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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  June 21, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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sports organization? what do you think? >> did mike give -- >> i'm thinking -- >> this is still about yesterday? >> separating america. >> what do you think? >> i'm going to make an in-kind contribution. >> oh, god. >> oh, god. >> did you see what he just did? he did it again. >> i'm just going to walk right out this door. >> good job. >> way too early. what time is it? >> it's just awful. >> what time is it? unwarranted, unnecessary and unprecedented. that's what attorney general eric holder calls the house's move to hold him in contempt. and the white house backs up the nation's top cop with president obama asserting executive privilege to keep some documents away from congress. how far will this fight go? bonfire of the candidates. just how much money are the campaigns spending? and can you guess who is burning through cash faster right now? the answer might surprise you. plus, what a year this has been for the longest-serving woman in the house.
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first she beats dennis accukuci in a primary and now gets who she has to face in november? joe the plumber. congresswoman marcie captor has been here. it's thursday, june 21st, 2012, this is "the daily rundown," i'm luke russert in for chuck todd. five months before the election, the obama administration, republican-controlled house, locked in a bitter fight over executive privilege. this morning, traveling overseas, attorney general eric holder called the contemptive congress committee vote against him unwarranted, unnecessary and unpress denltsed. a congress mal panel voted wednesday to charge holder with contempt after a contentious debate over documents house republicans are demanding about the controversial fast and furious gun-running program. documents the white house claims are protected now by executive privilege. >> the attorney general has been stonewalling this committee. >> it's sad. it's disappointing.
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it shouldn't have come to this. >> for the past year, you've been holding the attorney general to an impossible standard. you accuse them of a cover-up for protecting documents that he was prohibited by law from producing. >> if he did not know about fast and furious before brian terry was murdered, if he did not approve of the wiretap applications, then what in the world is he asserting executive privilege for? he's either part of it or he's not. >> it shouldn't be a political witch hunt against the attorney general of our country, and our president in an election year. >> house speaker john boehner raised the stakes with his spokesman saying, quote, the white house decision to invoke executive privilege implies that white house officials were either involved in the fast and furious operation, or the cover-up that followed the administration has always insisted that wasn't the case. were they lying, or are they now bending the law to hide the truth? that prompted this response from
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the oversight committee's top democrat. >> i think that if mr. boehner takes this to the house, he will be seen as one of the most extreme speakers that ever took charge of a house. >> domenico monenaro joins me now. this eric holder fight has become the talk of washington and it's interesting, because on the hill i'm hearing from democrats that say, fine, let this go forward. a lot of folks associated with leadership saying they're concerned this could take the messages the republicans want to have, which is economy, economy, economy, and distract. >> well, it's an issue that fires up the conservative base, for sure. but any time you deal with any kind of executive privilege issue, there does run the risk for an administration of not looking totally transparent. you saw those charges with the bush administration when they invoekd. and, of course, the white house quick to point out this is the first --
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>> this is their first. we have the chart. it's their first w 6, clinton 14. >> so any time, there are charges of a lack of transparency. but, of course, as you mentioned, the white house doesn't necessarily mind poking the house republicans a bit, because when you look at congressional approval, it's just -- it's far south. and that's a reason why this president is trying to run, and at least in some measure against congress. >> and republicans have been following this issue night and day. it's been an issue on capitol hill for over two years. but it's now getting involved in presidential politics. there is a romney conference call yesterday. they wanted to talk about immigration. but this topic just kept on coming up. let's take a listen. >> can you give us any heads-up on the kind of area governor romney is going to address on immigration? will he specify whether he'll
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uphold or overturn president obama's order? >> hey, tripp, it's christie campbell. i'm going to go ahead -- these questions should be specific to the topic of this call. but we're happy to follow up, again offline. >> that conference call was about the economy and obviously people were asking about immigration and holder. but it seems there is a distraction here from the central message of the economy. >> yeah, and, of course, today mitt romney is going to be speaking at nalao, the national association of latino and elected appointed officials. and that conference call had gotten to where reporters were trying to ask about immigration policy. and that's one of these side issues. of course, the economy is going to be the main thing that we're focused on. but immigration is going to be one of the key side issues, especially with the importance of hispanics in the west, colorado, nevada, new mexico. and even in a state like virginia and florida with about 22% latino population, about 8% in virginia. >> the story i find fascinating, we hear all about the volted
