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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  June 22, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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his re-election because he'll be addressing a conference of latino leaders in the battleground state of florida. mitt romney addressed that same group yesterday solve softening his tone on illegal illinois gration. he left out a phrase he's used in the pass, self-deport. but he again didn't get specific responding to president obama's plan to stop deporting many young illegal immigrants. >> some people have asked if i will let stand the president's executive order. the answer is that i will put in place my own long-term solution that will replace and supersede the president's temporary measure. >> well, a new poll shows the president has a big lead along hispanics among the battleground states. hispanics supported him 2 to 1 in 2008 and he's hoping to shore up that support again today. joining me now is the anchor and managing editor of hdnet's dan
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rather reports and "time" magazine's correspondent michael shearer. mitt romney's argument really is that the president is going to take your vote for granted and you have to have -- and do you have tn alternative, me. do you think he made his case, dan? >> no. not yesterday. he nibbled around the edges yesterday, changed his position ever so slightly. i think it's important to understand what this is really about is four states, florida, colorado, nevada, and virginia. those are places where even a little nudge of the hispanic vote needle in the direction of mitt romney can make a difference. he doesn't expect to get the majority of the hispanic vote. his game is to try to decrease the wide majority by which obama wins and particularly in those four states. >> is that all it takes? when we're talking about nibbling around the edges in some of these states, and you look at the polls right now, and it's incredibly tight a point or two among the hispanic vote
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could make a difference? >> absolutely. five or ten point swing in the hispanic vote is a point or two in the final vote. i think romney's problem is he's right, his advisers are right, that hispanics care about a lot more issues than immigration. the economy is a big issue. traditionally issues of immigration and respect for the community and welcoming in the community are sort of barriers to entry for republicans, and romney is struggling to overcome that because he's not willing to take a position and you can hear that. the slip you just played, it short of almost comically says people have asked me this question and the earn is i'm not going to tell you the answer but i'll have some long-term answer i will present at a later point. >> yeah. boy, did debbie wasserman schultz jump on that. let me play you a little clip of what she said after romney's speech. >> mitt romney was about as vague as he could be. there was no specific proposal, no clear path so the 12 million undocumented immigrants in this country would know under a
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romney presidency what their future would have hold. >> do you think, michael, she's previewing what we'll hear from the president? >> absolutely. the president will be very specific as a way of creating contrast. part of the president's re-election campaign premise is that we will get down in the weeds on policy because on a lot of these policies our policies, the democratic policies, actually poll better than the republican policies. that i think is what you will see again here. i wouldn't be surprised if he actually takes a direct jab at mitt romney's appearance yesterday to highlight that difference because they really do want to drive that home among these voters. >> it's also been suggested, dan, that he has to kind of explain what has happened over the last 3 1/2 years because he hasn't made good on a lot of the promise. he talked about the dream act four years ago, he talked about comprehensive immigration reform. >> each of these candidates will on certain occasions and certain
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occasions engage on this. what governor romney is doing is the old duck and dodge and the political side shuffle. that's what you will see here. you will see president obama do it sometimes. i also would not be surprised to see the president take a direct jab at him today pointing out, listen, he's just ducking and dodging. he's not dealing with the core issue. >> dan and michael, stand by. i want to bring in former new mexico governor bill rched soic. >> nice to be with you, chris. >> i should explain to people who say, wow, it looks like he's in paris, he is actually in paris. mitt romney talked more about the economy than immigration yesterday, asking the question, are you better off than you were four years ago essentially. if jobs are the number one issue, we see it in polls across the country and we see it in polls among the latino community, is that the way to actually woo latino voters? could he move a point or two in states in the southwest, in
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places like florida, virginia, with that kind of message? >> well, i think the speech that governor romney gave was disappointing because he's at about 25% of the latino vote nation nationally. he's going to need over 35% to be competitive and possibly get elected. i don't see how he can make that ground. he's had a very harsh position on immigration. what he simply said at the speech was he changed his style, substance, was more positive on words, but on deeds he fell far short. he still claims he's going to veto the dream act, which gives a path of citizenship to those who served in the military, those students. he's not for comprehensive immigration that legalizes the 12 million. he has refused to take a position on the deportation of the almost 1 million children.
