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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  December 13, 2012 2:30am-3:00am PST

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concert to benefit the victims of hurricane sandy. good morning. i'm bill karins, this is "way too early." the show that must have been left off the guest list for the concert. thanks for being up with us this morning. we have a lot of news to talk about on this thursday, december 13th, including a new nbc/"wall street journal" poll on the cliff negotiations that doesn't bode well for the republicans. plus, babs sits down with the most interesting people of 2012, two of which could be the most interesting people in 2016, hillary and christie. we'll show you what they said in a moment. but first, before we get to the news live here at 5:31 a.m. in new york city sh as promised, i won't be uses this highly overused phrase with the initials f.c. yesterday. i asked for your best alternatives. you delivered. some, hysterically creative, others disturbingly crude. here are our runner up finalists. larry, thanks. budg budgetary boondoing will and
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double down nosedive and jason, money boo boo. and finally, linda with congressional cluster fudge. linda, sweet, sweet linda. what are we going to do with you? she did add at the end though, sorry, i'm just really disgusted. but the winner is if er iner i fiasco. >> we have 19 days until the fiduciary if i as key. a warning could be a wakeup call. the economy is already feeling the effects of the budget standoff. >> it's already affecting business investment and hiring decisions by creating uncertainty or creating pessimi pessimism. this is a major risk factor and major source of uncertainty about the economy going forward. you know, there is a problem with kicking the can down the
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road. it could create concerns about our fiscal situation. i don't want to see that. nbc news says they don't consider the white house related fiduciary fiasco to be a counter offer. there was a conversation tuesday night. speaker boehner hinted the two sides are not close. >> the president and i had a deliberate call yesterday. and we spoke honestly and openingly about the differences that we face. the president is calling for 1.5 trillion worth of revenue. that cannot pass the house or senate. he offered boehner a piece of advice. >> i can bring it down to the floor. but the republicans don't have
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to vote for it except for 25 of them. i had to do it as speaker. do you know what it was like for me to bring a bill to fund the war in iraq? so it's tough. but you have to do it. >> with congress's christmas vacation hanging in the balance, eric cantor delivered the news. lawmakers plan to spend the holidays if washington. >> the president seems to be walking us ever so slowly toward the cliff. we've said we're committed to staying here. we're going to stay here right up until christmas eve throughout the time and period before the new year. because we want to make sure we resolve this. >> one thing that is clear, the american people want to send -- see an end to the standoff over the fiduciary fiasco by news years day.
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a majority of all democrats and republicans say they would like their leaders to compromise, even if it means giving ground on long held party positions. expectations are in check. 48% to 48% whether a deal will actually get done. if there's no agreement, 56% say both sides will be to blame. 24% say it will be the republicans' fault and 19% will point the finger at the president. twice as many people said they trusted obama's hand willing of the fiasco. talks as opposed to boehner although 29% trusted neither. one thing that could embolden the president during his negotiations is his job approval numbers. now at 53%, it's the highest approval he's received in this poll since january of 2011. that's almost two years ago. as for the year ahead in politics, will 2012 be when lawmakers unite together and work through the gridlock in washington? not according to this poll. and i'm not even sure how this is physically possible.
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but 69% expect more division and less willingness to compromise. >> it's too soon to be thinking about 2016 elections, isn't it? but two potential candidates are having a hard time avoiding the buzz. new jersey governor chris christie was introduced for barbara walters ten most fascinating people list. he is high on the list for many republicans to run in 2016. christie hasn't ruled out a run and asked by walters if thinks health should be a concern for voters. >> there are people who say that you couldn't be president because you're so heavy. what do you say to them? >> that's ridiculous. i mean that's ridiculous. i mean i don't know what the basis for that is. >> they're worried about your health. >> well, i've done this job pretty well. i think people watched me for the last number of weeks in hurricane sandy doing 18-hour days and getting right back up the next day and being as effective in the job. i don't think that will be a problem. >> christie pushed back against the on going criticism that his appearances with president obama in the wake of hurricane sandy
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may have hurt mitt romney on election day. >> people said you helped him win. is this unfair criticism? >> i was doing my job. i'm a governor of the state of new jersey. he offered to help. and so you bet i'm going to take him up on his offer to help. >> but i'm going to be the critic. you didn't have to put your arm around him. you didn't have to fly in the plane with him. you could have said, thank you, mr. president. >> so i could have lied? is that what you're suggesting? i mean you're suggesting is what i should do is lie. everything i said was the truth. >> i'm being the critic. you helped him win. >> no. i didn't help him win. the fact of the matter is the president won the election pretty comfortably. >> and any regrets? >> no. >> as for the democrats, hillary clinton is a top choice to lead the party in 2016. but the outgoing secretary of state says she has other plans. >> what most people are asking now about you is will you consider running for president
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in 2016? would you just like to make your declaration now? we can conclude this interview. >> well that, would be fascinating to me as well as everyone else. you know, i've said i really don't believe that that's something i will do again. >> you know your husband wants you to run in 2016. what do you say to him? >> he wants me to do what i want to do. and he has made that very clear. and some of what i want to do is just kick back. i mean it sounds -- >> but after you have slept, kicked back, read those books, so let's give you three months. what would it take you to convince you to run? >> you know, that's all hypotheticalal. right now, i have no intention of running. i just want to -- i want to make a contribution. i always feel that's who i am and what i want to do. >> will it be political? >> i don't think so. i think it will be philanthropic. it might be academic. it might be business. i mean there's a lot of things. >> all doors are open. >> all doors are open. which is a wonderful