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obama ground game, the organization. but when it comes to spending money, this is in the last quarter here, i want to put up these numbers. it's amazing. the obama team raised $39.1 million, and they spent $44.5 million. romney raised 23.4, he spent $15.6. the burn rate is 113%. obviously, has a lot of cash on hand. romney -- that number is lower, because there was a lot of super pac. that's significant. obama burning a lot of money this far out. >> look, the obama campaign are the only ones. they don't have super pacs, they don't have anything else to sort of help buoy them. romney has been able to sit back a bit when it comes to spending money on ads in particular, because when you look at the overall ad spending, for example, the obama campaign has spent $73 million so far just on television ads this cycle. but -- that's far outspending romney. but when you include all of the
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conservative outside groups, they're on par with obama at $73 million spent, as well. so that's why we're seeing the obama team having to spend more of its own money, because really, they're on their own. >> they are. and they said yesterday they feel they're going to be outspend 3-1. but this burn rate is a fascinating story. we heard a little bit of tremors a few months ago from folks and now starting to come to fruition. >> 3-1 might be expectation setting. >> thank you so much. and as we mentioned, house republican leaders have set a vote for next week when the entire house will vote on a contempt citation against attorney general eric holder. mr. holder is calling the entire process unwarranted and unprecedented. joining me now, republican house majority whip, congressman kevin mccarthy from california. good morning to you, sir whip. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> so obviously, the big story, the headlines, this eric holder contempt vote. and you were around in 2008, and when the house last had a
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contempt vote for a member of the administration, and back then, you went out on the steps and protested this vote, and boycotted it. you were there behind speaker boehner. at the time, dana preeno, the white house spokeswoman said this, quote, the white house had tried to compromise with house democrats to help lawmakers obtain information from mr. bolten and ms. meier short of public testimony. many of the things we asked for we were willing to give, but instead they're going to waste time on this partisan, few tile act. is the contempt vote for mr. holder a partisan, futile act? >> not at all. if you go back earlier a year ago, look at the democrats who signed a letter asking the administration for the same information. i mean, every step of the way, we have sat. we will delay the contempt vote, not have it, just given the information. it's quite unusual and quite different that in the 11th hour they go to executive privilege. that -- that to me is a little
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disturbing. and the difference here is, an american died. doesn't the american public have a right to know? an american died by gun-running guns the american government knew. if you look just on the committee itself, we have former u.s. attorneys in there and others. i think this is a case that has been very upfront and bipartisan in the process. the difference is here, at the very last minute, they're playing politics to with hold the information. >> you obviously know the issue that allowed you to become whip was the economy. are you worried that the focus now is on something like the eric holder contempt vote? it's not on the economy that the average voter out there says, look, house republicans aren't about creating jobs. they're just about obstructing the president, being a thorn in his side. >> no. if you tune in today to the congress, we'll be having seven bills on the floor of job creation and energy. i mean, this is a package that's come out of heat, the house energy action team we've been
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working with. they've all been bipartisan out of committee. if you look at the job creation in america, if you go to north dakota, they have 3% unemployment. they don't have enough housing for those who are coming in. they find that even if you work at a fast food restaurant at mcdonald's, you're paid $15 an hour. how is this happening with the new technology, the ability to discover the resources that we have. and you've grown the ability to produce oil. we could do that across america. that's why if you look at the floor today, it's all about jobs and it's what we have been talking about all day yesterday, as well. >> there's no big comprehensive jobs bill. >> well, you know, the most important thing is to end uncertainty. and first, you've got an energy policy that's right here that doesn't have a policy that could make us energy independents. but this bill will. and the difference here is it could get started right away. you look at on private lands, production has gone up 14%. but on public federal lands, they've gone down 14%.
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we have a great deal of growth here. so what i look at, here's a jobs plan to move forward in july, we'll try to stop the tax increases coming forward. moving this economy forward means job creation focusing on economy and focusing on energy. >> let's talk about energy. statistics from the u.s. energy information, oil imports at their lowest since 1997. the 2011 last year we have stats for was the highest crude oil output. the u.s. has operational rigs versus 1,471 for the rest of the world. what more can the administration do? >> well, the administration can stop the back block. why don't you dig deeper into those numbers? we're at the lowest since 1994. that has come from private lands, places like north dakota which has surpassed california and alaska. not on federal lands. if you take even further, these are the least amount of federal leases we have had since 1994.
