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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  June 29, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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health and health care, we americans have no obstacle to doing what is right, so let's put our heads in the pillow tonight saying this is a good day for our country, a good day to have lived and known we live in a good country, one that is trying harder each generation to be better. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "the ed show" with ed schultz starts right now. good evening, americans, and welcome to "the ed show" live from washington, d.c. the american people have won a historic victory in the supreme court. the affordable care act is constitutional and nothing will ever change that. that is "the ed show," let's get to work. the bottom line here is the supreme court has withheld the health care law. >> the supreme court has stunned the nation. the affordable care act is here to stay. >> the highest court in the land has now spoken. we will continue to implement this law. >> the law would not have passed without democratic leader nancy pelosi. tonight she joins me for an exclusive interview on today's
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ruling. >> so it's not a job killer. >> it's not. it creates 4 million. >> on mitt romney's reaction to the ruling. >> listening to mitt romney today was confused. >> and the future for single payer. >> as far as our families are concerned, the best is yet to ç come as more of this bill, of this act, unfold. also tonight, former governor howard dean and congressman george miller on how this ruling will change your life forever. karen finney on the politics of the ruling and the far right wing reaction. >> this was an activist court that you saw today. >> all that and the democrats walk out as darrel issa's political witch hunt comes to an ugly end. >> it's clear they were not interested in bringing an end to this dispute or even obtaining the information they say they wanted. ultimately, their goal was to vote that helps special interest they now have engineered. >> good to have you with us tonight, folks, thanks for watching. it's a great day for democrats, the president of the united
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states, barack obama, and for all americans who rely on fair and affordable health care in this country. now, the supreme court voted to uphold the individual mandate in the affordable care act. the decision leaves the president's signature legislative achievement almost completely intact. the controlling opinion was written by chief justice john roberts, which surprised a lot of folks. roberts broke away from the court conservatives to side with the obama administration in declaring the law constitutional. the ruling gives president obama a chance to restate and reset the table when it comes to health care in this country. he explained today what the law does for a vast majority of americans. >> today's decision was a victory for people all over this country whose lives will be more secure because of this law and the supreme court's decision toç uphold it. and because this law has a direct impact on so many americans, i want to take this opportunity to talk about what exactly it means for you.
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first, if you're one of the more than 250 million americans who already have health insurance, you will keep your health insurance. this law will only make it more secure and more affordable. insurance companies can no longer impose lifetime limits on the amount of care you receive. they can no longer discriminate against children with pre-existing conditions. they can no longer drop your coverage if you get sick. they can no longer jack up your premiums without reason. they are required to provide free preventive care like check-ups and mammograms, a provision that's already helped 54 million americans with private insurance, and by this august, nearly 13 million of you will receive a rebate from your insurance company because it spent too much on things like administrative costs and ceo bonuses and not enough on your health care. there's more. because of the affordable care act, young adults under the age
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of 26 are able to stay on their parents' health care plans, a provision that's already helped 6 million young americans, and because of the affordable care act, seniors receive a discount on their prescription drugs, a discount that's already saved more than 5 million seniors on medicare about $600 each. >> health care reform in america is most important for the millions who cannot afford the high cost of private insurance. the president told those ç americans what they can rely on as this law is fully implemented. >> if you're one of the 30 million americans who don't yet have health insurance, starting in 2014, this law will offer you an array of quality, affordable private health insurance plans to choose from. if you're sick, you'll finally have the same chance to get quality affordable health care as everyone else. and if you can't afford the premiums, you'll receive a credit that helps pay for it. >> president obama closed his remarks today with a story about
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one person's struggle with the previous health care system. >> there's a framed letter that hangs in my office right now. it was sent to me during the health care debate by a woman named natoma canfield. for years and years, natoma did everything right. she bought health insurance, she paid her premiums on time, but 18 years ago, natoma was diagnosed with cancer, and even though she'd been cancer free for more than a decade, her insurance company kept jacking up her rates year after year, and despite her desire to keep her coverage, despite her fears that she would get sick again, she had to surrender her health insurance and was forced to hang her fortunes on chance. natoma is well today, and because of this law, there are other americans, other sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, who will not have to hang their fortunes on chance. these are the americans for whom we passed this law.
