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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  May 1, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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show me how close the gun to you. >> to right at your head? >> yes. >> did in any way you think at that point this is the guy the fbi is looking for? >> no. the heated town hall conversation between senator kellie ayotte and the daughter of sandy hook's slain principal. >> i'm just wondering why the burden of my mother being gunned down in the has of her elementary school isn't as important. >> here hear senator ayotte's response coming up. >> the moral and security dilemma, and the hunger strike of more than half the prisoners. >> i don't want these individuals to die. obviously the pentagon is trying to manage the situation as best they can. but i think all of us should
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reflect on why exactly are we doing this? i want does anyone have a solution to the political and security road blocks to closing this prison? we'll hear from the top democrat on house armed services, congressman adam smith. and could you live 1.50 a day? the vice president's sons are going to be here to tell us how they joined the campaign to make people aware of global hunger. good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington with breaking news. the fbi has noun taken into custody three additional people in connection with the boston marathon bombing investigation. the three were roommates of dzhokhar tsarnaev. we have more details from nbc news justice correspondent pete williams. and joining us from boston, nbc news investigative correspondent michael isikoff. pete, first to you, on the three suspects and what we believe their connection is, and the possible charges. >> well, we should emphasize that authorities say there's no
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indication, none whatsoever that any of these three had anything to do with the bombing. what they're accused of doing is taking some things action some items that belonged to dzhokhar tsarnaev, throwing them away, and then denying that they did that when the fbi questioned them about it. now, two of these people are here from student visas from kazakhstan. the third is a united states citizen. we don't have that person's name. they were already in hot water with immigration authorities, because they were here on student visas, and the requirement is that you stay in school and study, but they were under investigation for not attending classes. they had been living in an
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apartment in new bedford, michigan. that's where they were detained five days after the bombing. a lawyer for one of the men had said earlier they were just as shocked and horrified as anyone else about what happened, they could not fathle something like that from a kid, referring to the bombing suspect, who seemed to be a typical college student. one of that you are lawyers has denied they had anything to do with this. they're ages 19 and 20. we don't have the age on the third, but presumably he's roughly the same age, because he was living in the dormitory originally with dzhokhar tsarnaev. so for the past ten days or so, they've been questioning them, assuming that snug was thrown away from the dorm room, and that accounts for the very high-profile search you saw of the landfill.
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so that's what these charges are about, about lying to the fbi, precisely what their state of mind was, is something that won't be clear until the charges are unsealed, and i suspect that will take place 2 1/2, 3 hours from now. >> that will be, of course, in boston in federal court, we would believe. michael isikoff, you're on duty there in boston. >> reporter: right. we are -- actually the lawyer for two of those suspects just told one of mice colleagues, that there will be a hearing at 3:30 this afternoon. we haven't confirmed that with federal authorities yet, but that's what the lawyer for the two of the suspect is saying just alternates while ago. the spokes won for the u.s. attorney was soon here, spoke to some reports, and said the charges are still under seal, they won't be unsealed until the clerk does so and assigned a
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judge. all of that could happen very quickly and we'll clearly get a lot of these questions that we still have cleared up at that time i should point out, the detention of those two students from kazakhstan was confirmed by immigration authorities two saturdays ago. none of the details about what their -- any possible connection to the bombing was disclosed at that time or confirmed at that time, but there was a lot of questions, because these were two known to be friends, colleagues, co-students of dzhokhar tsarnaev. a lot of hard profile searching going on, we all showed and saw one of the items they were looking for was a missing laptop and fireworks receipts. whether it connects to these
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three individuals we're going to have to wait and see this afternoon when there's an initial court appearance. >> pete and michael, we also want to talk about danny, the name we are using, at his request, the carjacking victim, the alleged victim is now speaking out. he had an interview with matt lauer on "today" he asked that his identify be obscured, but we gave fascinating details of his night. >> dzhokhar, when -- so -- it was only one in the car. >> if you're going to escape, it had to be quick. >> yeah. >> what did you have to do? >> i was thinking i'm fast, and i opened the door. >> with your left hand you under did the seat belt, and you took off. >> did you hear him react. >> yes, he tried to grab me. i could feel it. >> with his hand he tried to
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grab your back, but just missed you. >> it was very close. i could feel it. >> so, pete williams, this is going it could very important testimony. he is being obscured for now, but he has said he will testify in open court. >> that's right. we've been in touch with him since the day after the carjacking by e-mail. he's slowly coming out as it's less traumatic. it's an important element of getting the suspects from the scene of the shooting of the policeman in cambridge to the scene of the shooting in watertown, where the older brother was killed. so he is in essence, the link between one place to the other. not only his testimony, but the fact he arrived there in his suv which they car jacked. >> thank you, pete williams. michael, i know you'll be reporting back through the hour
