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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  April 9, 2013 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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hi, everyone. i'm tamron hall. we're following claim by senator mitch mcconnell that his campaign headquarters was the target of watergate style tactics and was bugged. the campaign is asking for a federal investigation into leaked recordings push lished today by mother jones. the same publication that put out the infamous 47% romney video. in the recording, mcconnell and several advisers are heard discussing strategy for his upcoming re-election campaign. qulug a plan to bring up ashley judd, bring up her past battle with depression in the event she entered the race. joining me now with more on this
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story, nbc deputy political editor, domenico, let's talk about this tape itself and the allegation coming from senator mcconnell's office comparing this to watergate. >> we know that this took place february 2nd at the campaign kickoff of the headquarters in kentucky for senator mitch mcconnell. and pretty typically, gathered a group of insiders to discuss opposition research that they would have on ashley judd and just to discuss how would we run against her if we were to run against her. it is important to note that they didn't run on any of the stuff publicly. and it might sound unsavory, but these campaigns, there is no stone left unturned. >> they didn't run on it because she didn't enter the race. we don't know what would have come out later. but let me read part of ashley judd's statement, domenico. she said this is yet another example of the politics of personal destruction that embody mitch mcconnell and are
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pervasive in washington, d.c. we expected nothing less from mitch mcconnell and his camp than to take a personal struggle such as depression which many americans cope with on a daily basis and turn it into a laughing matter. that's the statement from ashley judd. but mother jones, let me read as well what they set out. they said they have no comment on an fbi investigation but they received the tape through a source that they have not identified. >> yeah, and what's interesting, is that they seem to indicate that it was not the product of watergate style bugging which could be something to watch as we try to figure out who did leak there and how did that, how did this wind up coming about. again, a lot of this looks unsavory, it doesn't sound so great. but it is the way a lot of raw politics, it is exposing the raw politics of a lot of these campaigns. >> let me play a portion of this
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released by mother jones on their website. a mcconnell aide, discussing ashley judd and strategy in the event she entered the race. let's play it. >> she's clearly, this sounds extreme, but she is emotionally unbalanced. i mean it's been documented. she had a mental breakdown in the '90s. so there you have it. and this all comes with interesting timing as well. we know that mitch mcconnell is concerned that he might be primary. he has to appeal to the most conservative members of his state at this party and he was ready to fight, according to this tape. i think they compared to backamo. >> there is no question that if you get to a position like mitch mcconnell or like harry reid, remember in his 2010 race, everybody said this old boxer from nevada. mitch mcconnell and harry reid cut from very similar cloths in
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the way that you just, you don't pick a fight with them unless you really feel like you want to get into a knife fight. you know it will be that. that they will pick you apart. mitch mcconnell will be somebody who is going to fight for that. fight for that job and he is a tough political operator. and there is no other reason why you get to be someplace like being senate minority leader without having a tough skin. >> thank you. now let me bring in nbc justice correspondent pete williams with more. as i understand it, there has to be a formal request made to the fbi to investigate? you obviously know this better than anyone. what is the procedure here for the fbi or any federal investigators to get involved here? >> well, they've done it. they've called the u.s. attorney in louisville. and a federal official says that the fbi is looking into these allegations. tamron, there are three legal questions here. who made the tape? who disclosed the tape? then the question of legal liability for mother jones
