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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  May 6, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the show today. >> what did you learn today, mark? >> congratulations, mika? >> i learned this studio is like a test tube, scientific experiments conducted here daily. >> i know, i think part has do with the cologne you have been wearing this morning, stale residue of it in the air. >> musty. >> what it s >> named after ed muskie. >> jazz flute. >> have he important and obsessed. right now, you know what's up right now? you know who's up right now? >> chuck todd, "the daily rundown," the daily diary of the american dream of politics. >> chuck, take it away. >> i like that little catchphrase. the daily diary of the american dream of politics. all right, on alert, israel is bracing for possible retaliation from one or more of its neighbors after launching two attacks on the syrian capital the last three days, while here at home that red line regret we told you about complicating the white house's efforts to decide how and you when intervene. demographics aren't always destiny. from massachusetts to virginia
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to south carolina, stark reminders that a candidate with enough baggage can put almost any race in play. and cruise control, as the texas senator stumps in south carolina, taking a deep dive into whether the canadian-important republican is actually eligible to run for president. good morning from nursing students in manhattan, kansas, it's monday, may 6, 2013 and this is "the daily rundown." >> happy nurses week. >> and now, here's chuck todd. >> ah, from the real manhattan. thank you to those nursing students from kansas and to all of the nurses from across the country who sent in videos this morning in honor of nurses week, we all have a a manhattan bias, as you found out. get right to my first reads of the morning. some strikes on syria, for the first time in three days are raising the possibility that the two-year civil war could broaden into a wider regional conflict. the assad serb she warned the attack opens the door to all the options, he says.
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on sunday, air strikes hit base of the elite republican guard as well as depots which store iranian-made precision guided missiles and a military research center that u.s. officials believe to be syria's main chemical weapons facility. now you israel, of course, does not confirm the attack officially but they are not disputing it either. they have repeatedly threatened to intervene in syria to stop the transfer of what it calls game-changing weapons to hezbollah this is their issue here. of course, hezbollah is the militant group that operates just over israel's northern border in lebanon. iran wand sunday that israeli attack does is a destabilize the region while syria's opposition struggled to respond. criticizing israel for the timing of the attacks which they say drew attention away from a massacre in a sunni town on the syrian coast. president himself designed to comment directly on israel's air strikes but said he spores israel's right to defend itself. >> the israelis justifiably have
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to guard against the transfer of advanced weaponry to terrorist organizations like hezbollah. hezbollah has repeatedly said that they would be willing to attack as far as tell aveer and so the israelis have to be vigilant and concerned. sunday, meanwhile, lawmakers, including senator john mccain, criticized the president's handling of the entire syrian conflict. >> the conflict is spilling of near lebanon and jordan, the whole situation is becoming more and more expansive and unfortunately, the red line that the president of the united states written was apparently written in disappearing ink. >> speaking of that red line, the "new york times" reporter
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over the weekend, what we have been reporting on for days, that the white house and some advisers regret the use of the red line phrase. as one official tell he is the times, "the idea was to put a chill into the assad regime without actually tripping the president into any predetermined action. another quoted in the paper saying what the president said in august was unscripted. secretary of state john kerry travels too moscow this afternoon, a trip aimed largely at persuading russian president vladimir put ton stop propping up the syrian president, assad. on sunday, syrian rebels occupied military air base in the north and today, shot down a military helicopter in the east of the country, killing eight government troops on board. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in turkey this morning near the syrian border. a diplomatic push with raw, the question now, does syria respond with more than words to the israelis what happened does it
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look like today? you were suggesting in the intro and quoting other officials this conflict is so regional, so immensely complicated, with each party involved having completely different interests. the israelis, for example, they don't really want to see bashar al assad toppled immediately, technically a state of war between the state of israel and assad's government. they have had quite -- i don't want to say friendly relations but quiet relations for decades between israel and the assad regime and his vale worried that a precipitous collapse of the government could bring the rebels to power and many groups of the rebels who are very
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actively anti-israel. what israel would like to do is contain situation to try prevent hezbollah from bringing weapons through syria and parking them right above israel's northern border that's what israel wants. what assad wants is he wants to stay in power. what hezbollah wants is it wants more weapons. what iran wants is it wants to be able to project power through syria, through huz bole la what the syrian opposition wants is to bring bashar al assad down. how to get all of these at times converging and at times conflicting interest into one cohesive policy has so far proved to be elusive. chuck? >> and richard, you just outlined with the obama administration is a little bit acting like it's paralyzed now. they know there isn't a clean angle. thank you, richard. the national rifle association claims it's larger
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than ever, 5 million members. over the weekend, 70,000 of those 5 million gathered in houston as the nra leadership spell brighted the defeat of gun legislation in the senate and looked ahead to what they say is the next battle in what they call an historic attack on the second amendment, the 2014 elections. >> we will never surrender our gun, never. >> we must never confuse winning a battle with winning the war. >> president obama demanded that his followers extract revenge. i can't remember a president ever publicly using that word against fellow americans. >> this parent flying in grieving parents on air force one, making them backdrops in his perpetual campaign-style press events. >> the governor, our good friend, rick perry.
