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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  November 19, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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snickers bars, zeke, don't tell hem to eat seaweed. >> all right. wrap it up. >> does it work? if it's way too early, what time is it? >> "morning joe." now it's time for "the daily rundown." with chuck ed todd. don't miss it. nate silver tomorrow. pacific motion, president obama makes a historic visit to myanmar during a tour of neighboring countries. we'll have the latest on his first post election trip and his last one with secretary of state hillary clinton before she steps down. meanwhile, violence continues in the middle east as israel increases attacks in gaza. live reports from there and tel aviv as hopes grow for a mediation effort led by the u.n. attorney general. back at home congressional leaders start a fiscal cliff conversation before a post election vacation.
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will they have anything to be thankful for when everyone gets back to work and the clock really starts ticking? good morning from washington. it's monday, november 19, 2012, and this is "the daily rundown." no, it's not chuck todd. the president is in cambodia this morning, his final stop on a three nation tour of southeast asia. after wrapping up the first trip to myanmar by a sitting u.s. president, chuck joins us now with the latest on the president's trip. >> well, good morning. i'm here in myanmar, a country that just a few years ago was virtually isolated from the world's community and now a united states president has visited the country, barack obama. he made a whirlwind 12 hours count when he landed and touched down he was greeted by a sea of folks here, some of them locals looked spontaneous. some of them uniformed schoolchildren, looked like it was very organized. but throngs of people hoping to
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catch glimpses of the motorcade. the president played a little bit of tourist, by the way. he stopped by a famous 2,000-year-old temple with a big buddha there. the president participating in a ceremony. >> i was dousing the flames. >> and then the president went to aung san sun kyi's house where the activist was under house arrest for years. the two of them after meeting behind closed doors with secretary of state hillary clinton in tow, by the way, they came out and spoke to a small group of reporters that were at their house. i was among them. >> i'm glad to say how happy i am to receive president obama in my country and in my house. >> and then the president used his time to not just honor, of course, the nobel peace prize winner but also made homage to secretary of state hillary clinton. >> this is her last foreign trip that we're going to take
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together. and it is fitting that we come here to a country she has done so much to support. i could not be more grateful not only for your service, hillary but also for the powerful message that you and aung san suu kyi send about the importance of women and men everywhere embracing and pr promoting democratic values. >> the highlight was a speech. the president delivers about a 30-minute address. it was sort of one part american democracy 101 and it was one part giving some inspiration to myanmar and saying this is how you become a member of the world community. it's interesting in the different ways. first of all, he was justifying why he was here because he got some criticism from human rights activists that maybe he's been
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here, he's coming a little too soon to myanmar while making some reform, hasn't made enough, but here was his justification. >> when i took office as president, i sent a message to those governments who ruled by fear. i said, in my inauguration address, we will extend the hand if you are willing to unclench your fist. under president thein sein, the desire for change has been met. i come to keep my promise and extend the hand of friendship. >> the president did a little democracy, american democracy 101 and included a little jab at congress. >> those in power must accept constraints. that's what our american system is designed to do. i cannot just impose my will on congress. the congress of the united states, even though sometimes i wish i could. >> the president also took the opportunity to talk about how other countries that currently
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are ice i lated in the world like north korea could see myanmar as an example of how to come back to the world of nations. >> the leader shship of north korea, i'm offered a choice, let go of your nuclear weapons and choose the path of peace and progress. if you do, you'll find an extended hand in the united states of america. >> and the president told a story of the evolution of american democracy and of himself noting the color of his own skin and how american democracy has evolved over tame and how myanmar should see it as an example and why they should be open to many religious and many different kinds of people. >> i stand before you today as president of the most powerful nation on earth but recognizing that if our country can transcend differences, then yours can, too. >> reporter: all in all a historical visit. i've been to many countries
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where the president has laid out big vision pieces, if you will, big vision speeches when it comes to his world view, whether it's in the middle east, the cairo speech, about china, russia, things like that. this was another one, i think, in that line of speeches, people really want ed to understand th obama doctrine if they read all of these speeches together almost in a little book form they would get a better understanding of the president's world view. i would assume a lot of people already believe they have that understanding. he's off to cambodia and then it's back home because he has to pardon that turkey. i'll see you soon. >> thanks, chuck. even across the world in asia, the president can't escape washington. at a buddhist monastery he joked that geshgs 0s on the fiscal cliff may require a little help in the almighty. >> yes, we're working on this
