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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  June 19, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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yeah! >> it's so much fun running for president. you have a lot of chicken here. oh, yeah. chicken and, you know, noodles. >> yes, mitt, but do you really like them? >> what's the best piece of advice on those rope lines that you think you received from anyone? >> stop trying to be like yourself. be someone else. just don't be you. just kidding. >> are you, governor? >> i got it right with biscuits and a cheesy grit. >> i was a severely conservative republican governor. >> when asked if i will preserve a woman's right to choose. my answer is yes. >> i'm want sure what exactly what i said, but i stand by what i said, whatever it was. we begin just as the presumed republican nominee prepares to park the romney bus after wrapping up his six-state tour this afternoon in, where else, but michigan. yes, the place where the trees
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are exactly the right height and it brings to an end five days of glorious pancake flipping, riverboat riding, and the touchtone purchasing of sandwiches wrfsh indeed, embraced in the warm eyes, in his -- romney has been so full of the campaign spirit that he started leaking out the odd truism out there on the trail. this is so much fun. it is fun being here with you. we're doing this together. this is not about me. you're not here because i'm some spectacular speaker. you know better than that. or not here just because the republican party is the answer to all things. you know better than that. . he is getting dangerously close to an honest word there. wait. there's more mosh check out what happened when willard made one of his imprompt your visits to the press corps in the back of air mitt. stoo what's the best piece of advice on those road trips?
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>> don't be yourself. be someone else. >> just don't be you. imagine what it must be like for mitt to have to leave the world of car elevators, dressage events, his much beloved quiet rooms and intur enter into this. >> mitt. where do you get your -- is in a where you get them? >> this is good german food out here. water dropping down from the ceiling. do you see that? it's so hot out here. >> the rest of you -- >> i guess there's a good deal of -- of fish and so forth even in the wintertime. >> god is playing a little prank
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on the press while they're off their bus. >> i erased your hard drives. >> i was really -- i had lost it. i was completely defiling. >> well, it's good thing he is learning to laugh about it. nowadays he has to refer to his personal ballot as his body man. the gross indignity of it all, but he has to hope all the glad handing and the ice cream and the questionable local baked goods are worth it. the latest polls, after all, show president obama leading in, oh, about eight of those crucial swing states. mitt, tell your body man, you're going to need more hand sanitizer. we have a terrific tuesday panel with us, which is already laughing with me here in new york. msnbc contributor joe ann reid, who is the managing editor of -- and msnbc political analyst david corn, washington bureau chief -- the aught o of the best-selling and international brilliant showdown, and ken vogel, chief visit i reporter from the politico newsroom. stop laughing.
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it appears that mitt romney -- >> i'm not laughing. i'm gafawing. >> the heat is beginning to affect the building, and, mitt, he says campaign -- he says he is not a scintillating speaker, and republicans don't have all the answers. explain. what is happening? >> i give him points for honesty. he has been watching your show. finally, the truth is seeping out. the thing is, you know, david axelrod has said this to me and other reporters that a campaign is a giant magnifying glass. it's really hard to hide your true self under the spotlight of doing this again and again and again. particularly when you have a hard schedule like a bus tour and you are going and you have to deal with commoners -- i mean, voters. so you show your -- you show dirch sides of your personality, and i think you see that with mitt. we see he is not really good to talk on his feet. he doesn't engage well with people, and you saw that with the tremendous interview that 34i pal bob schieffer did with him on the weekend where he couldn't answer a simple -- and the only political question on minimum's mind last weekend
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about whether he would undo or whether he supported obama's move on the dream act. i mean, the fact that he didn't have a thought about it to convey, i mean, this stuff eventually adds up to tell us what he is really all about. >> do you believe, joy, that chicken noodle soup was a german delicasy, because that was what he said. >> i think you guys are being really unfair. the gentleman who programmed romney in the 1950s did so before the age of modern computing. therefore, a lot of the modern input just wasn't available to him when the programming took place. i think you are -- >> i think romney has been very busy with his wife's dressage, and there's a lot to do when you are running for president. >> mrs. >> here's the thing, joy. to david's point, he can't answer the question on the president's position in relation to the children of illegal immigrants, 64% support the mov the new bloomberg poll? i mean, independents are favoring it by more than 2-1. >> but republicans still oppose it. that's the other piece in that poll. romney's base is so hard fixed