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>> and we are told the president called that lady tonight to congratulate her. the court decision mazkr an end to the second major battle over health care reform. republicans are determined to have a third battle. their only recourse is to tell the american people that they will repeal the law. mitt romney said the court's decision was wrong and he will dedicate his presidency to fighting it. >> what the court did not do on its last day in session, i will do on my first day if elected president of the united states. and that is, i will act to repeal obamacare. let's make clear that we understand what the court did and did not do. what the court did today was say that obamacare does not violate the constitution. what they did not do was say that obamacare is a good law or that it's good policy. >> well, mitt romney needs to get with the program. it's not the job of the supreme court to decide whether a law is good policy. the supreme court decides
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whether a law is valid by the letter of the united states constitution. there is no more debate over the affordable care act. it is constitutional. this is a day of vindication in my respects. every democratic president since franklin roosevelt had health care reform on their agenda. there's a feeling among the democrats here in washington that they have really accomplished something that is going to be great for generations to come. as joe biden said, leaving out the f-word, this really is a big deal. get your cell phones out, i want to know what you think tonight, did the supreme court make the right decision, text a for yes, b for no, you can always go to ç our blog, we'll bring you the results later on in the show. i'm joined tonight by the senior democrat on the house education and workforce committee, george miller of california and howard dean, former governor of vermont and chairman of the dnc. congressman, let me start with you.
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i believe if i have my numbers right, 38 years ago you were elected to the congress, you wanted to stop the war in vietnam and get affordable health care. >> it's a very, very exciting day for the american people. just think, they have access to affordable health care that cannot be taken away, and they control their health care decisions now, not the insurance companies. >> what does this mean, there's more to come, does this set the table? >> this sets the table in terms of the benefits that the president outlined that cut through the entire american society of people benefitting from this, including small businesses that are getting the tax credits, but we know there's more to come, because there's more to come from the republicans who have now decided they'll launch a legislative assault against what happened today, where for the first time in the history of this country, americans have health care that can't be taken away, that's affordable, and they get all of the additional benefits of reduced cost for prescription
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drugs and for wellness care, for mammograms, all the things that are important to families. >> i went to the republican briefing on the hill today. they are calling it a job killer. they are saying it's terrible for small business. you didn't say that. >> the fact is, we have about 300,000 small businesses and 2 million of their employees have gotten health care since this ç became the law because they get credits to help pay for the health care. these small businesses want to offer health care, they couldn't afford it. now they can and they are doing it. >> governor dean, we know one thing about the republicans, they don't give up, and the next four months are going to be politically brutal. first of all, your response to the ruling today. i know you're not a fan of the mandate. your response to the ruling and your coaching, so to speak, on how the democrats have to sell this the next four months and run on it. >> first of all, this was a great ruling, not in the least because john roberts, they are going to have a hard time calling john roberts a social itself, even on fox news. secondly, governor romney, if
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governor romney hadn't been governor of massachusetts, we wouldn't be seeing this bill, because he pioneered the bill, so for him to criticize is it just ludicrous. thirdly, george is right, i wasn't a big fan of the bill, thought the house did a great job of the bill, wasn't a fan as it came out of the senate, but there are a lot of good things in this bill that are going to make a big difference to people. i'm a little nervous about the medicaid ruling because medicaid has insured more people under this bill than anything else, and i want to take a look and see if that got undermined by the reservations judge justice roberts had, but in general, it's a great day for the president and all the people who worked hard to do this. this is not the way i would have done it, but this is a universal system, other countries use this universal system and it's time america join the reck -- rest of the world. >> governor dean, should democrats run on this, should they go home and say this is ç what we accomplished, the supreme court's with us and let's move forward, is that a
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good play for the democrats? >> they can, ed, but the truth is the republicans are doing this to whip up their base, they are not doing this because -- swing voters like what's in this bill. they do. they don't like the mandate, but they do like the benefits for their kids, for their parents, their ability to move their insurance if they lose their job. one of the terrifying things about losing your job when you're 55 is you'll never get insurance again, now you will because obama and the democrats in the united states. again, this election is going to be on the economy and whether people trust mitt romney to represent their interests, which they overwhelmingly do not, because they know he's for the 1%. i think this is a great day for the democrats, and they've earned it. >> mitt romney made a lot of misleading statements about the law today in his statement. here it is. >> obamacare adds trillions to our deficits and to our national debt and pushes those obligations on to coming generations.
