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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  September 7, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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jobs a month when i took office, business once again added jobs for the 30th month in a row. a total of more than 4.6 million jobs. but that's not good enough. we know it's not good enough. we need to create more jobs faster. >> it's been 43 straight months of above 8%. there are today 23 million americans that are out of work or stopped looking for work or underemployed. it's a national tragedy. >> and only 96,000 jobs were added. we say only because that's far fewer than the 130,000 expected by economists. every job counts, especially if you're looking for one and you're one of the 96,000. the unemployment rate dropped 0.2. that's 8.1%, and that is experts, because so many people who gave up looking for work.
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we'll look at that. wall street's reaction so far. right now the dow is down 18 points, this after surging 244 points yesterday. closing at its highest level since december 2007. both candidates are back on the campaign trail. you saw that after the convention yesterday ended. president obama and mitt romney will swap locations in the next couple of hours, possibly passing each other in midair. t the president goes from new hampshire to iowa, while governor romney heads in the opposite direction from iowa to new hampshire. you see the board there. the president ends the day, though, in florida. kristen welker is traveling with the president. peter alexander is following mitt romney. we begin with kristen in iowa city. we were listening to the president's remarks and he did not off the top address the jobs report. >> reporter: that's right, he didn't, tamron. this is obviously not welcome
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news to the president, to the white house, or to the obama campaign, but he did address it essentially trying to down-play it focusing on the fact that the economy did add some jobs as you heard there in that sound bite you played. behind the scenes they're trying to down-play this really disappointing jobs report. one senior administration official saying it's just more proof that the economy is improving but that it's not improving quickly enough. the president today, tamron, really trying to hold onto any momentum he may have gotten after last night's acceptance speech. of course crisscrossing these battleground states to do so, so this news about the jobs report is certainly not something that is helping him to make his case. this wanted to get today. so president obama set so speak here at the university of iowa in just a few hours. one senior administration official was asked by the way, tamron, if they thought the president would get a bounce after last night's speech, and they said at this point it's
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just too soon to tell. they think that the president did a good job making his case about why he deserves four more years. from here we head to florida, another big battleground state where, by the way, the unemployment rate is higher than the national average. by the way, my colleague peter alexander is traveling with mitt romney in nashua, new hampshire. i know they seized on these numbers earlier today. >> reporter: that's right. we're at a minor league ballpark where mitt romney will speak five hours from now. you can see they're already setting up as we speak the signs that read out mitt. i walked past that area. there's a sign that says audience participation required. this campaign is trying to show a lot of enthusiasm today, even after the democratic convention. mitt romney feeling re-energized and confident, especially after the weak jobs numbers at that he evered to as boyce disappointing and disheartening. paul ryan speaking earlier on cnbc saying this is not what a
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recovery looks like insisting that the president has failed to keep promises in the past and americans cannot trust him to keep his promises going forward as well. romney as you saw earlier today in the swing state of iowa spends his evening in new hampshire. tomorrow we head to another swing state, which is virginia and next week to nevada. the campaign is sfrpreading outo hit as many swing states as possible. they're spending close to $5 million on 15 new ads in swing states. noticeably absent is michigan, pennsylvania and wisconsin. the states the campaign says they'd like to win. although they aren't competing, they will compete in those states this november. >> thank you very much. the conventions are over, the campaigns are fanning out all across the country in the battleground states. we're keeping score on who won the last two weeks. the answer according to our team
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gives president obama and the democrats a victory. on who won today's jobs report they give that answer a yes to romney and the gop. joining me now is "newsweek" columnist and cnbc contributor zachary carabell, amy stoddard and chip salgtzman. on the numbers you heard the president say before he took office 800,000 jobs a month were lost. governor romney said this is a national tragedy. what do people need toon about this? >> yes, it's better than it was in december of 2008, january, february, march of 2009 where you were losing hundreds of thousands of jobs. so 96,000 is a plus, as a whole is lot better than 700,000 negative. i'm not sure the question anyone is going into a voting booth because job creation is poor and
