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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  November 20, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PST

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a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. good morning. i'm chris jansing. secretary of state hillary clinton is on a plane right now heading to the middle east. the president was on the phone until 2:30 this morning with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and egyptian president morsi and decide d that mrs. clinton needed to be there in person. she'll travel to israel first and then ramallah in the west bank and cairo to try to curtail the violence. >> clinton will emphasize the united states interests in a peaceful outcome. an outcome that can lead to improved conditions for the civilian residents of gaza. >> there are a couple of encouraging signs on the road to peace. today egypt's president said the
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aggression in gaza would end today and radio was saying a ceasefire could come tonight. since the fighting started a week ago more than 100 palestinians have been killed including 54 civilians according to the associated press. three israeli civilians have died. let me bring in nbc's martin fletcher in tel aviv for us and "washington post" columnist e.j. deion. mar martin, let me start with you. it sounds like, at least in the last couple of hours, they're getting closer to a deal. where do things stand? >> reporter: that's right. as you said, it is very encouraging signs. the fact that not only hillary clinton is coming and that the egyptian president said what he said and the israeli radio quoted their sources but also hearing seniors, including the arab league, suggests that leadership of various countries and organizations are coming to the region for an announcement which the vetting is that this evening hillary clinton will be
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meeting israeli prime minister and the betting is at that time the ceasefire announce nounsment could be made. so it's encouraging but at the same time i should point out that there are other reports that the army is gearing up even more than before on the border with gaza. that could be last-minute posturing by the israelis both israel and hamas will be until the very last minute that they are succeeding and the other side is failing. positive signs, chris. >> martin, are you hearing anything there about the tone, about the content of the conversations presidents had with leaders there? >> reporter: the only thing we hear that is firm, within the terms of the agreement there will be a three-party commission including the united states and israel and egypt who would monitor any kind of agreement that is made between israel and hamas. that is very significant because in the past agreements between israel and the palestinians to ceasefire has been pretty much narrow agreement between them
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and they've fallen apart quickly. this time israel has been insisting on no quick fix kind of agreement but a long-term comprehensive ceasefire that will last nor years. the fact that so many are involved in organizing the treaty does suggest that a long-term agreement could take place. >> e.j., let me bring you in and let me play for you something else ben rhodes said in that briefing. >> we believe that the best way to advance the discussions we've had with leaders in the region is for secretary clinton to take this trip, again, beginning with our close partner israel. >> earlier traveled with the president, chuck todd suggested there is a need to nudge things along. i wonder if this could backfire if secretary clinton goes there and there's a ground invasion or we do see traps amassing on the border. does the administration think that they can make a positive difference or is this more political necessarily than practical? >> my sense is that they wouldn't be sending secretary
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clinton over there if there weren't some kind of agreement with president netanyahu to avoid a ground invasion. i could be wrong about that but i think that president netanyahu faces his voters in a couple of months and i think what president obama has going for him is netanyahu's relationship with obama will be an issue in the election. i think he has a more undering than he might have had before he was re-elected, i'm talking about president obama. secondly, this is a very dangerous situation and the israelis know that. i think most people here in the u.s. would say if 700 rockets hit you, israel has a right to self-defense. if this gets out of hand, you have a new government in egypt that shares some roots, some political roots, with hamas but doesn't want to wreck its relationship with us. you have the situation in syria that is so violent and i think israel knows that it wants to be
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careful not to let this out of hand. and so maybe this three party, i agree with martin, this three-party agreement could be very important and maybe a sign that in his second term president obama is going to get more engaged in the peace process. there has been talk of sending president clinton as a mideast envoy. i thought that was an intriguing idea. but at least i think this is -- these are all very good signs for the situation. >> e.j., stay with us, and martin fletcher, thanks to you. i want to bring in senator chris koonce. senator, good morning. >> good morning 0, chris. >> the senate did unanimously pass that resolution standing by israel, something you co-response arored. what do you think hillary clinton brings to this now? >> well, i think secretary clinton moving to the middle east to stand by our most important ally, israel, is an important signal of our engagement to unanimous ly r
