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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  March 7, 2013 8:00am-9:00am PST

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to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley. nature at its most delicious. good morning, everybody. the president's chat and chew with the republican most
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associated with wanting to change medicare follows another overture to break the impasse. that would be the dinner last night, with 12 gop senators. the president picked up the tab. the senators who attended gave his a resounding thumbs up, so is this the right recipe for a so-called grand bargain? >> it's going to take a while too build the kind of confidence and trust that's needed. if you have years of somebody pointing their finger in their high, i think it was good to have the president have that dinner. i think he needs to do more, because relationships matter. >> it was serious, it was face-to-face, i appreciate the president asking some of us to come over and talk to him action and we got away from the politics. i think we need to do more of that. if we're going to solve this problem, it will take both aids. >> so no more big top-down deals?
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no more obama/boehner top-down deals? >> thought haven't worked very well. >> the other big story happening in washington today, a vote on the president's pick to lead the cia could move forward after rand paul's epic filibuster finally came to an end. >> i will speak as long as it takes until the alarm is sounded from coast to coast. that our constitution is important. i'm not asking my question about the president's motives. this is about the rule of law. it isn't so much about him, it isn't so much about john brennan. >> so mr. paul's fili-blizzard as it's affectionately called, joining him fellow republicans and one not from the other side of the aisle. when it was all said and done, nearly 13 hours later, paul joked about what finally forced him to leave the floor. >> i discovered there are some limits to filibustering, and i'm going to have to take care of one of those in a few minutes.
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i thank you very much for the forbearance and i yield the floor. we all agree water has consequences. we'll bring in our thursday morning power panel. kelly o'donnell, democratic strategist angela ryan, msnbc contributor and republican strategist, susan del percent i don't. i want to talk first about what we witnessed in temperatures of the president and the idea of this chat and chew with congressman ryan. we have reply to talking about this, say the indicate is the wine and dine diplomacy what will turn around the grd lock? >> who had said he had not done enough to reach out and build
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personal relationships. he's taking that seriously and extending himself quite a bit. they did talk about the phone call earlier in the week, bringing this about. why does it matter? when you sit down, good et to know people, have a chance to talk about ideas without a lot of interference from the outside, not in a public setting, from what i'm told about last night's dinner, the mood was very positive, got very substantive. never at any point did it get contentious. that's a good starting point. we're at a place where the election is over, where there's not an urgent sort of 11th hour deadline facing us. obviously the budget extension is critical, but we're not in a clock countdown mode. it's, they need to attend, they are attending, and need to bring their own willingness to be participants with the president, which they have not always been so willing to do. so there's been some movement on both sides, and it is viewed as very positivivities as we look at the dinner that we saw last
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night, and again thumbs up, we saw john mccain with thumbs-up there, the white house statement saying the president greatly enjoyed the dinner, and had a good exchange of ideas with the senators. more of senator tom coburn on "morning joe." >> you can't hold something with a boot on their neck and say i want to talk to you at the same time you're undermining their own position. >> is that a great analogy, a great way to visit americaview ? the right has been begging to have a better personal connection with the president. does this help foster that? >> well, i think he's starting in the right place. the senators on the republican side, going into the rank-and-file, saying we need to figure out how to make a deal. the top-down, we've seen that fail on the house side with speaker boehner. now you have a situation where
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the president is going back to his former colleagues, some of them new, saying we can work together, unlike the republican majority on the house side, you have people who are elected by the state, and therefore they're not ideologue gerrymandered basised districts, so it's likely the president will compromise with them easier. i think the white house and the president are thinking along those same lines. >> we will hear from speaker boehner in a short time, but we had an opportunity to see the speaker sit down with larry kudlow over at cnbc talking about what you mentioned, the top-down approach and how it's not working for him. look at this. >> hope springs eternal. a lot of people would like a deal. >> but i don't think it's the way to get to one. you don't have enough member -- listen, two people hiding behind closed doors doesn't replicate a 535 members of congress who are
