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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  July 27, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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president obama makes a preemptive strike against romney just a day before his trip to israel. the president signed a bill this morning authorizing an additional $70 million in military aid for israel saying it's a part of the united states' commitment to the nation. >> i have made it a top priority for my administration to deepen cooperation with israel across the whole spectrum of security issues. >> romney heads to jerusalem tomorrow as part of an international trip to boost his foreign policy credentials. now he's still in the u.k. backtracking from his comments that he was disconcerted about some of the security problems leading up to the games. >> after being here a couple of days it, looks to me london is ready. it is hard to put on gams in a large metropolitan area. what i find so impressive, they
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took the games and put them right in the middle of the people. >> joining me is garrett in london. it's been hard to keep up with the british headlines, isn't it? >> it is. mitt romney has sent every opportunity to walk back that comments. he told matt lauer this morning he was absolutely convinced london was ready to host the games, which will start in the stadium over my shoulders here in about two hours. when it comes to israel, you mentioned the agreement signed by the president improving american and israeli security relations. the romney camp sees this as a preemptive strike before governor romney arrives on saturday. they released a statement there saying this agreement with the president does nothing to address the president's evasiveness on the question of whether or not jerusalem ought to be the capital of israel, sort of a shift in tone from the romney campaign stateside. government romney said he's not
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going to criticize the president while he's abroad. he's expected to meet leaders of the israeli government, including prime minister benjamin netanyahu, palestinian leaders, he'll have breakfast at prime minister benjamin netanyahu's home sunday, as well as giving a speech on his foreign policy. we'll presumably hear about locking arms with israel. that will be on sunday, the majority of his time spent in israel then. >> thank you so much, garrett. today's headlines in london really raked romney over the coals. here's some from the "guardian." "mitt romney's olympics blunder stuns number 10 and hands gift to obama." then there's also "the soun ". that read "mitt the twit." let's bring in our panel.
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robert, start with you. how serious is this? many have said this is supposed to be a gimme, a risk-averse trip to help him look presidential. >> i'm not sure it's too, too bad. at the end of the day, he's not the president anz not making president. however, he wants to be the president and wants to make policy. it is embarrassing, no question about it. he seems a little wet behind the ears. these are rookie mistakes. there's another gaffe out there you didn't mention and that was when he, meaning governor romney, met with mi-16, the british foreign intelligence committee. when you are a head of state or aspiring head of state, you're not supposed to mention those private briefings or mention that you even met with those individuals. i'm not sure if this is governor romney's fault or his staff's fault but somebody is here to blame. there's no question he needs to do clean-up duty in aisle five.
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>> mi-16 for decades over 80 years was not mentioned -- mi-6 rather. here we have a gop presumptive nominee that is bringing up and discussing a group that is not normally discussed in british culture, if you will. they do not talk about mi-6. does this take away, then, one of his arguments when he goes up against president obama and his foreign policy credibility? well, it's almost amateur hour. this is what's so sad about it. mitt romney is an accomplished businessman. whether one agrees with his record or not is irrelevant. he is accomplished. he was a governor of a state. it's not like he has not been on a stage before where he's needed to produce and robert's right, these are gaffes. these are not good things for him to do. if he's going to aspire to be on the national stage to be the world leader, i don't know if this is bad staff work or he just doesn't think or he wasn't informed properly -- >> his foreign policy --
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>> his foreign policy advisers are all bush advisers for all intents and purposes or a combination of the above. him walking into number 10 downing street having criticized a nation of 63 million people and saying they're not ready for the olympics, and walking and saying the opposite this evening, it brings the word flip flop back in a big way and that is not good for him. >> they were saying on "morning joe," you don't want to see these two sound bites together, those brittans clapping because the name of mitt romney, next to the picture of president obama with 250,000 people in a foreign country getting adulation. >> yeah, it's a very unfortunate contrast for mitt romney. and i think what you said at the beginning is right, everybody thought this would be fairly
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risk free. how hard is it to go to london and not start another war? this brings to mind a foreign policy pop quiz that george w. bush faced in 2000. a local tv reporter in boston started peppering him with questions about the names of foreign leaders. he flubbed it, he couldn't rather remember a few. this isn't quite the same effect but it is troublesome for somebody who travels, has been the governor and who in the moment seems to be speaking the truth of what he saw. >> joe scarborough and former governor howard dean weighed in this morning as well. here's what he said. >> what's he going to do in israel? look around and go -- >> i'm a tad bit worried about the trip to israel. >> the palestinians should have all of jerusalem and what's he going to do in poland? say hitler was right? >> this is a disastrous trip
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from one end to the other. do i think he'll recover? probably. but this is probably the worst trip that any presidential candidate has taken. >> robert, worst trip ever? will he recover? >> of course he will recover. let's put this in context. yes, he's running for president of the united states, it's a very important job but he's human and humans make mistakes. obviously george w. bush in 2000, barack obama made mistakes back in 2008 when he was running for president. it happens. so, look, at the end of the day this is a big, big bruise on the left chin but he will recover. there's no question about it. i'll remind you to put it in context. howard dean was the former democratic chairman and ran for president. so he naturally is a partisan and he will say that. >> to you here, jimmy, alongside all of this has been the issue of fund-raising in london as well, a fund-raiser was held last night for romney in london in fact and many barclays bankers gave money to that.
