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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  June 26, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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vote against attorney general eric holder just a short time ago. jay carney insisted yet again, this is all about politics as congressman darrell issa suggested to president obama. abusing his power when he went to the white house. he's saying that obama should use his executive privilege in turning over more documents in the fast and furious program. either you or your most senior advisors were involved in operating fast and furious and the fallout from it. or you're asserting a presidential power solely for the purpose of further obstructing a congressional reputation. this is a much different conversation than the congressman had on sunday. >> do you have any evidence that white house officials were involved in these decisions, that he knowingly left congress
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and that he was involved in a cover-up. >> and we're seeking documents that we know to exist until december, that in fact people knew about brian terry's murder and who know and why people were lying about it. >> congresswoman, thank you so much for joining us again, it's pretty interesting, this letter that was sent by congressman issa does not contain the house gop leadership as his prior letter did. what do you make of this for the congressman? >> this is -- chairman issa is on a path that's not going to bring him the kind offed -- we e so many bills that are tending right now, that we should be taking action on, the surface transportation act which will expire this weekend, the student
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loan interest rate, which expires this weekend, and what are we doing? we're talking about holding the attorney general in contempt because he won't release documents from february 2 to december 2, that have nothing to do with a gun walking, but more to do with when did they find out that in fact the letter that they had sent was inaccurate. they pulled the letter, they did the right thing, so there's no coverup here. this is high stakes politics at its worst. >> you think that congressman issa was looking for adulation. there's no evidence that the white house was involved in the decision and knowingly misled congress, but here we have this letter released to the public, it was embargoed, actually dated monday and then makie ining heas here today.
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what was mr. issa's motivation? >> i'm not going to speak to his motive, but he's not going to implicate that the president knew about fast and furious. why is he now changing his tune kept that it creates new headlines. >> let's play senator mccain please. >> and any attorney general of the united states is held in contempt, whether it be republicans or democrats, it's obviously a tremendous blow to that individual's credibility. >> so as it stands, this vote will happen on thursday, do you believe in any last-minute, i don't even know what to call it at this point, a compromise, since that seems to be a dirty word these days in the belt way. what do you hope is a realistic thing to come out on thursday. >> i'm hoping that the public is go to rise up and say enough of
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this nonsense. if the polls reflect that they're not going the traction they want politically, then i think you're going to see an effort made to try and negotiate a solution. attorney general holder has said we are willing to work with you. it was attorney general mukasey, under george w. bush who said that interoffice memos, are indeed eligible for attorney-client privilege. this is much ado -- i'm not saying nothing, but much ado about something, and guns are coming across the border right now and people are getting killed and we're not doing anything about it. >> if the house passes the contempt vote, it would be the first time ever a current
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attorney general was held in contempt of congress. in fact today's political report offered issa no evidence to back up his association, joining me is part of the team who wrote that article, jonathan allen, one of the writers. jonathan, it's a great pleasure to have you on here. >> good to see you, tamron. >> thursday we'll see what the supreme court votes on health care. the timing of this all very interesting, as noted by many others, this vote could have moved from thursday. >> it could have been moved from thursday and it's going to make for an awkward white house picnic this week with democratic members and republican members up at the white house. there are differences of opinion within republican circles as to how to approach this, when the vote should take place, it is
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likely now to be thursday, it is possible in addition to the contempt on a critical level, they might vote on a civil con tell measure, which would allow them to pursue it with more action. there's still some discussion going on about how that should be handled. there's definitely concern about the optics of all this. >> you noted in your piece dated monday, just sent out this morning, was not signed by gop leadership as another letter that congressman issa previously sent. do we know why. >> it's not clear if congressman issa asked for leadership. but having republican leadership on board would make it clear that it was a unified republican push to send this letter. barring that, you would have to ask each of those members.