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not terrible, therefore i feel good about the economy. when we look at those numbers, there's a huge portion of the unemployment rate going down not because so many jobs were added but so many said this is a terrible job market, and i'm not even going to look. >> what does that mean when they categorize someone no longer looking? what does that mean? >> it's more than eight weeks. you have to be looking for a job to be counted unemployed. p if you say, this is a terrible market, i give up. you're not in the labor force. the rate can go down as more people cease to look. a lot of the people are seniors out of the labor force in the past year, about 1.5 million are seniors. that's a whole other question. it's still a social issue of massive proportions. >> let me bring in michael. when you look at the last couple of weeks, when you look at athe conventions, the democrats win that. the answer regarding the jobs report they say as a victory for
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the gop. h how do you see this? will your vote be impacted by the jobs numbers. >> lucky for the administration that the jobs report will not be evaluated in a vacuum. if the convention has not just culminated and we got this news, i think it would be a significant setback, but i take for granted that the nation has at least somewhat been paying attention to what's going on these last two weeks and, therefore, will not look at the numbers in a vacuum but take into consideration by way of example the speech from president clinton where he explained from his perspective that hand that was dealt to president obama was worse than anyone ever could have imagined or would have been able to deal with better than he had. i guess what i'm saying, tamron, is there are three strong days to prepare the nation from a political standpoint for this jobs report. i think it blunted the net effect. >> let me play what governor romney said a couple of hours
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ago when he immediately landed in iowa. let's play it. >> after the party last night, the hangover today, the jobs numbers were very disappointing for almost every net new job created, approximately four people dropped out of the work force. seeing that kind of report is obviously disheartening to the american people who need work and are having a hard time finding work. >> chip, i'll bring you in on this. the criticism of governor romney aat this point is yes, he's trying to show elm pathetic words but we don't hear about his plan. much of the talk is about wealthiest americans and bill clinton said it, how do you argue with arithmetic? how do you bring in revenue talking about the middle class? how do you get the people back to work? romney says he can create 12 million jobs if elected. we've not heard how he will do that. how can i create 12 million
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jobs? >> i think you did hear that in the convention. he has a plan to -- he talked about energy and the tax structure and regulations and what he wanted to do to the economy. look, i'm going to agree with bill clinton on this. i think this laekdz is about arithmetic, and i think the numbers that matter are this, the unemployment rate, the price of a gallon of gas and a $16 trillion debt. the general election starts today, and as a couple of other people said people are focusing or paying attention to the convention. the jobs numbers are not a good start. it's about re-electing the president, and i think this number set him back a little bit on this. >> since you agree with former president clinton, do you agree under democrats more jobs were created than under republican leadership which he focused again and again we hear from republicans about tax cuts and not about revenue. >> i don't aagree with president clinton on everything, but i agree with arithmetic matters. if you look at the whole over the last 25 years, he said no
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president said he had something so bad. what ronald reagan walked into was rough. he got it done, got re-elected four years later carrying 49 states. so leadership matters. >> let me bring in zachary on this, because as soon as chip started to lay out how he believed governor romney explained 12 million jobs and i would disagree with that, you started to shake your head. >> president obama has taken immense heat for promising 2 or 3 million for the stimulus in february of 2009. maybe they were saved. that would be 120 straight months of the jobs creation we had this month. it would be ten years of job creation. maybe it goes up two and a half times. that's four and a half years of job creation, and you can't put 12 people to work fracking and building pipelines. that is 15% of the current labor force, the current employed labor force. that's an immense number of people. >> that's impossible? >> i suppose if the government decides to give all 12 million jobs at a rate of $40,000 a year
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and spend several billion dollars, yeah. >> avi, people will hear these numbers and process what this means. it's greatly defined on the confidence you have with both of these people, what they put out there. we heard both arguments from the president yesterday, but one of the factors that i think a lot of folks that watch this show have pointed out to me is the jobs bill. they believe if there have not been what they define as on construction by republicans, that we would see more jobs in this country at this point. >> republicans argue that's just not true and they don't agree with president obama's agenda for job creation. they think repealing obama care in certain regulations that inhibit the energy industry from creating new jobs, that we wouldn't be in this problem in the first place. what's interesting about where we find ourselves now is the conventions are over. there's a few weeks before the debates. there has to be -- if you're a
