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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  May 3, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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1,600 for the first time ever. the nasdaq touched a 12 1/2 year high. stocks soared after the labor department reported employers add 165,000 jobs in the month of april. and the nation's unemployment rate dropped a tenth of a percent. in addition the job creations were revised sharply higher, up 50,000 from march and 64,000 for february. all this has prompted headlines like this one in politico. jobs report tempers spring swoon worries. and from the new york times, jobs data ease fears of sharp slowdown in u.s. economy. john harwood, what is the obama administration saying about these numbers today? >> reporter: they're delighted by these numbers, of course. any incumbent president wants to see the unemployment rate go down, see robust job creation and especially after we've had
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these spring slowdowns over the past couple years and there was fear we were headed in the same direction. they're much more comfortable with the state of the economy. the top white house economist came out, put out a statement and said we continue to recover from the worst downturn since the great depression. and it shows it is not time for congress to have more self-inflicted wounds on the economy. wants republicans to join republicans in replacing the sequester with what he calls balanced deficit reduction and not surprisingly, that was not immediately persuasive to john boehner, the house speaker who said it is time to grow economy rather than grow government. both sides remain in their positions. >> this all came down as the president is wrapping up his trip in mexico. john, we know, focusing there on the trade issues with mexico, immigration, border security, we've talked about china and europe. but latin america very key to
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the global economy. >> reporter: it is. and anything that strengthens the united states economy helps the global economy but it also strengthens the incumbent democratic president. he has got an agenda on trade expansion with the pacific partnership that he is trying to pursue and other trade agreements. he has the immigration bill he is trying to get through. this trip will help him with that. it is not clear given how dug in the two parties are on all these issues that with the exception of immigration, that he can really get republicans on his side. he couldn't do it on guns. he is trying to do it on grand bargain budget negotiations. but i met with senior administration officials yesterday. they're hopeful but they're not overly optimistic. >> all right. live for us at the white house. let me bring this zachary karabell. we still don't know the full impact of the sequester. we know the faa got a break while other agencies are
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concerned that they may not be able to stay afloat and help the people who need it the most. what we're seeing is that the sequester this month has not had an impact on those numbers. >> the government employment, the post office which we know has been having severe issues for years now. that's not a product of our budget issues this particular month. and i think part of the problem for our numbers with our culture, we've talked about this. we've been in crisis i politics mode for a long time and we've talked about crisis fatigue. people are saying enough already with the sky is falling. the problem is, if you start having these numbers which are pretty good. they may not be spectacular and we have a lot of structural issues. there is no crisis i these numbers suggest. and how is our political dialogue going to shrift where by we're not falling apart. the sky is not falling. >> if the numbers do not project crisis, what do they prong? >> we've talked about this for the past year. we've been in this 8 to 7%.
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the industry manufacturing, manufacturing was not a good spot in this job report. and that hasn't really changed. it hasn't gotten worse. it stopped getting worse almost two years ago. it has not changed dramatically. if we had a rational government that was thinking about long term problems, we would be thinking about the long term unemployment. obama has talked about this somewhat but that is not where washington's mindset is right now. >> you mentioned manufacturing. zero gain there. in other areas, professional business services, leisure, hospitality, 43,000. that may improve over the summer. health care, 19,000. construction, lost 6,000. government lost 11,000. are those losses, you mentioned government. is the construction number the result of sequester? >> there's been a lougs boom. whether or not that will continue after such a low base. the other thing to look into these number is that professional business services, a lot of these are really,
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really poorly paid jobs. yes, you have a job if you have 26,000 a year, but that, too, is something we should think about. what is the wage level. not the unemployment rate. the wage level of an employed person. >> when governor perry was running for president, he touted texas a lot, apply home state. what he was remiss in saying is you have people who were employed but were in low waning jobs and many had no health care and the other issues that go along with that. >> yeah. and i think in some sense, while we should pay attention to these numbers every month, they are a snap shot of what's going on. we would be better to say what are wages? inequality. we've touched on this here and there but we haven't delved into what's the nature of our wage structure. >> the president at the state of the union brought up minimum wage. and it has been ignored. >> that's a crucial one.
