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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  May 6, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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i'm thomas roberts in for tamron hall. news is up folding in syria. first some major developments in the boston bombing investigation. right now lawyers for one of the three new suspects are appearing in court. they're arguing for the pretrial release of 19-year-old robel phillipos saying he had nothing to do with the attack and is not a flight risk. federal prosecutors say they don't object. meanwhile the family of the dead suspect tamerlan tsarnaev is trying to find a burial location. the mother wants the body back in russia but the uncle says he needs to be buried in the u.s. and the funeral director wants a decision. >> tamerlan tsarnaev. there is no other place to be buried. there is no other place who would accept his body.
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>> i understand people's feelings but somewhere along the line we have to set feelings aside and move forward. >> national correspondent mike isikoff is monitoring the case from washington. bring us up to speed on what we know about this potential release of one of the three suspects and then more with the family drama about where to bury tamerlan. >> it is actually interesting. because robel phillipos, the young man whose hearing is going on right now was actually charged with the most serious crime of the three individuals who were charged last week. lying to federal investigators that carried up to eight years in prison. that's more than the five-year maximum penalty. the other two kazakh students who were charged with obstruction of justice so it is a pretty good sign that the feds do not think that any of these three were really serious
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players involved. had advance knowledge of the plot. if the one who got, who was facing the most serious charge, they're now saying they're willing to under certain conditions let him free on pretrial release. that doesn't mean they're abandoning the charges, of course, but i think it is an indication that they really have no information that goes much beyond the complaint in terms of implicating any of these three kids in the actual bombing itself. they could be trying to strike a deal to try to get him to flip against the other two kazakh students to help strengthen their case. but he is the one charged with lying to the feds so he has to have some credibility problems from the get-go on that. so i would say while all the attention we paid on this last week was interesting, some of those that complained, some of the behavior of the three kids
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was bizarre and inexplicable. at the end of the day it does not add up to them in any way being accomplices to the tsarnaev brothers in the boston marathon attack. >> so explain what's going on in the tsarnaev family about finding a resting place for tamerlan and explain why the parents would have more today than tamerlan's wife katherine russell. >> i'm not sure. >> how much is she weighing in? she is under scrutiny by the fbi. the fbi has said, senior law enforcement officials said over the weekend that agents were neutral on whether or not she had advance knowledge of the bombing or had some awareness of what her husband was up to. so she has got the most at stake right now. in terms of if we're looking for, is there anybody who could
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still face charges that we know about she would be the one they're looking at. her lawyer said she was not involved and she was shocked by the bombing. i think at a minimum she would not want to be weighing in in a big way on the, on what happens to her late husband's body while this fbi scrutiny is going on. >> we're still waiting to figure out what they are going to do with that body. mike isikoff in washington. thanks so much. we turn to the middle east where israel is on high alert watching for retaliation for its back to back air strikes against syria. with syria vowing a crushing response, israel has deployed its ant dome missile batteries and closed its northern skies to air traffic. they said the air strikes were iranian made rockets. meanwhile the white house is saying very little so far. correspondent martin fletcher is
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joining us from tel aviv. the updates we've been getting are certainly not a lot of confirmation coming from israel so much in terms of whether or not they were trying to take out assad but more that they were trying to stop those weapons from getting to hezbollah. is the israeli government formally confirming that now? >> reporter: they've never said a word officially. although some news agencies are quoting israeli officials saying yes, they did it. they attacked two syrian targets twice in three days. so now israel is ready for any syrian retaliation, as you said, they're on top alert. no one is expecting any attacks from syria. the israeli commander in the north in fact said that israel is not in any kind of state of war. doesn't expect war with syria of but they are ready. they've moved two iron dome batteries. up to two northern towns. in case of retaliation, they don't expect it. >> explain to all of us, we know that jordan's king abdullah had
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meetings here over a week ago with the vice president and the president. however, as we understand it, israel is trying to say that they weren't trying to take out or do anything against bashar al assad to have him removed although the king would say he is looking for a peaceful transition of power as is the obama administration. what is going on when it comes to how syria is taking and talking about a crushing response? is that possible? >> it is probably not possible. the israelis believe the military is underestimated. they could do damage to israel. there is no real sense that's likely to happen. because israel has made it pretty clear, and i think the syrians understand this, that israel is not attacking years. i can't this has nothing to do with the syrian civil war. this is an attempt by israel to stop iran transferring weapons
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through syria to hezbollah in south lebanon and then hezbollah would use the weapons against israel in any future war. in a sense you can say that what happened over the last few days is that israel was not fighting, taking part in the syrian civil war. it was taking an important step in what could be the next war that israel faces with hezbollah in south lebanon. so nothing to do with the syrian civil war. much more to do with the next war and game weapons. >> reporting from tel aviv. thank you so much. joining me live from seattle is msnbc military analyst, retired four star general barry mccaffrey. general, i want to start with you amid the 2-year-old battle by the rebel forces to overthrow bashar al assad, are they in any position to strike back at israel even if he wanted to? >> i think perhaps. i wouldn't be too optimistic.
