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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 22, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PST

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you talked about the rally today. a very important rally for the fractions here. they declared a victory in their fight against israel and we heard from some of the leadership of that palestinian faction that times of the arab spring have changed the palestinian/israeli conflict. we expect that to have a profound impact on the situation here in gaza and across the region. they are certainly trying to spin this in a way where to their people they are coming out victorious and prepared for any possible confrontation down the road. tinge ordinary people here in gaza when you speak to them as we have throughout the course of the day have been telling us without a comprehensive solution that history is deemed to repeat itself. without a solution to end the problems of the israeli palestinian conflict, particularly here in gaza, expect it to be another round of violence somewhere on the horizon. >> ayman, thank you, reporting from gaza. martin fletcher is standing by now in tel aviv.
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what's the feeling there today 20 hours after the cease-fire? are people feeling good about this? describe that. >> reporter: to be honest, alex, i don't think people are feeling too bad about it. i think they are very, very glad that the ground invasion did not take place for 30,000 army reservists. another 45,000 ready to be caught up, if necessary. they are very happy to avoid the invasion and the loss of life. and there is a sense here that we wouldn't have achieved much because the only way is this solution to israel's point of view is through peace or through a mighty knockout blow against the islamic militant organization in gaza. that is not going to happen neither will the former. so it is a stalemate situation on both sides and the short-term solution now, the band-aid of a
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temporary cease-fire, is seeing the sight that cannot be enforced in the long-term. we are waiting for something else to happen in the near future. alex? >> some of the reservists, we know they are being allowed to return home now. so that signals something right there. >> reporter: absolutely. i was not talking about an outbreak of fighting, no one knows, but the reservists are just beginning to be released. school kids, for instance, not allowed to go to school for the last week in the south of israel near the border because of rockets, they still have to reopen the school. so there's still a sense of let's wait and see and make sure the cease-fire works, at flooes the short-term before we resume normal life here. again, normal life as ayman said in gaza, northern life is being subjected to rocket attacks. that's one thing they want to continue with. >> absolutely. cautiously moving forward. thank you, martin, for that. now to egypt where the country's new president is winning big-time praise from the u.s. for helping to broker the cease.
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jim is joining us from cairo. this was seen as a test of the relations following the arab spring, so how did it do? >> reporter: morsi has passed the test as ayman and martin suggested, this is the middle east and there's not a lot of optimism. we'll see how morsi chooses. there may be a moment of truth where he has to decide between hamas or with the truce. we don't know how he'll do that or which way he'll go, but so far it's pretty amazing to see this man who was not even a muslim brotherhood's main candidate for president. he was the backup plan now receiving the praises of everyone yesterday from hamas to benjamin netanyahu, clinton, president obama, everyone had good things to say about morsi who is emerging as a pragmatic guy and politician but as a
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regional star. hillary clinton spent hours with morsi and his foreign minister talking about stopping the hostilities and negotiating everything else later. this time with morsi as the mediator, today in "the new york times" you can actually see the turnaround in president obama's thinking about morsi. it started out to be mistrustful of him but warming up to him the more he worked with the guy and frankly the more he needed him. so now you've got talk of morsi has being this missing piece, that kind of changes the whole dynamic in the middle east. he is the arab head of state with great leverage over radical groups like hamas. he's a friend of the united states, a friend of israel still, formally, and that sounds great but first morsi has a lot to do here and at home. he needs to be able to prove that he can enforce what he's
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brokered, which is as we have all said, a very fragile cease-fire. >> a very fine diplomatic line he has to walk. jim maceda, happy thanks giving long distance. the cease-fire is seen as a major foreign policy victory for the obama administration. the president was heavily involved to making calls to egypt and israel. mahmoud abbas even took middle of the night phone calls and he dispatched secretary of state hillary clinton to close the cease-fire deal, which she did with shuttle diplomacy between the west bank and cairo. joining me is republican strategist boris epstein. richard, i'll begin with you, richard graham has been a hard critic of president obama. they are now hailing the cease-fire deal. they released a statement yesterday praising prime minister benjamin netanyahu for reaching the truce.
