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tv   First Look  MSNBC  May 1, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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the senators that vote against that are paying the price. this is not over. this is not over by any stretch of the imagination. gun control groups confront kelly ayotte on the gun control bill. plus, atlanta's plans for one of the coolest stadiums ever. the world's smallest stop-motion movie, made with individual atoms. and weather that could pack a wallop. good morning.
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president obama is taking his push for immigration reform to mexico tomorrow. here at home, he says don't count him out on gun control and fixing the budget. all this as the president used his 100th day in office, to define his response on guantanamo bay. >> it is a heavy agenda. he's been unable to stop the big budget cuts and unable to push through gun control legislation. all of that against him, president obama is saying don't count me out yet. >> i'm confident there's a range of things we'll be able to get done. >> reporter: like immigration reform. >> that's going to be a historic achievement. >> reporter: the president heads to mexico tomorrow, with a bill moving through congress. will it pass? analysts think it can. >> the reason they can get it done is because republicans don't turn those hispanic voters down. >> reporter: not so optimistic on the budget. meat inspectors and air traffic controllers got a pass. but the president says --
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>> that's not a solution. >> reporter: with a hunger strike on the way, he's determined to close guantanamo bay, again. but not so fast on dealing with syria. >> if we end up rushing to judgment without hard, effective evidence, then we can find ourselves in a position where we can't mobilize the international community to support what we do. >> reporter: lawmakers back home this week, also under fire. >> i'm just wondering why the burden of my mother being gunned down in a hallway of her elementary school isn't as important as that. >> let me just say that i'm obviously so sorry. all of us want to make sure that that doesn't happen again. >> reporter: headed back to deal with part two of the president's agen agenda. and back to deal with the rest of the boston bombing investigation, overseeing the fbi, what they knew before that bombing. president obama is defending the agency. >> tracie potts, live in washington. thanks so much. the food and drug
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administration has considered a proposal to make the plan b morning-after pill more accessible. girls as young as 15 will be able to buy the pill without a prescription. plan b will be sold on store shelves. the proposal stops short of a full over-the-counter, no age restriction order, issued by a federal judge last month. new video has surfaced showing what's appeared to be the final seconds of a tragic cargo flight. a car's dash cam showed the plane coming down. we should warn you that the video is very disturbing. military officials say this appears to be the civilian cargo plane that crashed monday after
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takeoff from bagram airfield in afghanistan. six of the seven killed from michigan, the seventh from kentucky. now, to the latest in the boston bombing case. the nation's top intelligence chief is ordering an across-the-board review. james clapper is directing agencies into the handling of information received prior to the attack. questions are being asked whether the u.s. should have known one of the suspects, older brother, tamerlan tsaranev, posed a security threat. tamerlan's body has still not been claimed. his widow, katherine russell, is asked that his remains be released to his family. investigators have spent hours interviewing the 24-year-old russell over the last week. a poll shows an overwhelming number of americans favor public surveillance. cameras provided key clues to the case.
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and after news that the suspects learned to make explosives over the internet. more than two-thirds say that kind of information should not be allowed online. here's your first look at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. the race to fill john kerry's senate seat will pit ed markey, a four-year veteran, will face gabriel gomez, a former navy s.e.a.l. and harvard grad. when chris christie tells you to cover his ears, you should heed his advice. >> let me use a word that is indelicate. and there's some children here. i see one. will there be more. cover your ears. [ bleep ]. okay. that's what it is. >> major policy shift for paul ryan. the 2012 gop vice presidential nominee says he supports
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adoption rights for same-sex couples. in 1999, ryan voted against the rights for couples in washington, d.c. but says he would vote differently today. sandra day o'connor says -- al gore says he made the decision long ago to respect the rule of law. >> i strongly disagreed with their opinion. said so. but the rule of law is really the bedrock of american democracy. arizona republican senator, jeff flake, is acknowledging that his vote against background checks may have hurt his reputation back home. after a new poll calling him the most hated congressman in the country, puts him just below pond scum. the "hustler" founder says no one has done more to expose