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as you developed more leads. meanwhile, nest week, the first of what is likely to be a series of hearings will be held going all the way back to 2011. republican congressman jason tatum sits on the committee. congressman, thanks very much what are the key questions you want to know about the issues of what the fbi was told by the russians, what the fbi shared or didn't share with the cia and vice versa, and what follow-up took place or should have taken place after tamerlan's visit. >> we're all cheers on the fbi and others involved in the investigation right now. we want them and need them to do their job. we have every reason to believe they're doing a great job, but prior to the attack itself,
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there's always been this concern about stove piping, did one agency properly share information with another agency. first and foremost is did they share that with the local terrorism people in boston. we've seen some written reports, not verified, but a legitimate question to dive into, i think, is did the other agencies properly share this information that we knew about these people with that body, because obviously if the boston counterterrorism folks are going to do that job, they need the information. that's a legitimate question. >> what do we know about the russian eavesdropping or wiretap on the mother, which is what may have tipped them off to tamerlan in the first place? >> by most accounts we did not have sources and methods in terms of how the russians were able to obtain this information, but if russia is shares concerns with american, that raises it to a whole other level.
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there's another report that supposedly one of these brothers had applied for a visa to go into saudi arabia, that was denied and there was written confirmation given back, saying look we denied this visa. one of the other questions i think we need to ask is these people were claiming asylum, yet on the welfare program, taking a lot of public assistance, how is it and who is it that paid for these flights? how is it that somebody who can't afford basic food and necessities, on food stamps, suddenly has the ability to fly internationally? doesn't that register on somebody's radar? you're claiming asylum, yet still wig ig to go back to the area? those are things that should be flashing red lights. one explanation is it was their parents that first claimed asylum, so they did not claim asylum, and one is a u.s. citizen. >> but again that's why we've got to ask these questions. i think always we look back
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prior to the bombing itself, i'm sure the chairman and others will dive into this, peter king and others. we need some answers. >> i do want to knock down one thing, at least the saudis are denying having any knowledge of tamerlan prior to the boston bombings. there's also a denial from intelligence agencies they had any warning in saudi arabia. just to put that one report out of loaned been to rest. >> and this is why we have to have hearings and ask some people on the record to help clarify this for us. >> i want to also ask you about guantanamo, congressman. the president was very forceful yesterday about saying he wants to engage congress, but it's not clear what can be reengaged. congress has voted repeatedly to prevent prisoners from being transferred to the united states for trial, being brought here for the construction of any super-max prison which was proposed, as you know back in illinois, and also congressional mandates not to transfer even the 86 who had been pre-cleared
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by all of our intelligence agencies to go back to mostly yemen, to absent a waiver. where do we stand now? we could have these people, especially the 86 who say are low-level detainees? the problem is the president doesn't have an enemy combatant policy in this country. he doesn't know how to deal with it. it's not simple enough to say, hey, we're going to pour them into the regular traditional courts we have. we're not just going to bring them back to new york city and treat them as if they're a petty theft person. guantanamo bay is uniquely situationed, and until the president and the administration can put forward a plan and ask the right questions on what to
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do with an enemy combatant, we're going to continue to be in this stalemate. >> but congressman, we have proved over and over again there are so many cases where we have tried terror suspects and put them away in super-max prisons. they've all been convicted. there hasn't been a single case that hasn't worked to that effect. that has been, they would argue, a more effective solution. >> the president has really not made that case. just look at the press conference yesterday. he was asking more of a political question instead of engaging can congress and putting forth a real plan. this is a very different situation, i want people to have this done in the light of day. i've been to guantanamo bay a couple times ironically it's probably a much better, easier life for them to be detained in guantanamo bay than a super-max prison, but they also have this amazing courthouse in which
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these court cases can be had, if they would just prosecute and move forward. but so far we don't hear many details. >> to be continued. thank you, congressman. >> thank you. pour on the arrests in boston, as we continue to watch the federal courthouse. and still ahead, bo and hunter biden will join us. this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. son of well-known artist charles arnoldi was inspired by the paint scraps. now with a collection of his own designs, he founded wrapped, and sells his products across the country. for more watch "your business" on sunday mornings on msnbc. we've all had those moments.
