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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  June 29, 2012 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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famous and trademark unibrow go first in the nba draft. the question is, was the national champion kentucky team he played on last season better than the nba one he just joined? it's "the way too early" for this. sgood good morning. i'm willie geist. this is ""way too early."" i am glad you are up and listening live. shoot me an e-mail at "way too early" at msnbc. or you can do what first-roun@), festus azila does. >> friday, june 29th, a lot going on. the united states attorney general held in contempt by the house of representatives in a vote, even one leading
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republican is calling petty and partisan. stephen colbert is shocked and appalled by the supreme court's decision to jun hold president obama's health care law. his long self-fladulation in the show. an entirely new dynamic at play in the presidential race now that the supreme court has upheld president obama's health care law. the justices in a 5-4 decision preserved the heart of the affordable care act, the individual mandate that requires all americans to carry health insurance or pay a fine. it should be pretty clear by now that i didn't do this because it was good politics. i did it because i believed it was good for the country. i did it because i believed it was good for the american people. the highest court in the land has now spoken. we will continue to implement
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this law. we will work together to improve on it where we can. but what we won't do, what the country can't afford to do is refight the political battles of two years ago or go back to the way things were. in the end, it was the conservative chief justice, john roberts, appointed by georgeç bush, who joined the liberal wing of the bench in upholding the sweeping overhaul. he said the law was united states constitutional under the government's of taxes. he said, quote, it is not our role to pass under -- i should say it was constitutional. president obama was eager to give mitt romney special recognition for supporting the idea of a mandate when he served as governor of massachusetts. >> even though i knew it wouldn't be politically popular and resisted the idea when i ran for this office, we ultimately included a provision in the affordable care act that people who can afford to buy health insurance should take the
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responsibility to do so. in fact, this idea has enjoyed support from members of both parties, including the current republican nominee for president. romney undetoured by the court's ruling pledging to undo the law on day one if he is elected president. >> what the court did today was say that obama care does not violate the constitution. what they did not do was say that obama care is good law or good pol sichlt. obama care was bad policy yesterday. it is bad policy today. it was bad law yesterday. it is bad law today. obama cares a job killer. businesses across the country have been asked what the impact is of obama care. three-quarters of those surveyed says obama care makes it less likely for them to hire people. if we want good jobs and a bright, economic future, we musç replace obama care. that is my mission. that is our work. i am asking the people of
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america to join me. >> the supreme court did bring good news for the romney campaign. in the 12 hours following the ruling, he raised about $3.2 million from 20,000 donors. house majority leader, eric cantor, has scheduled a full house vote to repeal the law for july 11th. joining us from washington, msnbc "time" magazine, senior political analyst, mark all person, co-author of the book "game change." >> it is not way too early, not even early at all. >> you have good standards for earlyness. let's talk about what happened yesterday and what it means going forward. if you are mitt romney, you heard what he said there. he is going to repeal it on day one. how do you handle this for the next four months? >> the way he has been handling it all along. he talks about obama care in his stump speech and gets about the best reaction of anything he talks about. he is going to keep connecting to the economy and saying, if you want a healthy economy, you have to get rid of this law.
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it would have been better a lot of people agree for romney's political fortune if the law had been struck down. as fundraising shows, from statements of republicans across the land, thislr unifies the republican party. romney has an advantage in this debate. the law is more unpopular still than it is popular. >> he also may have gotten another argument yesterday. the court ruled the mandate couldn't be upheld under the commerce clause but did fall under congress' power to tax. the president made it clear in 2009 and after that, didn't see it as a tax. let's listen. >> your critics say it is a tax increase. >> my critics say everything is a tax increase. my critics say that i am taking over every sector of the economy. you know that. look, we can have a legitimate debate about whether or not we are going to have an individual mandate or not. >> you reject it? >> i absolutely reject that notion. >> the argument now and we heard it all day yesterday from republicans is that the affordable care act is one giant tax on the american people. how does that play?
