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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  August 27, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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down in tampa opening the republican national convention. moments later, the rnc will adjourn for the day as all eyes remain on the monster storm that is tropical storm isaac. it is gaining strength and barreling toward the gulf of mexico. hello everyone, i'm tamron hall reporting from new orleans. the crosshairs, at least according to the latest information, of where isaac perhaps will land. here is the very latest information we have for you. united airlines has decided it will halt all flights from the big airport here in new orleans starting at midnight, no flights tuesday or wednesday. states of emergency now in effect for louisiana, florida, alabama, with the storm possibly making as mentioned a direct hit on new orleans as early as tomorrow. wednesday of course will be the seven-year anniversary to the day that hurricane katrina devastated this region. tens of thousands of people along the gulf coast have now been placed under mandatory evacuation orders. we are looking at more than 50,000 right now new orleans
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parish, alabama as well as louisiana. massive evacuations. want to take you, as i understand it, back to tampa. -- impacted by this big storm, let's listen in. >> convention held in tampa florida starting at 2:00 p.m. on the 27th day of august, 2012. so it is my privilege to proclaim the 2012 republican national convention in session and called to order. the chair announces pursuant to
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clause 12 b1 kausubject to the l of the chair. all right, all right. now we're in recess. but for this convention, we also want to draw your attention to the unprecedented fiscal recklessness of the obama administration as depicted by the realtime national debt clock shown here in the arena. for this convention, we have actually installed a second national debt clock that will log the amount of debt that acricrues during the course of this convention. now, we're still in recess, but ladies and gentlemen, i kindly ask for your silence and if
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you're able, please stand. and if you're wearing a hat, please remove it. i'd like to take a moment to recognize the hard work of all of the security personnel, emergency responders and volunteers working to keep all convention attendees and all of those in the path of hurricane isaac out of harm's way. thank you for all your efforts. now, i'm pleased -- [ applause ] thank you. i'm pleased to welcome the reverend, dr. russell levinson, of houston, texas, who will offer a prayer. >> ladies and gentlemen, please bow your heads as we pray. almighty god, father ever the
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whole human family, we thank you and ask your blessing as we gather for this uniquely american moment. we thank governor scott and the good people of florida who have opened their arms of hospitality to welcome those gathering here into their midst. who give life, health and safety. we pray forres this already affected by the hurricane and for those in its path. keep them safe, lord. deliver them and provide for their every need and bless those who assist them during their time of trial. we also remember this day, one of our great american heros, neil armstrong, who captured the american spirit. as he reminded us, americans have always reached for the stars. inspiring all human kind to do what others deemed impossible. we thank you for guiding our
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nation's founders who secure the inalienable writes that you bestow upon us, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. we ask you to guide and direct with your wisdom, a president, congress and the courts. may america continue to be enlightened to all of the nations and lead us to make dreams, hopes and aspirations of all-americans into realities. and to make the american ideal a certainty, not just for mm sm, but for all. and finally by your mercy, may we never forget that our freedoms have been one with the blood and sacrifice of our patriots. always remember that our industry and innovation has been forged with the sweat and toil of american men and women. always believe that houses of worship and places of service are born of the fruit of your