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the wisdom of 535 members of congress or for that matter 300 million americans. >> coming up in the next hour, we know lunch will be had with congressman ryan. chris van hollen will be at that lunch as well. will be or guest, but we see the gop senators willing to move of are the house republicans, is that where the obs nens will set? and that's why an important ally would be someone like paul ryan? >> he would be important, but starting from the senate, if they could get a bipartisan agreement, there's so much pressure on them. they've taken a beating with the sequester, popularity is at an all-time low. if they're forced to respond. and we want to talk about the fact that we've seen some movement. this is like twilight zone
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thursday, i'm about to say the democratic darling today is rand paul. this is around he had this epic -- >> well, it's not something we get to talk about regular ly he is the talk of the town, saying it was different, an arresting combination. angela, is this something as our -- that we would have seen this no matter what, rand paul would have taken this position if it was a republican president using drones? >> i'm not sure he would have taken the same position. what's really troubling is this vote will still take place. brennan will still be named cia director, i'm wondering after 13 hours, what was really accomplished? at the end of the day, you know, on march 4th, trying to answer a hypothetical scenario, trying to do the same thing with senator
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cruz and the judiciary hearing yesterday, where he goes around and around trying to answer the questions. why, thomas? because this is the same man who experienced a very embarrassing situation last year with the fast and furious. he was held in contempt of contingent for no reason. it's no wonder why he's being very careful and selective with his words. >> that's a totally separate issue. >> no, he answered it with the documents. this is a very particularized, you know, scary matter. you have to handle it delicately. i have a homeland security background and i know that firsthand. >> what i'm talking about is the senate has a role to try to hold the executive branch to the account. that was the purpose here. it had nothing to do with relationships from fast and furious. this is about the drone policy. i think rand paul would have done it if a republican were in the white house. this is a very narrow issue about how drones might be used,
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could they be used in the u.s., could they be used against an american citizen? not at a time on imminent threat, not on a 9/11 days, but on a day you would spot a terrorist going about his or her life. that's the scenario. that's why democrats supported what rand paul did in principle, not that they necessarily wanted to join him, but the idea that this is a policy that needs definition. so they have asked the white house and the attorney general to be more specific. the attorney general did give an answer, saying the white house has no intense to use drones in that way, and the senator and some of his supporters believe that is not definitive enough. >> one thing, angela, you asked what did this prove? it proved bipartisan ship still exists, saying it does exist in d.c., thanks to ron wyden, heading to the floor to speak,
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the only one democratically elected, to come to the floor yesterday and continue the filibuster. >> el agree with kelly. there's for doubt that rand paul would have done this regardless if there was a republican in the white house. however, you wouldn't have seen other reps joining, and perhaps singh more democrats join hip. >> that's a fair point. >> right now we're seeing that democrats have a big problem with this issue, but they don't want to go again the president publicly right now. >> thank you for my panel today. so back now to what may be a new era of the sequester kumbaya. congresswoman, great to see you today. >> you too, thomas. >> we talk about the sequester
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kumbaya, we had chris jansing talking to senator coats -- >> is it easier to speak freely? is there a case where you guys can talk more if sort of the politics is out of the room? >> well, obviously we respect the wisdom, advice and counsel of leadership, but this was an opportunity for each of us to really pour our heart out in terms of how we believe we need to go forward. >> congresswoman, forgive me, that was chris todd appearing earlier. i think this is reinvigorating to the american people that might be exhausted and frustrated with our political system, but what does it mean going forward to get something done and crafted? >> i think dialogue has been the key to this all along, and the fact that we have two sides getting together, brought together by the president last