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opportunity. >> meanwhile, secretary of state clinton will testify on capitol hill a week from today on the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. clinton's first public testimony will address specific findings from an investigation into the september 11th incident. turning now overseas, new signs of desperation from the syrian government. for the first time in the two-year conflict, the assad regime is resorted to firing scud missiles to slow rebel forces. they close in on the capitol of damascus. officials say at least half dozen scud missiles packed with explosives were launched toward another syrian military base that was overtaken by the rebels. richard engel reporting from the region says two of the scuds landed in civilian neighborhoods. the news comes the same day more than 100 countries, including the united states, officially gave recognition to the syrian opposition forces. a day after north korea successfully launched a satellite into orbit, leaders in
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washington, japan, south korea are calling for immediate consequences, even the chinese are criticizing north korea's move. the three stage ballistic missile was carrying a satellite which u.s. officials now say is tumbling out of control as it orbits the earth. the purpose, unclear. the officials say the rocket is similar to design to one that could potentially reach the united states. defense secretary leon panetta appeared to down play that threat. >> the fact that they've launched this missile is clear provication. we've warned them not to do it. one of the reasons we're rebalancing the pacific is to deal with the threat from north korea. and we will. we're prepared to do that. we'll respond if we have to. >> how would we respond? does this mean they could hit the united states? >> no. the fact is that we do have a very strong missile defense that would be able to guard against that kind of potential. and -- >> so we would be able to stop fit it were coming in.
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>> i'm very confident we would be able to do that. >> the rocket launch was north korea's fourth attempt since 1998. the federal reserve is taking unprecedented action as it puts emphasis on job creation. chairman ben bernanke says long term interest rates will remain near zero until the unemployment rate drops below 6.5%. unemployment currently at 7.7%. here now with more on that and a check with the markets, jeff cutmore is live from london. good morning you to. >> good morning. you know, uncle ben has gone back into his toolbox and he's pulled out one thing we were expecting which was a continuation of the bond buyback program. so that was pretty much baked into the story. but the thing we weren't expecting, perhaps, was this change in policy and this tying of zero interest rates to the unemployment rate. he now saying it remains at near zero until we get the jobs rate down below 6.5%. we're currently sitting at 7.7%.
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so there is a little room to go yet. we have near zero interest rates to come. unsurprisingly, markets like it but not quite as much as you might have expected given that they knew part of the deal was already due to come down the pike. >> apple and the headlines, what do we know about them trying to dive head first into the tv market? >> yeah. it's a fascinating story, isn't it? apple share price has gone from the dizzy heights of over $700 and we're now in $500 and change territory. part of the reason think the momentum is slowing for apple. what comes after the iphone and the ipod touch and the ipad? well, is it the television set? apparently some of apple's chinese suppliers are trying out some high definition sets at the moment. that's got tongues wagging. is apple going to put a set in the market in the next few years? all in the realm of speculation.
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they need to do something with technology to keep the apple jugger not rolling forward. i wouldn't put it past the business. maybe we do see an apple television set on people's christmas lists for 2014. back to you. >> strange, jeff. they come up with so many innovative products and then try to improve something that already seems, you know, pretty great in most living rooms. >> as marijuana becomes fully legalized in more states like washington and colorado, we go overseas. the city of amsterdam of all places is cracking down on pot now. in this at school by kids. the city known for it culture red light district and liberal enforcement policy on drugs is declaring schools no toking zones. this is a sign being posted. smoking pot at school has awe always been illegal but they've had trouble keeping the test from toking up on the school grounds. interesting lunch breaks. as always, let me know why
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you're awake. shoot me an e-mail at i must say, fiduciary fiasco rolls off the tongue. and the debt ceiling debate is approaching. i'm sick of that one, too, from last year. i want your alternatives. we'll use the best one in the days ahead. still ahead on "way too early," something was in the water last night in the nba. three different games, three thrilling finishes. we'll have the highlights ahead in sports. it was a night of 1,000 stars at madison square garden. bruce springsteen, bon jovi, paul mccarty playing with nirvana? we'll have a full recap of the concert and get a quick check on weather when "way too early" comes right back. [ female announcer ] born from the naturally sweet monk fruit,
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happy holidays. duracell with duralock. trusted everywhere. empire state building looking beautiful. a little christmassy. christmas less than two weeks away. let's get a check of your forecast now from dylan dreyer. dylan, make it good. make it real good. >> i'm trying. you know, next week we're talking about a pattern change. for right now, today looks fine. we have showers across the outer banks. rain up into virginia beach. that's all moving off shore. so by the time you really get into the heart of the morning commute out that way, if there is a commute out that way, it does look okay. we're going to see some clouds across the northeast fade away as well. so increasing sunshine. temperatures look seasonably cool. we'll top out in the 40s across the northeast today. philadelphia right now though at 37 degrees. only 32 in boston.