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so on substance it's very hard for him to change the substance after a primary where each of the republican candidates were competing on who is harsher on immigration. he's also endorsed the arizona act which basicallylatinos. i think latinos will decide this election, because if you look at states like california, nevada, florida, new mexico, arizona, the latino vote is key there, and i don't see how he made much ground today, and so in a way i'm encouraged because i'm a strong supporter of the president and i think the latino will be a margin of victory substantially for the president and in a close race it's going to make a difference. >> governor, when i make the argue mentsz thyou just made to republicans, they say latinos are not monolithic. could be critical in florida, but also, again, they point to
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the polls that show the number one issue is the economy. the overall unemployment rate for latinos is about 11%, far above the national average. does the president need to make very specific recommendations and really drive home to the latino community the economy? >> yes. there's no question about it. for latinos, the most important issue is jobs, employment, and education. i think the president has a good record there. yeah, the 11% unemployment, this is a national problem, but the president does have a number of issues relating to latinos that lahti thoughs appeal to, education. i mentioned the dream act. i mentioned, too, the number of latinos he's appointed in his cabinet, judges throughout the administration. the fact he has tried to get comprehensive immigration but it's been republican filibusters in the congress that have
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stopped him. so, again, governor romney obviously wants to dodge the hot issues that affect latinos, immigration, education, the dream act, and focus on jobs and economic issues. tactically that makes sense, but i don't think latinos are going to buy that. they're a sophisticated group of voters. yes, there are some differences, but 70% of the latino vote is mexican-american that have that specific immigration problem. the cuban, south american, puerto rican vote, yeah, hispanics are not monolithic, but 65%, 35% has been the traditional amount that those that are elected president, democrats, have gotten in the past, and romney's at about 22% with very harsh, extremist positions. i don't even think he's going to get to 25% but we'll see. you know, this is not a
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monolithic vote. it's a young vote. it's a vote that wants to see some results, and they at least see the president as making an honest effort. >> well, john mccain has said he thinks that to win romney has to get 31%, at least the same amount he got. so it's going to be interesting to follow that. thank you so much. it's always great to see you, governor richardson, enjoy france. we wish we were there with you. >> i'm working, i'm working. i'm not -- thank you. no, i'm giving a speech here. i'm not on vacation, but thank you. >> not a bad place to have you work. thank you so much, governor. there's another part to this, michael and dan, which has to do with the big headline in politico today, and they're talking about how the left is going to spend more money, more time, more effort than they ever have before on voter i.d. laws, and they're very concerned about this. they think in many of those same states we just talked about, dan, that this could also be part of the key that could make a difference to winning or losing a state. are you surprised that the left is putting so much time,
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attention, and money into this? >> no, i'm not surprised at all because they realize how important it can be and they're fighting from behind, particularly in a state such as florida. we talk about the hispanic vote and the overall independent vote, but this may be key in a close election, and rye now those who seek to limit the number of people who street through i.d. clearly have the upper hand. you talk about spending money, remember that they on the right, if you want to call it that, on the republican side, partly thanks to this most recent supreme court decision, they have a bottomless pocket to spend, so it's advantage for them and it could be a decisive advantage. >> one of the interesting things is that there are a lot of people, and i've been hearing this increasingly, michael, who think in the end for all the money that's going to be spend on ads and i think the last number we got was $1.25 billion just on the republican side for super pacs, they're going to spend that on advertising, but there are a lot of people who think in the end this is going
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to end up being an old-fashioned ground game kind of operation and it will matter whether or not the unions go in. where do you see this fitting into the big picture. >> what you're describe something two different strategies that are being taken by the different parties. the republicans are seeing this as a wave election year. they think the economy will help drive romney into office on the back of like you said probably something like $1 billion in television advertising. democrats are playing small ball. they're going after specific constituency groups, huge voter registration drives, going door to door, doing grassroots, a lot of microtargeting to try to get specific voters out that other -- that the romney campaign probably doesn't even have the technology right now to target. and the bet -- we don't know how it's going to play out. if it is a close race, you give the advantage then to obama and the democrats. if romney is right that the