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we are monitoring the three st. arrest of three roommates. joining mess is the national correspondent for "newsweek" and
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the author of "kill or capture." daniel, so much to take apart here today. three roommates, two of them have been in custody. they're already until observance, let's say, by i.c.e. now the third, brought into custody. we all believe this is for actions taken after the bombing. what are you learning about this? >> yeah, that's what it looks like. it looks like they're not being charged with -- being part of the conspiracy itself, but obstruction perhaps. it's an important break in the investigation, because it will help the trail of evidence.
10:19 am
they were close to at least one of the suspects, perhaps both of the tsarnaev brothers, that being at least there's a chance investigators will learn more about the motives, the possibility which seems slim, but still may exist, that they were connected to an international organization. so this is an important break, and the fbi has been saying for quite some time that they are looking at a number of persons of interesting. >> as far as we know, they don't have physical evidence that would help in thousand the bombs could have been made, e-mails maybe they would want to see from the laptops. >> these arrests suggests the possibility that some of the that critical evidence was destroyed. look, in this case there's so
10:20 am
much evidence of involvement the the tsarnaev brothers that at the end of the day that might not matter so much. but for understanding what motivated them, understanding exactly how they pulled this off, that would be important. >> other things we know, we know that catherine russell, the wife of tamerlan tsarnaev says her family does not want to claim his body, and is waiting for the tsarnaev family from dagestan do what they want to. but they also did find a woman's dna on part of the bomb itself, which as pete williams has explained would mean it was transmitted from him to her, that she didn't it much it beforehand, that it was actually his dna, but they are looking into that female dna. >> there are lots of different
10:21 am
potential explanations for why that evident would be on the bomb. clearly the fbi will be very interested in continuing to talk to the wife. she would be able to perhaps add to some of the puzzles that still exist. whether or not she had any prior knowledge of conspiracy. so far no evidence surfaced publicly, anyway, that she did. >> certainly she's not been in custody in any way, so it would seem she could only provide perhaps information about his state of mind. she doesn't seem to know anything about the bombing itself. i want to ask you about guantanamo. the president was passionate, yet at the same time there doesn't seem to be anything afoot.
10:22 am
no ability to find a way to try them or incarcerate those who have not yet been put on trial. >> this has an enormously vixing problem. i can only think that some of that passion that you saw was actually frustration, and perhaps regret that he's not been able to do more, perhaps even second-guessing to whether the administration handled this properly. congress was obviously throwing a lot of hurdles in the way, but there are legitimate questions about whether the president early on in his first year exhibited the kind of political will, engaged congress aggressively. i talked to a lot of people within the administration who were critical of the president and his political team for not engaging congress aexpressively enough, making some early mistakes. i think the president maybe
10:23 am
sharing some of that concern, and now wants to go back at it, as he put it. unclear what that means, but there are certain things he could do on his own that he alluded to that perhaps could get the ball rolling. >> one of those things is if they were willing to take the risk politically of waiving some of knolls congressional manda s mandates, as i understand it, and as dianne feinstein has said, those 86 prisoners have been cleared, they could go back, mostly to yemen, if the secretary of defense, chuck hagel, he just inherited this, if you will, if he took the step of the waiver and took the hit if one of those prisoners does get loose and becomes another
10:24 am
awlaki. >> capacities exactly it, to take the political will of what would be the risks. interestingly, i write about this in the book, back in the first months of the administration when john brennan was pushing the administration to do more and to gauge -- engage congress more aggressively, he said at a white house meeting, he said, you know the criminal justice system takes thinks kinds of prisoners all the time. sometimes you have to take risks, calculated risks, but you have to still take risks nonetheless. that's what the president is going to have to do. so far he hasn't, and it will be very interesting to see at this point if he's willing to actually do that. >> dan klaidman, and the book could never be more timely than now. thanks. >> thanks, andrea.
