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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  June 19, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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visit today. the news nation is following breaking news in the jerry sandusky sex abuse trial. his wife, dottie expected to take the stand any moment. she was spotted going into the court hit-or-miss a few hours ago. it is the first time back at the courthouse since the first day of this trial when the judge ordered all potential witnesses to leave the courtroom. meantime, the defense called two of the lead investigators to the stand after playing a tape of an interview between one of them and one of the accusers. the defense is suggesting police influenced accusers by sharing details of other cases during the interviews. nbc's michael isikoff joins us, and all eyes are on whether dottie sandusky will take the stand here soon.
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>> that's right. as you mentioned, dottie was seen entering the courthouse today, so the expectation is that she will likely take the stand this afternoon. right now as we speak the defense is just calling a psychologist who is apparently going to be the one who testifies about the -- that history on a personality disorder that the defense claims sandusky has and explains some of the overly affectionate letters that he has written to some of the alleged victims that was introduced as evidence. i should point out, tamara, that in this morning's session the defense did score some points with these two police investigators tripping them up on their testimony about whether they had influenced the -- one of the alleged victims by telling them what other witnesses had said in the case. when one of those police investigators, joseph, took the stand initially, he was asked did you ever tell any of the
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alleged victims what the other victims were saying, and he said no, he did not. then they played a tape of his interview with victim number four. one of the key witnesses in this case in which he clearly can be heard saying, leiter can, you know, we've talked to other witnesses, and we've talked to nine of them. they all tell us a story of how sandusky goes from touching and feeling to committing oral sex and even acts of rape. that was a contradiction. it was -- it did score some points for the defense. now, the comeback to that from leiter is that victim number four was very reluctant to testify. he didn't want to give details, and this was a way of drawing him out and getting him to tell the truth. >> all right. michael, live for us in bellfont. on the way to court today, sandusky's attorney, joe amandola told reporters to stay tuned when they asked if sandusky will take the stand.
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he then compared this case to a television trauma. >> have you to wait and see. >> it's "days of our lives?" >> i think it's general hospital. actually, could be "all my children." >> we'll have much more on the case coming up, but you heard those unusual remarks. "all my children" is what the attorney compared this case to. a high-powered showdown is about to take place on capitol hill. attorney general eric holder is set to meet with congressman darrell isa in just two hours from now. 5:00 eastern time. isa has scheduled a vote tomorrow on whether the attorney general will be found in contempt of congress over documents relating to the fast and furious program. democratic congressman elijah coming will also sit in on this big meeting. he spoke with andrea mitchell just moments ago. >> i think that if they really want to resolve this issue and get it over with, i think it can be easily done.
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i think that we really on the one foot line and we just -- the question is whether we're going to fumble the ball before we can get over the line. >> nbc news justice correspondent pete williams. pete, people like to make comparisons. you heard the congressman there make a football or game analogy. some people have said this is a game of chicken between isa and holder. how can we -- at least how do we categorize what will happen in a few hours, or do we even know? >> we don't. i mean, it will be three hours. they'll meet in the capital. it will be chairman isa, who is the head of this investigating committee in the house, the attorney general, and then the ranking democrat from the house committee as well as charles grassley, the senior republican on the senate judiciary committee, and patrick leahy, the chairman, presumably. all of them will sit down and see whether -- it's all really up to issa at this point whether he is satisfied with what the attorney general is preparing to offer because he is the one who would then ask his full committee to vote on whether to hold the attorney general in
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contempt. if the committee does, then it goes to the full house, and then, tam ron, i don't know what happens after that because if the full house votes to find the attorney general in contempt, then the matter is referred, guess what, to the justice department for potential prosecution. now, in the past if the president has asserted executive privilege, then those in washington would decline to do anything. that isn't the case here. usually these things get resolved before it gets to that sort of legal no man's land because the courts generally don't like to referee these disputes between congress and the executive branch. i don't know whether i would say that hopes are high that this meeting will resolve it, so it's just who knows? i mean, it's going to depend on how much the attorney general gives and whether chairman issa finds that to be enough. >> in the letter that the chairman wrote to the attorney general, i know you have the letter as well. it says only the delivery of documents outlined and offered by the department of justice last thursday to staff will be
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sufficient to justify a postponement of wednesday's scheduled vote. that sounds like a clear line in the sand. >> it does, and what the republicans say is they want to know how it was that the justice department reacted when they found out exactly what this gun running, this ill-fated gun running operation called fast and furious exactly -- they want to know what did the senior leaders in the justice department do when they found out what it was really all about. the government has insisted that they've been completely transparent. they also say that they're legally prevented from turning some documents over, although when he appeared before congress in his last hearing, the attorney general suggested that he might be able to find ways to get a little give there that would satisfy the committee. >> all right. pete williams, thank you very much. again, this meeting taking place at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. we'll see what happens. still ahead on "news nation" -- >> are you someone who will be the vice presidential candidate? >> as i have said repeatedly, i won't discuss the vice
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presidential process. >> senator marco rubio responding to the new report that he is not being vetted by the rom my camp as a possible vp pick. there is also now within the last hour a new report from the washington post indicating that a senior advisor with the romney campaign also indicating that rubio is not being seriously vetted. does this have anything to do with this version of the dream? >> it's this or that. you know, i saw it the other day. >> so what types of stories would this senate candidate like to see reporters cover? it's just one of the things we thought you should know. join our conversation on my twitter page. there it is.
