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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  June 27, 2012 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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71. the question this morning is -- which was your favorite nora ephron flick, we look back at her life and her career. meanwhile, with new nbc polls reminding us that this presidential race is air-tight, vice president joe biden hits the campaign trail, slamming mitt romney's time at bain capital and saying that romney is in fact a job creator, just for countries outside the united states. the question is how are the campaigns positioning themselves for tomorrow's supreme court ruling on health care? we'll hear from them. it was a night of early showers in the big leagues with players, managers, maybe even hot dog vendors getting tossed by umpires. the question is, should they have tossed the yankee outfielder who fooled the umps into thinking he made this great diving catch into the stands -- he didn't. it's "way too early" for this. good morning, i'm willie geist and this is "way too early," the show that's not
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fooling anybody. i'm glad you're up with us watching ones in nbc or listening live on sirius xm radio. email us, tweet me, or you can do what dwayne wise does and text the word awake followed by your response to 622639. we'll read the best responses later in the show. your next 30 minutes will be cram session for this wednesday, june 27th. a lot to tell but. including a couple of washington institutions, orrin hatch and charlie wrangle getting runs for their money in primary elections. plus, lebron on letterman. >> now you got this out of your system, you're ready to go back to cleveland and play some ball? >> dave gives a good grilling to the new nba champion, that's later in the show. first, let's get to the news, live at 5:30 a.m. here at 30 rock in new york city. you probably heard by now the sad news that author, screenwriter and director, nora ephron, died last night of pneumonia after a battle with leukemia.
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she leaves behind a resumé packed with hollywood hits. ephron last wrote and directed in 2009, "julie and julia" the story of a blogger who makes each one of the recipes from julia child's' cookbook. she captured the craze of email with tom hanks and meg ryan in the 1998 film, "you've got mail" and earlier "sleepless in seattle" where a widower finds love from across the country. and then the new york favorite, "when harry met sally" a love letter to new york city where ephron was born. >> what can i get you? >> i'll have a number three. >> i'd like the chef's salad with the oil and vinegar on the side. >> but i'd like the pie heated and i don't want it on top i'd like it on the side. and then. >> not even the pie. >> no, just the pie, but then
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not heated. >> what? >> actor billy crystal said in a statement, i'm sad to learn of nora's passing, she was a brilliant writer and humorist. being her harry to meg's sally will always have a special place in my heart. i was very lucky to get to say her words. ephron wrote a number of books and plays, including one expected to open next year. she was a frequent guest on "morning joe" and loved talking about the business that made her a household name. >> i worked at one point for a very difficult person, a very famously difficult person. and he had never been difficult with me. i don't know what everyone is talking about. he's so sweet. he's fine with me. one day he called me up and he -- and he yelled at me. and i was fascinated. i was completely fascinated that
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he yelled at me. i, no one had ever yelled at me. and i was on the phone and he yelled and yelled and it was more and more hurtful. and afterwards, when i told one of my colleagues, he said to me -- no, no, no, nora, you're not supposed to listen to that. you're supposed to say, you know, this is a terrible connection, i can't hear you. and just hang up. >> that was nora ephron, in 2011, she was 71 years old when she died last night. mike barnicle is with me. first things first, last night i saw the news come across my blackberry, that she was gravely ill and then two hours later, she had passed away. i saw her a month ago at dinner, no indication whatsoever. >> i, too, had had dinner with nora ephron, i had dinner with her and her husband relatively brief period of time ago. i did not know that she was so
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critical. i was aware that she had a blood disorder, leukemia. but i was stunned by the speed with which her being gravely ill was announced and then her death, hours later. >> can you capture her greatness in words? can you articulate it somehow? what was her appeal. because there was something different and extraordinary about her. >> you know, willie, as you know, it's very hard to be funny. and some people are just naturally funny. nora ephron had a wry sense of humor, but she had an outlook on life that allowed her to take a scene that you would see on a sidewalk, from a park bench, in a restaurant, and translate that into a universal comedic moment on film. but apart from that, at dinner, or encountering her on the street, she was an observer of life and had an amusing outlook on life. she was an enormously generous
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person in terms of her abilities and talent, that she would try to lend you some of what she had to help you. she was just a wonderful, wonderful, human being. >> meryl streep said that last night in "the new york times" obituary. if she had of to call her for a joke or a piece of advice, she was always there for her. you mentioned nij polleji, we'll talk more on "morning joe," thanks for getting up early. we'll have a big roundtable discussion of nora ephron's life coming up at the top of the morning on "morning joe." now we transfer to politics where the obama campaign is doubling down on its attacks against mitt romney. joe biden leading the way. he was in iowa framing the republican candidate as out of touch on jobs and the economy. the same themes featured in a new obama campaign ad running in the ball game states of virginia and ohio. romney's record at bain capital, among the obama team's top targets.