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i think assad is desperate. 80,000 dead. a million refugees. it is a stalemate right now. i think his argument that he is fighting against al qaeda terrorists and also the israelis as an attempt to break out of the box he's in, essentially it is a shiite/sunni civil war. i think it is possible we'll see a strike against israel this weekend and certainly the israelis have enormous concerns. they don't want the syrian army back in the golan heights under the control of the sunni insurgents. nor do they want to see this technology get in the hands of hezbollah in lebanon. so this is a very tricky situation for the israelis. >> as the general points out, tricky for the israelis. when we think about the strategy of this really intricate chess board. the pieces that are moving when
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israel is saying it was only attacking arms from getting to hezbollah, iran, using syria as a way to funnel those arms. as we take a macro look, it looks as if you don't know who is friends with whom to move forward. >> that's the situation. clearly, what you saw with israel and what they did with syria is really, used to think there is one more battle in a long running shadow conflict that israel has been fighting with iran and vice versa. it will be incredibly complicated. if you look at it with the united states, it increases it even more. we saw mccain talking about carrying out this air strike maybe indicates that the syrian air strikes are not as dangerous as we thought. so the president has been very reluctant to get pulled into this. despite the call to see more engagement, he still stayed on the sidelines. >> how naive is it to think we aren't more involved, especially
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from the white house concerning the fact that israel is our strongest ally in that region. obviously, israel is well aware of the fact that the white house is trying to seek confirmation on a chain of command of whether or not chemical weapons were used inside syria and who used them and how. so do you think these latest developments put a different type of pressure on obama to act more quickly in trying to ascertain the facts of what took place with whether or not sarin gas was used by bashar al asaad on his own people. >> i think they're being cautious correctly. i don't think they wantd want to respond to this false red line the president allegedly put down. he was seeking deterrence. it is hard to manning a vital u.s. national security interest at stake in syria. it is hard to imagine an easy military response. we're even with air power, would we base a response out of
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israel, out of jordan, out of cyprus, turningkey. i think the president is being wisely careful in his rhetoric and actions. we probably ought to arm the factions. even that, we're going to give them surface to air missiles, stinger u.s. technology. probably not. 80,000 dead. a million dead. that a huge disaster for the syrians. >> meanwhile, while there is this determination issue going on with whether or not chemical weapons were used as the general points out, this huge humanitarian crisis has been persisting for almost two years now. so where does this put the onus on the president to have that coalition of the willing to be able to step in, to make something happen.
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>> this is the worst they have ever seen. that's saying a lot. again, what is the president going to do? what can he do? we've seen the fact that obama really sort of tends more toward the, less toward the moralistic view when it comes to foreign policy. more someone who will look at what are the vital national interests. it is very difficult to identify what those would be and it is very difficult to identify who should we be giving aid to. if you give weapon to rebels, you will be getting weapon into the hands of people you don't want. >> you have no idea where those will ultimately end up. >> you wanted to say real quickly? do you agree? >> i think we're correctly seeing the problem as it unfolds. we do have a vital national security steak in israelis national security. i think the whole notion of tipping to support their anti-ballistic missile technology program is appropriate. and certainly we need to shore up our relations with the iraqis. we've got a lot at stake there.