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following developing news right now. mitt romney responding to reports. marco rubio is not being vetted to be his vice presidential candidate. romney made the comments in michigan where he is wrapping up his six-day bus tour. governor romney told fox news today, "i kick out of some of the speculation that goes on. i'm not going to dment on the process of course, but i can tell you this. only beth myers and i know who is being vetted." well, earlier rubio repeatedly refused to discuss the topic on cnbc. >> as i have said repeatedly, i
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won't discuss the vice presidential process out of respect for governor romney. i'm not discussing the vice presidential -- >> did you already say that? >> i did. but i'll tell you, look, i don't think there's any -- i have no doubt that i'm qualified to serve in the united states senate. >> do you have a doubt that you're qualified to serve as vice president. >> i have no doubt i'm qualified to serve in the united states senate. that's the job that i have, and that's the job that i'm doing. >> the political panel today, washington post deputy national political editor ann cornblue, and writer jefferson morley. thank you for joining us the first time. ann, i'll start off with you. the washington post now reporting that a romney advisor confirming rubio is not being seriously vetted by the campaign. what else do we know at this hour? >> well, this is something that my colleague shell rutger, who has been covering romney for quite some time has been hearing for a while, which is that romney has got his list of preferred candidates, and they've looked actually at a number of people, including rubio in terms of their public documents, things that would be available to anyone, but when it
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comes to actually asking for some of the private paperwork, financial work, all the really confidential stuff that you would do to get somebody on the short list, that they haven't taken that step with rubio for a number of reasons, but i think primarily what phil rutger has been reporting is that romney has always said he wants someone who is ready to be president on day one. he doesn't come out and say he doesn't want to make the mistakes that john mccain made four years ago in picking sarah palin, but that has been the subtext of this vp search from the outset. >> phil rutger, your colleague, also points out that many of the grassroots conservative activists favor rubio. he has routinely won the vice presidential straw polls, and romney has long said, as you point the out, his top priority is select aing running mate, and finding a partner with experience and wisdom. we've heard from a lot of very vocal and i would say important republicans, ann, who certainly along the many weeks here have favored rubio, a, because obviously he is latino, and as i
11:14 am
pointed out and as your colleague points out, the tea party and some of those tough conservatives who still at this moment are unsure and may very well still back romney, like rubio. >> sure. senator rubio has a huge following, and, look, the republican party is going to -- people in the party are going to weigh in on who they want, and this happens ever four years. there's a whole faction that would like to see chris christie get picked. i think the romney campaign would tell you that it's not a democracy, and he has not been a chief executive for nothing. he knows how to make decisions and hire people. >> let me bring you in, in addition to mitt romney making the decision to hire, it's beth myers who is running this search as well. we heard the governor refer to her in his comments, but our first read team points out, they say jeff, what's going on here? we never believed that rubio was going to be the top guy, but do they want it out there that the gop's highest profile latino is not being vetted or maybe they do in order to lower expectations.