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reaffirm the right for self-defense and for us to support systems like iron dome which is made possible and antiballistic missile systems are chriscal signs the united states will stand by israel when they choose to respond after thousands of unprompted missile attacks from gaza. my hope is that secretary clinton by going to the region will help cement not just a temporary peace but a more enduring peace and will, as e.j. mentioned, signal a stronger engagement in the region by a second obama/biden administration where secretary clinton is uniquely capable of helping move past this very tense moment of conflict and restart a peace process that all parties would like to see move forward. >> what do you think of the idea that e.j. just put forward and that i'm sure you heard as well, the possibility of a former president clinton being sent as a mideast envoy? >> well, president clinton is a
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uniquely skilled political figure, someone well regarded on all sides and trusted by many parties in the region. i am somewhat encouraged to see president morsi seeming to be willing to play a more constructive role here but this is a region where there's a great deal of instability. the ongoing efforts by iran it to develop nuclear capability, the painful on going strife in syria and the real security threats faced by israel i think call for more active and forward leaning american role and president clinton as a special envoy would bring that unique capability to the region on behalf of all of us from the united states. >> there's been analysis this has been a warm-up to take action against iran. do you see that happening here? >> well, i don't think that what they're doing in responding to unprovoked attacks from gaza is literally warming up for an attack on iran, but i do think they are demonstrating a clear serious determination to defend the nation of israel, something
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i support and i believe all of my colleagues in the senate support as well. so they are sending an important signal to the region that israel will continue to maintain an effective self-defense. >> let me switch gears and talk about this bill you're sponsoring. it would provide grants to states that perform the voting process there. you saw a need for this after we saw very long lines for voting in ohio. some people in florida who waited seven hours. tell us how this would help. >> that's right, chris. we saw two weeks ago in our federal elections long lines, not just an hour or two but five, six, seven hours in virginia and colorado and wisconsin, in florida. several of the elections for congress weren't called until just the past few days. and when we're 12 years past that debacle of the 2000 election, i think it's critical that we put a competitive grant pool of money out there and challenge states to audit what went wrong and to propose the best changes they can make in registration, in early voting,
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in vote by mail, in voting access. and given the lessons learned from hurricane sandy to make sure that we are better prepared for conducting or delaying a federal election in the event of a natural disaster. the fast voting act of 2012, if adopted by congress, would put a modest amount of money out there as a challenge grant to encourage states to look seriously at what changes they need to make to ensure the most fundamental right to vote. >> a number of democrats have joined you. considering the length some on the other side of the aisle have gone to to insist voters show i.d., what are the chances you will get some support on the republ republican side? >> well, my hope is that after this election all of us will e focus on things we need to do to strengthen our country. the right to vote is in our dna. it's fundamental to american democracy. so although there were partisan efforts to suppress the vote by reducing the number of hours or
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voting locations or changing the rules of voting, i hope that we can get republican co-sponsors for this bill in the house and the senate who will join me and other senators and embrace the idea that we send a message to the rest of the world. when we conduct elections and there are obvious flaws and challenges in them, i think it sends a negative message. when we conduct elections and they're free and fair and open and broadly participated in by americans, i think that sends a positive message. so i'm hopeful that in the post election season i can secure some republican co-sponsors for this fast voting act of 2012. >> senator chris coons, good to see you. happy thanksgiving. e.j., let me bring you back in. bottom line about 57.5% of americans voted in 2012. that's fewer than in 2008. and in some states even fewer than 2004 even though battleground states the turnout was much higher. i mean, is part of it the hassle, that people are busy, they don't have seven hours or two hours or even an hour to
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wait in line? or maybe i live in a red state or blue state and feel like my vote doesn't count? >> i think that the fact that we had such a limited number of competitive states where you have those voters who were subjected to a lot of campaigns, they knew the election was there. they knew they were important. an awful lot of other americans knew pretty much in advance where their states were going to go. and i think it was a pretty tough campaign that may have held down turnout a little bit on both sides. but i am really glad senator coons is doing this with a law. i would go farther. i would like to mandate early voting for a couple of weeks and, you know, have a guaranteed number of voting machines and the like. but i think that's what may give his bill some chance of passage. this is a moderate approach that you might have some republicans want to go on. he's saying let's encourage the states to do this. republicans are talking about trying to improve their standing in the minority community.