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magazine. if nobody that was in the room engaged in the conversation, if someone else made that recording, then that would violate the federal, for want of a better term, the federal wiretap laws. if it was somebody in the meeting who made the recording, then there is no criminal violation. let's assume it is a bug. who made the recording? who leaked it? and then is there any legal liability for mother jones? another part of the federal wiretap law would appear to say anybody who discloses this knowing or having reason to know that it was illegal to make may be violating the law. although i have to point out in 2001, the u.s. supreme court ruled in a case with somewhat similar circumstances that when it involves disclosure of a matter of public importance, the first amendment shields any prosecution or legal liability for that person. but it does appear from the mother jones statement, when they say they're confident that this recording was not made in a watergate style bugging operation. they seemed to say that they
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know or had reason to know that it was not illegally made. all of this yet to be determined. the fbi simply says at this point, a senior federal official says the fbi is looking into this. presumably, the mccouldn't people have looked through the room where this meeting was held and haven't found any recording devices. so it could be a tricky one to, if it ever does reach the point of a full investigation. >> to your point, nbc news contacted mother jones, david cornyn. he said they have no comment regarding the fbi investigation and david corn said this story speaks for itself. >> just to point out, we're not saying there is an fbi investigation. all we're saying at this point is that the fbi is, i think the phrase here, is looking into there. that's different than saying it is investigating. >> absolutely. we greatly appreciate you joining us. and senator mitch mcconnell is the latest republican to say he will filibuster any gun regulation legislation that makes it to the senate floor. meantime, at the white house
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today, vice president joe biden and attorney general eric holder are about to hold an event to continue the administration's push to build support for gun control. they'll be joined by law enforcement officials from across there country. senate majority leader harry reid has now given senator joe manchin and pat toomey until the end of the day to come up with a compromise on background checks. this morning on the senate floor, reid slammed republican who's are threatening to filibuster the legislation. >> they're the same senators who yell and scream the most with regular order and amendments. how would i describe these 13 senators who sent me this letter? i want to do this respectfully. they have a right to their opinions. even if they're illogical and even if they're speaking out of both sides of their mouth. >> harry reid took to the floor as the families of the newtown massacre are on capitol hill lobbying senators to support gun control legislation. and today we've learn that
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mayors against illegal guns, the group backed by new york city mayor michael bloomberg will begin scoring lawmakers on how they vote over law dealing with guns. a system very similar and much talked about and used by the nra. the conservative group heritage action for america led by former senator jim demint says it plans to score the procedural vote, putting pressure on republicans to join the filibuster. joining me now, politico's lois romano and jonathan alter. thank you both for joining us. you saw me. i just got this handed to me. senate democratic leaders believe the gop cannot sustain a filibuster against gun legislation, changing the climate on capitol hill. this just put in by casey hunt that democrats are confident the democrats cannot sustain a filibuster. i believe the number is around 14 senators who said they would participate. >> that's nowhere close to the 41 that they would need to sustain a filibuster. so this filibuster is an threat.
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i think mitch mcconnell who has his hands full on another issue made a big mistake in threatening something that won't work. >> if that's true, what's behind this bad political congratulations? i want to delve into that. you're saying 14 is the number. you have john mccain on sunday and other conservatives who have come out, pundits and said this was a bad idea. why would mitch mcconnell and the others make such a bad political congratulations on just bringing a vote to the table. >> i guess, i don't have a good explanation. and it could be that he miscalculated here. that he thought he had the same support in his caucus that he has now for several years. he has been enormously successful at disciplining that republican caucus and the senate. and he is very tough. if you try to stray. he will threaten to strip you of your committee assignments and do all kinds of other things.
