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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  June 21, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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i make a promise to you i'll keep it. >> okay. but what is the promise. >> we went to the company and we said look you can't have any illegals working on our property. >> you don't support them how do you send them home. >> the answer is self-deportation. >> if i were elected and congress passes the dream act would i veto it the answer is yes. >> i stand by what i said whatever it was. ♪ >> we start on this sweltering thursday with mitt romney thrusting himself into the faces of one segment of the american population that isn't inhim to. mr. romney is at the national association of latino elected and appointed officials one day in advance of the president trying desperately to ll lly t
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them into voting for him. he has an equal advantage on his recently announced policy on gramgs. it's not that difficult to figure out. >> my own view is a lot of people have come here or walk across the border that have no skill, no education, and looking for a free deal. >> well the answer is self-deportation which is people decide they can do better by going home because they can't find work here. >> it's not just what romney said, it's what he's back tracked on too. for instance this is romney during a republican debate in january about the dream act, the inspiration for the president's new immigration policy. >> and i've indicated i would veto the dream act if provisions included in that act to say people who are here illegally, if they go to school here long enough, get a degree here they can become permanent residents. that's a mistake. >> here's mr. romney one pivot to the general election later. >> would you repeal this order
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if you became president? >> well let's step back and look at the issue. >> would you leave this in place while you worked out a long term solution or would you just repeal it. >> we'll look at that as we reach that. >> so, how today does romney address these problems? well, in a word vaguely. >> i will put in place my own long term solution that will replace and supercede the president's temporary measure. as president i won't settle for stop gap measures. he says he inhearted the economic crisis. >> romney ataktacked the president's plan as short term. and spoke briefly about china. romney's problems will only be compounded once the supreme court rules on arizona's controversial anti-immigration law which we're expecting next week. so what can romney do about it?
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well he can cut a spanish language ad touting hispanic unemployment. it's negative but the best he can do or he could try as he does in this letterhead to convince hispanic voters that obama isn't working. the letterhead i might point out that is a complete duplication of this margaret thatcher poster from 1979's general election labor isn't working is what it said then. just look there at the woman in the polka dots, apparently she couldn't find work in london, left britain and now in america is having the exact same problem if you believe mitt romney. it's a total cut and paste job like so many of mr. romney's policies. let's get right to our panel. david corn is d.c. bureau chief. joe williams covers the white house for politico. and a hispanic market expert and co-founder of the excel
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alliance. david if you were 34 points behind the president among hispanic voters how many times would you mention ronald reagan and china in your remarks? >> you know, i think you're being a bit unfair. this speech sound ad lot better in spanish when he said ola mitt romney yo tango, mucho tempo. buenos dias. this guy is in such a pickle. i don't know how to say it in spanish. he took a very clear, unambiguous, unequivocal position during the primaries. if you're hear illegally without documentation you have to leave. you self-deport yourself out. now he can't take that position. he through up a lot of chafe.