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however, did you notice no mention of president obama or secretary clinton? what do you make of that? >> honestly, that statement was sad and pathetic they cannot take off the partisan blinders at a time like this. and i think what it does is it hurts their credibility going forward in the international stage. they were ones very much on susan rice's back about benghazi and the possibility of her being secretary of state. but they have showed themselves being totally incapable of displaying any objectivity. for them to be praising the muslim brotherhood and palestinians but not their own president and secretary of state who clearly and unmistakably had a big role in bringing this bombing campaign by hamas to an end. that is really not right. and the contrast frankly is what governor christie in new jersey did, president obama stepped up and did something good and governor christie gave him praise for it. the fact that the senators can not do the same thing on the
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international stage is not a good sign for them, not for the country. >> boris has been sitting here patiently but shaking his head a lot. go at it. >> i'm glad to give praise to president obama and hillary clinton on this. i would caution the republicans. susan rice has nothing to do with the other. she seems to be involved in a cover-up. we have a cease-fire that has been 24 hours or less. let's see what comes in the months or years to come. if president obama is able to broker a large deal as jim from egypt was saying that needs to be done, then it is a success. right now it is a stop-gap. just a bandage. that's all we have. >> but don't you think it would have been great for them to show support of the international stage of our secretary of state and the president, don't you think. >> i do think that. 15 days after the election they
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probably supported mitt romney in the election. we as the republican party do need to be the party that has a big tent for the whole spectrum. part of that is recognizing when the president does things that are good. he did in the first term, not a lot, but killing osama bin laden was a success and he will in this term. this is a positive but a positive he has to build on. he can't just rest on his morals with this because right now hamas is celebrating, what are they celebrating? 162 palestinians have died. >> they have a very low bar to create celebration, that israel has a higher bar for that. but richard, during the presidential campaign, mitt romney tried to make much of president obama's frosty relationship with benjamin netanyahu. those two worked to the with a much warmer relationship, is there any evidence of a frost that exists really? >> quite the contrary. i think what this episode showed with the -- let's remember that president obama from all exit polls won the jewish vote in the
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u.s. 70 to 30. so there was talk about how this was going to get flipped, didn't happen. look, this was a test by iran of certain things, to test whether there was really a frosty relationship with. because iran we know was funnishing these missiles to the palestinians, hamas, with the missile defense system, would it work? and it did. this was something president obama initiated in israel. was there really going to be daylight between israel and president obama? absolutely none. so iran going forward had to think, do i want to take a chance on there being any daylight going forward? it was a test here. incidentally, they thought would egypt advocate the peace treaty over this? it didn't happen. all the things forecast during the campaign were put to a very specific concrete test. and every claim that governor romney made was absolutely shown to be unwarranted. >> okay. i'm supposed to go, but i'm going to give you 15 seconds to
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respond. >> as of today, richard is correct, but the jewish population supported romney. he must have believed that romney was better, but it is done. the presidential race is over and hopefully the president can broker real peace. real republicans need to stand behind him and hope he's able to do that. >> happy thanksgiving. here at home the american thanksgiving tradition is in full swing. up next, we are live at the macy's thanksgiving day parade where a few new faces are making their debut. plus planes, trains and traffic. what are the keys to surviving the stress of holiday traffic? get your notepads out, everyone. we'll be right back. 2 or more , why use temporary treatments when you can prevent the acid that's causing it with prevacid24hr. with one pill prevacid24hr works at the source to prevent the acid that causes frequent heartburn
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♪ oh, my gosh. that is so good. look at that careful coordination. the dribbling talent, that's the nba's rendition of "carol of the bells." that video was produced to highlight the new nba's christmas day jerseys. that took a lot of practice. those guys were great. the kickoff to thanks giving is the macy's thanksgiving day parade. jay fwra gray is reporting from york city. >> reporter: hi, everyone. the parade is underway at this point. the excitement has been building and now it's out and on the streets. the balloons have the nets off and uncle sam is making his
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move. my favorite, spider-man, just behind him and getting ready to join the parade coming down and back onto the grounds here. there will be more than 900 clowns as a part of this parade. more than 40 floats. take a look down the street through some of this crowd and you can see one of the great float that is are here. there's also a very special float this year. one to honor the first responders to super storm sandy. of course, so many in the area affected by sandy. and we know that some of the survivors actually getting front row seats to be a part of the parade and watch all the action today, which is great. it can take their mind off what's been going on with the recovery still to come. a lot of people still have survivors and those lost in the storm on their minds this thanksgiving. a very different thanksgiving for so many in this area. but right now they are honoring the time-held tradition here of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. everybody having a good time. more than 3 million lining the
