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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  April 5, 2013 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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weapons could buy respect. not from david letterman. this is "way too early." we have controversy surrounding the president made by california's attorney general, a rising political star. is it wrong to give someone a compliment these days? legalizing the most popular recreational drug, pot polls, coming up. president obama's ideas when it comes to a fiscal compromise. the budget blueprint could put members of his party on edge when it comes to cuts to medicare and social security. the president laid it out with house speaker john boehner. they call for new taxes on the wealthy. freshmen investments in the infrastructure in exchange for added revenue, the president is
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open to reducing cost of living payments for social security benefits. it's known as chain cpi. the beneficiaries pay more for medicare coverage. >> pre-k made available across the nation and tobacco products taxed more to pay for it. deficits would be reduced by $1.8 trillion. lots of numbers. the president will propose more than $600 billion in new revenue, 80% of savings comes through spending cuts. the frame is pitched to a number of republicans next week. as part of the white house to reach out directly to members on the right, looking to cut deals with gop leadership. the administration is looking to step up the pressure on congress to deal with across the board spending cuts known as
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the sequester. eight are joining with the president in refusing to collect a portion of their salaries. some are returning the money to the government coughers while others are donating the money to charity. several cancer clinics are blaming the sequester for forcing them to turn away thousands of medicare patients. they can no longer afford chemotherapy drugs. there's debate if it's the white house or congress that needs to fix the problem. president obama is getting online backlash from california's attorney general, kamala harris. he said, quote, she's brilliant. she's dedicated. she's tough. she also happens to be by far the best looking attorney general, it's true, come on. the audience reacted with a mixture of surprise and laughter. you can imagine the response on
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twitter. many called the comments sexist. others asking, what's the big deal? new york magazine tweeted, obama's comment about kamala harris is disgraceful and really terrible for equality. he probably intended to pay her a comment, but she deserves better. neither harris or her office responded. for the first time, more americans believe marijuana should be legal, then illegal. a new pew poll show the majority of americans support legalizing it. 52%. 12% of americans supported decriminalizing pot in 1969. it's jumped 11% in three years. 72% say the cost of enforcing
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marijuana laws is more trouble than it is worth. only a third of americans say smoking it is morally wrong. slightly more believe it's a gateway drug to other controlled substances. police officers in jackson, mississippi are remembering one of their own. a detective gunned down by a murder suspect inside an interrogation room. the gunman was killed in the altercation. eric smith was questioning the suspect for a monday night stabbing death. he was with the department since 1995. it's unclear if the gun belonged to the officer. a psychiatrist is providing new information into james holmes. a psychiatrist said holmes had thoughts that was a public danger a month before the movie theater shooting.
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holmes is standing trial for the murder of people during "the dark night rises." dianne feinstein is facing the nra saying their influence on congress is to blame for the disconnect between public calls for change and the lack of action. she accused the gun lobby of unseating senators by backing candidates. she spoke of the need to change violence depicted in popular culture. she suggested video game makers should make changes on their own. representing adam lanza, she said, in part, if sandy hook doesn't do it, if the knowledge of these video games this young man played doesn't, maybe we have to proceed. now to business, wall street looks to close on a high streak after posting gains.
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the markets were encouraged by promising news out of japan. banking officials are taking stimulus actions to turn the economy around. for me, let's go to cnbc, steve joining us live from london. good friday to you, steve. >> good friday to you, as well. we are looking for good numbers out of payroll today. hopefully the fourth time in five months. the unemployment rate is set to remain around 7.7%. only 63.5% of americans are looking for full time jobs. it should be a good jobs figure. this is equivalent to a stimulus. every year, someone raises $520 billion u.s. they are trying to keep rates low and encourage businesses to spend money. it was much more aggressive than many expected. >> the most important story of
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the day, the see-through pant scandal that hit the yoga world, we have a victim, huh? >> when going to yoga, we want to be dressed correctly. i don't know if this is a sheer of confidence or lack of transparency. the chief design er they are to share. they cost around 100 bucks per item were a little bit too see through. they haven't done enough product testing as well. very interesting. the executive had to quit because of too much transparency. >> i never said there was no product testing, now they are going to do more. thanks. have a great weekend. >> you don't have to be a big fan of movies to know the name,
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roger ebert. thumbs up, thumbs down, has sadly lost his battle with cancer. he began his career reviewing movies for "the chicago-sun times." his last written words, i'll see you at the movies. john yang has more on his legendary career. >> i'm roger ebert of the chicago sun times -- >> he was a movie critic. a sought out voice. >> i think it is going to win. it is the best movie of the year. >> reporter: he has a star on the walk of fame. >> thumbs up for me. >> it's his thumb that made him a household name. the trademark review system developed with gene siskel. they worked for rival newspapers. siskel for the chicago tribune, ebert for "the chicago-sun times." their on air remarks.