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in this case, they're straying. in part because they know that if some of them know, being from blue states, some of the republicans from blue states know they might lose for re-election if mike bloomberg and others come in with a lot of partly sunny on the other side of this issue. should they vote against common sense background checks that are supported by 90% of the american public. if you're a politician, you have to really think hard before you get on the wrong side of 90% of the people. >> let me bring you into the conversation. a little of what michael steele had to say on daily rundown this morning. he too is trying to understand why members of his own party would threaten to filibuster here. >> i don't understand the idea of positioning the party, positioning the leadership against an issue that is a 90% issue with voters out there. at least pretend that you're interested in it. at least pretend that you give a damn about what happened. >> he's saying just pretend. we shouldn't have to pretend
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that you care about this issue one way or the other wherever you stand. but now to hear that chant from the families in connecticut. they were not prompted by the president, by his staff saying just give us a vote here. did the republicans underestimate? what is the description here? this is all back firing now. this filibuster. >> i don't know what their calculations were. rand paul had some measure of success on the drone filibuster. and he might have very well, has asked, might have asked his colleague mitch mcconnell to join him on this. but yes, i think they overcalculated. one of the things that harry reid did which was very smart, he told all the republicans that he would allow them to offer amendments. so you see republicans being quoted as saying, look, the leader will bring it to the floor. we get to add amendments and to debate the bill. that's what the process is about. why not have a vote? so a lot of these main stream
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guys don't understand what's going on here. >> and we were showing video while you were explaining what is happening behind the scenes. the newtown parents are there. we saw them get on air force one with the president. this is a remarkable sight in our country as it relates to the conversation on guns. i don't know if anyone can name another time where you've seen the victims' parents who lost children, and this number show up on capitol hill face to face carrying pictures of their children to literally hand to our lawmakers who in some cases, don't want a vote here. this is extraordinary. and it can't be underestimated or i guess, sugar coated. this is a big moment. >> well, i think the obama administration and the democrats were getting a little concerned about where this was going. we were getting away from what happened in newtown. people were losing their appetite maybe a little bit for it. and he needed to get the conversation back there.
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and we should note that not only are they on capitol hill but he flew them back on air force one. he wet went to newtown yesterday. made a very impassioned speech about this and brought all these parents on to air force one to make this statement. so he needed to get the conversation back where they thought it should be. which is on these little victims. >> jonathan, as i mentioned mayor michael bloomberg's organization announced it will keep score. we talk about the lawmakers' nra score. now if you will, michael bloomberg is attempting to even the score and to counter, jim demint says we'll do the same thing. will these scores matter in. >> unless jim demint gets a huge amount of money from a support he, which is quite possible, he is not playing at the same level as michael bloomberg is. this is a big development on the more progressive side of the spectrum. it means this argument will be joined. for the first time, those who
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are against common sense gun safety legislation will pay a political price and might see the end of their political career. tamron, this is the only language politicians understand. if they get rated low and then beaten in facing a lot of money. the other thing that's happening, you're quite right that this is an important moment right now. because remember at the state of the union address, the president said let them vote. these families of these victims, they deserve a vote. so now the issue has moved somewhat from gun control to our system. should major issues of public importance be voted on? that's what our democracy is supposed to be about. and the filibuster and its increased use in recent years has kind of obscured that. what the filibuster does is it prevents a vote. any reasonable person believes that we should be able to vote. this might be applied to other
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issues now, too, and we might actually be able to ungum the system and get real votes out in the open which is where they should be. >> jonathan, lois, i have to take my audience to some breaking news we've been following outside of houston. where a texas college, officials say one person has been arrested and suspected of stabbing several people. the reports have been anywhere, as many as 14. one other report indicating poeb seven people. we're trying to get a confirmation. nevertheless, we know that multiple people have been stabbed at lone star college in texas in harris county. not very far from the houston area. let me play a little of what one eyewitness had to say a short time ago. >> what have you heard? >> i did not really see anything. i just saw people being carried to the ambulance. >> people with multiple stab
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wounds, multiple victims. >> yes, sir. >> was anybody having an explanation for what was going on? >> two of the girls were brought into our classroom. they were late to the class. the guy that started it all was the one, he said he had a box opener or something. >> again, this is breaking news out of cypress, texas, where officials say one person has been arrested. they are looking for another person and there are confirmed 11 victims. four have been transported via life flight and other ambulances to area hospitals. let's listen to kprc. their coverage of what's happening at that texas college. >> must have been unbelievable to witness. we appreciate your count this afternoon. >> thank you. >> to reiterate a stabbing at lone star college this morning. 9191 barker road. it happened right where jonathan
