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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  June 29, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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the you tube video. >> just man. i will be back in a week. have a great vacation. >> i learned that brian sullivan has contempt for your family. that makes me sad. >> we can do the show live from stockholm sometime. >> and live from nantucket. we'll talk about that. >> auto pilot. >> what time is it? have a great weekend, everybody. stick around for chuck. >> no, we won't. >> supreme ruling. president obama's signature policy achievement survives. the high court challenged. how much will he çtout it on t trail and the republicans move to repeal it again. mitt romney wants to talk about health care this summer instead of jobs. how much of that is out of his hands with another hard charge on the hill? hours later, right across the street, house republicans along with 17 nra fearful democrats
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make more history voting to hold attorney general holder in contempt. the white house calls it political theater. will it be enough to satisfy base conservatives. new developments in the trayvon martin case. george zimmerman is back in court and the judge will decide whether to let him out of jail on bond. we will have the latest and good morning from new york. it's friday june 29th, 2012. i'm chuck todd. last business day of june. what a month it was. let's get to the first read of the morning. the mood at the white house is not euphoria as it is relief. the republicans appear to be thrown for a loop. they can take comfort in having more excited base. it was clear the president's speech was about two things. selling health care to a skeptical public. the president might have about a week to do that. we get a jobs report next friday and second, giving the folk who is are still persuadable new
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information. >> because this law has a direct impact on so many americans, i want to take the opportunity it talk about what it means for you. >> it was clear politics and the campaign played a role. this wasn't about politics and i did it because i believed it was good for the country. the country can't afford it. we fight the political battles of two years ago. we will go back to the way things were. >> two big ironies and one in the 5-4 ruling, they kept the law intact and upheld the individual mandate by deciding it was something that the president had long argued it was not. a tax. here's the president in 2009. >> the critics say it is a tax. >> my critics say everything is
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a tax increase and that i'm taking over every sector of the economy. you know that. we can have a legitimate debate over the mandate. >> you rejected it. >> i reject that notion. >> the court ruled that congress does not have the power under the clause to require americans to have it, but does have the power under its tacking authority. roberts writes in his opinion because the constitution permits such a tax, it is not our to forbid it or to pass upon its wisdom or fairness. the president's firstmv call wh he found out the bill was upheld was to the solicitor general whose performance was panned by some on the left, but prohibited the justices with the justification under congress's power to tax. the second irony was that the mandate was somepresident campa the past. while mitt romney was for a version of it. the only gloating the president
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did was relish the story. >> i knew it wouldn't be politically popular and resisted the idea, we ultimately included a provision in the care act that people who can afford to buy health insurance should take the responsibility to do so. in fact this idea enjoyed support from members of both parties, including the economy for president. >> that's the open question in the presidential race. does health care become a centerpiece? one of the two large arguments or not. the obama campaign is assuming there is a pivot to the economy some in the economy assume they will pivot back, but the base has another thing they would like to talk about when it comes to the health care plan. one thing we know about mitt romney's response, the campaign did not expect the law and we are not planning for the mandate to be upheld under the tax provision. he responded that this decision though now draws a bright line for voters in november.