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>> i don't want to ask you to read the tea leaves or dig into some kind of tarot card here, you noted it in the piece that some of these other gop leaders were not on it. what kind of pressure is issa getting from republicans who say i want to talk to the -- already what are they 13% favorability rating that this congress has? >> first of all, i'm willing to play psychic. you can address that to politico, but as far as the concerns of the republican party, i think early on the leadership was very concerned this was going to look bad, be a distraction from the economy and after the contempt vote was held last week and there was a lot of attention in the committee, i think they were much more on board, i think they were much more energetic. i think the republican party is
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upset at the white house for not producing documents. there's a lot of am nitty here, it looks likes there's some personal amnity. coming up, is mitt romney the reluctant candidate? he's run for office twice, but he's still walking on eggshells about the big issues. plus in the last hour, we have got the results from a brand-new nbc news poll and this is the question, if the supreme court rules the health care law is constitutional, would you be pleased, disappointed or have mixed feelings? we'll have the result of that. plus the latest on the condition of congressman jesse jackson jr., he's taken a
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now to decision 2012, and mitt romney's struggle to react to the supreme court's ruling on arizona's immigration law, he's been walking a tight rope on his position. we got new words out of governor romney out of virginia. >> now the supreme court's looked at it and what we're left with is a bit of a muddle. but what we know is, the president failed to lead. he failed to do what he said
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he'd do. >> romney reacted in a statement saying that the state has the right to enforce federal laws if the federal government doesn't o'o'. >> jonathan allen, senior white house reporter for politico. governor romney, without cameras present after an event and in all of places arizona yesterday, said that he would have preferred to see the supreme court give more latitude to the states not less. again, a reluctant answer from governor romney on this. he said these are things that he would like to, if possible, ignore. what's your take? >> he's trying to please a number of different constituencies, he's trying to placate the gop base, this continues to be a red hot issue.
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you know, that group of folks are intent on trumpeting the fact that one of those provisions, the controversial provision was upheld at least temporarily by the court. he definitely needs to do -- his attempt to be. >> i think it's also -- state's right to protect its borders, but as you and others, the sprk supreme court decisions believes there aren't limits to states rights. we saw this in the montana versus the state finance division as well. we know that both sides here play politics, but mitt romney seems to believe that you can run out the clock and continue
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to pivot on the economy. he's got to be able to react to these things, you can't just say, adjective, verb, economy. >> you know, the clip you heard before, mitt romney was talking about how the supreme court had a bit of a muddle and journalists were having trouble interpreting exactly what the court meant at first. but his answers have been somewhat muddled on this. he's trying to placate the gop base and at the same time pay attention to the sensitivities of independents and even some democrats who want to see more liberal immigration policy. he knows he's got a problem with hispanics in terms of trailing by a wide margin in the polls. so this is a difficult issue for him, he of course would like to talk about the economy, and if there's a romney administration, they will also have a difficult navigation to do. >> but playing to sensitivity again, we would expect from the
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president or even the presumptive gop nominee, governor romney, but when you have a reputation for being a person who flip-flops, you also have documented proof of being a a -- your sensitivity can come off as a little bit, something else, jonathan. >> that's a nice fill in the blank, there, tamron. i was hoping you were going to call on michael there. >> you're going to pivot there? >> i'm personally going to flip-flop here and give you one on the other. i think obviously it's a difficult issue and the primary campaign proud that he was talking to was very different than the general election crowd. mitt romney is not the first candidate to face that, but he's certainly had narratives of one time he said one thing and then the next time he said the opposite. he doesn't want to come out
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strongly in opposition of something that he's said before, for fear of being labelled a flip-flopper again. >> let me play what his traveling secretary rick gorka was on camera, he was being asked about the supreme court decision, and the governor's react on it. >> what is your position on the supreme court decision? >> it's the thing -- >> is it fair to say that he as opinion on that? >> yes. i'll say it again and again and again for you, the governor understands that states have their own rights to secure their own borders and address immigration. >> we didn't know what the supreme court could decide, but we knew the decision would come monday or thursday. does that seem like a team prepared to respond? >> i think that's one of the big picture issues.
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this was in the pipeline, we all knew it was coming this week, he was traveling in arizona on the very day that the decision came down, you would think that they would have better prepared. my second take away, tamron, is next week is the fourth of july, if you had said to me 60 days ago that we would head into july without mitt romney having pivoted back towards the center, i would say that never happened, he will make some kind of a move. he either believes he can win on the economy alone or secondly because the conservatives are holding his feet to the fire. >> jonathan, what's your take on that observation? >> i these he's absolutely right, there's a large portion of the republican party that is very disturbed at the idea that immigration laws would be
11:19 am
broken, that they wouldn't be prosecuted, that the federal government hasn't done more to control the border. this is an issue that is a big part of republican primary debates and there's a significant portion of republican parties who would like to see something done about the immigration problem that takes into account those that were here illegally by no choice of their own and those who have been there abiding by laws other than those they have broken to get here in the first place. it's a difficult issue, michael's also right that there was going to have to be a pivot back toward the middle. the question of states rights is one that the supreme court decided in its decision, so i think it's an unusual answer that the states should have the authority. >> thank you, guys. tropical storm debby forces officials to close a 50-mile
11:20 am
stretch of the main interstate in northern florida. thank you for youkilis. >> a little laughter, a little booing amongst friends and supporters. that's nothing, what the white house says really happened at a boston fund-raiser when the president kind of dised the red socks. he's a white sox man. there are primaries and runoff days in six states. charlie wrangle is facing the toughest challenge of his four-decade career. he was forced to run in a newly redrun terrific. the 80-year-old once towering figures in new york politics and on the national stage has seen his reputation tarnished by ethics investigations and scandals. and republican senator orrin
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new oscar mayer selects hotdogs. made with 100% beef and no artificial preservatives. it's yes food. welcome back, tropical storm debby is jumping as much as five inches of rain an hour. parts of interstate 10, northern florida's main highway actually had to be closed down due to a lot of flooding, the storm has left tens of thousands of people without power. mike seidel is live in cedar key, florida. a lot of water behind you, on monday, the governor declared a state wide emergency there? >> it's level one, so that gives the opportunity to get needed services out even the national guards, as far as cedar key goes, we're still getting winds of up to 40 miles an hour.