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you wrote about rubio's dream act being dead here. does this play a role in any of this conversation? >> i think it does. i think that the -- releasing this information that he is not being vetted on this day is probably a sign of lack of satisfaction with his proposed dream act and with his idea of moderating the party's stance on immigration, so i think that this announcement is -- shows that the restrictionist camp in the immigration debate probably has the upper hand in romney's inner counsel. >> auz pointed out in your article, rubio told the "wall street journal" that he is abandoning his effort to craft a more moderate republican immigration policy, so, again, connecting the dots here. the president makes this surprise announcement on friday. romney does the interview with cbs on saturday. it airs on sunday. he stamerred and stumbled through the answer. still kind of flat-footed there. is it that they saw no -- i hate to put it this way. s no use for a rubio on the ticket? >> you know, they explored the rubio option.
11:16 am
rubio went around capitol hill, had a lot of meetings with democrats, republicans, and the dream students and was trying to craft a proposal. that got the -- that got the white house worried. when the dream activist students started taking rubio seriously, i think the white house realized that they had to act, and so they preempted rubio. rubio is really probably more responsible than anybody for this new policy, and, yet, he seems to get the short end of the stick. that's politics. >> with one fatal swoop, the president could -- rubio and taking some thunder from mitt romney and the gop if they ever had a plan. ann, let me talk to you about tim pawlenty. he was just on giving an interview. he, of course, also on this list. going after the president pretty strongly regarding the immigration policy. let me play mr. pawlenty. >> it's disappointing that president obama, even though he had a democratic congress for the first two years of administration promised the country and particularly the hispanic community that he would
11:17 am
enact comprehensive immigration reform. he didn't do it when he had the chance, and now at the 11th hour he comes up with this executive border. >> ann, we've been seeing governor pawlenty a lot lately. as you know, my colleague, lawrence o'donnell, thought that pawlenty would have been the pick. he went for him. he had the least strikes against him. when we look at the least strike -- or least struck man here, is he high on the list right now no that we clearly know rubio is out? >> look, there's no question that he would be at least based on what we know about him, a safe pick. i think rob portman is another one who has had a public profile, who has been vetted in the public for quite some time, not huge risk takers, able to stay on the talking points for the most part. what's going to be interesting now, i think, is to see both paul ebty and portman auditioning, continuing to audition, for the role of attack dog because that's, of course, the role that any veep would play. i think you're going to see them be continued surrogates and continue to make those
11:18 am
appearances and showing whether they could be the one to take the lead in that role if they were picked in the next couple of months or around the time of the convention. >> jeff, i know you have your ear to the ground as well here. who are you hearing? we hear a lot, for example, my colleagues on "morning joe" talk about senator portman. that, you know, mitt rom my wants someone who does not upstage him, if you will, an enhancer, but not a sarah palin who comes in and all of the focus immediately goes to her and what she is saying for good and for bad. >> i think sarah palin and joe biden are the models here, and romney is striving for a biden-like pick. somebody who is safe, reassuring, part of the team, and enhances the team, but does not detract from him. i think people like portman and pawlenty possibly play that role. rubio all along was a higher risk proposition both as a junior senator and with some financial problems in his background, so i think they're settling towards the safer optionsed. >> all right. jeff and ann, thank you so much for your time. i greatly appreciate it.
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huge numbers. it seems mitt romney could vie for some of the votes. just in the past few hours we learn thad governor romly will speak at next month's convention for the national association of the advancement of colored people, the naacp. a campaign ad confirmed romney will address the naacp on july 11th. republican senator john mccain spoke at the annual summit when he ran for president in 2008.
11:23 am
relations between the naacp and republicans historically tense after addressing the summit in 2000 fortunatelier president george w. bush declined the group's invitation to speak for five straight years. he did not address the group again until 2006. well see what governor romney has to say to the naacp. coming up on "news nation" -- >> i think the president's announcement on immigration is -- it puts everyone in a difficult position. >> house speaker john boehner today still criticizing the president's new immigration policy, but the first major poll shows the change appears to be an early win with voters. we'll show you those numbers and what independent voters are saying today. plus, fears today that newly elected president of egypt could bring relations with israel to their lowest point in more than 30 years. we'll talk with a news writer about that. plus, more on the obvious and serious rift it could create with the united states.