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>> here's the bottom line, folks. bain and their companies, they made a great deal of money. facilitating this outsourcing. and offshoring american jobs. yeah, they made a lot of money. but in the process, they devastated, they devastated a whole american communities. so you got to give mitt romney credit. he's a job creator. in singapore, china, india, he's been very good at creating jobs -- overseas. the president is out of touch when the president encouraged young people to try to get manufacturing jobs, he said out of touch. out of touch? a prospect of a president with a swiss bank account and a retirement investments in the cayman islands? all kidding aside. did you ever think you'd be choosing between two people running for president, one of whom had a swiss bank account? >> our new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll out last night shows this is a tight race.
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the numbers getting a bit worse in some areas for both candidates. the president and mitt romney in a statistical tie. president obama up three points within the margin of error. for the first time since december, president obama upside-down in this poll on his approval rating with 47% approving of his job in office. that again, though, within the margin of error. and while president obama's personal ratings remain consistent, mitt romney's numbers have dropped over the last month. 39% now have a negative opinion of governor romney. that ties his all-time high in this poll. when the two candidates are compared in 12 battleground states, president obama's lead has grown since may by two points of the he's up now 50% to 42%, in 12 battleground states. tomorrow of course supreme court is set to rule on president obama's affordable care act. the nbc poll shows 37% of the country would be pleased if the health care law were found unconstitutional. only 22% said they would be disappointed by that news.
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39% say mixed feelings. speaking from salem, virginia, mr. romney said the supreme kurt's decision 0 would not have been necessary if president obama had worked with congress and the states. >> this is a busy week for the supreme court. i think, i think all their work highlights the leadership failures of our current president. if obama care is not deemed constitutional, then the first three and a half years of this president's term will have been wasted on something that has not helped the american people. if it is deemed to stand, then i'll tell you one thing, we're going to have to have the president, and i'm the one going to get rid of obama care, we're going to stop it on day one. facing a volatile political landscape, two long-time lawmakers, two bold-faced names in washington face primary challenges yesterday. chalking up wins for the establishment on both sides of the aisle. in utah it was six-term republican senator, orrin hatch, able to hold off his tea party challenger.
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he did more than hold off, he won by 34%. avoiding the fate of fellow senator dick luger who lost to a tea party-backed candidate in last month's indiana republican primary. in new york, charlie wrangle able to win the democratic primary, 46-40. his seat, the one he's held since 1970, was considered up for grabs. after he was censured by the house for 11 ethics violations, including failure to pay taxes. an upset of wrangle would have been a stunning development when you consider he won his last three general elections with an average of 88% of the vote. both hatch and wrangle are considered favorites now to win re-election in november. still ahead this morning on "way too early," youk-gate, were boston fans booing the president or just paying tribute to their departed kevin youkilis, with a
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"youk" call. plus the latest on the wildfires around colorado springs that boent quit. we'll show you where the fight against the flames is headed now. you get a check on the weather, when "way too early" comes back. a routine police raid on an unlicensed bar, the stonewall inn, a gay bar in greenwich village, suddenly the customers were giving the police a hard time. there was a confrontation in the streets. ♪
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it is 5:44 in the morning, the sun is up as you look at a live picture of the white house. let's check the weather from bill karins. >> a little bit of everything today, getting rid of our tropical storm, the horrible fires and the heat wave. let's start with the fire that
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the ones we showed you in waldo canyon fire. this one burned many structures, temperatures near 100 degrees, winds gusting up to 30 miles per hour. this fire jumped the containment lines and went right into town and burned down these hillsides, mass evacuations in the area. here's the location of the fire burning along highway 24 between there and 25. only about a mile from the u.s. air force academy. it does not look like they're in any danger there. but 32,000 people evacuated. this fire still only 5% contained. it's going to be a warm day today, not quite as bad as yesterday there will be a chance of some afternoon thunderstorms, which is good or bad. it could rain, which would help. but if we get the thunderstorms and the lightning, we could see new fires forming, also. now down to florida, the storm has weakened enough, now it's heading into central florida and out into the open atlantic. we're done with the historic flooding from the storm. and then finally, the heat wave that is once again producing some of the hottest temperatures we've ever seen in the heartland is heading across the country. today, 100 in kansas city,
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tomorrow the heat goes into chicago, indianapolis and louisville. many areas from the ohio valley to the tennessee valley near 100. and then why not, let's push it all to the east coast this is going to be an historic heat wave by the end of the week, willie geist. >> we'll check in with you on "morning joe." to sports after years of pleading countless hours fighting about this on sports talk radio. college football fans finally officially now have their wish. a 14-playoff format, formally approved by a presidential oversight committee yesterday will be implemented for the 2014 college football season. new postseason system running through 2025 will feature four teams selected and seeded by a committee, two national semifinal games played on either new year's eve or new year's day, a national championship game awarded to the highest-bidding city. important details to be decided. who will be part of the committee responsible for picking the four-playoff team. you've got it, fans, a playoff