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>> yes, that was governor perry there shooting. the first time, the nra is arguing that the boston bombing is now another reason for more americans to arm themselves. >> how many bostonians wished they had a gun two weeks ago, lying in wait right now is a terrorist. a deranged school shooter, a kidnapper, a rapist, a murderer. weight and planning and plotting. >> as suddenly boston gets drawn into the gun debate you worth noting that in boston to receive the 2013 profile in courage award at the jfk library, former congresswoman gabby giffords visited with victims of marathon bombing and honored by foundation president, caroline kennedy, for her efforts to reduce gun violence. >> it's been a hard two years for me. but i want to make the world a better place. >> this afternoon, vice president biden will hold a
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closed meeting with members of the faith community at the white house to discuss gun safety. in an op ed in the houston chronicle, where the nra was holding its convention, biden fired back at the nra. "for too long, members of congress have been afraid to vote against the wishes of the nra that fear has become such an article of faith that even in the face of evidence to the contrary, a number of senators voted against basic background checks. today, those very senators are discovering that the political landscape really did change." on sunday, the guy charged with counting votes in the senate offered a bit of a reality check when it comes to the background check push. >> what we need to see is a change in political sentiment within the senate. we need to pick up five more votes and that's quite a task, i might add, as whip in the senate. but we can do this. >> unlike in past year, not a single democratic lawmaker spoke at the nra convention, first time ever. is the nra becoming the national republican association? it's a concern some inside the
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nra have and $'s why there have been so many mixed signals on certain issues, including the expanded background checks. it looked like the nra was not going to oppose it. some inside nra do want to work with democratic allies and form some sort of comp prom my even if the nra never officially supported that legislation. these are the folks that want the r in nra to stand for rifle and not republican but those folks have lost out because the nra internally has gotten more partisan, as you saw over the weekend. finally, we spent a lot of time after the election, 2012 election, saying demographics are destiny that it matters more than anything else. guess what candidates and campaigns still matter, we have three fresh examples were a candidate's poor performance or the wrong candidate is trumping the political map and tilting a race farther in one direction than it should be. massachusetts navy s.e.a.l. turned businessman gabe gomez making the senate race in the blue state competitive. gomez faces long odds, may not win, a candidate and democrat who hasn't run a real race in
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three deck kratsd ingredient these make it an election to watch. always said the governor's race in virginia bit to flawed candidates against each other but republican ken cuccinelli one advantage that terry mcauliffe didn't. cuccinelli has a base, mcauliffe doesn't, at least not yet that edge shows up in a "washington post" poll. cuccinelli ahead by five points among all registered voters, 46/41. among likely voters, his lead expands to ten points, over 50 because 95% of republicans backed cuccinelli. mcauliffe badly underperforming among the democratic groups key to the president's victory in the state in november and that he desperately needs to win. obama beat rom any by 67 points among non-white voters, mcauliffe, a healthy margin, up by only 36 points among non-white voters. obama won women sbrirts nearly double digits, mcauliffe and cuccinelli nearly even. and voters under 40 in virginia, cue. nelly is winning those voters by a healthy margin.