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$25,000 to 5,000 were the amounts. involved were executives from banks involved in the interest rate scandal, the investigation that's going on right now in london. does this help with the optics of that 1-99% argument that has been made by critics of governor romney? >> i think that's already solidified in most minds of americans, especially democrats. the question is what do women ages 30 to 50, independents especially, think about this sort of thing. i don't think it's on their radar screen. i don't know they know about it, nor do they think they care. if this does rise to the next level, if people hear about it more and more, if it's on the front page of the "post" or "new york times" or the local paper, then they will read that and think, ah, same as it ever was. i'm not sure that it damages romney any more than he already is. >> what about that issue, that debate of his international
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business dealings. doesn't that put a nod to that? >> sure. but you have people who are going to defend him no matter what. you have people who are going to vote against him no matter what. the question becomes is what happens to the squishy middle, that narrow electorate, that sliver, that 8 to 10% that has not made up their mind. do i think they already think he is that person? yes. do i think they think it's going to affect him? no, i don't. >> anne, jimmy makes a good point here, to those in the middle voting in the united states, these headlines happening in british papers, does it really affect them? >> well, as he also points out and i couldn't agree more, it's a tiny sliver. of course that will matter. people who aren't patriying attention tend to be the ones who haven't made up their minds yet and often don't tune in until after labor day so he may get lucky there. what matters to both sides is their own base, achieving turnout within their own party. to the extent this makes some
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republicans shake their heads and say i don't like obama but i don't love romney either or motivates democrats who can't stand the thought of romney being elected, i think that may be where the real problem lies for romney. >> robert, last word to you. >> mr. and mrs. america, battleground states of ohio, michigan, wisconsin, they probably really don't care and they're not going to make up their mind until after labor day, probably the last two weeks of the campaign, most likely during the three presidential debates. that's what matters now. if mitt romney gave this gaffe during the foreign policy debate, that was a huge, huge problem. we were not there yet. >> but it could be the 100 day, which is a sunday as well. we'll talk to that after the break. stand by, we'll get back to you in a bit. stocks are rallying with the dow surging above 13,000 for the first time since may 8.
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less than two hours before the closing bell, the dow is up 194 and chang. most of the credit for today's rally is given to encouraging news concerning europe's debt problems. 100 days and counting. up next, our panel returns to talk about news that came out today that might tell us who will win in november. plus -- >> 40 years after the munich massacre it is outrageous that the international olympic committee is trying to sweep under the rug the memory of that massacre. >> outrage over the international olympic committee's decision not to hold a moment of silence to honor the israeli athletes killed during the 1972 munich games. it's our "news nation" gut check. and you can join in the conversation on twitter. ♪
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back to politics as we approach a milestone in the race for the white house. sunday marks 100 days until election day. our first read team calls it halftime writing "both sides have had their share of smart play and bone headed mistakes. and now we get a chance to breathe, relax and prepare for the second half, which kicks off with romney's vp and the two conventions." let's bring back our news nation political panel, jimmy williams, robert traynham. jimmy, there is that seven-day
11:16 am
tracking poll gallup has put out. the statistics say nine of the last ten leaders at the mark of 100 days out has won the election. what do you think? >> we're at 46-46 right now. >> i think the election will be at exactly that number. this is going to be a really close election. we are at 100 days. everything in my opinion is going to boil down to the debates. you remember in '08 mitt romney was not a great debater in the gop primary. in '12 he had some gaffs but came out stronger. this time he's going to go against a seasoned president. we'll see how he'll do. i don't know. that will teake that narrow sliver, that 8% to 10% and that will make up their minds. that will be the end of it. >> robert, is romney a stronger
11:17 am
