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tv   The Last Word  MSNBC  March 7, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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sued and them lying about it. the products got regulated and the companies paid big time and those companies are focused on how many chinese people they can get smoking because it is a harder sell here. >> the gun companies cannot be sued for that. congress in 2005 passed a specific law to give gun companies immunity for lawsuits for how they're products get used. that is not on the agenda to get discussed? however he talks about protecting your family at the end of the world the fight against gun reform is about the gun makers fun the s fund the m. it is all about protecting the
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gun makers from becoming the foe k cus themselves. the court is very important. the nominee is named caitlin halligan and is widely seen as qualified for the job. this is why they blocked the nomination. quoting senate republicans, in new york versus sterman ruger miz halligan argued to uses of hand gun used in the tate. attempting to hold gun manufacturers liable. they will not be held liable for the products they sell and they will not argue that publicly. they have the nra to do it for them and they stay in the shadows. at bottom this is them
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protecting themselves. it is heat shield politics and they got held accountable and the country changed because of it. and more americans are alive because of it. and they are not being held accountable so far. but maybe that can change. now it is time for the last boa word with lawrence o'donnell. have a great night. >> last year paul ryan was dreaming of having walking working lunches in the white house. and today his dream came true sort of. >> there is new hope for a grand bargain. >> to tackle the nation's soaring deficit. >> it was serious and face-to-face. >> i see the president reaching out. >> this is what the american people want. >> the mood was very positive. >> we are willing to talk. >> 2012 vp candidate congressman paul ryan.
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>> we have bipartisan activity. >> this is what the american people want. >> did one dinner break the ice? yoo all they need is a hug and a lun. >> we have bipartisan activity. >> is that washington bologna. >> the dinner is sad but it makes sense. ♪ >> last night spontaneity broke out. >> i will speak as long as it takes. >> if you are sitting at a cafe they shouldn't drop a missile on your experience. >> with the help of a few colleagues. >> these young stars going on a tangent. >> stand with rand is trending. >> let me begin by quoting a modern day poet work hard play
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hard. >> the filibuster nearly reached the 13 hour mark. >> i'm going to have to go take care of one of those. >> but when you got to go, you got to go. >> thank you very much and i yield the floor. >>. >> the chairman of the house budget committee who happened to be the recent losing vice presidential candidate went to a working lunch today with president obama the top democrat visvan hollen joined them. after the lunch paul ryan issued a written statement saying. john boehner said he thinks the president dining with republicans is a hopeful sign. >> this week we have gone 180. now he is going to after being in office for four years he is going to sit down and talk to
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members. i think it is a sign i hopeful sign and i'm hopeful that something will come out of it. but if the president continues to insist on tax hikes i don't think he will get very far. >> one of the senators was on morning joe where richard wolf seemed to find movement towards the president's position. >> it seems like he took the president at hisz word. do you think the appropriate response is to say in that case we will consider sub stational revenues alongside in tentitlem reforms is that something you can agree on? >> i wouldn't phrase it that way. i would say are we willing to look at tafx reform in a way to go to rate reduction in the mix of getting this done.
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>> some said it could be going to develop sit reduction. >> i'm willing to consider that. we did $620 billion of that. >>g joining me now. alex we are looking for signs and i noticed that tom coburn shaved his beard. is that a breakthrough? >> that is what that means, the big game is now. i think it is a good sign, he has been more moveable than other folks on the key issues. the fact that he is saying that lindsey graham has suggested the same thing. paul ryan is sitting at home trying to figure out a way to balance the budget in ten years.
