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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 20, 2012 2:00am-2:30am PDT

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not fought for it, and by fighting for it, you won. best new thing in the world today. many happy returns. and we're going to begin this morning with the brink of death. egypt's imprisoned former leader hosni mubarak has reportedly
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been put on life support. a lawyer for him tells nbc news the ousted dictator is still alive after reports of his death spread on tuesday. the 84-year-old has been moved to a military hospital in cairo where he is said to be in very critical condition. as for mubarak as he fights for his life, protests have erupted in cairo's tahrir square over who will succeed him. mubarak's former prime minister and the muslim brotherhood candidate both claim victory in last weekend's elections, yet it's uncertain if the ruling military council will fully recognize either. the official vote tally is expected tomorrow. as the g-20 summit meeting wrapped up in mexico european leaders could not agree on specifics to fix financial problems in greece and spain. nevertheless, president obama is optimistic europe will find a solution of its own to its economic crisis. nbc's steve handelsman has more from washington. >> reporter: two days at the g-20 summit in mexico left
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president obama convinced, european leaders can solve their economic crisis. >> they understand the stakes, they understand why it's important for them to take bold and decisive action. >> reporter: that could speed the recovery, put more americans to work and help his re-election. >> but that's the not my biggest concern right now. the same concern is that i've had over 3 1/2 years, folks that are out of work or underemployed or unable to pay the bills. >> reporter: mitt romney saying the obama fix is the european fix. more spending to put people to work. a romney adviser called that ignorant. >> i would point out that we have one president at a time and one administration at a time. >> reporter: domestic politics, he said, ought to stop at the water's edge when a u.s. president is overseas. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. presumptive republican
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candidate mitt romney says florida senator marco rubio is being vetted as a possible vice presidential running mate. tuesday, reports the cube ban-american senator from florida was not being checked out and out of the running are false according to romney. he says he can't imagine who are the unnamed advisers quoted in those stories. elsewhere, former penn state football coach jerry sandusky may take the stand today. the judge presiding over the child sex abuse trial says sandusky's defense team is close to wrapping up. yesterday dottie sandusky testified in her husband's defense. brine mooar reports. >> reporter: the liwife of jerr sandusky took the stand to defend charges he abused boys over a decade and a half. she has emerged as key third party witness, perhaps jerry's best hope of an alibi. several accusers say she was nearby when sandusky abused them
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at sleepovers at the family home or on trips. the wife denied there was any inappropriate contact. she never saw or heard anything. earlier, a defense expert said sandusky suffers from an ab secure mental disorder. forensic psychologist elliott atkins says his diagnosis of histrionic personality disorder offers an alternate explanation for what were previously described as creepy love letters to one of his accusers. day two focused as much on knocking down charges as building up sandusky's reputation, but a parade of character witnesses recalling his good deeds. brian mooar, nbc news. first look at other news around america today. in florida an airport camera captured a woman groping a female tsa supervisor as she was trying to dem state what she claimed just happened to her when another tsa agent searched
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her. the tsa claims their agent did nothing wrong. even more strange, the passenger is herself a former tsa agent who then hugged a former co-worker. she is facing misdemeanor battery charges. in texas a robbery wasn't just violent it was savage. police say a man attacked a store clerk, choking and then biting the victim's face. the employee says he thought he was going to die. the robber escaped with cash and is still on the loose. finally to california, where a woman was critically injured after the car she was riding in slammed right upside down in a pool north of san diego. police think the driver was speeding when he lost control on the street out front which sits along a hill known by locals as roller coaster road. he then plowed through a fence before the car finally came to rest in the water. all right. now let's get a check of your steamy forecast with nbc meteorologist bill karins.
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>> say from our steamy weather guy. >> not going to go there. it's too early. you continue with the self-compliments. >> yes. >> i'll let you take care of that. >> thank you very much, lynn. >> you're welcome. as lynn mentioned, everyone is well prepared and well advised heat wave heegds for the northeast. kind of a fitting end to one of our hottest springs ever. we'll see how it ends up in the record books after we're done with today. we officially welcome in summer later on this evening. felt like summer from texas all the way up here to areas around chicago. it's actually been very dry lately, too, and especially areas of the ohio valley through missouri and oklahoma and arkansas. the reason i'm bringing that up, there's a lot of concerns right now for the corn crop out there. the corn crop needs a little bit of rain to, you know, help the process of the germination and right now that hasn't happened. we'll wait and see how that all plays out with the corn prices and food prices later on this summer. as far as the heat in the northeast goes, heat advisories are issues, also heat warnings around philadelphia.
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everywhere in the yellow, up i-95 all the big cities we have heat advisories. right now it's already a warm morning. much warmer than what we dealt with yesterday. we're already at 75 in d.c. and now that the sun is going to start going to work, these temperatures are going to skyrocket during the day today. how hot will it get? predicting 100 for hartford, connecticut, today. i mean this is just a huge shock. we haven't had 90 degree days up in new england. 98 for boston, 96 philadelphia. as we look at the rest kfts untry one more hot day for you in chicago and then thunderstorms in the northern plains, lynn. that will cool everyone off. about a three-day heat wave for the big cities in the northeast. by saturday it's all said and done. >> thanks so much. coming up all eyes on the fed, good news on the housing market, and men setting their ambitions towards staying at home. your "first look" at this morning's business headlines is straight ahead. coming up lebron james on the bench as the heat push the thunder to the brink. you're watching "first look" on msnbc.