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inspiration and the desire to honor and serve others and may we never forget that we are at our best when we know in our hearts that we are not just one nation but one nation under god. in the name of our lord, i pray, amen. >> as you see, we are looking in the at opening of the rnc immediately going into recess. the chairman of the rnc, before the prayer, taking an already swipe at president obama, talking about the clock that they've got ticking there and noting what he referred to as reckless spending. we will talk more about the rnc. but we know all of this is in the shadow of the monster storm, tropical storm isaac. let me go to julie martin. she is actually in florida, harbor island, florida, right outside of tampa. what is the latest on the track, julie? >> yeah. it is not looking good for the
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gulf coast anywhere from new orleans over through, say, biloxi, mississippi. kind of right in that target zone for a category 1 land fall with some of that storm surge upwards of 6 to 8 feet, tam ron, in areas of course hit very hard by katrina almost seven years to the date. i'm in tampa, just outside the convention center, the forum behind me. so far, isaac has played fairly nice with the republicans. aside from delaying activity from the dee, making it a three-day instead of four-day convention, we really have gotten just wind and rain. none of the widespread flooding we were fearing, because look how low the facilities are on the water. it really doesn't take much, just a couple of feet of water rise to create a huge problem here for the 50 to 70,000 delegate and visitors here for the convention. couple of changes to the convention, i should mention. governor from louisiana announced a short time ago he
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will not be come together convention to speak. he was scheduled to speak wednesday evening. he has his plate full in his home state dealing with isaac. also governor rick scott did not attend and has been dealing with isaac the last couple of days. now that storm shifted west, that track well off-shore. we are not expecting any major disruptions here in tampa. all eyes, instead, on new orleans and the gulf coast for taking a direct hit from isaac. >> all right, julie, thank you very much. with me now is jefferson parish. thank you for your time. >> sure. >> is there a mandatory evacuation order in for your parish? a lot of people know the name jefferson parish after hurricane katrina and the devastation there. >> only people outside the levy protection system. that is the communities of crown point, la feet, and of course grand isle. >> how many people? >> 9,000 people. that's the only areas that have
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evacuation orders. we have provided transportation and shelters. we are shelter be the grand isle right next door at the la fukushila fousche. >> we have only been on the ground a couple of 40urs john and people have said will the levies hold up? how confidence are the people in the area with the levy system? i have interviewed the army corps of engineers. they are confident. are you? >> yes. billions of dollars have gone in. we are much better protected than at the time katrina hit. mother nature is to be respect but we have fortified levees, walls, pump stations. all of our pump operators will be on 24/7 and will not leave until the storm passes. that's the threat right now, rain fall in areas inside levy protection. >> i understand 12 to 14 feet -- >> 12 to 18 inches.
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in 24 to 36-hour period. the main threat will be from storm surge and tidal flooding. >> we can of course talk numbers and evacuations, you were here when katrina hit, we have seen storms roll through the region. nothing like what we saw seven years ago almost today. on personal note, your family is here, this is where you call home. and to know isaac can roll through here seven years to the date -- >> seven years to the day. it is prophetic. you know, this isaac, is to be respected. and we are prepared for it. we are prepared for the worse and hoping and praying for the best but it is not katrina. right now, still a tropical storm. it'll strengthen. the big thing is it is sprawling and it will dump a lot of rain. so we will have to be we'rery of that. but again within not the type -- it doesn't pack the punch right new that ka green did. >> we know the punch of katrina was made epic because of the levy system -- >> the failure of the levyes. it won't have been as bad as it
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was, so those have been fortified. lessones have been learned and we will move forward. >> what is your major concern right now? >> my major concern right now is tidal flooding in those areas outside the levy protection system. then wind and mostly rain, rain fall, in the levees inside -- i mean, in the areas inside. >> i appreciate you coming on. i know you have a lot on your plate. well be talking with you. what about mississippi? in gulf port, mississippi, some of the people in mississippi felt they had been forgotten. we did not. you are there talking to them about the preparations this time around as well. >> that is the same feeling.