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persuadable voter, you haven't made up your mind, tamron, you haven't made up your mind. you need to be persuaded not to make the sale. at this point you probably have seen the same job reports every month weak enough not to keep pace with population but still job creation and not job loss. the debates are the only times at which they can come out and make the sale to either side, if voters weren't persuaded by either convention. that's what's so interesting about looking at what will turn the rates which is the few numbers left of people who can comparison shop and be persuaded, first is job reports we see every month almost always the same. >> what can be said beyond what we heard. three days from both parties, big speeches from the president and governor romney, what more can be put on the table to persuade these 5% of voters out
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there that claim to be undecided? >> i think on the topic of the economy, it will be what they say in the debates when they're not on stage with their families, when there's no balloons dropping, they're not surrounded by the faithful and have to get to the mete of the argument side by side. if mitt romney can't be convincing that he can rescue this economy, president obama may look more competent. he may look like a commander in chief, someone they have more confidence on many different issues. if we have more job reports continuing to disappoint and mitt romney really next to the president of the united states looks like someone with better ideas is going to fix this, then in the final weeks he could make the sale and win. >> what are those better ideas? you cannot say you have them and not present them, and i think that's what i hear from a lot of people as well who are those undecideds that i still wonder how undecided they are. nefrlgs, michael, i love you because you talk to people all day long on your radio show. what's the most common thing you hear right now, especially
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related to this specific jobs report after the convention? >> let me say, people seemed underwhelmed by the president's speech last night, tamron. one fellow from boston said it reminds him of the beatles. they had so many hits it reached a point where it was hard to have an extraordinary song because they already had a great catalog. by that he meant that the president has so often knocked it out of the park that the bar was very high for him, and it made it very difficult for him to have an extraordinary night last night. by all accounts it was a very strong speech. was it an exceptional speech for obama? i'm hearing no. >> that's interesting insight, michael. thank you very much. zachary, i know you'll be back and talk about the jobs report a little more in detail for you. up next, now that the conventions are over, what's the next phase? is it all about the ads that you'll see on television? we'll look at the candidates' strategies for the next 60 days.
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the path we offer may be harder, but it leads to a better place, and i'm asking you to choose that future. that is president obama accepting his party's nomination last night, but we're waiting to see how the convention plays with less than 5% say they're still undecided. the big question is was the president able to motivate voters to vote and will dwufor romney improve his ratings. let me bring in a former staffer of bill clinton. thank you for your time. let's start off discussing with you the fact that the president's ability to motivate.
11:20 am
obviously, all those thousands of people in the building last night motivated to tears, cheering, but how do you transition that to make sure he overperforms with key demographics? eva longoria was on with andrea mitchell talking about the latino community and young voters in particular that have her concern. >> well, i'll tell you something. selinda lake office your network and said something important. people are making two decisions. not just who to vote for, but first and foremost they have to decide to vote. they have to be motivated to get up and go to the polls. what the president did so effectively last night was to show just how important the election is, even if you're not used to participating in politics, how directly this stuff impacts your life. of course, i just -- i hate to say this, but i'm focused on about five or six states. it's an unfortunate fact, but our electoral system -- >> what states? >> i'm looking at ohio,
11:21 am
virginia, florida in particular. i want you to remember one thing that kept coming back over and over again in this convention was the successful bailout of the auto industry and just how important that was. now, think about this for a minute. with all the money that karl rove and his henchmen have, they're not spending a dime in michigan. michigan is mitt romney's home state, and they're not spending a dime. why? they've written it off they understand michigan so grateful to the president for saving the auto industry. guess what? it's going to play in ohio, too. in ohio a lot of people's jobs are back, and if you look at the unemployment statistics in ohio, guess what? they have come a long way since 2008. they are way better today. >> that explains why we keep hearing the line over again, osama bin laden is not alive and well but gm is. jennifer grandville gave in speech of her life.