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one bright spot for mcauliffe, voters respect really paying attention yet, only 10% of voters say they are nology the race very closely. maybe the best example of a candidate who may lose a winnable race is, of course, in south carolina's first district, the only reason democrats are feeling very good about the race in a district won by 18 points is mark sanford's past baggage. >> this particularly good to be back in south carolina knowing you are about to get another democratic congressional seat in the first district. you know, all you had to do is watch that debate to understand why elizabeth is going to make such a great congresswoman. they ain't seen nothing yet. >> the final hours of the race tick away, san forward has become more and more aggressive in dealing with his issues head-on. instead of ignoring them, he is trying to embrace them. after being challenged repeatedly about whether a trespassing charge at his ex-wife's home might compromise his standing with female voters, sanford solicitsed a spontaneous
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poll of women in downtown summerville where he was camp mining. >> we were trying to find her a woman who hates me and so she can use it in her tv show. >> and he eagerly supplied his version of events about that late night trespassing. >> the original story that came out would have frightened me or my -- anybody else, because it -- the original portrait that was painted was that, you know, i was basically with a camera, cell phone, sneaking around the shrubbery of my ex-'s house, but as the word has gotten out, wait a minute this is a guy who was with his son at the super bowl, the boy wants to go home, the mother's out of town, you know, i made the raul call as a dad of should he or shouldn't he sit there alone for the second half of the super bowl? >> after some reports said his teenaged son was uncomfortable after the first meeting sanford's new fiancee at his primary victory party, sanford
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got on the phone with the huffington post reporter, tell you what i will do, pulled out his phone, dined a number, the line rang for several seconds until someone picked pup, happened phone to me, this is reporter john ward, this is marshall, he said. the bottom line question whether base republicans show up for sanford. the difference between him win wing and losing. another poll coming out on the couple neely/mcauliffe race. up next, a little buckeyed bully pulpit, returning to the place where he kicked off his re-election campaign, president obama offers a rare glimpse into core ideological believes and tells college graduates to get into the game. talk to two experts about the latest developments in the governor's race in old dominion. first, the white house's planner, as you can see, an interesting week, by the way,
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unfortunately, you've grown up hearing voices that incest a suspectly warn of government as nothing more than a separate, sinister entity at the root of all our problems. you should rexbrekt these voices because what they suggest is that our brave and creative and unique experiment in self-rule is somehow just a sham with which we can't be trusted.
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>> that was president obama delivering the commencement address at ohio state university, excuse me, the ohio state university on sunday, making a stage for an activist government and pushing back against what he vase cynics just trying to gum up the works. tom perriello served as a democratic congressman from virginia. tom davis served a as virginia republican congressman and chairman of the nrcc. before i force you guys to talk about the virginia governor's race, tom perriello, i have been intrigued watching president obama the past five or six years at how little he actually does defend his ideology. he does it -- this is the first time, just came up -- did it at a commencement address in university of michigan, 2009, did it yesterday, did it the second inaugural, he doesn't go out there defending government as passionately he's does in these commencements. do you wish he did it more? >> i think is a difference between means and ends. i think what he is really focused on is the issues of social mobility of the american dream and the extent that government is one of the things
6:20 am
that help pros moat that when you are at the university, you look at student dealt now and whether higher edge discrimination affordable. that is one of the concrete examples many people experience that bit of a boost being the difference whether you might be able to afford higher education or not, which also makes our country more competitive. i think the president does a great job of making the case for middle class economic and social mobility and the fact that the government can be one portion of that. >> you know, tom davis, it is interesting, i remember asking others about when he was giving speeches like this surprised he doesn't do it more, they say, he wants to, adviser ares think it's bad politics. >> i think it probably s you know, you look at the market segmentation, different groups and the way they communicate with different groups that message all over, whether it's student loans, whether it's the safety net to groups that you benefit from that he just doesn't do it kind of in the aggregate out loud to everybody, pretty good at segmenting that. >> you people are watching, as intrigued observers and to say that a lot of people like myself think this is a race between two
6:21 am
supposedly flawed candidates in ken cue. nelly, the republican, terry mcauliffe, the democrat. tom perriello, you are somebody the democrats wanted to challenge in the primary, you chose not to run. you getting a lot of phone calls in the past week? >> you always get a lot of phone calls. what this comes down to for the commonwealth, sprem issues with terry, they may have personality, which cue. nellicallily, the issue is policy. when people go to the polls, they will be interested in what is good for themselves and their families, the extreme policies that ken cuccinelli promoted, not good for women in the state noirkt good for competitiveness, you look at the transportation bill, i think that is the most important thing what is the impact on voters, i think that is going to play well for mcauliffe. >> tom davis, interesting lipstick on a big attempt there, personality versus policy, that is what mcall live is trying to bank on. >> republican base is motivated. virginia is counter cyclical state you voted for the party opposite the president nine times of.