11:25 am
we have been watching this, debby is finally accelerating, we thought we were going on out here until thursday, or at least until tomorrow. but it's moving out at 6-mile-per-hour, with that speed it would put the center on land about 5:00 this afternoon east coast time. that means it would weaken to a depression not long after. but the center doesn't mean anything really in this storm, but it's been unlike a true tropical storm, you've got the eyewall, and some of the worst weather and then the surge. the point where it comes in is kind immaterial. the real flooding was down around apalachicola, where they had 20 inches of rain. and live oak, just off i-10, the downtown area there is under water not from weather flooding,
11:26 am
but from river flooding. local amounts could still add up four to five inches in northern florida, across i-10 to jacksonville. better news all around as it is on the move, we still have a lot of standing water, we still have a lot of people evacuated out at pasco, north carolina. all the beaches that are really on the west coast and sides are running above average, it's going to take another day or two before the water settles down on the turf. >> that storm can't get soon enough for those people down there. the results of our brand-new nbc news poll, the question that was posed, if the supreme court rules the health care law is constitutional, would you be pleased, disappointed or have mixed feelings? we'll have the results of the answer. plus -- there's no way that i will do this because it's really not me.
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if you made a list of countries from around the world... ...with the best math scores. ...the united states would be on that list. in 25th place. let's raise academic standards across the nation. let's get back to the head of the class. let's solve this. now to the results of that new nbc news poll question, we have been telling you about, regarding the supreme court's m impending decision on obama's health care law. according to the new nbc news
11:31 am
"wall street journal" poll, 289% say they would be pleased with that ruling, 35% say they would be disappointed, 34% said they would have mixed feelings. let's go to mark murray, let's dig into the numbers because you have some people who believe that the number of negative ads against the health care law made a difference as to how people view this law. >> to the second point you were talking about, when you look at the individual components of the health care law, it's actually rather popular, when you encome pass either -- the liberal columnist for "the washington post" actually put this very well. where the health care law has almost been caught in this vicious cycle. it was somewhat unpopular right after passage in 2010, and because of that unpopularism,
11:32 am
the democrats have not wanted to talk about it. and romney and other republicans are talking about it a lot. so when democrats are not really touting its achievements, and republicans are doing all the talking, that creates a vicious cycle that all of a sudden the law becomes more unpopular and unpopular. >> does that also dig into people seeing the overall health care laws something not appealing to them, but when you break it down for their families, are we seeing a difference there? >> not a whole lot of difference. what stuck out to me was the 55% who said they wouldn't be impacted either way. you had 18% who actually said the mandate would help them, they would be helped if the mandate was struck down. 35% say 245i8d- >> the health care question mark, good idea, bad idea, no
11:33 am
opinion. this is interesting as well. >> it is interesting as well and it does show you overall that the republicans are all over -- i would make the point, that this has been a pretty stable set of numbers that we have had since 2011, even going back to 2010, where you kind of know where the politics are here. we have had this discussion about americans' at studs whether it's sfound constitutional or unconstitutional. a lot of people have mixed feelings and how the court rules on thursday, could really end up shaping and influencing this law. if it is found constitutional, it won't be surprising that this gets more popular. >> and the spin on this will be important as well. and as mark mentioned, with the high court's decision expected in just two days, both sides are
11:34 am
preparing for what could be the next dramatic battle in health care, what to do with the supreme court upholds the law, but strikes down that individual mandate? let me bring in virginia, health care reporter for politico, jennifer, for the time that you've given us, you pointed out in your piece that if bill doesn't -- that falls exactly into what mark murray was discussing with the polling here, that depending on what the justices decide, many people are kind of waiting to formulate their own opinion based on this decision when it comes out on thursday. >> it's pretty unlikely that the court is going to strike down the entire law, so if it strikes down just a piece of it, we're going to see both sides saying this is a win or lose for president obama or republicans. so that spin is really going to
11:35 am