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night, the dinners that myself and congress mast webster from florida have done, has got the members to begin talking to one another. i think the answer to the question of whether or not you can put the politics aside and really get to the meat and heart of some of the issues really is possible when the pressure of outside forces and cameras, quite frankly, are not around. thomas, the other important thing is just to be able to get to know one another. republicans attended the dinner with president obama, had an opportunity to actually see that, you know, he's not the boogeyman, you know, that it takes some of the intensity of the fight out of the room when you're sitting across the table and breaking bread with a real person, and hearing them out. that's what -- i think the bottom-up approach to this is going to be critical going
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forward. >> for americans looking at a timeline and beyond the continuing resolution, what is a time line for getting something crafted, real and substantial that our country can latch on to. >> the timeline is march 27th. we have to pass anicontinuing resolution to make sure the government doesn't shut down by that date. i mean, i am hopeful that the senate will be able to put together a replacement for the sequester and send that to the house, and that this dialogue will lead to that. i mean, we still do need a balanced approach. hopefully this dialogue, from when the commentary i have heard, that understand from conversations they have had with the white house, that revenue and cuts are going to be important, you know, we need to recognize it can be all our way, either. what that looks like and whether
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we can come together on a compromise is open to question, but the key to it happening is talking to one another, and building up the trust that really has been absent for so long. >> one thing, with your dnc hat on, is the new quinnipiac poll out on hillary clinton and matchups for contenders on the right. i've got to ask you. clinton head to head with governor chris christie, we see her at 45%, the governor at 37%. and then hillary against paul ryan, 50% to 38%. this has to be encouraging on the up front, if you were to just talk strictly as, you know, from the dnc position if hillary were to say i'm going to throw my hat in the ring. >> as a woman, those numbers are
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very exciting, and the prospect of hillary clinton getting elected president of the united states is something that i have embraced for many years now, but it is march 7th, 2013. what i can assure you is the dnc is gearing up and preparing to build off the success we had with the obama campaign in the last two election cycles, to make sure that our outreach to the hispanic community and women and the lb gmt t community and the asian-american community, that the more than 70% margin of victory we had in those communities is built off of and solidified, and over the next few years we're going to be in the strongest possibility position to make sure when president obama's term is over, he's ability to hand off the baton.
8:18 am
i'm grad to see the numbers, but we have a lot of problems to focus on. the task at hand is to face the sequester. and fiduciary forward on an even more robust recovery. >> we'll let you get back to work. thanks for your time. >> thanks. coming up at the half hour, chris van hollen, who will be having lunch with the president and congressman paul ryan will be my guest we'll talk about expectation, and developing news right now, the u.n. security council has voted unanimously to approve new sanctions to punish north korea for the latest nuclear test. this comes as the war of words is getting heated on the korean peninsula. north korea is threatening to launch a preemptive strike against the u.s. however, experts don't believe they have the authority to carry out of such a threat. ays come to my rescue.
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is. roe v. wade is seeing the largest challenges. abortions in arkansas are now outlawed after 12 weeks, making arkansas the toughest state on abortion bans. yesterday the republican-led legislature over -- the law does make exceptions if the mother's life is at risk and disorders that would cause the baby to die shortly after birth. with me to talk about it more is joen reid first off, this statement from cecile richards, the parent of planned parenthood saying people in arkansas and across america know that it's a
8:23 am
deeply personal and often complex decision. it would insert politics into medical decisions. did they not learn from what we just went through in november in the lead-up to that, especially with the todd akin comments and where the country feels about roe v. wade? >> this is where you're starting to the the difficulties in terms of this rebranding, that the political people believe they need to do. you still have a large part of the party that has they deeply held religious beliefs that they want legislative action on. this has been a long-standing complaint among the religious right that they're belief is close to election time, but there's never any action. abortion is a top-line issue for a lot of evangelicals, so you're seeing at the state level a resistance to the idea that you have to change the message.
