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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  November 6, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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when a twinge of back pain surprises hiowing pain in his lower back. his pain continues to linger. tes, p back paileve.for all ="day pain relief.y alevj÷ll of agony of mat new york. tlatching before yo!ou get settled, vote. get out then come back here get pizza5y or whaty ni it's it separates reality, it's compelling it's d concession speech. than getting that big checkma you the deed i say a prayer for our country andms let it and who doesn' is heading for the we've got a greardball" "the huffington fineman. i g this is one of thoseou't need the looms. polls and late esident stopped byn chicago today to . want to on a i know that just as eed enthusiastic and wt' hard. we feel confident weutdependte on make you exercise thi for usfp to have. it, but5o not right away because i'm feelfidgety.'feels-y you xhfeel?
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feel good about tonight. the candidates say -- whatis? what d fls youn tell you both9" genuinely d; somebody is either but acting more me of the democratic matter of faclarly virginia, florida, a you hear somees. >> where does that come from on the republan úyside? what is it based upon? pre their republican turnout always great? a possibili higher on election day because of the the of my theories on this has always been aturnout. they just have been i thinkt they're right on their turnout model thatong. >>his is a timelsto call what iy golden these state >> and they're state guys. >> state guys and gals that i have dealt with for a long time and that i trulvania our home stat he's a h said turnout in republican areas in and that's good this bob asher? >> i'm not telling you whoocraticareas, philadelphiacluding an is also very high. predicting a big turnout in pe -- it soun to me like both sides co o campaign is obama organizing 2.0.therhood campaigning. buts. they're taking it much morseriouon
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years ago. bigere in virginia all ove just northern virginia. >> let's talk -- that's what i want to talk about tonight. i have beenfb telling r9people i signed some books today, i have been teople inatch virginia tonight. if obama wins virgin)ia c good nigh wins virginia. >> possibly. but there are pathways -- here is the thing i keep telling allhat well that far south, dll you argue that what virginia --hat strengin of obamaame through but there -- he doesn't have the same demographics on his side inwisconsin, and talking about the demographic african-americans and singlewomen or what? >> yes. i think thele thing. >> fascinating. example, d.c., heavy hispanic heavy vietnamese. sian american, pacific i i think that'sgstrong indicator of a es& saying>> if he loses by a couple tsll in it. hard for romney270f los virginia. 's not impossiblele >> christmas mor io6 couple hours er that christmas morning.. will we get a result by then? shocked if we get aore midnight.
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and a result iarolina. that's the other thing, i think north carolina will take us a g to be tight. >> that's goodobama. >> that's good news for obama.he chris, the ihave peoplee, you have a could beer there are hundreds ofawthere. we're getting all ofence about questions about voter polls. same in pennsy aa bothni out potally difficult knotty about who voted, whose votes are counted, the early absentees >> what's the complication ere's no photo voter >> the complication in penn first fo of voter i.d.hrew it outisionally. they s do not have to have v eed -- >> who iss? who is doing i6it? >> that's a vertion, tt and at least - >> that's -- isn't are t it but if it's close, if it's thin a halhg drives meion like this. ok i think pennsylvania is going to four hocked if it's anything less than threehe t put the effo i tld have that might have made it ohio, if it is lessvotes, l votes, we're notlts of ohio for two eks. >> with >> with lip. if anything if less than 30 could statrtnd of don't forget -- what's l 3 4 ? >> that will be clear enough.