11:24 am
and we'll hear more from that senate gop candidate who says he is tired of hearing about the problems of poor people in the news. >> i just pray, you know, stop always writing about, oh, the person couldn't get, you know, their food stamps or this or that. you know, i saw something the other day that just, you know -- it's like another sob story. >> so we'll play more of his comments to which he says what he would like to hear from reporters, and be sure to check out our tumbler page. you'll find behind the scenes pictures of the entire news nation family. it's [ male announcer ] this is sheldon, whose long dy setting up the news starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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with scottrader streaming quotes, any way you want. fully customize it for your trading process -- from thought to trade, on every screen. and all in real time. which makes it just like having your own trading floor, right at your fingertips. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. try our easy-to-use scottrader streaming quotes. it's another reason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade. new doubts about the future of egypt, and specific by about what the freshly elected government will look like. right now in tahrir square
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supporters of the muslim brotherhood candidate are rallying to protest what they see as a power grab by the military regime. morrissey and the brotherhood have claimed victory in the country's presidential election, but ahmed, the candidate's favored by the military regime, is also declaring himself the winner, and there is now danger that a tense standoff between the two parties could escalate into violence. the official results of the elections are not set to be released until thursday. meanwhile, some egyptians have expressed doubts about what a muslim brotherhood government would mean for their country. >> for me today egypt about the message for -- that we go back 100 years, 200 years. >> i don't believe there is a good mix between ideas from god and a real democracy. >> it is not just egyptian citizens who are worried about the potential morrissey presidency.
11:29 am
israelis got are the border fear that morrissey will usher in a single change with in its relationship between israel and the united states. dan ef rin has spoken to israeli officials. he joins us live from tel aviv. before we factor in israel here, let me talk to you about the event that is are happening on the ground in egypt right now. there are some who fear that we could see a version of the arab spring and that for many days and weeks this could go on, and escalates to violence. >> there's a standoff between the military and the candidate that the military backed. between them on the one side and the muslim brotherhood party whose candidates appeared to have won the presidential election just ae couple of days ago. the military has signalled that it really means business. it does not intend to hand over at least some authority, some power to the muslim brotherhood, and so that's why we're seeing people going into the streets to try to assert the democracy that they thought that they had
11:30 am
grabbed. they thought they had won 16 months ago during those 18 days of protests. >> in your piece you write about morrissey, and you point out he allegedly likes to say that his views on america's moral decay were formed firsthand during his years in the united states where he studied for his doctorate in engineering in the 1980s. he feels that because he lived in america that he somehow knows about us and feels more justified in making broad, sweeping statements about american society or foreign policy. that is a glimpse at least into perhaps the mind of this man who could be the president there. >> that's right. and he -- unlike some of the other leaders of the muslim brotherhood, he knows american society quite well. he did his ph.d. in california and then he taught there for a few years. in fact, his children have american citizenship, and i think from american officials intuitively, the feeling is that would make him more pragmatic and more understanding of american society, but i think the reality is he is more of a
11:31 am
hardliner within the brotherhood leadership, and doesn't feel very comfortable with americans and his sed is hessor had formed with the decades. >> israel's response to all of this, obviously, your piece you're pointing out that officials there cautious and greatly concerned even after, i believe, just yesterday there was an attack near the border. >> that's right. i think the thing to remember is nothing dramatic will happen between the two countries in the short-term. the concern for israel is the long-term, the coming year or two years. will that peace agreement that has held up for more than 30 years wither away? will morrissey decide to tear up the agreement and what does that mean for the situation that sometimes volatile situation along the border between israel and egypt? >> you point out again in your piece, the aide that the billions being sent from the united states to egypt also a
11:32 am
factor in this. >> in some ways a stabilizing factor. certainly it has been over the years. the united states gives egypt $2 billion or almost $2 billion a year. if it is morrissey, him as well, i think it almost binds egypt to the peace agreement with israel. at least for the time being. certainly to a relationship with the united states. >> again, thank you very much for your live report. we greatly appreciate it. and four days after the president's surprise announcement on immigration, mayor bloomberg's poll shows the president's policy paying off with voters. nearly two-thirds say they support the president's position to make many younger illegal immigrants eligible for work permits. nbc senior political editor mark murray joins us. mark, this is the first major poll sense the announcement. what else have we learned? >> well, tamerron, it is important to know this is just
11:33 am
