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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  April 19, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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good evening. from new york. after a day under lock down, in the city of boston, the last hour has brought rapid development in the manhunt for the remaining boston marathon suspect. this was the scene from watertown, massachusetts just before 7:00 p.m. [ gunshot ] a hail of gunfire just one hour ago in watertown, massachusetts. shortly after police announced the suspension of the stay inside order. you are now looking at a live shot from watertown. where gunfire broke out about an hour ago prompting that massive police response. let's go to nbc news national correspondent erica hill in watertown right now. erica, what is the latest there? >> hey, chris. what we can tell you is there
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has been an increased police presence in the last hour. we have seen a number of units in and out. we saw a bus load of police officers leaving the scene. they were being brought out. remember the local transit busses have been robot all day it bring police officers in and out. we are learning there is so much talk about this person in a body in a boat seen in aerial photographs. a senior official telling nbc news yes, we think so. meaning that it's him. apparently a woman called in a report of blood in a backyard leading to a boat. boston police department saying he's hit. may have been there all day. so we are seeing word there may be thermal imaging involved. this is what nbc news is learning from a senior police department official. that's why there is such a focus in this area. the boston police department sending out tweets within the last hour, advising people in the franklin street area of watertown which is just about a mile from where we are to stay inside, to go back inside their
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homes. this of course not long after governor patrick had actually lifted that request to stay in place. they are told to stay back inside. as you can see, i don't have access to some of the images that you do but i know you can see this intense police presence as we understand it, basically every division of the massachusetts state police is there so that includes the bomb squad, ballistics and stop which is basically the highest level of their s.w.a.t. team. they are all on-site. there are reports of different shots fired. so it is obviously developing situation, one we are monitoring closely. >> thank you, erica. right now to the best of our knowledge, police are reporting that suspect number two as identified yesterday, by the fbi and that press conference, 19-year-old american citizen is possibly, it appears, pinned down in a boat in a backyard in watertown, massachusetts. which is just west of cambridge. right now we have eyewitness seth manuken, an mit professor.
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seth, what have you been hearing -- what are you hearing right now? >> right now, pretty much the same thing you are. what is so incredible is that for much of the day much of boston felt like a ghost town. i was in new york city on 9/11 and lived in lower manhattan. that's the only thing that i can compare what was going on here today to. the streets were almost entirely deserted. major thoroughfares like common wealth avenue and beacon street essentially had no one on them. just before 7:00, the shelter in place order was lifted. and so almost immediately you started to see busses and subway cars come out. more people were on the streets. more people driving around.
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at that point i was intending to go to last night's scenes in watertown. when i went it cover it, my car ended up inside the perimeter. i couldn't get it out. i figure once they lifted the shelter in place order, i could get it. no sooner had i stepped out of my house than just a scream of police cars and ambulances headed toward watertown. and very quickly i started to get reports after suspect under a boat. it seems to be that is still where he is. >> seth, can you tell us the distance of where last night's shootout happened and where we think the suspect is currently pinned don with the boat in the backyard? are those close to each other? >> yes, they are very close. one of the things that's a little bit confusing about this area is that unlike manhattan,
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boston is not on a grid. in fact, it is almost aggressively not on a grid. and this residential area of watertown that is behind this commercial shopping stretch that has these two very big malls, it is one of these sort of warrens of very small streets. many of which turn at angles on themselves. so the distance it might take to walk it and the distance the crow flies, might be much. this might be a square mile. the staging area that the police set up today, the area where the gun fight was last night, the area where they thought they had the suspect pinned down last night and then this area today. so it is something that you could easily walk in ten or 15 minutes. >> we learned today from the law
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enforcement press conference around 5:00 that suspect number two, when who has been identified as dzhokar tsarnaev escaped last night's shootout. his older brother died. that's confirmed as well. and we were told today at the press conference, i think much to people's astonishment that dzhokar tsarnaev escaped on foot. and how could he possibly escape the scene on foot and be far away, and now if that is the case and he is in the boat and just a square mile away, that it makes sense he found somewhere to hide in intervening hours. >> yeah. a couple of interesting things should be pointed out. one, first of all, it is really remarkable that he was not discovered last night. because the police presence that was on the ground in this very concentrated area was unlike anything i had ever seen. there were literally hundreds of
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officers and equipped in tactical outfits and flak jackets and armed with assault rifles going through the neighborhood. there were at least a half dozen different agencies responding, including state police and the fbi. i had never seen a police presence like this. and that includes things like the beltway sniper that i also covered. on the average of doing a door to door search, they weren't actually going into people's houses. what they were doing was looking around the perimeter and looking in people's doors and knocking on doors and asking if they had seen anything suspicious or if anyone approached their house. when you look at it in that perspective and you remember that this was all happening at 2:00 and 3:00 and 4:00 in the
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morning. so the dead of the night. and there was an incredible amount of concern at the time that this suspect still had explosives either on him, attached to his body, or some sort of grenade type objects. then it starts to be a little bit clearer how a single suspect on foot might have been able to evade capture. especially if, you know, once the sun came up he wasn't moving and it looks like that might be what actually had happened. >> seth, thank you very much. we will check in with you, i think, later. now we go to michael isikoff who is near the house where police believe suspect number two, dzhokar tsarnaev is pinned down in a boat in a backyard. what do you see? >> the surprising thing is i arrived here about 40 minutes ago, and it looked like the situation was pretty much in some senses under control.