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talked about green cards. talked about long term solution without saying what that long term solution is. he's trying to strike a tone that makes him look like that other guy is not me. i don't know who that other guy is who won the republican primaries. >> this was just a stump speech? he talks about what he would do but yet again there's zero detail. he's not even trying is he. >> he's committed. i mean he committed in the 2012 republican primaries. he committed to self-deportation. the guy who offered a lot of these draconian laws in the south is a formal advisor after being a formal advisor to the campaign. he has a lot to answer for. so david is right, hope no one notices what's going on behind-the-scenes. he also has a bit of an image problem that will happen tomorrow when if all the numbers and enthusiasm about the
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president's decision on young people who were brought here by their parents. he's going get a hero's welcome tomorrow and it will be a sharp contrast to what mitt romney had to say and the way he was received today. >> indeed, david romney repeated another one of his outright forces. take a listen to this. >> for two years this president had huge majorities in the house and senate. he was free to pursue any policy he pleased. but he did nothing to advance a permanent fix for our broken immigration system. >> david, isn't that the one place that you don't try to pedal a remark like that? >> listen, the president brought the dream act to a vote, passed the house, got a majority support in the senate. but republican filibuster killed it there. and he was trying to get, you know, the old reasonable republicans like mccain and lindsey graham and others you can cut a deal with on comprehensive immigration reform
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and they all ran away. john mccain ran away because he had a primary to win. it's wrong to say that the president didn't try to do this. he didn't succeed but he certainly did try to a certain extent. >> indeed. i want to play for you mitch mcconnell, talking about the topic of immigration. >> ah-ha. >> just listen to this. >> think we'll wait until we hear what governor romney has to say on this issue. others behind me may want to address it. my view is he's the leader of our party from now until november and we hope beyond and we'll wait and see what he has to say about it. >> now a few months ago we had people on like herman cain say there's an electrified fence with alligators. now we'll wait until mitt romney will be elected. >> they are smart enough to realize the numbers are so big with the hispanic electorate. it's a smart group ready to listen and today was the opportunity for mitt romney to
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finally shed some light into the must, you know, much anticipated solution that we were hoping he was going to give us today as a voter base, yet he missed that opportunity. so i think his party was also respecting, okay he's our leader, let's see, let's not mess it up because mark rubio and others say temper your voice with this voter base because they are listening. it's such a contrast to what the president did on friday when he came out and he actually said this is what i think should happen. i'm not asking for congressional support. i'm not even going to lay any legislation before you. this is what the department of homeland security should do in relation to the children of illegal immigrants. >> exactly. that's why that was a perfect opportunity. if i was mitt romney's ad viesor or anyone working on his campaign the minute that happened and president obama was brave enough to have a clear stance on his position with the dreamers, he should have been working really hard to have a clear and concrete answer to how is it that he could turn this executive order into long term
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policy, which we're still wondering what that next step will be after the executive order, but he did nothing about it. so he is in a big -- you were asking about -- [ speaking spanish ] he's in a pickle. that's how you say it in spanish. >> he rarely appears anywhere but fox. ann romney is on again this evening. the "new york times" report both of them have been on "fox & friends" 21 times in the last year alone. do you think they will get a watch or crystal statue when they make 25 appearances. >> we know who are the friends in that equation. i think fox is a really big audience for dressage. that explains it. >> put a thought on it. it's very interesting that he does so many appearances on "fox & friends." unscripted. only time they let mitt off the
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leash. it points out a larger problem he's got to solve if he wants to be successful come this fall. romney is very, very comfortable, it seems with people who are like him. that's one of the reasons why he seems so stiff and awkward in town hall settings, why he can't relate to people other than that. when he comes on "fox & friends," they are like him, white folks who are very much relaxed in their own company so it really is a very stark contrast, i think and a problem that he's not been able to solve to date and he's going to have network harder if he's going to try to compete. >> bob shafer is white. >> there was only one of him and asking the same question. >> and back to the latino vote and maybe not being comfortable with the people that don't look like him, he has had opportunities to connect. he's spending millions of dollars of advertising. and yet he still underspending when it comes to spanish media.
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that's your opportunity. his son is perfectly bilingual. it goes back to showing if it's not a true priority and not part of the platform then it looks like an after thought and today we saw that once again when everybody was waiting for something clear. >> a wonderful summation. thank you. next mitt romney set to gather with some of his friends, america's best business minds, kind of like him. stay with us. >> of course he's out of touch. he's out of touch in part because he never had the experience of working in the private-sector and seeing what it takes to start a small business, how a business decides to grow, when to decide to shrink, when decide to send jobs overseas. he doesn't understand that.