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budget. we're going to need a lot of prayer. >> also on the president's plate a developing fight over who removed language and talking points given to susan rights that suggested al qaeda may have been behind the terrorist attack in libya? >> it went to the so-called deputy's committee that's populated by appointees from the administration. that's where the narrative changed. we do know that the intelligence community was accurate. the accusation that the white house changed those talking points is false. i believe it to be absolute fact and that was the word counseling was changed to mission. >> bipartisanship. mark murray is here with this morning's first read. good morning, mark. >> chris. >> i want to first talk a lot of stuff on the sunday shows. let's talk first about fiscal cliff. obviously that's the pending
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business here in washington. i want to play something nancy pelosi had to say. again, we're in the stakes setting, ground rule laying part of this debate. let's play what pelosi said and we'll come back and talk about it. >> a possible xrcompromise that would lead rates the same but cap for high income earners. is that accept able? >> no. >> not at all? >> no way? >> the president made it very clear in his campaign there are not enough resources. what you just described is a formula and a blueprint for hampering our future. >> so, mark, what we saw on friday congressional leaders meet with president obama. everyone comes out and says, look, we're going to have a deal. what you see here from nancy pelosi, look, this isn't going to be a deal made by simply closing loopholes. what does that mean? though she's not saying it in that clip is we're going to have to raise taxes on the wealthy. are republicans in any position to really fight this? they're going to put up some
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kind of fight but to carry this on december 25, december 26, as we get closer? >> chris, democrats do have the leverage in the fight given the tax cuts do expire, all of them, at the end of the year. what democrats really want is for the expiration to be just for the high income earners, for income over $250,000 a year. and then the idea that democrats end up saying, guys, if you give us this, then we can cut some deals on entitlement reform, tax reform, some of these goodies that republicans want. it was very interesting when mitch mcconnell went to the tv cameras he was talking a lot about entitlement reform and democrats are saying, guys, if you swallow this really hard pill, you can get all these goodies later on. the question is whether there are the house votes for republicans who would be willing, even temporarily, to let those tax cuts expire for the wealthy. >> and that's what i think people, two things, important points, one is if nothing happens everyone in this country gets their taxes increased and republicans know they'll get blamed for that and don't want it and, two, can john boehner
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rally a republicans who doesn't want to raise taxes? to that end it's unbelievable. the election was only 13 days ago. >> i know. >> there's been a lot of piling on mitt romney in those 13 days. i want to play something tea party republican senator had to say. this was at the federalist society about the election. let's play it. >> inevitably there are these mandarins in politics who give the voice don't show any contrast. don't rock the boat. so by the third debate, i'm pretty certain mitt romney actually french kissed barack obama. >> okay, let's put aside that image. >> yes. >> this suggests that, you know, these are the manndarins of
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politics, don't show any contrast, don't rock the boat,s so you have the ted cruzs of the world coming in and the boehners saying we node to caught deal on this, reform on immigration, talk about gay marriage. we need a reformation within the party. is that what the base of the party wants? and if they don't want that, if ted cruz is the voice for that party, how do you get there? >> well, the base does seem to actually want really a lot of these broad contrasts as cruz was talking about. chris, the big difference is that in 2011 right after republicans ended up winning the 2010 midterms, they won. they felt like they had a mandate. and so the question is even though you end up having these tough talks, the political reality is different and you might end up saying, look, we'd like to cut a deal now and then draw a lot of these broad contrasts later on come later in 2013 but let's get our medicine. let's take it now and then go forward. >> right.
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i totally agree. i want to play one other thing because if there has been a common theme over the last 13 days, it's the kind of piling on mitt romney is the reason which, frankly, i think it's a lot more to do with demographics and get out the vote operations but a lot of republicans blaming mitt romney. here is a couple of them. we'll come back and talk about it. >> i just think it's nuts. first of all, it's insulting. this is like walmart having a bad week and saying the customers have been unruly. >> we're not getting out it have by comments like that. when you're in a hole, stop diggi digging. he keeps digging. >> so what you have here is in some ways it seems romney's comments about the call to donors last week, it seems as though it's allowing the republican party to kind of say, okay, thanks for playing. move on. is it overly sim simplistic to e
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it on mitt romney? >> mitt romney never had a lot of big anchors in the republican party and with his base. there's always a little bit of suspicion but, chris, you and i cover that republican party for a long time. you can make the arguments even if jeb bush had gotten in the race or chris christie, romney had the potential to be better than them, the anchor of george w. bush and the family. chris christie had some baggage of his own. mitt romney was probably the best person to have but now you're seeing the republican party move forward 0 wanting a new leader and we've seen this happen very, very fast. >> hindsight always being 20/20. nbc's mark murray, make sure, folks 0, if you don't book mark and read first read every morning you need to do it. still to come, more from chuck traveling with the president on this historic trip. plus, capital countdown. could the impending doom of the fiscal cliff push congress to compromise for the first time in years?