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streets. more than 50 million watching at home. so it's a great thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving to all of you. alex, back to you. >> jay gray, this thanks. appreciate that. after you enjoy your family, you may be in need of a vacation getaway. valerie is here with the trends and the best deals, all the hot destinations this holiday season. so with a welcome to you, i'm always up for getting away no matter what, but we'll talk about cyber monday. i understand there are great travel deals to book coming up monday. >> there are terrific travel deals. and they are marketing all over through january. so these deals will actually go through the full year, but what i mean is black friday there are deals, cyber monday there are deals, 12/12/12 there are deals. there's the december dead weeks, which is the time between now and christmas, which is the low period of time that they are marketing to. also the holiday hangover
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period. so you can find out all the deals on if you don't come away with a deal, you know who to talk to. >> where are some of the places, the big companies offering the great deals? and what kinds of deals are they? like bundle package deals or cheap airfare? >> china spree has a cash-only deal to china yank sea river. 15 days, airfare included for about $2500 per person. china is one of our big destinations for the coming year. >> okay. china is great. >> and locally. that's $166 a day. >> is that something you are going to find, tropical getaways? >> you won't find it over the christmas holiday but you'll find it during the dead weeks and between january 1 and january 10. that's when you want to go away. skip traveling over the holidays. i know you have to go see your
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relatives, so go to see my cousin kim for thanksgiving in connecticut today. you don't want to travel and take a trip where you're going to rely on trying to save money. you won't be able to do it. >> some of the cities showing the dead week deals, these are places with lots of hotels. the las vegas location and orlando, that's where you are going to find las vegas and new york city, we have a bunch of hotels here. a lot of the places are highly populated areas. >> those are popular places to go. new york city is a business travel city so you're going to find a lot of availability when the business travelers leave. you'll find it on the weekends. but it is a high season for travel here in new york city. >> real quick if you want to rent a car, do you have some deals? >> no deals. only woes for you because of the residual sandy. very difficult to rent a car over the thanksgiving week, but you want to go further out to the suburbs, if you live in a
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city you'll be able to hopefully get yourself some wheels. but it's been a shortage since sandy, unfortunately. i paid $500 out of new york city for a week and i was lucky to get it. >> wow. we'll travel with valerie, safe travels wherever you go. >> thank you. up next, targeting target. why some employees are speaking out about having to work today on thanksgiving day. plus a tough holiday for victims of hurricane sandy. we are going to show you how families in need are getting extra help this thanksgiving. and we want to know what you are thankful for this holiday season. give us a tweet at #whyimthankful. it's time for "your business" entrepreneur of the week. christine osborne wants you to shop small. the owner of wonder works toy store believes in cooperation instead of competition. she has a section dedicated to locally made products to make sure that her customers' dollars
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technician in maryland with target. she was trying to keep target closed on thanksgiving day but apparently you may have to work with a welcome and happy thanksgiving to you. sarah, this petition was started by an employee, she is in corona, california. she really likes her job but being open on thanksgiving is really pushing it too far. thanksgiving is meant to be with family. do you have those sentiments? is that why you signed the petition? >> alex, i do echo the sentiments, although i do not have to work, many of my colleagues and coworkers across the country do have to work. and not just at target, but also as walmart, the h.h. greg, best buy and other stores. >> it is really tough. and it's the kind of thing, we see these, we call it the creep at the consumers creeping and encroaching more into the holidays, but in terms of target, the press release they put out on their website, here's
7:24 am
what it said. we heard from our guests that they look forward to kicking off their holiday shopping with the deal-hunting on thanksgiving night. so how do you respond to that? if you've got consumers who say, we would rather be at the store at 9:00 p.m. instead of with our family on thanksgiving night, what do you say? >> i do understand from a consumer's perspective because i also shop black friday every year. i plan on going this year. however, i have heard many of our guests say they will not be shopping thanksgiving. also there are many protests going on outside the walmart here because of them opening early on thanksgiving. and many guests just plain and simply don't want to cut into the time with their family. many of them do realize by them coming to shop it cuts into the employees' time as well. >> yeah. we know that walmart has some very organized demonstrations that are going to be happening this evening. do you know of anything with
7:25 am
target employees? are they demonstrating at all or sucking it up and getting to work? >> not as far as i'm aware, not at my location, however i wouldn't be surprised if there's something organized by consumers, which i believe is primarily the walmart strikes and protests. >> bottom line, if you're a retail giant and just trying to get the most you can in a tough economy, do you see why they want to get out there and just get a jump-start and open up tonight? >> i definitely do, especially in the economic times understand why they would open. however, they are claiming to have consulting every employee's work schedule and requests but i can guarantee that not every single employee was personally consulted as to whether they wanted to work thanksgiving or black friday. target also flat-out ignored availability. for example, my fellow coworker never works fridays due to previous childcare arrangements with her daughter and she is