one poll right now. that it does show that right now this policy does seem to be a little bit of a winner. i would note that the independent numbers backing by a 2-1 margin so you essentially have everyone breaking in favor of this policy, except for the republican base. your conservatives, republicans who won't vote for barack obama in any respect, but i do think that aside from all voters, this is going to have the biggest impact on the latino electorate and whether or not the -- those people will actually go out to the polls right now. public polling shows they back president obama by a 2-1 margin over mitt romney. maybe higher than that. the question is whether these people will turn out in november. >> there was an argument, mark. specifically one on real politics. 10% or more of the electorate and n only seven states, including swing states, colorado, nevada, and florida. that article wondering what real impact latino voters could have
11:34 am
beyond perhaps those three states. >> well, those three states, though, are incredibly important. president obama is able to win florida, and i would argue that's one of his tougher states in 2012. his math 270, is very, very, very easy. if he is able to win in colorado and nevada, and i would actually throw in virginia with a higher than average latino population. again, he can with stand losing in ohio, with losing in florida, and be able to end up winning there, so the latino vote comes in to play in some key battleground states. the ones that we're talking about, the ones that are seeing some of the biggest advertising, and that is in colorado and virginia. >> i've got to ask you about another article out regarding the president's immigration shift. the headline is it provokes gop hostility to romney's peril. basically pointing out that they have not heard a solid line of
11:35 am
thought from members of his own matters. let me just -- i believe we have sound from -- we have a full screen from alan west, congressman alan west. he says i guess i feel dejected because i think that it goes back to what my mother taught me. a man must stnd for something or else he'll fall for anything. still being critical of the new immigration policy. i want to -- >> they're becoming much more difficult for us to work in a bipartisan way to get to a permanent solution. these turn to the politics of division which i don't think the american people are going to accept. >> so congressman west, speaker boehner, are their comments to romney's peril since he has not come back with, again, a solid response yet? >> i think what you are hearing
11:36 am
from the folks like alan west shows you the pickle that mitt romney is in right now and xwr he has tried to avoid a hard position on whether or not he would overturn this as president. people, including the conservative base as represented by alan west, they don't like this at all. they think any type of recognition for any illegal results in amnesty. you have people like john mccain, orrin hatch that fights for comprehensive immigration reform in the past who believe there should be some type of solution to bring these people out. >> i am told i have a little more time, so i'm happy to talk to you. it's like the extended remix. with that said, mark, developing news at the top of the hour, a romney advisor now quoted by the washington post saying that marco rubio not seriously vetted for the vp spot. this comes on the heels of that abc report. you line them all up, and you have it. sounds like when there's smoke there's fire, but he is not on the list. >> well, we have been unable to
11:37 am
confirm independently either what was in the washington post or with abc news as of right now, but one thing that's worth noting, marco rubio is a big, big star in the republican party. he has only been a senator for a year and a half, and i think that some of his star and meteoric rise might not be the best card for mitt romney to play in a election where it looks like it will be a 50-50 contest, and that is that marco rubio -- there might be some issues whether it's vetting or there is personality that didn't make him as easy of a fit as we see, that maybe while a lot of people think that folks like rob portman, the ohio senator or former minnesota governor tim pawlenty seem to be at the top of that list right now. >> there is plenty of hype behind this. he gave a foreign policy speech, which you pointed out. you have the timing of the new book he has, and being upstaged by the president on friday with the change in the deportation rules regarding young people in this country. so it is interesting. there was plenty of hype with
11:38 am
mr. rubio, to say the least. >> well, and that might be one reason why this news is actually starting to get out a little bit right now. it is just a little bit like a conspiracy theory, but one reason that if you really -- if marco rubio weren't being vetted, he would want to get that nauz out now because there is so much hype, so much enthusiasm. i was at that faith and freedom conference on friday, and a lot of my colleagues were interviewing people, and their number one pick was marco rubio, and you go to cpac, and marco rubio is the rock star with the by as, but if you are mitt romney and you realize that maybe i'm going to go with a rob portman or tim pawlenty, bobby jindahl, you need an explanation if rubio isn't the pick. >> mark murray, the extended remix. thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you. the government strikes out again in an effort to prosecute a professional athlete.
11:39 am
our investigations into these sports figures, is it a waste of your taxpayer dollars? we'll take a closer look at the cost. plus, why two top senators are now looking to regulate boxing? and we're getting in this new picture. alec bald been in a violent altercation with a photographer. who was the agles over? who is the victim? what is baldwin tweeted about this incident next. first, there's a lot going on today. >> republican told a reporter that news organizations should focus less on what he calls "sob stories." >> i see a reporter in here. i just pray. you know, stop always writing about, oh, the person couldn't get, you know, their food stamps or this or that.