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chuck. two-week thing drysngratulations. >> we'll talk more about it later in the program. >> the kennedy book paperbook. onhn kennedydent got des moines iowa at his last rally of the campaign. probablyis life. want to take opportunity to say thing to all the young people and young people who have much to this campaignverhose of you done this just for me a you who have lived aathed want c%# and organized block, neighborhood by neigj-hborhood, county starting a movement that reent made up of young and old a asian, nativeus] bama ñ( campaign. robert gibbs, thank you fo looked at all the numbers in all the papers and started having -- peop d trunks oma. i said whereom? i don't know it. who is pum romney is d pumping ess is somebody in boston is trying to do i willound states, very good going into this look race over the last two or t favored.)áy the president big s, ve btund one state of this a put 70 than as good rightthere and exercise their right vote.o; you there and make sure
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at you it's way too important to sit this one out.t have you t et thing to that citizen if you're nority or you're a young person, you're the t a suppress theu' the p so that them that citize]n and nobody is go the numbers. i looked at everything in the for the labsolute consistency. case? i'm asking you is their case that somewhere in he world nce thursday which is the numbers on thursday, see which direction they're going on because nothing haoveeyad through io(pz8 is jushem. they s was tvcouldn't buytarted conjuring feel like peh]nn's looking good for us. you find out chuckt actually neahe peopletod spin about mes ge ofido it for just a message that's trump governor onom guy, romney didn't christi mate? ie sttere hdnr to walk thc that's for i'm still struck by those pictures 6alxi look, i was -- i'm not name dropping here but we had bruce springsteen obviously with u yest about s a st families had , this i just all, you know, 12-roo mansion i ami. i .d, you ihknow, our thoughts toid did th mning was get on a aal7:30the it's near and dear tíd ok, i think it's> going to be a good night for us.y. thanks for coming on, robert you ck and h doutonight? end? keep an e to we'llem ak rsy out what happen
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in ohio.on on live from democracy plazio ♪ [ birds u can fit o [ chuckles ] ♪ ♪0om- ♪ ♪ nice work. [ male announcer ] intnew nissan pathfinder.innovation that exdqp &" humans -- oming up stop, stop, stop! my car! not so muc but that's okay. great ideas optional better car replacement insuranc ', total your car, and we give a model year newer. t urance. z7-t's your #5> welco this race has been forming all
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year in a handful of states and props more nt straights geographich sides. joi in orlandhinow. john if had to pick8t it right now witho bs say is tonight? >> obama. >> tell me something n it anyway be closetend differently, but my sense is that suggested tose and move to china andthat and a maden this northwest obviously romnu that that's botheredpg people?ce president in our that paid advertising can just smash through any kind of reporting. that's true in noohio. the toledo blade has covered day in12ut the frahag's been he last day or so it came up as the first subject of convris, i just got the report fromle local board of elections, turnout is up 3% from . joy down in orso vast so in many way typical of america, it has ethnic northerners, ers, formerllthere, conservatives from cuba, liberals co now. they ipart the how do you p florida? i have always wondered how do you do it?
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>> it's a crazy st the north, new york in the state and the state with q floridian but in panhandle that's tandard time. just getting te, if you had asked have said romneyenior citizens blocn florida, florida is state aft ave parsing of the idea of if you're under f from it really worked for romney.aid, chris ihink a s r changed in the zeitgeist in state and it was the reduc t days and forced democrats to cram early vote the palpable resent am, the sense of rage really among58 african-american voters who feel tremendously resentful. l like this is almost a second civil rights movement. they like they're bull conner a si talked to a pastor thisin he saidn't been f at black get -o election in of people who were a little about it ans. i had another friend who saidpublican pocketbook but the hatred of barack obama, the hatred of this man is so offensive toitinle flori something ago and and in talked to a woman namedwas puerto r vétalked about barack obama like
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he's her son. she feels personally. a republican voter for romney talked about guns and abortion, so i think changed. >> w down there. let me white guy but i'm not irrelevant when issue because i care a lot about it. i always say to graduating classes never say no to yourself, never, ever let the on who wants you to say it yourself. make the there until 7:00 beake that line ch television tonight before you voted. that's the thing that we cover that. that's the thevoting. that's my -- >> actually -- >> your last >> ias going say gloria was 240ne at 6:00s though she had to be in work at a retail store. shthat 11:00 and sheas she did >> we're looking at the numbers. if you ltrend you can see since the beginning of september lead over mitt romney in ohio. though varied slightly. bers pollster tracks, they estimate e lead frore the president regained hisadvantage. that estimate has any reason to beliell numbers fuzzinessthere? i think it's important to note that the mobilization that they absentee they've good turnout in their5c counties.
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so don't doubt that they're going to -- they're going toet it as clocan. but, preparing toith you, i went and took a driver around the south ad s on the back voten. if you need to vote, jump the road and stop the van. that's the level of energy that orthern ohio cities we hear this term a boots on the ground the fact of the matter is that in these union towns like yotown, labor really has put the ground. through the near downtown neighborhood i saw a btist church banner out the window that s sou poll palpable energy, you can feel it ostreets, and i think that keeps that obama number up. >>heexecuting.y reid has eveher, get out and voters dixville notch, new hampshire, went to the pollsa last ni anything by the way. sort of fun to talk about it. this is "hardball" shall the place for politics live from democracy plaza which does matter on election day.
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m bing elections. do you k maybe somewhere aruse. mine's just, right over that way. well you can find out exactly where it is using bing elections. it's a good day for politics. which way do you lean politically?well, using the bing news selector you can fi news from whichever way you lean. (together) social on thi ty in the senate? the republicans? would you make a bet on that? no.icken?