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obamacare also means that for up to 20 million americans, they will lose the insurance they currently have, the insurance that they like and they want to keep. obamacare is a job killer./ó >> congressman, it's like it's two different worlds. >> it is two different worlds. >> is he lying to the american people? >> he's misleading the american people. he's lying to the american people, because that's not what it does. he knows that the congressional budget office says that this saves over $1 trillion in reducing health care costs over the coming years. it's the beginning of the reduction of health care costs.ç we see small businesses expanding their businesses, providing health care to their employees because they get some assistance through the job credits, and remember this, something else goes along with this health care coverage that can never be taken away, economic security. you know how many millions of americans in this recession lost their health care because they lost their job, not because they weren't good workers, it's because of the scandals on wall
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street they lost their jobs, then they lost their health care, and then they ended up in bankruptcy court. that doesn't happen to people in the future, and for people who want to start a business but worry about leaving the company they are with because their wife and spouse -- their spouse, if you will, and child, they can now be entrepreneurial. they can start businesses. this is economic security and economic growth for this nation, because health care was going up 16% a year before we ever talked about introducing this bill. companies were coming in all of the time and saying i'm going to drop my health care, i'm going to drop my health care, i'm going to drop my health care. >> governor dean, i want to ask about how you think the romney campaign is going to move forward. i think it's going to be easier for him because now he doesn't have to come up with a health care plan, all he has to do is run against obamacare, as he calls it. >> yeah, but the problem is, the court has given its -- when you
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have a court, especially led by a conservative, who everybody knows is a conservative who supports this, that gives obama some cover.ç unintended consequences, most of which is good, for example, it is true that small businesses in droves are going to put their people out of their own insurance and into the exchanges. that's going to be great for the small businesses and good for the employees who are now going to have insurance that doesn't depend on their employment. so even some of the things that weren't intended in this bill are going to be very good. the acos, which is a complicated thing we don't have to get into is probably going to end up reforming the way we pay for health care, so there's a lot of stuff in this bill that's going to work out very, very well. there's some things, the expenses are going to have to be dealt with down the road, but this is a big step forward. >> and we should point out that the medicare expansion is going to be paid for with federal funds the first three years 100%.
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>> yes, medicaid. >> medicaid, medicaid. >> i'd like to hear what george says about this, because this is a critical piece, and i think congress is going to have to deal with that. that's the one thing i worry about. >> the medicaid expansion, 100% paid for the first three years. >> then it goes down to 90%. >> how are republicans going to say no to that money? >> i don't think they are. this is the highest cost sharing they've had from the federal government in history, and i think very clearly that this is very helpful to the governors getting these people covered, because otherwise these unreimbursed costs are laid off on to the state taxpayer or to the hospitals and their users or to the insured, so this is very helpful to the governors. i know philosophically a handful won't like it, they'll be showing up to ask for the program.ç >> i know both of you gentlemen have dedicated your careers to doing something about health care in this country and something really got done today. congressman george miller and howard dean, great to have you with us tonight on "the ed show."
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remember to answer tonight's question, share your thoughts on twitter, we want to know what you think. up next, my exclusive interview with nancy pelosi, who takes a real whack at mitt romney. stay with us.
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coming up, my exclusive interview with house democratic leader nancy pelosi. hear her thoughts on today's ruling, on mitt romney's reaction to the ruling, and the future of single pair, which is what democrats really want. later, democrats walk out on darrel issa's witch hunt and the attorney general is fighting back. keith ellison is here with me tonight. share your thoughts on twitter using the #edshow. we are coming right back.