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economy is going to continue to bubble and even start to boil as an issue going into the fall, then that one or two or three-point margin you can buy with these small ball efforts may not matter and romney may be able to win walking away. >> it is fascinating to look at the polls though, dan, and see, we talked about how divided we are as a country but voters are very divided. they're divided in support by sex, by education, by race. you can go on and on and on. you look at the national polls. you look at the battleground polls and you can see that very specific chunks of the electorate favor one candidate or the other. is this going to be a lot about firing up the base or are they going to have to pull more in from the other side? >> i think it's mostly about firing up your base at this stage. remember, we're in the summer, and that's advantage republican because much of the republican base, they may or may not like mitt romney as a person but they hate obama, they really have great distaste for him, and
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that's advantage for them, whereas on president obama's side, much of his own base is disappointed. they will street for him but do they have the fire? back to the ground game/air game, i'm thinking the best grund game in politics or war aren't win without a very good air game. i think it's a good game that ground game can make a difference. it can make a difference only if it has a good air game. for example, nixon versus humphrey in 1968. humphrey and the democrats had the best ground game. president nixon had enough of a ground game that with an overwhelming air game he won. >> unbelievable. fascinating stuff always. dan rather, we love having you here. people should pick up your book. michael scherrer, great to see you. president obama is urging congress to act before the interest rate doubles on student loans. the president met with a group of college students on thursday. >> it's mind boggling we have
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it's the 40th anniversary of title 9 and u.s. secretary of education arne duncan, secretary of health and human services kathleen sebelius and other cabinet members took to the hardwood for a game of half court basketball. but the impact goes far beyond sports. nancy sports foundation, she won three golds and a silver in the 1984 olympics. >> thank you for having me.
7:18 am
>> most people think about sports when they think of title 9 but it's also about equality in the classroom as well, isn't it? >> yes. throughout entire programs it includes admissions to pregnant and parenting, to sexual harassment, to athleticathletic after-school programming. it's the whole ball of education. >> there's a whole program called s.t.e.m., about science and technology, and traditionally women have sort of gotten behind men, fallen behind. tell us a little about this program and why it's so important. >> sure. well, s.t.e.m., which is science, technology, engineering, and medicine, are all part of sort of where the skunt going to go next and what's really important for the future of our economy. what we know about athletics is that athletics actually makes students much more likely to go
7:19 am
into those s.t.e. mempm. fields. if they participate in high school likely to go into those nontraditional careers. >> last year 200,000 women were playing sports in college. but the women's sports foundation says 80% of female executives at fortune 500 companies say they played sports. that's a phenomenal number. >> isn't it? isn't it? yeah, and they all credit playing sports with teaching them things that are very difficult to learn on a blackboard. things like learning how to win, how to lose, how to postpone short-term gratification for long-term rewards. just leadership skills, how you impact the whole group. >> well, the christian science monitor wrote something very interesting and i'm going to quote it here. the share of science and path ph.d.s for women has grown from 11% to 40% since title 9 pass
7:20 am
youed about women don't always find an equal playing field in preparing for and staying in the sciences. as somebody who has bridged both, what can be done about that? >> what most people say is you need to see it before you can dream it. so you need to have those role models and make sure there's women on the faculty and who are supportive of women going into these fields. dr. may jamison, the astronaut, spoke in congress this past tuesday. she said she went to stanford and graduated not because of her professors but in spite of them. >> i think this is a widely held view, that title 9 has accomplish what had it needed to, what would you say to them? >> i would say we have -- as far as we have come is how far we have to go. so in every demographic, let's just take athletics which is sort of easy to measure because it's one of the few sex segregated areas in all of education, athletics and bathrooms really, whether you have a school with lots of
7:21 am
resources or very few resources, in every state in the country, in schools that are you're ban, rural, suburban, girls get less. girls in maine have twice as many sports experiences as boys in florida do. how much sports somebody gets is directly dependent on what kind of school they go to and what part of the country they go to. but in both maine and florida, girls get less. so we still have a lot of stereotypes like girls aren't interested in athletics in order to overcome to achieve what the full measure of title 9 was intended to bring about. >> nancy hogshead-makar, it's greet to have you on the program. >> thank you for having me on. >> there's a powerful display in the nations capital. the nonprofit group college board set up 857 empty school
7:22 am
desks on the mall. they represent the number of american students who drop out of school every hour of every day. college board is calling on the presidential candidates to make education a more prominent issue. time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. nicholas brand of seattle wanted to start a window washing business. to stand out he wore a scottish kilt, called the company men in kilts and went door to door offering his services. that attention grabbing idea has grown to sevenen f for more watch "y 7:30 sundays . . in fact, in a recent survey, 95% of people who tried it agreed that it relieved their headache fast. visit today for a special trial offer. visit havi ng a today for a special trial offer. n irregular havputs you at 5 times calgreater risk of stroke.
