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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 12, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. hi, everybody. good afternoon. i'm thomas roberts in for craig melvin. you're watching msnbc, the place for politics and as the gun debate of of gun control heats up in the wake of tragedy, some americans are scrambling to get their hands on as many guns to get their hands on the possibility of laws. coming up, we'll talk to the man ahead of gun appreciation day and that's set before 48 before the president's inauguration. three weeks after the earthquake that killed 300,000 in haiti, what's left to be done. we'll talk to the man heading up doctors without borders mission in port-au-prince. later, the third rail of american politics, is not religion and not social security or medicare. so what can bring down a politician faster than you can
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say flu shot. we'll tell you about it coming up and we begin with the next fiscal cliff and the debt ceiling in a letter to the president yesterday. senate majority lead are harry reid and other top democrats urged the president to take any lawful stps to protect the u.s. from defaulting on its debt and bypassing congress if necessary. is the president ready to invoke the constitution's 14th amendment. it's the big question, nbc news' kristen welker joins me. i understand you have a highlighter in your hand to display the seriousness of what it would mean to invoke the 14th amendment. >> the 14th amendment is very complicated. i want to make sure i'm covering my basis to give everyone a quick explainer of what it is and it goes to the post-civil war era and it is in the expansive rights of the civil war and there is a part of it that deals with the nation's did not and that's where this
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highlighter comes in. and it states, quote, the validity of the public debt of the united states shall not be questioned. that is the part of the 14th amendment that those senators that you just referenced are seizing on to say that the president should increase the debt limit without the help of congress. the congress has been asked about this. the white house, the reaction from the white house is that they don't believe that they have the right to use the 14th amendment to increase the debt ceiling without congress. they say they're not going go that route and here's where it gets complicated and he's not going to negotiate with congress and it begs the question if he's not going to negotiate with congress, how will it get resolved and republicans are digging in their heels saying they will not increase the debt limit unless it is offset with the equal amount dollar for dollar cuts in spending. democrats say they're not going agree with that because it will likely target entitlements and that is where these battle lines
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are being drawn and thomas, this is a similar fight that the white house had with congress in 2011. the white house back then was asked about invoking the 14th amendment and the white house said they were going to use it and they, in fact, never did. they had democrats from outside of the white house and former president bill clinton, for example, who said the 2011 battle that the president should invoke the 14th amendment and just increase the debt limit unilaterally. of course,a i lot is at stake. when they talk about the boehner rule, but what's the likelihood or the talk that there could be these small stopgap measures. maybe every month in extending the limit. just so and just so. >> i think that's a real possibility and i look at the way that washington has dealt with these croixes ease in the past months, that is what they've done. they've used these stopgap measures and we saw that
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recently over the fight with the fiscal cliff and one of the big parts of the fiscal cliff is the sequester and washington kicked that can down the road and they'll deal with that in two more months and that will be another fiscal cliff, so i think that it's a real possibility, and it's also something that every time this happens, and it really does put the economy in jeopardy and you remember in the summer of 2011 the nation had its credit rating downgraded so the effects in the economy is quite real and serious and that's what's at the backdrop of all of this. >> kristen welker, we'll check back in with you later in the show. >> it's beginning to sound like a broken record on capitol hill as they start to gear up with the political fight, and is there a way for the white house to bypass congress and avoid another battle. jonathan allen and msnbc's, and perry bacon, jr., with the
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conversation. jonathan, you covered the hill and do so extensively and "the washington post" is reporting that democratic senate leaders are advising the white house to go arc comed do that and bypass congress on this issue. i'll show everybody this letter to president obama and they advise him to take any lawful steps to avoid default with congressional approval and they talk about the 14th amendment and is there any way for the white house to avoid another fight like this with the congress completely. >> they've been writing about this letter that senator reid said to the president and if the president if they want to can certainly direct the treasury to ignore the debt ceiling and then basically say go ahead and sue me and see if anybody does and go to the core process and i don't think that's something the president wants to do that he doesn't want to evoke this 14th amendment and that's the shorthand used for it and i think what's fascinating here