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welcome back to "the ed show." this is a big day for president obama and the progressive movement in this country. but it would have never happened if it had not been for the speaker of the house at the time who never gave up. democratic leader nancy pelosi sat down with me for an exclusive interview just hous after the ruling today. i asked her if she feels vindicated after fighting for reform. >> i don't know if vindicated is the word. i'm very, very happy. i always knew -- i always thought this would be upheld.ç this is about people said, oh, people suffer because politically because of this vote, i think the election of 2010 was about 9.5% unemployment. $200 million was spent misrepresenting the health care bill, 9% unemployment, hard to get through that shield to
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explain anything, but our members felt proud of what they did. we feel we stand in the ranks of those who passed social security, medicare, now health care for all americans as a right, not a privilege. so we came to do a job and now we're glad that the court upholds it. >> there's a lot of americans out there that stood with you on health care. they are not in the congress today, the tea party ran against them, the tea party went after them on this health care bill. what do you say to them, was that a courageous vote? >> they stood very strong, and i've heard from most of them today, after the election when we met, they said i would never reverse my vote on health care for any reason. that's what i came there to do. >> what are the next four months going to be like coming into the election, mr. boehner said the american people are going to have to decide whether they want this or not. >> i think the decision has been made. the more people who are taking
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advantage of the health care reform, some of the provisions that are already in effect, know how important it is to them, whether it's pre-existing conditions, staying on your parents' plan, whether it's lower-cost drugs, prescription drugs for seniors, those kinds of issues, and the more people know what it means to them, theç more popular the bill will be, no matter what the other side says. >> listening to mitt romney today, he's clearly going to run against this. is this a political winner? >> i think, listening to mitt romney today was confused, because it was as if he was for it before he was against it, and now he's both. he supports the decision of the court to overturn the entire bill and yet he said, but if they do that, you still cannot be discriminated on the basis of pre-existing medical conditions. how's that happen? is he going to pay for it? maybe he's volunteering, but the fact is, you cannot have it both ways.
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>> president obama said today that this is going to reduce costs, president obama said today that this is going to save the country money. >> that's right. >> in the other room, the republicans are saying that, no, this is going to blow up the deficit and the cbo scores it as a financial winner over the long haul. who's telling the truth? >> well, first of all, when we did the bill, one of the main purposes of the bill, in addition to the right of people to have access to health care, the cost of health care in our country was totally unsustainable, for individuals, for families, for businesses large and small, for governments, state, local, and federal budgets, and for our economy, because the health care costs are as competitive as this issue, so lowering cost was an essential part of how we went down this path, but also it has built into it studies from the institute of medicine, et cetera, to say we have to make choices in care that are about volume -- not about volume, butç value, not volume, quality, not
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quantity of procedures, addressing regional disparities, all of that technical, but nonetheless substantial in terms of cost. >> but they say it's not cost efficient and they are going to run on that. >> you know what, we'll just have to have that debate, because what they want is insurance companies to have their way. it's just what it is. you have a combination of health insurance industry and the anti-government ideologues who go out there and fight against this bill. what they want is for the insurance companies -- had a good gig, huh, they could charge anything, ever increase the cost, you get sick, you use your policy and then if you're -- you can even have your policy rescinded on the way to the operating room. >> they spent a lot of money telling the american people this is not good and the next four months is going to be important messaging to the american people
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that this is good. >> yes, but i think elections are always about jobs. they are always about jobs, so that's really what the -- the debate will be. >> they call it a job killer. >> it creates 4 million health insurance -- health care is the fastest-growing entity in our economy. >> so it's not a job killer? >> it's not. it creates 4 million jobs, reduces the deficits, improves quality, and expands coverage. >> your thoughts on chief justice roberts' decision. >> it was consistent with his writings and pronouncements in ç the past about the extent of the court, the supreme court's role, in passing on constitutionality. that's why i always said seven -- 6-3, i anticipated we could possibly get kennedy, but i was wrong, but we did win, and i was right on that. >> you had a very emotional
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phone call this morning with vicky kennedy? >> i did. i called vicky as soon as we knew to make sure, because i didn't know if she had the tv on or what. i called vicky and said thank you, congratulations, and she was saying the same thing back to me, and i said to her, you know, we all know this would not have happened without teddy, it was his life's work, called the great unfinished business of our country. now finally teddy, as far as health care is concerned, can rest in peace. >> but how do you feel that you're going to be remembered as the speaker that went back in and saved it? i remember a conversation i had with robert gibbs, he said we're not going to get health care, and a few days later, you went in and revived it. >> i never -- it was never a thought in my mind that we wouldn't have it. i don't care what anybody else had to say about it. >> you were going to do it. >> we were going to do it of the we had the urgency, we had the value, we had the votes, and we were going to make it happen.
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some of the -- you know, one of these days in conversation we can talk about those who wanted to wait until we could get 60 votes and i was saying, i'm going 51. >> finally, is this ç kennedy-like, didn't get everything, but you got a, you know, you got a great start and you got some great things. that was kind of his philosophy, take what you can get and move it forward. >> we got much more than that. we got much more than that. yes, teddy was a person who said, you know, you have to see a victory and recognize it when it is in sight. i wanted to have a bill that accomplished the same things as a single payer or a public option would do. even if we couldn't get the votes in the senate to do the public option, and i believe we did that. i think we would have saved more money if we had the public option, and i think that -- but i think that our purposes are served by this, and if it enabled us to go forward, then so be it.