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to politics now where people's attitude toward gay marriage has not changed in the last month. americans are still split on the issue. president obama endorsed same-sex marriage and the poll showed that fired up his core supporters. speaker of the house john boehner is trying to temper his caucus' response to a critical supreme court decision expected next week. in a memo he writes, in the court strikes down all or part of the president's health care law, there will be no spiking of the law. check out george washington's personal copy of the constitution and bill of rights. chris chris christi's a auctions it off
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today, estimated value $3 million. yes, that is secretary of state hillary clinton. it looks like she's ready to rock at a swearing in statement for assistant secretary of public affairs mike hammer. his family all wore his favorite color, purple. she joked she needed to get into appropriate attire. it's going to be another hot weekend, perfect for grilling. if you read only one thing today, check out food and wine magazine. my must read on this foodie friday is a rich history of the hotdog enjoyed by kings, queens, and presidents alike with a few interesting recipes as well. it's worth checking out just for the photo. it's up on our facebook page. bon appetite. while brushing misses germs in 75% of your mouth, listerine® cleans virtually your entire mouth. so take your oral health to a whole new level. listerine®... power to your mouth™.
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totell congress we can't wait.eo firecongress refuses to act.s, ♪ what started as a whisper every day, millions of people choose to do the right thing. there's an insurance company that does that, too. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? one local paper describes it as the gop dream team. getting ready for a private retreat this weekend in utah. some of the several hundred guests have started arriving at
7:30 am
the posh deer valley resort ready to hear from senator john mccain, karl rove, condoleezza rice, some possible running mates are also speaking including former florida governor jeb bush, tim pawlenty, congressman paul ryan, bobby jindal. let's go live to park city, utah, and garrett hague. these events are closed to the media. what do we know about the agenda? >> reporter: yeah, chris, the whole point of this thing is to find a way to keep the donors happy and engaged. you have got a mix of social and policy and professional events over the next two days. tonight the sort of main event is this big dinner park city where governor romney and his wife will welcome everybody into town, but also you will see some of these policy round tables today. you're dealing with a lot of people, you have business owners, execs, private he can y i
7:31 am
equity folks and they talk about everything from israel to bank policy and health care overall. it's a total engagement strategy. >> they have already given a big chunk of money and i'm sure they'd love for them to bundle more but it's about making them feel like insiders, like want to feel like they have a stake in this, right? >> reporter: exactly. you have the entire top campaign leadership in park city. i don't know who is manning the fort back in boston you everybody from the campaign manager on down is here. this is an attempt to make the donors really feel like they're part of the campaign, and for a lot of these folks they are. the minimum level to get involved in this event is a $50,000 donation or a bundle and you have folks here who have helped put together fund-raisers that have raised millions for the governor's campaign. they really are just as much involved in the campaign as almost anybody else. >> it looks like a beautiful day in utah. garrett, always great to talk to you. thank you. you know where a lot of that money is going, it's going to be spent in less than a dozen key states. and today two new polls show the race for president remains very
7:32 am
tight and things are getting even more interesting in the battleground states where voters will decide this election. let me bring in b.e.t. columnist keith boykin and msnbc contributor and republican strategist susan del persio. let's start with florida, florida, florida. big shift in independent voters. look at this number. president obama now leading. had a six-point advantage just a month ago. the pollster said it's because of this independent shift, susan, is romney's message not getting through? >> not necessarily. we will see the polls move a lot, but what you do consistently see is that obama has a ceiling that he's not able to break through. he's in the mid to high 40s and romney being a new candidate and new on the scene and not been in elected office for 3 1/2 years, has a much better chance to grow. so he has to have his message -- he has to become better known and then hopefully his message is what people in florida and around the country want to hear. otherwise, it will go to the
7:33 am
president. >> except he's been running for president for the past five years. people already know who he is. >> but they really don't. you may think they do but when you look at a lot of focus groups around the country and we have just seen some by petitioner hart a well-known democratic pollster, they don't know him. they really don't. they know he's a businessman. they may know he was a former governor, they don't know -- >> or it could have something to do with the economy in florida. it has been coming pack and there are reports the romney campaign has asked the governor to stop talking about how great florida is. >> there's some controversy in several states. >> ohio. >> the romney campaign wants to pretend that the economy isn't doing so well because it's part of their campaign message that obama is ruining america and ruining the economy. so they've got to work that out. i think you have got these key swing states, florida is going to be a key state and i think it's not just the independent voters but the latino voters. you have ohio which is going to be a critical, important vote,