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we understand the teen had been surrounded in the house where the boat was, and people were out on the street. everybody with their cell phones, trying to get pictures. and then about, i would say, 10, 15 minutes ago, we heard what sounded like more gunfire. probably about six or seven shots. and then additional few shots. so i'm not quite sure what to make of that. it is a bit puzzling because, who fired those shots, was anyone hurt, we don't know. wait, i've got a colleague here with a police scanner who is saying that -- there's movement in the boat.
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where he is supposed to be. at left according to the police scanner right now. so it would appear he's stul alive. until i would assume to be dangerous. >> just to reiterate what our colleague erica hill reported earlier, the senior police department official made the following quote, yes, it appears to be him. a woman reported a trail of blood in the backyard leading to the hit. he is hit and has been there all day. the boston pd says he wasn't moving at first but is now. just a few minutes go, we have some reports of some kind of use of flash bangs or something like that. can you see from your vantage point if the police have the place surrounded. if they have advanced on it or are you too far away it make that out.
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>> well, we're not that far away. at least we don't think we are. within a half mile or less. it is surreal. we are talking about one guy. and the massive police presence. and military -- i don't see them at the moment, but i see a lot of tactical, s.w.a.t., police cars, fire trucks, ambulances as well. there is probably hundreds of police here right now.
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and lots of vehicles and it's all to obtain or apprehend one guy. >> you are seeing massive amounts of military brought into watertown and throughout the day. of course this has become something we've seen in the last ten years. local police departments, local law enforcement officials, through federal money sometimes, being able to acquire this kind of equipment. bolster up s.w.a.t. teams and the like, all of that a bare right now. i think watertown, if you are looking for context of why the amount of force that is out is that last night there was a shootout. there was a police officer mit who was shot and killed. we don't know for sure if that was at the hand of the suspect. but we do know in the shootout, last night there were 200 rounds fired. improvised explosive devices
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utilized. so i think there is a tremendous amount of concern as police are weighing options in terms of what to do and how to approach suspect number two, dzhokar tsarnaev. we are seeing precaution right now as law enforcement tries to figure out what the next move is and we are in what looks like at this point, perhaps the final moment of what has been a remarkably tense and dramatic day in the city of boston and around boston. beginning in the wee hours of the night last night, rolling through a day in which boston was shut down entirely. nobody on the streets. the t not running. heavy police presence throughout the city. reports circulating that the suspect was at large. that he was armed and dangerous.