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one traveler at a time. expedia. find yours. to her surprise she was confronted by the daughter of the school principal, who had driven from four hours to connecticut to challenge her decision. >> you had mentioned that day owners of gun stores, the burden these extended background checks would cost. i'm just wondering why the burden of my mother being gunned down in the has of her elementary school isn't as important as that. >> i'm obviously so sorry, and as everyone is, no matter on you views, for what you have been through.
10:29 am
i think that ultimately when we look at what happened at sandy hook, i understand that's who drove this whole discussion, all of us want to make sure that doesn't happen again. my view on the bill that i did not support and why i supported the bipartisan bill i did support was that i felt the enhanced improvements to our background check system -- and as you and i both know, the issue wasn't a background check issue in sandy hook. mental health i hope is the one thing we can agree on going forward. >> and casey hunt was at that new hampshire town hall. we should point out that part of this was organized by the bloom better mayors against gun. she's not a new hampshire resident, but it was an emotional confrontation and a challenge to a senator who is now facing political problems at
10:30 am
home. >> it absolutely was emotional. there was a big difference between the people that came just with the bloomberg grip that did do some agitating and what happened with erica. it was a moment in the room that others struggled with as well. the senator struggled to answer the question. there was bakley quiet in there from everyone else watching, whereas another man who had shouted at her and said he disagreed with her gun vote was shouted down by the other people in the room. >> she had support in the room, but we are also see senator jeff flake on his facebook page was responding to the fact that he's really taking some hits. he didn't vote for the background checks, even though john mccain, he fellow senator, d did. >> you know, jeff flake is
10:31 am
looking at several different potential votes in what's his first term in the senate. he faced immigration, he faced this gun vote. for him it became too much to take all these controversial votes. he's felt under personal pressure also, because he has a personal friendship with congresswoman giffords. that's been a difficult position for him to be in. >> difficult and emotional votes, some may be paying the price politically. thank you very much. and primary voters meanwhile, in massachusetts have chomp the candidates to compete for john kerry's senate seat. ed markey easily defeated steven lynch, while republicans chose a political newcomer gabrielle gomez, a former navy s.e.a.l. and the son of colombian immigrants. they both spoke after their victories. >> just as i have done as a congressman, i will stand up in the united states senate and be
10:32 am
a strong passionate voice for working families across our state. >> i have a lot of experience, and i think congressman markie has a lot of political experience. right now we knee real-world experience, being in the mill fare for nine years, having been a pilot and s.e.a.l., and also being in the private sector, the real world. >> nbc news chief capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell joins me. what an interesting race. it was not covered very much because of boston. >> and they scaled down their campaigns. >> they stopped campaigning. and lynch actually had been ill so markie had an open field for the last 48 hours, but this was not a big problem for mark dey. >> when you think of the decades represented by all that seniority and now two new senators will be in place, even though ed markey has been in congress for nearly 40 years, he
10:33 am
contemplated getting in the race after senator kennedy passed away, that was ultimately won by scott brown, then elizabeth warren the so when this opening came up, he was very quick to jump in and got a lot of support. now he's up against the kind of republican that republicans say they want to have. it's a very blue state. the expectations are very strong that mark dey will win, but maybe -- the republicans will be able to see him with the ethnic background, with the business background and as a former navy s.e.a.l. >> that -- of all the republicans, this is the candidate with all these outsider credentials that could be appealing this year. mark dey is a preemptive favorite. in fact the reason he didn't run twice before was because, as such a veteran, he was in line
10:34 am
to move up and soon become the most senior member of the democratic caucus. >> yes. and things changed in part because democrats don't have control of the house anymore. that was a real factor for him when i spoke to him earlier. now it's a bit different. now he's number eight in the entire seniority of the house. he's been there a long time. he'll be 100 in the senate, about you had el brings over, should he win, that kind of national posture and experience which could be helpful. so the notion of having to be sort of in line again as a lawmakers on the senate side, i think he's weighed that in jumping in, but he's got to get through it. june 25th is the race. >> i know you'll by up there covering it. >> looking forward to it. >> thank you very much. nbc news haus now confirmed this photo taking in time square with dzhokhar tsarnaev does include one of the three suspects charged today. or about to be charged. he's seen here in a red jacket.