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>> what the court did today was say that obama care does not violate the constitution. what they did not do was say that obama care is good law or that it's good policy. if we want to get rid of obama care, we will have to replace president obama. >> this is rhetoric we heard before, but it's a centerpiece instead of a punch line. republicans rallied around the tax message and you can see it congealing and casting theç legislation as a tax increase. >> the president of the united states himself promised up and down that this bill was not a tax. the supreme court has spoken. this law is a tax. >> the government could decide that we will tax you if you don't eat brock low on tuesday. apparently that's not constitutional, but i don't think it's a wise law. the american people will get an
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opportunity to make their decision on election day. >> that's right. broccoli came back. instead of casting the mandate as a tax, romney tried to turn the conversation back to the economy and jobs. >> obama care is a job killer. if we want good jobs and a bright future for ourselves and our kids, we must replace obama care. >> the romney campaign touted a fund-raiser. andrea saul has been tweeting with $3.2 million yesterday, they are up to over 4 million this morning since the decision less than 24 hours ago. this issue could fade into the background more so than people realize. romney is in a weird place on the mandate and not coincidental defending the mandate just six years ago resurfaced this week. >> with regards to the mandate,
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the individual responsibility program which i proposed, i was very pleased to see that theç compromise from the two includes the personal responsibility principal. ha is essential for pringing costs down for everyone and getting everybody the health insurance they deserve and need. >> that's sort of the conundrum here. first of all, do the obama folks want to litigate? they are not sure, but if they do, they probably put together the best of montage on romney. the romney folks know any day they are not talking about the economy is not the best day. the white house believes the country is fatigued and wants to turn back to the economy and jobs. the decision will loom largest in house and senate races. we saw democratic candidates in red states distancing themselves from the white house. the democratic candidate said i will work with both parties to
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control cost and keep the good pieces intact and fix the bad pieces. now that the court spectacle is over it's time for republicans and democrats to put partisan politics aside. i can work to find common solution. democrat running in arizona said both democrats and republicans got it wrong. republicans yesterday began to argue, republicans could repeal the bill for reconciliation that makes control of the senate potentially more of a campaign talking point. again, i would be focusing on house and senate. it would be interesting to watch. we will look at how much is health care in the advertising of the presidential race versus house and senate çraces. foi finally they voted to have a sitting cabinet member voting 255 to 167 to reprimand eric holder. all but two republicans
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supported it. democrats did not have the support. a made for tv drama marching out of the capital and held a news conference on the capitol steps. >> we should be about the people's business and stop wasting time over stunts that will have nothing to do with the future growth of this great country of ours. >> the vote capped a battle between holder and house conservatives. >> we were lied to. we were lied to repeatedly and over a 10-month period. >> for took to ten months to provide that and say oops, sorry. that's not good enough. >> holder responded calling it a political stunt and a charge echoed by the white house. >> it is both a crass effort and a grave disservice to the american people. they expect and they deserve far more. >> here's how this goes now. the criminal contempt citation
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goes for the district of columbia who reports to holder and decides whether to have a krim nag prosecution. house republicans also voted for civil contempt. the purpose of that is to obtain the documents that issa is subpoenaing to go to federal court to try to get them. monday we promised thisç woulde a huge week in politics and it didn't disappoint. as we just reported, his top official was held in contempt of congress. let's get perspective with david gregory, moderator of "meet the press." let's not just talk about the week, but what a month it has been in the presidential campaign. topsy curvy and this is how it culminates. >> it's pretty amazing and one of the things that is true. similarity between the romney and obama campaigns and they both want the campaign to turn
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on big issues and big distinctions between what they believe. they have that on health care and the economy and the outlook on taxes. both campaigns believe the bigger the distinction, the better for each of their campaigns. it has to be a bright red line between them. health care is the latest on how we move forward. >> do you see, yesterday was striking to me buzz it felt as if you had the president trying to talk with what he thought was a slice of swing voters out there. >> mitt romney didn't look like he was trying to talk to swing voters. >> i agree and there is no question. he is talking to the base that is animated and wants to repeal health care with no nod to how difficult that will be as a practical matter. i do think that even independent voters who look at the obama record and say wait a minute, this guy didn't have much of an impact on the economy and our view. government got out of control.
