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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  April 24, 2013 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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this wednesday, april 24th. we have some other headlines, including a tweet that sent stocks plummetplummeting. when news of the hoax was made public, they go right back up. also the sequester's impact on air traffic delays spreading across the country. does congress have a plan to end the furloughs for air traffic controllers? first to our top story live at 5:30 a.m. at 30 rock in new york city. we begin with the latest from boston where according to federal officials the surviving suspect in the marathon bombing say he and his brother were self-radicalized and the attack was fueled towards their anger over the u.s. wars in iraq and afghanistan. federal authorities believe dzhokhar tsarnaev and his brother acted alone when they detonated two pressure cooker bombs. the 19-year-old who suffered gunshot wounds is listed in fair
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condition. officials say he claims the instructions from making the bombs came from an english language magazine supported by al qaeda's affiliate in yemen. the wife of the dead bombing suspect said it was absolute shock that her husband was involved. the suspect's mother who refuses to believe her sons had anything to do with last monday's bombing also told cnn "their protector is god who is allah, the only one, allah, okay? if they're going to kill him, i don't care. my oldest one has been killed and i don't care. i don't care if my youngest one is going to be killed today. i want the world to hear this. and i don't care if i'm going to get killed too, okay? and i will say allahu akbar, that is what i'm going to say. janet napolitano was grilled over her department's knowledge of the older brother's overseas travel, an issue now factoring into the debate over immigration
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reform. >> was your department aware of his travels to russia and if you weren't, the reason? >> yes, the system pinged when he was leaving the united states. by the time he returned, all investigations had been -- the matter had been closed. >> is it true his identity document did not match his airline ticket and if so why did tsa miss the discrepancy? >> there was a mismatch there. by the way, the bill will help with this, it requires that passports be electronically readable as opposed to having to be manually input. it really does a good job of getting human error to the extent it exists out of the process. >> today vice president joe biden will attend a memorial service for sean collier, who is the m.i.t. campus police officer who was killed on thursday night. collier and 8-year-old martin richard were both laid to rest
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yesterday. one fund boston, the foundation set up by mayor tom menino and deval patrick raised $20 million in just one week. federal authorities are now questioning a different person of interest after abruptly dropping charges against the man, did they originally believed sent letters containing the poison ricin to president obama and two other public officials. paul kevin curtis, a part-time elvis impersonatoimpersonator, arrested last wednesday spoke to reporters shortly after his release. >> the last seven days, staring at four gray walls, not really knowing what's happening, not having a clue why i'm there. when you've been charged with something, you just never heard of it, ricin or whatever, i thought they said rice. i said i don't even eat rice.
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>> yesterday authorities searched the home of another man who is considered an online rival of mr. curtis. he denies having anything to do with the ricin letters. stock markets on edge, temporarily knocked off its axis on tuesday by a single tweet. a hacker broke into the associated press's twitter account and posted that two explosions occurred in the white house and that president obama was injured. moments after that, the twitter account with nearly 2 million followers was suspended. the tweet actually did not disappear, the false message continued to spread because it was retreated more than 4,000 times. the dow lost almost 140 points instantly. if you didn't buy or sell in that stretch, steve, nothing happened to you. but a lot of trades were made.
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i guess people want to know who made and lost money, and what does this say about our markets? >> says a couple of things. one that the markets are looking at the social media thieves, looking aggressively these days at what news is coming out from them. it used to come from more official wire sources. the second point is it's probably not a lot of individual trader s who would have gotten on that period it happened 1:08 and was closed by 1:10. so it's the traders who pick up key words and trade aggressively and quickly on the back of it. a lot of private individuals probably wouldn't have got on the price move which at one point wiped about $140 billion off the price of the s&p, which has a cumulative value of about 14.6 trillion. it was an enormous move, but i'm not sure how many individuals would have got on that one. it's more like the professionals with algorithmic traders.