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the sexual hypocrisy values of america. and president obama's speech at the white house correspondent dinner was a big hit at home. but a bigger hit in china. the president's speech has amassed some 25 million views where it's complete with chinese subtitles. that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. the calendar says it's may. but parts of the midwest are dealing with winter-like weather. bill karins is here with more. what gives? >> i have to think what is below pond scum. the goldfish, where you had to clean the glass in the fish tank. >> i'm going to get myself in trouble. >> this snow, that's a bad word in its own right. 28 degrees right now in cheyenne, wyoming, and snowing. denver was 39 last hour. and now, down to 36. and you're heading in the wrong direction. and the snow will break out in denver, as we go throughout the morning hours. again, we're only expecting
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somewhere -- only. only about three to six inches in denver. that's going to be enough to cause some headaches. any higher elevations or the elevated surfaces like bridges and overpasses. where is this all heading? it's going to snow in a lot of areas that don't typically see may snow. and we're going to have records because of it. minneapolis, omaha, a chance of seeing snowflakes. kansas and kansas city, have a chance to see snowflakes. it's been 70 or 80 degrees. the earth temperature is very warm. as the snow is falling, it will be melting at the same time. we're thinking of one to three inches areas in nebraska, into the northwestern sections of iowa. minneapolis included, maybe one to three inches of snow, especially on the grass. a lot of the roads will be okay. it's been so warm lately. this time of year, you worry about the storms, severe weather, too. thankfully, there's not a lot of indication of tornadoes. we will see strong
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thunderstorms, for areas just west of oklahoma city, just west of dallas, and austin, just north of san antonio. large hail and winds with those storms. the east coast, you're beautiful. you're gorgeous. you're going to have more thunderstorms in florida. but the midwest is going to be not. 83 in chicago today. it's going to be 40 in minneapolis. >> my heart goes out to those people. i hope it warms up for them quickly. coming up, we could see a ruling today this the trial of the philadelphia abortion doctor. plus, the car that gets about 1,000 -- you heard me right -- 1,000 miles to the gallon. and a break in the search to the person who sent deadly ricin to president obama. [ male announcer ] if she keeps serving up sneezes...
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a tragic accident in kentucky. authorities say a 5-year-old boy was playing with his .22 caliber rifle when he shot and killed his 2-year-old sister. his mother said he received the gun last year as a gift. a visibly angry new york mayor michael bloomberg is
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defending the nypd's controversial stop and frisk policy. on tuesday, bloomberg said critics were an angry mob. george zimmerman has decided to take his chances with a jury. the 29-year-old waived his stand your ground hearing tuesday, where his fate would have been decided solely by a judge. he will stand trial for the shooting death of trayvon martin last february. the man accused sending letters laced with ricin, ordered a key ingredient over the internet. traces of ricin were found at his business. today will be the full first day of deliberations in a trial of a abortion doctor. he faces the death penalty, after prosecutors say babies were born alive and killed at
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his clinic. a film called "a boy and his atom." it's pretty cool. you can check it out on nbc we have your latest in business headlines. good morning. >> good morning. automakers report their april sales numbers today. the pace is expected to top 15 million vehicles for the sixth-straight month. volume picking up with the start of the spring selling season. demand for pickup trucks is also recovering in the housing market. and president obama is expected to nominate tom wheeler, today, to be the next fcc chairman. that would replace julius janikowski. he is expected to tap melvin watt to head the house oversees agency. and investors will look for reports on private sector payrolls ahead of friday's jobs report. as well as manufacturing and construction spending. busy day ahead. >> we'll keep an eye on all of
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it. turning, now, to wall street. the past three years have seen investors sell in may and go away. this year, stocks ended april on a high note, with all three indexes up, double-digits for the year. if the fed promises to continue easy money policies today, the streak could continue. tuesday, appled held a bond auction for its share holders. dreamworks is said to be close to a deal to acquire the youtube network "awesomeness tv." the blackstone group has joined a plan to put vets to work. and moms have four months of paid leave and two months for new dads. "consumer reports" claimed that half of turkey samps
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contained fecal bacteria. the national turkey medication calls the study alarmist. ray lahood is said to be assuring lawmakers that 149 small airport towers, slated to be closed in june, will remain open. memorial day airfares are actually down slightly this year, to an average $341. and aaa says april gas prices were the lowest in three years, at an average $3.55 a gallon. how far will $3.55 get you? well, if you're driving one of these concept cars at the supermileage challenge in indianapolis, one gallon of gas will take you over 1,000 miles. coming up, tim tebow's offers are coming in. but they're probably not the kind he was hoping for. plus, canada patrick's talents appear to go well beyond auto racing. [ male announcer ] running out of steam?