7:34 am
and you have got virginia where the candidates are spending a lot of money and a lot of time. those three states i think could be pivotal. >> and virginia is just even a little more interesting because you have a very hotly contested u.s. senate race there, and that's going to be the beginning and end all, frankly. i think you will see a lot of super pac money for those candidates. that could really swing i think perhaps as the election goes as virginia does. >> it was interesting watching romney's bus tour last week, just about every state. we're going to win ohio, we're going to win wisconsin. what's he going to say, we're going to lose. wisconsin is very interesting. president obama in this latest poll leads 49% to 43%. this is a marquette poll. he had an eight-point lead a month ago. but i think that there's a feeling, keith, that because of the wisconsin recall election and what happened there, that it gives romney an opening. do you buy that? >> i don't buy it but i'm glad the republicans scheme to be buying it because it's an
7:35 am
extraordinary waste of time and money on their part and maybe it's a huge head fake or something by the democrats but the polls show even though people supported walker in the recall, they still supported president obama according to the exit polls. the other part about this is three -- >> or did the republicans just have so much money they're talking about $1.25 billion from the super pacs -- >> go ahead, waste their money in wisconsin. joots just the opposite. they're saying now obama has to pay attention to wisconsin. he was originally not going to have to put any time or energy into it. i will agree with you both sides now have a strong ground game as a result and frankly the democrats have a better one. >> that's true but let me say this though. three of the six states that romney is targeting in his bus tour are a joke to me. he's not going to win michigan even though he's theoretically from there. no chance there. he's not going to win pennsylvania. they always say they can win in pennsylvania in every election and he's not going to win wisconsin. >> then let's talk about ohio. let's all agree ohio along with florida and a handful of others
7:36 am
absolutely a must-win state. let's look at the latest poll there. president obama with a six-point lead. no republican has ever won the white house without ohio. so of what does mitt romney have to do to turn that around? >> he's going to have to convince the voters that he is the one who will be the best position to take them going forward. yes, they are seeing better times in their economy, but he has -- >> their unemployment rate is below the national average. >> it is but he has to make referendum on president obama. that's how he's frankly going to win this race. it's not going to be on elect me because of my ideas as much as the democrats are going to insist on it. it is going to be a referendum on president obama. >> i think he may choose rob portman as his running mate and hope that will help him out? >> do you really think so? >> it's questionable whether running mates bring out that state for the candidate or not, but i think romney has got to do something. ohio is such a pivotal state, it couldn't hurt, but i think it's going to be a close race and the polls look good for obama considering where the economy is
7:37 am
and, you know, people would expect obama to be -- >> national poll -- the likability factor and every aspect of that so skews heavily to barack obama. >> if you don't have a job or your brother-in-law doesn't have a job or your kids -- >> but if you're in ohio -- >> you have a job or you're getting a job and -- >> and you feel the economy -- and you need someone to get the economy back on track, they are not going to go with the most likable person. if you buy that obama is doing a great job, yes, they're going to go with him. but if you think that we need to go in a different direction and that obama is not the one to take this country forward, then they're going to go with romney even if they like obama. >> one quick point, they have to have some sort of alternative, and mitt romney has yet to propose an alternative for what he's going to do to create jobs or restore the economy or create health care opportunities for people because all he's
7:38 am
basically offering, and we may disagree about this, is the same policies of the bush administration. he's yet to articulate what distinguishes himself from george w. bush. >> he doesn't have to distinguish himself from george w. but he has to flesh out more of his policies in defining himself, but it's not a kickback as much as the democrats want to keep going back to george w. bush. it's not about him. it's really about what obama is doing. >> susan, keith, thanks to both of you. thank you for coming in. also making news this morning, jurors at the trial of jersey sandusky is back to work this morning. they don't know his adopted son matt came forward for the first time to say his father abused him, too. he said he was prepared to testify for prosecutors but only contacted them after they had wrapped up their case. jurors are considering 48 charges against sandusky. a rescue mission ended in tragedy on washington's mt. rainier. a ranger fell 3,000 feet to his death trying to save four
7:39 am