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into a position against my sort of immigration reform that if he moves even slilgs off of it, his worry is that he won't get the turnout from his own by as. there won't be the passion there. he always has to balance trying to bring in more i understand pents with trying to keep the passion of his base. imagine how the base would erupt if romney were to suddenly come out with something that they considered to be amnesty. >> yes, indeed. et president won 67% of the latino vote in 2008, as you know. the pop laegs is only growing. i mean, what's a mitt romney to do by way of courting a crucial democratic -- demographic, especially in those swing states that we have been looking at. what does he do? >> it's a tough situation for him. there's no doubt. president obama's action on the executive order makes it all the tougher. really put him in a box. there's no desirable course for him to take. he is critical of the president on the process issue suggesting that he would like to see a more permanent approach or is dealing with this problem, but when he was pressed, as you mention, as
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david mentioned by bob schieffer, he couldn't come up with an answer to it, and, in fact, his surrogates in recent days on your airways have been pressed. luke russert did a pretty good job with senator ron johnson yet yesterday morning asking him repeatedly yes or no, do you support this executive order, and he just wouldn't answer it. it just shows how difficult of a situation this is for mitt romney. i'm not really sure there is a whole lot he could do because he did go so far right on this issue and a few other key ones that are really of significance to the republican base. there's not much in the way of returning to the center on them. particularly immigration. some suggest that maybe marco rubio would be a way to appease hispanics, but i'm not sure if that's going to do the trick as much as taking a stand on this particular issue, this executive order of deportation which really highlights the struggles on this issue. >> david, if mitt romney has a problem with hispanics, he also has a bift a problem with african-americans. we've learned that he will be ae addressing the naacp in houston
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next month. why? >> well, some of his best friends are african-american owners of nascar teams. i mean -- >> what is this? >> well, the naacp for years, for decades had a tradition of republicans and democrats coming to speak and to them, and there were some problems with george w. bush for a number of years not showing up and it got kind of testy. i welcome -- i welcome that speech. i want to see what case mitt romney is going to make when he talks about getting rid of -- cutting the budget so thereby fewer head start positions, fewer he lunch start programs. they're not just african-american programs, but african-americans disproportionately lower income. they benefit them more. i want to see them defend that. listen, i hope he takes questions. >> that's impossible. >> what's he going to say? >> i think doing these kinds of addresses, talking to the naacp, it's not about black voters. i think romney -- you immediate
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to understand that they're going to get more than 4% or 50 5% if that because the republicans have created a tone in relation to barack obama that is so offensive even to african-americans who are themselves critical of obama. the birthism, even the nastyness has made it a part, and it's really about swing voters again. it's about appealing to white swing voters and suburban voters by saying i'm not so far right. i am going to talk to it is naacp. will he probably say platitudes about education. >> do you think he will do "who let the dogs out?" >> i think he should try it. ken, isn't it the truth, though, that what the republicans are really going to do with this election, knowing that there's now so little time to change as joy says, the tone, is they're going to suppress the vote. they're going to bombard hispanic communities with negative advertising. we've got individuals states who have already been motioning towards a vote of suppression. that's how they're going to pull this off if they're able to, isn't it? >> i don't see a whole lot of
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movement on voter id or anything like that that is going have an impact that could be implemented between now and the election, but i do see negative ads as a strategy being taken by both sides to suppress the other side's base, and we see it with president obama and the super pacts supporting him, going on the air in colorado, nevada, florida states with big hispanic populations, with spanish language ads that are negative attacks on the other guy, and we're going to continue to see more of that. one quick point on mitt romney sort of loosening up on this bus tour, i actually think that it's something that he has to do, and in certain situations, he is kind of okay when he admits, hey, hey, i'm not the most scintillating speaker. that's not why you are here to see me. it's something charming, endearing about it. it shows us the human side of it. he does have to be careful, though, because in these unscripted situations are where he has been prone to more significant gaffs that are revelatory about who he is.