debater today than he was during the primary? >> absolutely. he's a much stronger debater now than he was four, eight or 12 years ago. he's been running for public office -- >> i mean just this primary. >> yes. the answer to your question, there's no question he's a better debater because of his previous gaffs and he learned from his mistakes. i agree this lab photo flash to the finish. i think what's interesting here is when you look at the economic dynamics here, i'll remind everyone, 8.2 unemployment rate, the gop is slowing. no president has ever won reelection in this economic climate except for franklin roosevelt during the great depression. if you look at those dynamics and the polls you just mentioned a few moments ago, richard, all the political experts should say that this is romney's race to lose but he can't seal that deal yet because the independents are out there scratching their heads saying we like president obama, we think he's trying to do the
11:18 am
best he can, do we want to stay with him for four more years or change horses in the middle of the game? >> robert, you're reading my notes here. for the president, a drag on the economic side, for romney, do people know who he is? what do you think people will put farther ahead when it comes down to pulling the lever here in november? >> i don't know. i think right now most of the american electorate is paying zero attention to what's happening in this campaign. when they get back, kids are going back to school, they will begin to reengage into what's actually happening and they will find out everything is as tight as it was before. is the economy a drag on the president? yes, it is. is mitt romney's incredibility a drag on his candidacy? certainly it is. the question becomes is what happens in a few key swing states and our own chuck todd and others have talked about this, ohio, virginia, florida,
11:19 am
north carolina i think is pretty much done for the president, he's not going to get it. but obama can win ohio and/or virginia, he's got it, it's done, unless another outlier goes republican. i don't see this happening. >> put personality aside. this is robert, another one out by emory's university, the way he's been able to accurately predict five of the last five elections is to put together the june gallup approval numbers, second, he adds in whether the ibt is running or not and third the gdp in the third quarter. his results for this year is -- read that bottom line there. so long as the gdp growth is 1% or greater in the second quarter, the president will win. guess what it was at 8:30 a.m. this morning, robert, 1.5%. >> there's no question when you look at those dynamics and look
11:20 am
at the polls in the battleground states, the president has a slight, slight, slight advantage. but anything could change between now and november. as i mentioned before, it could perhaps be something else with the economy. it could be those independent voters get their 401(k) statement in the mail in september or october and they say this is not where i want to be, not where our country should be, i'm going to go with the other guy. the dynamics are not there yet for us to make a decision as to who our next president will be. >> robert thank you so much, jimmy thank you as well. i appreciate both of your time today. >> coming up, hoping to prepare voters before election day. plus first lady michelle obama and governor obama way in on the big phelps/lochte showdown.
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we link people and fortune 500 companies nationwide and around the world. and we will continue to free you to do more and focus on what matters. the opening ceremony for the london olympics is just hours of a. the $42 million show with a cast of 15,000 participants has been sworn to secrecy. there a few details we can tell you about or rather nbc phil rogers can tell us about. we're seeing a sneak peek of what's happening in about an
11:25 am
hour and a half. >> it starts at 9:00 local time in london. they'll promising bond, a barred and a beatle. i think you're going to see a lot of references to mary poppins and the british invasion. if you remember back to beijing when they handed off to london, it got a little surreal at the end of the show. i think it's going to be a fa y fanciful view of what the british experience is about. danny boyle said he wanted to create a live movie here in london. the price tag, if you believe what you read, about $42 million u.s. dollars. and danny boyle said it will be a celebration of all that is british. david cameron, the prime minister, promised a spine tingling experience, richard. i think one of the real questions that everyone has in their mind, of course, who is going to be lighting the
11:26 am
calderon. the oddsmakers today quit taking bets on roger banister, the famed track star who broke the 4 44-minute time barrier. he's a rock star of british athletics. he would be a popular choice but it's a well guarded secret. >> thank you. you can find the opening ceremonies on nbc tonight at 7:30 eastern time. coming up, the republican national convention goes to tampa in one month and trip clubs are looking to cash in. it's just one of the things we thought you show no. be sure to check out the news tumblr page. i don't spend money on gasoline. it's been 4,000 miles since my last trip to the gas station.