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so we're even lower. the backlog within federal leases is actually holding up 65,000 jobs. so the difference here, privately, yeah, we've been able to produce. but why hasn't that been a direct correlation with public? because of the hold-up within government. that is a fundamental difference. that's what we're trying to change today. and the other difference could be, we could expand even further. our trade deficit would shrink, our foreign policy would be different and more people would be back to work. that's why on the floor today we're making a big change and we hope democrats will join us. >> ilg let you get out of here with this one. is it fair to say your colleague paul ryan would be your pick for vp? >> paul ryan would be a great pick for vp. i think when you look at what he is able to do, the numbers he is able to crunch but really put america on a path to a new prosperity, i think he would be a pick for independents, democrats and republicans. >> so you're for him to be vice president. >> i am for paul ryan all the way, no matter whatever he does. >> kevin mccarthy, the whip from
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california, and losing softball coach last night. thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks. up next, a bizarre battle in the buckeye state. veteran ohio democrat marcy captor is fending off a challenge, from, get this, joe the plumber. remember him? the guy who isn't really a plumber and isn't really named joe. congresswoman captor joins us next. plus, another night of protest in cairo as the power struggle between the military and muslim brotherhood takes a new and potentially dangerous turn. but first, a look ahead to the president's schedule. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. good lunch there with vice president biden. hopefully they don't go out to good stuff on capitol hill and shut down all the streets when i'm trying to get down there. so eat at the white house, mr. president. thank you.
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she's the longest-serving woman in the house. and after defeating congressman dennis kucinich in a democratic primary, marcy kaptur is now taking on joe the plumber, known as samuel werz enbacker, and ohio's newly drawn ninth district. and congresswoman kaptur joins me now. >> good morning, luke. >> i want to talk about this eric holder contempt vote. president obama said this about using executive privilege in 2007. >> there's been a tendency on the part of this administration to try to hide behind executive privilege every time there's something a little shaky that's taking place.
6:18 am
and i think, you know, the administration would be best served by coming clean on this. >> why is executive privilege different this time around? >> well, you know, it's a few months before election, presidents in the fourth year of his first term and there is going to be a second term. and i think that this is a distraction from the business of the day. it's very narrowly drawn issue. and i have a general rule. i say after june 1st in washington, in a presidential year, everything turns to politics. this looks strangely political. >> you're obviously running against joe the plumber, which is going to put a lot of national eyeballs on your race. and he is known for a different style of campaigning. i want to play one of his most recent videos, which has gotten a lot of attention. >> in 1939, germany established gun control. from 1939 to 1945, 6 million jews and 7 million others unable
6:19 am
to defend themselves work -- i love america. >> kind of a unique campaign ad. how do you respond to that? >> i think it's rather peculiar. and you know, most people in the region that i am privileged to represent and actually live in, which he does not, he does not live in the ninth district, care about jobs. they care about how we keep the automotive recovery going, the boom in agriculture, in biofuels, in natural gas drilling across ohio. they want to hear about expansion of our ports, our rail, airports. they want to hear about the future. and he's talking about, you know, years ago, and i'm not quite sure what relevance that has to the jobs of today. but i think he's out of step with the vast majority of the people across our region, and indeed our country.
6:20 am
>> obviously, ohio is going to be of the utmost importance in terms of presidential politics. and you as an obama supporter who knows the state very well, you've campaigned there for years. what do you feel is president obama's greatest asset in ohio, and his greatest liability? >> well, you know, he's been all throughout our state. and in terms of a great asset in the north, and other parts of ohio, the recovery of the automotive industry is absolutely profound. the sales of vehicles, whether we're talking about econ owe line vans made in avon lake, or you're talking about the kruse for general motors, the wrangler up 44% in its sales this year. the boom that we are seeing in the automotive industry is actually unprecedented in such a short period of time. three years ago, who would have said this is even possible? so i think all the supplier jobs, the steel jobs, the natural gas drilling that's going on in ohio now, i think
6:21 am
that the president's commitment to energy independence, he's where the american people know we should be. and we just have to keep up the pace. we have to deliver a vote as we come to november. and we intend to help the president do that in ohio. >> what's his biggest liability in ohio, do you think? >> i think that the biggest liability that he faces, really, is we have a speaker who is from ohio whose party has done everything possible to harm the obama administration. they throw a wrench in the works of the transportation bill. they throw a wrench in education. trying to deal with these interest rates that students will have to pay additional interest rates come july 1st if we don't do something in this congress. delay, delay, delay. all kinds of the use of the threat of filibuster in the senate to derail the pay fairness act. everything that happens just seems to cause delay. the american people are a can-do people, not a can't-do people. they don't want evolution in the
6:22 am
past. they want us to lead us in the future. i think that's the president's message, he gave a great speech recently in cuyahoga county, came out to the community college there. people want a message, not delays. >> you would want president obama to campaign with you in your district? >> oh, welcome him. i've been trying to get his wife, michelle obama for several years now. we would like them to travel with us throughout ohio. i think our party represents -- if you just look at the number of women run on the democratic side in ohio, 7 of the 15 candidates that we have are women. we have minorities. you look at the other side of the aisle, there are no women. there are no minorities running in ohio. we have a much more representative slate as we look at ohio, and i think we would be proud -- i want the president back. and certainly we would love to welcome his fight. >> they watch this at the white house, god willing. so look at the messages, loud and clear. marcy kaptur, representative from ohio.