10:35 am
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could you live on 13950 a day? almost a billion and a half people do that around the world. the live below the line campaign is challenging people to see what it is like to live on such a small budget. hunter and bo biden a-- beau bi part of the campaign. joining me today. well-known brothers and sons of a certain vice president. thank you very much. >> thanks for having us. >> hunter, you are living this 1.50 a day diet. what are you eating? >> well, my wife said i didn't
10:39 am
do very good shopping, but i'm doing oatmeal, and i did -- which is probably the only thing i could figure out on my own was r ramen noodles. >> i hesitate to ask how hungry. >> very hungry. to be serious about it, is the fact of the matter is you have about 70 million people that go to bed hungry every single night. one out of every eight people to do. to do it in solidarity with those people for five days isn't that big of a deal. >> when you talk about all these people, you're talking about women who are malnourished, pregnant women. >> exactly. >> children being born already with all sorts of deficits you and children who do go to school. >> all the money we raise the
10:40 am
below live below the line projects is in congress judges with the -- it's a lot of acronyms. >> the world food program actually delivers, i think, over 20 million meals a day to children all around the world. we're in 75 countries, and i've served over 100 million people last year. >> you are joining tomorrow? >> i am doing it tomorrow. i'm not quite as tough as my brother, but i'm going to do it tomorrow. my mom is taking the challenge today. >> we were told, actually we may even have a picture of your mom joining the challenge, which is amazing. none of you need to lose weight, that's for sure. you're ought so fit, you're all runners and athletes, but it's really hard to even contemplate. >> it drains your energy, but the thing about it that is so inspiring is when i went to
10:41 am
kenya -- my mom did, too, but i went with the world food program. you actually see these school feeding programs. the incredible thing about it is literally kids walk for miles to come to school, mainly for the meal. when they get there, they're fed a meal and they actually get a education. that's the only way out of this poverty. it is an incredible thing to see a child that is nourished, able to learn. when i would sit there with these kids at 15, 16, 17 years old that had gone through the program action and i would say what do you want to do? what do you want to be? i was asham of myself that i was surprised at the answer. i want to be a doctor. i want to be a lawyer. i want to be a teacher. i want to be a pilot. the same exact answers you get here. the only way that happens is it begins with a kid gets a meal. girls get to bring home a little extra. that way in some of the communities we went to, where
10:42 am
you don't you actually get the incentive. the hearings will be held next week about coordination, lessons not being learned. what is your impression as an attorney general. i know you're close to the administration, but are the intelligence agencies and through homeland dealing with law enforcement at the local and state level adequately? did that happen in boston? >> we've got to wait to see. i know the administration is waiting to see, making sure the communication is as strong as it should have been. i know the administration with the local and state partners work every day to make it better. we in law enforcement have a duty to strive every day to do it. i know in our state we work closely with the fbi, with the delaware state police, with the 37 other law enforcement
10:43 am
agencies in my state. there's monthly meetings that happen. there's coordinate. i know it's a heck of a lot better than ten years ago, than 20 years ago, but it's something that everyone that's in a uniform, or is in law enforcement strive to do better every day. the other point to be made is how critical to our homeland security local law enforcement is, and we saw that played out two weeks ago in boston in a very real way. i talk about that all the time in my state. local law enforcement officers are there not to protect our community, but central to our homeland security. i should just say a big shoutout to jill biden what she's done with michelle obama for our receipt advance, this week we saw her with the president and the vice president, your dad, the hiring of military veterans, your fellow veterans, because you served in iraq, is just so critical. it's been a huge initiative, and thanks to your mom. >> joining forces, michelle and my mom on that, invaluable work. if i can say, today is the
10:44 am
memorial day in the state of delaware for law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. 25% increase of the number of officers killed in america over last year. so today is a day, at least in delaware, to remember those who have put on a badge and gotten up in the morning, got on their shift and haven't come home. >> and indeed, a moment of quiet prayer for them asself. thank you for what you're doing. i don't think i could do it myself. >> thanks for taking the time. >> we really appreciate you being with us. hunter and beau biden. we're watching the federal courthouse, where three roommates of dzhokhar tsarnaev are expected later in court today. we'll talk about the latest on that next with washington state congressman adam smith. [ female announcer ] what makes you walk a little taller?
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10:48 am
arrested today. let's clarify whether or not they were roommates or acquaintances or friends of dzhokhar? what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, this is a young man, steven trio, who knew both, and did know the two students, said they were friends, not roommates of dzhokh dzhokhar's. they had been since freshman year, and he said they were quiet, one was described as quite wealthy, the one that stuck out is that he had wrecked three beamers, bmws, then got another one. that was obviously one thing that would stick out on a college campus. another little detail that's been reported before and what it actually means we don't know, but he did have a license plate that was spelled t-r-r-i-s-t-1.