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was in the health sciences building there. a total of 14 people were injured in all of this. we do have one suspect in custody. one is still on the run and they're not quite sure where that person is which is why they've had this entire area on a lockdown. >> i'm just being told now that there is only one suspect. they are not looking for a second person at this point. pretty sure it was just one person involved. earlier there had been a person of interest that they were looking for but they're almost certain that they have the person responsible and there is no one else. >> okay. that's good to know. >> why did this person do it? lone star college was in the news not that long ago with the shooting at the other campus. this is a completely separate location but it is quite a tragedy for the college campus itself to be in the news like this. now with a stabbing at one of its other campuses. in this particular case, we don't know why. we don't know why this student
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did this. why these particular students were injured. so many students in a stabbing. 14 people in total injured. four of them, the victims were taken by helicopter to memorial hermann. eight transported by ambulance and two refused to go. we have crews at the area hospitals trying to get more information on the extent of the injuries that we don't have detailed information of. >> joining us on the telephone is stephanie, and stephanie, i'm afraid i did not get your last name. what is your last name? >> migl. >> i understand you have information about the department of students, not necessarily a lockdown you're calling it. >> they have secured the building. what this is is they have all the children inside. normal routine. a normal routine in class. they have all the doors locked and the administrators are looking out. and of course, we have increased security in the area as well
11:19 am
with our police department. >> these are the cy-fair schools in the vinlt where the stabbing happened. >> right. >> any idea when this might be lifted, considering that we have now word that the one person in custody is all that they need to find? >> well, as of right now, they are all still in secure building mode. and it just depends on when we get clearance and know that the other, if anybody else or any other suspects are in custody. >> how can parents get more information if their kids are there? >> basically we've sent out a key communicator letter to parents letting them know what's going on and why we are in a secure building mode. we keep them informed. >> we're listening to kprc's coverage of this stabbing at a college. near houston. this is the same college some of
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you, our regular viewers may recall in january. three people were shot. janet shamlian is standing by. one report says 14 people were injured in this stabbing. >> yeah. reports between 9 and 14 have been stabbed. one suspect is in custody at this time. perhaps authorities are looking for another one. it looks likes authorities are working with the people leaving the campus. we have been told they would be allowed to leave after their cars were check and after they were checked. i'm driving in for another entrance for the campus. there is a heavy police presence. is there a lockdown
11:21 am
situation? i know you're getting as close as possible. are streets in and around this campus now on lockdown? and i understand that there are some schools near there, too. public schools. >> i'm told the campus is on lockdown. and it looks like police have several of the entrances closest to the campus blocked off. so i would have to say yes to your question that it is on lockdown. >> okay. i know you're getting as close as possible. we hope to have something from you in a few minutes. just to update the viewers watching, according to officials, possibly as many as 14 people were hurt in a stabbing spree at a texas community college. it is not immediately clear how severe the injuries are. but at least four people were taken to hospitals in helicopters. a few others were transported, according to the latest information, by ambulance through area hospitals. early on it was believed maybe
11:22 am
two people were responsible but according to the latest information reported by kprc, the nbc station in that area, authorities believe they have the one lone individual, the one suspect in custody who may be responsible and there is no search for other suspects at this time. as you can imagine, we're attempting to get more details. if there is one suspect, at least 14 people were injured. one would naturally wonder if this happened in a classroom that was blocked off. what are the details that that many people could be injured by, according to authorities, one individual. again, at this time they believe this is the, the person responsible is now in custody and that this involved one individual who targeted a number of people on this college campus, at least 14 people hurt there. and back in january, which is what i mentioned just prior to talking with janet shamlian who
11:23 am
is at that scene, three people were shot at a separate campus of that same college. at that time the 22-year-old person responsible was arrested or accused of being responsible was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. but this is the breaking news that we're following right now. i believe we have someone else on the phone with us. with one of the radio stations. are you there? >> i am here. >> tell me what you know. >> it looks like one man who is in custody right now attacked multiple people with what is being described as a box cutter, slashing at people's heads and necks. we know that six people were transported to local hospitals. one is list in the critical condition. 14 people injured. >> do we know if this happened in a classroom? you think about a person with a box cutter, can and has been
11:24 am
used as a deadly weapon. but now you're looking at 14 people. were they cornered in a room? do we know more details? >> no. it looks pretty chaotic. one of the witnesses interviewed at the scene said that it was toward a hallway and a library similar to where the incident at the north campus happened. it sounds like from what people described, he started attacking and swinging at anybody he could get in close range. >> at least some of the information i have in front of me indicates that at least four people were taken to the hospital via helicopter which could indicate that their injuries may be more severe than many of the others. >> four people were life flighted. i know two other people were taken by ambulance. six people were transported to hospitals. we've gotten word that only one of them is in critical condition.