shake the law going forward. >> people were saying it's a split decision, but within minutes, republicans saw it as a victory, and jan brewer saying this was vindication. as well talking about just the fallout, i know it was hard to determine early on who was the winner and who was the loser because everyone was claiming a piece of a victory and we could see this thursday 123. >> the real fight is going to be over did mandate matter? some of the president's allies are saying the mandate was important, but it's not the biggest piece of the law and that the law can survive without it, and we're seeing republicans saying that the mandate was one of the three legs in a stool and once you take that out, the rest of the law needs to fall down with it. >> you also pointed out a piece
11:36 am
that the law without the mandate certainly could use forward. that seems like an insuremontable challenge, as you pointed out, the wagons will circle and the fight will be for the rest of the law. >> there will be a debate whether the policy is move forward without the mandate. but it's also the policy. if the supreme court comes back and says this is unconstitutional. that's going to be a tough battle to overcome. this law isn't very popular as your poll pointed out. and for the court to say that some of it is unconstitutional is going to be hard for the president and his allies to try to move forward and put the law in place. >> jennifer, thank you very much. grateful for what you have posted online. it's showdown time again, as if showdown time ever left. we have been talking a lot about student loans and unless congress acts, interest rates on
11:37 am
federally subsidized loans will double this saturday to 6.8%. there is a partisan battle over how to pay the nearly $6 billion price tag for extending the rate for another year. we have law professor glen harlan. >> i always -- the bottom line is for people who have student loans, the mere thought of your rate going up by this significant amount could put you out of your home, could keep you have having a vehicle, maybe even going into repo, this is real dollars, when you talk about billions, people can't relate to that. but you're talking about -- >> current student loan payers, the average student loan borr borrower will be affected to the
11:38 am
tune of about 1,000 throughout the loan. but the average student loan borrower is not the one that has a six figure loan. >> i don't know the exact percentage, it's a significant number and i personally have had students graduate with as much as $400,000 in student loan debt. it's just really quite distressing and i think that's really the mistake of arguing about student loans, the problem is not so much student loans, but the fact is that college costs have gone up so high. college costs have gone up faster than income, faster than medical costs and housing costs and it's something that can't go on forever, and this just can't go on forever. >> when you talk about higher learning, people feel that perhaps we are to fault meaning
11:39 am
people who want to go to prestigious universities or universities with these higher costs and they don't select out these yuan universities that don't cost quite as much. >> for a lot of people a prestigious college has been a buy in to a higher level of the american cast system. and student loan debt the crippling. if you ran up several hundred thousa thousand -- >> we know that the boogie man used to be credit card debt, but after the recession, many people pulled away from credit cards, but to your point, student loan debt is very different. >> yes, it absolutely follows you more or less forever, it's
11:40 am
extremely hard to get out from under. and right now, there's actually more student loan debt than there is credit card debt in this country and a substantial portion of it is late, people are not paying on time, they're not paying their balances down. there are $279 billion in student loan payments that are more than 30 days overdue. that's pretty serious. >> that is very serious. >> we will see if congress acts before it is too late for those students who could be affected by this. glen reynolds, i certainly appreciate your time. coming up, jerry sandusky's adopted son matt now describing in his own words the sexual abuse he says he suffered years at the hands of the man he considered his dad. we'll play his conversation with police. but first, there's a lot going on today, and there are some things we just thought you should know. former secretary of state
11:41 am
condoleezza rice has flat out rejected any chance at being romney's running mate. rice also topped the recent survey of who republicans want to fill the ticket with. but on cbs this morning, the former top diplomat said romney should look elsewhere. >> i'm saying there's no way that i will do this. because it's really not me. i know my strengths and governor romney needs to find someone who wants to run with him, and there are very many people who want to do it and i think they'll do very, very well and i support them. >> jesse jackson is currently being investigated by an ethics panel when he was -- meanwhile the president got some tough love from his supporters in boston last night.