10:49 am
the friend said his colleagues and friends at the campus didn't think a lot of this. it was described as more of an innocent thing, but it is something that obviously in this context would leap out. thank you, michael. joining mess to discuss these latest developments on the boston bombing is washington state congressman adam smith. the ranking member of the house armed services committee. thank you for being with us. we know this has let to some friends of dzhokhar's, who at least investigators believe lied about getting rid of some potential evidence, perhaps some other evidence in the room. what is your takeaway on how the fbi and other -- the boston authorities are handling all of this? there has been some criticism of lack of communication prior to
10:50 am
the bombing. >> well, i think they're handling it well now. we need to thoroughly investigate what led up to this. obviously we have learned there were tips from russia, there was information that both and homel had about the suspects and it seems like there was in some instances not as much coordination as we would have liked. and we need to go back in, figure out exactly what happened and learn and do better next time. i think this whole thing points up the challenge. this is what happened with the al qaeda message, is it me taft sized and have you these self starters to some degree who link unwith others and that's the threat we face. and homeland security and fbi has stopped, gosh, dozens of these plots in the last ten years coming from a variety of different places. so they've done a good job. as we say, the problem is, we have to be right every single
10:51 am
time. the terrorists only have to be right once. it is an enormous challenge but one we need to continue to get better at meet oing. >> given this super heated atmosphere, is it possible to have a rational conversation about guantanamo? i know you said yesterday about the president's comments, you put out a statement saying we have to figure out what it do. we can't leave the prisoners there. most of them not charged indefinitely but what should the administration do? should the secretary of defense grant a waiver and take a risk of sending them back to yemen even if they will then have to take the blame if somebody does something? >> the number one biggest thing they need to do is close guantanamo. you can have a separate discussion about who needs to be held, but where they need to be held, right up front, guantanamo bay should not be open. 22006 and 2007, george w. bush, secretary of defense bob gates, john mccain, all said guantanamo needs to be closed. it was built as a temporary
10:52 am
facility. it was built in large part to try to avoid u.s. law. it is an international eyesore. it is completely unsustainable. and it is very simple to shut it down. we can house -- there is 166 people there. >> congress passed -- congress passed laws that said you can't bring them to the states to be tried or incarcerated. >> i'm sorry. from a policy standpoint, the logical thing to do, there is a clear option. yes, you're right, congress led primarily by the republicans blocked the president's ability to do that. i've advocated forever how many years it's been going on to remove that block. we have another opportunity to do that this year in the national defense authorize oing act, and i think we have to. we remove the block to the president transferring people out of guantanamo. now we can have a separate debate about who needs to be held, but to maintain this temporary facility that is falling apart, the most expensive prison in the world, it is just -- it doesn't make
10:53 am
any sense. it is being done largely for political reasons. the republicans chose to oppose president obama's desire to close this. these people, many need to be held, but there is no reason they can't be held in the united states. there's no reason we can't do military commissions if that's what people decide to do here. guantanamo is an international eyesore that needs to be shut down as soon as we possibly can. >> we have to leave it there. to be continued. thank you very much, congressman. we'll be right back. for seeing what cash is coming in and going out... so you can understand every angle of your cash flow- last week, this month, and even next year. for seeing your business's cash flow like never before, introducing cash flow insight powered by pnc cfo. a suite of online tools that lets you turn insight into action.
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hi, everyone. i'm tamron hall. "news nation" is following breaking news in the boston bombing case. three additional suspects are under arrest in connection with
11:00 am
the investigation and at least two of them are expected to be in court in about 90 minutes from now. the three new suspects went to school with the surviving bombing suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev. let me bring in michael isikoff. he is standing by with the latest out of boston. michael, as i mentioned, we might see some movement in the court at about 90 minutes from now. >> exactly. we're expecting an initial court appearance and the unsealing of a criminal complaint against these three individuals. now we should make clear, that from what we've been told, these are not charged that these three individuals were involved in the bombing it self. what this relates to is destroying or failing to turn over evidence after the fact, during the fbi investigation post bombing and then possibly lying to the fbi about what they have done after it. two of these individuals are student from kazakhstan who were