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>> you know, gore is the brainiac. i'm not a brainiac. i'm a regular type of guy. he was able to sort of pull it off with his beer and sports. i own a baseball team. i'm the okay son of a family that people tend to like. mitt romney still is more of the 1% and of that cultural that makes it harder for him to put off. he has to get better because he can't get much worse. i'm just surprised that after campaigning in 2007 and campaigning for the last two, three years now he still isn't more loose and better at it because almost every candidate in any race from security council to president gets better as a candidate. >> they do generally learn. >> in the case of george w. bush he was running as sort of his own personality. the problem for romney is he is almost incidental for his campaign. he is running to be brand x republican for people who are really coming out to vote because they don't like barack obama. defining himself is almost not relevant to his situation. >> it's almost irrelevant. swaus. you're too good to let go.
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you can see more in a profile thursday night at 10:00 p.m. on rock center. coming up next, did president obama's new immigration stance knock marco rubio out of the vp contention states. stay with us. >> feels weird to deport a valedictorian that have done well in school. try to find a balance there that is important. i want healthy skin for life. [ female announcer ] improve the health of your skin with aveeno daily moisturizing lotion. the natural oatmeal formula
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senator marco rubio is an err present. he is busy hawking his new book, published today, and he has been making appearances during the republican primary, but already there are reports that mr. rubio may have fallen off the short list of candidates to serve as mitt romney's running mate and mr. romney is speaking out.
12:16 pm
>> what did you make of the abc news report this morning that said marco rubio was not being vetted, but governor tim pawlenty was being vetted? any comment on that story? >> i get a kick out of some of the speculation that goes on. i'm not going comment on the process, of course, but i can tell you this. oath beth myers and i know who is being vetted. >> of course, if that's true and only mr. romney and ms. myers know who is being vetted as possible running mates, then won't that person be a little surprised when he or she finally gets the job, and if that person is not marco rubio, what does this say about mitt romney's efforts to win over latino's? we're joined by our panel, joye reid, ken, and david. what are we to make of that statement by mitt romney? does that suggest that rubio is still on the possible running mate list? >> i thought of the great game change, the hbo film, when the guy says i thought you were vetting sarah palin, and he says i thought you were vetting sarah palin. i mean, listen, if they're doing a vetting operation, it's not
12:17 pm
just beth myers. there's a team of lawyers and others who are vetting, and, of course, it's beyond that. a couple -- i think two months ago or so, marco rubio gave this interview of the national review on-line that was fascinating because in it he said i will not be vetted for vice president, which indicated to me he knew something, and there was a reason why he didn't want to be vetted or he knew he wouldn't be vetted. this report is in keeping with that, and i think on the so -- i think the last three days have made it impossible from the ticket now because any question is going to be what is your position of immigration? how come you're closer to barack obama, or at least you used to be, than the guy you want to run with? >> that is a problem. ken, we're still waiting to know what mitt romney's position is on the new immigration policy, and this is causing confusion for the republicans. they're not even now able to respond to questions themselves on this subject. take a listen.
12:18 pm
maybe others behind me will want to address it, but my view is he is the leader of our party from 2340u until november, and we hope beyond, and we're going to wait and see what he has to say about it. >> now, ken, i thought republicans were usually on message, and they have message discipline. what's going on here? >> well, there is no message. again, it's because president obama put them in a box. no, i'm serious. it's a very difficult issue for them to take a position, and they can come right out and say that they're opposed to tshg but then they look like they are, you know, potentially being harsh or even discriminatory towards these children. children of undocumented immigrants who are here through no fault of their own who are very sympathetic groups, or they could say that they're in favor of it and give president obama some points. in fact, many have in the past taken positions that would seem to be syppatico of the executive order. instead, we're hearing a lot of them arguing with it on process, saying that, you know, it's a temporary fix to a permanent
12:19 pm
problem that needs a more concerted effort, a legislative effort, but the fact of the matter is there was no action on this going on in congress, so for speaker boehner who spoke today as well to reporters who say the president's executive order makes it more difficult and makes it less likely to have progress in congress, well, there wasn't going to be any progress, so it's disingenuous that it sort of hinders progress further on this issue. >> we've been talking about strategy, and there are signs at least that some republicans are playing right into the president's hands. take a lisp to this. >> there are long-term serious implications for a president that would overreach and try to rule by iedict. >> i am preparing to file. >> that comes from a man called steve king of iowa, who, as you know, has previously compared immigrants to dogs, so if you are the president and you hear this guy is going to sue you, do you send him a thank you note? >> right. here's the problem. the only people who are going to have the courage to speak about
12:20 pm
this policy are people like steve king. people who are going to say the most wild, outlandish things that are iffing to further offend hispanic voters that are going to deepen the trench that romney can't pull out, and guess what, romney won't stand up to steve king. why? because steve king represents a base that probably, like steve king, more than he likes mitt romney. romney is in a box that is of multiple rooms. he can't get out, approximate to be quickly, rubio would have never gotten him out. rubio was against the dream act. rubio ran as a team partier. he had the same problem. he wouldn't have helped him anyway. >> well, the interesting thing is watching mitch mcconnell there. he is the lead republican senator and the highest legislative body and the greatest democracy in the world, and this is a pressing issue, and he says i'm not going to tell you what i think. i'm not going to take a stand. this guy that's not elect to anything yet, we're going to wait for him to make up his mind. this is leadership in the republican party. he tells us what he thinks.