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a lot of these problems are in poor and minority areas in the united states where they may not have the same kind of money to spend on election day. so i think this is a good first step and i would like to see some republicans come out there and just say, yes, we want everybody to be able to vote in a very efficient way. they want government to work efficiently. this is one area i hope we can agree government should work efficiently. >> well, i'll tell you, my own experience in new york, where i voted and what i saw in another part of the neighborhood where i lived, tremendously long lines at 6:00 in the morning. obviously people were going before they went to work. interesting to see how the numbers would go up, say, in new york, where there is no early voting. much to talk about over the next two years. e.j., good to see you. thank you so much. >> good to see you as always. happy thanksgiving. president obama is on his way back home right now after three days of talks with top leaders in asia. his last stop was the east asia
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summit in cam bobodia where he with the leaders of several countries including china. a spokesman says the president told the chinese premier that the two need to work together to establish clear rules for trade and investment. the president also urged several countries involved in a maritime dispute over the south china sea to come to an agreement. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row. ♪ your mouth has been snacking, gift stacking, nutcracking and yellowing. because if you're not whitening, you're yellowing. crest whitestrips remove over 10 years of stains, just in time for a white holiday.
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campaign ads are already back. three of the nation's largest public sector labor unions are launching an ad campaign urging lawmakers to protect social security, medicare, medicaid, and education in these ongoing negotiations to avoid the fiscal cliff. a version of this ad is running in missouri, colorado, and virginia. >> we need senator mccaskill to
7:17 am
continue to stand up for us by investing in job creation, extending the middle class tax cuts and protecting medicare, medicaid, and education from cuts. >> i'm joibd now by charles r g rangel, a democrat from new york. good to see you. let's talk about these fiscal cliff negotiations. how much pressure is there to make cuts in some of these entitlement programs? can ads like that help? >> you bet your life. what really surprises me and i don't want to get involved in controversy is the absence of our spiritual community. i can't for the life of me see how medicaid, medicare, social security and education are democratic issues. they're humane issues. it's what the country is about. and whether you're kacatholic o protestant, jew or gentile, it seems this is a fight for america to protect those things that makes us different from other countries. so, yes, there's a lot of pressure to cut it, let the
7:18 am
private sector do it, and i don't think that has any place in our society. let capitalism do what they want but let maeshg take care of the sick and the aimed. >> there is a split about what to do over whether to overhaul medicare and other entitlements. is that what you're hearing and what do you think is where this should end up? >> there is no question. you say overhaul medicare. medicare is how we pay for medical services for the aged. what we have to overhaul is how we provide those services. there is no question that pea pay double the price for medical treatment than any other country in the world. so the system has to be reviewed. it's not just the question of dollars and cents even though that continues to soar. we've got to stop it. and the affordable act that the president has passed has been a savings that contained it by not allowing people 0 to get free
7:19 am
care without insurance and having you and i pay for it. >> your colleague, the house majority whip kevin mccarthy, suggested yesterday that the leader of your party, nancy pelosi, may not be on the same page with the white house on a potential deal. let me play that for you. >> and nancy said last may that it had to be a tax increase on those. she keeps changing the game plan. that can't be the case. >> what i hear you saying is that the president is not in lock step with nancy pelosi when it comes to tax rates versus revenue. meaning and suggesting that he may go along with your deal as opposed to raising tax rates. do you see that as a possibility? >> i see it as a possibility. >> you are laughing. >> i'm laughing because what he is saying and what i'm about to say we have nothing to do with it. you deal with the heavyweights and he is suggesting that the president is even considering
7:20 am
backing off increasing rates. now the president has spoken on that. it was an election issue. it's been decided and nancy pelosi is only bothering the president. where he gets the idea that we can raise revenue without raising the rates and have that acceptable, i have no clue. but nancy pelosi and the president are reading from the same page. >> so how confident are you a deal is going to get done and, if so, when? >> well, a deal has to be done. what kind of a deal is going to be done? first of all, this guy is not going to fall by the end of the year. it's how much do we really accomplish instead of putting everything into next year. we can't do reform between now and the end of the year. that's where most of the problems are going to exist. if we're going to improve our involvement here, we can't do it this year. acting in an emergency situation if we cooperate and everybody gives a little bit to get us
7:21 am