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there was a human disave theer. it was a true natural disaster. they are facing similar situations. not the same impact but because it is on the quote unquote intense or dirt r dirty side of the storm they will still get a lot of tornadic activity, wind, water and a lot of flooding. expecting 6 to 12 feet of storm surge here. there is a feeling here that because of what happened here seven years ago, that mississippi does often get overlooked in what happened here. but you don't need to look any further than waveland, biloxi, gulf port. these areas got absolutely devastate pepd it is hard to describe the amount of damage here because it was on that rough side of the storm. now the storm is moving into a similar path. at this point they called volunteerry evacuation orders or had voluntary evacuations for coastal areas. low-lying areas of coastal mississippi. they are still waiting to see if
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there is going to be or if there are go being to mandatory evacuations within the next 12 hours or so. head of the eoc said an interesting thing to me. saying he is still trying to see what personality of this storm is going to be like. he says that probably is going to come out after the 4:00 advisory today, tamron. >> have you been on the ground there. i'm curious, what's the common reaction this time around. i've been here, interviewed people who said they had to get out of town and there was a line at the airport getting out of here and otheres who consider themselves season hurricane survivors, even those who went through katrina, go to the atm, get cash, go to the store and get food and wait this storm out. what is the attitude? >> there is hyper sensitivity. people understand the hurricanes but are also quote unquote veterans. they say, i've got my gas, food for three days or so, and i will hunker down. because right now we believe
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that louisiana is going to get the brunt of this. but you also have people that have lost everything in the storm seven years ago. and they say, look, i don't need to sit around and wait for this and to see what happens. so we're getting out of here. we just have been aught a local restaurant and they got ten feet of water, rebuilt and now is facing a similar situation. they said they're going to stay but a lot of customers in there said, we're out of here. tamron? >> thank you very much, thanh. before i turn it over to thomas roberts, i want to give you more information. people are asking about fema, are they prepared this time around? >> few gate says officials urged gulf resident to take this danger seriously. isaac has the potential to cause a lot of damage and evacuate tonight, if you are told. they say isaac has the characteristics after big storm surge, abnormal rise of water, which occurred during katrina. we talked a lot about that. key features of isaac is that it
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is large and slow-moving. i will have more on the second half of "news nation." i will turn it over to thomas roberts. >> thank you. the 2012 republican convention is in recess after being gavelled into session. we saw that at the top of the hour. taking over at 2: 01 and by 2:01 and 30 second or so, they stood in recess. the convention abbreviated from four to three days. with ann romney taking to the stage tomorrow night. the romneys practiced their speeches today, doing so in new hampshire. >> how you doing? >> i like my speech. i really like ann's speech. our sons are already in tampa and they say it is terrific there. a lot of great friends. and we are looking forward to a great convention. >> let's bring in our news nation panel democratic strategist, joining me to talk about this. chris, i want to show paul ryan who is having a send-off rally
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if n his hometown in wisconsin. talk about the tropical storm today, very present in mind for everyone on their way it frl. take a listen. >> i think we should right now put in our minds and our prayers the people who have been victims of hurricane isaac and those who still stand in the path of the storm. >> so joining our conversation and deputy national political editor for the national post. for director of communications for american crossroads. good to have you two join the conversation. i think you both heard paul ryan as well there address the fact of of isaac and very present of mind. how do you think romney will be able to use this story and tell it like it is and connect with the voters across the country. >> he has run the flickolympics
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has great stories to tell, not only about turning the economy around, but also how he got here. his wife and kids. telling folks all about those things. i think five days from now he will have a serious bump because people will see the real mitt romney for the first time. not filtered through television ads or coverage but him through the people. >> ahead of the conventions, there is a new poll out, that has this race in a dead heat. romney at 47%, president at 46. margin of error here at plus or minus. obviously i need my eyes checked. 4%, excuse me. those numbers are great for chris romney. as jonathan said, they've got the court right now and they can come out stronger than going in, and they are already ahead. >> i wouldn't be too worried. you are talking about a poll that statistically tied. here is, i think, the reality. this will stay a close race.
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you have two campaigns that are hitting each other pretty hard. i think it'll continue that way to, you know, probably the debate. i think the debates will decide this. and i think the one statistic that rung out in that hole for me at least is the middle class part when you ask who do you believe stands up for the middle class? six out of ten voters said president obama. that's a significant advantage. if president obama goes into election day he will get re-elected because you cannot win a national election if the middle class doesn't think you're on their size. >> do you think it'll be the debates or is 2 t to frame the narrative and they are paying attention now that they are officially the canned date of gop? >> i think it is both. >> people are paying attention. i think jonathan is right. this is an opportunity for the romney campaign to do something it hasn't to date done, which is
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to tell a different story than the one his opponent have been framing for him to tell a different story than he is it a business man. i will see them, attempt to do talk about his business career and talking about his personal life and talking about mitt romney the person this week. but then i do think the debates are obviously very important. historically these last couple of months have been the deciding factors in these campaignes. so the fact that it's been in a dead heat, not just in our polls today but polls back from months if few. i think that sets up on both sides. >> romney sat down with an interview with politico. as ann pointed out, this is a good time for people to get to know who romney is. but he said that american people don't know who he is. however, this isn't romney's first run for the presidency. he has been trying to achieve the role he's been to get for the last five years. how is it possible that people don't know who he is? >> that a great question.