6:23 am
thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. how will wall street react to the fed's latest efforts to boost the sluggish economy? the market rundown is next. plus, new numbers show president obama regaining the lead over mitt romney in the critical battleground of florida. but first, today's trivia question. why did today, june 21st, hold special significance for both president richard nixon and president zachary taylor? tweet us at "the daily rundown." the first correct answer will get a follow-up thursday from us. the answer and more coming up on "the daily rundown." tweet me at luke russert. if anybody gets this, i will be very, very impressed. this is very difficult. ♪ it's a nice day to start again ♪ ♪music plays throughout
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6:27 am
market's reaction is to the fed. so far, not a whole heck of a lot. in fact, this is the first time we've had a fed meeting this it year that the market didn't trade up sharply. what it got from the fed was kind of what it was expecting, extended operation twist. but it also got more than that from the fed, a downgraded economic outlook. the fed is looking for the economy to turn down, also look worse than it was expecting for 2013 and 2014 and they're expecting the unemployment number to hang in there at higher levels, above 8% for the rest of the year. that's the concerning part. wall street hears the economy doesn't look great and not offering up any qe-3 extended ease. and then today get the jobless claims number right in line with expectations but those were pretty lousy expectations. a number of 387,000. that is still closer to 400,000 than the 350 we've been seeing before. still, at this point, the market is hanging in there. this wasn't too far out of line with expectations. and right now, it looks like the dow is going to open up by about
6:28 am
20 points. so we'll see what happens through the course of the day. >> becky quick, quick as always. thank you so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. up next, we'll talk to one of the members of congress who actually cast a vote in the holder proceedings. congressman jason chafe it's on what the white house is calling a political theater. plus the bush tax cuts set to expire at the end of the year. and why he is saying nay to eating in restaurants with horses. and the women of congress take the field against the lady of the washington press corps. we'll tell you who won the bragging rights. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. "that didn't take long". let's break out behr ultra... ...the number one selling paint and primer in one, now with stain blocker. each coat works three times harder, priming, covering, and blocking stains. let's go where no paint has gone before, and end up some place beautiful. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot.
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6:32 am
there is no word on when the results will be announced. both candidates are claiming victory. and new information this morning on the health of egypt's ousted president, hosni mubarak. his lawyer says his condition is stable and he is not on a respirator or receiving oxygen. mubarak's lawyer says they are trying to obtain a release on the grounds of poor health. a syrian fighter jet landed in a military air base in jordan this morning. it's the first reported syrian defection involving an aircraft since the start of the uprising against president bashar al assad. jordanian officials say the pilot has asked for political asylum. and results of a race closer to home. the annual congress women's softball game between lawmakers and reporters happened last night in d.c. and the journalists known as the bad news babies won. senator amy klobuchar and nbc's own andrea mitchell called the game. proceeds go to help young breast cancer victims.
6:33 am
great win for the press corps. we needed that after last year's loss. go media, go. look at that speed there. republican house leaders are moving ahead with plans to hold a full house vote on a contempt citation against attorney general eric holder. this after the house oversight committee voted along party lines yesterday to proceed with the contempt of congress charge. republican congressman jason cha chafetz of utah. good morning, sir. >> guood morning, luke. >> i want to play something that carolyn maloney said in yesterday's proceedings. >> it shouldn't be a political witchhunt against the attorney general of our country in an election year. >> is this an issue that simply is red meat to the base, to folks like yourself that john boehner had to throw to you guys because you wanted it to desperately? >> no, it's sad and disappointing we got to this.