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there wasç resonance with that group. the president too is able to make a compelling case saying you want this fight again. you go around the country and people are disgusted about how washington is and how dysfunctional washington is. the prospect of more fighting about health care, a law that most americans still don't understand is appealing to anybody. with the obama campaign and the president wants to do is explain where this is helping people and the implications of lieuing it down the road. you have to win the argument about what it means to people's lives. >> you talked about the polarization and the partisanship. one person maybe did more to at least put a scab on the wound. not a band-aid, but you start seeing a scab. talk about that. >> i think roberts talked since 2007 about the need for bipartisanship on the court. the need for the court's integrity to be maintained by
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avoiding narrow decisions on controversial matters. whether it's bush v gore or other issues, this is a polarized time in washington and on the court. that had to be part of his decision making to side with the liberals here and uphold the law. i thought there was something telling about his analysis and the analysis that followed. his job essentially and i'm not putting words in his mouth, but to find some way to uphold the law. that's the chief justice's job. that's what he did. there will be i debate about whether there was too much deference to theç law and too much restraint in conservative circles. that was his outlook and there will be a lot of people who find that refreshing. it is ironic and pointed out all morning that liberals are cheering someone they were not so fond of before. >> conservatives are split on a man they thought was one of their heroes.
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this sunday on nbc's "meet the press," an exclusive interview with the democratic leader in the house. i believe it's the first time she came on "meet the press." congresswoman nancy pe losy and a debate between obama supporter former governor and doctor howard dean and romney supporter, governor of louisiana bobby jindal. democrats call mitt romney's health care bluff. >> each and every one of the list of horrors governor romney said will happen in america because of obama care did not happen in massachusetts because of romney care. >> massachusetts governor patrick will be here next. first a electric at the president's schedule as many of you know, he is up on air force one and going to take a tour of the out of control wildfires in colorado. you are watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. it's very important to understand
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>> a couple of views on health care. the romney campaign announced it raised over $4 million in theç4 hours after the decision as romney repealed the law. the former massachusetts governor is the man responsible for implementing health care reform. joining me now is the current governor. he now oversees the law that romney signed in.
6:19 am
how are you? in many ways the argument that the obama administration makes is it worked in massachusetts and massachusetts is a model. there a couple of things that are interesting about what's going on in your state. 98% have coverage and 90% before the law. the fines range from $228 to $1,200. how do you collect the fine fist people don't pay some. >> it's handled through the department of revenue. at tax time you have to make a declaration. if you haven't bought insurance and you should and you are eligible for it and it worked out in the course of your tax plan. i will say that the fines have gone down. more people have taken up insurance and we're healthier and more employers are offering insurance than ever before, even before health care reform and the expansion added 1% to the state budget.
6:20 am
>> health care spending in 2018 according to this forbes magazine study, you are going to spend $16,000 per person on health care and the national average is $13,000. dodc that give republicans an argument that this will cost more and not bring costs down? >> no. it shows that the costs were higher here anyhow and having to deal with a number of factors, not the least of which is teaching. that's a national challenge and the premium his gone up over the last ten years as fast as they have gone up in mississippi. they have not dedicated to themselves and in our own health care reform and we are dealing with that right now. i am proud of the fact that we have been able to slow the growth from 16 or 17% to less than 1% today. with legislation and we expect to finish in the next couple of weeks will be able to put ourselves on a path to drive
6:21 am
those down. that is something nationally we also focus on and frankly some of the tools enabling us to make progress come from that act. >> you are saying spending goes up. there is a projection that said 15% of massachusetts gdp. that is a concern that as more people have come on, the costs have gone up. explain how you will bring costs down. this is the hardest thing for the public and the average joe and jane to get. how do you offer more services and somehow claim it will cost less. that's not usually how lifeworks. >> the first is this. the basic premises, so-called the mandate comes from. if you spread the risk as broadly as çpossible, we will bring costs down. we have seen that. fewer people by large orders of
6:22 am
magnitude get them in primary care centers. every health care economist acknowledges that fact. when we are talking about the cost to government, we are talking about the folks who whose coverage is subsidized. many of the humans of thens of people who are insured today are not having insurance subsidized. they are purchasing insurance and can afford it and choosing not to do so before. all the rest of us pay for it and this is about the free loaders not being free loaders already. >> why in your assessment have they been losing the political fight? >> let me tell you, there is a lot more work to do when you
6:23 am
consider that so much good comes from the affordable care act. 30 million people whoa didn't have insurance before will have it now. 130 million people have a preexisting condition. people won't go bankrupt, but it's interesting that here in massachusetts, health care reform, our own version polls 2/3 favorable, 60 to 70% consistently. theç affordable care act is 50-50. they are the same thing. there is a lot of work that has to be done to really tell the story about the benefits to people and those benefits are considerab considerable. >> patrick from massachusetts. thanks for coming on this morning. >> up next, rick perry calls the supreme court's decision unconscionable. even though more than a quarter of the state doesn't have insurance.