past this, we can and will do a job. >> let me ask you this because what i think a lot of voters hear is not so much we're going to do something to keep us off the fiscal cliff now so we can get the important details done later, they hear they're pushing off the tough decisions yet again. >> well, the tough decisions have caused a crisis. the tough decisions we don't reconstruct the delivery of health care is not going to go away. the same thing applies if we don't pick up revenues. knocking out that preferential treatment locked into the system since 1986. and so we're going to have to face it whether we like it or not. you can call it republican, liberal, conservative or democrat but we're going to have to do it. the problem is the american people are out of this. wall street is out of this though the stock market seems to be encouraged and the spiritual community, you know, good
7:22 am
samaritan, brothers and sisters, all of this stuff you heard in sunday school, this is their battle, too. and so i think there's enough for the american people not just to get fed up, that's the easy way out. don't vote. curse the congress. participate. call and tell them, tell us. get off the dime. paying our salaries and pensions. so you might as well get your money's worth and insist that we produce. >> charlie rangel, always good to have you here. thank you so much. south carolina's governor haley will release a report detailing how hackers broke into the state's computers and swiped millions of tax returns. an unknown cyber attacker stole huge amounts of personal data in september including almost 4 million social security numbers. the state hired a security firm to investigate and is offering a free year of credit monitoring. so far almost 800,000 have signed up. [ male announcer ] families grow up
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to politics now where a big group of republicans are lobbying against susan rice. 97 house members wrote a letter to president obama asking him not to nominate her for secretary of state because of the account she gave of the situation in benghazi after the september 11th attack there. los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa admits he heard the rumors he could be nominated to a cabinet member. he could replace ray lahood. his name is being floated to run the dnc. vice president joe biden and his wife, jill, ate a turkey dinner with a group of wounded soldiers and their families last night. biden was telling the group we can never, ever repay you for your sacrifices. and senator marco rubio is being criticized for an interview he gave to "gq."
7:27 am
how old do you think the earth is? his answer, i'm not a scientist, man. i can tell you what recorded history says. i can tell you what the bible says. he went on to say at the end of the day, i think there are multiple theories and this is a country people should have the opportunity to teach them all. and has this ever happened to you, you meet a nice guy, a nice girl, and this situation follows. >> well, there's something you ought to know about jen. she's a liberal. the last three years working for greenpeace. >> you're kidding, right? >> thanksgiving turkey is made of soy. will, she voted for dennis kucinich. >> red state date and blue state date want to help you find a politically like minded soul mate so your fights can be about something other than politics.
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but we depend on our dividends to help pay our bills. we worked hard to save. well, the president and congress have got to work together to stop this dividend tax hike. before it's too late.
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(child screaming underwater)... (underwater noises).
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the gop post election fallout continues on a couple of fronts. "the new york times" reporting that a lot of republicans are blaming the outcome of the presidential election on new jersey's governor chris christie. and a growing number of repub c republicans are backing away from the anti-tax pledge from grover nor quist or, as newly electeds deciding not to sign at all. joined by senator byron dorgan and msnbc political analyst and former rnc chairman michael steele. good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> so, michael, governor christie, this rising star in the republican party, possible white house contender in 2016,
7:32 am
he says some nice things about the president because of his reaction to sandy and suddenly he goes to the governor's conference. people are all over him. has this hurt his future chances to run for national office? >> no, it doesn't. in fact, it makes those who criticize him look awfully petty and downright silly, quite honestly. i think, you know, kudos to governor christie for doing his job. he's the governor of a state ravaged by a storm. he turned to the president for help. the president was there. and, look, you're not going to kick the president in the shins for helping him. what do they expect christie to do? i think a lot of this is just kind of crazy. and to think about it this way, chris, you're going to take 18 months of a presidential campaign, nine or ten of which mitt romney had complete control over, and boil it down to chris christie saying a nice thing about the president of the y united states? give me a break. that's what makes it so silly and so unfortunate. we got our clocks cleaned. let's pick ourselves up, regroup our troops, reorganize
7:33 am
ourselves, work on our message, reconnect with voters and get ready for the next big campaign which is not necessarily in 2014 but going toe to toe with the president on the big issues of the day the people want us to have a debate about and let chris christie be chris christie and do his job as governor. >> there is an argument that chris christie made himself a stronger candidate because suddenly he's appealing to this huge swath of the electorate sick of partisan bickering and, frankly, i think to chairman steele's point most people are not going to blame mitt romney's loss on chris christie. so is that more wishful thinking by democrats maybe who frankly see him as a more formidable foe potentially? >> it tells you a lot about what politics has become in our country, that there are people criticizing chris christie for during a very serious emergency putting the interests of the state ahead of the interests of politics. i mean, you know, good for him. and it's kind of strange he would be criticize d for it.