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and you have members of congress, ceding their institutional authority given that congress is more popular these days and i think there's probably some sort of middle ground that can be found with mitch mcconnell and it's been a big fan of this idea and it gives the president the authority to raise the debt limit with the disapproval and my guess is that that's the back-up plan whenever anyone backs themselves into the corner. >> president obama refuses to negotiate with the speaker about the debt ceiling and what happens? what happens? what are the consequences, anding up, and the fiscal cliff. >> the president will not negotiate over the debt limit as such. i do think there's room for negotiation in that statement and the president with some deficit reduction and so is john boehner. you can imagine an agreement where the debt ceiling is
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increased and some tax revenue is raised and some tax increases and spendsing cuts are available and there's some possibility, and some compromise. and something like that. so right now we're in these -- as we are watching all of the time, the posturing stages. i will not negotiate and in reality, everyone has to negotiate and there is room for, promyself here. we're hearing fresh voices, jonathan and freshman senator fisher, speaking out and calling for spending cuts and i want to play it for everybody. take a listen. >> the president will soon ask congress to raise the nation's debt limit again. i believe we can increase the borrowing limit without increasing the out of control spending. to cut spending we must find ways to reduce the cost of social security, medicare and medicaid. the primary drivers of our national debt. >> so jonathan, do you think the boehner rule will go into effect
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and entitlement reform will be a target. >> that's certainly what john baner and the rest of the republicans in congress hope happens. there's sort of a fl see here in the dollar for are dollar idea which is when the debt limit's being raised, that's an immediate need for money and usually for six months or a year, when they talk about spending cuts they do that for a year. no matter how much you're cut, you're not going to bring the debt limit in line with the spending cuts and it's sort of an art feshl idea. i'm tired over of the fiscal cliff talk and it's inferno. i wanted t-shirts who is over the fiscal cliff. i thought it was catchy, and i thought they would sell and i think it could help if the country came out they could charge good money for that. >> it's a side business for that. >> i just hope to get a new contract here when the time is
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up. there's this other group in washington, this one over the problem with gun violence, if the government wasn't able to do something on that issue and especially with the appetite in the american public right now. what do you think is really going to be the first thing that the white house can claim victory on to push the needle forward there. >> and buying talk this week as well, the white house has executive orders and making it harder for people who are mentally ill for people to buy guns and i can do that without congress approving it and you can do incremental things there. and the assault weapons ban and also a ban on high-capacity magazines and ultimately right now i think i've seen two house republicans out of 230. two house republicans right now are for greater gun control. it's hard to imagine a bill to pass the house of raptives right
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now particularly if they ban, the first step might be governors like andrew cuomo passing legislation themselves. i think some of the gun laws may change in states instead of federally because of the republicans in congress. >> jonathan, do you think that that's going to be that we see at the state level action is going to be the first place where state legislators will be working with their governors to have something rise up that maybe federally can be used and it will happen at the state level, first? >> sure, i think the president like perry said had some ability to do small things in the margin, but really the states do have thea authority to enact some strict gun control laws and if they run a foul of the second amendment that becomes a huge constitutional problem for the states. in 1994 joe biden was the author of the crime bill that included the assault weapons ban. essentially, we're still talking about the same types of gun control despite advances inec it
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tech that there hasn't been a shift in the debate about how to make the ownership of weapons safer. >> jonathan allen, perry bacon. thanks for joining us and we'll work on the fiscal cliff. >> we will work on that title. gentlemen, thanks. three years after the earthquake, parts of haiti still look like the disaster just hit this past week. we'll take a look at why it has taken so long to bring the country back to rebuild it. >> president obama is riding fairly high in popularity, but if history is a guide on this one, it will not last very long. we'll talk about the second-term popularity curves right after this. [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters?