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you go from 7.25 an hour to 8.25. it is a way of signaling that if you earn less, even if you're employed, you are still in the poverty level. you still need government assistance. doesn't do us a lot of good. but this removes this constant, oh, apply god, we've got all this debt. unless you really believe that everything going on is an illusion created by the federal reserve, pumping in money. there are people that believe if. . unless you believe that, you have to take these numbers and go we're out of the crisis woods and now we're in the long term, what do we do. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. we are following developing news right now out of california where a monster wildfire that has already burned 10,000 achers is moving fast and threatening thousands of home. weather conditions are getting worse and worse with temperatures climbing into the 80s and lumt in the single digits. hundreds of residents across
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ventura county have been forced to evacuate. air tankers and nearly 1,000 firefighters are battling the raging fire trying to contain it. it is moving toward the post and the upscale city of malibu. our reporter is on the scene for us. it is a stunning picture behind you, by the way. it looks frightening, the conditions there. >> reporter: absolutely. there was the front line well into the evening last flight. and it burned well into the morning hours. everything behind me has been burned to a crisp. in the past few minutes we've seen half a dozen fire engines whiz past us on the pacific coast highway. it gives a sense of how fast the fire is moving in different directions. that's what has officials concerned. as you've mentioned, they've revised the number. 10,000 acres have burned. they were hoping because of the wind dying down a little bit, they can get some of those aerial assets up above the flames to suppress with water
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and whatever other material. that includes helicopters and fixed wing assets. as we understand it right now, what makes it so dangerous is that the winds blow in any direction, quickly move the fire and that's why the responders have to be able to move quickly and try to get those front lines. as of now, only about 10% of the fire in ventura county has been contained. they are still struggling to put a line all around the fire to try to prevent it from reaching the thousands of homes that are now in harm's way. >> thank you so much. and a new move today by the department of homeland security stemming from the boston bombings. it has to do with the student visa system. pete williams is here with details. i heard you indicate earlier, we've seen the homeland security department look at the visa system after 9/11 and now they are again. >> right. this is a very small part of it. this is students who have already been granted student
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visas to come to the united states. they've already been deemed acceptable to come to the u.s. and study here. as long as they remain students enroe and actively studying, their visas remain valid. if they miss classes for a while, they have a 30-day period to reenroll during which the visa remains active. if they go beyond those 30 days, it can be inactive. there is an exception to this rule. if a student goes overseas, goes home and then comes back again, that 30-day period doesn't count. that's what happened here with one of dzhokhar tsarnaev's friend from kazakhstan. when he returned, he was not enrolled so his visa was technically not valid when he returned but then he reenrolled in classes and then it was valid again. so what the department of homeland security is trying to do is get more current information about whether student visas are active enough to the customs and border patrol
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agents at the front lines who look at people when they come back in. as you say, this is something the department of homeland security has been struggling with since 9/11 to try to make the student visa system more current and this is now, they're getting at what i think anyone would say is a small part of this issue. nonetheless, one that has come to light since boston. >> you've been reporting new details on what dzhokhar tsarnaev reportedly told interrogators regarding how they decided to plant the bombs on patriots day. what else can you tell me regarding that new information? >> what we're told here, they really didn't think about the marathon initially. they thought about the fourth of july. then they thought about patriots day. they were around boston someplace to target and saw all the preparations being made for the marathon and decided to target the marathon.
11:11 am
we're told dzhokhar tsarnaev told the interrogators, when he this planted the bomb initially, they did not know they were planting it at the finish line. this is hard to believe. you would think it is pretty prominently marked as the finish line and they were right there. it is not like they planted and it left several hours before. nonetheless, that's the story he's given. >> thank you very much. greatly appreciate that. the nra is meeting for its annual convention while protests are planned outside. we'll tell you the speaker set to address the crowd them include sarah palin, governor bobby jindal, senator ted cruz. we'll tell you who else is on the list. and join the conversation on twitter. you can find us attate tamron hall.