11:25 am
but again, with knife attacks to the neck and face, you can manning. >> do we know if the that you can is still there at the college or has that person been taken away? >> i don't know. we do know that the police have put him in custody. he was apparently seen running from the scene and was tackled by some students until police arrived to arrest him. he is in custody. where he is located at this moment, we do not know. >> so back to how the suspect was apprehended, other students jumped in and were able to hold him while police got there on the scene? >> witnesses say that they saw him leave, running across the lot and about five or six students were chasing him and eventually tackled him and held him until a campus police officer was able to arrive. >> what else can you tell me with lone star college, student population size. i would manning this would be a normal day at the college. >> this particular campus is the larger of the lone star campuses. it has multiple campuses around
11:26 am
houston. this one in total, i believe it was some 20,000 that were, that are in the lone star system, i believe. at this particular campus, i'm not sure but i know that police say it will take probably a few hours for police to search the entire campus and make sure. the school is obviously on lockdown right now. >> i guess the school according to the associate press, the school posted an alert on its website just before 12:00 p.m. local time warning people of two armed suspects and saying one person remained at large. the alert warned people to seek shelter in a secure location. as it turned out, according to authorities, it was one individual responsible. but this university has in place what so many others do now. this alert system where they can reach students and faculty via text, via e-mail and we saw all of this after virginia tech.
11:27 am
>> yeah. especially after the shooting that happened earlier this year, the school ran regular emergency training sessions. and students have said that they all received emergency text alerts with the lockdown at the school. as far as the post on the website is concerned, there was a press conference with the harris county sheriff's office. the deputy who said that at this time, there is only one suspect and he is in custody. so i don't know where the discrepancy was for the school to post the two armed men. one at large on the website. >> thank you so much. we greatly appreciate you joining with us the latest. we are informing breaking news near houston, texas. at least 14 people involved in a mass stabbing in northwest houston. four people transported by emergency officials to local hospitals after the incident. we are waiting to hear more regarding their condition. at this hour, authorities believe they have the lone
11:28 am
person responsible for this mass stabbing at this community college. we'll continue to follow the breaking news out of houston and the political news of the day, specially latest developments as it relates to gun legislation and the debate there. we'll be back after a quick break. zap technology. arrival. with hertz gold plus rewards, you skip the counters, the lines, and the paperwork. zap. it's our fastest and easiest way to get you into your car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. they're coming. yeah. british. later. sorry. ok...four words... scarecrow in the wind... a baboon... monkey? hot stew saturday!?