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and we're live in both gaza and tel aviv. as the u.n. pushes for a ceasefire, israel says it's ready for a ground war. but first, it's a look at the president's schedule. it's 12 hours ahead in cambodia right now so the president, like most of us, his day is almost over at this point. you see this? oh, let me guess -- more washington gridlock. no, it's worse -- look, our taxes are about to go up. not the taxes on our dividends though, right? that's a big part of our retirement. oh, no, it's dividends, too. the rate on our dividends would more than double. but we depend on our dividends to help pay our bills. we worked hard to save. well, the president and congress have got to work together to stop this dividend tax hike. before it's too late. throughout our lives. one a day women's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age.
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we are just weeks away from the so-called fiscal cliff, the $500 billion in automatic tax hikes and spending cuts that will take effect at the beginning of 2013. many hurdles facing negotiators, entitlements, tax cuts and the defense budget. is there room for compromise to
6:18 am
avoid a cliffhanger? joining me now, this is my favorite segment of the day, felicia, fresh off the campaign train covering paul ryan and paul cain who knows more than any human being about congress. well, with that intro, paul, don't disappoint me. >> is that an insult? >> no, i meant it as the highest form of compliment. you are talking to a political nerd. i feel like despite the fact we talk about the fiscal cliff all the time there's a level of misunderstanding this panic. it's not that simple. can you explain it in layman's terms? >> sure. . >> pretend you are talking to me. >> all of the tax hikes that are set to kick in on january 1, all the automatic spending cuts set to kick in on january 1, that's what we're trying to beat. we're trying to beat that deadline before all of those things kick in. but there's a way that you can do this so that there's a
6:19 am
general agreement. a general framework where they understand that we're going to come up with a deal that can save almost $4 trillion but the implementation of this -- >> the specifics of that bill. >> which tax hikes are set in motion, which entitlement reforms are set in motion. all of that could be given another six months in 2013. they're talking about a down payment, there's a little bit of a tax hike that republicans give in on, a little bit of entitlement reform democrats give in on. each side will have broken a core principle. >> right, this is to show this will not only be a framework but we're each going to put some skin in the game. >> as a democrat you can't be half pregnant on entitle lment reform. >> once you give, you've given. >> yes. >> now, felicia, let's talk about -- i was struck, and you spent more time with him than virtually everyone, paul ryan. a big piece in "the new york
6:20 am
times" this morning saying paul ryan is a fulcrum in terms of what happens on fiscal cliff because prior to being picked for vp, focused a lot of this is the path forward and yet if he wants to have a national imprint, what does he do next? you followed him for a lot of time. what is your sense? did paul ryan on fiscal cliff, on debt spending, on entitlements, evolve as the campaign went on? is the paul ryan we are going to see, chairman of the house budget committee from now until the end of the year, different than the paul ryan the day before he was picked as vp? >> what i'm struck by the most since the election has wrapped up is how much he stayed the same prior to the election and now. look at the position that he took in the internal house leadership race last week. he backed a candidate that a lot of the house republican leadership was against. and, you know, that was him planting his flag and saying he's going to be the one who is
6:21 am
this voice for a lot of conservatives on the hill. i think when it comes to the fiscal cliff you will see him take a similar stance there and whether that's him paving the way perhaps or just him sort of doing what he feels is the role that he has set out for himself to do on the hill. >> i always say it's never too soon. a lot of people say it's not but, look, these guys are politicians. what he does, inevitably, speaking of that kind of the broad what does the party do next? we were talking about it, paul. i want to play something that bobby jindal, the governor of louisiana, someone who has been very prominent since the election had to say not just about the republican party but about their senate candidates. let's listen. >> we don't need a demonizer or to be saying stupid things. we had candidates in indiana and missouri had a said offensive things that not only hurt themselves and lost us two senate seats but hurt the republican party. >> okay. so he's talking about todd akin in missouri.
