. start with soup, salad and cheddar bay biscuits then choose one of 7 entrees
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