6:22 am
the polls show that is where the people are today. this is a take away for the democrats, they have to change that. so far, i think it's advantage cuccinelli. >> why is it, tom perriello, you think terry is underperforming so much, so much of the obama coalition? it's all over the place, 20, 30, 40 points in some of these instances? >> i think the early polls are not telling us a whole lot, most people haven't tuned into the race, i think you're going to see this week, terry mcall live is launching a series of events across the state, talking about his jobs, transportation, virginia's competitiveness, more and more virginians tune in outside a conservative base following ken cuccinelli for a long time as kind of their hero i think, as more people tune energy the average independent sfloert virginia do well. >> your elections about motivation and basis and you need a political basis to win. >> at this point, mcauliffe has to invent his base or try to get the obama base together. right now, they are asleep. >> we just flashed a poll, 45%
6:23 am
satisfied with the field, 45% not satisfied. the lieutenant governor, bill bowling, debated running as an independent, he still has time to get in. tom davis, do you think he is having second thoughts? >> well, i don't know about second thoughts but the difficulty is you have a candidate with a hard base in the republican party that's gonna stay loyal to him no matter what you have to take more votes away from the democrats in this environment. >> think a three-way plays this this case benefits cuccinelli? >> a base over a third no matter what. >> tom perriello. >> bill bowling consistently quite conservative, more moderate by temperament but not someone like tom davis, really appealed across the aisle in a lot more ways. i think the issue of whether someone else is going to come in is unlikely. i think what you're going to see is as more people get to know what mcauliffe stands for, what is going to make virginia more competitive this thing is going to swing in that direction. yet who can get the voters out. >> you look at independents that have won governorships, maine,
6:24 am
rhode island, places like that, one party's candidate collapses. >> not an even split here. >> correct. >> that would -- >> target to june. >> bowling has until june. >> also fights over immigration and other things nationally that could end up coming in and play the virginia race r >> we will see. >> tom per yellow, tom davis, toms, little tom tom music. up next, florida changes its primary calendar again for 2016. plus, new details on the conditions of guantanamo as u.s. officials grapple with a spreading hunger strike there. but first, today's trivia question, the largest number of living u.s. presidents at any one time has been six. when was the first time that that occurred? first person to tweet the correct answer to at chuck todd daily run down will get the on air shutout. my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious.