6:22 am
richard mourdock who made rape comments that they should not have made. you are down there every day with senate republicans. despite the fact that they lost seats and everyone thought they would pick up seats, john cornyn was chairman of the campaign committee, moved up. why? >> when it comes to choosing those spots, those positions, those leaders, it is about i have known you for 10 or 12 years. and a certain bond and trust that happens there. that you just cannot replace and mitch mcconnell does that better than anyone inside the senate. >> now it's a great point. i remember the first time i was ever covering the senate, you look down as a member of the press gallery and see people hugging, the camaraderie is a fascinating thing. felicia, one last thing, and i can't get enough of paul ryan so i will ask you about paul ryan
6:23 am
again. does paul ryan view himself as elevated after this campaign? it's an odd thing to go from being the vp and you're surrounded by security and now you're a house member again not that that's a bad thing but it's a different thing. was he prepared for this adjustment? it seemed mitt romney was stunned when he lost. did you get any clue that he thought this was coming? >> absolutely not. he was in the same boat that romney was. he didn't have the misfortune of telling the press corps he prepared a victory speech and not a concession speech. he was in the same boat. >> just stunned. >> stunned. his family, his staff, everybody. we saw it at headquarters, they were not prepared for this. i think it says a lot about how much confidence they had in the message they were bringing. you see even in the interviews that he's done since election day he hasn't really, you know, sounded the same note that some people -- that bobby jindal had, that we need to change course.
6:24 am
>> i think it will be a fascinating reintegration we saw with john kerry that we saw with john mccain. >> paul ryan sleeps in his own congressional office. he went from this massive traveling pool to every great hotel in america to back sleeping on a cot in his office. >> it's now clear, paul cain is against sleeping in your office. thank you for coming on. >> thank you. >> sure. up next, snack cakes selling like hotcakes. hostess products are flying off the shelves. can the company find a buyer? the market rundown is next. plus, with israel and hamas on the brink of all-out war, chuck's conversation with tommy vitor. first, today's trivia question. since 1900, how many winning presidential tickets lost both of the states that the running mates called home at the time? paul cain is furiously racking his plain. brain. ♪
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the twipgies defense takes on new mepg in a new york courtroom as hostess, the maker of eye coppic treats like twinkies ho hos and ding dongs begins liquidating the company. mara, i can see you are outside a hostess store. i wish i were you. give us the latest. >> reporter: yeah, well, i could pick some stuff up for you and bring it back to the studio. they just opened their doors. we expect people to be coming by. hose tell witess will present t
6:29 am
with a plan for shutting down operations and selling off assets including everything from manufacturing equipment to the brands themselves and that lick whichization liquidation is scheduled to take a year. the bakeries shut down last week, stopped making fresh products. the last day for deliveries was friday. products have been flying off the shelves. twinkies, ding dongs, the cupcakes with the squiggly lines. they're selling out and they're also selling out online. sites like ebay and amazon, dozens of listings of hostess products and people doing searches on how to make them at home, how to make twinkies at home. there may be hope for the future. there are a number of prospective buyers. it could be a match made in heaven. chris? >> wow. homemade twinkies, that is a guy
6:30 am
dreams about that. thank you, mara. >> market could see another volatile week as investors remain anxious about the looming fiscal cliff and tensions continue to rise. cnbc's becky quick joins me now for a market rundown. good morning, becky. good morning. coming to us just as the opening bell is ringing. this time around you are going to see strong, sharp arrows. it's been a long time since we've seen the markets in positive territory. last week was the fourth week in a row markets have closed lower. down 5% or so since the election about a week or two ago. if you're watching what's happening the dow is up by triple digits. this is a big move, a big surge after people are kind of hoping maybe there is some hope that a fiscal cliff can be averted. also, though, we're keeping our eyes closely tuned into what's happening with oil prices today and all of those concerns in the middle east with israel and the palestinians shooting rockets back and forth has been having a big impact on the oil markets. watching oil prices this morning and right now wti crude is up by
6:31 am
about $1.80, trading up close to $89 and that's a big concern can, too. we are looking at gas prices that were finally starting to drop. prices have come down about 7 cents on average at the pump. that's good news. it helps out for consumers. if oil prices are going back up, that's a big concern not only for what's happening in the oil markets but obviously with what's happening with consumer spending as well. we did get one bit of good news and that's lowe's. part of that because of sandy's and the rebuilding. we have seen a bit of a turn in the housing market. there's a silver lining to leave you with, chris. >> becky, very quickly, i know the dow went up after the congressional leaders came out on friday. is this just kind of the feel of confidence at this point? we're no further down the line on specifics than last week. >> you hit it right on the nose, chris. that's exactly what this is. this is a game of confidence. you see confidence rise and drop over recent weeks and that's where the market has been going, too. when confidence come back out
6:32 am
that's when the market sells off. we have a ways to go. you can bet the market will be volatile. >> thank you, becky. next, we're live on the ground in the mideast on both sides. increasingly deadly conflict. it is now day six of deadly rocket exchanges between israel and gaza as ban ki-moon is set to arrive in an effort to forge a ceasefire.