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can i go back and count to two positive ads i'm aware of that have run about romney on the air in the last few months. one was by him and the other was by the super pac about how he would turn the olympics around. there are $2 million of negative ads run by the obama campaign and priorities group. a lot has to do with factors voters aren't interested in. what we see that people don't understand and on the tax return issue, 20% of people think this is relevant to his candidacy. what they know has been filtered through negative ads. we think all of this el change in the next couple of days. >> romney had this to say about the presidential campaign and what obama and his team have done to his campaign so far. take a listen. >> i think his whole campaign has been about dividing the american people. between the have and have-notes, one location versus another.
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this is one street versus another street. that's the divisiveness that i think americans recognize and i think is wuchbtd reasons why his campaign, despite spending massively more than our campaign, that his campaign hasn't gained the traction that he would have expected. >> so this s this divisive? is he correct? the president's convention, had this narrative of hope and change with just a week to go until democrats gather in charlotte? how can the president generate that enthusiasm with others like mitt romney, accusing him of this greater negativity. >> listen, in terms of the so-called negativity, i fwiend it amusing that anyone, especially the romney campaign, let alone super pacs, are questioning anyone's tendency to be negative. they have done exactly that. spending tens of millions attacking the president. whether or not you want it talk about the weatherwethe welfare for example. you aren't going to spend the
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next four days learning more about romney. what people say, they don't like. they don't like his policies. don't like his vision. don't like what his experience has to offer. i'm not talking about just focus on the negative but democrats go into the convention in the fall articulating differences and a positive vision, putting themselves in the strongest position to win and i think we win. >> certainly mitt romney's most important speech coming up at the conventions in tampa. thanks to the news station political panel. thank you. still ahead, we will take you back live to new orleans where tamron hall is standing by to talk with the deputy mayor to talk about how new orleans is getting ready for isaac. almost seven years, almost exactly to the day, when katrina struck. plus, how will republicans balance rivalry at the dnc at the same time isaac is causing suffering. we will get the latest from mark murray coming up.
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coming up, much more from new orleans. the latest on tropical storm isaac. speaking with the president, of one of the areas hardest hit by hurricane katrina. it has an evacuation ahead of isaac.
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four years ago the country moved further to the idea that all men are created equal. >> it was electric. >> as the president reflects on his key decisions -- >> there are moments you really do put politics aside. >> msnbc looks at what inspires his decision. >> we will get this country moving. >> i'm chris matthews, join me for this exclusive documentary "barack obama making history."
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welcome back, we continue to track tropical storm isaac as its threatening to make a direct hit here in now or leans. seven years to the date of hurricane katrina. let me show you the latest radar. isaac is gaining strength as it churns through the gulf coast. right now as i speak, in effect for louisiana, florida, mississippi and alabama. in addition to the high wind we've talked so much about and rain, there are great fears after storm surge and that could be as you well know, a huge problem. we talked a lot about storm surges after katrina. officials say it could push up to a foot of water along the
11:30 am
northern gulf coast. let me go to meteorologist br n brian. i have read your notes as well. talk to me about the great concern with this storm right now. >> storm surge is it, tamron. this is a big system. when the system is big like this, have you a lot of wind, an area of wind putting energy into the walter and pushing up against the coast. so that l shape there with louisiana and mississippi, that corner kind of funnels the storm surge in there so the national hurricane center is forecasting 6 to 12 feet of water above the land on the extreme southeast part of louisiana. that would be outside the levy. that will not, according to current calculations, challenge levies. let me bring you up-to-date. this is going to be critical. here are the numbers as of the latest advisory. we have a 65 mian hour tropical storm.
11:31 am
we are down to where you normally have a pressure with a category 1 hurricane. we are going to see if we are upgraded at 5:00. moving to the northwest in southeastern louisiana and new orleans area. here is a picture similar to the one you are showing and we have two things to look at tp one is, we are seeing the purple sustain themselves in the center. not rapid strengthening. also tremendous rain over florida, flooding rains from southeast florida on up to central florida along the east coast that may move into the tampa area. but in any case, effecting a big population if florida. here is the time line. today it's very important, the people on the gulf coast complete preparations because by tomorrow morning, the storm is going to be close enough with this big sprawling wind area, that no travel when we recommend it in the mornings. so everybody needs to be in n place tonight, where they will ride this thing out, probably for a couple of days.