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the nra's annual convention is underway in texas amid heated gun control debate. we've got live pictures for you. take a look at the nine acre site. more than 70,000 people expected to attend plus hundreds of exhibitors. some of the speakers set to talk include the former alaska governor sarah palin, texas senator ted cruz, governor rick perry and ted nugent. outside protesters are reading the name of gun violence victims. even families from newtown connecticut are expected to be out there. nbc's casey hunt is live in houston. i'm curious, given the national conversation and what to do about guns, are you sensing the nra defiant or how would you describe the tone of all those
11:16 am
people inside? >> reporter: absolutely. so far this convention is living up to its motto. stand and fight. i've been wandering around the hall ways and talking to attendees. they say the nra is doing exactly what they want it to be doing with all the fighting in washington over expanding background checks. they stay nra is standing up for their rights and that they want to see them tipping the rhetoric with what they have. that motto is really reflected in the speakers' list that you just walked through. sarah palin will be the last of the speakers and she is the one whose picture is featured on all the advertisements. and ted cruz has made a name for himself with the rhetoric on the right. >> it is interesting. mark kelly has an op ed. he wrote the nra's leadership's top priority is to make sure the corporations that make guns and ammunition continue to turn huge profits. their top priority isn't you, the nra member. direct appeal to those members.
11:17 am
it is intriguing when you think about the polls that we've been watching that indicate members of the nra say that they would support some type of expanded background check. despite the leadership saying otherwise, again, back to what people are saying. have you heard a lot about those polls that say a different story than what wayne lapierre has presented? >> i've been putting that question to the nra members i've been talking to inside the hall. and they come back with something that we've been seeing in the polling. which is they think that it already takes a background check to buy a gun no matter what. their argument is that criminals won't go through the legal system any way. and of course we do have an extensive federal background check system. it just doesn't apply to places like gun shows or certain sales on the internet. and those polls that these organizations have been doing show that while people support background checks, they also assume they're already there. >> thank you very much. we'll see what happens as some
11:18 am
of these folks speak to that huge audience there. let me bring in radio host michael smerconish. he is will an msnbc contributor. politico's white house reporter and michael, i'll start with you. just the lineup alone. ted cruz, ted nugent, governor perry, sarah palin. i think we know what each of those individuals have in common, especially when it comes to throwing out red meat there. to casey's point, it does not look like you have 70,000 people who want to hear anything about a compromise. >> yeah. i would say you described that pretty accurately. i was a little surprised the other day when i first looked at the list of speakers. because after all, there are lots of democrats who are nra members and lots of democratic elected officials who get "a" ratings from the national rifle association. why wouldn't they have one democrat there? it seems a little odd to me.
11:19 am
it seems that would have been the intelligent play. >> do you think it is because those democrats don't want to be there? >> yeah. >> heidi heitkamp may not have been invited. perhaps we can call her office. >> mark pryor, i don't know. i'm just speculating. it seems they could have gotten a democrat or two who faces voters in a state where there are a lot of nra members. >> but michael, looking at this list, they don't even have any moderate republicans of. >> no. and i don't think they wanted any. and i think that's the point. i think they wanted to say, you know what. >> take it, i guess. let me bring you into the politics of all of this. we know it is a tricky situation. to michael's point, this is why there are no democrats or moderate republicans on the lineup. seeing what's happened to kelly ayotte in her town halls. and the number of polls coming out indicating that there may be some pushback. it is not a clear picture just yet. we're seeing some numbers coming in that are interesting
11:20 am
regarding the senators who oppose the expanded background checks. >> reporter: being seeing polls in north carolina, louisiana, mary landrieu and kay hagan who voted for the bill and there is some polling that shows their ratings have improved over the last few months. and you're seeing the polling reach vice president biden's office. where politico reported today, he has held meetings with advocates over the last week or so. and he is very, very in tune to the polling. and i think we'll see the white house and other proponents pick up every little piece of poeg out there to try to prove their case. that they can go back at this and the politics are right for them. not the opponents. >> picking up on what you said. i want to play what the president said today. he was in mexico city and he discussed this gun situation. let's play it.