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on my radar this morning, critics of the obama administration believe witnesses will provide new proof that politics played a role in the decision to blame last september's benghazi attack initially on a spontaneous protest as opposed to a deliberate terrorist act. while on cbs's face the nation, head of the house oversight committee, congressman darrell issa says evidence of an attack was ignored. >> but we know one thing, talking points were right and then the talking points were wrong. the cia knew it was a terrorist attack the deputy chief of mission, gregory mick hicks, knew it was a terrorist attack. the ambassador, before he died, one of the last words he ever said was "we're under attack." >> you heard issa mention gregory hicks, the second in command to ambassador chris stevens killed in last year's attack and a conversation with issa and other house members, hicks said he believe it was a
6:29 am
terrorist tack from the beginning and never reported a demonstration. those claims seem to directly contradict ambassador susan rice's comments after the attack. hicks will testify before issa's committee about what happened in benghazi on wednesday. a u.s. military defense lawyer provided a graphic account of how detainees at guantanamo bay are being force fed to keep them from starving while on hunger strikes. lieutenant colonel barry wine garth, represents two of the kuwaitis in guantanamo told cbs news that one of his clients described being shackled around his wrist and i waist while food is dumped into his throat two hours at a time. 23 are being force fed. 160 refuse to avenue. the strike began three months ago to protest their confinement without a trial. while controversial force feeding is a legally approved procedure by the u.s. bureau of prisons. the flame of boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarna suspect tamerlan tsarnaev is
6:30 am
still seeking a police to bury his body. no cemeteries have offered a plot. the family of the funeral home says they will ask local and state officials for help, if necessary. the republican-controlled legislature in florida agreed to push the state's presidential primary later in the calendar to ensure the state's primary vote counts thrill 2016. florida lost delegates as a penalty for moving its primary up to january before the 2008 election and 2012, sly violating democratic and republican national party rules during the last two presidential elections. florida's primary likely to be in early match. still will matter and worth delegates. we have a run down of the top ten house members likely to flip parties. go to have to go there to see t not going to tease it. freshman senator eyeing the white house. some are questioning whether he is eligible to run. sound familiar? next, a deep dive into whether
6:31 am
canadian-born ted cruz could legally assume the presidency. you are watching "the daily rundown," only on msnbc. [ jennifer garner ] why can't powerful sunscreen feel great? actually it can. neutrogena® ultra sheer. its superior uva uvb protection helps prevent early skin aging and skin cancer,
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another birther controversy could be brewing for 2016 this time, a republican, not a democrat, at the heart of t today, a deep dive into whether texas senator ted cruz is eligible tore president, not just an academic question, cruz informs south carolina over the weekend sounding off a lot like a presidential candidate. there is almost no limit to what this and this administration thinks the federal government can do we have got to get back to the u.s. constitution. we have got to get back to limits on federal government powers. we have got to get took our freedom. that's how we turn the country
6:35 am
around. >> mpotential problem for cruz, he was born in canada. no person except a natural born citizen or citizen of the united states at the time of the adoption of this constitution shall be eligible for the office of the presidency. the question what did the founding fathers mean by the phrase natural born, does mean citizenship is placed on your birthplace or parentage, ted cruz's mother was born and raised in wilmington, delaware, his father came to the u.s. on cuba on a student visa in in 1957 but didn't become a u.s. citizen until 2005. the two men were traveling to canada where krufsz born. cruz claimed the citizenship was bassed from his mother. 1952 awards citizenship to children as long as one parent is a citizen. questions are being asked, just as they were about president obama, even though he was born in the united states.
6:36 am
george romney faced questions when he sought the nomination in '68, he was born to american citizens and parents in mexico. john mccain's citizenship came under scrutiny because he was born in the panama canal zone in 1936, years before congress passed a statute covering children born to americans working in that region. the end of the day the legal evidence seems to side with cruz, but there is a gray area and that may be all his opponents need. joining me now peter spiro, a law pro-fezzer at temple university and expert on citizenship launch professor spiro, thank you for joining me this morning. >> glad to be with you, chuck. >> this comes down to defining the phrase "natural born" is that right? >> absolutely. and i think it's pretty clear -- >> go ahead. >> so i think it's pretty clear that natural born is defined in
6:37 am
such a way as to include everybody that has citizenship and got it other than through naturalization so the fact that ted cruz had citizenship at birth and he clearly did under the statute that applied at the time, it's pretty clear that he qualifies as natural born. >> so, there's always been this confusion and i have always assumed, if you were not born in the united states, you couldn't be president of the united states, but if you are born to u.s. citizens abroad, no matter where, if they are u.s. citizens, if you are -- one of your parents is a u.s. citizen, then that should qualify as natural born? >> yeah, i think that's pretty much where we are now and it's not just a question of what the founding fathers thought, it's question of how our understandings have evolved over time so the examples that you cited in the setup, george romney, john mccain, barry goldwater, all pretty clearly established that the american