6:33 am
the negotiations come on the heels of one of the deadliest attacks on sunday when a rocket killed 11 palestinians. the nearly webbing long conflict is the first time the two sides have engaged since the arab spring swept through the region. joining me now ayman and stephanie gosk. what's the latest from there, aym ayman? >> reporter: right now we'll start with the diplomatic front, if you will. right now there are negotiations taking place in cairo between egypt, egyptian intelligence officials, including senior leaders of the palestinian faction. they are trying to come up with a loose plan. they are still some sticking points whether or not that would be agreed upon but there are positive signs as it has been described by egypt's prime minister in an interview he gave
6:34 am
to news agency in cairo. meanwhile, here inside gaza, operations are still ongoing. the israeli air force has carried out dozens of strikes across the gaza strip. palestinian rockets have gone off from gaza into southern israel. there is that incident you referred to yesterday on sunday there was an israeli air strike that targeted one residential building in which 12 people were inside. ten of those from a single family including four children. israel says that house belonged to a leading member of hamas and the campaign over the past several days suggest they are perhaps now targeting the specific homes of some of the leaders in hamas' military wing and political echelon. >> let's turn to stephanie gosk. >> reporter: the view here is that they're not going to stop attacking until the rockets stop coming this way. you had more than 40 rockets coming from gaza into southern israel. a lot of the rockets are being
6:35 am
stopped by this missile defense system we've been hearing a lot about called iron dome. it's been incredibly successful. it stopped about a third of nearly 1,000 rockets that have come out of gaza, intercepted them. it's interesting because what the system does, it tracks the trajectory of the rocket besides whether or not it's going to hit a population center. and if it is, it is then launched and once it's launched it's having a hit rate of 90%, like hitting a bullet with a bullet. chris? >> fascinating that iron dome. stephanie, thank you for the update. even as president obama tries to turn u.s. attention to asia, the middle east is still topping the headline. chuck talked to national security council spokesman and asked how president obama is being kept informed about the crisis. >> no crisis in the world would allow rocket fire indiscriminately into their country. we support israel's right to
6:36 am
defend itself and, you know, have been in constant contact with them. that said we think everyone will benefit. >> what does constant contact meet? phone conversations with the prime minister? >> the president has been talking to president benjamin netanyahu daily, talked to president morrissey of egypt, to the prime minister and talking to people that have a relationship with hamas to tell them that de-escalation is in everyone's interests. this will only lead to civilian casualties. i don't mean to draw false equivalents. this started because hamas is raining rockets down into civilian populations and they have to stop. >> sounds like the president believes hamas has to basically ceasefire first. >> hamas started the conflict and they need to stop raining rocket fire down into israeli population centers. now you asked about how the president is being kept abreast. the president's national security adviser is here with him on the trip. tom is talking to the president hourly. tom is also in touch with his
6:37 am
counterparts in israel and other countries. secretary clinton is here, her last trip with the president. she has talked to him about what's going on in gaza. she is reaching out to her counterparts, putting up this message of de-escalation. trying to calm the situation down. >> the susan rice benghazi talking points situation. it's been fodder on the sunday shows this weekend but also during general petraeus' testimony it came up with senator mccain. it showed up in a column that indicated some administration officialses were questioning whether she should have been the one put out there. >> i saw that article and the quote you are referencing is really unfortunate. i think anyone who has worked with susan, who knows susan, knows she has done extraordinary work at the u.n. she has pushed through iran sanctio sanctions, north korea sanctions, helped push through the resolution that led to the military effort -- >> the question remains, why was she put out on this? why wasn't it somebody else? this was not necessarily -- was
6:38 am
this in her lane, if you will? >> i think it's a simple answer. one, we lost a very senior diplomat. it was important to speak to those abroad. take yourself back to that period of time. there was unrest in countries around the region and we had embassy that is were being protested and, you know, susan could go out and speak to that unrest, try to calm it down a bit. frankly, she is one of the top diplomats in our government. she is an extraordinary part of our team. we would like to have her out on sunday shows often. >> was there any white house editing of the intelligence talking points? >> the init tell generals assessment came to us from the intelligence community. it was made in good faith based on the information available at that time. the language in question, we made one edit. we changed consulate the to diplomatic facility for accuracy, but we didn't touch the fundamental assessment.