8:24 am
they want this stuff legislated. you're seeing this in mississippi, and also seeing it in congress, with a lot of bills going through the house of representatives constantly legislating on abortion. >> when we look at idaho, a federal judge striking down a law banning aborg. after 20 weeks, it was believed that a fetus could feel pain at 20 weeks. when republicans talk about the message problem, are the constituents clear with what they want to see in reference to the state legislating the restrictive abortion laws? >> women constituents have been, but if you notice, a lot of lawssh being pushed by men. i don't think their sensitivity to the idea -- if this is your deeply held belief, that you are saving lives by banning abortion, you're not going to listen to the fact that the party wants to get more people elected. for a lot of people this is such
8:25 am
a fundamental belief, they don't care what the political consequences are. you're seeing that people are still making what we're calling gaffs. i think there was another slip-up, a male republican politici politician, because their conservatism comes first. that's the challenge. they can't just convince their base that to get more of us elected, you need to compromise your core beliefs, because the people are saying, then why do our core beliefs even matter? i think they'll have a tougher time rebranding than we think. >> isn't is more about the fact there's medical falsehoods. joann reid, thank you for being here. i appreciate it. never mind the prosecution, the jury is now taking charge of the jodi arias trial. wait until you hear what they're asking her, but first time for our producer's pick. it's brought to us by tammy bloom. australia shouldn't be called
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8:30 am
yourself after he hit you. >> no, i did not. >> how did you have time to get the gun down, if he was right behind you? >> i don't know if he was right behind me or not. i just had the sense that he was chasing after me. >> why did you put the camera in the washer? >> i don't have memory of that. i don't know why i would do that. nbc's katy tur is covering the trial live and joins us from outside the courthouse. i think for a lot of people they may not understand how arizona works to allow the jurors to pose question through the judge to a wince like arias. >> reporter: it's only one of three states that does it. it's certainly very surprising when you hear about it. today is the 17th day that arias will be on the stands, the most standout moments have been yesterday and will continue to be so. they listened to a lot of her defense so far. they've heard her explain why she changed her story three
8:31 am
times, why she can remember some of the night, but not all of the night, and why she felt threatened by him. now they're getting a chance to ask questions directly to her, the stuff they need more information on. the questions yesterday were very wide-ranging, went from her mormonism, how devout was she? she converted for alexander? why she never took photos of the bruises she claims that alexander gave her. she took photos of almost everything else, but didn't take photos of the bruises. the intimate details of their sex life. specifically why she would continue to be intimate, to sleep with a man she claims had sectionium fantasies about boys. >> i was under the impression that when he was able to sleep with a woman as opposed to fantasizing about a child, he felt more normal as a man. also, i had seen prior to this incident beautiful and good qualities about him, things that were attractive about him.
8:32 am
>> reporter: now, jodi arias doesn't deny she killed travis alexander. she shot him in the face, stabbed him multiple times and cut his throat from ear to ear. she says it was out of self-defense. the prosecution says it was premeditated and she was jealous he was going on other dates with women. if convicted she could face the death penalty. president obama will renew the violence against women act in just over two hours. that law which expired in 2011, stalled in the house for all of last year before congress finally passed it last we're. nearly 112,000 power outages and hundreds of flight cancellations. and then take a look at this major flooding caused by the storm in parts of new jersey, areas still trying to recover from hurricane sandy. we're just learning that hugo chavez died of a massive heart attack.