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just northwest of federphiladel are holding an event tomorrow for anyone who needs an i.d. card. >> good afternoon, richard, how are you? >> very well, thank you. last night you had a packed forum in the area to help edge case those interested in understanding what the requirements are to register to vote and the voter i.d. requirements. how did that go? >> well, we had 200 people there. fundamentally and unfortunately i think most of the people that were there were democrats. the republicans don't seem to be so worried about it. but the fact is that it went well except for the fact that it continued to cause -- the answers caused a tremendous amount of confusion. nobody really understands exactly what it is that they can and cannot present. people are scared in terms of -- i had a 94-year-old man come to me recently who was really upset. he had voted since he was 21 years old, 73 years.
11:31 am
he didn't know what to do because he couldn't drive anymore, he didn't have a driver's license. it was troubling him tremendously just to go out and try to get a picture i.d. was becoming a problem for him. >> what did you tell him? >> i told him as it turned out we went -- i sat down with him, went through his wallet and found a picture i.d. he could utilize. but he had a tremendous amount of anxiety. >> he didn't know that he actually had the proper i.d. >> no. he lost his license two years ago because of his age. >> i understand you have another event tomorrow. >> i we do. we have a clinic in the western part of the county. we're teaching people how to go door knocking, getting mailers ready. the problem is we have to contact every single voter. a lot of voters who think they have the i.d. may not.
11:32 am
it's not just the i.d. but the names on the voter i.d. card may be different than on their driver's license. >> there is a logistical problem certainly that you're seeing at the moment. give as you sense here, you're on the ground there. the philadelphia city paper is saying up to 20% of pennsylvania voters could be disenfranchised as a result of these voter i.d. laws. that's on the higher end of what we've heard in the past and the number swells to 43% in philadelphia. what's your sense of how large of a problem this is? >> look, this is a solution looking for a problem. it goes against the very essence of our democracy. it's immoral, it's unethical and it's wrong. in montgomery county, which is very affluent, we believe it will probably affect somewhere around 9% of the population in terms of of the registered voters or about 48,000. and some of those people will be able to figure it out and some won't and it's just an absolute
11:33 am
mess. the governor when asked questions about what kind of i.d. should be -- was okay, couldn't answer the question himself. it's his legislation. >> marcel, on the flip side the "new york times," nate silver, says that the voter i.d. law in pennsylvania could potentially swing the vote towards the gop by about 1.2%. are those other numbers not very accurate? >> i'm not sure. clearly the legislation has only one purpose and that is to help the republicans and hurt the democrats. but what it does is it hurts senior, it hurts young people, people who don't drive. i think what is also done for us is it's really motivated our people. we will be knocking on every single door in this county. we are calling every single day going through with folks to understand and we're going to
11:34 am
try to minimize that and hope that the courts do the root thing and declare this law unconstitutional, which is what it is. marcel groen, thank you for your time today. >> thank you for having me. >> exactly one week ago aurora, colorado and the nation was thrust into shock after a mass murder at a movie theaters. mourners have been gathering to remember three victims while 12 survivors remain hospitalized. miguel joins us where the suspected shooter is being held. good day to you. >> good afternoon to you. the suspect will be back in court on monday for his next court appearance. meanwhile just a few miles away, there was a funeral for michael
11:35 am
boyk. he was one of three victims where there was a funeral or visitation for today. it's certainly a sad day here. in this community a week ago today was that bloodshed. >> all right -- okay. miguel, i wanted to ask you this. we had heard reports of medical bills and health insurance and that being an issue for some of the victims and some of them not having sufficient coverage. what are you hearing? >> we do know that some hospitals, there's at least five hospitals still treating some of the victims. some hospitals have said they will work with the victims to pay part if not most of their medical insurance costs. many of the victims did not have medical insurance. we're told some of the hospitals are working with those victims to cover them at least partially as they recover. >> there is also the suspect. monday is a key day here.