11:22 am
besides the entertainment value of it, she talked about when you look at gm, don't just look at the people that work in the factory. it's a spider web if you will of jobs created as a result of saving gm. let me play what governor romney just said on fox news regarding where he believes the race stands. >> i think people will make up their mind as we go along here. i can't tell you when it will have settled down. a lot of people don't make their mind up the day before or day of the election. it's a horse race. if they're think we're headed in the right direction, he may be their guy. if they look at the last four years, they will conclusion we're not better off than four years ago and they will support me. >> i know you're a democratic strategist, but look at both sides here. if people are trying to make their decision and hang in there to the bitter end 50 days later, what do you believe will be the straw that breaks the camel's back when people go in and
11:23 am
decide to vote? those undecideds. what will be the big impact thing here? >> frankly, people feel comfort aable with president obama. if there's going to be a crisis and we know there will, and there's additional opportunities to grow the economy and we know there will, they trust them. if you look at what people do in a voting booth when everything is closed out. they close that curtain. it's like a primal question. who is with me? who knows me? who is with me? it all boils down to that very often for an undecided voter. people feel a connection and bond and level of trust with president obama that they say i want him for the next four years. those comments of mitt romney are very telling in my opinion. he's being very honest. he's not winning. okay? if he were winning -- >> the president is not saying and you can't say the president is winning either at the this
11:24 am
point to be fair. >> that is absolutely fair. my point is simply this. after all the resources that went into this on both sides, mitt romney is not able to say decisively things are turning in my direction. i think it does come down to that moment in a few states by a few swing voters who have to ask themselves, who is with me? i just feel in my gut that breaks for president obama. >> you're a democratic strategist and former staff to her bill clinton, so that would be natural to your gut. obviously, this race is still very tight here. thank you very much, david. i always love having you on. what happens to drew peterson? that's the ex-cop now that he's been found guilty of murdering his third wife and he's suspected in the death of another? we'll get the latest on this story. plus. >> i think it's maybe time -- what do you think for maybe a businessman. >> well, after talking to a chair, an empty chair, clint
11:25 am
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with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'. welcome back. lawyers for drew peterson are vowing to appeal his conviction to the murder of his third wife, kathleen savio. illinois prosecutors say peterson could soon be charge ntd disappearance of his fourth wife, stacy. his attorneys argue that savio's case was based overwhelming on second-hand evidence, but the jury took 13 hours to deliver that long-awaited verdict yesterday to the savio family. >> finally somebody heard kathleen's cry, 12 people did the right thing. oh, thank god. >> i know my aunt is here today with us smiling over us on this bright, sunny day. >> drew peterson, it is ex-cop now faces 60 years in prison for his wife's murder. after the verdict peterson was overheard saying, quote, i guess
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this will ruin my christmas." for more on the peterson verdict tune into "dateline" tonight. they have a special on this story coming up for you. also, there are only two more jobs reports left before election day. you know that. the question is, will anything change? "the daily beast" zachary parabell back up to discuss what could change in the job reports. it's part of politics, and people are buzzing about it. this is iphone number 5 will make its debut next week. what could possibly be different this time? be sure to check out our "news nation" tam beller page. we update it every day. that's my little button. hometown lully, texas. holl holler. ♪
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welcome back. time now for the "news nation" post. we're focusing on the democratic national convention. first lady michelle obama's big opening night address set a high bar for all who followed. >> barack knows the american dream because he's lived it. he wants everyone in this country, everyone to have the same opportunity. >> mitt romney quite simply doesn't get it. >> the republican argument against the president re-election was actually pretty simple, pretty snappy. it went something like this. we left him a total mess. he hasn't cleaned it up fast enough. >> america is not in decline. i've got news for governor romney and congressman ryan,
11:34 am
gentlemen, never, ever, it never makes sense, it's never been a good bet to bet against the american people. >> as i stand here tonight, i have never been more hopeful about america. not because i think i have all the answers, not because i'm naive about the magnitude of our challenges. i'm hopeful because of you. >> joining us for the post script this friday special edition senior reporter for "newsweek," andrew romano. a number of republicans had to admit when you look at those speeches, it was unmatched when you put the dnc up against the rnc speeches. a lot of rnc speeches were people talking about themselves. how do you categorize the week? >> i think it was definitely a win for the democrats in terms of comparing the two conventions. you say chris christie and marco