7:34 am
i agree with michael steele. ultimately he -- if he decides to run for president, seek the presidency, this vignette during his attempt as governor to help his state is not going to hurt him at all. it will probably help him. >> let's talk about taxes, michael. prominent republicans have been turning away from another well-known member of the party, grover norquist and his tax pled pledge. house speaker boehner, corker, mccain and coburn have hint ed. >> i think those newly elected republicans are looking at the idea of pledges going into the congress and in serving as maybe a hindrance to governance. and you need to have everything considered on the table and i think the speaker's leadership in this regard will be very helpful to carving out that pathway that they're going to need, that he's going to need to strike a deal with the president. it doesn't mean that rates are going to go up but some level of taxes, whether it's through
7:35 am
loophole closings are or whatever, the speaker considering he needs to have the leverage to have those things on the table and he can not have one arm tied hyped his back because of some pledge that was, you know, evoked by a member they ran ten years ago or certainly as we've seen new members saying, no, i think i want to govern and worry less about pledges. >> senator, grover norquist argues history would suggest otherwise, that history shows republ republicans have stood by no tax pledge, that this isn't the first time he's come to this rodeo and, in fact, over the years republicans always see this as an an important issue. >> i think he has written his party into a boxed canyon and it's hard for them to get out of it. i agree with michael steele again. they're beginning to decide we're not going to sign these pledges anymore and it's also the case when you look at the fiscal policy dilemma of this country, it's a serious problem that you need to do a lot of
7:36 am
everything to fix what's wrong and that includes spending cuts. that includes revenue. it includes dealing with ent entitlements and, you know, i'm unimpressed with his ability to get people to sign a pledge no new taxes ever. i would like to see a pledge for people aspiring to political office that i pledge to do whatever i can, whatever is necessary, to put this country back and track and back and course to expand jobs and economic health again. that would be more impressive to me. >> great to see both of you. happy thanksgiving to you both. >> good to be with you. also making news this morning, four men from california under arrest on terror charges right now. the fbi says the men were arrested friday accused of plotting to kill americans here and overseas by joining al qaeda and the taliban in afghanistan. one of the suspects is a former member of the u.s. air force. we're also following a developing story out of miami where police say a 13-year-old girl was shot onboard a private
7:37 am
transportation school bus. she has been airlifted to miami children's hospital. we are still awaiting word on her condition. police are questioning someone right now. it's unclear if it's a fellow student. an explosion that damaged up to 30 homes in indianapolis neighborhood is now being investigated as a homicide. two people were killed in the blast earlier this month and now investigators say they don't think this was an accident. they're looking for a white van seen in the neighborhood right before the explosion. there's a new push to make hiv screening as routine as cholesterol checks and mammograms. an independent task force is advising the government all americans from 15 to 64 should be tested for aids at least once, even those who are not considered high risk. and twinkies fans don't lose hope just yet. mediation between hostess and one of its unions is scheduled for today. last week the bakery giant says it was forced to shut down due to a labor strike. if no agreement is reached
7:38 am
several companies say they are interested in buying the brand that makes, yes, twinkies, ho hos, wonder bread among other foods. and now to the black thursday backlash. cnbc's michelle caruso cabrera is live at the new york stock exchange with what's moving your money and, boy, michelle, the criticism is mounting over all these stores that are pushing black friday into thanksgiving day. >> reporter: target, walmart, kmart, sears, toys 'r' us, all places you can now shop at some time in the evening on thanksgiving. some of them actually during the day on thanksgiving. but of course, chris, all of those retailers employ thousands and thousands of people across the country who say, wait, now you want me to work on thanksgiving? there's a number had of online protests, more than 100. one of them has been signed by more than 300,000 people saying that you shouldn't be open on thanksgiving. here is the other side of the coin, though, chris. people are going to show up at night to go shopping and that tells you that there is absolutely demand for this instead of having to get up at