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welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry. here are some of the top stories making news this morning. republican congressman darrell issa says he will hold a contempt vote against attorney general holder today. the two couldn't agree on providing documents from a controversial gun smuggling operation known as "operation fast and furious." the. the washington post reports u.s. and israel developed the computer virus nick named flaimds which collected evidence for cyber sabotage aimed at slowing iran's building a nuclear weapon. julian assange is inseeking political asylum to avoid charges to swede. queen elizabeth arrived at the royal ascot horse races by carriage wearing an outfit conforming to a strict new dress code for the royal enclosure. not to worry, throughout the
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rest of the course, there was plenty of wild fascinators and short dresses to be seen. really? all right. now here is your first look at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. remember joe the plumber? now running for congress in ohio as samuel, he's outraged about everyone in a new ad claiming both the armenian genocide and holocaust were brought about by gun control. the head of the national jewish crown kril called on joe to apologize and remove the offensive video immediately. jamie dimon was on more than one hot seat yesterday. after a congressional hearing, a texas janitor confronteded the wall street big wig asking why she can't earn a living wage working in a jpmorgan chase tower in houston. harry reid had fun with a questioner and honored a nevada born baseball star at the same
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time. washington nationals team phenom bryce harper recently greeted a question he didn't like with the response, that's a clown question, bro. at a press conference tuesday reid used the line but responded anyway. the daily caller points out former alaska governor sarah palin has yet to formally endorse mitt romney. even fox news reported it last friday in a keynote speech to conservative activists pay lin didn't mention romney once during her 35-minute address. catherine zeta-jones who or traying a rock crusader in "rock of ages" says she modeled the part after michelle bachmann. she told ivillage, quote, she'll hate me for the rest of my life but yes, i did. and finally, a dog named mozart was sent a virginia voter registration form last week. and if that's not bad enough, the dog had been dead for two years. and that's your morning dish of scrambled politics.
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last night on msnbc's politics nation, california congresswoman loretta sanchez spoke about president obama's new immigration policy. she told al sharpton despite all the gop criticism she feels on this issue the president has done what republicans have been asking for all along. >> their policy and their efforts have said, hey, listen, if you fortify the border, if you charge companies who are misusing the system, if you deport people, if you get rid of criminal aliens and you deport them, once you do all of these things then we'll talk to you about some sort of comprehensive immigration reform. guess what? the president worked on forty fiing the border, the president worked on deporting people, the president worked on going after criminals. he's done everything that they have said is important. >> lean forward with politics nation, week days at 6:00
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eastern right here on msnbc. the place for politics. your first look at how wall street will kick off date. the dow opens at 12,837 after adding 95 points yesterday. the s&p gained 13 and the nasdaq climbed 34. taking a look at overseas trading this morning, in tokyo the nikkei rose 96 points while in hong kong the hang seng was up 102. volume was light on the street on tuesday but traders making bets had high hopes ahead of the fed's policy meeting. the bank wraps up its two day meeting and investors are optimistic it will extend its operation twist program which has lowered long-term interest rates. speculation is less certain about another round of bond buying stimulus known as quantitative easing. materials and financial stocks led tuesday's rally with u.s. steel and bank of america making the biggest gains in those sectors. elsewhere investors were encouraged by signs of life in the housing market with builders
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breaking new ground on more single family homes and requesting more permits than they have in three and a half years. shares of oracle shot up 3% on stronger than expected profit. fedex added 3% despite warnings slow economic growth would weigh on its yearly profit. on the downside, wallgreen tumbled 6% on news it's buying 45% in alliance boots for $6.7 billion. jc penney lost 9%, a day after its president abruptly resigned in the wake of the retailer's botched ad campaign. and investors mostly shrugged off the labor department's report employers posted the fewest job openings in five months during april. a new study out of boston college finds the percentage of stay at home dads is more than double what it was a decade ago. the men surveyed cited reasons from income and career considerations to satisfying family life goals. the indians walk off in
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has 8 layers of whole grain fiber... so they stick with you. ♪ 45 bushels of wheat on the farm. 45 bushels of wheat! ♪ all morning long. there's a big breakfast... [ mini ] yeehaw! in those fun little biscuits. welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry. in sports last night in game four of the nba finals the oklahoma city thunder were pushed to the brink after a third straight miami heat victory. here's nbc's fred roggin. >> good morning.