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this is in the morning hours. expecting a hurricane at that time. approaching the northern gulf coast and southeastern louisiana. so do not plan it move anywhere tomorrow. do it tonight and get there instead. worst impacts are between these time frames. tuesday evening into wednesday morning with the storm affecting all the way from pensacola to louisiana, expecting it to be a hurricane. could be category 2. prepare for category 2. forecast is category 1. overnight tomorrow night into wednesday morning and look at this on thursday, by thursday morning now, we are talking about two and half days from now, still winds and rain affecting the hurricane zone there where you are tamron, over into mississippi and alabama. this is going to be a long slow slog as this thing moves over. and tamron, there in new orleans, winds may be hire than
11:33 am
they were in katrina. levies should be okay but winds may be higher. so it's a long duration event, tamron? >> bryan, thank you very much. let me bring in lieutenant colonel, louisiana deputy mayor of public safety. thank you for your time. i know you've got a lot going on. you may have heard meteorologist bryan norcross say that people need to be in place tonight. they need to decide whether they will ride this storm out and be in place. what are you tell folks? >> early tomorrow morning we should receive tropical storm winds. we are not doing a mandatory evacuation. er with telling our citizens to prepare their homes for heavy wind event and a lot of rain. >> what is the situation as far as shelter? we know the governor has for gone going to florida as it many other members of the delegation from the gulf states.
11:34 am
obviously recognizing that the storm has a direct impact, category 1, category 2. now that infamous location, the astrodome we witnessed seven years ago, where are people going? >> right. [ inaudible ] >> we've had some technical difficulties. apologize for that. hope to get you deputy mayor back on. right new as we speak, i'm here and i see a number of people around me, can you imagine having planned your family vacation at the end of summer and you have to decide whether you rideout the storm and hotel or if you are one of the many who attempt to get out of new orleans or this area today. in fact we noted at the top of this hour united airlines says it is halting flights as of midnight tonight out of new orleans and there was no
11:35 am
shortage of people attempting to leave from that airport when we entered a short time ago. let me bring under another parish president, many of you may have recognized the name, he talked a lot about the gulf oil spill when that disaster happened. there is a mandatory evacuation for the parish where he is president. billy, thank you for your time yet again. we are dealing with awful historic oil spill and the devastation it caused and now we are watching tropical storm isaac. what are you telling folks in your parish? >> we are telling them to get out. based on the storm surge projections, above the levy in those areas, we are see more above the leavies on both side of the river. our pair sirish is about 60 mil from the gulf. people are heading up the highway now, loading campers, boats, getting out and it is a
11:36 am
good warning to talk because in the middle of the parish where we have the low levies, we will see this highway possibly go under water. >> you're saying people are getting out -- i have not had a chance to survey a lot of freeways coming straight from the airport to this location. the scene where cars are backed up and lines at gas stations in our area? >> absolutely. starting at 5:00 this morning, i was on the road and there were lines at gas stations in our parish. of course the main city of new orleans is not evacuating. through the city and out the i-10, it is not like it would be for a major evacuation. but in our parish, there is one road in and one road out and it is steady traffic flowing out the parish as we speak. >> billy, let me ask you, and jefferson parish, impact seven years to the day, this storm
11:37 am
isaac could roll through your community as category 1 even as experts are telling us possibly category 2. what are your thoughts on this right now? what are your words to the people listening in your community? >> yeah, i didn't close an eye last night and i got calls all night from people that say, could this be another katrina? and obviously, the size of the storm, it could have been. had it begun picking up speed right off of florida, we could have seen that. but people, like i, did not want it go to bed last night and wake up this morning and say, it strengthens, and now we're getting hit with a major blow. we were lucky, it didn't gain that kind of speed. it still has potential to do damage but nothing like katrina. and we are thankful for that. but because of the anniversary and because clackamas pair irn was first hit by katrina, people were on edge and continue to stay on edge. >> right. billy, one of the things folks
11:38 am