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>> they need to be accurate to be good. >> their relationship was the source of endless fascination. >> the question was, do you like or hate each other. i said both. roger said, neither. he called him the brother he never had. >> for 24 years we were on television together. for po years we fought it out on newspaper jobs. there was a lot of competition and rivalry, but also respect and friendship. >> reporter: for ebert, movies weren't just his career, they were his passion. >> american characters have the right to be whoever the hell they want to be. >> reporter: in 1985, he said his tastes were not highbrow. >> i like it if it's bad enough or good enough. i don't like the in between movies. >> he wrote "beyond the valley
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of the dolls." it's since gained cult status. >> h is my happening and it freaks me out. >> prolonged battle with cancer changed his appearance and robbed his ability to talk. he relied on a computer for his voice. >> i was always extroverted. now i'm forced to live within my mind. >> reporter: the words never stopped, largely through social media. >> it breaks through the silence. it gives me a voice, not a computer speaking voice so much as a voice in print. >> reporter: a voice he used to spread his love of film to fans everywhere. >> that was john yang reporting from chicago. for a generation of americans, roger was the movies. if he didn't like a film, he was onnest. if he did, he was effusive.
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he is survived by his wife. he is 70 years old. shoot us an e-mail. i want you input. do you think the president owes an apology to kamala harris for calling her the best looking attorney general? we'll read the responses later in the show. former red sox, manny ramirez, remember him? he finds a home far, far overseas. the reaction to his first home run in sports. president obama metes with his youngest impersonator tearing up the internet on youtube. we'll get a check on the forecast when "way too early" comes back.
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you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally. one world trade, observation deck is going up. an amazing view over lower manhattan. with the rain drops, we avoided today. not so lucky along the east coast. for the forecast, dillen drier joins me. >> you have been working too hard. >> don't lie. people know better. >> we are talking rain. we have a lot of rain across all four corners of the country, the northwest, northeast, southeast, the southwest is dry. hot, too. in the 90s, we are going to see the heavy rain continue to move into southern new jersey through the morning. then it will clip southeastern
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massachusetts. this is a morning rain event for the northeast then see improvements, a nice warm up for the afternoon. down across georgia and southern florida, another round of strong storms as we go throughout the day today. we'll watch for hail, lightning and heavier downpours. we finished one round of rain in miami an hour ago. the next round moves in within an hour or so. temperatures look chilly back up in minneapolis, northern minnesota and northern wisconsin, we could end up with several inches of snow over the next 48 hours. elsewhere, we are looking for spring-like temperatures. we should be close to 60 degrees in new york city today. tomorrow, cooler, but still not bad. it's next week, monday, tuesday, wednesday that is actually hinting that it could be warm. bill? >> we have been teasing the warm for awhile now. >> i know. >> it will be nice to get it. >> we'll see if it comes true. >> people on the east coast will be happy monday and tuesday.
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thanks. >> yep. time for sports. college basketball is stealing the headlines. the right to be in the ncaa championship monday night. louisville goes against kansas. that game is 6:09 p.m. kevin ware will be on hand to watch the team in person. the battle of the four seeds. michigan with top ranked offense against syracuse. it should be an entertaining game as long as syracuse wins. the red sox looking to make it three straight against the yanks. new york leading 2-0. this is center field. he doesn't have power. gardner, it's short. he makes it just over the wall. it's gone. solo homer makes it 3-0, yanks. top of the five. what would we do without andy pet it? he does it again. he puts david ross away.