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just of the sights and sounds from three years ago today as the magnitude of the tragedy in haiti began to unfold. look at those images and that earthquake took out the infrastructure in haiti and it was difficult to get a sense of how bad the damage was. only a few pictures had emerged and as we saw at the top of the rachel maddow show last night, january 10, 2012. >> the largest earthquake ever reported in the region has hit the nation of haiti. it's a quake registering 7.0 and it struck before 5:00 p.m. eastern time and it struck ten miles southwest of the capital of haiti, port-au-prince. it's a very dangerous population of highly populated. there are 2 million people in the city and full of poorly constructed buildings. although it has been difficult to get details so far already, we're hearing reports of collapsed buildings and casualties including a hospital
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and perhaps even the presidential palace. one u.s. government official telling "the new york times" that he or she saw a number of whole houses that had fallen into a ravine. phone and landlines are in many cases down. since the quake hit there have been six aftershocks and the most measuring 5.5 and 5.9 which are themselves pretty big quakes in their own right. >> so when it was all over 316,000 haitians were dead. that's just shy of the population of st. louis, missouri. another 1.3 million were left homeless. the island nation of haiti today is still struggling to recover from that earthquake. international aid was rushed to haiti right after the quake, but the recovery has been very slow. some 350,000 haitians still live in camp tents. almost a quarter of haiti's children suffer from chronic malnourishment. we want to bring in oliver schultz. he is the head of the haitian mission for doctors without boarders and he joins us via skype from port-au-prince.
12:18 pm
good to have you here. your organization was in haiti before the earthquake struck. what was it like trying to provide care in the quake's aftermath to where we are today? >> yeah. thank you for having me, thomas. indeed, the doctors without borders, and not an emergency like that was something that we could not have planned for and making preparations for something like this would have been very difficult. however, immediately afterwards, even within 48 hours we had teams on the ground and within the next ten months we had been giving a lot of aid to about 350,000 people, something that in our history is even something enormous and great and the magnitude of the earthquake was felt by the population and organizations like ours was felt, as well in order to respond and in order to get the help that each and every one needs.
12:19 pm
>> oliver, when you talk about the care and dedication that doctors without borders has delivered there, this is a really startling number. the organization has treated more than 23,000 children for cholera just last year alone. why is it so difficult to get the epidemic and cholera under control in and around port-au-prince and in and around haiti. >> cholera in itself is a disease that is easily treatable. however, it is a water-borne disease and in a country where there's a rainy season it becomes very difficult to manage. you can imagine before the earthquake three years ago the water system and the piping was not the best. the earthquake has done nothing to make that better. in fact, today woe still see a lot of negative impact on the water system, on the sanitary system and it just becomes very difficult to manage this and, yes, as you mentioned, we
12:20 pm
treated more than 23,000 patients in the last year which san enormous number. overall, in fact, doctors without borders has treated almost 190,000 patients since the outbreak in 2010. that is about a third of the 620,000 patients who have been infected with cholera since the outbreak. an enormous number. >> it really is. as we know it now, up to speed, doctors without borders managing four recently-built hospitals within the earthquake zone. explain why doctors without borders has not been able to turn over these facilities to haitian health officials to monitor them. >> well, obviously, that would be our idea and strategy in the long term. three years ago when some of the hospitals that we had collapsed, we had to rebuild them and our idea was that sooner or later we will be handing them over to the
12:21 pm
government which still remains the strategy. however the earthquake has destroyed quite a bit amount of the infrastructure here, the general hospital at hospitals and clinics were destroyed and thus, it becomes very difficult to hand something over when there are still no structures available. for example, the general hospital still has not been reconstructed and until then, our hospitals will have to remain active. >> if you were to give a percentage, oliver, of the country being restored to pre-earthquake conditions from 1 to 100% and zero to where it was decimated after the earthquake, where are they in the restructuring? >> yeah. that's very difficult to say. there are some regions which have been reconstructed and they have the general hospital in the city which is more or less a huge construction site right now, however, there are still a lot of buildings in
12:22 pm
port-au-prince which remain destroyed. we can only say that even now three years after the earthquake, if you just look at the health care system and the structures that exist, we are still at a point where the need of international organizations such as doctors without borders which, in effect is an emergency medical organization, are needed to fill the gaps. >> it's amazing work that you guys are doing in haiti and around the world. ari schultz of doctors without ared borders. thank you for taking time for me. >> absolutely. president clinton surveying haiti three years after the earthquake damage himself laying a wreath in a memorial there for those lost during the earthquake. the president sur vague the dama damage there from doctors without borders and they still need a great deal of help to get back on to their feet.