11:21 am
>> i said the day that the legislation that had been proposed by senators manchin and toomey in the senate, the day that failed to get 60 votes, that was not the end. this was the beginning. things happen somewhat slowly in washington. but this is just the first round. i believe that eventually we'll get that done. and i'm going to keep on trying. >> michael, you heard the president. he said this before that it is not over. right after that vote. but again, looking at that nra annual meeting. 70,000, i don't know if we can get this live shot up again. they were listening to chris cox. by the way, wayne lapierre is up next. but chris cox was there, the first speaker which was their top lobby guy. they're starting off with their top lobby guy. i think that is a pledge in itself. what do you think? >> i think that carrie and michael have made some great points. the overall calculus of what's going on is the populace against
11:22 am
the passionate. what the nra is telling with you that lineup, they're throwing red meat to the loyal, the faithful. they don't need to grow the tent them just need to keep that base fired up. that has been their formula all along. so these numbers are encouraging for those who want to bring about change. unless they're backed up by passion, it won't matter. >> going back to the basics here, cynic we're looking at wayne lapierre who once supported expanding background checks, and now fast forward, saying no way to it. i am curious, do you believe that some of those nra members who are there, who are worried about their second amendment but still worry about their life, the life of their child or neighbor, we're with you on these issues. if these polls are right and bringing up what wayne lapierre supported in the past and he conveniently does not do so now. smerconish? >> there is no precedent. no precedent for that kind of a
11:23 am
rebellion within the nra. >> george bush did it. there has been. here and there we've had leadership, former president george w. bush did it. he pushed back. >> but not from within the ranks of the nra. where i think there's room to be exploited here is among sportsmen. i do not think that firearm owners are a mono lithic group in the united states. i think those who want to hunt. the hunters and fishermen out there, i think those are the ones most reasonable. loogs to that convention? i think it is a hard core second amendment purist, the same folks who to go gun shows. >> and michael tomasky, you were going to have individuals outside reading the names of the victims, people who have lost their lives to guns. there is such a stark emotional contra in how people see this. you do wonder, how can you move forward? is there a compromise when inside you've got these hard core folks who believe that
11:24 am
someone is trying to take their guns, past people literally reading the flames. some of them the flewtown family members of people whose lives may have been saved, michael. >> i don't think there's much chance for common ground between those two groups. i would like to be down there covering this to see what those meetings are like when they do brush past each other. i think the obama is probably right. i think there will be another vote. i know republicans can read polls. i know kelly ayotte can read polls. and i think this is going to move probably in the democrats' direction. at least in the senate. the house is a whole other question. and i think that's a very, very tough climb. but i think the nra, you know, you can only oppose something that 85% of the american public supports for so long. it will catch up with you. >> michael tomasky, thank you very much. i really appreciate you joining
11:25 am
me today. still ahead, closing arguments in the jodi arias trial where her own defense attorney today admitted, he doesn't like her but he still says, she did not commit first-degree murder. we'll have more interesting remarks from her defense attorney and the potential 2016 preview, the event that will have hillary clinton and governor chris christie sharing the same stage. it is just one of the things we thought you should know. we've all had those moments. when you lost the thing you can't believe you lost.
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tell your doctors you are taking xarelto® before any planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any conditions, such as kidney, liver or bleeding problems. ready to change your routine? ask your doctor about once-a-day xarelto®. for more information including cost support options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit the defense attorney is delivering his closing arguments. her defense attorney trying to cause doubt. let's take a look at what's happening right now. >> it's consistent. character assassination. we saw it, right? we heard it.
11:29 am
whore, slut, three hole wonder. the only thing you're good at -- >> as you hear very provocative words from jodi arias's attorney. let me bring in diana, who is following the trial. you know, we apologize to our audience members who may have been offended by that but that has been a big part of the trial. the sexual part of this relationship between travis alexander and jodi arias. the explicit details that she has turned over to the jury, discussing their relationship. and of course, the alleged abuse she says that led to all of this. >> oh, yeah. we're hearing a lot of those details today. what kirk nurmi is trying to do is cast doubt on travis alexander's character and trying to paint jodi arias as a victim. let me tell you. i heard a doozy of a lie today. i've covered a lot of trial and i've never heard a defense attorney say about his own client, nine days out of ten, i don't like her.