6:24 am
her view of the ruling next, but first our trivia question. hillary clinton made history by visiting her 100th nation as secretary of state. she holds the record for most nations ever visited by america's top diplomat. which secretary of state held the record before clinton? first correct answer wins. this is an easy one if you have been reading the news. we'll be right back.
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solution. good morning to you. let me ask you this. what should the state of texas be doing about this issue of the uninsured. >> well, certainly we need to make affordable health care more available to people in our country. that's the purpose of health care reform. but to so distort the health care system as it is inç that process is not a good out come. i think the obama health care plan is going to increase costs on families. my goodness, if your employer doesn't provide health care and they pay the $2,000 fine, the individual has to pay a fine on top of that. the fine goes up to $4500 a year. there are people who are going to have to pay the fine and still can't afford to get health care. what are we going to do about that? >> let me ask you this principal
6:29 am
then. should the goal be to expand coverage? it seems that a lot of people in the system will bring the costs down. >> i think you get more people into the system by first of all letting private companies give health care to their employees in a responsible way. the prescriptive nature said if you don't do what the government mandate is, you will have to pay the fine. if you are covering 25% of the health care costs because that's what you can afford to do and stay in business, that's not enough.
6:30 am
is it not the federal government's problem? >> we have a catastrophic pool in texas so that people after about $10,000 expenditures do get the coverage. that's one thing that is available in texas. i think the states can come up with and frankly texas could come up with more options and more plans for people. access to affordable health care does not have to be done with this huge tax increase. a tax increase that is probably the largest in the history on the people. >> let me stop you. how is it? you don't pay the tax if you buy insurance. >> well, but there people who are making say 50 to $75,000 a year. they will have to pay a fine of
6:31 am
maybe $1,000 which they will do as a tax, but they can't afford the it-10,000 for coverage. you will still not have coverage because they are in the middle area. the president talks a lot about helping the middle class and that's exactly who he is hurting. he is helping people who can't get coverage for people who can't afford it in the medicaid range. he is. the middle class is paying for that, chuck. that's what i think people are just saying oh, my gosh, i'm going to have to pay the fine and can't afford coverage. >> we're will have to leave it there.ç this is obviously a fascinating debate for the next few months. thanks for coming on this morning. >> thank you. >> all right. the man accused of killing trayvon martin walk out of jail again today? you are looking at the courtroom where george zimmerman will ask
6:32 am
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george zimmerman tried to convince a judge to release him on bon. it was revoked after he hid the fact that he raised more than $135,000 for a legal defense fund. live at the court in sanford, florida. what's his case today to get him out and what shot does he have? >> you have to understand what the process is for getting bond in the state of florida. it's not designed to be punitive. just that you say i am putting these assets up that guarantee i will return on the date the judge wants. in the first go around, the judge said let me look at your house and other tangible bank accounts and set it at $150,000.
6:36 am
they had to put up money and got the money to be released. what he did not do is reveal with his wife at the same time by the way, did not reveal they had this website that was raising money in donations and it had more than $135,000. they came back to court and the judge revoked his bond and shelly zimmerman has been charged with perjury and george zimmerman has written to the court saying he apologizes for misleading the court. now that sets the stage for what's happening here today. georgeç zimmerman who has beenn jail now and we would like to go and be free. in part his lawyer said because it's easier to formulate their defense. the judge will likely set $400,000 and the defense said they would like to see it at $150,000.