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welcome back, everybody. president obama's current approval rating according to gallop is at 54%, but it might not stay that way. a gallop study of past polls finds the presidents are typically less popular come the second term. george w. bush had a 62% approval rating that fell in his second. president clinton had a 50% first-term rating and 61% in his second term. and president reagan was 50% in
12:27 pm
his first term and climbed to 55% in his second term. other post-world war ii term presidents, harry truman and richard nixon all lost ground in their second terms especially nixon. congress' approval rating stands at just 14%. that's down from 18% in november and december. the 2012 congress averaged just 15%. it was the lowest rating in gallop's 38-year history of tracking congressional approval. new york's governor has now declared a public health emergency due to the flu epidemic and we'll bring you the latest on the number the illnesses as well as the death tolls across the country. gun appreciation day has is set the same weekend as we celebrate martin luther king jr., who was gunned down by an assassin's bullet. keep it locked in here. you are watching msnbc, the place for politics. and completely reimagined it?
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he's been keeping a lo profile for months after he was banned from the sport of cycling. according to several reports lance armstrong is set to confess to doping and apologize for it in a sitdown interview with none other than oprah winfrey next week. this marks a truly dramatic break from the 13 years of public denials and silence by the cancer survivor. armstrong was stripped of his titles of all olympic competition released evidence that he took performance-enhancing drugs. here's a quick look at some of the stories upon topping news right now. more than 100 people have been killed in fierce fighting in the african nation of mali. mal i's government in france, the country's former colonial ruler are fighting to draw out islamist rebels who control a large portion of that country. paul ryan will headline this year's conservative political action conference cpac.
12:32 pm
it's an important annual gathering for republicans. the wisconsin congressman is widely considered to be a contender for president come 2016. miss america will feature a pageant first. miss montana will be the first autistic contestant in the event. she was diagnosed at the age of 11 with borderline asperger's syndrome. it's an epidemic, widespread and in all, but three states and it's what everybody is talking about, the flu season. it's hit millions this season harder than ever before. hospitals are just trying to keep up. >> reporter: thomas, there been encouraging signs that this new outbreak might be leveling off in some parts of the south and doctors just aren't sure. across the country thises has been very serious. 47 states are reporting widespread flu. at least 20 children have died and now we're hearing that governor cuomo has issued a public health emergency in new
12:33 pm
york state and now we are joined by dr. john marshall who runs the e.r. in brooklyn. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> so what does this public health emergency declaration mean in new york? >> it was one of the most serious flu seasons we've in in recent years. it allows pharmacists to start vaccinating children which wasn't previously allowed. the important thing about that is it brings additional resources to get more of the population vaccinated and helping stem the amount of infection that we're seeing in the community. >> so it allows commercial farming over the last 30 days to allow to vaccinate children six months to ten years old. >> how busy has it been over the last few days? >> it's been incredibly busy. we've had record-setting volumes. in the pediatric emergency
12:34 pm
department, one-half, to one of this third are for respiratory diseases. for the adults it's probably 20% of the patients we're seeing. >> very quickly, what would you advise people about taking the vaccine right now. is it too late? >> it's deaf fitly not too late to get the vaccine. people can get the vaccine at a local pharmacy and at their physician's offices and in point of fact in many cases across the country there are public health offices offering the vaccine. >> governor cuomo issuing a public health emergency declaration in new york state. thomas, back to you. >> nbc's gabe gutierrez in brooklyn. thank you. next week the president will celebrate his second inauguration and the country will also mark martin luther king, jr., day. another event is generating quite a bit of buzz and controversy. gun appreciation day and the right to bear arms and the organizers are encouraging gun
12:35 pm
owners to show up at their local gun store and gun range with a constitution, and the hands off my guns sign. obviously, there are timing and sensitivity issues around the day and the weekend it's being marked. it's barely been a month from sandy hook elementary in connecticut and it's also a weekend when the nation erms martin luther king, jr., who was assassinated by a gunman and the president's inauguration as well. so what is the purpose of the date of the weekend that you've chosen for this? >> the purpose of the day of the weekend, quite frankly, was not selected to be on anybody's birthday. every day is somebody's birthday, but it was, you know, selected simply because the first day of the 113th congress there were eight or nine gun