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one run over eight innings. here it comes. we have been waiting for it for a long time, the sandman. rivera making an appearance. he gives up a walk, a double and rbi ground out. that's how it should end for him. strikes out for the final out. he gets the save. the yankees avoid a season opening sweep, beating the red sox, 4-2. moving to the capital, nationals hosting the marlins. jason weathrth. p-1 there. the nationals win, 6-1 leading a season opening three-game sweep of miami. if you want to jump on a bandwag bandwagon, think about the nationals. manny ramirez, remember him? he's found a home.
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the chinese professional baseball team. he signed with the eba rhinos. fans there are excited. last night, he did his first home run. [ speaking foreign language ] >> manny ramirez, a two-run home run! >> that may be better than brazilian soccer goals. manny is still hitting the long ball. finally, this is your foot race of the week. this comes to you from the 2013 veterans athletics championship. that's a 95-year-old on the top lane, 94 on the bottom. what a great start. skin and bones with a slow start. the middle of the race, skin and bones with the kick. uh-oh, still enjoys a good meal is fading.
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we could have a photo finish. it is the 94-year-old, skin and bones with the victory. i made sure to put that in the show. blame me. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," president obama puts entitlement programs on the table. we'll break down the white house budget and what it means for a potential compromise. when we come back, we'll huddle around the water cooler where kevin ware shakes off his devastating injury to have fun with david letterman. that when we come back. after a, you'll have to pay five hundred bucks for your deductible. the truth? at allstate, you could pay zero. allstate gives you a hundred dollars off your deductible the day you sign up. then another hundred off every year you don't have an accident. let the good hands reward your safe driving with a deductible that goes away. ♪ deductible rewards. one more way you're in good hands with allstate.
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well, enough of the real news. because at the water cooler, i need to mention pork butt and plus size women dresses, i refer to dylan. >> you need a female's opinion. >> yes. kevin ware appeared on david letterman keeping a sense of humor after breaking his leg. ware helped dave deliver the top ten. >> thoughts going through kevin ware's mind. here we go, paul -- number ten. >> what was that loud cracking sound. >> number eight. >> hey, look, my tibia. >> that's right. >> six. did it go in?
2:54 am
>> number four. >> take me up coach, i'm staying in. >> three? >> they fired leno? and the number one thought going through kevin ware's mind at the moment of the broken leg -- >> at least my break is not busted. >> your favorite? >> i have to go with number one. my bracket is not busted either. i have louisville going all the way. >> cocky, huh? in a gesture of cross generation diplomacy, kid president and adult president finally met. >> cool. >> i think you should try to sit
2:55 am
behind the desk so you look more official. >> hello. >> any advice for me as an ordinary president? >> i have one. >> okay. but it's not really advice, it's just how you are doing. you're doing awesome. >> you think i'm doing awesome? that mean as lot to me. i think you are doing awesome. we have a lot of responsibility, but we are handling our business. >> i think he's doing awesome. to boost sales, the meat industry is renaming cuts of meat to make the labels more attractive to customers. some labels will change on steak, but most on pork. instead of a pork chop, they are porterhouse chops, ribeye chops.
2:56 am
>> the rather unattractive pork butt will be referred to as snazzy boston roast. >> i'm offended. why is the go-to alternative for pork butt boston roast? what is the connection. >> i expect a blog from you. fire up the grill with boston roast instead of -- >> pork butt. >> target, getting a lot of heat for this. maxie dress on looks like a nice affordable dress. in sizes extra small to large it's called dark heather gray. an identical, plus sized version is called manatee gray. >> oh. >> customers took to twitter outrage calling it
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discrimination against larger sizes. target quickly apologized. they said manatee gray is a color used for several products at the store. it's now listed as plain old gray. i guess wooley mammoth gray, pot belly pink. i'm not supposed to say anything. you are supposed to help me. >> i understand manatee gray, i don't know what health heather . still ahead, why are you awake. "morning joe" is moments away.
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