in this region admire about you is that you are a straight shooter. i talked to the army corps of engineers. they have great confidence and i have walked along where the levy was breached in this area. it looks very different than what it was prior to katrina. they walked me through the pump systems here. all of the billions of dollars put in place here. as i started this sentence saying you're a straight shooter, what do you say? tell me straight. do you have confidence in the engineers and in fema as well? >> absolutely. er with evacuating east bay but where the levies finished in the north end of our parish,er with bringing our -- we are evacuating people to a shelter in bell chase. it is now behind a hundred year protection, behind core levees. normally we would evacuation people three hours away to north louisiana. but we are bringing citizens to the north end of the parish where the levies are finished. we have over a billion dollars
11:39 am
yet to be spent to build a levy. if those were finished, we would not be evacuating at this time. so yes, they have done a good job. a lot is yet to be done. but we feel a lot better today than we did before katrina. >> billy nungesser, thank you so much for your time, billy. we will be taked out here for hours and days to come to bring you the latest on this tropical storm isaac as it has new orleans in its crosshairs. i will send it back it thomas. as i send it back to you again, have you that eerie feeling of people walking around and not quite sure, even when i briefly add clans to check into the hotel, you have men and women working there. they give you an uneasy smile where you know inside they are afraid. but they are trying to smile in hopes that this is not the storm that we fear could lay its hand, if you will, on new orleans. i cannot forget about mississippi and alabama as well. we are talking about the entire
11:40 am
gulf coast. i may be standing in new orleans but we are talking about the gulf coast and those families who know what happened in the region seven years ago and something that may not be katrina but certainly devastating, if you get the storm surge and winds that bryan talked about. we will be here and bring you the very latest. >> as your first guest said and so eloquently, is that we have to respect isaac so everyone pays attention and we continue to watch this together. well talk again shortly. tampa and republican convention avoided the direct hit from isaac but the tropical storm has a bigger threat for planners. mark murray joins us now live from the convention site. mark, out of abundance of caution and again, not out of a direct hit to tampa, but for the traveling of the delegates, they cancel precedings today. we saw the convention called into its formality at 2:01.
11:41 am
within 30 seconds, he called a recess. and donald trump with a big surprise. do we know what the big surprise is? some people would say, who cares. >> thomas, we don't know what the surprise was. and probably for romney campaign and republican planners, it is better he has no role whatsoever in this convention. here is what we do know, they started with four days of full on convention speeches an activities. that's how been rolled into three days. a lot of big speakers, one who is former arkansas governor mike huckabee, he will be speaking later. what they've tried do is move four days of events into three days. but the biggest situation due it weather is just the uncertainty. they don't also know if they have to rip up more mans, more speeches. they are going ahead thinking there is a full day of activity tuesday. wednesday and thursday. but thomas, no one knows due to the storm approaching the gulf
11:42 am
coast. >> one thing as you talk about the uncertainty but what's kind of set in stone is the fact that he will speak wednesday night and romney on thursday evening. >> right. and those are the biggest speeches that also include ann romney, mitt romney's wife is also having a very important role. these conventions i've been to, this is now my fourth cycle recovering these things and they are usually so festive and the balloon drops, confetti, parties. but with tamron's report she just had, with so much concern out of louisiana, out of mississippi, you have to balance it with these republicans right now and i think they are cognizant of this. that's why there is so much uncertainty because you don't want such a festive fear with so much threat coming with the
11:43 am
hurricane. >> images of revelry by republicans at a time of suffering by other americans, no party wants those optics. seven years later with be and taking some time to get there and the famous browning comment with fema. when we talk about the conventions disrupted before, people remember four years ago, gustav disrupted what took place in st. paul. not a typical place for a hurricane to disrupt a convention. >> the one difference four years ago was distance. i was there for that republican convention. and while they did postpone that very first day, the fact that they had distance where you didn't have a storm, that was actually approaching minnesota, is a very big difference. i have to say that there were a lot of people concerned about this is theation here in tampa and of course because of that uncertainty you and i were talking about right now, when we woke up this morning, we sought rain dissipate and the sun came up. sometimes you just don't know
11:44 am