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>> that's exactly right, professor geist. you are going to see republicans making that argument, the outside groups of the superpacs are going to make it. you will hear governor romney perhaps make it, although he is dreading lightly as compared to some others. it helps republicans to be able to say the president's health care plan raised taxes and it is not based on a clip you showed. it is going to be hard for the white house to combat that. the only reason the law survived is because they got a fifth vote from the chief justice casting it this way, not as something allowed under the commerce clause but something that if it is a tax is allowed because the federal government is allowed to raise taxes. >> one of the most interesting elements of all of this when it came out yesterday was it was chief justice john roberts who made the difference to put the law over the top, not anthony kennedy. there has been backlash from roberts, from conservatives. rand paul said, just because a couple people declared something to be constitutional, does not make it so. the whole thing remains
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unconstitutional. congressman, jack kingston sp]weeted, with the obama care ruling, i feel like i just lost two great friends, america and justice roberts. what does this mean for republicans and their relationship with the supreme court? >> it is stunning. no one has been able to figure out what influenced roberts, personal considerations or an attempt to save the reputation of the court. if he voted the other way, it would have been a very divisive and partisan ruling that might have further undermined their speculation. people are speculating he is the chief justice and while he is a conservative, he felt a responsibility to the institution of the core. it does make the issue you of the supreme court less of a hot button. you won't have as much on the republican and democratic side. people are saying one of the big stakes in the election is we have to get the kind of justices we want. if john roberts can cross to the other side on a major opinion, it takes the weight away from the notion you must get your
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appointees on the court or you will never get your way. >> a lot more to say. we will see you in a few minutes on "morning joe." for the first time in u.s. history, a sitting cabinet member is being held in contempt of con gret. attorney general, eric holder, was cited yesterday for failing to hand over documents related to the botched gun tracking program known as fast and furious. the vote, 255-267. more than 100 democrats walked out of the chamber in protest of what some have called a partisan witch hunt. some conservatives questioning the vote. our good friend, joe scarborough,ç tweeted this yesterday. the political timing could not be worse. it makes the house gop look petty and partisan. that from former republican congressman, joe scarborough. the contempt citation goes to the u.s. attorney in washington where historically, charges against administration officials have been dropped.
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congressman, darrell issa also passed a resolution to pursue civil action against the attorney general which could lead to a lengthy court battle. holder had previously announced he will step down at the end of this year. >> the wall street journal reporting that jpmorgan chase is coming under new scrutiny from regulators. oversight officials are asking to review the firm's internal risk models to gauge the possible effects of another significant loss. no reports suggest the bank's losses may rise to as much as $9 billion. more than four times the original estimate. more details expected when the bank releases its quarterly earnings on july the 13th. still ahead here on "way too early" this morning, we call this two teams, opposite directions. the san francisco giants toss another shutouts and the dodgers lose their fifth in a row to surrender first place to their no-call rivals. highlights for the night in baseball ahead in sports
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it was so good the first time. "the daily show" went back in for more with herman cain. the hermana tors oval office interview when "way too early" comes back. judge denny chen was also on mood, calling the fraud staggering and unprecedented and saying symbolism is important. he sentenced madoff to the maximum, 150 years, the courtroom briefly erupted in applause. [ male announcer ] if you have to take care of legal matters.
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welcome back to "way too early," incredible pictures out of colorado yesterday. president obama heading there today to tour the damage from raging wildfires. the state has been declared a
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major disaster area with hundreds of homs destroyes dest one person confirmed dead now. let's go to bill karins for the latest. temperatures cooled off a little bit. firefighters are starting to make some headway into the fires. they have a long ways to go. at least the homes and structures aren't as threatened today as they were yesterday and the day before. hopefully, we are turning the corner. temperatures are still in the '90s. any new fires could easily form also. thunderstorms, big ones, waking a lot of people up, probably by the millions. philadelphia had these strong storms go through. new york city also. lightning strikes. over 2000 lightning strikes now with this cluster of storms as it rolls through lower and central portions of new jersey. storms near baltimore now heading over maryland and delaware. long island, still getting hit. let's talk about the other huge story that continues to impact
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us and it will have all of us cranking our a.c. today. the heat wave over pretty much the entire lower two-thirds of our country. we are watching 108 today around st. louisagain. that's exactly the temperature it was yesterday. this is the first time the 100-degree heat has made its way to the eastern seaboard. from washington, d.c. to charlotte, birmingham and atlanta, everyone is going to be in the hundreds. most of us will do three days in a row. even into sunday, we are going to see the heat continuing. the heat index, willie, we factor in the humidity. the humidity is going to increase. by saturday and sunday, the heat index in some areas will feel like 115. >> stay inside and be safe. let's turn to sports. the prevalent color at the nbc draft, blue. both kentucky and carolina varieties.