8:33 am
his body will lie in state outside the military academy until the funeral tomorrow. the last missing card malls has finally arrived a short time ago, but still no set date for the conclave. the college of cardinals to enter the fourth day of premeetings. a tragic incidents in california. officials are investigating after 24-year-old intern was killed by a lion after she entered the cage. the family says the internship which she began in january was her dream job. scientists are getting ready for more ac. another asteroid will be about 600,000 miles away it flies by earth on saturday. then check this out. incredible footage just shot four days ago, showing a different asteroid passing about 246,000 feet away from earth. coming up next, the man who will be lunching and meeting with the president just a half hour from now along with congressman paul ryan. i had an opportunity to speak
8:34 am
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okay. so first it was dinner at theever son hotel, and just coming up in a short time from now, president obama is hosting top lawmakers on the budget committee, republican chairman paul ryan and ranking democrat chris van hollen. congressman van hollen joins me to talk about the lunch date to come. great to have you here. >> great to be with us, tom. >> what are you hopeful this would be accomplished with this meeting of the finds? >> i got a call from the president a few days ago inviting myself and, as you want, congressman ryan down to the white house. this is part of the president's effort to keep open all the lines of communication to make sure we have a healthy dialogue to try to resolve some of these important issues facing the
8:38 am
country. so, you know, my understanding is this is not supposed to be some kind of negotiation. what this will be is a conversation, one of many the president expect to have. >> do you think you're there more as a third party to listen and be a buffer, or do you think and expect you'll have a larger presence in talking about your position during the lunch? i don't think i'm the dmz guy, i don't think i'm the demilitarized zone guy. as most people who follow congress know we get along personally, but obviously have very deep differences when it comes to our approach, but we've had a healthy dialogue with this the budget committee. i think this can be a useful discussion going forward, again as part of a series of discussion the president is having with people onically ilfrom both parties. >> congressman, just a short time ago speaker boehner head
8:39 am
his weekly briefing. i want to play what he had to say about that dinner last night. >> it's interesting that this week we've gone 180, now after being in office now for four years, he's going to sit down and talk to members. i think it's a sign, a hopeful sign. >> when we hear a hopeful sign, we know the president had a closed-door meeting with leadership last week, not breaking any bread, but what should the american people expect on the other side of a lunch date with the house side of things. we do know that's where the most traction could be gained with getting republican support. >> well, right, thomas. the only thing i have to say in response to the clip you just played from speaker boehner. speaker boehner has met with the president and white house many times, and of course the last time in december, speaker boehner decided to walk out of those conversations, because he wasn't able to get a majority of
8:40 am
his own republican caucus in the house to support his plan. so what the president is trying to do now is expand that conversation beyond just the top leaders, not to include them, but to welcome them any time to the white house, but also to expand that conversation to other on capitol hill. last night, today with the chaim with the house budget committee, and i think the president will continue to reach out. what can be expected is the more avenues of communication you have open, the more opportunity this is to resolve differences. offensely there's no guarantee, but you're guaranteed not to get there if you don't have the conversations going. >> enjoy that lunch today, we'll talk on the other side. we want to go to the senate floor. john mccain is taking on the drone program. he wasn't there last might for the filibuster that was provided by senator paul.
8:41 am
i don't disagree that we need more debate, more discussion, and frankly probably more legislation to make sure that america does protect the rights of all of our citizens, to make sure at the same time that if someone is an enemy combatant, that enemy combatant has nowhere to hide. not in a cafe, not anywhere, but to say that somehow that even though we will try to take that person to say that we would hit them in a cafe with a hellfire missile, first of all, there are no drones with hellfire missiles anywhere near. they're over in places like yemen and afghanistan and other places in the world. so we've done, i think, a disservice to a lot of americans by making them believe that somehow they are in danger from their government. they are not.
8:42 am
but we are in danger -- we are in danger from a dedicated long-standing, easily replaceable leadership enemy that is hellbent on our destruction, and this leads us to having to do things that perhaps we haven't had to do in other more conventional wars. and i don't think that anwar al awlaki should have been protected, but that doesn't mean they're going to take him out with a hellfire missile. it means we'll use our best intelligence to apprehend and to debrief these people so we can gain the necessary intelligence to bring them all to justice. so, ms. president, all i can say
8:43 am