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a quick update. as many as 14 people were injured after a single individual took out a box cutter, according to witnesses and started stabbing people at this college. right now, according to the latest information, at least six victims were transported to the hospital. some actually via helicopter. we do not know the updated medical condition, according to one report, at least one of those individuals may have sustained serious injuries as a result. but this mass stabbing happening
11:32 am
on a could go campus just outside of houston. and as many as 14 people could be injured as a result. authorities feel confident they have the one person responsible in custody. we'll continue to update you on that breaking news. also, north korea is issuing a warning to tourists in south korea, leave. the state tv urged any tourist that's don't evacuate to make preparations and take shelter. because the two countries are, quote, inching close to a thermo nuclear war. meantime, japan has positioned anti-missile batteries around tokyo in anticipation. north korea could conduct a new missile test as early as this week. the u.s. has also issued navy missile destroyers and ground based interceptors in the region. the senate armed services committee held a hearing on this today with a top u.s. commander in that region, gave his assessment of the danger posed by the new leader of north korea. >> his father and his
11:33 am
grandfather, as far as i can see, always figured into their provocation cycle an off-ramp of how to get out of it. and it is not clear to me that he has thought through how to get out of it. so this is what makes this scenario particularly challenging. >> democratic senator bill nelson of florida is a member of the senate armed services committee. he joins us live from washington. thank you so much for joining us. i imagine that causes great concern to hear that official say kim jong-un perhaps doesn't know the off-ramp. in other words, he does not know where to stop here. >> i agree with the admiral. this is a very dangerous situation. and this young fellow is inexperienced. he is probably being teaed and toasted and told that he is god's gift to everybody. and he is going to find out, if
11:34 am
he were to launch an offensive strike against anybody in the region, including japan, south korea, he is going to pay dearly. if he in any way harms u.s. personnel, he will pay multifold. and yet when you're dealing with somebody that is so inexperienced and so unpredictable, in a nation where he doesn't care about human life, only his comforts, then you've got a problem. that's what we're facing. >> u.n. secretary general ban-ki moon says it is very dangerous and he fears even a small incident caused by misjudgment or miscalculation may create an uncontrollable situation. what are you watching for next? we know that secretary of state kerry is in that region, or at
11:35 am
least on his way to that region. what should the american people be watching for of great concern here? >> first of all, whether or not they conduct the missile test. that would just be another provocation. look for whether or not the rhetoric will subside. and then on a daily base i, we'll know if he is stepping back the tension or if he is continuing to build it up. >> it seems as if every day we've watched this escalate now for several days. down to this new young leader even affecting the already fragile economy of his nation. he closed down that industrial complex used by both the north and south. and the at least rhetoric continues. now there is fear or worry that there may be a missile test of some sort this week. >> in and of itself the missile
11:36 am
test is not an offensive threat. but at a time of high tension like this, any kind of missile test, particularly if the early trajectory showed that it would be going to some ally's territory, now, if that's the case, we can knock it down. there should be no equivocation in the understanding that the united states has the military ability to take this fellow on and to stop the aggression. the fact, however, that he has nuclear weapons, that then complicates the situation so much. >> it complicates the situation but it is also believed that kim jong-un believes this gives him leverage to get whatever it is he is angling for. if it is aid or something else here. if nothing other than the attention of the world. >> well, his angle is probably
11:37 am
that he wants his regime to survive. and he is trying to establish himself. but that's where the inexperience comes in. because he doesn't realize that at the end of the day, he can risk it all by being so impetuous. >> thank you. i'm sure we'll be discussing this with you. still ahead, the left taking on president obama's proposed cuts. senator bernie sanders calls it bitter disappointment. we'll get the very latest. final. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it.
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phillips'. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. welcnew york state, where cutting taxes for families and businesses is our business. we've reduced taxes and lowered costs to save businesses more than two billion dollars to grow jobs, cut middle class income taxes to the lowest rate in sixty years, and we're creating tax free zones for business startups. the new new york is working creating tens of thousands of new businesses, and we're just getting started. to grow or start your business visit we want to let you listen in to vice president joe biden. he is joined by eric holder. the number of law enforcement personnel around the country discussing gun legislation and the battle over the vote. let's listen in. >> without violating one
11:41 am
scintillaa. not even a little bit. one of the issues being filibustered today so strenuously is expanding background checks. look. i thought we reached a consensus on that convicted felons, that people with serious mental issues adjudicated as such, that fugitives, that wife beaters, they shouldn't be able to own a gun. if i'm not mistaken, because i did this last time, in '84, everybody including the nra thought background checks made sense. remember the good old days? they made sense. keep guns out of the hands of those folks. so for the life of me, i don't understand the longic of those who say, i don't want to extend background checks to people. and by the way, up to 40% of the
11:42 am
gun purchases are purchases without a background check. i don't think we should extend it to them. but i think the system makes sense. how can that be? how can that be? how can it make sense to have the background system we have today knowing that 40% of the people who purchase a gun don't go through a background check? there's no constitutional argument. there is not even an inconvenience argument of there are 58,000 federally licensed gun dealers in the united states of america. 58,000. and they can easily as it exists now access to see who should be prohibited from owning a gun. they have already done that.