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>> i want to talk about apple, they reported late earnings yesterday. the first profit drop in about a decade. people want to know if new products are coming or whether this company is, dare i say, on the decline? >> on the decline. they sold 37.4 million ipads -- iphones, 19.4 million ipads. over $43 billion worth of revenue in the quarter. i don't know how much on the decline this company is yet, plus they're handing back about $100 billion in renewed program to get the investors happy again, on the back of what has been a declining share price. yes, things are tougher than it has been at apple for a long time, but they're still making money hand over fist. enormous cash flow and upping the returning to shareholders. it's not all doom and gloom over at apple. >> thanks, steve sedgwick live for us in london. also want to talk about what's going on in the skies. no relief in sight as the
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nation's airports, the sequester continuing to take its toll on the airline industry. harry reid says democrats will present a plan to replace the sequester cuts using money saved by ending the war in afghanistan. the white house says it would a renew new legislation bringing air traffic controllers back, but mitch mcconnell is blaming the obama administration for the cuts in the first place. >> i would argue political motives, thousands of people were stuck on tarmacs over the last few days. the faa's mismanagement of this issue is a source of bipartisan frustration. our goal here shouldn't be to score political points on the backs of weary travelers. it should be to fix the problem. >> i find it fascinating that mitch mcconnell, the leader of the republican party in the senate is decrying the sequester that he decried in the past and
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then supported. this is a result of the sequester being implemented. we made it clear that there would be these kinds of negative effects if congress failed to take reasonable action to avert the sequester. >> transportation secretary ray lahoud says safety is not being cop compromised. >> this can be prevented. the sequester can be lifted by congress changing the law. >> should people be worried if they're flying about safety being compromised? >> absolutely not. we never compromise safety. safety is always our number one priority. democrats face a new hurdle in their bid to keep control of the u.s. senate in 2014. finance committee max baucus
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says he will not seek a seventh term in office. bachus has served in washington for more than 40 years, he actually has nearly 5 million in campaign cash on hand, that's why it surprised people. a powerful voice on tax issues, the 71-year-old has at times clashed with fellow democrats for his opposing his own party's initiatives in some instances. he was one of four democrats who voted last week against expanded background checks for gun sales. there are now six democrats in the senate who will not be running for re-election next year. most of whom represent politically competitive seats. party leaders in montana are looking to brian schweitzer as their best chance for holding on to that seat. after holding two separate dinners with senate republicans over the past few weeks, last night president obama hosted a bipartisan group of female senators at the white house. all 20 women, most ever to serve in the senate at the same time, were invited. the group discussed ongoing
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budget issues as well as immigration reform and education. senator christian gillibrand explained to andrea mitchell how the idea for the dinner came about. >> i said, you know, now that you're starting your new term if you want to create a bipartisan agenda, a great place to start is with the women senators. we meet regularly and have a dinner every quarter. oftentimes the women reach across party lines and reach consensus. he said that is a great idea. >> you want to know what they ate, right? they had alaskan halibut and a bit of peach pie. as always, why are you awake? shoot us an e-mail or tweet us. we'll read the best responses later in the show. still ahead on "way too early," the college football playoff is only a year and a half away. that means they have a lot of time to come up with a jazzy name. what they came up with is not
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too jazzy. and steve colbert's view on chris christie's tv viewing habits. we'll have that story and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back. >> one of the most agonizing moments in american military history, they were 200 miles from the hostages but they couldn't go on. not all of them returned. while the helicopters were being refueled for the return trip, one of them exploded. eight men died, four more were burned a huge fireball illuminated the darkness of the night.
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just mix it in, and take play to new places. three cans in every pack. new beneful medley's. 5:44 a.m. on the eastern part of the u.s. you're looking at new york city. beautiful shot. let's go to bill karins and
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check on the weather the. >> all points bulletin for new england. red alert. ba barnacle has chantaken out the shorts. it's spring. >> seeing them under the table, it's not good. >> after yesterday, the cloudy weather, the rainy weather out on cape cod, the low clouds, we have finally turned the corner. great news for everyone. look at today. we'll have one of the warmest days of the year, new york city, 74 degrees. philly, 74. d.c., 77. slightly cooler in boston. i think about six or seven days in a row, highs will be in the 60s each and every day. most of those days will be dry an sunny. that's your reward for a miserable spring. back to the midwest, still raining from indiana back to south of st. louis. that's where it will be rainy day. winter is still in full effect from the northern plains through denver. windchills this morning are in the 20s. even there, there's good news.
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the midwest who suffers through the snow and cold even worse than new england, this weekend in minneapolis, a pair of 70s. we're turning the corner. thanks, bill. now to sports. lance armstrong may have to pay the piper, or at least repay the postal service. the u.s. justice department officially filing its lawsuit against the disgraced scyclist. it said armstrong was unjustly enriched while performing in the tour de france. the department is seeking triple damages assessed by the jury, but it has a heavy burden of proof. it must prove not only was the postal service defrauded but also damaged. armstrong contends the usps profited from the deal. warriors/nuggets, game number two. steph curry heating up.
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third quarter, curry nails another three. warriors in control. in the fourth, curry ended up with 30 points. series tied at 1. the heat taking on the bucks. milwaukee sniffed a bit of an upset in the fourth quarter, then the heat put the kibosh on that with a 12-0 run. the heat take the win and a 2-0 series lead. knicks/celtics at msg. to the fourth quarter, jason kidd, he will take a paul pierce pass, get it to raymond felton. and it will be a nice j.r. smith finish on this one. the knicks pull away again late. they won by 16. 34 for carmelo. knicks go up two games to zip as well. mlb, time lapse video of grounds crews at coors field in denver clearing snow before a doubleheader twobetween the rocs and braves. in the top of the fifth, b.j.