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people told to stay inside for the entire day. genuinely an unprecedented set of actions taken today as major american metropolis was shut down because of the existence of this single fugitive. single 19-year-old dzhokar tsarnaev, born of chechen descent. michael isikoff, thank you for checking with us. we will check back in. let's go to faira from the boston globe. i would like to ask you about the mood in boston as the situation is extremely tense in water tourn and moment after the police announced this were lifting the request that people shelter in place and stay in doors, what we saw was almost immediate activity in watertown. my sense is the rest of the boston is still out and about at
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this hour. >> yeah. ate just been a crazy day. people have been stranded at the airport. people have been staying home in their house. i happen to live two blocks from the suspect. so i i was woken by calls from people on norfolk street. i walked out and it was a ghost town. i walked two blocks to the suspect's house and there were people being evacuated. some were classmates. some were neighbors. it is just a mind boggling bewildering day for those who knew the family and for those who don't. >> we've gotten report throughout the day of people that knew the tsarnaev brothers, this knew the family. and it is remarkable how much it appears, from the reports we've seen, interviews that i've read that i've been reading
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throughout the day, and there have been quite a few. he attended the local high school. he was on the wrestling team. he received a $2500 scholarship from the city of cambridge from promising student. how much he was woven into the fabric of just everyday life in the city of cambridge. >> absolutely. he came, when he was nine years old. his father had been an attorney in russia. this is what i'm hearing. and had applied -- brought the family here in 2002. applied for asylum within got it right away. the father was often seen fixing cars outside. that is how he made his money. it seems he would repair old cars and sell them. and people -- >> faira, i'm sorry, let me interrupt you for one moment. pete williams is reporting there is a foyer sapphiris a is fire . there is a fire in a boat in the
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backyard of a home in cambridge. you see there on the screen. that is the boat. that boat where suspect number two in the boston marathon bombings is believed to be pinned down and trapped at the moment. dzhokar tsarnaev. he and his brother, it appears, we believe, a shootout with the police in the wee hours of the morning. and last night. that resulted in the death of his older brother, 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev. dzhokar appears to be in the boat in the back of that house. now that boat is on fire. there is tremendous amount of police presence. that convergent intensified in just the last hour in the wake of a police press conference lifting the request for people to stay inside and just a little bit after that, a rush of police into the area and an explosion of gunfire. joining us on the phone is
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rebecca kraeger. he backyard looks into the yard where everything is happening. rebecca with, can you tell me what you're seeing? >> right now i'm seeing a lot of flashing lights from police cars. i'm hearing a lot of helicopters overhead, i think. right now, there's a house blocking where the house with the boat is. but i can see a lot of police officers roaming around. and it's scary. there's a lot going on. maybe a hundred yard from me. >> rebecca, i imagine you were sheltered all day. were you close enough to hear the fire fight that happened in watertown? >> yeah. i'm probably half a mile from away from there. i was up and the stuff with the mit shooting was going on. so i was on twitter following that. then somebody tweeted there were
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shootings in watertown. i thought they were just trying to be funny and make light of the situation but then i actually -- i heard gunshots and explosions. and i freaked out and i woke my parents up. it was really scary. >> do you get word when they lifted the, for lack of a bitter word, curfew were or request that people stay inside. did you watch that press conference and did you go outside at that point? >> yes, i watched that press conference but i was not leaving my house. i won't leave my house until this is solved. this is really scary. >> i can imagine. did you yourself hear the incredible hail of gunfire that we played tape of earlier? right by the house that you're currently in? >> yeah. i didn't actually hear your tape. i haven't been watching tv really. but yes, i heard so many, probably about an hour after that press conference. things were calming down. and then the helicopters that
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had flown away came back. and they were circling over our house. not even an hour. but all of sudden we heard, it was short, but a lot of rapid gunfire. it was close to our house. maybe three houses away from us. it was scary. then all of a sudden 40 police cars started rushing down our street. then there were big trucks coming. and more police cars and sirens and flashing lights. there were people hiding in our bushes. it was intense. >> rebecca, hold on one second. since we have video of what that sounded like, just a little while, short while ago, the reason that all eyes are on watertown. the reason we are bringing you this live and breaking coverage, of watertown, on the house on franklin street, with the boat on the back, the reason we are
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doing that, is because at this moment it is believed the second suspect, young irof two brothers, identified as a suspect in the fatal bombings of the boston marathon this week, he is at this moment pinned down an trapped in that boat. the reason we know that or the reason police have reason to believe that is a fire fight that happened right around the boat. just about a little more than an hour ago. this is what it sounded like. [ gunshot ] rebecca, do you know anything about the owner of the boat? are you close enough to the person that lives there to know anything about that house?
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>> i pass it maybe everyday. it is close to my house. but i don't know the people that live there. >> it appears from report we've received that the initial tip-off that suspect might be in there was a very observant person spotting some blood on the boat which is what it appears tripped off the chain of event. vent /* that led to this. boston pd confirming his presence there. right if you we are looking at live shots of watertown. our cameras cannot, of course for very, very, very good reason, get close enough to bring you a live shot of what is happening that very moment. but we do know, we have been told, that the suspect number two is believed by law enforcement officials to be pinned down in the boat in the backyard of watertown, massachusetts. farrah, are you still there?