12:36 pm
control laws introduced. dia dianne feinstein said in the senate which severely infringes upon the second amendment and set to introduce that on the 22nd, i believe, and the president and joe biden, you know, both stated, i believe, that they were guaranteed sweeping gun control legislation by the end of the month. so we didn't have much time and we wanted to make a swift, strong statement prior to these bills being, you know, considered. >> so again, that's coming up next weekend, but one thing that's gotten a lot of attention is something that you said yesterday on cnn. i want to play that for everybody. >> i think martin luther king would agree with me if he were alive today that if african-americans had been given the right to keep and bear arms from day one of the country's founding perhaps slavery might
12:37 pm
not have been a chapter in our history. >> there are people that are very heated about that comment. >> true. >> is there any -- the substance behind that, the american civil war, we know that the north defeated the south mainly because of african-american enlistment. do you want to rephrase what you were trying to say there or try to clarify the point you were trying to make. >> i'll tell you what. i'll give you a promo here, too. i'm going to be on the reverend al sharpton show on monday and i'll address that then. you know, that was an incomplete thought. i had three or four more points that were going follow on to that and quite frankly i didn't have time before we got cut off, but i'm going to fully address it on monday. >> all right. so you will meet with the reverend al on that one. good luck to you. >> thanks. >> on the website you have a long list of sponsors, one name missing from that list is the nra. why do you not have the support
12:38 pm
of the largest pro-gun lobby in the country for your gun appreciation day weekend? >> that's a great question. they're more than welcome to join us. i imagine they've got their own, you know, initiatives that they're working on. believe it or not i'm right next door to their lobby office in d.c., and, you know, i've never met with them or spoke to them, so -- >> larry, if we can show the gun appreciation day graphic again. we see two people, guys in the control room if you can show that again. two ladies in the firing range and a small handgun. i don't think that there is anybody that wants to take a handgun away from someone's home, larry. do you think that that's what this discussion is about? >> well, if you look at the feinstein bill. she certainly talks about handguns with high capacity, and
12:39 pm
high-capacity handguns as being part of her ban and most of the guns sold today, handguns sold today are high-capacity semiautomatic handguns and that's the type of gun that i own. >> do you consider that to be a high-capacity weapon? >> i don't. every weapon is an assault weapon. every gun is intended to do one thing, and it's intended to kill someone that will do you harm. it's self-defense. i mean, the term assault weapon is -- is -- it sounds it's used because it's a scary term, but the truth is that every gun is intended to kill and it matters whose fingers are on the trigger and that's the conversation we should be having. >> some guns do more harm than other guns no matter whose finger is on that trigger, correct? >> well, you know, there are guns that are more effective in what they do which is killing
12:40 pm
people. >> so you believe strictly in the second amendment and the interpretation of it means that we have the right to bear any arm that is made? >> there's reason for that. it's interesting that the -- it's the only amendment in the constitution with the words that shall not be infringed and there's reasons for it. >> so should we be able to buy drones? should you and i be able to buy a drone? >> you're asking me right now? there are lots and lots of people making drones right now. >> because we have been federalized in terms of a manufacturing drone-making company to be able to go buy a drone at walmart or the right to get a grenade at walmart. do you think that we have a right through the second amendment to have the military arms that our government has? >> those are already illegal and nobody -- we're not promoting, you know, we're not saying -- >> but that's an arm, though. so why shouldn't we have a right
12:41 pm
to have that for the second amendment. that defeats somebody that kills somebody that would stop tyranny from the government. i have that. why can't you have that? shouldn't we have that? >> you know what? to tell you the truth, if -- if the -- if there were people that were throwing grenades right now at homes and there were people that were using drones against citizens, then i would seriously consider --? but since they're illegal and we can't get them that means that we can't have them. you can't have a nuclear bomb, either, but the what we're talking about is preserving our rights and preserving our rights to protect ourselves with -- but you understand the difference here and as an educated guy, i think you can understand what arps are and what you're featuring on your website there is a woman holding a handgun.