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you may not regard him as the ideal prep school classmate nor a particularly fun person to sit next to on a plane, but there's one thing mitt romney does bring to the table and that's money. this weekend mr. romney returns to his natural habitat, the ultraelite ski resort in deer valley, utah where some of the republican party's richest donors are assembling for what the romney campaign calls its first-ever victory treat. the guest list reads like a who's who of the right-wing power elite with everyone in attendance from bill crystal to karl rove. aren't there laws against super p.a.c.s collaborating with campaigns. >> you know super p.a.c.s have to be separate from a campaign and candidate. i'm not allowed to communicate with a super p.a.c. in any shape or form because that would violate federal law is that correct? my goodness if we coordinate in
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any way whatsoever we go to the big house. >> well that's one for the lawyers. but still there's nothing like a grand old party held far from the maddening multitude so let's welcome back our panel. david, i found something interesting in the "the washington post" about mr. rove and his appearance at this elite retreat. it seems this may raise a few legal wrinkles for the man they call the bush brain. is that not correct? >> i like the idea they call it like a victory retreat. sounds like an oxymoron to me. the whole fiction here and it is a fiction you can be an independent expenditure group and spend as much money as you like as long as you don't coordinate with the campaign but these groups are run by people who know the candidate, come from campaigns and there's a lot of back room connections. they just take their ladies what the campaigns do publicly. so this idea of coordination as the regulations have been put
12:17 pm
together have been very loose and it seems it doesn't really play to common sense. so if you're having a meeting about a victory, you know, strategy and you have the campaign and people in the super p.a.c. there it would seem according to common sense descriptions to be coordination of some type but still might not violate the actual regulations and shows citizens united, a decision that gave us all this is pretty much a joke. >> joe, to that point, i mean this is ludicrous. you just heard mitt romney on our own "morning joe" saying oh, there will be hell to pay if i even speak to these individuals and yet here he is having a weekend with karl rove. >> he couldn't speak with them and couldn't coordinate with them. they didn't say anything about like not breathing the same air or as they are in the same proximity or not having a drink 15 feet from the nearest big donor. it's kabuki theater at this point. what they are really selling not is coordination between the super p.a.c. and the
12:18 pm
candidates's campaign but selling access between millionaire donors and the presumed presidential, the guy pe they want to occupy the next white house. it's about-face time, face recognition. romney can sitting in a corner standing and waving and everybody else in another corner drinking and it's legal especially if people in the room aren't the ones to turn you in. >> the president's campaign say their opponent, romney are on track to raise $100 million just in june alone. if that's true, then does that mean that the president is going to be totally outgunned in the money battle? is that what we're looking at here? >> i think this may be the first time that an incumbent president is outspent. if you total up all of the money, the campaign money, the victory funds and independent expenditures. it really seems -- just takes a couple billionaires who vent, i
12:19 pm
call them villawilvillainaires. republicans are ahead of obama. we'll see what they figure out in the sauna how they divide up their money. the president, the incumbent president of the united states could be the financial underdog in this race. it shows you how far out of control the spending has gone. >> absolutely incredible. thank you so much, gentlemen. stay with us. much more to come. >> absolutely incredible. when you guys get together there's a global khaki shortage. there's a panic worldwide. but i love that you're all dressed the same but you can tell ben is the rebel in stripes. check that out. ♪music plays throughout