6:37 am
the prosecutor who was here indicated from the very beginning that she does not believe that he should be out on bond. the elements that would prevent him from being released might be that he say flight risk or that he is a danger to the community. huh an ankle monitor before and returned as he was supposed to. the flight risk the defense will argue is not a big deal. danger to the community, there is no indication according to the attorney. that sets the stage and the thing that will be most interesting is if they take the stand and is there a surprise coming from the prosecutor. dia little checking to see if she will up the charges. if she upped them from first degree, that will prevent him from leaving. that's the charge that you don't get in court. i haven't been able and the grand juries are secretive. i have not been able to determine if there is a grand jury. it is all unfolding now. >> i don't want to read between
6:38 am
the lines, but sounds like in your experience, you ever saying a new bond will be set at a higher dollar value. is that your gut as to where it's likely to happen?ç and the reason he will be able to layer to this, the defense has set up and they are taking in $1,000 a day and donating to george zimmerman. the lawyer representing it has indicated to me if they set it higher, we hope there will be more donations to come in. they have a mechanism in place to meet. >> the surprise from the prosecution is possible. the political panel is here and bring them on.
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sharply divided court ruled 5-4 that the death penalty is illegal in the form of which it is generally used today. >> the daily flash back in 1972, the court ruled that the death penalty can constitute cruel and unusual punishment and they flipped the decision years later in 1976 when the ban on capital punishment was lifted. we will stick with the court here. chief john roberts voted to save the president's health care law and may have also saved the
6:43 am
court from going down a partisan road, the same as the rest of washington. bobç herbert is the distinguisd senior fellow. with the associated press and of course tom bro saw kau -kbro ca the grand poobah. john roberts, we have the legacy of john roberts, will it always be this decision. how much is the roberts decision. >> very much the roberts decision. we have to remember this is more of the beginning of his tenure as the chief justice than of the end of it. there will be a lot more decisions that will come down the pipe, but this is a big punctuation mark. >> some conservatives believe he has the long view here and they
6:44 am
are not overly getting mad at him saying this is going to help him be able to make other conservative decisions and not look partisan about it. >> who are knows what was in his mind. you can never second-guess the supreme court and understand how he comes to the conclusions they do. he is an astute guy and there was a rising tide in the country of criticism that was a highly partisan court. at the same time the decision he made had sound legal precedent attached. he changed it from mandate to tax. that was a way of getingly around the question. >> at some point. >> his subconsciousness if not actively.ç a judicial ground for fair decisions. >> is this the bipartisan stamp that the health care was lacking that will somehow sway them? >> i don't think so. i think it's helpful in the
6:45 am
middle because it was a conservative chief justice who actually swung the vote before the people who are lined up for or against this law. i don't think it changes many votes there. on the john roberts decision, i think he very consciously had his eye on history. i think he was thinking about his legacy and he did not want to be on the wrong side of history when it came to long-term health coverage in the united states. that's a big factor. >> i have to say think about this week for john roberts. he was majority of striking down even the part that they upheld they issued this stern warning and this. it wasn't just this, but he sided with federal power. >> he surprised everybody. he is of the justices that conservatives and democrats cite
6:46 am
as a model. he doesn't want to be a partisan and a tool for the republican party. he is the chief justice. he has to set a legacy for himself and for the court. this has to be a big part of what he was thinking. i'm not sure i agree that he wants to be on the wrong side and the public on health care. >> we're are psychoç analyzing him. i don't want to move him too far down the road on health care. >> i'm with you. >> he found a way around it to get to the tax issue as opposed to commerce. >> can you say he the conservatives a bone by names it a tax. >> they wrote this morning that this decision is the tea party's row v wade. >> that may be true, but there other issues that come up. this ensure that is the health law goes forward. this is a complicated enormous
6:47 am
and expensive law. we will run into problems so it's not so much the ruling that the tea party or opponents have to hang their hat on. they will be looking at the reality of health care coverage. >> i agree with them on that. this is the beginning of a process again and we are kick starting the health care. >> now it has to get implemented. a bunch of states that were holding on. >> the difference with row v wade is there was criticism of the court. i didn't notice that yesterday. that was of the law and not what the court did. they side stepped that and because it was roberts making the decision. not because of the overreach. this was strictly of the law and getting rid of the law and not the process through the court. >> three weeks from now, will the television ads that mitt romney and barack obama air have many mentionsç of health care.