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>> hello. >> farrah? >> hi, i'm good. >> rebecca, i want to keep you on the line if that's okay, in case we hear if anything happens. in reading the accounts of the tsarnaev brothers, particularly the younger one who came at a young age to the united states and grew up for all intents a and purposes here, was an american citizen, how thoroughly he was integrated into the community in cambridge. many people knew him. how much he was a, for lack after less loaded term or less slippery term, a regular kid. >> yeah. that is what is so extraordinary about this manhunt. it is for a 19-year-old boy. who for the last two weeks has been tweeting about eating cheese burgers, m & m lyrics. being bored with doing homework. and it is just crazy to realize this this is the same kid.
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a on marathon monday, that's when his tweet started to get weird. he tweeted lol, those people are cooked. then he tweeted, there are people that know the truth but they stay silent. and so he has some strange sort of tweets over the past month or so, and in recent days that give a sense of his mind-set. but it is something to keep in mind. i remember waking up this morning and watching tv and someone on tv said clear lit people who did this are sociopaths. this is a 19-year-old kid who seems, when you look at his twitter account, to be a normal kid. he has friends who love him. they partied. he smoked pot. he was not your average religious extremist. there's a lot more answers that we need to get. >> he should reiterate of course as we look at his photo, as we
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discuss his tweets. he is a suspect at this point. that is the term that we use under these conditions for good reason. and we know that many of the friends of his that went to the local cambridge public school there, that they, in subsequent interviews, one of the questions we had was, were people identifying him when images were made public by the fbi yesterday. in retrospect, i think what is clear to everyone, is a tremendous break in the investigation. and quite a wise decision insofar as making images public. seem to be the thing that have accelerated this investigation so very quickly and dramatically over the last 27 to 28 will hours. the friend of his in cambridge that i have seen interviewed, high school and college friend, that they addhad a passing thou it looked like him but dismissed
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it because of what exactly they knew about him. >> i talked to a kid this morning who absolutely knew it was him. i talked to a kid this morning who said he could not sleep last night because he knew this was him. and he kept looking at the photo and looking at the photo and couldn't get it out of his mind. i think this leads to the chain of event that happened last night. these guys knew they were going to be recognized. i bet their friends were tweeting them an saying, that looks like you. white baseball cap turned around backward was this kid's signature. so i know that they did not do the 7-eleven robbery, but when the cop came to respond to the robbery, they thought they were coming for them and shot the cop. >> we have justice correspondent pete williams. we also have some news, boston police saying there is a
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negotiator on the scene. there is now a negotiator on the scene. we can report that. that is obviously a very, very significant development in this. >> yeah. it may or may not be. >> pete? >> i was listening to that myself, chris. i don't know what it means. i'm sure on the scene there were negotiators ready to go. on one sense they were on the scene but what we don't know is if they are there standing talking to him at the boat. that's a more interesting question. we don't know that yet. but what we do know is about an hour and a half ago, there was gunfire at a bet that in the backyard after woman who called police and said she saw blood on the tarp of her boat and they responded, they sent a helicopter over. they did thermal imaging. they detected a body inside. a person inside. the police moved in. moved in slowly at first. there was an exchange of gunfire
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and a pause and then the police assaulted -- police and federal agent assaulted the boat. they threw flash bangs. we are hearing conflicting report whether that started the fire on the boat. it could be that that negotiator on the scene is actually there trying to talk to this person. but we don't know that part. we just know there's no resolution yet. >> pete, you may not know the answer to this. but i'll ask in case you do, which is that there is some speculation and i think not crazy speculation but given the timing in the police local law enforcement lifting the request that people stay indoors, and the fact that there seems to be movement towards where the suspect was, that that was some
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kind of rouse to draw him out. do you know anything about that? >> i can't imagine anyone thinking that would work. the thought is that he was wounded. from the encounter with the police last night. they killed his brother. he was wounded. we knew that because there was a trail of blood out of the car. i don't know how they thought that could have drawn him out. i don't know why they decided to lift it. maybe, as they said, it would be in essence returning to the status quo after the bombing. they knew there would be a bomber at large but this would be a more desperate one. it could be that they got a lot of tips and perhaps thought he wasn't in the area any more. we know they were aggressively chasing those down all day. the sub zipposition is that he in the area somewhere though. >> also he and his mother, that
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in the fire fight last night, there was a tremendous amount of gunfire and even other explosive devices utilized. i imagine that's a huge part of why we are seeing the kind of presence and kind of caution that we are seeing in proceeding here. >> so in terms of how the suspect or person in the boat is doing, there doesn't seem to be much movement now. but they have thermal imaging devices that are apparently finally calibrated enough to tell if somebody is still alive. they say the body is still giving a signature of someone still alive but believe he is in a very weakened condition. wh that's because he was weakened or because of his wound last night, we don't know. >> do you have a sense of what