7:26 am
scheduled to work black friday anyway. >> clearly it is not making people happy, but i thank you for coming in to share your thoughts. happy thanksgiving. coming up, if congress can't get a deal done, how will it impact your pocketbook in the new year? plus, how victims of hurricane sandy won't be forgotten this holiday. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin. [ designer ] enough of just covering up my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin. [ rv guy ] enbrel may not work for everyone -- and may not clear you completely, but for many, it gets skin clearer fast, within 2 months, and keeps it clearer up to 9 months. [ male announcer ] because enbrel®, etanercept, suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region
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so we celebrate our year-end with the "share the love" event. get a great deal on a new subaru and 250 dollars goes to your choice of five charities. by the end of this, our fifth year, our total can reach almost 25 million dollars. it's a nice reflection on us all. now through january 2nd. the impact of the so-called fiscal cliff could hit the country in 41 days if an agreement is not reached. the average american would see the increase of about $2,000. kristen welker is joining me from washington. hello to you, once again. >> reporter: hello. >> let's talk about negotiations and where all this stands. what's the status of things? >> we expect president obama to
7:30 am
invite congressional leaders back to the white house in the coming days. you remember he had them here last week. they came out and struck this rare tone of bipartisanship. a lot of peel thought it was a sign of things moving in the right direction, that they could get a deal struck in a timely fashion. since then congressional aides have been trying to put meat on the bones of the deal and we are told republicans' starting offer really is not that different from where they were before the election. they are still basically saying that they want to keep the bush-era tax cuts where they are, which is completely the opposite of democrats want, which is to let the bush-era tax cuts expire for the wealthiest americans. republicans talking about reforming entitlements. you have harry reid saying he is not open to reforming specifically social security. there may be some wiggle room on some of the other entitlements, but things are off to a rocky start with house speaker john
7:31 am
boehner writing an editorial saying he thinks the president's health care plan should be on the table. that is certainly something that both sides will go to the mat over, but i think there's a lot of pressure to get a deal done by the first of the year for the reason that you just cited. because if they don't, this will have a big impact according to a lot of economists on the economy and they just don't want to see that happen and bear the brunt of that. >> understandably so. quickly, the president's plans for today are what? is he there in the house behind you or elsewhere? >> reporter: he is in the house behind me. quiet day at the white house with his traditional thanksgiving dinner with the first family. i'm sure there will be all the fixings on the table, turkey, ham, a lot of different types of pies. yesterday president obama bardened a thanksgiving turkey cobbler and alternate gobbler and they went to a local food bank to deliver food there. president obama today delivering his weekly address wishing all americans a happy thanksgiving but reminding them to keep the
7:32 am
folks still bearing the brunt of sandy in mind. a lot of those folks still suffering this thanksgiving holiday. >> thank you so much. happy thanksgiving. and join meganow for more on what the fiscal cliff could mean for you, wanda summers and bob frankton. welcome to both of you. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> we had on the other day fed chairman ben bernanke who issued the dire warning to the president. i want to play what he said. here it is. >> the realization of all the tax increases and spending cuts that make up if fiscal cliff with offsetting changes would pose a substantial threat to the recovery. indeed by the reck anything of the congressional budget office, the cbo, and that of many outside observers, the fiscal shock of that size would send the economy tumbling back into recession. >> bob, do you think this is enough to scare both sides into making an agreement? when you hear ben bernanke
7:33 am
saying this is enough to scare the economy back into a recession, like we need to go there again? >> well, i think what he's been saying, what he's saying is what a lot of people are saying. we have the stifling atmosphere in washington and we need sort of the innovative approach. for instance, if you look at the election, you can note that washington state and colorado voted to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. i suspect you see where i'm going with this, which is to perhaps move the negotiations to colorado or washington. >> oh, wow. here i was listening to you with all seriousness and i'm like, no, he went there. anyway, but your point is taken. >> it could be a joint task force to give the tea party an entirely different meaning. >> oh, okay. i'm going to you here now with the bush tax cuts set to expire, the social security tax cut, the
7:34 am
income tax credit for low-income families, the payroll tax cut, that's just a few of them out there. what would the tax hikes mean for the average american? i mean, the economic impact, would that be felt immediately? >> obviously there's going to be a big impact here. when you total all the cuts set to expire, the tax hike is something like $400 million. they will not hit the same people but it is a hefty number. this is certainly something the average american would feel a whole lot at home. and to your point earlier, i think it would be interesting as there doesn't seem like there's a whole lot of movement. it is not clear how to get past the log-jam we have now where it doesn't seem anyone is willing to put anything on the table that will actually lead to a conclusion in this. there's a lot of back and forth but no real movement going on at the moment. >> bob, do you think it will be what we have seen so many times on capitol hill, which is pushing this to the 11th hour-plus and they get something done because of pressure? do you think that will happen?