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wildcats and tar heels had four players taken in the first round of the draft. kentucky had a record-tying six players taken overall from the national championship team. kentucky forward and national player of the year, anthony davis, went to the new orleans hornets, a team desperately in need of a star after trading chris paul. anthony davis is the guy with the famous unibrow that he trademarked the other day. one pick later, the charlotte bobcats take davis's teammate, michael kidd gilchrist. that's harrison barnes of north carolina, the first carolina player drafted, went seventh to golden state. all four carolina players went in the first 17 picks of the draft. i have to point out, vanderbilt, wellç represented, three playe taken in the first 31 picks. unheard of for the commodores. john jenkins, 23rd of the hawks and festus ezeli and the bobcats
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took jeff taylor in the first pick of the second round. rafael nadal facing unseated lukas rosol. nadal is gone and done at the hands of the 100th ranked player in the world, a 26-year-old from the czech republic. nadal took issue with the officiating, umpiring and bumping into rosol during a changeover in a break during the third set. that's about as physical as tennis will get. to baseball, yankees hosting the white sox. top of the ninth, yankees up two runs to close this thing out, dave robertson. deon advice see a go crushes it over the wall offoj robertson. a three-run home run puts the
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white sox up 4-3. where is mariano when you need him. last chance for the yankees. derek jeter at the plate comes close with a man aboard. that would have been a came-running home run. the white sox put it away. yankees winning streak wins at five games as dave robertson blows the save. giants host the reds. scoreless in the firstç buster posey going to try to score from second. he slides in safely. pigan out trying to take third. giants go up 2-0. starting pitcher, baumgartner gets the eighth strikeout of the game. he goes the distance for a one-hit shutout. the giants are dealing, beat the reds, 5-0. they have not allowed a run in four consecutive games. four straight shutouts. the first team since the '95 orioles to allow runs in four straight games.
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the giants have come all the way back to take sole possession of first place in the nl west. to soccer, semi final match between italy and germany. 36 minutes, mario balitelli gets behind the defense, oh, my goodness, gets off a strike to the corner of the net to the goal, celebrates by ripping off his shirt and striking a pose. that's the 21-year-old striker, second goal of the game. italy holds on for the 2-1 victory. on the strength of botitelli's performance. coming up at the top of the hour, health care reform remains the law of the land thanks to the supreme court and conservative chief justice, john roberts. our "morning joe" crew kicks around the implications in a minute. we will huddle around the water cooler to watch "the daily show" once again quiz herman cain on how he would respond to a variety of national
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we were gonna be successful. he would never give up on any of us.
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we are reading that the entire law has been upheld. >> the mandate is constitutional.
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the entire affordable health care act is upheld asç constitutional. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> he is stunned. the supreme court voted by a 5-4 margin to uphold the center act of president obama's health care. if you want to sound smart, tell
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your friends yesterday's decision marked the only time chief justice roberts has sided with the supreme court's more liberal half in a 5-4 decision. he got there in 2005. justice kennedy, thomas and scalia have all voted with the liberal wing of the court more than once while justice alito has never broken from the conservative wing. remember, daily show correspondent, john oliver, sat down with the former ceo of godfather's pizza and asked him how he would deal with an alien invasion if he were president. here he goes. >> citizens of earth, it was the spirit of humanity that built this planet. it is that same spirit of humanity that will allow us to destroy the aliens. >> that was a couple months ago.
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last night, mr. oliver continued his ongoing conversation with herman cain whereç he ran throh more fake white house scenarios in a series titled herman cain, an american presidency. >> the crisis. >> okay. sir. reports are coming in that nicolas cage has broken in to the national archives and has stolen the constitution of the united states. look into that camera and convince nicolas cage to give that constitution back. >> nicholas, bring back our constitution! i respect you, cage, but get a grip. i've instructed the united states military, the fbi, the cia, to do everything in their power to bring that constitution back. >> okay, sir. i have an update.
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good news and bad news. which do you want first? >> let's start with the good news. >> good news is, you got him, congratulations, sir. >> we've got him. >> do you want the bad news? >> yes. >> he didn't have the constitution, sir. >> he didn't have it? he didn't have the constitution? >> no, he didn't have it. so you now have to address nicolas cage fans all over the world and explain to him why you killed their favorite actor, three, two, one, go.ç >> my bad. >> herman cain us on fire on "the daily show" interviews. still ahead on "way too early," tweets, texts, and e-mails next and "morning joe" moments away. ♪
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