12:21 pm
mitch mcconnell and the others are just acting like weasles because they're afraid of the politics. >> do you think mitt romney might have been surprised to learn -- leader of the republican party. >> that was not fair to weasle. >> thanks for joining us. david, and ken. next, why democrats -- >> the president was interrupted during the announcement of his new policy. that guy there, that was conservative blogger neil monroe. everyone who was there thought that speech was over, including me. full disclosure, i am a member of the white house press corps. well, technically the white house press corps reserves. one weekend a month. do you see it ?
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before long the party faithful will be flocking to their political convejs. republicans first to tampa, followed soon after by democrats who make for charlotte. the republican legislature if n the koreaingingly red state of north carolina has agreed to suspend a prohibition era blue law that prevents the sale of spirits on holiday, in this case labor day. let's be honest. if things continue as they are, those 35,000 democrats gathered in the tar heel state may be in dire need of a drink. some now fear the president may well lose north carolina, a battleground he carried by the slimmest of margins in 2008. there's bank of america stadium where he will accept the nomination and all that implies about what's wrong with the economy as well as to the state's recent vote to ban gay marriage. pull back the lens, and the president faces a summer of uncertainty on the economy here at home, and in europe.
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the rope lines that you think you have received from somebody? >> stop trying to be like yourself. be someone else. >> new batch of slogans and they're trying them out. >> i'm not a good person. i'm not a good guy. an idea of starring a great hoagie shop. >> i stand by whatever i said whatever it was. >> ps, i erased your hard drives. >> my dad has legendary pranks. >> i remember one time he threw the gardener down a fleet of stairs. the guy survived. maybe he didn't. i don't remember. >> i won't discuss the vice presidential process. >> just don't be you. just kidding. >> it feels weird to deport a valedictorian who has been here since they were 4 years old. >> most people who come here by virtue of their parents bringing them here, that's something i don't want to football with. it's a political matter. >> if the giants triumph by kicking an oblong ball to i big april. >> it's most exi will rating. >> it is the right thing to do.
12:31 pm
>> as wilfred brimley's, why are you stealing from him? >> it's not time for questions, sir. >> you want some oatmeal? >> not while i'm speaking. >> that was conservative blogger neil monroe. >> you've been beaten up pretty badly. >> yes, i mistimed it. i was hoping to get him just at the end, right or wrong, and the president announces amnesty for a million people and turns his back on a million people. >> he is doing what a lot of the people are not doing. how many times has obama been interrupted in the middle of wuch his speeches by someone calling out a compliment? he stops and says thank you. the second someone asks a question, he doesn't like, oh, it's heckling. >> you spent the whole afternoon at starbucks? >> he calls on his favorite reporters, his lap dogs. >> nice shots. >> you have to defend your guy. >> i want to defend my guy. >> that's wrong. i can't do that. >> let's get right to our panel now. joining us jonathan kaypart, an opinion writer for the wash wash post and msnbc contributor. christian bull, a democratic strategist and msnbc
12:32 pm
contributor, and edward wycoff williams, a political analyst and contributor to the root eme ebb by magazine, and the huffington post. good afternoon to all of you. >> hi, martin. >> isn't the esteemed fox bernie goldberg correct when he says of presidential heckler neil monroe, i think he is a jerk. there's actually been some genuine bipartisan agreement on mr. monroe's actions there. >> i would hope so. i mean, no one questions the right of any american, but particularly a journalist asking the president of the united states questions. where neil monroe crossed the line by a mile is by questioning the president before he even finished -- before he even finished speaking, one, and also, yelling out a question where he knew questions wouldn't be -- wouldn't be entertained. >> shut up, jonathan. i'm asking you a question. no, i'm interrupting you. shut up. crystal.