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standard operationiing procedur under these circumstances? >> in what sense? >> well, what next? do they stay surrounding the boat? is there some decision made at a certain point to move in some do they try to bring someone out to negotiate with him? what is the way that some kind of -- this sort of thing will generally proceed or what are the options before law enforcement in terms of how they go about bringing this, we think, we think, to some kind of resolution? >> well, there will be some kind of decision shortly, that is quite clear. they threw the flash bang grenade it bring this to a conclusion. obviously their hope all along is to capture him alive. they want to know all sorts of questions. how did they think of this plot? were they directed by someone else? what was it that turnsed them against the u.s. and made them want it stage this bombing or if
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it didn't turn them against the u.s., why did they want it kill their fellow human beings? they have a lot of questions they want answered and they would like to certainly get him alive and put him on trial. gnats one of the goals here. preserving the safety of officers aeb make sure it is safe it approach him and try to capture hm alive if they can knowing he is a dangerous and desperate man. >> final question, pete. you just said capture him and put him on trial. senator lindsay graham tweeted today about urging the obama administration to consider not mirandizing, not using the standard procedures of due process for someone in a criminal proceeding but to make them an enemy combatant or some other parallel legal regime. i imagine investigators are
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proceeding according to the textbook in this case, which is essentially due process, u.s. constitution, doj procedure, is that right? pete? okay. all right. we now have someone on the phone, we have someone who grew up with dzhokar tsarnaev. she asked to go by her first name only. she went to school from 6th to 12th grade with him. is that right? >> yes, we went to the school around the corner and had recess together. from freshman to my senior year in high school. >> can i ask you to turn the tv down in there, if that's all right? >> yeah, no problem.
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>> we have on the phone andrenea. friends with suspect number two. we believe he is pinned down in a boat in a backyard. >> hello? >> can you tell me what your sense is of dzhokar? >> he was outgoing. a popular kid. he honestly would never hurt a fly. this is really weird to see him in a situation like this. >> also you've seen things today, you have been around the area, what have you seen? >> i've seen a lot of fbi detectives on his street and a lot of fbi agent walking around, searching high and low for him.
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walking around. and they are really on their feet today. >> has law enforcement contacted you to interview you about him? >> no. >> yeah, please? >> we were never that close. we knew each other through mutual friend. we hung out a few times. >> people have said that he was a pretty unassuming kid. he hung out in social circles, similar it yours. did you know his brother? did you have any sense of him at all? >> no, i never knew his brother. >> what is the reaction right now among all of the people in this social network? i was on twitter today reading some of the tweets from folks who apparently had been friends with dzhokar who are in disbelief and what is pinging around on your social circles,
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in twitter and text in reaction to this news? >> we are all very hurt. this is not the dzhokar we know. this is not the dzhokar we grew up with. so to see something like this, it is an innocent kid that would never hurt a fly. he is intelligent. he was always smart. he did everything right. he was a normal kid. no one would ever expect anything. we are all heart broken. the class of 2011 is really heart broken. >> that's andrenae who went to school with dzhokar tsarnaev, suspect number two. you will now go to nbc's kerry sanders. what do you have is. >> reporter: it was more than an hour ago we were getting toward
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do a live report with brian williams on the network and we heard a barrage of gunfire coming from that direction. that's about two and half blocks down there. charles river would be behind me. then it sort of makes a little bit after jog and the road turns up there. we all focus had attention up there and so did authorities. there were screaming vehicles of police heading that direction. up here, armored personnel. s.w.a.t. teams up this way. then converging about 50 minutes or so of silence. then we heard four shots. boom boom, boom boom. then a little bit of momentary silence. then i think eight or nine more shots. now this is very hard to do accurately. but as best as i could tell. the shot were coming from one source and not returning. because they had a similar sound and it did not sound like
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automatic gunfire. it sounded like the trigger was being pull owed noted on a semi. likely multiple officers -- there are some dogs going in there. not a surprise. k-9 un i have the been in the neighborhood. this has been the area of attention and the reason so, because in early morning hours, they believed their suspect was still about five blocks from where i am up here, over to the east. now he is found about a half mile that direction to the west. hiding in the back of a boat. there are reports a fire has been started inside the boat. it is believed he is wounded but still alive. >> let me just hop in. we have new information. suspect's body is still throwing off heat, we are told. there is thermal imaging used by law enforcement to be able to determine what is going on.