6:48 am
i think there will be less of a mention on the part of president obama and more of a mention on the part of romney. my guess is that they continue to take the temperature of their base and they are so violently a posed to the mandate. they raised it after the decision. one very senior republican senator said to me the calls in our office are going 150 to 1 against the mandate. key states where they had a referendum on it two years ago and passed by 66% at that time. >> i would suspect that the obama campaign raised quite a bit of money yesterday. they made a decision that they didn't want to make it political and they didn't come out with the figure. we have no basis for comparison. >> three weeks from now, how do you put it in the context of the economy. >> that's the big umbrella. >> i will get your response to that after the break. hillary clinton holds the record
6:49 am
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let's bring back my big new york panel. we were just actually talking at the break about sort of what are the real world implications of this decision. tom, you brought up the fact that there's a bunch of insurance entities, hospital entities that are going to try to stay ahead of the feds. >> well, they are operating in overdrive this morning. health care delivery systems, big corporations looking at their plans, how do they fine-tune them -- >> so they can avoid fines, right? >> exactly. they want to getç ahead of the
6:53 am
curve on this. and head off what they think will be a lot of government restrictions on the kind of care that they provide and they are going to look very carefully, obviously, at pensions and benefit systems. >> beth, this can be the scary political thing, if companies sort of suddenly are asking you to give proof that -- of how old your kids are because they are going to suddenly realize the cost of adding other people up to 26 to your business and stuff like that, that when companies start doing that to their employees, do they, quote, blame the feds on this one? >> right. well, this stuff was probably well in the works before this came out. >> it's been under way for some time. >> sure. there's going to be some aspects of this that are going to be frustrating for some people. let's face it. health care has never been particularly popular, just the execution of it any way. if people can be persuaded to say, look, there's going to be some complications to oh this. however, we're getting you to a
6:54 am
better goal than what was there before. >> bob, do you think the obama campaign is committed to actually trying to explain it better or do you think they are just going to push it? >> i think they are just going to push it. i still think that the economy is going to be the overwhelming issue in this campaign. when i go around the country, people are not talking about health care. it's an enormous story. this is an historic ruling. >> 6% in top issues. >> yeah. and next week there's going to be another jobs number coming out and that will be the other big political story. >> i'm in new york. apparently i want to put up -- the charlie rangel race is not over. we all thought charlie rangel survived. look at this. there's just over 1,000 votes separating him and adrian adrianna espaillat. >> it's going to be hard for him
6:55 am
to overcome 1,000. >> had charlie rangel not had five challengers, he would have lost. >> yes. the thing about charlie rangel is he stayed too long and that's how he became a congressman. it's like, you know, just the cycle continues. >> it is one of those things. the other thing that i like to point out to people, charlie rangel's harlem. this is a demographic shift. >> and by the way, that's emblematic of what is going on in history. the rising part of hispanic voters, not just in congressional but in harlem. >> and health care is enormously popular with the hispanic vote. bob, you first. >> the new book, new rich, new por, which addresses the issue of poverty. one-third of american citizens
6:56 am
are either poor or a notch or two above the poverty line. >> beth? >> the a.p. supreme court?"; t led by mark sherman got thad by ruling right yesterday. >> and on television. >> i was just going to say,ç y didn't do it. >> he was right and bush v. gore, he did it. got it right yesterday. and a couple other cable outlets who we shall not name but you can look, got it wrong. >> to all of our banner writers, don't think what you are doing is not important and doesn't impact things. that's it for this edition of the daily run down. when we come back it's chris jansing. bye-bye.
6:57 am
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