11:40 am
you know, i saw on something the other day, just, you know, it's like another sob story, and i'm, like, what about what's happening to the country and the country as a whole? that's going to devastate everybody. >> i didn't write the sob story. >> no. >> so campaign spokesperson says he was pointing out that issues like out of control government spending are what really hurts the poor and the press should focus on the root of that problem. three prominent west virginia democrats say they are skipping the democratic nationaling convention this year. senator joe mansion, congressman nick and governor early ray tomlin say they're opting out of the convention in charlotte this september. both mansion and tomlin say they have not decided whether to support the president's re-election. and fitness guru and p90x creator tony horton says he is a fan of speaker of the house john boehner. he exercises with several members of congress. he says speaker boehner looks to be in good shape and that he would like to know what he does
11:41 am
to work out. okay. mitt romney's five sons are scheduled to appear all together on "conan" tomorrow night. they appear frequently at romney campaign events, but this time, first time, they'll all be interviewed together. those are the things that we thought you should know. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing...
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there's another way to help erase litter box odor. purina tidy cats. only tidy cats has new odor erasers... making it easy to keep things at home... just the way you want them. new tidy cats with odor erasers. coming up at the top of the hour, some great news as the mitt romney bus tour comes to its final stop in the land where the trees are just the right height. a meeting between congressman issa and the attorney general coming up. now back to tameron. there is fallout today after baseball star rodder clemens was found not guilty on all six charges in the government's perjury case against him. the questions are now being
11:45 am
raised by why the justice department spent an estimated $2 million to $3 million prosecuting legendary pitcher. the charges stem from testimony clemens gave in february 2008 telling a congressional committee that he never had taken steroids or any performance-enhancing drugs. joining me now on fire about it dave zyron, edge of barry bonds ended up with house arrest, basically. you have the list that goes on and on here. people are wondering what's going on. what's the fascination with lawmakers and these sports stars? what do you think, dave? >> i think it's because the least safe place to be in washington is between a politician and a tv camera. i mean, this is the problem. what's next? investigations about whether or not george clooney is using botox? i mean, these are ridiculous wastes of money. you think about a typical public school. 250 full-time teachers could be hired for a public school for what was spent to try to put roger clemens behind bars for lying about steroids, and i would be against it even if he was convicted. it's not that he got off on the
11:46 am
charges. it's that it doesn't deal with the fundamental issue, which is how do you daily with performance enhancing drugs in baseball 23 the government will have to be out of it. it's going to need to be between the union and the commissioner, and it's going to have to involve blood testing or they're going to have to figure out a way to regulate the use of steroids because medical experts will tell you that the danger, the health dangers with steroids and performance enhancing drugs is not use, but it's abuse. it's having no doctors. it's taking them in bathroom stalls. they need to figure out an actual sane solution that doesn't involve the taxpayers' expense for these show trials. >> and millions of dollars. i mean, lance armstrong, a two-year multi-continent investigation. it was closed without any charges, and at least these three high profile instances, no charge with armstrong, and then two losses by any sport record. that's a bad record many any game.