11:35 am
rubio sort of auditioning for 2016. it was well managed in the democratic convention. it was about re-electing obama and trying to follow that through and say, don't give up now. we need to see it through. >> when you compare it to building aa house, the michelle obama laying the foundation and the president coming on at the end and putting on the roof. unless you tivo this and decide to watch it every day for the next 60 days in this world of ever-changing things, these conventions both of them, will be in the back of the memory. what things in the next 60 days matter most? >> we saw the economic numbers come out this morning, the jobs report. that's a steady drum beat of not so great news, so that's difficult p for president obama. the things to watch over the next month or so or two months, the debates are the deciding things. in okctober when they're on stae for the first time together, that's when undecided will make
11:36 am
a decision. they're both very good debaters, yeah. romney if you remember back to the republican primary, he kind of wiped the floor with most of the other candidates in these debates. the question is there's more of an onus on romney to prove himself. this is romney's audition when he gets up there and he can show people that maybe he's more likeable and relatable than they thought he was. >> i don't think likeable, relatable are any of the descriptions that came out of the debates in the republicans primary. he and his wife both admitted that it's not his strong point. i'm curious about the foreign policy debate we will have here. the president hit on the fact in his speech is the first thing you don't go to the nation's ally and insult them in the olympics. that was a little frivolous. there are more serious questions that extend beyond the economy, which he likes to talk about. >> that's a point obama made in his speech, too. turning the tables and saying this is the most untested ticket
11:37 am
we've seen. two candidates on the republican side without any foreign policy experience. >> which was the argument attempted to be used against him against john mccain, and they lost that argument. >> that's exactly right. if you stepped into a time machine in 1972 or 1982 and come forward to 2012, it's a i complete reversal. the democrats own that issue in this election. there's a high bar for romney to clear. >> does anyone own the economy right now, this debate over the economy? >> no, that's what the whole campaign is about and determining who voters think will be the best steward for the economy over the next four years. that's the bottom line. >> we're less than 90 minutes away from the closing bell on wall street as the markets react to today's jobs numbers. down slightly 7 points there, and that's after you may recall now closing at its highest level yesterday in almost five years, gaining 244 points. that's what we saw yesterday.
11:38 am
there are just two. we can't say it enough. monthlily jobs reports. look at that calendar. circle yours at home. october 5th, and the other is the friday before election day. back now with me, "newsweek" and cnbc contributor zachary carabell. flat out, is there anything that can change the trajectory of these numbers one way or the other for good or bad in the next two reports, or is this what we're going to say? >> you know you're a policy wonk when you have this circled on your calendar. the 12 million jobs that romney talked about, if you hired 12 million people the government could spend $400 billion to put 12 million to work. >> backtrack here. chip saltzman was on, and i asked him about the 12 million jobs that governor romney said he can create. chip believes he gave a plan with energy and other ways. >> i can see of no conceivable
11:39 am
reality in the physical examination five years whereby they create that level of employment. obama to his credit and in the make that kind of promise, which people may not want to haemplt that's more of a reality. in the next two months it won't change. will it change in the next two or three years? you could have government stimulus programs and government infrastructure programs while it's contrary to the current republican congress does have an immediate employment effect. >> let's bring in chris kofinas here. we're talking about 12 million, which is yet to be fully explained in detail. nojs the president says i need more time. in the next two months before this election, does the president need to explain in more precise terms what he would do with the next few years as zachary pointed out. is it another stimulus? what is it that would make the
11:40 am
difference here? >> well, i think you saw in the convention last night the president kind of lay out his second term vision on education, on energy, on the deficit and on jobs and in particular focusing on manufacturing jobs. it was a credible vision, and when you compare that and contrast that, it's nice to throw big numbers. here's the fundamental problems that republicans have. you saw that in the republican convention, there's nothing new to their policies, so you can't argue with any credibility you will fix the problem with policies that created the problem. this is their catch-22, and they think as long as we don't talk about it, voters give us a second chance to make the problems worse. i think our job as democrats, the president's job is to go out there, hammer in his vision, what he's done, how we're better off, but then also make that hard contrast with governor romney, just tear apart this