is what happened yesterday i don't think is helpful to the american people. we need a discussion, as i said, but exactly how we are going to address this new form of almost interminable warfare, which is very different from anything we have faced in the past. but somehow to allege that the united states of america, our government, would drop a drone hellfire missile on jane fonda, that is -- that brings the conversation from a serious discussion about u.s. policy to the realm of the ridiculous. i would also like to add an additional note, about 42%, as i'm told, of the members of this senate are here for six years or less. the time the majority party is in power, they become frustrated with the exercise of the
8:44 am
minority of their rights here in the senate, and back some years ago, there was going to be -- we were going to eliminate -- when republicans this side of the aisle was in the majority, we were going to eliminate the ability to call for 60 votes for judges. we had confirmation of judges. we were able to put that aside. there was another effort just at the beginning of this senate to do away with 60 votes and back down to 51, which in my view would have destroyed the senate. a lot of us worked -- a group of us worked very hard for a long time to come up with compromises that would allow the senate to move more rapidly, but at the same time -- and efficiently, but at the same time preserve the 60-vote majority requirement on some pieces of legislation. what we saw yesterday, what we saw yesterday is going to give
8:45 am
ammunition to those critics who say that the rules of the senate are being abused. i hope that my colleagues on this side of the aisle will take that into consideration. i note the presence of the senator from south carolina. the senator from south carolina, as many of our colleagues know, is a lawyer. he has a military lawyer in the air force reserve for some over 20 years. if there's anyone in the united states senate that nose about this issue from a legal/technical standpoint, i would ask it is my colleague from south carolina. i would ask my colleague from south carolina, is there any way that the president of the united states could just randomly attack with a drone or a hellfire missile someone, without that person being designated an enemy combatant? and i don't think, as much as i hate to say it, that that applies to jane fonda. >> well, thank you, that's a
8:46 am
very good question. it's been a lively debate. senator paul has a lot of passion. that's a great thing. you can have all the passion you want, this is an important issue, i welcomed a reasoned discussion, but i don't remember any of you coming down suggesting that president bush was going to kill anybody with a drone. you know? i don't even remember the harshest critics of our president bush on the democratic side. they had a drone program back then. so what is it? all of a sudden that this drone program has gotten every republican so spun up? what are we up to here? i think president obama in many ways has been a very thorough president. i think his executive orders overstep. i think he's goen into the executive arena -- i think he carries a nightmare. there's a thousand examples of a
8:47 am
failed presidency, but there's also some agreement. people are astonished that president obama, senator mccain, is doing many things that president bush did. i'm not astonished, but fill applaud him, to having the good judgment that we're at war. to my party that i'm a bit disappointed -- not senator paul. he's a man to himself. he has a view that i don't think is a republican view. i think it's a legitimately held libertarian view. you have to remember that sneer paul was the one senator who voted against a resolution that said the policy of the united states will not be to contain a nuclear-capable iran. it was 90-1. to his credit, he felt like that would be provoc tiff and may lead to a military conflict. he would rather have a nuclear-capable iran than use military force. and he said so, to his credit.
8:48 am
90 of us thought, we would like november to have a military conflict with iran, but we're not going to contain a nuclear-capable iran, senator mccain, because it's impossible. what would happening is if iran got a nuclear weapon, the sunni arab states would want a nuclear weapon, and most of us believe they would share the technology with a terrorist. it's not so much i fear a missile coming from iran. i fear this they got a nuclear weapon or nuclear technology, they would give it to a electricity organization like they gave ieds to shia militia in iraq to kill americans, and they would wreak havoc in the world. we don't believe in letting them have it and trying to contain it. we believe their association with terrorism is too long and too deep. that's too dangerous for us, but senator paul, to his credit was
8:49 am
okay with that. i just disagree with that. we're listening to senator mccain and graham on that. kind of picking up with the filibuster that wrapped up. this is all in reference to the president's drone program, but john mccain and lindsey graham coming out in support of what the president has done, lindsey graham calling into question where were republicans during president bush's administration when they were using drones. joining me on set is ayman mull ha dean, you know firsthand from the work you've doane overseas, so we have the house judiciary committee, scheduled toic take up this conversation as well, certainly transparency is something that we want, but when we hear senator mccain mentioning the u.s. citizen that was killed in 2011, there was an op-ed piece in "wall street journal" "wall street journal" talking about what it means to be an enemy combatant.