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the direct intervention. it is hard to manning a sensible outcome that puts u.s. air power into action in syria. >> thanks so much. senior editor for time international. thank you. still ahead on "news nation." >> how many bostonians wished they had a gun two weeks ago? they used tragedy to try to blame us. to shame us into compromising our freedom for their political agenda. >> wayne lapierre using the boston bombings to justify his crusade for gun reform. will the organization be able to keep up with what politico calls the no compromise strategy? we'll have a chance to talk to senior political editor mark murray. and some family members of 9/11 victims outraged at a plan to charge a 20 to $25 admission fee at the new museum. we'll talk to one family member who accuses it of trying to make
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word red line when referring to assad's use of chemical weapons. it was used again on sunday in criticizing the handling of the conflict. >> the whole thing is escalating. as you may have noticed, the leader of hezbollah committed to helping bashar al assad. the conflict is spilling over into lebanon and jordan. the whole situation is becoming more and more expansive and unfortunately, the red line that the president of the united states has written is apparently disappearing in political ink. >> joining me now, political analyst and bloomberg view columnist jonathan alter. april, i want to start with you, in the past hours as we've been seeing, in that brief clip, the white house secretary doubling down on the president's red line remark. i want to remind everybody.
11:19 am
>> the president's use of the term red line was deliberate and based on u.s. policy. the world knew that the syrian government possessed chemical weapons and we had a concern that as the regime was increasingly beleaguered it might use chemical weapons against the syrian people in desperation. >> in hearing that, does that make it more likely that the president will be forced to take action against the assad regime? >> well, right now the white house is taking a wait and see approach. one of the reasons why, even though they use the red line statement in august, one of the reasons why, and it gives them cover, is the issue with the united nations. the fact that the united nations is back pedaling off a report saying that the syrian people were using chemical weapons against its government and things of that nature. the white house is covered. but jay carney is clear saying that the red line is for, it relates to the issue of the fact that the use of chemical weapons is wrong by the syrian government on the people as well as the transport of major
11:20 am
weapons to hezbollah. so they're very concerned and they're saying those are red line issues of but they're taking the wait and see approach. the national officials that i've talked to said not going to happen. not on this issue. >> so the new york time has quotes of senior administration officials saying, in regard to the red line, the idea was to put a chill into the assad regime without actually trapping the president into any predetermined action. another official said it was unscripted. does that definitive and certainly able to envision in our heads a red line. and exactly determining chemical weapons will be crossing that red line. doesn't that put the president in the corner where the options are all bad but action is necessary. >> action isn't necessarily necessary until they decide that it is the least bad of all their options. i don't think we're at that point yet. does it force the president to eat his red line? in a sense, yes. it doesn't feel like they're
11:21 am
ready to go to war. i think the reason is something that has not been getting enough attention in the last few days. that is, you can't really execute on two red lines at once. and we have a red line in iran. that is as important as syria is, iran ultimately is a bigger threat to our national security interests. so that's the red line that policy makers are more focused on. they're trying to finesse their way through the syrian conflict right now. they actually caught a little bit of a break by the israelis getting involved militarily. take some of the pressure off the united states to get involved. >> isn't that funny? obviously we support israel because we're its largest ally. they're trying to thwart weapons being delivered through syrian territory from iran to get to lebanon for hezbollah. i mean, when you think about it, the fact is that we are supposed to be supportive of what israel is doing. syria saying they're not likely
11:22 am
going to strike back against israel for its measures that it had to do. as we look at what the president needs to make a decision upon when it comes to the syrian situation, doesn't this chip away at his political muscle if all the war hawks on the right want him to ramp up to something and flex that muscle and prove that we need to get involved? >> it depends upon where you stand. some would say yes, it does chip away this political muscle. but at the same time, if he takes a wait and see approach and watches and sees what happens, particularly with threats with syria and iran saying that they're going to retaliate, he is taking away the wait and see approach. we have to see what's left. also it is curious and interesting that this president today is having a golf game. and he is playing a golf game with several republican senators to include two who are on the senate armed services committee. and i'm quite sure issues of syria are being discussed as they are putting and golfing and whatever you do when you play golf. >> jonathan, talk about that.