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we are now awaiting a verdict in the jerry sandusky trial. at 1:12:00 p.m. the judge handed the case over to the jury. earlier he dismissed three charges against the former penn state football coach that were based on victim testimony. that leaves 48 counts for the jury to decide, including 15 first degree felonies. if convicted sandusky may well spend the rest of his life in prison. ron allen is outside the courthouse in pennsylvania and joins us now. ron, i don't know whether it's possible to make an assessment but i was wondering whether you think this verdict is likely to be reached early, this afternoon, before the weekend? >> reporter: you know, martin, it's so hard to guess what a jury will do. many of them have close ties to this community. there's a former professor at penn state. current professor. a student there. this case has a lot of intensity. there are 48 different counts so you would think that they would go through it very methodically
12:24 pm
and that could take some time. on the other hand because there's been so much attention focused on this case and it was a very short trial they don't have a lot of evidence to go over so they could well make up their minds very quickly. it's all up to them. they are sequestered. they can work through the night, through the weekend, they can set their own schedule. >> nbc news learned about a possible reason for why jerry sandusky did not take the stand in his defense and i want relates to his adopted son matt sandusky. can you tell us more about that? >> reporter: well we understand that matt contacted the prosecutors in recent days while the trial was going on and said that he had something to say. and if jerry sandusky had taken the stand in his own defense, the prosecution was going to call matt sandusky to rebut something. now we don't know what that was, whether he witnessed something or whether he was, would become an accuser in some way but, again, that's one of many element, one of several elements for jerry sandusky not taking
12:25 pm
the stand. at the end of the day i have to believe that the defense was concerned about a brutal cross-examination going back and forth over all these details of all these very difficult things to talk about in court that these accusers have alleged against sandusky. i can't imagine they would want to have him on the witness stand. it would be a withering cross-examination. >> nbc's ron allen. stay with us. thank you so much. coming. tonight on "rock center," kate snow has an exclusive interview with one of sandusky's accusers at 10:00 p.m. on your local nbc station. stay with us, the day's top lines are coming up. ♪ improve the health of your skin with aveeno daily moisturizing lotion. the natural oatmeal formula improves skin's health in one day, with significant improvement in 2 weeks.
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lines. the world moves pretty fast. >> yes, asians are the new mexicans. >> mexicans do the jobs we don't want to do and asians do the jobs we're not able to do. >> you don't want to pick a running mate who is more charismatic than you are. >> good luck myth. >> five sons, mitt romney then, matt, greg, tag and josh. >> going to be a great year. >> the romney boys. like you're 98 degrees or something. ♪ i love you this much >> in a western you would be a posse. get those romney boys in here. is one of you a girl being raised as a boy. >> you want to take this one? >> hey, what are big brothers for. >> when you guys get together there's a global khaki shortage. >> your dad's hair is chiseled
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out of import eed mahogany. >> they are holding the attorney general in contempt for doing his job. >> obama is at the center it. >> yes, obama started this gun tracking program in 2006 when he hypnotized george bush. >> they sit there and accuse republicans of turning this into some sort of election year game. >> then he secretly ordered attorney general holder to order the justice department to order the atf to order gun shops -- >> news flash, george w. bush is no longer in office. >> there by panicking americans to gin up support for the draconian gun control measures that obama never introduced. >> the world is moving too fast. >> you don't stop and look around once in a while you could miss it. >> let's get our panel this afternoon in washington.
12:31 pm
we're joined live by msnbc contributor, a democratic strategist and republican strategist. julian, i want to start with you. given your considered spear advertise in law as you watch out these events being played out do you believe this amounts to anything short of a witch-hunt? >> no. this has been a fishing expedition. the committee won't win this fight with hoerld. i used to be a staff director of that committee. they never win fights when they are on these fishing expeditions. guns walking was a program started under the bush administration. holder stopped the program. he called for an investigation. he reassigned many agents that were involved in the gun walking effort on fast and furious. the committee asked for 80,000 documents. many relate to ongoing investigations.