11:43 am
since the system has been in place. you know, the nra says criminals won't go through it. 2 million people have gone to buy a gun, gone through a background check and been rejected because they're felons. because they have a serious mental problem. because they fall in the category of an abuser. they're incompetent to own a weapon. you tell me that 40% of the people who buy their guns somewhere else don't need a background check when the other 60% do? that none of these people in the 40% are felons? wife beaters? mentally incompetent? makes no sense. >> we are listening in. vice president joe biden picking up where the president left off yesterday. another impassioned speech regarding gun legislation in an
11:44 am
attempt to press congress to vote. we just got new information in. kelly o'donnell is reporting that harry reid has told reporters he will take the necessary steps tonight to move forward on gun legislation if the bipartisan talks between joe manchin and pat toomey and others do not result in an agreement. according to kelly o'donnell, this would set up a vote on thursday based on the required running of the clock, according to senate rules. so if talks right now underway, bipartisan talks regarding an expanded background check for those who would like to purchase a weapon. if those talks break down between joe manchin of west virginia and pat toomey, republican, from pennsylvania, as well as a few others who are dealing with this, then harry reid is ready to move forward tonight and we could see a vote on thursday. based on the required running of the clock, the senate rules according to kelly o'donnell.
11:45 am
also on the agenda. president obama will unveil his long awaited budget tomorrow. it has already seen some pushback from liberal lawmakers on the hill, according vermont senator bernie sanders who is part of a group that delivered boxes of petitions to the white house today, opposing proposed cuts to social security. >> remember when barack obama was running for president in 2008, he said that he would not cut social security. we want the president to remember what he said and not go back on his word. >> the president's proposal adopts a flew way of calculating social security cost living increases, known as chain cpi. the president is expected to identify about $four 00 billion in medicare cuts. joining me now, john nichols of the nation. thank you for joining me. >> nice to be with you. >> at least the theory is that the president put this issue of
11:46 am
social security, chain cpi on the table in an attempt to corner republicans who were unwilling to compromise on tax revenue, who are unwilling to focus on closing loopholes now. you have thissish issue of progressives quite unhappy with the president. how should we expect him to address this tomorrow? >> it puts him in a difficult position. the folks who went to the white house today brought 2.3 million signatures gathered from around the country and they had a number of members of congress. it was three members of the house, rick nolan from minnesota, the interesting thing about it is that they were trying, making a last-ditch effort to convince the president to drop the chain cpi adjustment to cost of living increases out of the budget. if he keeps it in as i suspect he will, i anticipate he is going to get an awfully lot of pressure. it won't just be the president. there will be a tremendous
11:47 am
amount of pressure on democratic members of congress to break with the president on this issue. >> absolutely. we had, for example, congresswoman maxime waters on with us not too long ago and she insisted there was no wiggle room. she feels that the poorest are those who struggle the most have suffered already. that there should be a focus on closing loopholes for the wealthiest. it is not just bernie sanders and others have pledged if you will to go against the president here. >> there is no doubt of that. and 107 members of the house signed a letter urging the president not to do this. roughly 30 members have signed another letter saying they will absolutely break with the president on this issue. and these are not merely folk on if you will, the fringe or anything like that. many of the people signing these letters are committee ranking members. very prominent democrats. >> sure. but the president anticipated this. this is not a big revelation that this will be part of the
11:48 am
budget. i don't know the exact date, john, but when he was on "meet the press," he said did you have decisions have to be made including decisions those within his own party would not like. i don't understand the disclaimer there, what do we expect from the white house, from the president. if you can't stop the bleeding or can't stop the pain, you can at least put a bandage on it for those who are furious with him over this. >> i think this puts the president in a tough position but an interesting one. he has always sought the position of arbiter. somebody who tries to unite different sides. in this case he is clearly going to have republicans saying they absolutely won't work with him. now he will have a lot of progressives and many democrats. i think many main street democrats saying they won't go along with him. he is going to have to rise to this moment. i can tell you that i suspect the white house is a little bit surprised by the energy and the