11:23 am
putting, right, exactly. waiting for the cart to come around with some drinks. explain how this charm offensive, this tactic in the charm offensive can help as april points out. this is more than having dinners. this is getting out there and sharing some bonding time. >> there is a couple interesting things about this. first, the president didn't used to do this in his first term. he played golf for relaxation with his friends and aides. now he is using it more for political purposes, i think to good effect. it was a tool, a recreational tool they did not use very much in the past. what he might be able to do is take some of the pressure on this red line off. by getting at least a few republicans to stop criticizing him on this point. will that mean that john mccain and everybody suddenly calls off the dogs? no. but if he can lower the temperature a little bit and kind of get past this, get past the bad publicity about him boxing himself into a corner. he is not going to go to war
11:24 am
just because some republicans want him to be skin with a statement that he made in august. that's not a reason to go and fight. so what he needs to do is get kind of past this and have a more multidimensional assessment of the situation. where he somehow gets out of that corner. he has boxed himself into. >> great to see both of you. thank you. still ahead, verdict watch in the jodi arias trial. we'll go live to phoenix as jurors deliberate. a wide range of options for the woman accused of brutally murdering her ex-boyfriend. plus the tweet that arias sent out last night that sparked a really strong reaction. and on capitol hill, they're back in action and set to take a vote on the internet sales tax. could free, tax-free online shopping be a thing of the past? it is one of the things you should know. also, join tamron hall for a google chat with the darrel of education. it starts at 4:00. join that chat by going to
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on his way to a baking convention. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. the first full day of deliberations is underway in the jodi arias murder trial. closing arguments began on friday. she claim she killed her boyfriend travis alexander in self-defense. prosecutors say it was an act of premeditated first-degree murder. she could face the death sentence if found guilty of that charge but jurors could opt for the lesser charge. that being manslaughter. what can you tell us about which way the jury might be leaning at this point? because they had an opportunity to interrogate and question jodi arias themselves. >> this is a jury with many questions. they sent out many questions
11:29 am
throughout the time period. now for the first time they're inside the courthouse able to freely talk to one another about their impressions of the case, the defendant, the way the prosecution argued, the defense argued. i'm sure they'll have a lot more questions. we asked if they would let us know what the questions are. they said we may know what they're asking but it will take a little time. they do have options. they can go with first-degree murder. there's the death penalty on the table. they could opt to go with a lesser charge of second-degree murder or manslaughter so there is a lot to discuss. and i want to point out that jodi arias herself is inside that clubhouse. she's been isolated. >> explain to all of us the access that she's to tweet and the odd tweet that has most recently come from jodi arias herself. >> reporter: absolutely. you know, i follow her on twitter which sounds strange xrg she is a defendant in a murder trial. she has had friends sending out
11:30 am
tweets for her. one of them was advertising her artwork on her personal website. the one that got all the attention was when she said please support victims of domestic violence. that caused an uproar on social media. a lot of people who are convinced she is guilty and deserves the death penalty saying how outrageous for her to be tweeting about victim of domestic violence. they simply don't buy that this was self-defense. >> so we have new information coming in. five women inside. we'll give you an update. plus the supposedly nonpartisan nra. [ male announcer ] this is kevin. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. that was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again, and now i gotta take more pills. ♪ yup another pill stop.