12:32 pm
committee never gets law enforcement investigatory material. he offered it on the condition that the subpoena from chairman issa would be satisfied and issa was not ready to take yes for an answer. extraordinary accommodation that issa said no to. this has been a fishing expedition on a theory that holder was somehow secretly commandering this gun walking and covering up. there's no evidence for it. committee at the end. day will lose and lose badly on this. >> i want to play you something, john from representative pelosi who discussed the contempt vote before reporters today. take a listen to this, john. >> don't forget they are going after rearic holder because he is supporting measures to overturn these voter suppression initiatives in the states. this is no accident, it is no coincidence, it is a plan on the part of the republicans. >> john, is that a conspiracy
12:33 pm
theory? >> there's some sympathy for her view for those who are worried about voter suppression efforts in florida and other states. but to draw the parallel -- to draw a connection between voter suppression efforts and what darrell issa is doing on that want committee i do think strays into the realm of conspiracy theory. that doesn't make the concern that the house minority leader is expressing a wrong district attorney have. >> right. what's your reaction to what nancy pelosi said? >> my reaction right off the top is i believe there's a previous governor or current governor who tried to vote a couple of years ago who couldn't vote because he was listed as dead on the florida voter roles. in this day and age when there's so much information available electronically to match those roles with what the social securitys is administration has available, what's generally available on public sites
12:34 pm
shouldn't be that hard and really what's the most important thing we can do is ensure voter roles are as accurate as they can be. this is something we've been going over in the u.s. for decades. this should no longer be a fight. >> but this is an argument. we have sophisticated technology but the voter suppression, the voter i.d. laws are attempting to cure a problem that doesn't exist. voter suppression has been, in person voter fraud has been studied extensively. there's no problem of in person voter fraud. the efforts to demand voter i.d.s particularly in places where dmvs are located hundreds of miles away from communities and only open five hours a week this is to disfranchise 20 million people, the vast majority african-american and hispanic. you didn't respond toni of the silliness that's going on with the government reform committee
12:35 pm
with regard to the fast and furious committee. my theory is not the voter suppression, my theory is dan issa has produced almost nothing as chairman of that oversight committee. henry waxman was great when he was chairman. he produce ad lot of useful material. issa has come up with nothing. solyndra is an empty bucket. at the end of the day he'll have nothing but bagels to show. >> maybe. you want to respond. >> that's a lot of hyperbole. quite frankly, to claim executive privilege on a matter at the justice department would suggest that this goes all the way up to the president. >> no, it doesn't. you're wrong about that. >> how can you say that? >> i can say -- >> you're wrong as a matter of law. >> you know it's not that difficult for the holder folks to just go in and have a frank conversation, show the documents in a closed room and walk out with those documents. this is not -- this is really --
12:36 pm
>> with all due respect, they've provided them 7,000 documents, testified 11 times provided over a dozen witnesses. the material that the committee has been asking for, 80,000 pages, a large part of that involves things like 302, fbi investigations, grand jury material a whole host of things the committee never gets. it conceded that when it peared it's request down 1300. the 1300 have nothing to do with the gun walking operation, they are simply looking at whether there's an alleged cover up on this bizarre theory that holder was masterminding this to get tougher gun laws. it's an absurd theory. >> the bizarre theory continues. speaker boehner has addressed the contempt vote today. he stopped short of calling for the attorney general's resignation but certainly suggested underhand behavior by the white house. take a listen. >> why the white house would invoke executive privilege over
12:37 pm
department of justice documents raises very serious questions. >> john s-it fair to equate the use of executive privilege with guilt? >> that question for me? i hope so. i think it's a bit of a stretch here and one thing that i agree with everything that julian said in arguing with julianna about this point, one thing that wasn't talked about the precedent this would set in terms of internal communications between justice department officials that right now, you know, when you send an e-mail, martin, to your staff, you're going under the assumption that those communications are between the two of you and you have to worry the minute thing you say could end up in a court proceeding that will have a chilling effect on how you do
12:38 pm
your jobs how the attorney general does his or her job, how folks underneath him or her do their job. this is the sort of thing that the administration is trying to guard against. has nothing to do, i think with a cover up or it goes all the way up to the white house. it's about maintaining a privilege that i think should be there. >> i can just tell you as a matter of law, very quickly, martin, the first time the president did this was george bush 41. bush declared it, we were not able to get the documents. the only way a committee overcomes privilege is if they have compelling evidence that a crime is involved. the committee will lose. >> people died. a crime is involved. a bar we've cleared. >> thank you very much. sorry i wish we had more time. next speaker boehner says he'll have a fast and furious vote next week. great comfort for millions
12:39 pm