11:36 am
>> yeah, he'll be back in court here on monday. it will be a relatively short court appearance but it will be an arraignment. we should know what charges are being filed. it will be a busy day here in court, richard. >> thank you very much. miguel almaguer following that for us. >> i remember what it was like to be helpless. i underwater, i couldn't breathe. they pulled me out of the water. my parents told me i was clinically dead. >> we'll have more of the interview. first, here are some of the things we thought you should know. mitt romney says he could choose his running mate as early as next week. last night house speaker john boehner put in his bid for who romney should pick. >> i'm partial to rob portman, a long-time friend. a united states senator in ohio,
11:37 am
served as director of office of management of budget under george w. bush, knows his way around washington and i think he'd be a great asset. >> first lady michelle obama is in london where she scored a penalty kick against sponge bob square pants. it was part of a "let's move" event. one of the biggest stories is the rivalry between american swimmers michael phelps and ryan lochte. >> i think it's more likely to be phelps but i don't know. >> in the first head-to-head showdown you're calling phelps over lochte. >> here's how first lady michelle obama responded when asked the same question by al roker. >> there's a big contest coming up. i wanted to get your prediction
11:38 am
on ryan versus lochte. oh, no. i'm not going that way. go usa. >> april cording to the "new york times," some clubs are hiring extra dancers during the republicans convention. club owners have been told they could bring in four times the money during the super bowl week. those are just things we thought you should know. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ hello...rings ♪ what the... what the... what the... ♪ are you seein' this? ♪ ♪ uh-huh... uh-huh... uh-huh... ♪ ♪ it kinda makes me miss the days when we ♪ ♪ used to rock the microphone ♪ back when our credit score couldn't get us a micro-loan ♪ ♪ so light it up! ♪ even better than we did before ♪
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11:42 am
that's after the mayors of boston, chicago and san francisco said they are no longer welcome in their cities. bloomberg said he disagrees strongly with banning a business based on its owner's personal beliefs and doing so violates free speech. >> and storms in new jersey are blamed for two deaths. there's a chance of more storms around the region today. >> the phelps/lochte battle may be dominate being talk about the men's u.s. swim team but u.s. swimmer cullen jones is looking to make history in ron done as well and is getting attention for his personal mission here at home. it was born out of tragedy, one that's all too common among african-american children. our own tamron hall sat down with the olympic gold medallist
11:43 am
and revealed something about herself in the meantime. >> swimmer cullen jones is a he hero in his new jersey hometown. they even named a street after him. it's hard to believe that jones, one of the world's fastest men in a pool nearly died in the water. he was just 5 years old when he went to a local water park. at the time he didn't know how to swim. >> you get on the inner tube, you go down the tunnel, everyone screams, you hit the pool at the bottom and gently coast from the deep end to the shallow end. >> cullen came out of that water slide and unexpectedly flipped over in that deep end of the pool. >> and i remember what it feels like to be helpless. i was underwater, i couldn't breathe. they pulled me out of the water. my parents told me i was clinically dead. >> your parents there, i imagine -- >> my mom was in tears, my dad was trying to console her and the lifeguard was giving me cpr.
11:44 am
>> reporter: within one week cullen's mom put her son in a swimming class. 19 years later he was an olympian in beijing. now jones is using his olympic status to bring attention to the shocking number of african-americans, especially children, who are dying in the water. >> they put in front of me the drowning statistics. african-americans are three times more likely to drown than any other race. i read that and it hit me this is crazy. >> reporter: a major reason, 70% of african-american children have little or no swimming skills. >> we talked to african-americans and what if we give you swimming lessons for free? the parents said no. we were said why? >> reporter: they asked university of memphis carol
11:45 am
logan to conduct the first study. >> we asked why don't black people swim? >> you go into an urban area, a white professor and asked why don't black people swim? >> yes. >> reporter: they aid -- in the end there was one overwhelming reason. >> number one it was fear of drowning. >> we thought it was an income thing. when we started talking to more and more people, it's the fear aspect. you have parents that have had traumatic instances in their lives and they put it on to their children and treat the water like hot, stay away. >> reporter: it's a cycle of fear that only results in more tragedies. rene and willy were proud the eight children in their blended
11:46 am
family got along so well. >> we were always really close. >> reporter: did you raise them that way to be close? >> they spent a lot of time with each other. >> we are such a close-knit family and did everything together. >> reporter: three of their sons, all honor students, were especially tight. in august of 2010, the three went to the nearby red river with another family, to a popular spot where local goes to escape the heat of summer. within minutes of arriving, a friend of the boys went wading into the river but he got into trouble after he suddenly slipped into deep water. he panicked. one after another the three boys all jumped in to help. chris was at a nearby beach with a woman came dashing towards him. >> here is this lady running down the beach arms in the air
11:47 am
screaming "help, help, my babies can't swim." >> a call was made to 911. >> they drowning, they drowning. we got three people drowning. >> water was everywhere, splashing. arms, could see arms flapping around. >> reporter: one by one all three brother drown and so did three of their friend who is also tried to help. a total of six lives lost. chris patlynn was able to save one person, the teen-ager who first got into trouble. none of the adults who brought the kids to the river that day knew how to swim. they could only scream for help. >> it was probably the hardest thing i could see a parent do is watching their kids drown. >> reporter: willie blalock couldn't believe the news from his wife. >> walked in the house, seen her first and was like they're gone. >> i was in shreveport,
11:48 am
louisiana and this was after the fatal drowning of those six kids. and it's hard for me because i know swim lessons is the answer and that's what i'm trying to preach. >> reporter: so jones is trying to prevent more death through his program make a splash. the program has already taught more than a million kids since 2007. the lessons are low cost or free. are you most at home in the water? >> reporter: the louisiana tragedy also resonated with me because this simple walk in the pool is also a time for a confession. i am one of the statistics. >> one of the problems that i will admit to everyone is i don't know how to swim. it's an embarrassment because i think that people instantly think, oh, you're black so you can't swim because black children who can't swim turn into -- >> adults who can't swim.