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thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally. turning to one of our top political stories, president obama's agenda. good morning. thanks for being here. >> good to be here. >> the president had this impromptu press conference. he talked about closing guantanamo. how much do you think is influenced by the hunger strike going on there now? >> unfortunately, too much. they should not -- the hunger strike should not influence the policy of the white house. this is an interesting choice by
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the president right now. this will not go over well right now with a republican-controlled house. he's not going to get there through. some of the surprise he is using his political muscle right now, whatever he has left, on this. >> you mention whatever he has left. to paraphrase one of the questions he was asked. he's 100 days into his second term. does he have enough juice left to get key parts of his agenda through? >> immigration is that topic. he should use his political influence to engage republicans on immigration. get a pathway a way to work in the united states for those here illegally right now. they are here illegally. we have to do something about it. republicans want a solution. he has enough juice to work with them to get it done. >> one of the other things he talked about was syria, and a possibility of the u.s. intervention there. does the public have the stomach to see u.s. troops intervening in someone else's mess? >> not right now.
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unless there's clear justification. if it can be proven to the public. there's not enough tolerance by the united states public to see troops used once more. the outcome right now is unclear as to what happened with libya. in egypt, we supported the uprising. and morsi is not our biggest supporter right now. the middle east policy is messy for president obama. if president obama would work with russia, the u.n., with nato, to get a solution, but not going in unilaterally. >> he's not ready to give up when it comes to gun control performs. but politically, that would be a huge challenge. is that issue dead in the water? or is there hope to get something done? >> it would be good for everybody to increase background checks and mental health chex. he needs to work on that. is it a reality? probably not. but something along with immigration, he should work on it. he is able to put his foot down
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on it. and to go back so quickly would be a big embarrassment for him. turning from politics to sports. overtime for the blues and kings. l.a. goalie jonathan quick went behind the net to play the puck. but alex steen of st. louis stole the puck and backhanded it into the net. blues over the 'canes, 2-1. and between periods of the blackhawks/wild game, danica patrick was on the ice in a chicago jersey. she took a shot at the goal. the omaha bee for the champion indoor football league, made an offer to tim tebow after he was cut by the new york jets. the beef offered him 75 bucks a game. that's compared to the $2 million tebow earned with the jets. the atlanta falcons are building a new stadium. and proposed design are a proposed of a dome stadium.
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and joe frazier, where he trained, has been designated as a historic site. on tv, in puerto rico, sportscasters reported a new career record for three-pointers in their pro basketball league. and they got a little excited about that. [ speaking in foreign language ] tlapt to's pitcher, tim hudson, was a triple threat, when he hit a long ball to right field, that bounced over for a home run. and the braves beat the nationals 8-1, for hudson's 200th victory. in college baseball, a squirrel led players on a chase in kansas. the runaway critter was scooped up by tyler baker in his batting
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here's what people are talking about. there's new reports that new york governor andrew cuomo will not run for president in 2016, if hillary clinton does. in a statement, hillary said she appreciates the decision and the support. and she added, because i would crush you. well, "downton abbey" fans
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are working on products to be released this year. jamie foxx has been offered the daddy warbucks roll in the "annie" remake. foxx's name won't be warbucks. the updated name is benjamin stacks. the paramedic who tried to revive michael jackson was called as the first witness in his wrongful death case. the paramedic says jackson looked like someone who was at the end stage of a long disease process and clearly hadn't been breathing for a long time. hundreds of dancers descended on new york to apply for the rockettes. and robert downey jr. continued the press rounds for "iron man 3" by ringing the bell at the new york stock exchange.
2:29 am
the actor surprised hundreds of young hurricane sandy volunteers at an early screening of the film. made their day. this is "first look" on msnbc. don't go anywhere. "way too early" starts right now. ♪ do you still have the juice to get the rest of your agenda for this congress? >> if you put it that way, jonathan, maybe i should pack up and go home. as mark twain said, rumors of my demise may be a little exaggerated at this point. >> don't mess with the prez. this is "way too early." we have juice. we have a lot to talk about this morning, including that extensive press conference by the president. he tackled the closing of gitmo,
2:30 am
the red line in syria. and takes a new jabs at congress. we'll run through the highlights, straight ahead. also, a heated town hall exchange, as one of the senators who voted against the background checks bill, get confronted by a family member of the newtown victim. we'll show you why she walked out. first, let's get to the news, 5:30 a.m. here in new york city. we start in syria. and the question, where is the red line when our country will intervene in syria's civil war? in a news conference yesterday, president obama said, if syria had used chemical weapons, it would be a game-changer. but he was careful not to make any definitive claims. >> what we now have is evidence that chemical weapons have been used inside of syria. but we don't know how they were used, when they were used, who used them. we don't have a chain of custody, that establishes what exactly


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