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upton goes deep. on the very next pitch, his brother, justin upton smacks one over the right center field wall. that's back-to-back homers by a pair of brothers. the first since paul and lloyd wainer in 1938. barnacle, you still have your stub from that game? listen, i've been waiting all morning for that one. every time the reds pitchers strike out 11 batters, la rosa's pizzeria gives away a pizza with toppings. they average 26,000 fans a game and it's cost them already 100,000 bucks. big news out of college sports, we have a name for college football's new four-team playoff. apparently they brought in the biggest minds in marketing to come up with the perfect title. you want to know what it is?
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i want a drum roll. the college football playoff. >> ah. >> wow! that's the name. college football playoff. the four-team playoff will get underway in the 2014/2015 season. to more serious matters, coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," we will update the new information on the boston bombing suspects as we learn how and when they may have been radicalized. when we come back, lewis in the house. that burger, it's vintage.
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let's talk about some fun stuffs at the cooler. what have you got? >> we have a lot of stuff. we have to move quickly. you know this guy, a.j. clemente, he was fired after his first time on a morning show after swearing into the mike. the station might have canned him, but david letterman thinks there's a new career for him on the horizon. >> a.j. clemente was fired by kfyr after this unfortunate incident on his first day. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] after being relieved of his position, a.j. is proud to announce he's available to come
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curse for you. that's right. for a nominal fee, a.j. clemente will curse at your corporate event. birthday party. [ bleep ] bar mitzvah. [ bleep ] or just to tell that special someone you love her. act now and get half off golf appearances. [ bleep ]. >> a.j. clemente will come to curse for us here on "morning joe" at the 8:00 hour. i feel bad for a.j., but i feel worse for him now. >> he'll get another job. >> i feel worse for him now, because he will have to deal with mika. she doesn't take potty mouth lightly. >> no, she does not. >> let's move on to chris christie. even politicians are subject to scrutiny from time to time as we know. new jersey governor chris christie can thank 4-year-old tommy zananeli for his latest gaffe. earlier this month tommy asked the governor a question at a town hall meeting.
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>> this is your time. get the microphone. what's your favorite tv show. >> i don't have a real favorite show. but i like to watch sports on tv. when i have time to do it, that's what i do. >> what is your favorite tv show? >> scooby do. >> how old are you? >> four. >> that was my favorite too when i was four. >> shocking. shocking that scooby doo is still on the air. it turns out christie was full of scooby doo-doo and exposed by a watchdog group who reported given the governor's birthday and the official premiere date of scooby doo where are you, christie would have been seven years old, not 4, when he watched the show's first episode. >> give the guy a break. i can't remember what i did yesterday much less what i did when i was four. >> i don't think it will derail his career. >> i think he'll be okay. we told you yesterday about
2:55 am
former congressman anthony weiner and his return to twitter. jimmy fallon shows us his first twit pick. >> anthony weiner may be running for mayor of new york city. he may be trying to get the word out this week he returned to twitter. that's just what my computer needs, more pop-ups. anthony weiner, he already posted his first tweet. it was a photo on a pamphlet on how to help new york city. seriously. there it is. can we zoom out on that? there you go. >> come on. >> he can't help himself. >> i think it's too early in the morning for that. >> i think weiner is waiting to finish that cycle of p90 x. >> the jokes never get old. if you're eating breakfast, you might want to put your spoon down.
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a guy in utah discovered this hamburger he bought in 1999 in an old jacket. >> that's a 14-year-old burger? >> extremely old jacket. 14 years later, the bun and patty seems to look identical. the only thing is the pickles disintegrated. it was 79 cents 14 years ago. so, why did the burger stay in his coat pocket for so long? he describes it here. >> it ended up in a paper sack, in the original sack with the receipt, in my coat pocket, tossed in the back of my truck t sat there for two, three months. the coat ended up in the coat closet, my wife discovered this about a year or two after that. we pulled it out, we went my gosh. i can't believe it looks the same way. >> just a scary story all around. >> how much would you take to eat that? >> i would not. you who have to pay me a lot.
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10 grand. i think 10 grand is my price. the man is now showing the burger to his grand kids to warn them about preservatives and fast foods, no kidding. >> your tweets and -- sorry, it's you. >> the whole show, i don't get any of it. still ahead on "way too early," why you're awake. your tweets, texts and e-mails are next. "morning joe" is moments away. ♪ even superheroes need superheroes, and some superheroes need complete and balanced meals
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