11:41 am
notion these policies will fix anything. >> governor romney said today as well if the feds help the economy, that is not president obama. that's bernanke. that's interesting that governor romney would say that, when he's said he wanted to get rid of bernanke. with all of that said, any credit at this point with the fed involvement with the interest rates change whatever? he's saying that's not the president, that is bernanke. we know that in a few of the key battleground states where there's been some turn around where the unemployment is lower than the national average, if there's a republican governor they have taken credit for the success saying, again, it's not the president. not wanting to bif him credit for anything, which is to be expected. >> i mean, it is top expected. here's their problem. it's a credibility gap. i find it kind of ironic that clint eastwood was talking to an empty chair, but when you look at governor romney's policies, it's an empty suit. there's nothing there to them. i think, again, this election, because people realize there's
11:42 am
tough challenges, the jobs crisis and dealing with that is really difficulty. when you look at the reality of what the president is trying to do and how the republicans have basically shut the door. governor romney's problem is there's nothing he's going to lead the country in a different direction. there's nothing to it. when governor romney goes out there and talks about it, people sit there and say can he really do it? on top of that -- this was the power of the convention. there was a clear empathy gap. you saw that the president and all the surrogates, michelle obama were talking to middle class voters and families saying we understand your problems. governor romney doesn't, and not only do you have bad policies, but you also have the bad politics of not talking to people. >> you talk about people. real quick paul ryan was on cnbc and he says we have a five-point plan for a stronger middle class which is aimed at creating economic growth and specifically to get our economy to grow at 4%. that's the latest from paul ryan, who also now is saying
11:43 am
these same things about this 12 million new jobs over the next years. he's sticking to this line as well with no explanation. with all of that said, zachary, what do you believe the unemployment rate willen right before the election? i'm not going to hold you to it, because you're guessing like anyone else, but will it be around the same number? >> unless europe fully implodes, it would be what it is right now. the best that obama can do and the best that can be done for the country is the jobless rate is representative of people's concern about their future. you know, no one has a 8.1% personal unemployment rate. you're employed or unemployed or maybe half-employed. it speaks to this anxiety, can i make a living comensurate with my needs and dreams. will we create an economy where that is possible, that's something that a climate government can shape. this rate won't come down in two
11:44 am
months and it won't come down just because you bash an absurd claim on the part part of republicans. what does is this number speak to as a consult turlal anxiety real and awhat about finding jobs and start a business. that's the only salvation here. >> it's who you believe can put us in that direction. you look so alone outside. there was a crowd yesterday. last man standing. thank you, chris. >> last man standing. there you go. >> that makes you a good man. thank you, zachary, as well. it will be the smartest smartphone launch in history. how many times have we heard that one? the iphone 5 is expected to make it's debut next week. we'll get the scoop. prince harry deployed to afghanistan two weeks after his las vegas vacation. details next in around the "news nation." first, there's a lot going on today. here's things to know. the artist behind the iconic
11:45 am
hope poster from president obama's 2008 campaign has been sentenced to two years probation. a federal court found that shepherd farley covered up evidence in a lawsuit after he used an associated press photo which he based his poster on. i'm not going to shut up. it's my turn. so, anyway. >> well, clint eastwood is talking for the very first time publicly about his speech at the rnc. he tells a very small california newspaper the idea of bringing a chair on stage came to him at the very last minute. eastwood also says he told the romney campaign they couldn't vet his speech because he didn't know what he was going to say and they it trusted him. you may get a chance to drirng like the president. several breweries around the countries are planning to make that white house brew. the white house chefs release the home brewed recipe last weekend, and a lot of people googled it to find pout what's
11:46 am
inside. michelle obama told "people" that she want to retrace their money moon for their 20th anniversary of october. since it falls so close to the election day, chances are they won't have a time for a road trip along the california coast like they did 20 years ago. those are the things we thought you should know. [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye. we believe the more you know, the better you trade. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning, plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations, where our dedicated support teams help you know more so your money can do more. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start.