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one of these days, i do still believe that the decision -- the judgment will be made maybe by states about their doing single payer on their own and the rest, but in the meantime, as far as meeting the needs of individuals and families, we're there and as i keep saying, as far as our families are concerned, the best is yet to come. coming up, the witch hunt about republican congressman darrel issa came to a ridiculous political peak today. congressman keith ellison of minnesota joins me. and also congressman mike pence compared today's health care ruling to 9/11? karen finney will weigh in on the republican reaction. stay tuned. we're right back.
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i think the action by the republicans is contemptible. i think they thought it was going to go their way and they'd have a one-two punch. they might have a one-two punch, but it might be coming their way. >> welcome back to "the ed show." that was part of what nancy pelosi had to say about the farce that took place on the house floor today. for the first time in american history, a cabinet member was held in contempt of congress by the full house of representatives. the criminal contempt vote against eric holder passed with 238 republicans and 17 democrats. two republicans voted against it.
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the civil contempt vote passed by similar margins, all led by republican congressman darrel issa and his house oversight committee. the congressional black caucus led a walk-out and they were joined by most democrats in protesting this ugly political ploy. >> this is not about oversight. this is about overkill. we're here to say today that we believe that there's something evil about using the procedures of the house, especially something as severe as holding someone in contempt of congress to further political aims is noç why the american people sent us here. >> the criminal contempt citation will now be referred to a u.s. attorney to decide whether his boss, the attorney general eric holder, is a criminal.
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this is not likely to happen. the civil contempt charge is referred to a federal judge to decide if holder must turn over more documents. today, attorney general eric holder called this for what it is. >> today's vote may make for good political theater in the minds of some, but it is at base both a crass effort and grave to the american people. ultimately, their goal was the vote that, with the help of special interests, they now have engineered. a great deal of work for the american people remains to be done. i'm going to be getting back to it. i suggest that those who orchestrated today's vote do the same. >> let's turn to congressman keith ellison, minnesota co-chair of the congressional progressive caucus. strange day at the office. i think the republicans thought they were going to be 2-0. they lost the ruling, then, of course, they did get this. political stunt, no doubt, how
12:35 am
furious are democrats over this? >> well, i think that we're disgusted. i think that's the main prevailing emotion, you know, of course, we're angry, but it's -- when you see somebody misuse the political process this way to secure a cheap political point, and here's the other thing, i was talking to some of the people who were voting for it, they said that the nra, national rifle association, scored it, ç which means they are going to get you if you don't go their way. that was unfortunate. the attorney general eluded to special interests, that's the special interests that's at work here. >> you think the nra intimidated the 17 democrats? >> yes, i challenge them to deny it. they made it very clear it would be a scored vote, and, you know, look, they have a monopoly on the conversation around guns, and their logic's convoluted, though, what they seem to suggest is that their vote
12:36 am
against holder would, because they thought that this -- that this might bring forth gun control legislation or might justify gun control legislation. >> that's bogus. >> well, it's absurd, but, you know, it proves that they have been so successful on capital hill, they have to go look for people to fight with. >> here's more from leader nancy pelosi and eric holder today. >> their premise is false. i contend that it has more to do of tying the hands of the attorney general's responsibilities to stop the voter suppression that is out there. >> challenging proposed voting changes and redistricting maps that would potentially disenfranchise millions of voters. some of these decisions were not politically popular and helped explain the actions that were taken today by the house. >> holder was a class act today. i think he handled it about as good as he could handle it. congressman, you have a lot of work to do in the house, transportation bill, still ráhrá going to be like
12:37 am
working with these republicans under this situation? >> well, you know, it's ridiculous. we just go week after week after week where they don't put any jobs legislation, they are letting the costs of education go up, they are not dealing with transportation, which if we don't get this thing done, it's going to cause layoffs all over the country. it reminds me last year where they let all those people get out of work and let all the costs mount. it is -- it is legislative malpractice and that's all i can call it. >> back to the national rifle association, if i may, why can't democrats get in caucus and say this, here's what we say, i'm not going to vote for contempt and i'm not going to take your firearm? >> well, you know what, if they would -- if we're dealing with rational people, i think we'd be in a different space, but look, we've had a rash of very serious things happen with guns in this country, not the least of which is the tragedy in tucson, and
12:38 am
yet you don't see any major gun control legislation moving forward. why? because these people have got a stranglehold and i'm not speculating. i was told on good authority people voted the way they did, because they feared, because this was a scored vote by the nra. >> congressman keith ellison, thanks for joining us tonight, appreciate it so much. a lot more coming up the next half hour of "the ed show," stay with us. i'm angry, mad, at chief justice john roberts. >> in my mind, this is clearly unconstitutional. >> the far right wing reaction to the supreme court gets out of control.ç congressman mike pence of indiana compares today's ruling to 9/11. up next, karen finney on the political fallout for the president and the people who can't stand him. and what does today's ruling mean for the american middle class? >> i brought my health care bill to washington. on your kitchen table, i'm getting the same thing.