injured climbers. three of the four have been rescued by helicopter. the other woman was waiting out the night with the help of other park rangers. a 12-hour standoff between taliban insurgents and afghan security forces at a kabul hotel has just come to an end. 18 people, most of them civilians, were killed. police say the insurgents first killed security guards and thern stormed inside firing at guests who were at dinner. ought outpouring of sfor for 68-year-old karyn klein. the bus monitor seen in that youtube video relentlessly getting bullied at the hands of middle schoolers. school officials are promising strong disciplinary action. some of the students are facing threats now themselves, although they have apologized an one wrote, when i saw the video i was disgusted and could not believe i did that. i will never treat anyone this way again. letters, calls, and flou verse poured in to klein but so has money. so far almost half a million --
7:40 am
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summer in new york state has something different for everyone to love. discover what you love. visit to plan your summer trip now. more passengers are satisfied with major airlines this year according to a new report by the american customer satisfaction index, but some airlines are doing better than others. toward the bottom of the list, united airlines. a score of 62 out of 100 followed by american at 64. delta, 65. and after 18 years of leading the airline industry in passenger satisfaction, southwest is down to number two with a score of 77. asci attributed the decent in part to their merger with air-tran. the new number one with a score of 81 a jetblue. it's all the free snacks and that satellite tv. take a look at this, those -- take a look at this,
7:44 am
this. there we go. those are current gas prices in greenville, south carolina. well below $3 a gallon. c cnbc is live at the nasdaq with what is moving your money. tell me it's true that by the end of the year most of the country could see gas prices like that? >> good morning. well, it could be. this is good news for consumers. the current average national gas price is $3.45 a gallon. that's down 47 cents from this year's high and down nearly 5% on the year. as oil prices have been declining on concerns about global economic growth, those gas prices have taken a hit and that could encourage consumers to spend a bit more which could help the big picture of it. >> the social media world was in chaos yesterday. usa today describes it as tweet-pocalyp tweet-pocalypse. >> this was twitter's largest outage of the year. the service went out just before noon but it wam back up 70 minutes later before two more
7:45 am
outages. some would say this was good news for some addicts. espn magazine writer ryan mcgee later writed, twitter went down, i looked up and was like who are these people in my house? it turns out i have a wife and daughter. >> that's a great tweet. cnbc's jackie deangelus. there are some new salvos in the campaign ad wars. romney is launching a four-state ad blitz while president obama makes a new appeal in the war for women voters. >> president romney's first 100 days. what will they mean for iowa, virginia, for ohio, and for north carolina? >> president obama knows that women being paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men isn't just unfair, it hurts families. >> i'm joined by ad expert howard bragman, vice chairman of and chairman of 15 minutes public relations. always great to have you in new york. you can get whiplash looking at
7:46 am
all the new ads. we're drilling down on a few of them. let's start with mitt romney's four state specific ads. >> by day 100 president romney reversed president obama's offshore drilling ban. president romney's leadership brings new certainty to our economy and the promise of new banking and high-tech jobs. president romney repeals regulations that are strangling our energy industry. >> let me ask you about strategy. it's the sam ad but you insert, insert virginia basically. smart though? >> you know, there's a problem, and i want to refer to what susan was talking about. she said voters in florida don't yet know mitt romney, and i took a little -- i listened to that closely. i was down there visiting my parents during the primary. mitt romney spent tens of millions of dollars there. his message is consistently i'm not barack obama and these things that he did, i'm going to undo. >> so in terms of specificity,
7:47 am
here is what i will do, he hasn't -- >> much less of that, and he hasn't written his own biography. he needs to write his bio. he needs to have a morning in america moment and define who he is very well and he hasn't done it. >> we mention that barack obama is doing some ads in key battleground states that target women. take a look. >> the son of a single mom, proud father of two lawyers, president obama knows that women being paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men isn't just unfair, it hurts families. so the first law he signed was the lily ledbetter fair pay act. >> the president already leads significantly with women, so what does an ad like that do for him? >> he wants to maintain and grow that lead. somebody said looking at some of the republican policies that how can you even be a woman and vote for a republican in this day and age? and it's not quite there, but it's approaching that, and so
7:48 am
he's going to use every advantage he can to get this market for him. >> let me play a couple ads from both sides, a friend of the show is glen kessler of the "washington post," and he rates these ads for how truthful they are. both of these ads got the dreaded four pinocchio status. here they are. >> but as a corporate raider, he shipped jobs to china and mexico. as governor he did the same thing. the obama administration admitted the truth, that $2.3 billion of tax credits went overseas while millions of americans can't find a job. >> both of these ads were rated whoppers. they were judged to have taken facts out of context, but if it's a good ad, howard, does it matter? >> no, but neither of these were particularly interesting or good ads, which is -- if there's a really powerful ad and it's got a -- >> if it fudges a little. >> we will be talking about it. these just went under.