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the nra is turning its attention to the 2013 elections. an estimated 70,000 people from across the country showed up at
11:34 am
the event which featured speech like sarah palin, ted cruz and hundreds of booths displaying the latest in firearm technology for enthusiasts of all ages. the motto was stand and fight. a posture exemplified by wayne lapierre who for the first time linked the gun control debate to the boston bombings. >> we will never surrender our guns. never. how many bostonians wished they had a gun two weeks ago? >> political producer casey hundred was in houston covering the convention. she joins me from washington. as we've seen in a lot of the different mon tajs, it seem as if the narrative played over again was this us against them narrative. you're never going to get this gun out of my hand. what's the takeaway that you walked away with in. >> reporter: that's it. this was a confrontational event. this was design to show people
11:35 am
pushing for stronger gun control laws that the nra is not standing down. >> when we talk about standing down, what does that mean in the long term of policy? most people in this country and as we've talked about, over 90% feel that background checks are a normal and fine thing to have. is that something that they feel as if they need to stand up and fight over? because if 90% of the country and most of which those beingna members also feel that background checks are acceptable, why would they try to perpetuate that narrative? >> reporter: you have to remember the nra was involved deeply in conversations about background checks. and there were some mixed messages september about exactly what they were going to be on board with. in the beginning when they were pushing, when president obama was pushing for an assault weapons ban and a ban on magazine clips in addition to this background check section, the nra was concerned that they needed to walk back the most aggressive of those proposals. by the time we actually got to the background checks, they
11:36 am
realized that in fact this was something this was going to be controversial and they could potentially defeat. in the end it was the nra's decision to score that vote that really pushed a lot of these members of congress over the he know and make, and excuse me, made them vote no on the background check compromise. >> we're seeing a lot of different video from inside the convention itself. we discussed the different technologi technologies. did you have a chance to walk around and see the different exhibits? >> reporter: i did, thomas, walk around. a nine acre convention hall. everything from scopes for rifles to things aimed at women, for example. pink handguns. there was a rotating bird shooting simulator. even a volkswagen bus with a mounted gun. something for everybody. >> was there something that surprised you when it came to different technology? something new and different that was getting a lot of attention? >> you know, i think i was most struck just by, in washington
11:37 am
we've talked a lot about banning these assault rifles. the ar-15. that gun was everywhere and it is a platform that is very widely used. people use it for sport and for hunting. a lot of these booths show case different ways to modify that gun. i think that was really something that stood out to me. >> kasie hunt, thank you so much. so at his ohio state convention speech yesterday, president obama invoked one of the nra's favorite words to challenge the graduates. >> unfortunately, you've grown up hearing voices that incessantly warp of government as nothing more than a sinister entity at the heart of the problems. they'll warn that tyranny is always lurking just around the corner. should you reject these voices. >> joining us live, mark murray. the president didn't name the nra specifically in that clip
11:38 am
but obviously the language of tyranny, certainly language that we hear a lot from the nra leaders. that was a direct shot. >> that was a shot. you do see in a particularly partisan lens that the democrats are going after the national rifle association. the national rifle association in turn is returning fire of and this has turned into a political game right now where it used to be the national rifle association had reach within both parties. marchly democrats from the rural states but it was noted that howard dean, the 2004 presidential democrat was once an nra member. getting an "a" rating. now you would see future howard deans, future candidates for any type of office don't want to be associated with the national rifle association. >> politico is saying how not a single democrat spoke at last week's conference. saying that the" r could go for
11:39 am
republican. they feel as if they need to take a far back approach. >> that is what seem to be the case. as you and kasie were just discussing, there was the indication from in "a" rated member like west virginia senator joe manchin that background checks would be okay or that the nra wasn't going to fight them. they felt like they got hurt in this whole process. and in washington, d.c., the organizations and the lobbying groups that have the most influence, the ones with bipartisan reach. political power comes and goes. democrats might be in the white house. might control the senate. the republicans could end up doing the same eight years later. political power come and go but organizations that have reach in both parties tend to be more powerful over a long period of time. >> great to see you. thank you. still ahead, we go back to
11:40 am