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move over chris bosh, mario chalmers has taken your spot as part of miami's three. took it to the heat in the first quarter. off the fast break, kevin durant with the finish, okc up 14 after one. miami didn't roll over. they took their first lead since the opening minutes in the third. lebron, finished the quarter with eight straight for miami. russell westbrook took a lot of heat for his play in game three hp he silenced the critics last night. a career playoff high 43. wasn't enough. under six minutes to play and lebron, got the mini jumper to fall, was in pain. his leg cramped up at the worst possible time. he was on the bench for the final two minutes. mario chalmers stepped up big, blew past three oklahoma defenders and that was the dagger. chalmers had 25. miami held on to take a commanding 3-1 series lead with a 104-98 win. the heat can wrap up their second title in franchise history tomorrow night, game five, 9:00 p.m. eastern in miami.
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baseball, reds and indians in tied in the ninth. runners on the corner. picked a terrible time for a wild pitch. in came the go-ahead run and cincinnati up 2-1. the lead short lived, bottom of the inning, one on for cabrera, ended with a two run bomb to right. indians walk off with a win. a lot of down time during a baseball game, enough time for teammates to turn on each other. to pittsburgh where brad lincoln fell victim to the dreaded cup on the hat prank. his teammates discreetly attached a paper cup with bubble gun. took several minutes and a ton of laughs before he realized the joke was on him. when you have a cup on your head and egg on your face all you can do is give the camera a big thumb's up. your first look at sports, i'm fred roggin. for another look at the weather. here is meteorologist bill karins. >> you're such not a prankster. >> seems like something you would do. no, i'm much more professional,
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bill. >> a professional? >> i was going to go with goodie two shoes but want to go professional, that's fine. >> low blo w. >> if it's going to be 98 or 99, i've always had the opinion it might as well be 100. looks nicer. 100 the forecast in hartford with the possibility of 101 tomorrow. so this is impressive heat. thankfully when at the peak heating of the day the humidity levels aren't going to be all that bad. not oppressively humid and sticky air. more of a dry feel to it. 97 in new york, 98 in d.c. today and the heat index will feel like 100 to 105. here's what we're looking at tomorrow. so pretty much similar, two days in a row of similar conditions with highs in the big cities around 100 degrees. boston even getting up to 96. but we start to see a break tomorrow. buffalo and pittsburgh, highs only in the upper 80s. the cold front and thunderstorms will cool it off in new england come friday. it looks like friday afternoon,
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those thunderstorms will roll through. we'll probably still sneak up into the 90s during the first portion of the day but that will be the end of the three-day heat wave. welcome to summer. the good news for everyone in new england is, the extended forecast the next 10 to 14 days after this, does not look hot. so this will be short lived. >> all right. there you go, bill thanks so much. coming up another big hollywood breakup and which actresses earn the most in tin selltown. plus, alec baldwin's messy run-in with a new york city photographer. your first look at entertainment is straight ahead. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. [ dog ] we found it together. on a walk, walk, walk. love to walk. yeah, we found that wonderful thing. and you smiled. and threw it. and i decided i would never, ever leave it anywhere. because that wonderful, bouncy, roll-around thing... had made you play. and that... had made you smile.
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this is cool, you guys. the white house has released new
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behind-the-scenes photos of president obama's private life. they're pretty neat. here he is hosting a lunch for the bush family. and i don't see -- i don't see george w. or biden. can we zoom out a little bit? there they are. put them at the kid's table. tonight, jimmy welcomes actress penelope cruz, and musical guest the robert glassburg experiment. one of my favorites. that's "late night with jimmy fallon" at 12:35, 11:35 central time on your local nbc station. time for some entertainment news. alec baldwin is in trouble once again. this time, no words with friends involved. baldwin allegedly punched a photographer tuesday morning, leaving manhattan's marriage license bureau with his fee nan say. is that baldwin? does it look like him? marcus santos of "the daily news" filed charges after examined at a hospital.
2:28 am
that looks like him. baldwin's rep denies punches were thrown. he claims the photographer frustrated by someone blocking his shot pushed by baldwin with his camera. baldwin tweeted with the hashtag all paparazzi should be waterboarded. johnny depp and partner vanessa have quote amicably separated. for months depp has denied trouble despite living mostly apart. "forbes" is out with the highest paid actress list. has a new number one. >> [ inaudible ]. >> close your eyes and guess. kristen stewart with $34.5 million she earned. second, cameron diaz, $34 million over the -- >> what did she do? >> i know. sandra bullock in third with $25 million and then angelina jolie in fourth with $20 million. surprising? >> i'm trying to figure out what movies cameron diaz has done lately. >> hopefully she doesn't get up
2:29 am
early. i'm lynn berry, this is "first look" on msnbc. "way too early" with willie geist starts right now. protesters pour into cairo's tahrir square once again. still fighting over the results of the weekend's presidential runoff election. and over the military's move to take power over any president. all this as the news comes in that former president hosni mubarak is near death. the question is, who really won that election and what will it mean if the answer is the muslim brotherhood. we'll have a live report from egypt. jpmorgan chase ceo jamie dimon back on capitol hill this time before a house committee, explaining that multibillion dollar trading loss his company took this year. the question is, will any of this jamie dimon show in washington change anything at all about the rules that govern the way business is done on wall street. and russell westbrook scores 43 points as the oklahoma city thunder run up a 17-point lead


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