8:50 am
he was considered to be an enemy combatant, but in yemen. can a drone be used here if an enemy combatant is on american soil here. how will the conversation go? >> i think these are fundamental questions that have not been debated in the united states when it comes to applies the drone policy overseas. this is part of the criticism that many have against the united states, particularly allies like pakistan and others. the question -- the fundamental question about the enemy combatant, there are three criteria, when they're overseas, many people in the u.s. don't really care about them, but when they're inside the united states, that's when -- what is their operational capables, two, what is the imminent threat that this person is posing to the
8:51 am
security and safety. they areally i think the associate with the group that american described. i think when it comes to overseas, the public and many people here, the politicians don't really ask the questions. when it comes to american citizens, it's going to be a different ball game. >> i'm going to ask you to stand by as we bring in kelly own donnell. hopefully you were listening there to senators mccain and graham take on rand paul and basically call it the realm of the ridiculous imand the analogies that they used, and name-dropped jane fonda quite there, saying that a hellfire missile will not be dropping on jane fonda. i'm not sure jane fonda will like her name associated with that sentence. >> there's a lot of history there, during the nearly 13 hours rand paul had referenced jane fonda from back in the war
8:52 am
protest days when she was known as who might have been viewed as a risk to the government. kind of put yourself in that mindset, and john mccain, of course, who was a p.o.w. during the vietnam war has never been particularly happy about the jane fonda protest of decades ago, found that a ridiculous assertion. ridiculous was his word. there's a lot of history here. john mccain, lindsey graham have butted heads with rand paul on many issues, and often it comes down to a difference in belief of what the senate is supposed to be about. we have seen time and time again, thomas, where rand paul would be the one senator who would object holding up a piece of legislation. mccain in particular has felt that has hurt the senate's ability to function. there's a lot of history here, and obviously, you know, the mccain and graham sort of part of the republican party is very concerned about how u.s. military is portrayed and the
8:53 am
u.s. of that kind of power, so they are taking issue with the conservative darling of the day, rand paul. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell, thanks for coming back to join me. aman, thank you for being here. we're going to talk a little bit about that massive filibuster from senator rand paul. again, it lasted nearly 13 hours. it is historic. we have a list, though, of the five longer filibusters just ahead in today's poli side bar. stay with us. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! ♪ wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean, ♪ the middle of this special moment
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>> you all think i'm late. well, i'm not late, and i'm going to stay right here and fight for this lost cause. even if this room gets filled with lies like these. >> so that's a classic american movie moment from jimmy stewart portraiting one of the most dramatic political actions, a member of the u.s. senate can take. a filibuster. while mr. rand paul is the latest to go to washington with one, he doesn't hold a real life
8:57 am
record. it's time for the poli side bar. senator rand paul did talk to 13 hours, 52 minutes, but he didn't take bathroom breaks into consideration. he had to cut things short. let's see whusz in the top five filibusters. william proxmire spoke for 15 hours, 12 minutes back in 1981. in fourth his fellow state senator robert fighting bob bob letz who spoke for 18 hours and 23 minutes in 1908. third place goes to one spoken senator wayne morse who lasted 22 hours in 1953. new york's own alfonz placed second. angry over an amendment to a military bill. he spoke for 23 hours and 30 minutes back in 1986. it is the late strom thurmond of south carolina who holds first place. he stayed on the floor for 24 hours and 18 minutes speaking against the civil rights act of 1957. not a great moment for thurmond or civil rights, but historic nonetheless.
8:58 am
it turns out that strom thurmond used throat lozenges and sat in a steam room to dehydrate himself so if he did drink wart, he wouldn't have to use the men's room. a little lesson in that for rand paul, should he ever decide to take another crack at it. that's going to wrap things up for me today. thanks for your time. i'll see back here tomorrow. don't go anywhere. i'm your hot water heater. you hardly know i exist. that's too bad. 'cuz if my pressure relief valve gets stuck... [ booooooom! ] ...we hot water heaters can transform into rocket propelled wrecking balls. and if you got the wrong home insurance coverage, it's your bank account that might explode. so get allstate. [ dennis ] good hands. good home. make sure you have the right home protection. talk to an allstate agent. ♪ departure. hertz gold plus rewards also offers ereturn-- our fastest way to return your car. just note your mileage and zap !
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