benghazi. another hearing on that terrorist attack set now for wednesday. we'll get reaction from a member of the house intelligence committee. asional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues... with three strains of good bacteria. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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from tracking the bus. ♪ to tracking field conditions. ♪ wireless is limitless. the house committee is preparing to hear from witnesses with the firsthand attack in libya. this week expected to focus on republican claims that they played down the likelihood of terrorism. last year a outer loop of attackers stormed the compound on september 11. four americans died including ambassador chris stevens. joining me now, adam schiff. explain to me what we expect to get out of this and what is the reaction to hearing the calls from the right that there was a message that came out from the obama administration. >> i'm not sure what to expect
11:44 am
except if you look at the batting record, they're batting about 0-10. probably the top ten allegations they made, none of borne any fruitful not just vis-a-vis benghazi but the whoeft hole of issues they've attacked the administration over. just looking at been gazay, the mention was that the white house actively involved to try to change the talking points. they didn't want to it look like a terror attack. that was investigated and it turned out the intelligence agencies changed the talking points, not the white house. so now they come up with a new theory. they're trying to blame the state department. you can call me a skeptic but now maybe post election they're not going after the white house so much. maybe they're going after someone who may run the white house and that is former secretary clinton. i'll be interested to see when the so-called whistle blowers are blowing the whistle on. frankly the director of the cia, former director petraeus,
11:45 am
general clapper, they both initially thought this began as a protest. so unless the chairman is saying they're part of a vast conspiracy involving the state department, it hard to see how this makes much sense. >> the president was pressed in the press conference he had last week and whether or not there was an intimidation factor going into whether or not state department officials felt pigeon holed into not speaking out. we have this transcript that has just been released to nbc news and the government reform committee. an excerpt of an interview with gregory hicks from april 11th. so from last month saying the house oversight and government reform committee releasing this partial transcript of an interview hicks telling investigators that a team of special forces troops was ordered not to fly from tripoli to benghazi during the attack by u.s. special operations command south africa. hicks is scheduled to testify at this open hearing on benghazi attacks. he said if he was able to, he
11:46 am
believes, if the u.s. had been able to scramble a fighter or an aircraft in that area, that things would have turned out much differently. so how important do you think that the diplomat gregory hicks' testimony will be on wednesday? >> we'll see. i wouldn't be surprised if it more sensational than the testimony would be. after all, admiral mullen and pickering who led this review and board who talked to dozens and dozens of witnesses and went through thousands and thousands of pages of materials, their conclusion was the decisions, whether to intervene militarily, what was capable of being done within the time frame were all done realistically. that they were done appropriately. i would have a lot more confidence i think in their thorough work product than what we're seeing in some leaked
11:47 am
excerpts. >> there were missteps that occurred. >> absolutely. and this accountability review board found a lot of changes the state department needed to make and errors in judgment within the department. they made a whole host of recommendations and the state department has been in the process of implementing those recommendations. now the i.g. will look at how that implementation is going. so absolutely, you know, the state department i think has recognized that it had a lot of failings in its security. probably not just benghazi but in other dangerous posts as well. and we ought to look in to make sure those recommendations are followed through. no one is saying there weren't mistakes. clearly there were. but the idea that there's some vast conspiracy from the top of the state department which was formally emanating from the white house, which was formerly from who knows where. i don't buy it. i think it is smoke rather than heat coming out of the committee. >> thanks for your time today.
11:48 am
i appreciate it. >> thank you. new information in the investigation into that tragic limo fire in california it left five women dead including a newly wed bride. that top our look around the "news nation." officials say the limo which was headed to a bridal shower was carrying too many passengers. the vehicle was carrying nine passengers. it was only licensed to carry eight or less. they would not say whether overcrowding played a role in the women's deaths. vorgs are looking into the cause of the fire. a utah soccer referee who was in a coma after being punked by a team player has died. he was critically injured when a 17-year-old player allegedly punched him in the face after being issued a yellow card. his family held a vigil last night in salt lake city. his daughter said she hopes to someday forgive the player but not yet. >> i just want this person to know when he did that, he took a part of me with him.