11:49 am
speed with which the negative response has come from the progressive community. >> thank you so much for your time. we greatly appreciate it. we'll talk more about the president's budget tomorrow. still ahead, an update on the news. at least 14 people injured at a college campus in texas. [ male announcer ] there are only so many foods that make kids happy. and even fewer that make moms happy too. with wholesome noodles and bite sized chicken, nothing brings you together like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. [ female announcer ] from meeting customer needs... to meeting patient needs... ♪ wireless is limitless. ♪ from finding the best way... ♪ to finding the best catch... ♪ wireless is limitless.
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we're following news out of houston, texas. a person took out a box cutter and started stabbing people at the college. janet shamlian is standing by. what can you update me with? >> reporter: tamron, we have new information. and that is that at least 15 peep were hurt out here on this community college campus about 25 miles northwest of downtown houston. four of them were taken by life
11:53 am
flight helicopter. others were treated at the scene. and we know now that this started in the life sciences building. authorities have one suspect in custody. they are no longer searching for a suspect, a second suspect. as was earlier believed. the campus remains on lockdown right now and we're told that a box cutter was used in all of these stabbings. all of the injuries at this point are consistent with the stabbing. some girls being stabbed across the face with like an exacto knife or a box cutter type of device. they are letting people leave the campus but no one is being allowed in at this time. authorities are continuing their investigation and we're expecting another briefing shortly. >> thank you very much for the latest there. time now for the "news nation" gut check. minutes ago, harry reid announced he plans to hold votes thursday on gun control legislation including background checks, purchases, and assault weapons ban. that is if he can get the 60
11:54 am
votes necessary to avoid a republican filibuster which brings us to today's gut check. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell became the 14th republican to join the filibuster effort, being led by senator rand paul of kentucky. however democratic leaders now believe the gop cannot sustain a filibuster. that is starting with senator john mccain on sunday. there may not be enough republican who's are willing to support it. so what does your gut tell you? will an attempted republican filibuster on gun control legislation back fire? go to to cast that vote. that does it for this edition of "news nation." i'll see you tomorrow. "the cycle" up next.
11:55 am
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we begin with breaking news. we're told as many people as 14 people have been hurt on a community college campus in texas. this is all happening at lone star college in cypress. a suburb of houston. according to a statement from school officials, there was just one suspect who is now in custody. in the initial chaos, police believed there may have been a second suspect. now they have confirmed that is not the case. janet shamlian has the very latest for us. >> reporter: as you know, things like this change from minute to minute. we're now getting word from the
11:59 am
police department that the injuries are 15, actually, four of them taken by life flight helicopter to trauma hospitals. several transported by ambulance and few treated and released on the scene. as you indicated, one suspect in custody initially an alert by text went out to the entire campus community saying that there were two suspects they were looking for. they have one suspect in custody and that's all they're looking for at this point. we understand this happened outside of the health sciences center and we're told the suspect was using something like a box cutter or an exacto knife. and using it to slit people on the cheek, on the neck. it all happened and unraveled in a matter of minutes. authorities are supposedly talking to that suspect who is in custody now. the campus is still on lockdown. meaning that students can leave but no one at this point is being allowed in. if you can see the police cars behind me. they're checking out people as they leave. but without the search for a second suspect, people are able


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