7:39 am
4:00 in the morning to be there on friday morning to get the deals everybody wants. >> let's keep the shopping theme going. consumer reports has its annual naughty and nice list. l let's start with nice. >> reporter: nice goes to a number of retailers, one in particular that is really, really sweet when it comes to returns. kohl's in particular says you can return anything you want anytime you want whether you bought it online or in the store. there is no time limit. no questions asked. that's a pretty nice return policy because most stores 15 days, 30 days and sometimes charge you a restocking fee. nordstrom's free shipping and free returns and then safeway. this is interesting. this is a supermarket. if you bought fruit or vegetables that weren't that good, sometimes you buy apples, you can't tell whether or not they're yummy right now. you bring them home, take a bite, this isn't really ripe yet. you can bring them all back. that's rare. >> bring an apple with a bite out of it. okay. who made the naughty list?
7:40 am
a. >> reporter: there's a number of them. spirit air hines is charging a lot of money if you're going to put your bag in the overhead compartment. so they're really cheap to fly but then you have all these additional costs that maybe you didn't know about. ticketmaster is also charging you $2.50 in order to print your own tickets at home. >> i know. that drives me crazy, i have to tell you. >> reporter: ridiculous, right? if you buy 14 days in advance they'll mail it to you but why would they charge you $2.50 to print it out at home? and then, an online retailer, very vague about their restocking policy. you return something to them and they could discount what you pay by 25% because it's not in the proper format or, you know, and it's vague under what conditions they're going to ding you 25%. >> a word to the wise. thank you so much, my friend. speaking of naughty and nice, cnbc is out with its guide on who to tip this holiday
7:41 am
season. are you ready? the babysitter gets a week's pay. your hairstylist gets one visit's pay. the housekeeper a week's pay. your newspaper carrier $10 to $25 and don't forget teachers. cnbc recommends a small gift or gift card but check with your school first for its policy. [ male announcer ] sponges take your mark. [ female announcer ] one drop of ultra dawn has twice the everyday grease cleaning ingredients of one drop of the leading non-concentrated brand... to clean 2x more greasy dishes. dawn does more. so it's not a chore.
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7:45 am
it's determined not to back down on its right to liberate baseline. does that sound like an organization that would sign off on a ceasefire deal? >> this has always been true. they feel they have to be more bellicose and you have it takes a different view. they said it's very likely that there will be a ceasefire. there's no talk how long that would last, whether this would be a temporary measure and any follow-up talks. it's not enough to stop shotting. it's necessary to stop talking. until that happens there's always going to be the likelihood that it starts again in a couple of days. gaza won't be a testing ground
7:46 am
for you and some analysts have suggested the last seven days of fighting may be a prelude. is that what's going on here? >> everything is possible. if the fear invites retaliation from israel's neighborhood then the more likely source of trouble would be hezbollah not hamas or in addition to hamas. the rhetoric is going to be always a problem with hadmas. even from their own narrow political point of view but that's the language they always use and that's stood against them forever and ever and they still never change.
7:47 am
>> president obama had talked well with the leaders in the middle east. put hillary clinton on a plane. what roll can she play? >> you put it perfectly in the introduction when you said she is there to solidify any deal. the united states is not in the thick of it banging heads together or advising people to calm down and negotiate the deal. that role is now passed on and it's egypt and the egyptian secret service with some help from the turks. they have got the ball and they're running with it. that's the role i think hillary clinton is most likely to play. to go there and dot the eyes and the endorsement.