12:33 pm
on fox they were questioning a parallel where reagan had a similar kind of conflict. as i understand it, it actually finished. >> yeah. similar except for one important thing, which is that he had actually finished his statement before the question was lobbed. you know, credit where credit is due. it's good to see some criticism from fox news to monroe. i guess being a jerk is sort of like pornography. it's hard to define, but when you see it, you know it. you know it when you see it. i think that's the case here. i mean, it's always hard to say what's out of line because you do, as a journalist, want to be aggressive, you want to get an answer to the question, but when you see someone just lanely disrespecting the president and not to mention, their fellow journalists who are also there to hear the statement and have their own questions, that clearly crosses the line of lack of professionalism and just plain disrespect. >> so jerk. okay. edward, one aspect that gets scant question, and that's the first question. i'm quoting here. mr. president, why do you favor foreign workers over americans?
12:34 pm
do you agree that what he said is actually much worse than how he said it? >> it's much worse. i'm so glad that you actually quoted him, martin, because particularly as british-born person yourself and i have lived in england for about eight years, i think it's sort of disingenuous and sort of cognitive dissident example here of someone who is irish working in america, but somehow believes that he is more legitimate than a hispanic who comes here as an immigrant, and i think that it speaks to sort of a white supremist ideology, this idea that somehow being white in and of itself is mainstream, and somehow he is more deserving of being in america even though is he foreign-born than the hispanics or asians or africans who come seeking the american dream, and i wish that more people in the mainstream media would call him out on that aspect of what he said. >> indeed. wron jonathan, what strikes me as particularly hip critical about the monroe defense is how sold they are about the candidate for president who goes
12:35 pm
around and refuses to take questions from the press. doesn't that describe mitt romn romney? >> yes, romney seems to be in the witness protection program in these very sort of very controlled settings and whether the back of the plane with very few people or on fox news. his only venture outside of his bubble was with bob schieffer over at "face the nation." yeah, mitt romney, it appears as though he is going to try to run for president without answering any hard substantive questions on a routine, regular basis. not only from the people who travel with him, but also -- and cover him, but from reporters in general. >> sorry. go ahead. >> even when he does take questions too, he won't say where he stands on issues. we have a growing list of issues that he refuses to take a position on. >> why are you surprised by that? he doesn't have any policy. he doesn't have anything. he doesn't know anything. >> it's clear, and the things he has taken a position on, he has
12:36 pm
been everywhere across the board prior. he even when he does sit down for the interview, you don't get any answers. >> john, do you expect to ever have the opportunity to ask mitt romney a question during this presidential campaign? >> certainly. when i hope the governor will come to the washington post for an editorial board endorsement interview where we would all have an opportunity to ask him a question. >> yeah. and he probably won't answer. good luck with that. edward, final question to you. do you think that mitt romney's strategy of only appearing with friendly journalists on one particular network is going to serve him well throughout this campaign? i mean, can he get to the election with never really having been subjected to any kind of independent scrutiny from anybody other than a fox news journalist? >> i don't. i think that the three debates that are set up are going to sort of bring him out because people are going to be asking the tough questions on immigration and health care
12:37 pm
reform in particular, and specifically on this issue that i think a lot of you have been really responsible in addressing, which is how exactly does he believe his private sector experience supports the idea that he knows how to fix this economy. i think a part of this only appearing with friendly journalists on hannity and such, it reminds me of the game changer herself, sarah palin, and we know how this turns out. she wasn't asked tough questions, wasn't vetted correctly, and has now built a media -- a mini media empire on tlc and reality shows and a daughter dancing with the stars and an ex-son-in-law posing in play girl. i think that mitt romney, if he is really going to serve -- if he is going to search his own campaign well, his chances well, he is going to have to stand up and answer the tough questions and do that on a national platform. not just a conservative win. >> to that point, he did sit
12:38 pm
down with a highly respected journalist in the form of bob schieffer. what did you learn from that interview on his position in relation to the immigration announcement that the president made. >> absolutely nothing. >> thank you very much. >> crystal, jonathan, and edward, i appreciate you all. stay with us. much more ahead. >>ure not here because the republican party is everything to all things. you can do better than that. today, we stand against the tyranny of single mile credit cards. battle speech right? may i? [ horse neighs ] for too long, people have settled for single miles. with the capital one venture card, you'll earn double miles on every purchase, every day! [ visigoths cheer ] hawaii, here we come. [ alec ] so sign up today for a venture card at and start earning double.