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the revolutionary recharge sleep system from beautyrest... it's you, fully charged. get a free set of sheets when you buy a select beautyrest mattress. hurry, offer ends soon. elect. >> legitimate investigation or crude witch-hunt. either way the republican controlled house are locked in a battle over executive privilege after a committee voted to charge eric holder with contempt. today speak john boehner promised quick action next week. >> the house will vote next week on a contempt resolution unless these documents that we're looking for are, in fact, turned over. but this is about getting to the truth for the american people and the terry family. it's not about personalities here. >> congresswoman sheila jackson
12:43 pm
lee is a democrat from texas. good afternoon to you. >> martin, good afternoon to you as well. this is a sad -- >> can i ask you, can you explain to our viewers, ma'am, why speaker boehner is so lethargic when it comes to addressing the issue of student loan rates or the desperately needed transportation bill but wants to act with such haste when it comes to holding the attorney general in contempt? >> it is absolutely baffling, martin, and as you well know, ten days before our students who are the productive persons of the next decades, students who are working hard will have their rates, their loan rates doubled. in this instance i'm saddened to hear my speaker indicate that we'll have a contempt vote in the next couple of days. even when there was an attempt to hold janet reno in contempt by the same committee under
12:44 pm
another chair person, then speaker gingrich would not bring to it the floor with common sense. what saddens me is a family has lost a loved one, mr. terry and i believe that we should be focused like eagle eyes on getting the truth. do you realize that this committee would not call ken kneel von the former head of the atf who indicated privately that no senior official in the department of justice was ever told about this because he didn't know about it. not many people know this originated out of the phoenix office. if you know the structure of government there are heads of office, regional offices that do have their own home programs and might have intended it to go well and did not. this is a foolish episode because many people don't know that the general offered everything that chairman issa wanted. the private documents or the documents that he could and could not, to list the documents that senator grassley wanted. company not provide.
12:45 pm
a briefing, a private briefing and a continuing dialogue to answer questions that he not been able to answer before because it is an ongoing criminal investigation and we want to solve this in the name of the family that has sadly lost a loved one. the general should not resign at all and frankly, martin, if i might say this, it is very uncomfortable for me to say is there something about general holder's difference that causes him to be in the eye of the storm of this committee over and over and over again when he's been a leader on getting to the hard issues in this country, including voter i.d. laws that are oppressive to many voters. >> yeah. quite remarkable that you and i should be talking about a speaker whose reputation is likely to be worse than newt gingrich's. while republicans were all over town talking about charging the attorney general with contempt the president welcomed a group of students to the white house to remind congress that if they
12:46 pm
don't act in the next ten days these kids and millions like them, my children, will face another thousand dollars in debt just this year. take a listen to this. >> this warning sounds familiar we've been talking about this for months. congress has had the time to fix this for months. it's part of the reason why everybody here looks impatient. [ laughter ] >> can i ask you this. if republicans do allow rates to double from 3.8, to 6.8 do you think that will actually help the president? >> well, you know, i know that the president's heart and mind and intent is to help the students but i think there's a long litany, martin, if you will, of inactivity and lack of work. the congress has not passed the president's jobs bill. they are still supporting 1% of the nation as the guiding force so they can keep the bush tax
12:47 pm
cuts. they are attacking the affordable care bill and when they offered a bill on the floor, the house republicans to provide relief to students desperate relief they played politics. they eliminated the preventative health care provision and the funding that's begun to save lives when you can now not have a deductible and have a co-pay if you will or support for you to do preventative care. what does that do? keep people out of ambulance, emergency rooms and hospital beds. this is what we're seeing in washington, unfortunately. and i would say this. in the spirit of collegiately, there's many on both sides of the aisles of taking off the shackles of politicizing everything. why don't we have firefighters, teachers and police officers. why don't we have a bill going forward to put thousands, millions of americans to work. why are we holding hostage to
12:48 pm
our students who we asked to go to school. i held a meeting 60 days ago and committed to the college students there who martin had horrible stories about the enormous debt they had and they needed this rate and they were begging us to act. so my point is, mr. speaker, you represent all of us. i know that you have a good heart. don't bring the content charge. let's move forward on real work that will help real americans, these students who are simply trying to invest in america by their education. let's do the right thing. let's not make history and be the only congress that has voted to in essence call the -- first of all, by the chairman of the committee call general hold ear liar which is so outrageous but ethipoian have the speaker who has many good intentions to hold this vote. that would be an extreme action and i beg of our congress not to do that. >> congresswoman that's a very heart felt appeal. congresswoman sheila jackson lee. thank you very much.