7:35 am
>> sure. i think that's become the way that negotiations are always held. i think that anybody who is involved in these things will say you don't give up the thing until you absolutely have to. and john boehner, for instance, putsing health care reform on the table is really an outlandish one, but all he's trying to do is widen the parameter to work out a deal. it is like the game of chicken and sometimes you lose the game. they are jeopardizing our economy. >> wanda, what do you think the agreement will look like? do you think republicans will abandon the call to the likes of glover norquist and others to not let the bush tax cuts expire? >> i wish i knew all the terms of the deal. right now we are hearing from hill democrats is that republicans are not willing to put any deal on the table that the president would be in favor of. it's a big issue. i think we'll see something but to your point, we see that deal-making in washington is very often in the 11th hour.
7:36 am
i would not be surprised to see this drag out until the very last minute as we see so often here in washington. >> which means we'll have you both back at some point. in the meantime, get out to enjoy your thanksgiving. appreciate it. survivors of hurricane sandy and aid workers are being remembered this holiday. on wednesday new york governor andrew cuomo delivered more than 3,000 traditional thanksgiving dinners to families in breeze sbi point. that community lost more than 80 homes to sandy. then in the far rockaways, the metropolitan council on jewish poverty handed out kosher turkeys to those affected by the storms. in new york city more than 300 red cross workers and first responders were treated to a meal from some of the city's top chefs. the red cross spokesperson sis here with me in the studio, sam, thank you for the work done on behalf of red cross. talk about how the folks are doing in the wake of sandy, those you are experiencing in
7:37 am
the new york/new jersey area? >> this has been a huge disaster and a large undertaking for us. but we are seeing a lot of signs of home and recovery, which is great. getting out to the community and being able to deliver warm meals today, red cross, thanks to our partnership with southern baptist, we are sending out turkey, mashed potatoes and apple pie. it just brings a little bit of comfort and just making people feel somewhat normal. obviously this thanksgiving for a lot of people, they are thankful just to be alive with their loves ones with them. we are doing everything we can to make sure we are taking care of people. >> you look at the scope here, the enormity of what happened, and i have to actually look at people like you, when you look at this, where do you begin? where do your minds focus upon to say, here's how we get the job done and you are not daunted by that task because you stay with it. the red cross never takes off. >> no, and for us the response to sandy started before the storm. i had barely any time off since
7:38 am
this happened as well as the thousands of volunteers who have come in from all over the count industry. our volunteers are great people who are willing to put their lives on hold to come and help. and as a new yorker, obviously we started the response but we are so grateful for everyone who has helped us from the volunteers as well as the generosity of the american public that has been phenomenal. >> when we think about the holidays, we want to remember those serving our country and those who have done so in the past. i know you are a former marine, sam, and very proudly so. talk to me about what the red cross does. they have the annual holiday mail program. what's that? >> it is a simple way for americans to just do a card of thanks. simply say thank you. and if anybody wants to take part, the mailbox is open until december 7th. they can visit our website, and learn how to participate. someone who has been away from home on many holidays, it is a
7:39 am
welcomed treat to know america is supporting you. >> i'm so glad and we have a p.o. box that was up in capitol heights, maryland, where people can mail the cards to and be forwarded on. what is it, if you're out there far from home and you want to get a card from somebody, what is it they like to hear most? you have gotten the cards, tell me what means the most from anonymous people. you want it to mean something when you write it. what do you want to hear? >> when serving in the military, just to hear thank you to know somebody has your back. it is not easy being away from home. you miss every day things, first steps of children and things like that, so when you get something from somebody that just shows they are thinking about you, it is really great when they come from kids, pictures, things like that. it also brings a smile to everybody's face. so this is just a great way for people to just do something simple and say thank you. >> well, we thank you for coming to see us for your time in the military and for working on behalf of the red cross.