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[ engine revs ] come in. ♪ got the coffee. that was fast. we're outta here. ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ welcome back. prince harry is on his way to afghanistan. that tops our look at stories around the "news nation" today. prince harry has started a four-month tour of duty with the british army. he's be deployed as an apache helicopter pilot in helmund province. it was weeks after the embarrassing pictures of the prince released when he was partying in vegas, which may explain why he was partying. he's being shipped off to afghanistan. texas will soon have the
11:50 am
nation's highest speed limit, 85 miles per hour in my home state when it opens a stretch of highway between austin and san antonio, which happens to be between where i was born. can i make this more about me? the 41-mile toll road will open this fall, and texas ofederfici say it will reduce traffic congestion in the area. local safety experts, however, surprise, are concerned about that speed limit. that it could cause more car crashes, potentially fatal ones. in just a few days we will know if the iphone 5 is finally really on igts way. the device is widely expected to be unveiled at one of apple's famous press events this coming wednesday, but ample is not the only one with a gadget announcements. amazon will have more kindle rivals to the ipad. joins us now is joe brown. let's start with this i know phone. we're not waiting to hear about the announcement, right?
11:51 am
we know it's true it's coming out? >> september 12th, all the major press is violated. every year it gets harder and harder for apple to keep i lid on secrets. the more workers you have and demand for phone, the sooner the thing leaks. he we pretty much have seen the thing. >> with that said, we think we know it's being released. you in the commercial break have details on what it may look like. >> yeah. all of the leaked pieces show a unibody, like the apple macbooks so it's a metal back, not a glass back. >> thank you. >> so many people have dropped their phones. my phone is crashed right now. it's more durable? >> hopefully. >> is that worth the money, several hundred bucks that it will cost? >> is any of this worth a lot of money? if you want it, you want to. >> what's the technology difference? >> it's faster and a better camera. every year apple does interesting things twhir cam ras, and i'm excited to see what they do this year.
11:52 am
it will have better aspect ratio and look more like a cinema screen. better for watching wide screen movies ch movies. >> is it a big change from the one out now really. >> it's not made out of glass. a new dock connector, so it will be thinner. >> we'll see what happens later this weekend. price point around the same surely. >> kindle fire. >> amazon has started every year having a very showy press event. >> just like apple. >> now jeff is one of the flashiest ceos out there, and he's great. >> he's a great guy. >> kindle fire is exciting, because it's the inexpensive tabl from everybody else. the kindle fire was cheaper. they have a new one, kindle fire hd. hd is obviously the screen. it has a nice screen and it's 254 pixels per inch, which is about like the ipad screen. it's also got a 7-inch model and
11:53 am
8.8-inch model. 200 bucks for the 7 inch and 300 bucks for the 8 inch. >> will it rival the ipad based on price alone? >> yes, and that's true. 22% of all tablets sold in america in 2012, kindle fires. >> we love talking gadgets with you. probably see you wednesday. next on today's "news nation," we told you about this at the top of the show. will today's jobs report impact your vote? ellas used capital one venture miles for a golf getaway. double miles you can actually use... but mr. single miles can't join his friends because he's getting hit with blackouts. shame on you. now he's stuck in a miniature nightmare. oh, thank you. but, with the capital one venture card... you can fly any airline, any flight, any time. double miles you can actually use. what's in your wallet? alec jr? it was a gift.
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welcome back. gut check for you. we want to hear your gut on it. will the jobs number affect your vote in november? go to to vote. we'll have the results on monday. you have to wait. that does it for this edition of "news nation." "the cycle" is up next. tle oil e
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