12:39 am
i have been on this story since day one. tonight, my look at how today's ruling will change america forever. i know a lot of coverage
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i know a lot of coverage through this health care debate has focussed on what it means politically. well, it should be pretty clear by now that i didn't do this because it was good politics. did it because i believed it was good for the country. >> president obama earlier reacting to the supreme court's decision to uphold the affordable care act. the republicans had a slightly different reaction to today's ruling. congressman jack kingston summed up his emotions this way "with the obama care ruling, i feel like i just lost two great friends, america and justice roberts." it seems like kingston and his fellow republicans are going through, i guess you could say, the five stages of grief. first, congresswoman jean
12:43 am
schmidt was clearly in denial when she got some bad intel from inside the courtroom. >> what else? >> speak! >> oh, my gosh! no! they took it away? >> after denial comes anger. >> i'm angry, mad at chief justice john roberts. look at justice for potential impeachment. >> the government could decide we're going to tax you if you don't eat broccoli on tuesday. apparently, that's not constitutional. >> freedom is under assault here. they are taking away americans' freedom. >> this is the first time anything like this has happened. this is a turning point in american history. we will never be the same again. >> anger then turns into bargaining. >> i think the real outcome of
12:44 am
today's decision is to strengthen our resolve to make sure that this law is, in fact, repealed. >> republicans won't let up whatsoever in our determination to repeal this terrible law. >> bargaining gives way to depression. >> well, i'm not very happy. in fact, i'm surprised, shocked is a better word, bitterly disappointed. >> and finally, acceptance. >> i'm disappointed, but you know what, i've got a smile on my face, because i think this is going to elect mitt romney, the 45th president of the united states. >> one problem with that, romneycare paved the way for obamacare, but now that he's running for president, mitt romney says he's against what he was once for. romney argues it was legal for massachusetts to require a mandate, but it's illegal to require a mandate at the federal level because it violates the constitution.
12:45 am
today's decision from roberts, the roberts' court takes away that argument, so now the gop is adopting a new tactic, reframing the debate.ç >> the issue is not about health care anymore, it's about taxes. >> the president said it's not a tax, it is a tax on the american people. >> it's a tax increase. millions of americans may now have an irs problem. >> i kind of feel like i'm watching that old movie "the godfather" and the american people looked the godfather in the face and he said i'm going to make you a offer you can't refuse, that offer, i'm going to sell you my insurance, if you don't, i'm going to tax you. >> karen finney, well, let's go to your expertise, communications director, they turned this into a tax. >> here's the problem, they are going to explain and romney is going to have to explain why he imposed a tax against the good people of massachusetts. that's already a narrative we know people don't like.
12:46 am
>> the gop has been saying for years that president obama doesn't respect the constitution. now one of their guys has said, well, you know what, his law's constitutional. how much of a problem is that for him on the trail? >> that's a big problem for republicans. you know the other thing, ed, think about how many times conservatives, tea partiers, birthers, have tried to undermine the authority of this president, we've had a number of decisions, two important ones this week that affirm the federal government and this president and democrats. >> congressman mike pence likened it to 9/11. are we going to hear more of this stuff? >> sure, they are going to do everything they can, we saw some on fox news already trying to whip people up and get the crowds back out there, but ç here's the problem, ed, now they are going to have to campaign on why they are going to have to take something away from you, your child, your mother or father. >> what kind of summer are we going to see? is this going to revive the tea party demonstrations and the rallies and what not?