7:40 am
sam kille, thank you. is it day two or three for a break? >> this is probably the third day i'll get a little time at home. >> enjoy it. thank you so much. up next, everyone rev up the ovens because it is turkey time. if you're feeling cooked over how to prepare your big bird, we have the highly-trained turkey experts on standby right now to help keep your dinner from turning into a disaster. and the national dog show kicks off in a few hours from now. we'll sit down with john o's hurley coming up. [ male announcer ] take dayquil... [ ding! ] ...and spend time on the slopes. take alka-seltzer plus cold & cough... [ buzz! ] ...and spend time on the chair. for non-drowsy 6-symptom cold & flu relief. take dayquil. use nyquil d... [ ding! ] ...and get longer nighttime cough relief. use alka-seltzer plus night cold & flu... [ coughs ] [ buzz! ] [ screams ] ...and you could find yourself... honey? ...on the couch. nyquil d. 50% longer cough and stuffy nose relief.
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7:44 am
what are you seeing, amy? >> reporter: happy thanksgiving. black friday is so last year. at this kmart it is about black thursday and some of these shoppers actually camped out overnight breathing temperatures in the 30s just to get their hands on the doorbuster deals. there were at least 100 people in line when the doors opened at 6:00 a.m. this morning. most of them ran straight for the electronics section. the televisions and tablets are the most wanted items, although we saw plenty of stocking stuffers in their carts. kmart is not the only store open. walmart, toys r' us, target and sears are opening up later tonight. many stores are trying to attract shoppers by offering doorbusters at different points throughout the next few days. there's a frenzy when the doors open. at this store they passed out tickets while in line and encouraged everyone to be at their best behavior. it was not too bad.
7:45 am
they were playing christmas music and people were filling up their carts. we have seen people come and go. i talked to the shoppers to ask what their plans are for the rest of the day, they are going home, taking a nap and getting up to eat thanksgiving dinner and heading out to another store to do more shopping. some even told me they will continue to shop through the night and into friday. so it looks like it could be a good shopping season for retailers. >> wow, amy, i have to ask you, in terms of their attitude, were they just trying to get in and get out? or did you find they were lingering and looking at all the deals and getting to thanksgiving when they would get to it? >> reporter: at this point we are seeing some of the lingering shoppers. the people who got here yesterday at 5:00. we talked to a family here at 5:00 p.m. yesterday. they went straight for electronics, got their stuff and were out the door, but some of the people showing up at 7:00 a.m., the late people, they have been kind of just walking around and picking up christmas lights
7:46 am
and taking their time. >> okay. amy, chronically what's going on there in the seattle kmart, appreciate it. it is crunch time for millions of cooks across the country. so we have an expert talking turkey for more than 24 years. joining me via skype, butterball's turkey hotline director, mary clayman, welcome on this thanksgiving. i'm glad you're taking time for us and some questions. what is the number one question you get today? >> it will be about thawing. everybody wants a tender and juicy turkey. you can call us to get some wonderful rules about how to save the day. if your turkey is still frozen, don't worry about that. put it in the oven and it will take a little longer time, but use the meat thermometer. one of the golden tips as the best way to tell when the turkey is done. >> that makes sense. what about unusual questions, can you give us examples of some of the odd ones you have gotten
7:47 am
over the years? >> well, we did have a lady call from colorado who had her turkey in the snow bank outside and she was calling about thawing, the number one question, but then as we were talking it dawned on her it snowed the night before and she had -- >> oh, mary, i wonder if we have lost audio there. we did. i'm so sorry because everyone as you look at the turkeys, you are saying, you have to cleanse them very carefully. well, unfortunately, our turkey hotline, we'll try to get that hooked up because i'm sure you have a few questions. you can also call 1-800-butterball yourself to speak with mary or somebody else. good luck with making your turkeys today, everyone. up next, best in show. host john o'hurley is going to take us behind the scenes for a look at the most exotic breeds. if you suffer from heartburn 2 or more days a week, why use temporary treatments when you can prevent the acid that's causing it