11:30 am
what he is trying to say is that even if you don't like jodi arias, she is still entitled to a good defense. he is trying to poke hole in this prosecution theory of premeditated murder. he is trying to slow a paper trail. bank deposits, he mention that had she had $750 in her own account. why can't she take out and buy gas along the way. that she stopped at the homes of two ex-boyfriends. that she rented a car that you have to show i.d. and get a receipt. all this design to cause doubt. the jurors, i was paying at love attention to them, very attentive, hanging on every word he's saying. taking notes. and jodi arias looking at the jurors, trying to make eye contact with them. in fact, making a lot more eye contact with them than her own attorneys. it has been a riveting day in court. another one of those days and i'm sure we'll have a couple more ahead of us. >> what can you tell me about her defense team? i've heard them described as
11:31 am
flamboyant. all over the place. certainly playing into the tabloid nature of this case that sadly surrounds the death of someone. we cannot forget travis alexander and the pain his family must be experiencing. this has been one of those made for tv drama court displays. >> reporter: that's right. you nailed it. i want to talk about that. we have a very different, very contrasting style. from what we saw yesterday and what we've seen today. yesterday, you had almost a funeralal tone, talking in hushed tones which is a departure from his usual style. it was that he was discussing the death, the tragedy surrounding travis alexander's death. today we're hearing a very different tone from the defense attorney. what he's trying to do, a little more folksy, a little more chatty with the jury. trying to tell them, you know, this isn't really what you think it is. they may tell you this is a cold-blooded premeditated murder. in reality, this was a torn lost woman who was in love with
11:32 am
somebody who treated her badly. so it is interesting to see the difference in styles. and it will be interesting to see what works with that jury. >> thank you very much. greatly appreciate your live report and the latest information. coming up, more reaction to today's better than expected jobs numbers. plus, we'll talk to the top democrat. chris van hollen who said democrats need to present a tough united front on the sequester. in a couple of hours, connecticut officials will meet to debate what to do with sandy hook elementary. 20 first graders and six educators were massacred. should that building be demolished? that's part of the debate tonight and it is our "news nation" gut check. new car!
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welcome back. more on today's better than expected april employment report showing employers add 165,000 jobs last month and the unemployment rate dipped to 7.5%. joining me now, chris van hollen.
11:36 am
thank you for your time today. >> good to be with you. >> let me read a portion of what speaker bain her to say in reaction to these numbers. he said there's good news in today's report but the president's policies still aren't providing the robust check growth and job creation the american people desperately need. focus on growing the economy rather than growing more government. your reaction, sir? >> first, the jobs numbers were good news. the unemployment rate ticked down. speaker boehner is right that we should be growing even faster. we're not growing faster because speaker boehner and others refuse to work with the president to replace the sequester. the sequester is placing an unnecessary break on economic growth, according to the nonpartisan independent congressional office. they are the referees.
11:37 am
they say by the end of the year if the sequester remains in place, we'll have 750,000 fewer american jobs. while we created 165,000 jobs this month, between now and the end of the year and throughout the sequester, we'll be losing 750,000 jobs that we otherwise would have had because the republican colleagues continue to work with us to replace the sequester. >> you were quoted in the "washington post" over what happened in the faa. you say as far as democrats are concerned, your party has lost some ground. your words were, we're going to have to reclaim some lost ground here. and you called on democrats to be tough and put up a united front on sequestration. what happened there, sir? why did we see the cave? >> well, again, we need to approach the sequester in a comprehensive manner. we need to get rid of all of it at once and replace with it a much smarter approach to deficit
11:38 am
reduction. if you do what happened with the faa, you're only dealing with the symptoms of the problem. not the underlying problem. you're doing it like that, as one problem comes up, you try to hit that. the underlying problem remains. in this case, you had a very sort of powerful constituency. a strong lobby. a lot of people are flying around the country. those are not the people who will be most hurt from the job losses and the other disruptions caused by the sequester. people in the head start program, seniors on meals on wheels. so yes, i think we need to resist efforts to try to deal with the issue for politically powerful groups and make sure we address it all at once for the benefit of the entire economy. >> as you can manning, there are people that are skeptical. you yourself mentioned the politically strong versus those who perhaps are with meals on lee with or kids in head start who are seen as not being as strong as the airline lobby or a
11:39 am
congressman. not yourself included in this who needs to get home on the airplane out of d.c. the timing out of all of this cannot be escaped. but there are people who are skeptical. they will see this again. that the strong or the powerful will go in and lobby in washington, d.c. and they will find ways to have a piecemeal, as you put it, a cherry picked deal sweet for them. >> that's right. that's why it is very important that the public be engaged in this conversation. so congress knows someone is watching. that they won't respond simply to the most powerful groups. those with the most lobbyists. that we're really going to deal with this in a comprehensive manner. otherwise, lots of people will get hurt who do not have stronger political voices. and as i said, there's a silent job killer here. and according to the nonpartisan congressional budget office, that come to 750,000 jobs. one-third slower growth because of the sequester than we would
11:40 am
otherwise have this year. that is real damage to the economy. it is unnecessary damage to the economy. and we need to make sure that we address that issue. as you indicated, so far our republican colleagues have resisted that effort but complain the more they hear, and they're especially sensitive to the cuts in defense, maybe they'll want to come to the table to try and do the right thing for the american people and the economy. the clock is ticking and as time goes on, i think people will see more and more of these disruptions. the important thing is not to take the band-aid approach but to deal with it all at once. >> thank you for your time. we'll be with you more. time for the political nation post script. issues ranging from guns to syria, take a listen. >> we already are deeply engaged in trying to bring about a solution in syria.