6:34 am
remember, luke, just think, just close your eyes and think about this. our federal government, department of justice, the alcohol, tobacco and firearms, purposely, on purpose, gave the drug cartels nearly 2,000 weapons. the bulk of which are ak-47s. we have a dead u.s. border patrol agent, 300 dead mexicans, you have a program that according to the to your knowledge general was fundamentally flawed. we have an april or february 4th, 2011 letter is e7b9 sent to congress that had he had to pull back because it was false and misleading. you have all the makings that congress should as a duty and responsibility dive into. you can't just simply ignore this. this is not a partisan game, and the white house and department of justice should have put this to bed about a year ago. we shouldn't be at this point in time. >> why is there apprehension? i've spoken to folks associated with leadership, the romney campaign has not been vocal about this. you're a big mitt romney
6:35 am
supporter. do you think they want to be talking about fast and furious right now or want to be talking about the economy? >> i think everybody wants to be talking about this economy. but it would be -- it would be malpractice on congress's part to not dive into this. i don't care whether it's republican or democrat. you have to go in and look at this. our federal government cannot just give away 2,000 guns to the drug cartels, have a death of a border patrol age skpebt then just ignore it. for the democrats to suggest this is a witch hunt has nothing to do with eric holder. it does everything to do with department of justice and justice in the united states of america. we have not gotten to the bottom of this. nobody has been fired. nobody has been dismissed. there haven't been the fundamental changes at the department of justice that should be there. and we never thought that the president was involved. now he's invoking executive privilege. this has really risen to a much of greater level than it should. >> the extension of the bush tax cuts, at least on a temporary scale, could come to the house as early as next week. after the july 4th recess. you have been a big proponent of
6:36 am
paying down the debt. how can you reconcile extending the bush tax cuts which would add trillions to the deficit over the next decade and still be for deficit reduction? >> well, look, i want to broad be the base and lower the race. democrats want to broaden the base and raise the rates because they want to spend more. if you don't couplet with spending reductions, you're not going to achieve the goal that you want. remember, we deficit spend as a nation, deficit spend, $4 billion a day. you can't continue to do that. you can't. and the market needs stability. as kevin mccarthy earlier on your program was talking about, you need predictability in the north place in order to get the capital markets to make investments. >> the tax cuts add to the deficit, which incurs that deficit spending. >> no, no, isolation. i think that's wrong. we have a spending problem in this country. we really do. we're spending more than 24% of our gross domestic product is spent by the federal government. historically, that's been the range of 1%. we need to drive down spending. and we have got to look at the whole thing from top to bottom.
6:37 am
i think where there is common ground is broadly based. i'm totally in favor of getting rid of the loopholes and other things in place. but -- >> i want to ask you about a retreat you're going to. it's called the all-star romney retreat out in utah. paul ryan, karl rove, tim pawlenty, condoleezza rice, eric cantor. should mitt romney disclose who his bundlers are? >> i think he has lived up to every expectation in fully disclosing who the donors are. he has played by the rules will continue to do so. >> i want to ask you about an issue of great importance. you introduced an amendment that would bar miniature horses from restaurants. justice department ruling allows trained point-size mares to accompany owners as an alternative to dogs under the
6:38 am
americans with disabilities act and we actually found video of a miniature horse helping a disabled person. why are you against horses in restaurants if a disabled person would like to have a horse be their guiding companion? >> well, look. there's some people that need these horses. what i object to is department of justice forcing businesses and restaurants. think about airplanes. look, even the miniature horse association -- and i know, luke, you subscribe to their monthly magazine, even they have come out and said, look, you can't potty train, forb instance, a horse to the same degree you can a canine. so it just seems the federal government -- department of justice is going overboard in issuing a rule. sure enough, they issued a rule, march 14th and within a week, restaurants being sued in california for not allowing horses into their restaurant. it seems absurd, over the top. >> jason chaffetz of utah, thank you so much for joining us this morning.