6:38 am
people are on board with somebody who was born outside of the united states but who had shensenship at earbirth. >> in 2008, part of it was done a way to take some attention away from president -- candidate obama because of what the conservatives were trying to -- what some were trying to do about his citizenship. claire mccaskill had the u.s. senate pass a resolution saying that john mccain's eligible. does there need to be actually claireity? does congress need to step in need to be in the constitution? what's necessary here? what you will end up and we are getting to already a consensus relating to things like the resolution of john mccain, editorialists, the major media outlets, you will have discussions like this one in which it's going to be hard to
6:39 am
find somebody on the opposite side. you will have that consensus that develops in an organic way and doesn't require the courts to get involved, the only reason that there's an -- that there's an argument here even is that the courts have not definitively resolved this with question and something they are unlikely to do. there will always be just a little bit of a door opening for political opponents to make these kinds of arguments in cases like this it's a little bit of a door opening. i think ted cruz's candidacy will be decided on other grounds. i think there will be some general acceptance he is eligible to serve for the presidency. >> you don't think -- somebody will file a lawsuit, probably forcing the courts to take a stance. >> somebody will file >> the courts won't touch this with a ten-foot pole. the technical ground that they get rid of these cases on is
6:40 am
something called standing so there's no individual that has standing to bring this claim the courts really don't like to get involved in cases like this that a little too political -- too politically sensitive, especially if it's clear the question is working itself out through other channels. that's what happened in the mccain case, everybody was -- in the end, everybody was on board, he was eligible for the presidency i notwithstanding the fact that he was born outside the u.s. >> it does sound like what you're saying the only somebody who has standing is after a person whose eligibility was in question assumed the office? >> even then, maybe especially then, nobody -- no court would get involved with it. the -- really, the only institution where this question might be sort of appropriately vetted would be the electoral college. and -- >> all right. >> assuming that the electoral
6:41 am
college followed the will of the people, i don't think that any court would entertain the case. >> peter spiro, a citizenship law expert, thanks for coming on this morning. appreciate it. >> glad to be with you. >> ted cruz. apparently eligible. up next, ted cruz wasn't the only one in south carolina this weekend. vice presidented by inwas headlining his own event, just around the corner, almost at the same time. the gaggle joins us next. but first, white house soup of the day, greek lentil stew. i believe we just had greek easter. so, kind of fitting. we will be right back. not ba. this tree has deep roots, strong limbs... things are perched and not pinned. nicely done. the boys love it. they are up there day and night. well that might be because you overlooked one thing... what? it looks into your neighbor's window. ohhh boy. hel-lo, mrs. kozlowski. boys? i'm gonna get the hose. [ dennis ] home insurance with do-it-yourself tips? that's allstate home insurance.
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6:45 am
officially this weekend and they have good were to, there were multiple events to cover at the same time in south carolina, including this one, vice president biden. he was there, talking up presidential politics. >> i love going to south carolina, but as soon as i show up in south carolina, there will be washington press coming down saying is biden getting ready? >> bring in our monday gaggle, we have cruz, bind. some say too early, got an little later start, some of this early state traveling, ironically. >> a little bit. >> i know. later than normal. >> for most people, awfully early. but for the aficionados, any time anybody with any kind of a national profile goes to an early state we all jump.
6:46 am
they know what they are doing. we know what they are doing stlachl little bit of a dance going on. it is. part of the reason we jump, people forget this we think, it used to be one of the few times you got them in small doses. >> right. >> actually get some access to them, which is why a lot of us usually like to trail in these early days. >> the public what they are doing is going out there and they are testing messages, they are trying to see what the reception is at this early point. a lot more going on behind the scene scenes. >> hiring key people, putting in building, the primary before the real primary to see which staff are lining up. >> both marco rubio and rand paul are putting together teams already. they have got consult tants on retainer rand paul's leaving the senate office to mine his national politics. >> rubio very quick in hiring some of the best consultants in town that would -- >> has them on retainer. clearly, design a national campaign.
6:47 am
>> rand paul is thinking about setting up where to set up a possible office, where he is gonna run his presidential campaign out of, things in the work, they know it will happen eventually. >> interesting about watching biden, of course, does dough it or not, the dance, how much are they helping the current boss and how much are they trying to define themselves? in the case of bind, sounds to me like a guy who believes his best shot is to promote his boss. take a listen to this soundbite. >> all of a sudden, since the last election, hear our republican friends talking about how much they value the middle class. you hear it now, i get is going on over at that silver elephant thing. i bet they are talking about the middle class.