12:42 pm
you don't show anything -- anything to do with the assault-style weapons and there are two guys, if we can see the ad, there are two guys walking down the street in portland with assault-style weapons draped over their backs down the main street just to get everyone kind of feeling comfortable with people walking around with assault-style weapons. why don't you have a picture like that? >> i have no problem putting a picture like that on the website. >> you don't have a picture like that. you have a lady holding a smaller version. >> i'm a marketing person. a woman holding a revolver. >> why not show these two dudes, with assault-style weapons walking down the street and why not have them, you're not trying to get the lady with the little handg handgun. >> of course, i am. >> you are? >> of course, i am. >> so that smiling lady who appreciates her little handgun is who is going come out to support you as opposed to the
12:43 pm
two guys that you see in portland walking down the street with their rifles, their assault rifles? >> the founding fathers had no idea about assault weapons. nothing. they used to stuff muskets and you could run away from them before they could fire it at you. the founding fathers. >> the founding fathers had three -- had absolute three reasons for creating the second amendment. one so that one could defend your person, your family and your property, two so that we could defend as a country against a would-be foreign invader and, three, so that we could defend -- >> not so much even a foreign invader. it was against tyranny of our own government. >> that's number three. >> if our government would want to take us out, don't you think they would turn a drone on us. >> so you're saying that the government can easily squash 80
12:44 pm
million -- 80 million gun owners right now and i think that we would certainly -- >> isn't that what you're trying to say, why you want to keep your gun, but they could if they wanted unleash the military arms that the country has. say you want to release the military arms that our tax dollars have actually funded to develop in our defense department, if they wanted to unleash that on americans, you and your gun wouldn't stand a chance. >> well, i disagree with that. because we've unleashed the weapons in afghanistan and we haven't done the greatest job there have we. for gun appreciation day you'll knock our military and what we've done -- i'm not knocking the military. i'm saying that we've been for a lot longer than we planned and that, you know, that it's not easy and it's not easy for -- to
12:45 pm
go in and take over and suppress a country especially when they have arms. it's not an easy task is what i'm saying. >> they don't have the arms that match what we are coming into that country to take them over with. they don't have drones. they don't have the defense capabilities that we've shown up with -- okay. >> let me state this. >> yes. sorry. go ahead. >> that's okay. we have 80 million gun owners, right? so -- >> we are the most armed country in the world, larry, behind emwhien. behind yemen that we consider to be a hotbed of terrorist activity. >> we don't have a hotbed of terrorist activity. >> no, we consider yemen to be a hotbed of terrorist activity. >> it is. but we look at our country. we are the most well-armed country in the world because we have the highest -- we have the most well-armed military in the world.