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12:42 pm
border agent his life. issa said he had not received the documents. congresswoman jan is a democratic from illinois and the chief deputy whip. good afternoon. >> good afternoon, martin. >> mr. sa and other -- they were deup and downing that the attorney general publish all of these documents, but were they cognizant of the fact that if he were to do so, he himself would be in breach of the law because these documents include confidential wiretap applications and confidential details about informants? >> well, that must be why last friday darrell iss adropped those requests and focused on yet another request for a document or for -- and from communications, but really the committee and darrell issa can't seem to take yes for an answer. it appears that even john boehner and eric cantor are not really interested in a contempt vote coming to the floor of the
12:43 pm
house of representatives. >> they were fairly hostile towards the attorney general during his confirmation hearings. what does the attorney general actually have done that has provoked such animosity from republicans, animosity that we saw displayed when he was before the committee. >> well, actually, martin, every representative from the administration that comes -- it's the manager and commerce committee is subjected to the most grueling can and really ridicule about the job that they're doing. >> it's embarrass this they can find, but i think what darrell issa has done is manage to embarrass himself to the point that his leadership don't want to pursue this any further because, you know, it could also blow back the former attorney
12:44 pm
general mccasey, and this is one that program, fast and furious, really started, and the gun walking as they call it of guns across -- really began. >> right. >> just to get your reaction. >> what governor romney has to say on this issue that maybe others behind me want to address it, but my view is he is the leader of our party from now until november, and we're going to wait and see what he has to say about it. >> are we to assume that one of the most senior leaders of the republican party -- >> well, because it's all about the election that they don't have an agenda, and then defeating and that was what mitch mcconnell said early on when asked about his legislative agenda. it was to make barack obama one-term president.
12:45 pm
i just want to say, martin, that i was really disappointed in journalists. didn't you threaten to veto? didn't you say you would veto the dream act? i remember that distinctly, and as far as good journalism goes, it wasn't just the shouting out at the -- in the rose guardern, but how come journalists didn't ask him about that? >> you heard bob schieffer on sunday repeatedly ask mitt romney whether he would support or repeal the president's announcement on friday, and he simply couldn't answer the question. i think that was more of a function of not just the journalist's concern. that was more an absolute and abject failure by the republican nominee. >> no, i completely agree with that, but i would have liked to have heard the question not asked would you repeal it, and, of course, the whole thing was a blah, blah, blah, and i think
12:46 pm
bob schieffer did a good job, but i heard distinctly mitt romney saying and unless the etch-a-sketch has erased it, that he would veto. if the bill passed that he would veto it as president of the united states. i think that this has been xwleelgts botched by the republicans and in every way, and not just the way it was handled, but their position that's not in fare of what the president has done, which is absolutely the right thing to do. >> congresswoman, they don't have a position. that's the problem. >> well, i don't know if they don't have a position. it seems to me in the absence of a position, while millions of americans are waiting to hear, especially the dreamers, the young men and women who now are hitting a brick wall, as they graduate from high school, i think their position is clear. they don't want to act. they're not ready to act. they're not willing to act to save them from the potential of deportation and joblessness. >> well, as we just heard mitch
12:47 pm
mcconnell, he doesn't wish to comment on the subject until mitt romney comments. congresswoman jan of illinois. thank you for commenting on these issues. we appreciate it. >> thank you, martin. next, the president and putin. how cold are things down mexico way? first, amanda why drury has the cnbc market wrap. good afternoon. >> good afternoon to you as well. let's take a look at how stocks are doing right now. we've got a really nice rally on our hands. you have gains to the tune of 113 points for the dow. the s&p is currently up by 14, and the nasdaq gaining 35. as i said, a good rally we're seeing today ahead of tomorrow, which is, of course, big fed day. that is it from cnbc. first in business worldwide. now it's back over to a break. my cut hurt!