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we'll hit a high of 49 in philadelphia. 40s elsewhere across the northeast. tomorrow, we'll do it again. high pressure is in control. it is going to keep things nice and sunny. but also we're looking for highs cooler in the 40s. bill, we're talking american versus european models. i'm kind of leaning towards the american for next week. it kind of looks -- >> i can't believe we're bold enough of going on record saying that a foot of snow in new england next month. that's impressive stuff, dylan. >> i'm glad you're back on weather duty next week. we'll let you handle the snowfall amounts. >> exactly. >> time now for some sports. charles barkley fired the latest shot in his feud with the miami heat tuesday when he claimed the team stars are "so sensitive to criticism." the back and forth started when barkley suggested dwyane wade's game was in decline and lebron james took up for his teammate saying "charles barkley needs to shut up." the heat were trying not to give barkley any more ammunition last night against the warriors. we pick it up four seconds left
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in the game. score tied at 95. green with a little easy lay-up. not even contested. warriors take the lead under a second to go. heat have a chance to win at home which they always do. lebron james, difficult turn around. off the rim. the warriors win in south beach. 97-95. that's just the second home loss of the season for the heat. the celtics hosting the mavs at the garden in boston. running the floor. coast to coast. someone should stop him. game tied at 92. so we head to overtime. 16 seconds left if overtime. celtics up by two. mayo gets into the paint. lays it up. up and under. now we're heading to double overtime. 40 seconds left in the game. how good is rondo? nice through the defense. he always makes the underhand lay-up shots. the celtics up three. this time, no come back from the mavs. boston goes on to win 117-115. celtics improve to 12-9 on the season.
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this one is good. the jazz at home facing the spurs. clock running down. mo williams. he throws it up. deep. good. the jazz pull off the upset. last second three pointer and win 99-96. williams had missed all three of his prior threes in the game. but he comes through with a game winn winner. coming up, a tense phone call between the president and speaker boehner has washington insiders doubting an end to the fiduciary fiasco. when we come back here, we'll huddle around the water cooler. music industry's biggest stars come together for a hurricane sandy benefit concert including a special tribute by a can't miss classic adam sandler. all of the night's best moments straight ahead. if you think running a restaurant is hard, try running four. fortunately we've got ink.
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let's gather around the water cooler to watch hurricane sandy's mega concert that brought together the biggest performers. bruce springsteen followed by legends billy joel and jon bon jovi and list of performers goes on. eric clapton sang his soulful song, "nobody knows when you you're down-and-out." and the who who was there along
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with the timeless act of the rolling stones. some other names to note, alicia keys gave the final performance and there was a surprise collaboration between beatles paul mccartney and nirvana. they performed "cutting some slack" with mccarty subing in for the late kirk cobain. kanye west came out dressed in a pleaded leather kilt that had everyone on twitter asking is that a man skirt? and politicians -- politicians aside last night, they did get some attention. republican and new jersey governor chris christie who never misses a long springstien show. he was spotted sitting next to andrew cuomo, a democrat. billy crystal, he couldn't resist. >> andrew cuomo and christie are somewhere over there. where are you? [ applause ]
2:55 am
there they are. they look friendly now. they look friendly now but 2016 -- >> just me or did they not have a great seat? in between the performances, comedians chris rock, stephen colber and jimmy fallon came on to highlight areas hit hard by sandy. and then every decent milestone i hit in my life came down the jersey shore. first kiss. first cheese steak. first time you saw somebody break an ankle at one of those crazy trampoline parks that was just cement and trampolines. who wouldn't die at that? >> well, by far the biggest laughs of the night came from an adam sandler new classic moment. the where he write of the song hallelujah. with a little help from piano
2:56 am
with the late show's paul schafer. he tells sandy "screw ya." ♪ hallelujah sandy screw ya ♪ ♪ we'll get through ya ♪ because we're new yorkers ♪ because we believe this too shall pass ♪ ♪ like when sanchez fumbled into an ass ♪ and into the playoffs a-rod telling girls in the crowd i wanna do ya ♪ ♪ the mets have sucked since '86 ♪ ♪ i isaiah tried to ruin the knicks ♪ but now jason kidd and the boys can freaka school ya ♪ ♪ hallelujah ♪ sandy screw ya
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let me hear you. we'll get through ya because we're new yorkers ♪ >> good to snow he still has the magic. up two two billion people were able to experience the concert live with movie theaters and radio station as cross the country carrying it. no final word on the total dollars raised but more than 30 million was raised alone in ticket sales. still ahead on "way too early," why are you awake? your tweets, texts and e-mails are next and "morning joe" is moments away. music is a universal language. but when i was in an accident... i was worried the health care system spoke a language all its own with unitedhealthcare, i got help that fit my life. information on my phone. connection to doctors who get where i'm from. and tools to estimate what my care may cost. so i never missed a beat. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for
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