11:47 am
>> it is just a -- think about it like this too. the conviction rate for the justice department is the 4%. i think that's part of it too is that wave become a society where celebrities have become like these corporations with legs. now, mitt romney calls that his base. corporations with legs. other than that -- sorry. bad joke. other than that, what we're dealing with here is people trying to get famous off of these folks who are in the limelight and have some sort of fame. co-legislation was introduced to create a united states boxing commission. i used to work in the world of bogs boxing. i know the corruption. we all know what's going on there. do we need two lawmakers with all of the issues that are going on right now -- granted, harry reid based in nevada. we get it there. nevertheless, do we need to get involved in this? >> i don't understand how conservatives can think that big government is the source of all
11:48 am
ills, except when it comes to boxing and sur veiling muslims. other than that, we want government completely out of our lives. the big issue with this is i read the legislation. it doesn't sound like either senators mccain or reid have actually talked to any boxers. i talk to boxers all the time, and what they say to me they want is they want a guarantee of health care in boxing contracts. right now there is no guarantee that you will have health care after a boxing match. that's unbelievable to me. >> at least we get one thing out of it. bipartisan support. you have a republican and a democrat there. they can at least get along on one thing, reid and mccain agreeing that there needs to be legislation involved or some kind of oversight with boxing. the larger picture here, at least for a lot of people, dave, is the amount of money that was involved that was put into these prosecutions, but with all of that said, you have congress looking at, for example, concussions with young people, so the counter would be maybe that is a worthier cause to examine. especially with all of the recent stories that have been reported as it rooults relates to kids playing football. >> well, once again, it's like
11:49 am
if government can do things like pressure the nfl to actually pay for a team of independent neurologists to find out some actual medical facts that aren't tainted about concussions and the risk factors of playing football, that's a good thing. when it starts getting pushed to the justice department and trials. like, what if they decide to prosecute roger goodel because saying he withheld evidence. then you are talking about years of legal bills. millions of tlarz during a time where we're supposed to be tightening belts across the line. >> and real quick, your article today was on roger clemens, should he get in the hall of fame? yes or no? >> absolutely. there's an old joke i got to tell you about the person who lives the perfect life -- >> i said real quick. >> yes, he belongs in the hall of fame. 350 wins. there you go. >> barry bonds -- >> absolutely. proved it on the field of play. it was a good -- >> you can finish later. loo it was a good job. >> thank you very much. great pleasure. hot topic. thank you. >> a rutgers student convicted of spying on his roommate is out of jail, and it's a look at
11:50 am
stories around the nation he went free after searching 20 days of a 30-day sentence. in march jurors convicted ravi of bias intimidation. his roommate, tyler clemente tilled himself after days after ravi speed on him in their dorm room while having an encounter with another man. houston police are using a youtube video to hunt for a man who vandalized a picasso at the city's art museum. investigators say the man fled after he spray painted woman in a red arm chair where are. they got to the master peterson before the paint dried. it is now being restored. a lot of you talking about this one. microsoft is looking to cut into apple's ipad market with its own computer tablet. the device is called the surface. it weighs one and a half pounds and comes with a kick stand, and a keyboard that doubles as a cover. pretty cool. we're just getting in new pictures of alec baldwin's alleged violent altercation with a photographer in new york city.
11:51 am
now, this happened only a few hours ago. this is the picture baldwin was going to pick up his marriage license. "the 30 rock" star is captured on camera. you decide for yourself what that looks like. reportedly he was shoving this photographer with the nooshg daily news. afterwards baldwin tweeted a photographer almost hit me in the face with his camera this morning. baldwin -- bald been also tweeted i suppose approximate if the offending paparazzi was wearing a hootedy and i shot him, it would all blow over. baldwin's rep issued a statement that said, in part, "there were no punches thrown, and any subsequent physical contact was simply alec protecting himself. next in our gut check, a new tactic by a credit agency to determine whether you are able to pay your bills. let's just say you better watch who you friend on facebook these days.
11:52 am
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11:55 am
zeemplts at least one credit agency is prowling social media looking for clues as to whether or not you will pay your bills. a german news agency revealed that the country's largest credit agency plans to use information from facebook, twitter, and lnkd in to learn someone's risk to lenders. they plan to extend yu a person's relationship on the sites and how that might affect their ability to pay bills. the company says it is not doing anything that goes against germany's legal framework. one german official says the plan cannot be that facebook friends and preferences lead to one not being able to get a cell phone contract. does your social media say whether you are credit worth yir. go to nation
11:56 am
to cast your vote. we apologize if people are oochbded by the design, and we are drawing our plans to make them available in marketplace. our gut check question is are the sneakers offend? 74% say yes. 26% said no. that does it for this edition of "news nation." by the way, to all you texans, happen june-teenth today. martin bashir is up next. the..♪ are you seein' this? ♪ ♪ uh-huh... uh-huh... uh-huh... ♪ ♪ it kinda makes me miss the days when we ♪ ♪ used to rock the microphone ♪ back when our credit score couldn't get us a micro-loan ♪ ♪ so light it up! ♪ even better than we did before ♪ ♪ yeah prep yourself america we're back for more ♪ ♪ our look is slacker chic and our sound is hardcore ♪ ♪ and we're here to drop a rhyme about free-credit-score ♪
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and i thought "i can't do this, it's just too hard."
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