6:39 am
a protector of horse health. our political panel here next, the political ramifications on both sides of the aisle. and mitt romney's immigration challenge and the main money race. but first, the soup of the day, chicken tortilla. i like chicken tortilla. and you can always show on facebook. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. ♪ hello...rings ♪ what the... what the... what the... ♪ are you seein' this? ♪ ♪ uh-huh... uh-huh... uh-huh... ♪ ♪ it kinda makes me miss the days when we ♪ ♪ used to rock the microphone ♪ back when our credit score couldn't get us a micro-loan ♪ ♪ so light it up! ♪ even better than we did before ♪ ♪ yeah prep yourself america we're back for more ♪ ♪ our look is slacker chic and our sound is hardcore ♪ ♪ and we're here to drop a rhyme about free-credit-score ♪ ♪ i'm singing free-credit-score-dot-com ♪ ♪ dot-com narrator: offer applies with enrollment in
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6:43 am
is not interested in staying focused on jobs and the economy. in fact, it seems he's interested in talking about everything else but jobs and the economy and getting people back to work. but that's what this election is about. >> but is the contempt of congress vote on attorney general eric holder getting republicans off their message? let's bring in our panel, daniela begins le jay from the center for american congress. abbey from politico and bob tarrow, the author of the book, "the death of liberalism." thank you so much for joining us. and let's talk about this eric holder issue going on, and i'll start with you, mr. tarrow. do you feel this is a distraction off the issue of the economy, or is this the red meat at the base needs to show up in november? >> well, i don't really know that it's going to be a matter for this election. fast, furious and futile, it seems to me.
6:44 am
and i think they'll get it past them. i think it will be decided sometime this summer and they'll move on. i think the real interest of the american people is in the economy. and frankly, i think that the deficit and the debt -- national debt is much more important than this issue here. and i think that it will be behind us shortly. >> well, i'm going to shock you and agree with bob. i agree. i think that, you know, the most american people are thinking fast and furious, where is vin diesel? it's obvious today that republicans in congress, they came in saying they're going to talk about jobs, they have done everything but talk about jobs. and this is clearly a political ploy, trying to embarrass the administration, and i agree that people are more concerned about the economy. and maybe it's because republicans in congress don't have a plan for creating jobs. >> oh, come on. >> well -- >> they do have a plan. and they have been talking about it. but as -- regards to this issue, this is just a capitol hill matter, a matter between capitol
6:45 am
hill and the white house. and i think it will be -- >> is that it, abbey? one of these inside the beltway fabricated controversies? >> i haven't seen any polling about eric holder recently, but i would be surprised in most americans really weren't paying attention to what he's doing in his job. i think the justice department is always an inside baseball kind of thing. and for that to penetrate to the american people is going to take far more. not to say that fast and furious is not a serious issue. people did die as a result of that botched operation much but it's just not penetrating beyond the economy at this point. >> an issue i find fascinating now is the issue of money as it comes in, and spending. and the obama campaign right now has an unbelievably high burn rate. they're burning at about 113%. and we have these graphics up here. over the last month. is the obama campaign in some -- some folks within it say it would be outspent 3 to 1. is the campaign at risk of spending way too much early on?
6:46 am
>> you know, i don't think so. i think you have to remember that, you know, governor romney has a bunch of super pacs and outside groups spending all this money so he doesn't have to. so the numbers seem very imbalanced and now they actually have an opponent so they're focusing all their energies on governor romney. i'm not worried about this number. we'll see what happens as they move on and we'll continue to raise money. i don't think it raises a whole bunch of red flags yet. >> you're winning the money race right now. >> i've never actually tried to win a campaign in my life, i don't know that anybody here has. he can spend money as fast as he wishes or slowly as he wishes. the most important thing is, how is he doing? and i don't think he's doing very well. i think, as i say, in the death of liberalism, i think a whole era is going to end in the fall. and i think mitt romney will be elected and i think a whole new set of policies -- >> how old is it?