11:49 am
he took my daddy away from me. >> the six women who sacrificed their lives to protect the children of sandy hook elementary school will be honored as heroes today. the congressional medal of honor society will head to newtown, connecticut to present the six educators can the highest honor. it is made up of the recipients of the highest military honor. still ahead in our "news nation" gut check to charge an admission fee. i'm here at my house on thanksgiving day,
11:50 am
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officials behind the
11:53 am
upcoming 9/11 museum are saying mounting costs are forcing them to charge an admission fee. it will house relics from the attacks and displays about the nearly 3,000 victims. but the news has left some families outraged on this. the admission cost could range between $20 and $25. an official mount has not been announced as of yet. the museum said it needs these funds to help pay operational costs that could reach $60 million a year. but officials and families of 9/11 victims will not have to pay that fee. joining me, a retired fdny chief. his son jimmy who was also a firefighter died on 9/11. it is good to have you here. this is not something you are a fan of. i want to give a statement saying as a nonprofit organization that relies on the support of the public, not city, state or federal funding for our operations, we are charging an admission fee in line with other comparable institutions. there will be discounts and
11:54 am
fees, exclusions. family members won't pay and we'll have time dedicated them to enter for free. why are you opposed for them benefiting capitally? >> that's a lie. they have already taken federal, state and city donations. we feel they've made this a revenue generating attraction. that's $100 million. they have $400,000 salaries for the people in charge down there and the other ones. completely way out of line. it is ridiculous that they make so much money. what are they going to do? hire more friends? they're going to the federal government for $20. they get $20 million every year from the government. what are they going to do? hire for people for $400,000? the salaries are way out of line. we have 11 million people unemployed. a family of two that wants to go down there, this will cost them $100.
11:55 am
this is a memorial. not a p.t. barnum production. they're putting remain in the basement there. we feel there should be a suggested donation and families of four should not be excluded. if you have to pay $100, they won't go. they make $400,000. they don't have to worry about it. >> you think it should stick to a suggested donation? the president of the museum has said it would be free during certain hours every week and it will offer the student and senior discounts. you think there's a better way around by having people pay what they feel is appropriate? >> exactly. and they have suggested donations at the metropolitan museum and other museums. they're thinking, they're waving the flag of patriotism. they've raised over $450 million from children doing cook sale and everything else. where has that money gone? it has gone to pay joe daniels' $450,000 salary and their credit cards. that's a disgrace. they have no shame. they're using 9/11 to make millions of dollars. it is wrong. we need the national park
11:56 am
service down there. they run a lot of museum. there is transparency, fiscal responsibility. we sent letters to governor cuomo, to schumer, to jild brand. we don't want them wasting money. it is a disgrace. people want to pay their respects to the 3,000 heroes who died down there, my son and the others. five people on the board do not speak for 3,000. we want no admission fee. >> we still wait to find out the cost of what it might be. i want to ask everybody out there, what does your gut tell you? should there be an admission fee to visit the world trade center 9/11 museum? that will do it for this edition of "news nation." thank you for your time. "the cycle" comes your way next. d gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone but her... no. no! no. ...likes 50% more cash. but i don't give up easy... do you want 50% more cash? yes! yes?!
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why? are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers. i'm toure right now in "the cycle" of breaking news in the boston bombings. one of the three suspects is out
12:00 pm
of jail. >> my jaw hit the floor. that's how a state department whistle blower describes watching the white house spin benghazi. now he is ready to tell all and he's not the only one. >> i'mari melber. president obama is talking about syria and the red line. are we already in too deep? >> i'm krystal ball in washington with something we could all use a little of today. humor. meet a comedian who says the answer to life's biggest challenges is to laugh. >> wait for that. all that. plus my solution to immigration. hey, just open the borders. yep, i'm going. >> free on bond. one of the men charged with lying to investigators after the boston bombing is out on house arrest while awaiting