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on the second day of their talks at the g-20 summit, the leaders of the world's larnlest economies have agreed that
12:51 pm
spending and not austerity is is the path out of the economic crisis. these nations will unify behind an effort to push job creation through government spending and soon will announce what they call a growth and jobs action plan to back it up. host of "the daily rundown," chuck todd, joins us live from the summit in mexico. this essentially amounts to the nations that took the route that it's been a failure and it's time to change. >> well, i think there are some that are going to look at it that way. i think some of the european nations might argue who are on the austerity side, that the financial crisis in europe overwhelmed any efforts and because of that, they're in this situation now, but the fact of the matter is that is the message that's going to come out of the, of this group, this meeting here, the 20 largest economies. they're going to say, particularly the noneuropean members here, the asian members,
12:52 pm
latin american and northern american countries are going to agree there needs to be a focus on spending. they're going to be careful not to call it that. they're going to not call it stimulus. there's certainly, it's been interesting here. there's a few things you can tell that the president's nervous about how it plays politically in the domestic side of things, so you're not going to see the stimulus and things like that. policies are going to be this this document. balanced approach in dealing with long-term fiscal challenges, so some of the wording is is going to be similar from what we've heard from the president. then one other aspect of this that sort of shows you the politics of the european bailout. for instance in the imf, some countries are going to increase the amount of money they give to the imf in order to help troubled nations. china, saudi arabia in particular. two countries not increasing the
12:53 pm
amount of money, the united states and canada. both of whom are saying there's politically, it doesn't play well this idea that perhaps tax dollars, they're own, will be used to bail out other countries. that is one part of that that is going to be a side bar story, but it tells you the fact of how much domestic politics can play into these things. >> before i let you go and jump in the pool behind you, in every speech he xwgives, mitt romney says president obama is leading us to becoming just like europe and romney embracing the ryan budget plan with all its draconian cuts, so what will he say not that the leaders are saying is what romney has been preventing is wrong? it hasn't worked. 11 european nations are backing recession at this moment. >> i think that that's what's going on the debate is going to
12:54 pm
make it fascinating. there seems to be unless he talks about how revenues will at least be revenue neutral in this plan, which i think is unclear. he's not talking about any specifics in the ryan plan or whether he accepts it. any specifics about where the tax code would change. i think you'll see him feeling that pressure. >> nbc news political director and host of "the daily rundown", go and swim, chuck. thanks so much for joining us. we'll be right back. the medicare debate continues in washington... ...more talk on social security... ...but washington isn't talking to the american people. [ female announcer ] when it comes to the future of medicare and social security, you've earned the right to know. ♪ what does it mean for you and your family? [ female announcer ] you've earned the facts. ♪ washington may not like straight talk, but i do.
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see for yourself. -boooom! -boooom! [ host ] sign up at today and get six free movies. that's the walmart entertainment disc to digital service. there it is ! there it is ! where ? where ? it's getting away ! where is it ? it's gone. we'll find it. any day can be an adventure. that's why we got a subaru. love wherever the road takes you. wow, there it is. it's time to clear the air and notwithstanding the fact that mitt romney has been running for the presidency for roughly the last eight years, it's still proving really difficult to understand his actual position on many of the most important issues of the
12:58 pm
day. it doesn't matter which policy area you choose, mitt is still a mystery. take for example his response to the president's announcement on friday that law-abiding children of illegal immigrants would no longer be subject to deportation. does he agree or will he repeal it? >> we'll stitt back and look at the issue. >> but would you repeal is this. >> we'll look at that setting as we reach that. >> just won't come clean on the issue, but that's par for the course. on the paycheck fairness act, romney has refused to say whether he supports a bill that would crack down on the pay gap between men and women.tains his revise the economy, but won't tell us which deductions he would eliminate in order to off set the massive tax cuts he plans to offer. he won't say if he supports the full reauthorization of the
12:59 pm
violence against women act. he won't tell us if he plans to eliminate the carried interest break. it just goes on and on and on. it is a campaign built on invasion of -- in fact, it's gotten so ludicrous he can't even answer the most bland, softball question that anyone could ever ask him. >> governor, do you have a favorite stop on the stop? >> pardon? >> favorite stop on the tour? >> absolutely no win question to answer cht they're all my favorite. >> thank you so much for watching. dylan, it's all yours. >> pleasure, martin. are you excited for your new time slot? >> yes. i am. >> good. i'd like to see a bit more enthusiasm. >> it's delicate because you won't be there as


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