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>> i think it is a good thing in taking that revenue and putting it and not using it to combat the deficit. >> it soupd sounds like they ar saying let's use some of it for deficit reduction. >> that is tiny. >> i guess it is. to me, it seems like the line has been in the last month. it was the line before the revenues got passed. we can't talk about any tax some every time that is invoked in the context of nef virevenue, i
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only discuss it in the context of opening up the tax code of being litigated and legislated in which case nothing is going to done. >> if they can figure out a way around it, the bush tax cuts were a lowering taxes because they doubled them on january 1st. if there was a way to make them about combatting the deficit and saying this is a tax hike, i feel like they could be baited into a tax hike. if it is plausible to get more revenue it is going to have to be in the context of calling it something other. >> now let's listen to the least believable thing that anybody one said after that dinner. >> most of the people there we
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are willing to pay whatever is it to get something done. spoken like a senator not to run for re-election like something else. he is poling well, he didn't feel like he has a challenge right now. the big deal makers, they are not doing anything that would endanger them at all with the conservative base. >> tom colburn his time is limited here. it is one thing to get some tiny amount of flexibility out of a senator who is never going to face re-election again. it seems like president obama is
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going to have to have at least three more dinners 12 at a time to get them to hear what he is saying. >> every problem has been in the discussion has been the house, the house, the house, the house, yes, you can get a senator who is off cycle to take a hard vote. everything is what can you get out of folks that lost the natural popular vote for the next ten years and none of this, no amount of dinners changes the structural sentence here. >> i feel like we are in a new pattern here. one shame and two smoke. >> he has been explicit of kicking things up stairs. the senate passes the bill and kicks it down to the house and it becomes so shameful for
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boehner and the republicans sweep into pass the bill that they don't have to have their finger priprints on it. >> bill o'reilly said, let's take one more look at that. >> he is cutting medicare. >> no, that is not specific. he has to say, here are the programs that are going to go down. here is how we are going to reform social security and the man -- hold it. because now i'm getting teed off at you. give me one darn program that he said he would cut. not entitlements one program. because you are lying. >> chris, it is garage dis trad. it is comedy. bill o'reilly was speaking for most republicans in congress and
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probably every republican voter out there who listens to them. a that is true. b, the game plan here is hilarious to me. they say look, we need the president to do, is basically shoot himself in the face politically by going around and in clear terms saying to every last american voter this is how i will screw you. this is how i will come after the things that i love most and poll the highest across republican, democrat, liberal conservative and independent. this is what i will take to everything you hold dear and love. it is crazy. >> and look he is on the record for in real dollar terms benefit cut to social security. and that is on a piece of paper on the white house webpage and let me say this not to rant, all
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we are talking about, all we are talking about is how to craft austerity. what should the mix of it mean. wh no one is talking about the fact that we have 8% unemployment. day after day after day go by with us litigating how we are going to best have the nicest kind of austerity. >> can i say one thing? i feel like that clip reveals what the white house i think is scared of. that republicans actually don't know what the president has offered. they have marched under the banner for so long they don't listen to what is being dealt them. the other huge problem here is as they would say, what you were saying is that they want the president to negotiate with
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himself. they want him to take a republican position so they can begin negotiating with him from a republican position. why don't you offer him a republican position on something in the area of cpi and social security and see what he does? >> and the most important thing and i'm not the first one to point this out is that the demographic base of the modern party are people are old white people who love social security and medicare. >> yes. >> go poll them. >> the tea party 85%. >> they have this problem which is that they are donor class and they are committed to a set of policies that are unpopular with the people that are their base and the ome way that they can get out of that bind is to make him own all of it. >> we saw the signing ceremony
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of the violence against women act. it was nice to see them join in the sharing of the credit with republicans. they went out of their way i think more than usual to give credit to republicans on that. >> biden said about eric cantor you can believe this guy. we he says he is going to do something he does something but to go out and prize him the man who has no care about his party in the back. this is about how they want to find some amount of shared strength with republicans they want them at the bargaining table and that is why they are eating together. >> and in the glimmer of hope department the senate judiciary committee got a gun trafficking
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bill out of committee today with a vote for it. >> i think there has been some absolute movement on gun safety. i think that the spectacle and the horrifyi ining nature and newtown and the aftermath and how that shined light on the gun deaths in this country. >> and wayne lapierre's melt down and sanity as well. >> it feels like there is move the. that is still a long way from a bill. if you were betting on an outcome here there is going to be something passed and signed. getting something passed and signed on gun safety it is given the context and recent history a big accomplishment. >> thank you for joining me tonight. >> coming up. what a new poll tells us about
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2016. hillary clinton beats everybody. >> and the paranoia of rand paul he said a lot of really really crazy things on the floor last night. we have time for enough of them. and it has all the makings of a homeland episode the details of bin laden's son in law that is coming up p p i. [ female announcer ] your smile.