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>> and let's explain -- right. people have probably scene it in the movies. that's quite accurate. the thermal imaging. and when it is cold, your body has a heat signature and the high-tech gear can place out that heat signature. they can see which is his head and where are his feet if he is laying down, where he is in the boat to get a general sense of him being there. let's say he's been fatally wounded and he is dead. there would still be that heat signature there for some time. but if he is moving around the boat, if he is say moving from one side to the other and they see that heat signature moving and it is like a ghosting image that drags across from one to the other, they would then know he is still alive. but the authorities, you know, move down into that area. there is clearly, those that are on the front line, that s.w.a.t. teams that are working their positions, trying to cite in every detail of what they can, they try to set up a perimeter of semi circle and get a scene
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from the back side so they can see what is going on. water makh the river. but there is not a single piece of hardware or asset that police need here. if they have to borrow it from the military, the military is here, to determine what is going on in that area. i don't hear the helicopter any more. and from in and around the scene there. we hear a negotiator has been called in. that may be confusing to some. but clint vansandt said it would be a classic hand and glove operation to get the suspect to give up. the question is, does the suspect, as his brother, have a vest on with improvised
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explosives. there is no rush here. they will wait in out and feel this out to determine the best approach to move forward to take this person either into custody or recover his body. >> thank you. we have word that as we said before, the suspect's body still throwing off heat and he is probably still alive but weak, according to the boston police department. pete williams, noted that in the shootout in last night in early morning today, dzhokar tsarnaev and his brother, tamerlan tsarnaev, were involved in a shootout with quite a bit of gunfire. his older brother, suspect number one in the black hat, was pronounced dead at a local lopt. it is believed because of the blood in the car and trail of blood leaving from the car that dzhokar tsarnaev was wounded in that. if you think about the numbers number of hours since then, this is someone in hiding presumably for the last 14, 15, 16 hours with presumably gunshot wounds.
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it is hard to see exactly how this ends in him being alive unless there is a negotiation says established and he surrenders to the police. we also have a statement from the family -- we will go to nbc news coverage at the moment. >> walking away from sensitive positions. i would say, this is over. >> all right. you say a successful recovery? we would imply that they have this 19-year-old bombing suspect in custody, and he is alive. >> i don't know about that assumption. i think you've got the guy recovered with no injury, and whether -- they may throw me back here. is he alive? no telling. >> dan you're watching from there. cooper is on the other side talking to his sources.
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steve, what do you know? >> he is alive. he is in custody and he is alive. they have asked for a medic to the scene. >> suspect two. alive. ? custody. >> he is alive. and in custody. they are asking for a medic, which means they will try to treat him. i don't note specifics. but he is in custody. >> that the best news. 8:42 on friday night. >> all over? is it all over? >> let's listen to steve. >> all over. >> they have an ambulance there on the scene? >> and they think this guy is in good enough shape to be able to -- >> oh, we see the am blang pubu pulling in right now. that's great news, steve. >> any idea how they -- >> ambulance can now go to the scene. we don't know what condition he is in. okay. thanks. yeah. just to recap, from the scene,
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according to my source, the suspect is in custody, he is alive. don't know what condition he is in. they called a medic to the scene. it is still considered a hot scene. they are still officially securing the scene. but that would go along with what dan was saying with that, you know, light applauds that he may have heard from his vantage point. >>ity's been a horrifying week in boston, in the common wealth. the nati the nation. the world actually has been watching this chain of event. really about the best possible outcome tonight. the second suspect wanted in the marathon bombings, now alive. captured, in custody. and about to be attended by medics there in watertown. >> we don't know what his condition is right now. but dan, you're joining us with updated info as well. confirmation of what steve just said. >> that's right. state police gave me a strong
5:45 pm