6:48 am
any way, i don't want to make any news tonight. >> vice president joe biden's in town. you know the great thing is you don't even need a punchline? >> i wanted to highlight that middle class part because the white house is all of a sudden talking about a refocus, they are calling it a middle class jobs and opportunity tour, clearly, biden sort of on message there with that respect. you know, trying to do an outside game again is it going to have any impact for the president? >> it's -- so far, not had much impact but i think it's part of what they feel they are going to have to do constantly through the second term, that the inside game alone is not enough. but there's a -- you know, there's a two-fold strategy to that, obviously, one to see if you can put pressure on congress but the second is to make the case that if things respect going the way people want, the president and the vice president are on the side of the middle class and the other side. >> you know, the white house is pushing this saying he will be talking about things he said at the state of the union, i'm
6:49 am
thinking, state of the union? it's may. you guys are basically now doing your state of the union push three months later, look, they were doing guns, syria got in the way, other issues, sequester sort of disrupted what may have been their initial rollout >> >> look what happened on friday with the new jobs numbers you couple that with what's going on in the energy sector, natural gas and oil being pretty plentiful. all that is kind of combining to boost the economy and i think part of the calculation is if the economy is improving, we are gonna highlight it. if we are the white house, going to highlight it and we are going to continue to argue that look, we are doing good things for this country and perhaps that will trickle down to these other issues of his agenda he wants to get passed. >> they are hoping that this push suddenly jump starts the budget talks? >> that's right. really what is going to start dominating town, the focus we get into the midsummer, the debt ceiling will have to be increased again. >> some point the next six weeks to two months? >> that's right. going to be such a painful discussion with house republicans, 2011. >> all right. when we come back, we are going
6:50 am
to talk -- have a little fun a race that has no impact on the political -- national political case other than it's a great yarn, south carolina. trivia time, we asked the largest number of presidents at has been six. when was the first time that occurred, 1861. that's the first of three times in our country's history that there were six living presidents. congratulations to today's winner. if you have a political trivia question e-mail us. we'll be right back. oh, he's a fighter alright. since aflac is helping with his expenses while he can't work, he can focus on his recovery. he doesn't have to worry so much about his mortgage, groceries, or even gas bills. kick! kick... feel it! feel it! feel it! nice work!
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6:54 am
argentine woman. it is unbelievable that this is where we are right now. >> it is and this is going down to the wire. there are polls showing sanford may win this race. as we were talking about off air this is all about whose voters show up to the polls. >> who is bigger elizabeth colbert busch fans? >> they do not want him back. they know he would be a total free agent.
6:55 am
>> he is back without any support. >> if he were to win this he would have done it on his own with no support either outright or quiet opposition. >> freedom is another word for nothing left to lose. >> he is like completely out there and saying things that most consultants would warn him against saying. >> he is going bullworth. >> on some level it is super fun to watch. you can't take your eyes off of it because it is completely devoid of anything we are used to. >> there is no national lesson here to learn whatsoever. >> anything? democrats are headed this way. >> political theater. >> candidates with baggage are bad news. >> or can survive. >> you wrote a whole column on
6:56 am
that. >> i did. >> let's start with the shameless plugs. >> my niece just turned three and for cinco de mayo birthday she wore that hat. >> the stories of ran paul today. >> shout out to robert g kaiser. >> happy birthday. my daughter was born the day before cinco de mayo. we did celebrate with mexican. that is it for this edition of "the daily rundown." tomorrow on the show it is special election day in south carolina. coming up next, chris jansing.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
they want payback for two air strikes they say came from israel. israel has not taken responsibility but there is little doubt that they are responsible. one strike hit a military complex near damascus and a group said it killed at least 42 syrian soldiers. the target is missiles. >> the whole thing is escalating as you may have noticed the leader committed to helping bashar al assad. the conflict is spilling over into lebanon and jordan. the whole situation is becoming more and more expansive and unfortunately the red line that the president of the united states has written was written in disappearing ink. >> president obama backed up israel's right to stop