11:41 am
if we end up rushing to judgment without hard effective evidence, then we can find ourselves in the position where we can't mobilize the international community to support what we do. i think it is critical for us to understand that guantanamo is not necessary to keep america safe. >> i'm wondering what the burden of my mother being gunned down in the halls of her elementary school isn't as important as that. >> i'm obviously so sorry. as everyone here, no matter what our views are, for what you have been through. >> the buiill that's in place right now, probably cannot pass the house. it will have to be adjusted. given our experience with immigration in the past. >> when we talk about fiscal spending and we talk about protecting the tax parks it doesn't mean you take money we saved and leave the country for a personal purpose.
11:42 am
>> she went there. >> i couldn't hear what she said. >> joining me now, nbc news senior political editor who can hear me now, what a line. so mark, at the me what are you looking for next week? what are we ahead to? >> tamron, just that clip that you played, we have the mark sanford versus elizabeth colbert bush, a general election in south carolina taking place on tuesday. the polling shows that it will be a close race and elizabeth colbert bush seem to have the news cycle in her favor. so much that it has been on mark sanford. his ex-wife. however mark sanford has the conservative leaning district to his advantage. the other thing we'll be watching. that gang of eight immigration will be marked up on the senate judiciary committee. the legislative games of that begins. >> have a great weekend.
11:43 am
look forward to with you on monday. thanks, mark. a reward is being offered in the case of a missing mom who was last seen at her job at a gas station. we'll have the very latest on this search for her. but first, there is a lot going on. here are some things we thought you should know. hillary clinton and new jersey governor chris christie will be among featured speakers at next month, the global initiative conference in chicago. it says governor christie is one of only two republicans slated to address that conference. it will be hillary clinton's first appearance without her husband. first lady michelle obama will help raise money for senator ed markey. they confirm she will attend the may 29th fundraiser in boston. markey is facing gabriel gomez in a june 25th election for the seat vacated by john kerry. and rhode island is the tenth state to allow gay marriage.
11:44 am
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and all of them offer low cost investments. e-trade. less for us. more for you. tonight marks one week since a michigan mom vanished from her job. police are searching for 25-year-old is jessica. investigators believe she was abducted minutes before the end of her night shift at a local gas station. she disappeared from the michigan's west coast. investigative crime report he michelle joins me of i've been told you have just gotten off the phone with police. >> reporter: that's right. i spoke for a lengthy period with the police chief. so far six people, sort of persons of interest, have been not so much ruled out but the focus is not on them. the first would be the fiance. the second is an ex-boyfriend. the third is the owner of the gas station. the fourth, two separate acquaintances and also, a person who was driving a silver mini van. they tracked that person down
11:48 am
and have moved on from that. the second is, there are two pieces of surveillance video that have come out since this incident. the first is from a bar about a half mile north from the gas station, taken at 11:03 p.m. again, this silver mini van that has been the focus of this investigation. possibly the person you see on the screen right there that has not been identified. the second piece of surveillance, 11:04 p.m. you can see it right there. one mile north. about a half mile north of the first piece of surveillance from a gold coin shop. so far at this point, 35,000 silver chrysler plini vans are in the system. the police chief is working to vet through those. >> what else can you tell me about jessica herself? she is a mother of two. her family has to be just heart broken as they hope that she is found here. >> they are heart broken. and you and i both know from covering so many of these cases,
11:49 am
right now this is a high point for the case. it is getting a lot of exposure. folks are talking about it. but it is those moments when it goes down in cases like kelly and michelle parker and lisa stebeck. hopefully people will come forward with information. i can tell you that the reason the mini van is such a main focus, a witness came forward saying they saw the mini van leave the area around the same time that jessica went missing. she left behind $420 in her purse. along with her car, her car keys, her jack, inside of that gas station. unfortunately, no surveillance cameras there at the time she went missing. >> michelle sigona, thank you very much. we'll continue to follow this story. thank you. still ahead, our "news nation" gut check as official grapple with what to do with sandy hook elementary school. it is our gut check. be sure to like the "news nation" on facebook.