handshake when asking if he was alive. yes, he is alive. they appear to be at ease. i'm suggesting they are going out birch or franklin area right now. but everybody is standing down. satisfied a few officers taking pictures to commemorate the moment of this successful end. incredible to think that when this city was -- and city surrounding it was shut down because of concern and danger and worry about how this would end. it ended with a whimper, not a bang. we had some bangs earlier. it could have easily ended with more but these officers, whatever they did, were able to bring this to a peaceful conclusion. >> fantastic, dan. of course now, as you mentioned, the medic is arriving there at the boat to check the condition of 19-year-old dzhokar tsarnaev. well find out the extent of his
5:46 pm
injuries. perhaps we will get that information. he is injured, but he is alive. steve and dan both getting confirmation from sources that he is alive and dan witnessed even some of the police officers there. actually giving an applaud. let's head outside it saw sto s. you also have additional info. >> we were just standing here awaiting the latest. a massachusetts state trooper walked by and says, he is alive and in custody, to cwhich folks here started applauding and said good job. he walked by and calmly said, he is alive, he is in custody. it was great relief to not only the folks who live here, but the folks who have traveled and been covering this for several days now. there's the latest on this end. it is a sense of relief as we
5:47 pm
try to figure out video of this suspect as we either gets into an ambulance or if he is brought out. because this is the direction that all of the vehicles have been entering. we're hoping that they are going to be exiting this way and we can bring some of that video to you. >> susan, that's sounds good. you almost can sense there's a collective sigh of relief. shoulders dropping. with the news that the second suspect is in custody in watertown. and alive. boston police also tweeting that information, and we have seen people there on the scene clapping, and officers taking photos to remember this night. and who would forget it. >> at some point we will get answers as to why he and his brother allegedly set those bombs at a boston marathon. finish line on boyleston street.
5:48 pm
>> all right, we are back from coverage from whdh in boston. what you just heard is a remarkable and genuinely surprising end to the standoff and manhunt that is absolutely dominated the nation's attention and has closed down the city of boston for the last 28 hours. what we have just seen is the end to the standoff. boston police tweeted that suspect dzhokar tsarnaev, that was involved in the marathon bombing on monday, he is alive and in custody. for everyone watching this play out throughout the day, everyone monitoring the news last night on scanners and social media and here on cable news, it is truly and genuinely surprising and
5:49 pm
somewhat remarkable. incredible job by law enforcement that he was brought in alive. suspect, once again, dzhokar tsarnaev, suspect number two in the bombing, was just brought in live. kerry? >> yeah, wayne metrano is here with us. i thought we would ask a resident held captive in his home here since last night, okay, so the final conclusion here is, that the suspect has been taken into custody and he is alive. so your thoughts about what you have been through in the past 24 hours. the fact he is in custody and wait it has concluded here. >> well, again, i was woken by the explosions which were just a mere 30, 35 feet from where i live here in watertown. and rapid gunfire which
5:50 pm
obviously got my curiosity. and the police and military is something like i have never seen before. >> how unsettling is it for you to be in your home, not allowed to leave until 6:00 today. then after being let out, discovering okay, just a short distance from here, they may have found the suspect. >> it is strain nj this respect, that watertown is a very, very easy going, very community type of environment. and this community with solidarity and people embracing one another, then dead ghost nothing. residents were frightened and stuck within their homes and didn't have the opportunity to go out and find out except for expressions from people like yourself. >> what is it like to be holed up in your home, unsure if someone is hiding in your basement or backyard. whether somebody is using you as a cover for their attempts to
5:51 pm
allude authorities. >> i noticed a number of police and military going to homes. >> did they enter your home? >> they did enter my home. >> explain that. what was it like? >> they knocked on the door and explained they were obviously looking for the suspect and with like it check out all of the residence. they checked about 200 different homes. >> right. but specifically your home. >> right. >> how reluctant for to you even open the door? >> not very. because of the situation that happened monday. the citizens of this community embraced the police and the fbi and other members of law enforcement and in trying to say, yeah, come in and scratch my house off the list as long as you feel safer and things happen well, you're welcome. >> chris, go ahead. chris, i'm sorry, i lost you. you have a question? >> o sorry. i got you back, kerry.