about the weather. but planners take precaution. one thing worth in noting, the festive atmosphere the other thing is the political tone. can you have the political attacks, back and forth that you talk about almost everyday. happening just as there is so much concern by residents in louisiana, mississippi and pens to pensacola. >> thank you. >> we will be watching the storm, i promise you. but the message we are deliver sag message of hope for this country. >> isaac may be slowing things down. but the rnc is ready to hit full speed tomorrow. up next, david gregory's press pass interview with chairman
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just yet. florida governor rick scott issued this warning a short time ago. >> everybody in the state needs to be careful. we still have the risk of tornadoes. if you are around the water, stay out of the water. if you're in the panhandle, for sure now, be prepared. water, food, medicine, fill up your car. if there is flooding, stay out of the water. don't deal with power lines yourself. >> governor scott said he will not participate in the convention events today or tomorrow because of the storm still posing a threat to the pensacola area. now we go back to the impact and focus on what it's having overall on the republican national convention in tampa. david gregory, moderator of meet the press, talked about that in a special interview with the chairman of the republican national committee. >> david gregory, this is press pass, your all access pass to an extra conversation, joining me in tampa at the republican
11:49 am
national convention is reince priebus, chairman of the party. have you to be feeling some anxiety. okay, a lot of planning, a lot of money has gone into this. when does it actually get off the ground. >> it will get off the ground tomorrow. and get off the ground when we bang the gavel for business tomorrow. what we do tomorrow is the platform, the rules committee -- a lot of things that most people don't watch but are really important with our party. then we go forward with the formal nomination of mitt romney and paul ryan. then we move into the evening program, which will start a little sooner than normal. then start a little sooner each night in order to accommodate losing today for the rest of the week. >> you've got your big four. ann and mitt romney, obviously. paul ryan and governor christie. >> right. and everyone on the schedule to speak on monday will speak throughout the week. >> minute by minute, we are watching this storm. you have to watch it to think about two things. one, practical safety concerns
11:50 am
getting this thing going. two, the optics of it. perception. the tone of a celebration as you nominate a nominee officially. and people suffering with a hurricane. >> two things on that. as far as the call we had to make here in tampa, it was easy. it is not like a baseball game where you can wait and see what happens on the date of pitch. you have to have thousands of people working. we need 800 busses across the bridges. when emergency services tell you, look, if we get the winds we think by will, these won't cut it. there are still tents down around the building. that means people could wait for an hour to get into this building with driving rains. and not to mention, there is no assurance that once you filled up this arena, out here, that what if -- you know, what if the weather deteriorated and bridges flooded. how do you get people back it st. pete? it was an easy decision, right
11:51 am
decision to error on the side of safety. as far as the second part of your question, you know, i think we have to be nimble. that is just best way i can put it. . our intention is we are moving forward with three days of convention. we haven't made any plans ton do that. there are reports swirling that are inaccurate. we are planning and moving forward. an single meeting i've had with anybody that we weren't moving forward. we also believe that our message is a message of optimism, hope and that we deserve a better future. while we want it pray for everybody's safety and we will watch the storm, i promise you, but the message that we are delivering is really a message of hope for the country, and we think we can do both things. >> do you think romney, despite having a tight race, do you think romney comes into this convention behind? >> no. i mean, i think if we are tied,
11:52 am
if we are exactly where we are today, going into an election day, well win. if we are tied, we win. barack obama loses. people know what barack obama has to sell. they know that he didn't deliver what he said he would deliver. and i think that's a big problem for him. but independents don't generally break toward the incumbent. they know what barack obama promised. they know what he delivered. they know that the economy is in the ditch. i like where we're's at. i would say this, if you said we did pret pass probably a year and half ago, after i first came into office, if you would have said that two years later or a year and half later, that we would have an rnc that's got five times the money in the bank and a nominee tied or slightly ahead or in the markin of error, we would have just said hallelujah. i mean, we like where we're at. we've got nowhere to go but up. >> chairman, thank you with the convention. >> thank you. >> good having you. >> can you see david's full
11:53 am
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