6:47 am
the era start in 2006? >> no, actually, the life of liberalism goes back to the latter part of the 19th century. but -- and it has been a strong and it's done a great deal of -- some good, and a great deal of bad. but i think the era is over. i think it's about to end. i think it's going to end -- i think it actually ended for liberals in 2008 when hillary clinton was beaten by president -- by candidate obama. and now i think candidate obama is going to be beaten by mitt romney. >> well, obviously, i disagree with that. >> we'll let you get in there. finish up the money conversation, though. how significant do you think this burn rate is? >> i think it's important for obama to spend money now. because he is trying to set the conversation, establish the debate that they're going to be working with further down the road. if he kind of seeds this early part of the campaign to mitt romney, he would be paying for it much later. and i think it does give, you know, his outside allies
6:48 am
priorities, usa some time to kind of get their act together. regroup, raise that money. so that when, you know, crossroads and others come out in full force, closer to november, they may have some more money to sort of fight back with. but at the moment, i think it's important for him to spend money. >> and real quick, liberalism is not dead? >> no, it's not dead and i want to remind everybody that it was conservatism that put us in the financial hole that we're in right now. and you see people are beginning to rebel against the tea party. >> and we're going to have that debate right after this commercial break. but right now, we have trivia time. we asked why did today, june 21st, hold special significance for both president richard nixon and president zachary taylor? the antibiotiswer, it's their w anniversary. zachary taylor married margaret schmidt on this day in 1810, and the same day, 130 years later, richard nixon married pat ryan who became pat nixon. we'll be right back.
6:49 am
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the son of a single mom, the proud father of two daughters. president obama knows that women being paid 77 on the dollar doing the same work as men isn't just unfair, it hurts families. president obama knows that fairness for women means a stronger middle class for america. >> let's bring back our panel. and you are saw that ad released by the obama campaign really trying to target women voters. bob terrell, mitt romney, many polled has been behind in women, is he at risk of alienating women with the policies that have come out of the republican house? >> well, first of all, let me correct that add. 77%, when one factors in the amount of work done per week, for males and females, it comes
6:53 am
out about even. so, that 77% doesn't factor in the amount of work done. >> explain that. so you feel that women are getting paid equally? >> just about. and that's not me saying it, it's my bible, "washington post." >> danielle? >> i haven't seen this article that you speak of but everything else that i have read and seen shows that 77% factor -- >> you have got to stop reading liberal publications. >> is not liberal publications. >> mainstream publications like the "washington post." but it is also most other literature i see on the subject, social science, says there is no great disparity. so, it's certainly not that. >> go ahead. >> obviously, i strongly disagree. many people disagree with u and i can understand why the other side would try to make that go away because it is a huge problem and women across the country are feeling the fact that they are not getting paid equal pay for the same amount of
6:54 am
work. mitt romney's campaign made a problem, saying woe support the lily led better act if he was president but wouldn't say if he would support the fair paycheck act the democrats have been putting forth and tons of other policies republicans put forth that are detrimental to women. >> i don't know why. i just wonder about this when i hear this from liberals, why would they think american men in the republican party will want to wage war against the largest voting bloc in the united states? >> a good question. why do they, bob? why are they? >> put it in perspective, why this whole tug-of-war on women? why has it been so effective for democrats politically and why have republicans had trouble? >> because, as bob said, women vote. they vote in very high numbers and i think this ad speaks more to the general economic uncertainty that women who are potentially raising children and also working at the same time are experiencing it. it speaks directly to a certain anxiety that is generally out
6:55 am
there and i don't think the obama campaign is going to just let an opportunity to speak to women pass them by. the fact that the president has two daughters, the son of a single mother, is gonna be something that they are going to be talking about all the way going down to november because they want to get women to come out and vote. and mitt romney can't make that same argument. he doesn't have daughters. and i think that that's actually really important point. >> the advantage of daughters over sons. so deep into the politics of it i remember reading this article in "politico" that having a dog could look out of touch because it shows you are not in the economy. so, all-in with the issues. shameless plugs around the table. start us off, mr. terrell. >> the death of liberal cism a pretty good plug and a pretty good book. i think your audience would benefit by reading "the death of liberalism." >> mitt romney tries etch a sketch his way out of immigration, the great work at the center of american progress the immigration team is doing,
6:56 am
great victory on friday, still work to do give them a big shoutout. >> the center of american progress and the death of liberalism. abby? >> i have got a story with my colleague ken vogel this morning about mitt romney's big donor advantage and i also want to plug both of my parents have birthdays this month. >> mr. and mrs. phillips, congratulations that's great. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. that's it for this edition of the daily run down. we will see you right back here tomorrow. next on msnbc, chris jansing and company, she will speak to dnc chairman, debbie wasserman shuts. see you back here tomorrow for a fun friday. take care. day training depends on technology. and when it takes a battery, there are athletes everywhere who trust duracell. they rely on copper to go for the gold. duracell. trusted everywhere.
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