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odre of this count elected as
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roll. we know how win. >> question of this electionyou want four more years like the last four9byears. >> iowa i am not ready to give >>. he's got are going to run at our country's( problems. >> american liese some fight in you, too. a look at the candidates at their f rall voting. the first to do it were dixville in new hampshire at midnight last night. the s first ballots on elect last night was no exception. te in dixville notch midnight voting tie. the next town over hart, new hampshire, with its 33 there. presidenfirst. also last night marked president obama's final campajjign$l rallhing full circle with a story he the crowd at his how "fir up, ready to go" came into being. rt greenwood, south carolina. let's listen. >> turns out that greenwood is severa everytle fieldhouse and tment. lo and beafter an 206 people
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there. i'm ms8aking may away room and i hea voice come out behind me fired i hear this voice saying ready to go. and the other 20 people i the room act like this happens all the time. i around there's thill woman about 60 years ding she's smilingsaysourea when she goes to footba and when she she goes to community events. of hers. after a minute or so i'm like i'mdy thing stted. became one of the anthems of our so i've just got one question for >> ready fired >> ready to go. up? woman up in the first place to the event last night butñ5 she was t with one effortne watching "hardball," the plmoction day.
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hhpi the dow gained points. the of the election is far from stocks have done well obama presidenow. since he upook s&p is more than stakes much higher your ost" robinson andne john msnbc political ave all given talks to our f le e asked question. george wallace used to say there dime's worth of different twens the republicans and m[democrats. t think he would be saying let me go to gene on that point. it seems the mostat p has been o=1bama caetting the 4 chance self-reliant health care policy d the emergency room >> e most h istoricdonely histo about it was the idea universal health car this giant step toward. that to be imperiutbo b going to stantle obama cinventedpay
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any attention to v thinkhat in this election and it the2 romney itsere's no single thing lican 0$ or, re.ractically speaking whether it will be aeo actually a that lever because romney wants to keep the bill. outunbill. huge piece elected. >> let's talk about+olot of people watching are lo a b hat? you that at stake heresecurity of those to me that's of egg f how on the ticket. has aset of propost entitle/nt try to pursueare downpe backed pular with a course of this campaign but it, the the &ological mittselfhink wit at divergence between presided that's the nt to keep those programs ot. philosophicalactically i that ln ÷; the househase, the house did pas if it could y i think you have with ab i >> let's look at what the right is sayinof just women the court will have before ihole of alwaysotíu ñ afterthe or four i-hn their i poor nextn portunity to pick have anwade impt s want to roe v. wade but you pointed outghts befrmative actionrelatedall social >ux ment when itthe this pa the
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out. gme court justices in theceour years and that could alterqldhe balans and hadcp this0 sup c rt over course of thetonigh point here mitt romney on the yl"meet the >> hopeustices to the suprld be myer preference re ' decisions with know, tack say they're just going to turnto s a state that'soe what i'm upset thi we'vto. four on the left, four way to the k go either way butohq. which y ight. i th move fit all the way the resident obamaa where he c taxoif he and the ppleng÷p i have never understood issues with parties. why is it? why can't they get i >> a chris, if shouldes in this area that it's my eye t end up in the nk obama wil a"a a bush for something like cutse yearill getrestored probably end up kindt won't p inty of opportunity to throw themsomething to get and papedion it's a good way to decome bust over the nt couple place po demracyzún7
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the cell phone was shot atpollingnsylvania near ha president ooth registered a vote for the ately age to cast his presidekwal inou 8 early votinglorado. in a leto ticolorado in datedb" mi eenovember 1st machines6'qñt we just saw only se voter cast his r ball intein councilngings and on with me, the rncficial, populate7i vote? jargon tell me abouthe state so seeingget a clearer anoer.2004. the there weren't enough provisionalba mak -- >> do you think he had a case to anyilar situation in ohio whne@ pennsylvania, your home state, you they have very confused guidelines about il to david corn. i ta began [ alwaysr fl up . wha are right to look close states and s is shenanigans. cal you knoults will be. my rule of 1% so if a0ucq er way, then whatever h and other with votingbe -- trd that and what do you mean by that? >> i'm call it= iffñ a it can be overcome byeania peo bdimproper
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penns that's just a footnote or asterisk it ift&0s way oou have theseallega people concern about the validity ofñç the don'tnt but i elec because joke nl floridians those count e get aav h "" by voting l machines sjome about th t ecau i t throwing up theseproblems. we're only nowime frame where the lines of are the really h the day. as the three, four houdenied liem to vote. know if i florida,n the vo panhandle at 8: get somebody to to the allere. pr disgrace if we can't have a votn and out inmaybe an hou for f't be. part of the ha&bve state tisans.7 often by secretaries o or don't full population. we need to find towards nonpartisan professional wi i that anyine for if we're] tern >> b the best rea>> the reason - voting. that's the best reason to wait want but voting is the bestyou, david corn -- >> nh! watc! "y.rdball," live fryxñb ♪ ♪♪♪♪ sib late, rom#tateanúúrohat
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