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they call them man's best friend but today they are competing for best in show. the 11th annual dog show gets underway shortly in philadelphia. one lucky pooch will leave with the grand prize of $20,000. i spoke with the show's host john o' hurley and david fry, i'm excited to see the two of you but i'm really honest to see turbo. >> no surprise that the dog steals the show. that's the whole premise of why we are here on the thanksgiving day with the national dog show presented by purina. >> we are so happy it is airing on nbc. this is the 11th time. we had 18 million viewers last year? >> we garner an audience around 20 million every year. it is amazing how this is a wonderful tradition on one of the great family days of the year. it is always something in it for everybody, whether you are 5 or 95, there are 70 million dogs in the country and this is one of
7:52 am
the great way to celebrate them. >> david, there are some new breeds there and in part that's why we have turbo here. talk about that and how these breeds become eligible. >> we use the phrase "new breeds" but a lot of the breeds have been around for 100 years, including the russell terrier known as the jack russell terrier for a long time. just recognized for inclusion in confirmation shows. this is turbo. he is a russell terrier and we have the treen walker coop coonhound who is a bigger dog and wouldn't fit on the table. >> anything new as far as the contest is concerned? >> we do the same thing, the same competition but the players are different. we get to see great new breeds every year. that makes it fun and
7:53 am
interesting in addition to the competition we have. >> it is $20,000 worth of prize money up for grabs. >> the dogs are particularly complacent for that. >> i'm sure, but what is the key after watching it for so many years, how is it that the dog wins best in show? >> the dog that wins best in show as david describes it to me, and i have learned through the years, there is a confirmation, a written confirmation or standard that each dog has to be measured again. so when you say you're really measuring apples against oranges, you are not. the dogs are being measured to the written standard in the akc. that's up to the judge to know exactly what the standards are. they know it by putting their hands on the dog and the confirmation of the dog, they will watch the dog walk, but there's this other undefinable element because as david said it's a dog show, so they have to have that little spark, that little extra thing. and that's the dog that seems to
7:54 am
pierce its way through the crowd and turn into best in show. >> turbo is behaving so well, what's the secret there? is it food? dog whisperer? >> i'm a dog guy but these guys are used to be poked and prodded. the kennel club of philadelphia, the national dog show, is a benched dog show, which means people can circulate amongst the dogs and people, get up close with the competitors. you can't do that in any other sport but you can ask questions of the owners and handlers to find out if this is the right breed for you and your lifestyle. >> let's try that at nascar sometimes. >> give jeff gordon a big hug. >> can i talk about the car you're driving? >> you don't want to talk about mine. we'll leave it at that. i'm looking forward to this thanksgiving day staple. have fun at the show. >> happy thanksgiving. >> and to you. thank you, guys. you can watch the national dog show today at 12:00 noon eastern
7:55 am
on your nbc station. we have our audio back and joining me is the butterball turkey director, mary clayman, what's the most common mistake made when cooks try to get their turkey out of the oven and onto the table. >> even on facebook, twitter, information is available all over the place. we want you to have a great day and make sure you don't overcook the turkey. that's very important. use a meat thermometer and you want to register 170 and 180 in the thigh. you don't have to cook it more than that. >> but what is the sure-fire way, is it about the seasoning? about keeping it moist? is it about using something to keep on dripping the butter and the juices and whatever it is on top? i mean, what is it that you can guarantee you'll have a good, moist turkey. >> you know, our method, which is our preferred method, is so simple and consistent with great
7:56 am
results. what you want to do, you don't have to base the turkey, you don't have to do that. it will take time. you don't want to overcook it. we also recommend, one of the golden pearls is just to make sure that you use a thermometer to make sure the turkey is done. >> mary, are you cooking a turkey today? >> my husband is. we have been talking to wonderful people for eight hours or longer but when we go home the table is going to be set and the turkey is in the oven and my husband is very proud of cooking that turkey for the last 28 years. >> i'm sure he's learned a few tips from you, mary, thank you for your help for everyone who needs it today. have a great thanksgiving. thank you! >> thanks. well, i'm alex witt. thank you so much for watching this special thanks giving edition of "msnbc live." see you back here tomorrow. i'll be on from 8:00 a.m. to
7:57 am
noon eastern. be sure to keep it here for news updates throughout the day. up next, msnbc investigates. in case you have not heard it enough today, happy thanksgiving to all. enjoy your time with friends, family and loved ones. we'll see you tomorrow. into their work, their name on the door, and their heart into their community. small business saturday is a day to show our support. a day to shop at stores owned by our friends and neighbors.
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