12:49 pm
>> next the white house readies their counter to mitt romney's latest charge. stay with us. >> time for your business of entrepreneur of the week. nicholas wanted to start a window washing business. to stand out he wore a scottish kilt that his wife made for him. that idea has grown to seven franchises with more in the pipeline. for more watch "your business" on sunday morning on msnbc. [ male announcer ] when this hotel added aflac
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again, the president today reminds congress that student loan rates will double in just days unless they take action. >> we've been stuck watch congress play chicken, so we're nine days away from thousands of american workers having to walk off their jobs because congress hasn't passed a transportation bill. ten days away from 7.5 million students seeing their loan rates double. >> kristen welker is live at the house. good afternoon, and speaker boehner insisted that the house will find time to vote on eric holder's charges next week, but doesn't say a word and deal iin
12:53 pm
with student loan rates. >> reporter: that's true, martin. conventional wisdom though is that the student loan rate bill will get passed by july 1st. that's of course the date those student loan rates are set to increase on thousands of students nationwide. neither party wants to be blamed for allowing student loan rates to increase, but the question is, how are they going to get a deal done? the big sticking point is how to pay for this and some interesting developments today, martin. gop leadership and the house and the senate saying they haven't been in talks with the administration on this front. administration officials particularly white house press secretary jay carney saying that members of the administration have in fact been in contact about this very matter, trying with leadership on the hill to get a deal done. so both sides sort of talking past each other at this point, but we expect a deal in the 11th hour. >> tomorrow, the president speaks to the same latino conference that had to listen to another dodge by romney when it comes to stopping the
12:54 pm
deportation of young illegal immigran immigrants. take a listen. >> some people have asked if i will let stand the president's executive order. the answer is that i will put in place my own solution to the president's temporary measure. as president, i won't settle for stopgap measures. >> and -- remind latinos that romney would vote against the dream act. >> you hear the president draw distinction between himself and mitt romney on this issue. this is a winning argument for the president according to our poll. he leads romney by about 61% to 27%. but mitt romney trying to chip away at that lead, which could make a difference in some of these key batd battleground states. >> thank you. we'll be right back.
12:55 pm
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summer in new york state has something different for everyone to love. discover what you love. visit to plan your summer trip now. it's time now to clear the air and it's not very often my experience of political history comes in handy when analyzing the activities of american politicians, but today is one of those rare moments. take a look at mitt romney's atok on the president in the form of this letterhead. now, as usual, romney fails to acknowledge that the private sector has created more than 4 million jobs in the last 27 months, but this is consistent with mitt the mendacious. as soon as i saw the letterhead, i was taken back to 1979 when margaret thatcher was fighting for the election in the u.k.
12:59 pm
and here's the ad that was produced. surprising similarities there. hang on. if you look closely, it's actually the very same image. look at the magnificent polka dots in that skirt. that image became the iconic theme of her reign as prime minister. she was described by "vanity fair" as ushering in a period of utter greed and selfishness. a political leader who once said there's no such thing as society and said about emphasizing individualism above anything else. which explains why mitt romney has stolen margaret thatcher's clothes because that's what you'll get in november. dylan, i understand you have some special guests on your show today. would you like to


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