6:39 am
that's not our job. we don't alter the assessment of init tell generals. >> tommy vietor, thank you very much. >> that was chuck with national security counsel spokesman tommy vietor on 0 the president's trip. allen west keeps up the fight in flo florida. and new jersey gets some love from the vp. after two recounts and two hearings, patrick murphy remains the unofficial winner in the contest for florida's 18th congressional district. murphy's lead is just outside the 0.5 that would trigger a recount. they continued to count ballots after a noon deadline passed. murphy's campaign declared itself the winner based on the deadline past while west's campaign showed no sign of conceding. vice president joe biden toured storm damaged new jersey yesterday reassuring residents the federal government won't forget about them. biden spent his summers at the jersey shore as a boy and had this to say. >> so as the president is up
6:40 am
here with the governor, we're not going anywhere, governor. we're not going anywhere, and you have a homeboy in the deal who gets it. >> and speaking of the garden state, new jersey governor chris christie stopped by "saturday night live" this weekend to talk hurricane recovery in his famous fashion fleece. >> i'd like to thank the red cross and first responders. i'd loss like to give special thanks to my wife who is here tonight who put up with a husband who has smelled like a wet fleece for the past three weeks. >> our political panel will be here next. but first, the white house soup of the day is tomato basil. i was rooting for chicken noodle given my current state. our own chuck todd, yes, he's a shutterbug. check out these pictures he took in myanmar. that's a sign welcoming visitors to the country. a bus packed with locals and
6:41 am
evidence of the country's budding capitalism. this billboard in myanmar is selling coffee with, quote, real foamy italian taste." you have to follow chuck on twitter. you'll see all this and more. [ male announcer ] families grow up but some things never get old... marie callender's dutch apple pie with fresh fuji apples and a crust made from scratch... it makes home at the holidays even sweeter. marie callender's. it's time to savor. [ male announcer ] are you on medicare? do you have the coverage you need? open enrollment ends friday, december 7th. so don't wait. now's the time to get on a path that could be right for you... with unitedhealthcare medicare solutions. call today to learn about the kinds of coverage we offer, including aarp medicarecomplete plans insured through unitedhealthcare. these medicare advantage plans can combine parts a and b, your hospital and doctor coverage...
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6:45 am
the fallout over mitt romney's comments on president obama's so-called gifts to minority voters continued with republ republican after republican hitting their nominee on the sunday show circuit as the parties try to recalibrate on this year's disastrous elected. let's bring in our monday final, beth reinhardt, tracy seppel, and contributor and former communications direct or to senator rick santorum, robert trainham. let's talk twinkies. just kidding. i just have that on my mind. i want to talk about the party, beth, and you spent a long time before coming to washington in florida. let's talk about marco rubio's role. we'll talk about bobby jindal but marco rubio just happened to go to iowa. what a great guy. this is someone who has national aspirations clearly. from your close read on him, is he someone who can make that leap? he went from the state legislature to the u.s. senate
6:46 am
seamlessly. going from senate to presidential candidate is another. does he have it in him? >> if you watch marco rubio speak, not necessarily the speech in iowa -- >> this is what you would expect a republican to say. >> but the convention speech where he's giving it the full treatment, i mean, there are very few politicians that can do what he can do which is make an audience feel something. he can really connect. he's really everything that mitt romney was not able to do. >> i totally agree and i think you wind up in some ways fight the last battle in presidential politics. you pick the guy who is not like the last guy or gal. >> right. and also look at the resounding result of the election was that young people and hispanicss rejected mitt romney and look at marco rubio, a young guy who is hispanic. he looks like everything the republican party is looking for. >> whether or not he can make
6:47 am
the case we have four years to debate. i do want to play something we mentioned bobby jindal. i want to play something he had to say it's about the last campaign and about what i think his campaign in waiting will sound like. let's play it. >> we as a republican party have to campaign for every single vote. if we want people to like us, we have to like them first. you don't start to like people by insulting them by saying their votes were bought. our principles are good for every single voter. >> what's fascinating, i feel it's the lessons i tell my 3-year-old son. if you want people to like you, you have to be nice to them. >> it's the truth. he's speaking after the republican party has gotten clobbered. to his point and to beth's point and to your question about -- well. >> you're juggling five balls at once. >> their stories are american, so they can tell that story. many people out there, especially brown people, can relate to 0 it. bobby jindal but marco rubio,