12:47 am
is this health care law, even though it's been ruled by the supreme court to be constitutional and legal, what opening does this leave the tea party, if any? >> hopefully, it doesn't. democrats can't let the tea party have any opening, and what i hope to see is democrats put republicans on defense for a change on this issue, and again, make them explain why they are going to take something away from the american people. we now have a new opportunity to talk about what's in this law and what benefits people. >> can the president talk about this enough on the campaign trail? >> no. he's got to keep talking, because here's the thing, it's a personal issue, it's a family issue, it's an economic issue. it ties into everything, so i think the president's got to talk about it, and i hope down ballot candidates, democrats, will also keep talking about. >> i think the republicans are really hurting themselves politically on this contempt vote and i think the 17 democrats that did it are going to end up paying a political price as well, even though the nra is so powerful and they scored it.
12:48 am
how does this play out, something the democrats aren't going to forget happened? >> i think that democratic voters, the base of this party, are not going to forget that this happened. they are not going to forget how shameful this is and already people talking about they are never going to support those 17 democrats ever again, so it was a pretty shameful day for the republican-led congress.ç >> thanks for coming in, thanks so much. coming up, today's surprise court ruling is a great day for americans, but republicans couldn't disagree more. i'll weigh in on today's historic decision. stay tuned.
12:49 am
still to come on "the ed show," today was a big victory for all americans. more on the supreme court's historic health care ruling and what it means for the future. my commentary. don't forget to listen to me on sirius xm radio monday through friday noon to 3:00 p.m. we'll have a lot to say about this tomorrow. follow me on twitter and "like"ç "the ed show" on facebook.
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welcome back to "the ed show." tonight in our survey, i asked you, did the supreme court make the right decision on the health care law? 95% of you said yes, 5% of you said no. coming up, today's historic supreme court ruling upheld a law that fixes problems i've been talking about on "the ed show" since the day i walked in the door here at msnbc. i'll weigh in on what it means for average americans and the middle class next. [ male announcer ] it seems like every company
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and the big finish tonight, no doubt a big day for america. when i first came here to msnbc, in fact, i was in this studio on my very first show when i pulled out my health care bill and highlighted the problem of skyrocketing health care costs for average americans.ç >> you know what they are talking about out there across america? health care, health care, health care. in fact, i brought my health care bill to washington. now, this is what americans are putting up with. it's the economy, it's jobs, but on your kitchen table, i'm getting the same thing, an increase of 20%. >> three and a half years later, i have in my hand tonight the latest congressional budget office projection of a health care bill that will save americans money. bring down costs, and cover more
12:57 am
than 33 million people. that's progress. i was on the hill today, and there was a tremendous amount of jubilation, excitement, and a real sense of accomplishment for the democrats. the press briefing for the republicans was like somebody died, a morgue, and a lot of bad mouthing going on. >> the real outcome of today's decision is to strengthen our resolve to make sure that this law is, in fact, repealed. >> the decision today really indicates we have entered an age in which the government, washington, will be controlling health care, unless something changes. >> today was not a good day for freedom. it was a not a good day for struggling american families who wish to keep the health care that they have. >> the economy won't be turning around, because this health care bill actually harms the economy. >> this law, just like yesterday, it hasn't changed today, it violates every single
12:58 am
principle we hold dear as a natiof. >> in the next four months, americans will hear a lot of lies about health care and what this bill does for this country. let me tell you the truth. more americans will have health care, costs will come down, people's lives won't be destroyed because of an illness, democrats did all that. this decision today will help people, but most importantly, most importantly, it will save lives. it will save lives. that's no short order. i went to a free health care clinic six times on assignment with this network, and i saw the same thing time and time again, every time, i met people who hadn't seen a doctor for ten years, people with heart disease they didn't know they had it, cancer, stage four cancer, she didn't know she had it. diabetes, americans who have never been to the dentist before. let me tell you something, when you go to a free health care
12:59 am
clinic and you see americans leave their job to go to it over the noon hour so they can see their first doctor in five years because they can't afford health care, it will change you. you know, in this business, broadcasting, sometimes we get attached to things, people, places, things, happening, events. recently, i got attached to wisconsin. that didn't work out very well. i got attached to health care, and for those righties out there who always say, how's that hope and change thing working out for you, well, 33 million people tonight are saying, pretty goodç this is a huge lift. every democratic president since fdr wanted health care done in this country. president barack obama got it done. nancy pelosi got it done. the democrats got it done. in the wake of obstruction, they were able to deliver something that no other president has been able to do for generations, and


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