7:48 am
>> the fact she got on that plane was that an indication to you that a deal was close? >> it's surprising she stayed away this long. there is something to be gained from her going there and that can only mean that a deal, that the outlines of a deal are in place. >> we heard benjamin netanyahu would be willing to sign on for a ceasefire. let's see what happens. >> let's hope it's true. >> we join with our israeli and palestinian neighbors in praying for a ceasefire and peaceful resolution to the conflict. t with prevacid24hr. with one pill prevacid24hr works at the source to prevent the acid that causes frequent heartburn all day and all night.
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7:52 am
hard to imagine in san francisco. from their clothing in ways that are over the line. lloyd says he's been walking around totally nude for years and others have been gathering at this plaza. a dozen or more men minus their clothing for the same reasons he does it. >> it's freedom.
7:53 am
acce acceptance, freedom. just to be free. >> reporter: this is a neighborhood whose mantra of live and let live dozen invite free expression. >> i'm like, whatever. bodies are bodies. >> reporter: but other residents and merchants have had enough claiming the parade of the unclothed is bad for business. >> i'm getting letters from customers because they can't bring their children down here. >> reporter: pressed for the new law because a public park is no place for private parts. >> if you care more about exhibitionism, this is one of the few public spaces for the neighborhood. >> reporter: most of the people we spoke to who support the ban say they have nothing against nudity per se, however, there seems to be a but attached, okay, pun intended. the supervisor says he held on
7:54 am
until he was convince d all tha nudity invades the privacy of the public unwillingly exposed to such conduct. >> i didn't want to go there but it got to the point where i felt i had no choice. >> public nudity has been a part of san francisco life at parades, festivals and that won't change. but this might. beyond the snickering, and there's been some of that, this is a serious issue. supervisor weiner says he has the votes to get this orderinan passed. so, chris, if anybody wants one of those after tomorrow this may not be the place to do it. >> what is the basis for their belief that they have the right to walk around in the birthday suit? >> reporter: freedom of expression. they believe under freedom of
7:55 am
expression. you've been to the city before. in the gay pride parade and some of the festivals, there has been nu nudity in the past. too many people and it's a shopping district, the castro is, in addiction to being the epicenter. thousands of people come and shop there. people have been writing letters to merchants saying i'm not going to bring my kids anymore. i can't. it's too much. i have to tell you, i'm not a prude, chris, but some of what i saw and some of what we saw is not something you'd want to see let alone any kids. >> mike knows me very well. mike, if it's something you don't want to see, you know i don't want to see it. thank you, my friend. >> reporter: well, who would want to do it. >> we're going to get in trouble here. mike taibbi in san francisco, thank you. that wraps up this hour. i'm chris jansing. th
7:56 am
thomas roberts is up next with a straight face. thank you, tom. >> i was trying my best. chris, great to have you back. the agenda next hour, are we hours away from a ceasefire between israel and gaza after days of violence and bloodshed? secretary of state hillary clinton is being dispatched to that region. and egypt's president morsi is promising action. mideast presidential adviser ambassador dennis ross will join me. democratic women on the hill are firing back on their assault of susan rice. congressman bass will join me about that. chris christie and cory booker gearing up for a battle. is what drives us to broadcast the world's biggest events in 3d, or live to your seat high above the atlantic ocean. it's what drives us to create eco-friendly race tracks, batteries that power tomorrow's cars, nearly indestructible laptops, and the sustainable smart towns of the future. at panasonic, we're driven to make what matters most better. just another way we're engineering
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a better world for you. some people put everything intotheir name on the door, and their heart into their community. small business saturday is a day to show our support. a day to shop at stores owned by our friends and neighbors. and do our part for the businesses that do so much for us. on november 24th, let's get out and shop small.
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7:59 am
hi, everybody. good morning. i'm thomas roberts. topping the agenda today the mideast in crisis after a week of air strikes and rocket fire. a deal for a ceasefire could be hours away now. president obama has dispatched hillary clinton right into the heart of this


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