5:52 pm
>> it was quite an ordeal. there is an overwhelming sense in the entire town? >> yeah. i think so. we just grabbed him off the street here because he is walking down. i just have to believe that it is not just a sense of relief for watertown. did this suspect somehow allude the authorities? leave this area and where might he have gone? and you know, this was -- as they said at the very beginning, with the very first announcement made in the investigation, this cowardly act of people putting bombs at the finish line of the boston marathon and killed children and wounded innocent people who gathered for what is one of the highlight of new england. this and fourth of july. what is the sense of relief for you and do you have the desire to know why? they have taken him into
5:53 pm
custody. >> i want to know why. what would make an individual choose to hurt the innocent at that level, especially as you mentioned. marathon day and the unofficial white wakening to spring. people get out, have a good time, cletim time, cheer on people. there is no sense of intrepidation. now there is. we saw innocence being killed and murdered and mapled. i feel more secure. i felt good seeing the presence that i did as far as the police and such is concerned and the backing that the majority of the community members gave them. and the sense of well, we brought this to somewhat of an end at least at this level. >> so he is brought into custody. he may answer the question as to why. but with you dedon't know what will we ever understand why?
5:54 pm
>> i don't understand why. it is beyond belief why someone would want to mar a day of pride and embrace and enjoy -- >> and murder? >> and murder. >> thank you very much. >> chris, that's one resident's thoughts here. i'm sure we will hear from more. i think i heard my colleague lester holt on the other side of town, where they gathered on the streets, they heard there was gunfire and they thought at that point they had taken the suspect and either taken him into custody or he was dead, that there was cheering there because of a sense of relief. not cheering for the death or assume the assumed death, but the sense of, wow, it is over. >> let's go to nbc news terror expert. roger, we are told the suspect has been taken and is alive and in custody. so the question now is what happens next? >> chris, as you said, it is remarkable and incredibly good
5:55 pm
news. first thing they are going to do is question him. try to get to the bottom of the fundamental question, why? why did you do it. who else did you work with? were there any other explosive devices in places that the police have not identified them yet. they will begin that process. you mentioned earlier about a tweet from senator graham about not going through the civilian judicial process. it is inconceivable to me that the administration would do this. so i expect him to be mirandized. i think you expect him to be arraigned and the common wealth of massachusetts and people who suffered this heinous crime will want to see him prosecuted there. the second thing that happened, whatever information gleaned from the interrogation, they can put that into the process and sift through whether or not there are links overseas at all. whether or not his brothers traveled for six months to rush why was part of the event that triggered ultimately the attack
5:56 pm
on monday. so there are an enormous amount of questions that have to be asked. and now, tsarnaev is hopefully in good enough shape it answer the questions and go into the proper direction. >> boston police say they brought their suspect into custody live. an ambulance transported him. he is believed to have have gunshot wound. it is not clear how weakened he is. will he be arraigned and will that be by federal authorities or local police? >> because this is a terrorism investigation, i assume federal authorities and he would be arraigned in the federal courthouse in boston and the process will be going in that direction. what we have seen up to this point is we have seen terrorism cases tried in the southern district of new york and eastern
5:57 pm
district of virginia with great success. but you can imagine the justice's department capability and resources brought to bear here and i'm sure they will be highly confident that if this is tried in the common wealth they will feel very confident about the outcome. >> yeah. we have seen a long record of terrorism through mechanism, arrest, trials and successful conviction, stretching back to the aftermath of 9/11. of course, famously, 1993 world trade center bombing. you are seeing live images of watertown. it appears residents have come out on to the street, if i'm not mistaken, to cheer law enforcement. after an incredibly tense and bloody tragic day, a day in which an mit officer, by the name of sean collier was killed. the day the entire metropolitan
5:58 pm
boston and local surrounding suburbs were shut down and the t wasn't running. people stayed inside. checking news, monitoring social media bp told solely there was a single armed and extremely dane injurious suspect, on the streets, who along with his brother apparently fired off 200 round. who had possession of it appears improvised explosive diveevices. at the end of that long standoff, amazingly, it appears he has been taken alive. the suspect dzhokar tsarnaev. 19-year-old american citizen, brother of tamerlan tsarnaev. older suspect, 26-year-old, pronounced dead in the hospital. law enforcement on the scene
5:59 pm
said dzhokar sustained significant blood loss. not surprising since there was that gun battel that pete williams described. given that law enforcement officials noted there was blood streaking out of the car he occupied. you are seeing local residents streaming on to the street. you can see the sense of catharsis which is a completely understandable emotion underneath the conditions that everyone there, particularly in local watertown, the epicenter of the shut down, they have seen a tremendous amount of tactical units and heavily armed law enforcement officials going through the streets. they are told an armed killer is stalking through their streets and had to stay inside, peeking out windows at the end of all this, at the end of 28, 30 hours, and just yesterday, it is remarkable we are sitting here tonight, that just yesterday the fbi came before the nation with photos


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