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ask an allstate agent about the safe driving bonus check. are you in good hands? . vice presidential candidate who trails hillary clinton by 12 points. hillary clinton got 50 percent support. senator marco r oxo rubio were one-on-one and not surprisingly
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the republican politician did better than any republican but hillary clinton beat chris christie by eight points to chris kristi's 37. when the poll matched joe biden he did not do as well. biden beats paul ryan 35-42. he came in three points behind kristi. joining me now is msnbc's joy read. and maggie habermann. it looks good when you look at those numbers at a distant spot. even this far out. the republicans had a lot of the same problem that they had before. it is scott walker who doesn't
7:23 pm
have enough awareness. you know it is marcu rubio who named rappers. it is not a great field. you have chris kristi who poles the best. the base doesn't want chris kristi. you have marc uxu rubio hillarys name recognition and she goes in as a huge favorite. >> he said it is worth noting that hillary has good poll numbers in 2006 looking toward the 2008 election before she faced relative unknown barack obama. there is something to that. there is a lot to that. i remember a clinton aid telling
7:24 pm
me in april of 2007 that barack obama shouldn't have run this time. it is easy to say right now that she is field clearing not just for the democratic primary although that i think she is. it is another thing to say that there is no way that she can beat a republican challenger. what the economy wants and is like. it is going to be hard for her to argue that she is going to be a different kind of democrat and hard for her to argue that she is the future. she is going to be approaching 70 years old. we don't know what the experience factor is going to matter for her. he has been elected twice now. it depends on what the count is. >> do they get into it thinking
7:25 pm
i'm running for advice president i'mp goi g i'm running for advice president i'mp goioing to do the biden mo if she stumbles and if there is a big screw up i will be standing here ready to accept the nomination i can't imagine with her up there in the democratic primary debate with people like others that anybody would really be taking any real shot at hillary clinton. >> you know what, it is difficult too. first of all, she is a woman. maggie mentioned her age. you are looking at a debate against her based on those factors. women will be watching to see if she is treated by them. elections are about a moment. there is a moment when the country wants a certain thing. barack obama road that moment when change and changing the
7:26 pm
democratic look of the president was important. there is a tremendous hun drger hillary hand for that moment to be the 2016 election for women. any man running against her is going to have to run against that moment. it seems like that dynamic would lead to what you would call a very positive democratic campaign meaning andrew cuomo's job against him. without a doubt. i would say that of the people that could run against her he is the least likely. he is relatively young and could run if she were to lose. he could run in 2020. i think he is much more focused. omalley i'm less certain.
7:27 pm
i think he could stay in it and be a vice presidential nominee. i agree with you and joy. if you are having that on stage moment it is worth remembering that hillary clinton became senator because rick lazio walked over to her podium and said sign it sign it and pointed it at her. there is a dynamic there. how, others survived it in 2008. we'll see. >> andrew cuomo is the only candidate in the mix here, he couldn't be selected unless she moves back to arkansas since she can't come from the same state. so he has a different k calculation from the rest of them. the other issue too, is that none of these candidates is going to have the eaexperience g
7:28 pm
from president. he is he going to do the primary prorgs of of portion of it. he hasn't been on the issues that democrats care about it. he has been proactive on issues like guns. i think it is worthwhile to have a pro bust primary. if hillary clinton were to lose they would be setting themselves up to run in 2020. thank you both for joining me tonight. coming up. the strange tale of how the cia trapped osama bin laden's son in law and has him awaiting a court appearance in new york. and tonight's rewrite. weigh you down?
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who wasn't impressed by rand paul's stunt think the senate floor last night? john mccain lind say gram and me. that is next. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
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so what is it? all of a sudden that this drone program has gotten every republican so spun up? what are we up to here? >> what he was up to yesterday
7:36 pm
on the floor was spew iing thin about everyone's concerns about the military's use of drones. rand paul pretended that his performance art turn on the floor yesterday with about forcing the obama administration about answering the question. and today, to double underline how empty headed the stunt was, the obama administration chose to answer the question again. attorney general eric holder wrote in a letter.
7:37 pm
>> harsh republican reviews on the senate floor today. >> to some how alelege or infer that the president of the united states is going to kill somebody like jane fonda or somebody who disagrees with policies is frankly ridiculous. so we've done an i think a disservice to a lot of americans by making them believe that somehow they are in danger from their government. they are not. >> to my republican colleagues i don't remember you suggesting that president bush was going to kill anybody with a drone. i don't remember a harsh critic
7:38 pm
on the democratic side. so what is it? all of a sudden that this drone program has gotten every republican so spun up. what are we up to here. >> joining me now ryan gram of the huffington post and ej. some people oppose the uses of drones by the u.s. military could have been much better served by someone who wasn't such a who who ibably flawed messenger. >> i find this more heartening than you do. you have lindsey gram and john mccain out there defending
7:39 pm
obama. you have him saying we never did this to bush. and you have him saying rand paul never got this wrong. but we need a debate about drones and when they should be used and what is the danger of overusing them. and the cheering squad and i think it is good that we opened up this debate. granted the stuff that rand paul said like president obama is going to target americans is crazy. i love that he threw in jane fonda. >> let's listen to how he tried to make members of the tea party think that president obama was sitting in the white house wondering when he wanted to kill them. >> if we are going to kill
7:40 pm
combatants, the list will be secret. you won't be able to protest. i'm not for revolution i was at a tea party meeting and i was critical of the president but i'm not a revolutionary please don't kill me. >> i was at a tea party meeting please mr. president, don't kill me. i haven't heard anything sleezier than that on the senate floor. >> you don't go to the war with the army that you might have. you go to war with the army that you have flt he brought attention to the subject there. if there is a classified kill list that includes american citizens if you don't want
7:41 pm
conspiracy theories to start circulating then publish that list. if the people on that list are dedicated revolutionaries or extremists they are not going to be surprised to find the name on the list. publish the list and let people challenge them. as long as there is a secret list you are going to have people conkukting all sorts of theories. >> there is no way you ckacan challenge that. >> let's listen to rush limba h limbaugh. >> by old guard of the republican party was playing footsy with the president. mccain some of these old guard
7:42 pm
guys, are jealous and right now rand paul and ted cruise and marco rubio have captivate d everybody and the old bulls are getting jealous. rand paul has one friend out there in radio land. >> it is fun to hear him attack the old bulls. i don't know what category he is in. look, some of the stuff rand paul said, the clip you played before was outrage us. that is wrong but i think ryan put his finger on something. that the administration has nod been forthcoming. i think there is a great danger if we get addicted to the use of dro drones. you have to be very careful about using.