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in college football. we told you president obama appeared to have run afoul of red sox fans with some ill-timed comments in boston at an event about the trade of kevin youkilis to the president's beloved white sox. listen to the reaction of the crowd at the fundraiser on sunday night. this is in boston. >> i want to say thank you for youkilis. [ crowd booing ] >> i'm just saying -- going to have to change the color of his socks. >> so we thought yesterday a lot of people thought it sounded like booing from the boston fans, but jay carney, the white house press secretary attempted to clarify that reaction yesterday on air force one. he took up the issue telling reporters quote anyone who knows boston knows the red sox and in the room last night knows the preponderance of people shourting in response to what
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the president said about kevin youkilis were saying "youk" and not boo, for god's sake. with that in mind, the president may have been looking for some sports redemption last night in miami as he waded into the seemingly safer territory of congratulating the nba heat on their nba title. >> it would be incomplete if i did not congratulate the city of miami for having the world champion miami heat here in town. >> he gets a pat, miami heat, we know he knows basketball. lebron james's victory continue last night on the "late show" with david letterman, the finals mvp came out to a standing ovation. once he took his seat, dave letterman grilled him about why he took his talents to south beach. >> well now that you got this out of your system, you're ready to go back to cleveland and play some ball? i was on you, i was furious at
2:49 am
you, i just thought, you know, you don't care, do you? >> that it was on me? >> the opportunity was there, by god, i'm going to stick it out in cleveland and lift that city. >> you know, i heard all of that, too, from you. i thought we were friends. >> we are friends, that's why it hurt me. >> this is my fifth time on here with you, david. >> here's another cleveland question. there's no way to know this, but what would it have felt like if you were in cleveland and won the championship there? would it have been better? or would this one be better? >> i think the feeling that i had on thursday, i could have been on mars and won that championship and felt amazing. it was better than what i expected. >> dave not letting him off the hook. tonchts baseball, a strange night in the bronx as the yankees hosted the indians. seventh inning, jack hannahan at
2:50 am
the plate, left field, dwayne wise comes over, goes into the crowd, it looks like he comes out with the ball. a great diving catch. except he didn't catch the ball. the hit is out of the glove, the umpire didn't notice in the scrum with the fans, wise picks up the ball. then later hannahan tells umpire what happened, he gets run and had to be physically separated from the umpire. the yankees won 6-4 on derek jeter's birthday. more umpire intrigue on wrigley mets and cubs, off a swing and a miss, josh tolly makes a snap throw to first, appears to pick off the runner, but first base ump calls him safe. makes a little contact with the ump. you can't do that, goes hat to hat and then here comes -- wow. davis gets an early trip to the showers. replay showed david did appear to get the tag down. the argument continues, all for
2:51 am
an eye. oh, he missed him. he missed the tag. he missed the tag. says the peanut gallery. cubs beat the mets 5-3. and there you have it. marlins hosting the cardinals, carlos zambrano's pitches ruled ball four. he didn't like the call. we get the umpire theme here, ozzie guillen getting a word with the umpire. he gets himself run in miami. this is his first ejection as marlins skipper. a pretty tame one. a tame one by ozzie's standards. marlins lost 5-2. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," nora ephron, broke the news to all of us on when "harry met sally" that men and women can never be friends. more of her wisdom on the morning after her death. we'll look back at the life and death of a hollywood icon and we'll huddle around the water cooler to watch the return of rick perry to the national stage. something tore which jon stewart
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♪ it had to be you >> i love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich. i love that you get a little crinkle above your nose when you lack at me like i'm nuts. i love that after i spend a day with you i can still smell your
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perfume on my clothes. >> if you're just waking up and didn't hear, nora ephron has died at the age of 71 after a fight with leukemia, she wrote and directed classics like "when harry met sally" and "sleepless in seattle" films directed by nora ephron, beginning with "this is my life" in 1992 and last one in 2009, you've got mail grossed $250 million ace loan. the domestic earnings were more than three times its budget. we'll have more on the life of nora ephron coming up in a few minutes on "morning joe." we move now to the water cooler to watch jon stewart welcome the return of texas governor rick perry to the national conversation. this time, to help explain "fast and furious." >> the debate over president obama's assertion of executive privilege in "fast and furious"
2:56 am
carries echoes of watergate. >> watergate-like environment. >> watergate looks like child's play compared to what we're seeing. >> child's play. it's child's play. fast and furious would be like if monica lewinsky went down on iran contra during the bay of pigs invasion. there's only two problems with fast and furious being obama's watergate. i'll let governor rick perry explain problem number one. >> you got to admit, this is almost nixonian if not absolutely nixonian in the cover-up that's going on with this fast and furious. >> what exactly are you accusing of president of here, governor? >> i don't know. that's the issue. >> i don't know. that's what's so nixonian about it. >> still ahead on "way too early," why are you awake? your lone star tweets, texts and
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