11:50 am
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you can join the "news nation" at twitter. we'll give you a follow back. and time now for the "news nation" gut check. sandy hook elementary school. adam lanza shot and killed 20 children and six adults nearly six months ago. it will be the focus of an emotional meeting in newtown. a local task force is set to make a decision on what to do with the school which has been shuttered since the december shooting. stephanie joins with us more. you have family who wants to keep it. others who want it knocked down. >> you can manning, this is an incredibly emotional issue and it is really the next big step for this town as they try to recover from this tragedy. they have two options to talk
11:54 am
about. one is to completely knock down the school. rebuild it on that same land or a little further down the street. the other is to renovate it. they said they would renovate it entirely, even changing that driveway that became so iconic where we saw parents searching for their children. that would be totally changed. there are incredibly differing opinions, even among family members. >> i will chain my body in protest if they try to reopen it. it should be knocked down. there should be a long lasting memorial. >> that's the best site logically, economically for the other children. the ones that are alive, you know. who am i to say? you shouldn't build there or you shouldn't rebuild. >> we spoke to the principal at columbine high school in littleton, colorado. 14 years ago. they decided to renovate the high school. one of the things he told us was that going back into that same building, although incredibly
11:55 am
difficult, was part of their recovery process. but newtown is a different place, a different tragedy. the head of the panel in charge of this decision says that with these differing opinions, it will be almost impossible to find a perfect solution. >> stephanie, thank you very much. they're going to debate that a little later on. thank you. what does your gut tell you? should the sandy hook elementary school be reopened or demolished? go to and yesterday, kelly ayotte facing questions in her second town hall in three days about her no vote on the bill that would have and paneled gun checks. we asked do you think town halls like that one would change lawmakers' minds regarding gun control. 13% said yes. 87% of you said no. that does it for this edition of "news nation." thank you for joining me. please have a great weekend. we'll be back monday. "the cycle" is up next. marjorie, i can't stand you. you're too perfect.
11:56 am
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right now in the "the cycle," starting new numbers. how many people think big brother is watching? >> i'm s.e. cupp. two word describe the new jobs report. good and bad. unemployment. it's a four-year low. at this rate we're at another five years until we reach full employment. what does it mean and why is wall street so happy? >> i'm ary. president obama continues his trip through mexico but does the most important strategies start at home? >> today we're putting our money on the best bets of the summer movie season. i like my odds. >> we'll see about that. plus the year that changed everything. you won't guess what it was.
12:00 pm
>> july 4. that was the initial day the accused marathon bombers decided to carry out their attacks on boston. we're now learning they assembled those bombs inside the older tsarnaev brother's home and finished assembling them far sooner than expected. instead of carrying out the reign of terror on the independents day celebration, they instead decided to target one of the largest marathons in the world. we know what happened next. pete william is in washington with the latest. explain what we learned today about new security checks for student visas. >> well, back to what you said a moment ago. we have to remember, this is all according to what dzhokhar tsarnaev has told his interrogators. this is based on his word. some of this will be very difficult to verify because presumably, only he and his brother know for sure what their plans were. and of course, his brother is dead. so it is going to be difficult to verify some of this. it may never be possible to know precisely what theirla