7:43 pm
so you are left with this mixed bag. you have rand paul out there supported by ron weiden on this case. but you have rand paul making a spectacle of himself but forcing a debate. i would have loved to hear what he said if he had given the same speech about president bush. >> i think that raises a good point. there is a huge difference between ron widen and rand paul. rand paul is stark raving mad. and they are talking about the same subject and it is perfectly reasonable to give a standing ovation to ron widen and to sit on your hands when the crazy man speaks. stand up for rand. stand with rand. perfectly reasonable not to
7:44 pm
stand with rand and to give a standing ovation with him. >> but then again, if ron widen isn't standing to his credit he was on the floor. one second the guy talked for 13 hours. do you think there is more than 14 minutes of actual contact in that that psychopath said on the senate floor. if you want to stand with rand, do you want to stand with all of the vile spewing madness that came out of that crazy person's mouth or do you want to stand with 15 minutes of it. that is your choice. so it is -- if you want to choose the 15 minutes that is fine. you are standing with a crazy person. >> the other choice would have been with ron widen to have taken the floor. >> why 12 or 13 hours.
7:45 pm
>> we are talking about it. >> that is what it accomplished. >> the vote passed with 63 votes. and look what it did. it prout a lbrought a lot of th republicans come to the floor. you had mitch mcconnell come to the floor. it was just him and then you have ron johnson and the others. >> you know why they are doing that. they are pandering to the tea party. if you don't run out there with him. then you are not with him. it was all pandering for those guys and if you don't get that, that is what they always are. there has never been a filibuster. it was an effective stunt. as a political move, it was effective for him and it could have been for democrats. >> effective what to get te
7:46 pm
aft party votes? >> no. they will look back on this and regret, the tea party doesn't have much left. if they let them cling to this, it is giving them more oxygen. you are right. the reason this thing happened and the reason we are talking about it and the reason it got so much attention is because we had not the kind of debate on the sen tate floor on the prope use or drones. it is a live issue and something we should debate. >> i agree we didn't have the proper debate on it and we still have not. >> except on this show. >> thank you both for joining me tonight. >> thank you. >> coming up, the funny stuff
7:47 pm
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who are theatersists that li who are these terrorists that live among you? people who ling to pke to pay i. people who own weather iced ammunition and have seven days of food in their house. paranoia runs deep on the senate floor. gentlem >> i've heard many concerns and questions raised about the
7:52 pm
american military's use of drones but never heard them raised by rand paul. he is a ridiculous sick paranoid messenger on this subject. >> i will speak until i can no longer speak. no no said the queen. everybody is alca cuaeda. no, we won't drop bombs on restaurants. >> nor notification is the buzzer on the drone seconds before you are killed. is that what we really want. gobbildy goop. >> the drone strike program is
7:53 pm
like a lawnmower. i don't intend to break the first amendment but i might. i'm not talking about someone with a bazooka on their shoulder. i was at a meeting and i was critical of the president and please he don't kill me. my throat is dry and i'm just getting started. democracies did bad things. i asked did we know where all the students are.
7:54 pm
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u.s. authorities have in custody tonight osama bin laden's son in law tonight. authorities have confirmed that
7:58 pm
he is in new york and skchedule to appear in court. he is charged with conspiracy to kill americans. after 9? he said. he said. >> congressman peter king said today. joining me r evan coleman. what is the jordan connection in that statement? >> this individual popped up in
7:59 pm
turkey several weeks ago. we heard that he was there. the problem was that the turks didn't have a criminal charge out on him. the question was how did we get him to the united states. he wanted to travel back to kuwait and when the flight landed in jordan authorities were there to greet him. >> did he have options in that flight? are you saying he arranged that himself? >> it is not clear. they said they weren't interested in having him back. they said he was not welcome. there is no indication he would have been welcome. at one time he was influential in kuwait but they had just about enough of him. >> now we are back to


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