7:49 am
>> we've asked this before, but as i see ads and as i'm traveling and, you know, heading to different battleground states frankly, i'm going to be in virginia later today, i'm going to ohio over the fourth of july, i will see them more in real time as a real person as opposed to watching them on my computer, how do you break through the cacophony of ad after ad after ad. >> truth is you are never going to break through unless somebody comes up with their daisy ad or some amazing political ad. what you want to do is reinforce the message, you want to do it on tv, you want to do it on the internet, door to door, in malls, everywhere they can. this is a ground game campaign, and while romney will have an ad advantage, i think the president has a ground ground game advantage. >> there are going to be thousands of ads in local races. joseph wurzelbacher is out with a provocative ad. >> in 1939 germany established
7:50 am
gun control. from 1939 to 1945 6 million jews and 7 million others unable to defend themselves were exterminated. i love america. >> it's getting a lot of attention and when he was asked about it being offensive, he said those who are offended probably are serving a political agenda. do you take a risk with an ad like that? >> not if you're joe the plumber. he's happy for any attention, and i want to remind joe wurzelbacher, germany banned unions, too, okay? >> and speaking of congressional ads, "the washington post" points out that many of them this year never use the word congress. so people are running for congress, but given the fact that i think their approval rating has been as low as 10% or 11% this year, they don't even said the word. is that crazy? >> it's not testing. it's a dirty word and nobody is going to say that well. >> it's not testing well, we keep it out. howard bragman, always wonderful
7:51 am
to have you here. much to my chagrin as a cleveland cavs fan, after nine seasons king james has finally gotten his crown. he did it for the i'm heat who beat the oklahoma city thunder to win the nba title. the victory has been trending on twitter. today's tweet comes from ted deutsche, remember the day lebron and chris bosh joined dwyane wade with the heat. this is the feeling we hoped to have one day, nba champions. congratulations. ♪ no time for losers cause we are the champions of the world ♪ . today training depends on technology. and when it takes a battery, there are athletes everywhere who trust duracell. they rely on copper to go for the gold. duracell. trusted everywhere. the teacher that comes to mind for me is my high school math teacher, dr. gilmore.
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crazy british hats and doggy do rags. let's go down to the wire. incredit ige video released by the charlotte, north carolina, transit system showing a crash between one of its trains and an suv. police say the driver wasn't paying attention and tried to run the stop gate.
7:55 am
remarkably he wasn't seriously hurt. a california couple has reunited a lost wedding ring from 1961 with its owner's widow. the couple found the ring in the used car they had bought. it had been sold in texas but they tracked down the owner just 50 miles from them in california. the royal ascot races in great britain are known for the ladies hat. check out the full meal. or what about a spot of tea? they're getting in the olympic spirit with this torch hat. the fashion police were on hand but not to judge the hats. they were enforcing a strict dress code. and if you want to, quote, bring out the inner rock star in your dog, bret michaels out with his pets rock collection. pets mart launched it. that wraps up this hour of "jansing & co." i'm chris jansing. i hope you have a great weekend. thomas roberts is up next. >> does pets rock compete with a
7:56 am
pet rock? >> i don't think so, but let me get back to you. if you give the pet rock to your dog it might hurt his teeth. >> yes, i would not recommend it. hi, everybody. good morning. neck hour, the jerry sandusky jury could come back at any hour. more on the bombshell that he abused his adopted son. plus president obama taking the stage today. not only is it a chance to reinforce his new focus on immigration but will today's speech be a redo on his economic message in ohio? and by far the coolest story of the. of sea exploration. details about the sci-fi reality of the sea orbiter. when are you going to be seeing it sail into an ocean near you? we will have that. ♪ [ honk! ] ♪ [ honk! ] ♪
7:57 am
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