11:42 am
take a listen to the crowd's reaction when the president poked a little fun at the recent trade of long-time red sox player kevin youkilis, to his favorite team the chicago white sox. >> thank you for youkilis. >> boo! >> i'm just saying, he's going to have to change the color of his sox. >> i didn't think i could get any booze out here, but i shouldn't have brought up baseball, i understand, my mistake. my mistake, you got to know your crowd. >> today white house press secretary jay carney says those were not boos, but the crowd was yelling yous, for youkilis.
11:43 am
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part of a famous mural of jerry sandusky has been replaced. the image of sandusky has been replaced by a symbol of awareness of child sexual abuse. right now jerry sandusky is awaiting a decision from the jury. matt sandusky told police he had been abused by his father. we have the recording where matt talked to the police. >> jerry sandusky's adopted son matt in his own words describes for the first time how he says he was molesteded by his father. >> with like, the showering, with the hugging, just the talking to me, the way we spoke. >> nbc news has exclusively obtained a 29-minute tape
11:47 am
recorded by police detectives the week before jerry sandusky's conviction. at the time they were preparing sandusky's son to appear as a surprise prosecution witness at jerry sandusky's trial. matt told the police that he would avoid being touched, sometimes getting into a fetal position when his father came in his room. matt met jerry sandusky through the second mile, he told police on the tape he was off and on molested from eight to 15. like many boys, he began staying the night at the household. jerry sandusky -- >> and when you were staying at his house, and he began to come into your bedroom at night and he would blow a rasp berry on
11:48 am
your genital. >> one night fleeing barefoot to high in his grandfather's basement. he also said he tried to commit suicide. >> i know that i really wanted to die at that point in time. >> reporter: matt says he's been seeing a therapist and memories of his abuse are just now coming back. >> and you said at the beginning of our interview that last night that things happened to you, but as you can recall, there was no oral sex or penetration or anything like that? >> not they know of. >> matt sandusky was coming forward now so his family would know what really happened. >> so they can really have closure and see what the truth actually is and just to right the wrong, honestly of going to the grand jury and lying. >> sandusky's offer to testify was a crucial turning point in his father's trial. when jerry learned that.
11:49 am
>> -- when jerry heard that initially, he was very upset and i can tell you the next day when we were preparing, that was the most despond dent i had seen him. >> do we believe what matt sandusky had to say? absolutely not. he's not a beaten man. he is pacing a cell right now being held in solitary confinement, wanting to get out and get his story out and continue to defend himself. >> i don't think jerry believes there's anything to feel sorry for, at this point he maintains his innocence adamantly. and facebook angers users by changing their mail addresses. facebook users logged on to the
11:50 am
site monday to find that the e-mail addresses they listed on their profiles when they signed up had been rwe placed with a nw e-mail. facebook said it notified users in april that it would be updating. grass prices hit their lowst point since january. the national average is $3.40 per gallon. and the centers for disease control and prevention announced new plans today to offer free hiv testing at drugstores. the pilot program is being offered in 24 cities and rural communities. health officials estimate nearly 20% of the 1.1 million americans infected with hiv don't know. and coming up, our news nation gut check, is orbitz ripping off mac users? you can always join the news
11:51 am
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time you can join the news station on twitter, find our twitter page, it's @news nation. i'm getting ahead of myself, because now it is time for the gut check. the popular website orbitz now admits it delivers pricier upscale results to people who own mac users as opposed to pc. orbitz has responded by saying they in no way showed the same hotel room at different prices and it has always allowed users to search for cheaper options. just as mac users are able to spend more for higher end computers, we have teen that mac
11:55 am
users are more incline to want five-star hotels than pc users. that move will cause mac users to stop using orbitz all together. do you feel that orbitz is ripping off mac users by showing more expensive search results. go to >> regarding the supreme court's striking down most of arizona's tough immigration law, the high court upheld that so called show me your papers part of the law. do you agree with folks that agree that the rules could open up to the potential of racial profiling. 92% of you said yes on that question, 8% of you said no. that does it for this edition of
11:56 am
news nation. i'm tamara hall. tomorrow on news nation, i'll be able to talk to nbc legend magic johnson about the launch of his fire, the cycle is up next. [ male announcer ] research suggests the health of our cells plays a key role throughout our entire lives. ♪ one a day men's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age.
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chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. it's 3:00 in boston, 2:00 in dallas and high noon in seattle. here's what's going on in the cycle today. vice grip, the four of us are picking mitt romney's number two. so watch out republicans. >> we're throwing the supreme court into the spin cycle. after immigration, but before health care. >> i'm crystal ball and in the guest spot, hanging with the boys, the woman who broke into facebook's social network and i'm talking to her right here. all that plus my thoughts on why the president might be a man who was running from himself.


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