12:46 pm
we have to have a well-armed citizenry so that we can -- >> take on our own military? >> here's my point, okay? if a police officer carries a gun on his side. a police officer will go through a whole career without ever pulling a gun out, but every police officer has a gun on his side and that gun acts as a deterrent for -- >> you know what every police officer has? a bulletproof vest for armor piercing bulletproof vest because of the fact that the criminals on the streets have armor piercing bullets. >> here's my point. that's what every policeman wears. >> the police officer has a gun on his -- in his holster. he doesn't have to unholster that gun to have effect in society because it deters people from robbing property, right? just to throw that out there. now, we as a well-armed citizenry do not ever have to pull our gun against our
12:47 pm
government and i'm not suggesting that we do. i'm suggesting that a well-armed citizenry is a deterrent for the government to -- for a government, not this government, for a government that decided to act tyrannical -- our -- our well-armed citizenry acts as a deterrent for the government if it decided to turn on its people. >> which they can take us all out with the drone strike. >> they can't take us out with a drone strike. it's a big country. >> thank you so much for coming on. you'll be on with the rev coming up on monday. straw. a restaurant that lets people pay what you can. that's the big idea this week and we'll bring it to you coming up next. wait until you see this. it's an amazing idea. you're watching msnbc. i have low testosterone. there, i said it.
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tide boost is my tide. what's yours? so giving back to the community can make something that helps a business stand out
12:51 pm
during hard times. panera cares, the cafe panera bread and this week its big idea is pay what you can. panera pay what you can. they run five cafe nationwide and the newest will open up in boston. let's bring in the ceo, ron, thanks for waiting patiently for me. it's a big deal, explain how it works. >> a lot easier to discuss than gun control. it really is easy. you know, these are community cafe, we built the cafe, spent a million dollars to build it. put it in a nonprofit foundation. it exists as a gift to the community, it's responsibility is to sustainiits when you walk are welcome to take what you want and pay in a donation box.
12:52 pm
we can take credit cards but up to you to do what you can do and what you can handle and what you think you want to do. >> for the business purposes of seeing it last for a long time. what about those that come in and not afford to pay anything, what happens to them? >> well, it's interesting, you know, this is about raising the issues of food insecurity. the reality is that 1 in 6 americans don't know where their next meal is coming from. 1 in 4 of them are children. among those people, fully 35 of them are working and 25% have a moment or college degree. we are not curing hard core poverty or hunger. here is what we are doing. we are offering opportunities for people to have a meal with digity and we are offering those of us who have the means to pay it forward. simply put, you walk in the cafe, we greet you and say to you if you have the means if you have it in your pocket, you want to pay it forward, leave a little more for the next guy. if you do not have the means or
12:53 pm
you are suffering from food insecurity, leave your fair share, and if you have nothing, we will ask nothing of you. all we ask is you volunteer an hour to clean up the tables. >> you are talking about food insecurity. you are saying -- >> 50 million americans. >> -- would fall in the category of being food insecure. panera's care restaurants opened up in st. louis first and then to michigan and then oregon and now we are talking boston. what are the examples of the first four places giving you the information and inspiration to be able to bring it to boston now? >> well, here it is. we are going serve millions people in the cafe. and the fast nating things is americans are fundamentally good. they do the right thing. on average, these cafe are takening themselves. they are in a nonprofit. all panera has given the physical establishment and pays for the overhead, all they have to do is cover the direct food
12:54 pm
and labor and they are doing it. 20% of the folks that visit the cafe and we have had millions visits, 20% of them leave more than the suggested donation. and 60% leave the suggested donation and the rest leave less. >> it's a great way to see how spoet is working in modern times. congratulations for the good work. the panera cares and panera bread is doing and thank you for your patience through our gun control debate and conversation. >> a little easier to go down, right? >> it is. for sure. while guns have been the main focus of the debate after the tragedy in newtown, video games are under new scrutiny as well. could gamers be under new rules as well? we will talk about it. when what you just bought, just broke. or when you have a little trouble a long way from home...
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a lot of gop fans on capital hill during fiscal negotiations, how will president obama's choice for treasury secretary
12:58 pm
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