11:49 am
>> reporter: i share the fear that cullun witnesses so often. even putting my head in the water for just a second is overwhelming. i can't. >> good! did you get water in your nose? >> reporter: no. >> then you're doing it right. >> reporter: now my next step is to take the challenge and learn to swim, which won't be easy. cullen says after the olympics he's after more than just gold. >> so as they cheer for you in these games, you want all of us to keep in mind that this is not just a sport. >> it's not. >> reporter: it's so much bigger. >> you're saving your child's life by giving they lessons. you're saving lives, you really are. >> you can watch more of tamron's swimming lessons on our web site. and find out what tamron says she will help cullen learn to do
11:50 am
as well. it's all on our web site. our gut check is next. it's been 40 years since the terrorist attacks on israeli athletes at the munich games. there's outrage over the olympic's decision not to hold a moment of silence this year. what does your gut tell you about that? and you can join the news nation on facebook. we're on whoa, look at all those toys. insuring that stuff must be a pain. nah, he's probably got... [ dennis' voice ] allstate. they can bundle all your policies together. lot of paperwork. [ doug's voice ] actually... [ dennis' voice ] an allstate agent can help do the switching and paperwork for you. well, it probably costs a lot. [ dennis' voice ] allstate can save you up to 30% more when you bundle. well, his dog's stupid.
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you can join the news nation on twitter. find out twitter page@newsnation. >> time for the gut check. the olympic ceremony in london is an hour away. one this evening that won't take place is a moment of silence for the team members killed in the 1972 munich games, despite calls
11:54 am
to pay tribute to tonight's ceremony. yesterday a bipartisan group of congress members held their own moment of silence in washington and voiced their disappointment in the iocs decision. >> republicans and democrats in the united states congress are speaking out for a moment of silence at the olympics. 40 years after the munich massacre it is outrageous that the international olympic committee is trying to sweep under the rug the memory of that massacre by refusing to commemorate it with a moment of silence. >> the president of the international olympic committee justified the decision by saying "we feel that the opening ceremony is an atmosphere that is not fit to remember such a traj uk incident. what does your gut tell but that? should there be a moment of
11:55 am
silence for the israeli victims of the 197 1972 munich games? we asked you yesterday if you agreed with florida coach fisher's decision to ban his players from reading twitter the rest of the year. 66% of you said, yes, coach fisher did the right thing. 34% of you disagreed with that. that does it for this edition of "news nation." "news nation" will take a break for the olympics but we'll be back at 2:00 p.m. eastern. in the meantime, enjoy the london games. "the cycle" is up next. announc] how do you trade? with scottrader streaming quotes, any way you want. fully customize it for your trading process -- from thought to trade, on every screen. and all in real time. which makes it just like having your own trading floor,
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8:00 p.m., we'll be watching to see if london is ready. i'll bet they are. >> who are you waiting for? "sports illustrated" is here with who to watch. >> today i'm carrying the torch for women everywhere. these games will make history regardless of who wins and who loses. >> all that plus the summer games and the arab spring. yup, i'm going there. it's friday, july 27th and you're in for an olympic-sized edition of "the cycle." >> hello, my friends. we're a little more than four hours from watching the opening ceremony for the 2012 olympic games in london. it's promising to be a showstopper, complete with horses, chickens


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