6:48 am
it's not unlike barack obama's story where it's a unique childhood that is becoming more and more american and thus in the process people at home can relate to that and say i don't agree with the democratic party and republican party but this guy i like him and thus in the process maybe i can see him in the white house. >> and a similar thing happened after 1988 with democrats. bill clinton in third way politics. >> he moved the party to the center. >> i agree. tracy, i want to throw you a hanging curveball here, which i know you will smash over the fence. early in the show for all this talk of marco rubio and bobby jindal, a clip from cruz very much touted, texas senator now, who basically said these mandarins want us to give up on our principles. doesn't it sound like there's still a significant part of the republican party who says i don't think we should be moving. i don't think this is over. >> well, the combined choru of
6:49 am
voices from jindal to christie to scott walker to others is this collective hook that mitt romney is getting that's pulling him off the stage in this vaudeville style and the question now becomes making politics more than just the surnames. i worry for the republicans that just saying, well, it's marco rubio or it's ted cruz that there becomes this reliance on something simplistic and really what is a good reminder from 2012 which we're all still recovering from but did it shall. >> it was only 13 days ago. >> 13 minutes, 13 days. but there was an interesting analysis that showed -- >> and this is a group that monitors everything ever written. >> the gold standard. and nearly 1 million ads were run during this. 1 million. that's a lot of fast forwarding on your dvr. >> perish the thought. >> on jobs. on jobs.
6:50 am
so to have these other discussions about likability and whether you're liking the candidate or the candidate is liking you and whose last name is what, this becomes a reflection reflection of what those bold themes were that elected and re-elected president obama. >> but, beth, was not -- i don't disagree with you, but was not part of president obama's appeal before we knew what he stood for was a different face and a break from the first face of the democratic party hillary clinton. what comes as a chicken and the egg question, what comes first, the messenger or the message? >> well, absolutely. there are more similarities between barack obama and senator rubio than senator the rubio would like to admit. each has a record of accomplishment. >> and a deep record. >> and to contrast with someone who is a governor and run a sta
6:51 am
state, and there a big difference of running a state and serving in the senate as i'm sure that both president obama and senator rubio would admit. >> and we may hear more of the differences of being a governor and serving in the senate may be down the line between senator jindal and governor rubio. and so let's talk about the since 1900, how many winning presidential tickets lost both of the states that the running mates called home at the time? woodrow wilson lost the homes and in 1968, the nixon/agnew ticket both california and maryland. nixon had moved there after his failed attempt for governor when he won the white house. if you have daily trivia, e-mail us at
6:52 am
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let's bring back the panel beth and tracy and robert. right to you, tracy, we mentioned that hillary clinton is not going to be secretary of state and what is she going to do? >> she is going to watch a lot of hg tv which i support entirely and if anyone is deserving of a vacation, it is her. >> and beth, do you think she vacations or runs? >> well, she will take a vacation and somebody said to me a political strategist, you don't make a decision like that unless you are tanned and rested. so i think that she will get to that point and then make the decision. >> it is obvious she is the most prominent person in the country, and she will run. >> and now a good or bad thing for the republicans? eight years ago you would say it is a good thing. >> it is a good thing for the country to have that conversation and good thing for the republicans.
6:56 am
>> let's see if we have that conversation. and shameless plugs, beth? >> i will plug my colleague who is getting a gig for correspondent on the news and it is a well deserved job. >> arrested development, and let's get premier in d.c. >> i agree. and jason bayman are you listening? tracy and i no biggerer fans. >> tonight on sirius radio, i will be having a gab fest about politics. >> you can find politics and pint this weekend and if you want to wear headphones and listen to robert and karen, more power to you. that is it for this edition of "the daily rundown." tomorrow chuck is life in cambodia where he is traveling with the president. and next on msnbc, it is "jansing & company." my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪
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